Your opinion on love live

Your opinion on love live

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Honk is literally my girlfriend.

Memes: the franchise.

Only watched first season, only because of a friend and I watched it together; he was already caught up at the time and was a rewatch for him.

Didn't like the first season, but didn't hate it, just disliked it. Felt to artificially crafted, ie. made to sell.

Sort of the epitome of anime designed to sell/reduced down to its fundamentals in order to make money.

You can't date a 2D girl user

i don't understand the love for idolshit

what dick am i supposed to self inert onto? I can't just watch.

How u do this?

The anime itself was decent, nothing special. The franchise as a whole, though... That's a different story.

Nico is shit

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>a friend and I watched it together


I simply can't imagine anyone not watching this alone in a locked room

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Poor man's Idolmaster. Still has some cute girls though.

That poster is Maki and she's rich, let her support Cred Forums

>No friends

Why am I not surprised? Two of my friends played SIF/Watched LL. It was fun playing before classes. It was actually kinda funny that I was an Umifag, my best friend was a Nozomifag, and my other friend who was two grades below us was a Rinfag. We all had Lily White banners on our accounts. Literally the dream.

Not only is Nico the best girl of her entire series, but she is also one of the best anime girls in general. Anyone who disagrees has terminal shit taste.

I keep confusing Love Lab and Love Live with each other

>Best anything
Good one, Niconigger

Nico > Maki > *

The mobage is fun, and the reaction images are dank.

6/10 bretty gud

Why does Maki look so much like Hisa Takei from Saki?

pic related

I like the images it spawned

Because 90% of anime is generic cookie cutter garbage.

Guess where love live and saki fall in that pie chart?

Believe it or not, degenerates tend to find other degenerates, and degenerate together.

Even groupwatched Cross Ange, shit was hilarious.

>MOBA geimus

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But muh cute mahjong girls. I actually like Saki though.

Now that seems like actual fun. Viewing party for Cross Ange would be amazing

> hey pays money to post on Cred Forums

Sunshine was much better than the original.

Get a job, benefits cheat

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It's like idolm@ster, but with a large SJW following.

You can tell everyone that you have Cred Forums pass?

Correction, I pay money for (You)s

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When you stop leeching off your parents and get a job, even a shitty minimum wage job, you might find some things worth spending money on for minor conveniences.

>not supporting Cred Forums
I bet you pirate anime too

Sunshine is better than OG

Alright Peter Thiel shills, you can tone it down a bit

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>low res

>mfw my irl friends are 9gaggers and ledditors retards that keep on forcing their lame hypocrisy 'eww weab otaku' memes and thinks that love livers are autists who lick dakimakuras 24/7. when they themselves are actually more disgusting when sharing anme stuffs.

>thinks that love livers are autists who lick dakimakuras 24/7
>not owning multiple dakimakuras and using them every time you fap

this is not an ironic post btw

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Well, what I was really trying to point out was that my friends think that everyone who's into this franchise is delusional that they'll marry their 2D or 3D raibus. When in fact, alot of people are just fans who're shitposting and are aware of reality.

>I bet you pirate anime too

Promotion of a soulless music industry, which thrives on money of dirty otoku in Japan.

>Love Live
>soulless music

RIP Siivagunner 2016-2016 never forget

I will confess, I want to fuck nico and I could care less about any of the other girls. Thank you for your time.


Nothing wrong with that. The other girls can't compete.

It's shit
You're shi
Your waifu is a shit
This board is shit
Everybody I know is shit
Life is one long, never-ending occasionally less shitty shit
I'm shit too because I don't have the balls to pull the trigger

>alot of people are just fans who're shitposting and are aware of reality.
Those are called niwaka

We are talking about idolshit

I never watched this show but am a huge fan of nico ni and save her pictures.

>implying you own a gun

Don't watch the show or you'll delete all your pictures!

Niko is shit and outdated.
RikoXMaki is the new hotness.

Don't lie to him. I was the same and when I finished everything my nico folder had grown exponentially.

>How to detect a yuropoor

Got any nico reaction images?

That's how I started, don't listen to . Watching the show will double your Nico Niico Need.


Who else is /QQQ/ here?

maek stahp

IM@S is better


Sunshine was a mistake

Original was good, sunshine is bad.


A dangerous gateway drug into idolshit.

pretty gud


Aquors will never be a fun as Mu's

season 1 was decent
season 2 made me wanna kill myself so i dropped it halfway
i like love live fanart

I read doujinshi first. Then watched the series, was disappointed by the lack of actual fanservice and yuri pandering.

>The other girls can't compete.