Ero manga Sensei airs April 2017. More cast revealed

Ero manga Sensei airs April 2017. More cast revealed.

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Another one of these generic LN adaptations, why is the industry so creatively bankrupt these days?

Isn't Shingeki S2 also spring 17? This is like a revival of '13.

Sagiri >= Elf > all

Watching anime and not liking generic LN adaptations is like playing Nintendo games and not liking Mario

Also Saekano S2. So we'll have two competitors for the Yahari of the season.

Just because Mario games have pipes doesn't mean they're all about plumbing.

>Ero manga sensei
>It's not about inuboshi making new doujins


>Indexfags BTFO again

This is so cathartic.

I started reading it but I dropped it when it was revealed it was NBR. The sad part is that happened in the first few pages.


>Sagiri Izumi CV. Fujita Akane
>Masamune Izumi  CV. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
>Yamada Elf  CV. Minami Takahashi
>Senju Muramasa CV. Oonishi Saori
>Megumi Jinno  CV. Kido Ibuki
>Tomoe Takasago  CV. Ishikawa Yui

A1 actually fully adapts LNs provided they sell well enough.



Let's be honest, he's the best at playing harem MCs. Especially if they're loud and obnoxious.

I always confuse this with the new series the Haganai writer is doing.

Nope. He should only voice crazy villains like Beetlejuice.

His performance as Tomoya in Saekano was great though.




Character descriptions too.

>Minami Takahashi (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma's Megumi Tadokoro) as Elf Yamada, a top-selling novelist with another publisher

Megumi = Elf.... That's.... somethng

is she the one playing piano naked?


Elf is the best girl.

Sagiri is a shit.

Get off the internet, Elf.

Did the dengeki event end yet? No one made a new thread and the anons there stopped posting after the usual indexfag collective suicide.

so how incesty is this?

They're not even related by blood.

Sagiri a best.

I can't remember. Does Elf shitpost online like Kuroneko?