ITT: Mediocre anime

ITT: Mediocre anime

Also a mediocre manga. Same for Soul Eater.

It's fucking garbage.

It's enjoyable as long you ignore the ending.

Soul eater is about the same quality as HxH.
That's neither a compliment nor an insult to either.

It's mediocre all along with an asspull ending.

Tell me one anime the doesn't have an asspull ending. (excluding anime under 13 episodes)

You now remember Kekkaishi

It's an average battle shounen, the fights were good and the main characters were charismatic enough, only one who is slightly annoying was Black Star.

I wouldn't call it mediocre, just forgettable.

I will tell you this that was a hard one.
Had to really think.

I guess Steins;Gate's ending wasn't a asspull as I remember.

Tricking himself and the timejumping made sense iirc.

Steins:Gate ending was quite the asspull.
>Oh no! Everything's fucked up, Hax mode, activate!

Maybe it made more sense to people who played the VN.

But the entire show was about time travel. Its not like they just intriduced that last second for a way out.

Now the movie about Deja Vu was asspulling but the anime did build up to its ending.

Which is funny because the anime ending was better than the manga one.

The proper way to end would be for Okabe to either choose Kurisu or Mayori. And maybe there could be an OVA where he saves one or another.


The writers bullshitted an ending with "World War 3" and "Steins:Gate magic" just to appease the stupid fanbase.

A good anime stays true to its ideas, the ending of Steins:Gate was just pandering.

i mean, cowboy bebop i guess.
that was really the only way it could end.

all of macross
all post hyouka kyoani

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>blah blah blah I know what makes a good anime
>blah blah If I don't enjoy it it was done wrong
>blah blah how did america let bernie slip through their fingers
>blah blah something about the moon landing

Get a grip user


>It didn't end EXACTLY how I wanted it to, therefore it's an asspull!!!

Fucking kys so hard right now

First half of SAO


at least the OP was good

Code geass

woah someone apart from me watched this?
The OP was really good.

Katanagatari has a great ending

Dude, he was asking for anime that have more than 13 episodes, Katanagatari only has 12.

Episodes are ~40min long, so it's more like 24 episodes

Muh edgy protagonist
Periods lol
Hard life = good character
Takes ages to even get to its namesake
Generic, boring fantasy world

He might have had the exception in in part due to thinking of Katanagatari though.

Pre K-On KyoAni

Are you out of your mind? The whole last portion of the manga was subpar but it was still decent.


It's not mediocre because the art had personality, specially those crazy faces, and it had Square Enix's budget to pull it off. It's by no means a masterpiece but it's entertaining, which is more than you can say about many battle manga.

>lol tits: the ending
nah b
even as someone that actually likes soul eater, both endings were fucking garbage but the manga was worse than the anime.

Mob is also made by Bones and they found a really good place to end it without leaving things open.

You're obsessing over the tits, when that had next to nothing to do with how things actually wrapped up. Kishin got eaten by Crona using the brew, with Crona staying on the moon to act as the new prison of the Kishin. Crona just happened to be crazy about tits, and is broadcasting the madness of boobs.


Soul Eater defenitly stnds above mediocracy. Not much but still

One piece and 90% of other battle shounen