Is Kuromukuro the comfiest anime of the year?

Is Kuromukuro the comfiest anime of the year?

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It was honestly a slog to get through. Really shallow characters and a ton of plot holes.

>that portrait of George V and Queen Lizzy
A true patriot.
What were the plot holes?

I know people overuse the word, but that's exactly how it was. It just felt right. Other than a couple minor gripes (which people have been blowing out of proportion, as usual) it was a pretty good series.

My only complaint was that these two didn't fugg.

I would have expected them to be together in that ending sequence. A shame they weren;t.

How do you think they pass the time when on standby in the GAUS?

Is there a season 2 in the works? I need more grown up Sophie

>Timeskip Sophie

I need a sequel just to sustain the raging boner I have.

8/10 show

Too bad we're going to have to sit through at least one or two shitty P.A. Works shows before we get another good one.

>Creating fucking Glasslip in-between masterpieces like NnA and Shirobako

i would say Flying Witch was more comfy


Starting a new thread shitposting a picture of the worst girl that's also the worst character of this series, I couldn't expect less from our delusional yukinafag shitposter from reddit.

Muetta best won the Kenbowl, Yukina is a cuck.

And here's our dedicated shitposter, showing up like clockwork. Don't know why mecha attracts so many delusional retards.

Yukinahime loli a cute, A CUTE!

And here's our reddit shitposter, showing up like clockwork. the big question is: Why do the ''non-action characters'', ''genki girls'' and ''moeblob high school girls'' always attract as many shitposters and cancers to the shonen and mecha threads?

Uchouten Kazoku is getting a second season. I would imagine P.A. Works will be doing that.

I wishit was just about a Samurai who got timeshifted rather than all the alien bollocks.

PA has the comfiest moeblob designs. I just can't get enough of the Miuna clones.

Yukinahime loli a lie

I liked it, was hoping Ken was in the final minutes maybe a S2?

This, she was probably never a loli in her entire life.

>Is Kuromukuro the comfiest anime of the year?
Natsume Yuujinchou Go has yet to air

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I can't believe they're actually assembling a fleet to liberate Zeru's planet from the aliens.

Biggest fucking U turn. Fuck you Scully.

British dress uniform looks fucking mint.

It was good, but I definitely wouldn't describe it as comfy.

Yukina turned out to be an alright protagonist.

Shame this show wasn't more popular. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride from start to finish.

You think this wasn't popular? You didn't watch Logos I guess.

Couldn't watch it since EVOL left such a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I'll be able to watch it in another 12,000 years.

Logos is pretty much the polar opposite of EVOL, failed at everything EVOL succeeded at and succeeded at everything EVOL failed at. If you don't mind Satelight's trademark issues, namely severe budget issues, Logos is pretty much the thing that washes away EVOL bad aftertaste.

>Yukina turned out to be an alright protagonist.
ha ha ha ha ha! Hey retarded yukinafag shitposter, this a great joke! ha ha ha ha ha!I can't stop laughing a minute! ha ha ha ha ha!
YES, yes, unfortunately, he's back, our retarded yukinafag shitposter from Kuromukuro threads on 1st-cour.
I agree with you, retarded yukinafag shitposter, Ken was a great protagonist, but his Yukina was a terrible deuteragonist like Slaine from AZ, his Yukina is also one of the worst mecha characters of all times.
Hey retarded yukinafag shitposter, please seek psychiatric help, his behavior is largely attributed to psychological disturbances and can be treated with timely psychiatric help.

yeah, Muetta won the MCbowl

Just ignore them, they're not mecha fans

What do you think happened to him?

>start off Sci fi with School girl met a time travel space samurai fighting space aliens
>then they all go back to school
kinda ruin it for me.
Why does everything need to be in school setting?

so that the pathetic otaku who buy toys can relate to it

I enjoyed it, girls looked soft and wanted to cuddle them.

Also, great butts.

Oyakodon hmanga when, and what are th chanes of an S2?

It wasn't a particularly outstanding anime, since its plot and characters are pretty average overall, but nevertheless I still enjoyed watching it. Sad to see that a lot of people skipped over this one.

>Logos is pretty much the polar opposite of EVOL
So no dog, stupid love triangle and shitty Fudo? If so, then I'm in.

Some say he's still locked up to this day, singing efidolg blues and cursing the people who stole his fancy shades.

Those bits were fun, but I don't think they could make even a 1-cour series out of just them without making everyone involved retarded.

Ken leaving kind of forced them to out the secret about Zeru's planet still hanging on, and shamed them into doing something. Probably outed the secret about the long term threat as well. Once word got out that: the kidnapped people were all subsequently killed, the mind-controlled people were incurable vegetables, Zeru had twice been the one most responsible for saving the entire planet from suffering the same fate as them, interrogation of the captured enemy leader had revealed that Zeru's homeworld still resisted the Efidolg, and there was a huge Efidolg fleet scheduled to reach Earth in 223 years; there'd be a huge public outcry.

Test subject for cameraboy's dad. Well, that or stockholm syndrome sets in and he starts listening to the truth about Efidolg and switches sides.

