Goblin Slayer

What is this face trying to convey?

She's plotting to send more newbie adventurers to subjugate goblins and get absolutely rekt.

Truly the perfect spy occupation.

She's got a very naisu body.

That is her sexual excitement from sending more newbie adventurers to get raped and murdered by Goblins.

Embarrassed that someone read her like an open book.

Something lewd, no doubt

It's the face of a woman who is about to become the new Demon Lord and remind Goblin Slayer of his dead sister

>What is this face trying to convey?
Her frothing loins.

She wants GS to slay goblins in her wet cave with his big, long sword, if you catch my drift.

I found the page in the novel, could someone translate it real quick?

Was this when GS was unmasked?

"I think this series should be more edgy than the shit we've been getting lately."

How far into the novel was it?
Is it a flashback or some fuckton later after the first Ogre Boss fight?

>"t-the pleasure of cumming inside..." she said.

>long sword
Too impractical to be used in tight spaces
Use a short sword instead

She loves him like all the other girls in the harem.

They will never get any love in return.

Actually, a long sword wouldn't be a bad choice, because with halfswording you can use it like a short spear or a hammer, while still having an advantage of superior reach when you have enough room.
Not an option for a noob though.

Lust for goblin cock

GG's Inspector friend was teasing her basically.

"So, is he the one that you fancy?"

(Guild Girl raised her head and) was met with the catty Inspector's grin.
*GG was raising her head before Inspector asked the question


Is her "Detection (Sense Lie)" still in effect? Guild Girl looks up to the ceiling. The Supreme God gives her no answers.

Although she tried to avoid eye contact, a resigned Guild Girl meekly nodded.

".....Y, yeah?"

"Humph. Well, I get it. You were into the strait-laced type since your days back in the Capital."

GG said she wondered if there were more stoic adventurers back then. Unfortunately, though it'd worked out for her now, she didn't meet any adventurer like that back in the Capital. GG and GS met after she finished her training and was assigned to the remote town. A rookie adventurer meeting a rookie clerk, their relationship continued like that since then. He only cared about hunting goblins and had no interest in anything else. It was a refreshing sight for someone like GG who was fed up with the weak adventurers in the Capital. GG remarked that GS was a little too stoic. She's happy to talk with him but would rather him ask her out to eat or something (though she corrected herself saying it's not like GS to do that). She had no courage to ask him out and figured she'd need some sort of opportunity (the harvest festival in Volume 3).

Volume 2 chapter 1. Ogre is chapter 9 in Volume 1 so quite some time after that.

It's good that GS only knows "GOBLINS?!?", otherwise he might fall in love.

Goblin Slayer is shit.

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Is he two timing in the festival? what a stud.

G-Goblin Slayer?

>fed up with weak adventures
That's why she sends them to gobs to die

How many manga chapters will it roughly take to get to here?

That's fucking stupid. Why would you go halfswording at a mostly unarmored opponent when you could also just slice or stab with a shorter sword for greater effect?

Because 4 cm of steel is just as good as 30

It really depends on the surroundings. If entire cavern is tighter than loli pussy, then there is no much point of bringing the longsword. But if there's just a few cramped corridors, you can still use a longer sword there quite effectively without limiting yourself to a weapon disadvantageous in spacious places.

More than half a year at least.

If GS would hunt something else once in a while, he could afford both weapons.

Did the author forgot to give them names or something?

It is an RPG thing.