Is Go Nagai a meme?

Is Go Nagai a meme?

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He's the most likeable person in the industry.
Prove me wrong.
Protip: You can't.

Literally the truth, gotta love Uncle Go

Nah Uncle Go is great

Why is he called Uncle?

Because he was babby's first EDGY for most modern anime makers today.
Including Anno.

Very hit or miss as a writer, but comes across as a very nice guy in person.

He's a great inspiration to us all

>Very hit or miss as a writer
Disagree. Most of the time he's just fooling around and drawing nude girls, but when he puts his thought in a work, it usually turns out good.

Reminder that he okays nearly everyone who tries to adapt his manga in other format.

This is why things like the Devilman movie was allowed to exist.

>you will never bite Devilman lady ass.
Why even live

>ywn bite Ryou's feminine ass

That's not all, he also influenced many mangaka and was the building ground of the magic girl, mech and demon genres.

There's a saying that if Tezuka is god, then Nagai is the devil.

I really love his artwork and I think most of his /m/ related series hold up very well even today but honest to god everything connected to Devilman besides the original book is just shit.

Like I cannot understand how the fuck stuff like Violence Jack or Devil Lady gets praised on here.

Does anyone else feel the same?


Not sure if he is one. He most certainly is Gods gift to sideburns.

Yup. Devil Man is by far the weakest of his franchises - half the stuff released within it is garbage, and even the actually good stuff from it isn't THAT good.

This, most of other oldfags of the industry turned into disgusting old men yelling at clouds, while uncle Go has always been awesome.

I agree that Devilman's many spinoffs/sequels/remakes/etc. tend to be shit but man get the fuck outta here if you didn't think Devilady was the tightest shit.

Devilman Lady was awesome. The ending felt like about 100 pages worth of revelations jammed into about 4 but other than that I don't think he could have done a better job writing a continuation of Devilman.

>shitting on Nagai's Magnus Opus
get the fuck out

Nagai's been through shit all his life for the kind of manga he was producing. But he sallied forth, knowing ahead that criticism, both warranted and unwarranted will always be part of his own journey of the mind.

This is in stark contrast to holier than thou authors like Miyazaki and Yamakan who think they should be free from any kind of critique. Tomino might talk shit, but at the end of the day, he criticised himself over G Reco, so that's commendable.

To be fair though, the manga side of the industry have always produced mentally stable people, while the anime side always produced angry old men mad at the otaku.

Please don't mention Anno and Nagai in the same sentence. I hate it.

Why? They're two of the last living auteurs in the industry, just because Anno's last major work was dogshit doesn't mean he's not a comparable figure.

this is the face of absolute disgust

No. It's because he's an autistic fuck while Nagai is based.

I can agree to that, then.

What is the context for this? Is this their home or what? Who are these kids? Why does everyone look so miserable? This picture is making me dislike Anno the more that I look at it.

Also, I think that Love+Pop was his best work by far. His autistic experiments with intimacy work far better in live-action while his experience in animation gave him a great skill for composing good looking images.

Anno looks neet as fuck

I wonder if he browse 2chan in his probably cramped room and rarely take shower

Nagai can be autistic too

They look like a fun group.

You never goof around with your friends?

>While passing his ronin year in a prep school in order to aim at the Waseda University, he suffered a severe case of diarrhea for 3 weeks. Aware of his own mortality, he wanted to leave some evidence that he had lived, by doing something that he liked as a child: working on manga. He was determined to create one work of manga in what he thought were his last months. As Nagai prepared for the task, he went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with catarrh of the colon, and soon healed. But this was the turning point in his life. Convinced that he would continue working on manga, he stopped attending school after three months and started living as a ronin.

>diarrhea is the reason uncle Go started making manga and anime



Create a character with titties hanging out = creating cosplayers with titties hanging out.

The man is brilliant.

This, Go Nagai is literally the most influential person in anime/manga history
Also we have to thank him for ecchi

This strangely make sense.

Please, is there a source for this story?

Neo Devilman has some great stories and Devilman G is amazing.

Do they still translate Devilman G chapters?


The source is in Japanese and it's dead. Check Nagai's wikipedia page bibliography

They need to continue, the shit seems more interesting by the minute

>Harenchi Gakuen will never be scanlated
>Abashiri Family will never be scanlated

It hurts.

What was all the fuss about exactly?

I assume Shameless School will probably be scanlated at some point simply because of historical importance and whatnot. I mean, didn't Happy Scans say they'll work on it once they're done with other projects?
Abashiri is a lost cause, though. Not even Italy/France licensed that shit.

Are those trannies?

Based Uncle Go gets chicks, trannies and guys with breasts

>Abashiri is a lost cause, though.

There are raws of it, it's just that nobody wants to touch them for some reason.