Did you enjoy Cred Forums's 13th birthday, Cred Forums?

Did you enjoy Cred Forums's 13th birthday, Cred Forums?

Not really, no.
It kinda just made me want to leave Cred Forums for real this time.

But all the other chans are sooooo slow. And if they're not they're just Cred Forums 2.0 like eightchan is.



No. No I didnt.

Why am I seeing anons pass subscription date on submissions now?

No and there is nothing to celebrate for Cred Forums's arrival of adolescent angst

>Cred Forums is officially "too old"

Just use IRC for everything. It is what I am doing increasingly.

IRCs always devolve into the same 5-10 people sucking each other's cocks 24/7

It's like concentrated tripfaggotry, which I fully intend to avoid

You mean, when people suddenly tried to justify shitposting because they are paying to post their shit? No. Someone tell them that having money doesn't make your opinions God's word... Only attention whores.

Well I thought shitposters were bitter poorfags. Now I know some pay to troll this place. Inside job level.

Then the people with money get you banned for not sucking them off enough and actually not liking circlejerking.

When will Cred Forums be old enough to post on Cred Forums? Fucking underageb&'s.

Delete this

>13 years old

my strike zone is between the ages 8 and 12

Cred Forums is officially an old hag to me, other words, its shit

>in a few years we'll be able to fuck Cred Forums


>wanting to stick your dick in anything above 16
what are you even doing here?

I enjoyed this new posting opportunity a lot more than I thought I would

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Cred Forums is already too old to fuck


The hats have always been fucking annoying.


In 2012 I had a blast here during Cred Forums b day. Yesterday just felt off. There was no fun to be had at all.

The hats have always been fucking annoying.

Cred Forums's already age of consent in Japan.

the AoC in Japan is 13, but if you can still get in trouble with the law if you're 18+ fucking around with high schoolers

Jesus Christ so my anime has taught me well? They're all already sluts by highschool?

I got sick the whole weekend and now there's the goyim pass thing.

I hate this place.