You can only pick one konosuba thread

You can only pick one konosuba thread

The one with a penis.

Brown is the correct answer (loli is acceptable too)

I pick superior brown

Superb taste already

only the true choice here.


Easy pick.

fuuuuuuuuuuuu I didnt see the thicc succubus. I chose her instead.

Which one has the superior ass? I can't hide the indecisiveness of this boner

The only true choice, I want to see her flustered after I choose her after she presents all the other girls to me.

Also womb tattoos are my fetish

All this meat.

Actually perfect.

Hahaha. You think it’s a succubus queen? How regrettable. It’s actually moi, the assistant of Wiz’s Magic Tool Shop!

>showing that much flesh
Fucken disgusting pigs

Evaluation of "most likely to ara ara" leads to her.

that's Wiz, i'd pick her too


I think darkness and yunyun are there too

No thanks, I'll take the respectable young woman I'd proudly introduce to my parents

Hi Cred Forums, what is this? I searched konosuba but it doesn't show me anything about these semon demens

I don't think Darkness is. There are ones that could be Darkness / Aqua but the eye color is wrong.

Fuck man I can't wait to see him animated

Do you think they will charge how they draw the noses? It was the one thing that stood out to me on Their faces and not in a good way most of the time.


I would be her training partner.

Nope. Why stop their definite studio traits along with bra-less breasts physics?

>Having a human work at a Suc-bus Bar.

shit I don't know, what I'd do is just fap and change which I'm looking at per a number of strokes, then decide based on which one I cum to

So is this like a strip club or a brothel?

Strip club where you place the order for the brothel stuff, which happens later.

How did the "batwings on the top of the head" meme start?

From left to right, top to bottom;
>Row 2, 3
>Row 2, 5
>Row 2, 10
>Row 4, 3 (Preferred)

Any of these, but 4,3 is the one I like most.

>How did the "batwings on the top of the head" meme start?
With a video game over 2 decades ago.

Men only.
>Enter shop
>Sign a waiver
>Write down exactly what you want to experience (Dominated by a tough brown girl, a nice night with a noble's daughter, etc)
>After some formalities, you leave and go home
>At night, a Succubus comes in to your house (silent break in)
>She then sucks you off without you knowing
>You then dream the most vivid and realistic dream that suits the fantasy you wrote down at the brothel

Pay to get any dream without actually paying anything, basically. It's 100% safe, too.

Now that sounds like something I can get behind

>they suck people off
unpure, dropped

They're fucking succubi. They literally EMBODY the impure.
They would enjoy raping people who are bothered by that.

>Hasn't seen a pure succubus

I'm pretty sure the blonde next to the Yunyun clone is supposed to be the Darkness clone.

>He doesn't fap to virgin succubus doujins
lmao at your life cuck

What a rip-off.

A pure succubus is a succubus equivalent to an edgy goth kid.

...they're succubi user, I'm not sure what you were expecting.

It's akin to reading a doujinshi with a pregnant schoolgirl and then doing it when you realize she isn't a virgin. It says less about the girls and more about you possibly being retarded.

*dropping it

whatever dude, you'd probably kiss a succubus even after they sucked off another dude too

Can I also just choose to have "real" intercourse with one of the succubi in the shop?

I don't know this anime.
But I pick her, she looked the least comfortable being there so someone needs to get her away.

>whatever dude, you'd probably kiss a succubus even after they sucked off another dude too
Seeing as precisely that happened in a drunken threesome once? Most likely. Didn't end up with any STDs, so I'll call it a win.

Virgin succubus sounds alright. It's a little kinky from sheer scarcity value, but imo way less arousing than the simplicity of the experienced succubus raping a virgin guy. That's what succubi are about, after all. And you're only a virgin once, but a literal semen demon forever. Or maybe one succubus just out-lasting multiple guys, virgin or not. Especially if those guys thought they were going to gang up on her but instead ended up being her prey? Yeah, that's the good stuff.

How is this girl so perfect?

Not too young but still has just the right amount of curves. I think I've been too many of the imouto threads.

There's one in itadaki seiiki where a rapist in a park gets tricked by a succubus, which was pretty good.

I shall investigate this. Thanks Anonymous!

>not a single small enough succubus
No one, thanks.

>thinking that adding more dicks to something makes it better

I think I would go with this one.

