Dead Tube - New Chapter

It's in the refrigerator

can this get any more edgy?
is best girl going to get raped and murdered soon?

It's going to turn into a goddamn south park episode where Mr L. ends up eating his own kids or something.

i think we're past that at this point

That's the MC eating his dad though. They're going to escalate it to the point where the best girl blenders the man's toddler and serves it as a stuffing inside the man's roasted wife.

It's all downhill from here.

Man, this is my guilty pleasure. It's retarded, but it's so fun.

i'm surprised that they actually let MC and best girl have some sex

that was a nice touch

>unknowingly eating a family member
I hate it when that happens in any media. I can't help but get pissed off for some reason.

Is not easy to rape Mai.
But will Machiya film it beatifully and all hard while it happen?

Pretty sure they didn't have intercourse.

How edgy is this manga compared to trash. ?

kek to the user before who think that the sensei=/foreign guy
stupid baka user

fuck off indog

Nothing wrong with eating your dad for breakfast

I don't get why the mc and that whore pretend to not know who killed the father and who the one with the porn video is, they even NAMED the one who did it in the videos after his sister. I hope the MC is just pretending and has an inwards boner the entire time.

More of best sensei when?

I'm excited to see where this will go. I figure there will be some twist to all this. Like, maybe it was actually Kana who introduced Sensei to Dead Tube. Maybe Kana is actually fine, but still shooting content for the contest. Or maybe she's living through hell and there's something else going on.

Machiya's three-day sleep is important, I think. And so is the water melon clip. Either the actual purpose of the contest is to get at Machiya specifically, or someone, most likely Sensei and possibly a co-conspirator, is using the contest for that purpose.

>Kana is the mastermind

Do it

The only fascinating thing about the series is how the setting functions when 500 people can just start killing each other in fear of the punishment by a snuff video company and nobody seems to even notice it happens

Japan is a very special place.

Anyone read raw can tell me if his sister ded or not?
This is make or break for me

I bet the Dad isn't actually dead or there's some other bullshit "edgy" twist involved like he was secretly raping the daughter.

More edgy

The author is really, really dumb, or just plain bad at writing. Remember his last manga?