That was genuinely an pleasant surprise.
Usually, the worst waifu always wins the MC bowl in a paw animu.

>So no dog, stupid love triangle and shitty Fudo? If so, then I'm in.

>Girls - P.A. WORKS

>Best Girls

1st Nao
2nd Aoi
3rd Yurippe
4th Ohana
5th Yui
6th Alphard
7th Canaan
8th Miuna

>Worst Girls
1st Yukina
2nd Touko
3rd Hiromi
4th Manaka

Hope Ken smashes her vagina hard in season two.

Why couldn't Mirasa have survived instead.

Zeru also passed on details to humanity when he gave his mech to the redhead.

I dropped it half way because it was shit.

god no, it was a chore

Season two confirmed.

Efidolg confirmed for fucked.

>traveling 220 light years subluminal
Ken's going to be a triple grandpa once they arrive if S2 ever happens. And everyone who boarded that ship, everyone they ever knew on earth are going to be at least a century dead. And something like only 4 years will have passed for those onboard assuming Efidolg ships travel at .9999c, 12 years if they only go up to .999c. Time dilation is spooky.

It was tops. Never went over board and took itself to seriously while still managing to pull off some nice dramatic moments and remaining comfty. Retards who think it's bad went in expecting to much edge.

But her mum said to come back for every new year's holiday.

Maybe Zeru has super fast technologies he passed on.

>the face of a cucklord

Fuck off, she uses and abuses to the last drop of the ''damsel in distress'' trope (As a trope the Damsel in Distress is a plot device in which a female character is placed in a perilous situation from which she cannot escape on her own and must then be rescued by a male character, usually providing a core incentive or motivation for the protagonist's quest.) Yukina is a fucking Damsel in Distress in 13 episodes, which means that half of this series / 50% of the episodes (13/26 episodes), she was a fucking Damsel in Distress who requires a charming prince (MC) to achieve her rescue.

In the whole grand scheme of things, five years isn't that really long compared to school other separated couples in other stories.

Who are you responding to?



>explaining the trope
is this from reddit




She grows even hotter with age.

Muetta, Yukina and Koharu will all look like top MILFs with time too.

What is Yukina's mum name anyway?

I wonder how far they will age since hundreds of years will pass and "nanomachines son".

Best girl

By a fucking mile.

S2 better be ~Yukina arriving and finding Ken and Muetta have like 50 fucking kids

So, did they fug?

I'm fucking glad Muetta survived, was afraid they might have her die for Ken to finally move on. Hottest girl.

Instead he he redeems his past with 'Yukihime' and moves on with Yukina.

Nah, Yukidad just gave him his Amazon account and crediti details.

Aren't people who pledge to a mech immortal?

Isn't that what Zeru was on about when he said you stopped becoming human.

Yup, hence the question since both Yukina and Zeru aged. Yukina won't become old, but I wonder if she'll end up becoming a MILF of if she'll just stay eternally 20.

>this show is 100% realistic.



Watch 91 Days if you want a show where everyone dies.

Semen demons.

>have only one picture of your family
>it's not even a keyframe
Being zeru is suffering

The final kiss was kinda lame but the scene that lead to it was pretty great.

Has anybody shopped it to a double peace?

pls K-ONfag, Kuromukuro is a mecha action series and not its favorite CGDCT series. Even VVV has had its share of deaths in main cast.

Sophie not dying is fine, she wasn't in the bit that was sliced in two. The others should have died though.

>Yup, hence the question since both Yukina and Zeru aged
Yukina got nanomachines not vampirism, she still had growing up to do, hormones and shit. It'd be retarded if you got locked in the moment you juiced up. When did Zeru age?

I was fine, I really liked the main characters, but plot was nothing special

the same AZ defect.

>please seek psychiatric help
You're the one who seems to need it, judging by your way of posting

>red bandana dude
>camera cunt dude
They Should Have Died

Mostly guesswork on my part since he appears old. So he either pledged fairly late in his life or the nanomachines only slow down the aging process, wich would explain why that he is an old man and say multiple that he doesn't have much time left. He did live for more than 500 hundred years old after all.

Maybe nanomachines allow them to reach a lifespan of something along the lines of 700/800 years rather than full blown immortality.

It's amazing how such an unpopular show managed to attract so many autistic shitposters.





pls user get out, you simply can't argue with facts.


What facts?
All I see is the autist obsessing over some boogeyman.


Official sources
Are you stupid?

Mika's mother

Are you?
What do "official sources" have to do with what I posted?

>You're now Ken, who do you choose to follow?

I don't think he was talking about a natural death there. The moment Zeru revealed himself he was living on borrowed time, as soon as the conflict was over and he was no longer immediately useful they were gonna fuck him over.



Mirase best girl


I didn't quite get why ken was the only one in a tube of all the abductees. Also, I thought they just made clones of species for their soldiers rwtger than actually using the pysical bodies? Also why does ken even have the nano bros in him? Sorry I'm retarded

>people voting Yukina


Why is there no nude edit of this?

They're reddit lunatics