Would you watch a Warhammer 40,000 anime, Cred Forums?

Would you watch a Warhammer 40,000 anime, Cred Forums?




Only if it was about the IG.

we are here to remove ork.

Without question.


IG anime by Urobuchi
female regiment

No because the nips would probably make it a SoL about Adepta Sororitas Neophytes

Only if it was all lolis.

>letting females in to the IG
sounds heretical

Everyone can die for the Emperor.

If it wasn't shit. But I bed it'd be shit.

See the various Marvel anime for Japan screwing up western IP.


But, probably would be bad

Absolutely. Unfortunately, large sweaty men in power armor is more of a western power fetish and it wouldn't sell well in nipponland.

i'd even buy it

If it was about a cute inquisitor doing cute inquisitor things.

hell yeah

Only if it was an adaptation of this.

Holy shit yes

No because anime is shit

>Akame ga kill is basically an inquisitor's acolytes rooting out the corruption of chaos.

>Berserk offers you a stranded feudal world sucked into the warp, with one particularly underappreciated PDF soldier doing his best.

>Basilisk and Black Lagoon offer you a Rogue Trader's adventure.

>Hellsing Ultimate is basically a chaos warband. You've got your charismatic and strict leader, your reality warping psyker and his corrupted guardswoman minion.

What I'm saying is that Japan likes WH40k, it just doesn't know it yet.

I already have if the emperor had a text to speech device

Ok then, what DBZ and SAO means in the 40K world?

Spess muhreens are too burly, big, and there's no cute girls. IG with an assortment of waifu and husbando commissars and troops can be fun, but then it might seem stale, since they simply aren't "special" enough when compared to some other branches.

I propose an anime on the Officio Assassinorum. Since there's no say in how there can't be females, (In fact, I think one of the most powerful Culleus Temple operatives is a qt3.14159) we have the market appeal of westaboos, military otakus and waifufags all together.

Or just make a not!40k originaldonutsteal universe for an original anime. That way you can get all the gritt and despair of 40k along with all the ridiculousness of anime.

id watch it even if it was terrible.


If you get to helm the project, how would you do it? What studio would draw it? What would it be about?



story of a socially retarded servitor who's tasked with helping out a squad of SOB on a purge, it'll be funny and cute and will feature one or two beach episodes.

I would jizz if it happens, but I swear to Khorne if it's gonna focus on those faggot Blood Raven or Ultrasmurfs.

>Ciaphas accepts safe assignments
>they constantly put him in danger because shit gets real really fast
>he maintains his stoic facade outwardly, but you hear him freak the fuck out in his mind with NANIs and NANISOREs and EEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!!???s

By the Emperor, it

Nope. Too edgy, garbage and filled with more bland overused tropes than a japanese generic battle harem anime.

Ask your shitty animators in Hollywood to do a cartoon instead so we can laugh at the diversity of the cast.

A Vindicare falls in love with a Farseer...

Cute Adepta Sororitas Doing Cute Things


>Warhammer 40,000 anime

>about the imperial guard
double yes

>Fighting ___Tau___

triple yes
But we all know it would be spess mareens vs chaos anyway

Yes, either about cute girls in the IG or cute sisters of battle fighting daemon filth.

Why has everyone got hardons for the SoB? We all know the Deathwatch are the real MVP's

Just watch Text-to-Speach.

Cute but naive Tau transfer student tries to make friends with everyone but gets bullied by Imperium and Tyranid senpais.
Chaos senpai won't even notice her.

This is Immolator-chan! (Heavy Flamer)

This is Immolator-chan! (Multi-Melta)

Warhammer High anime when?

I feel that this thread is going to get deleted soon, but

This would be a good idea, since it actually has a good mix of humour and grimderp (and a hot inquisitor), would probably go down better.

>he didn't play Space Marine

>I feel that this thread is going to get deleted soon
The thread is already 6 hours old

Who came up wih the names? They suck

I would love it, but GW would never ever do something like that.
They only give away their IP for stupid fuck indie no name studios to produce horrible videogames now.

you suck


Finland strong :D

Only when they portray Chaos intensely.

Will there be Felinid Guardsmen.

>Absolutely. Unfortunately, large sweaty men in power armor is more of a western power fetish and it wouldn't sell well in nipponland.
How about funky antics of a freshman in the ranks of the Imperial Guard? Just imagine those ara aras from the Sisters.


>Just imagine those ara aras from the Sisters
I will never be able to understand where this meme comes from. Stop sexualizing the Sisters.

No, warhammer has the most autistic and annoying fanbase ever, I'd prefer Cred Forums to not be flooded with those faggots

depends on studio, director, and writer

Cred Forums, what studio would be best fitted for this?



God, no. 40k isn't suited for the amount of QUALITY their priorities make.


>not wanting 40k in the inferno cop/ninja slayer style

>Thread starts autosaging
Told you.