Says the guy who's never kissed anyoneand never will and won't even kiss 2D girls either because of a hypothetical blow job on a guy that doesn't exist. Yeah I'll kiss and bed the succubus.Then flip the NTR around, dominate her so hard I'll have her swearing allegiance to my cock.

The true cuck thing to do is turning down women like you do.

That's a pretty bad fucking choice.

>Small ass

What's the point of her?

Nice headcanon

God-tier thighs? I'm not that user, but a tight ass and amazing thighs are definitely worthy attributes.

Whether they are better than a big as is up for debate, but she is surely not pointless.

Yeah, it certainly is, given that we are taking about 2D succubi and hypothetical situations.

Being afraid to kiss a women because of a hypothetical guy is still pretty gay though.

>You can only pick one
for what?

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I pick the one that's succubus (male)

giving another man wet dreams after sucking them off apparently


Do I have to pick one, or does something bad happen if I choose to pass?

The true question is, wich ones gives the best erotic dreams ?

>not a single muscle succubi
What a shit selection.

They all take turns mind-breaking you with rough sex. Obviously no one would want to experience an ordeal like that, so you should just choose one and have a forgettable dream instead.

I want to marry her and grow old together.

Season 2 when?

Why did they make so many anyway? How many of these are actually in the anime?

Any day

I choose this one

I choose this one.

Nopan slut.


Nope. Their legs are fucking thick.

>total lack of piercings and (glowing) tattoos

This succubus looks eerily familiar.



>Wiz moonlighting as a succubus because she can't run her shop for shit

I feel betrayed. I thought she was pure.

But her shop has lots of good merchandise

I want to buy one of those collars from Wiz's shop. The thought of being slowly strangled is making me tingly.

the nopan succubus on the right here.
In op's image 2nd down 2nd from the left.
not even a contest

She constantly buys expensive and dangerous stuff that just doesn't sell very well. She has poor business sense.


She's always like that though.

Ignoring those thighs literally as thick as her ass, her ass itself is so plump its being squeezed out of her pants.

>those curls

Muh fucking dick

I just noticed she's not wearing any bottoms

You're one to talk, axisfag

I don't understand.

She's there though

>axis cultist not understanding something so basic

Don't be mean to them because they were dumb enough to fall for a fucking water goddess.

It's not their fault they have below average int.

Skindentation is the work of the gods

Water is life, water is love.

>he can't even use magic

Eris sect best sect.

Padded bra worshippers. Boy lovers. Faggots. Pedophiles. No fun.

>lashing out at me because I'm right

Sad. Maybe one day you'll understand.

>which one

This one.

Pedo, disgusting.

I'm calling the police.

>ara ara

Yes, please.

I want oneesan to transform me into a shota and make me relive my first sexual experience over and over again.

I take out my sword and attempt to fight them all in that case.

Is that a euphemism for your penis?

I intend to run my sword through their hearts.

So you're gonna fuck them all? I'm having a hard time following.

Oh I'm going to fuck them up alright. They'll all be lying in a pool of their own life's blood when I'm done with them.

I love her hairstyle.

the only correct choice.

oh shit

Are there any thicker?

The is no male Succubi. Incubus club is what you're looking for and it is next doors.

Perfect for headpats.

>reading comprehension

What if I want a qt girl Succubi with a feminine penis?

Great taste

Only people with any sense ITT

The one in the lingerie.


Was going to pick her since her hair looked like claws in the thumbnail. Still sort of want.

>all wearing high heels
Not interested.

>wanting jack the ripper

Original pink hair oneesan is the best.

Would fuck raw.

holy shit why are they so fucking thick
my dick cannot decide

Am i the only one who thinks their bodies are kinda weird?


Who the fuck was that goddess that replaced Aqua when Kazuma tried to be a wiseguy and bring her along? Because she disappeared and Eris took over after that.

Me too. I bet she's actually the oldest and most experienced one, since it's Japan we're talking about.


just the right amount of HEALTHY

That was just some random angel/goddess taking temporary control of Aqua's domain (Japan) until she returns
Eris is the goddess of the other world they were transported to

Ah. Alright.


Not even once


>this whole fucking thread

this author is truly a gift to mankind. i want a girl with horns so i can grab them and face fuck the shit outta her, so probably no-pan in this pic

This picture is just another sad reminder that high heels always look shit in anime.