Brave Witches

Brave Witches in 3 more days, can the dead fanbase here be revived?

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Post more cute bunnies.

Will there be an American meme girl with an accent? I really want more of those.


The nee-san is sexy as fuck.

I still don't understand why they are all in their panties/bloomers like it's no big deal their puffy vulva is hanging out all the time.

They're not panties, so it's not embarrassing.


It can kill me a second time

>new characters
What happened to Miyafuji's squad? Do I need to have any prior knowledge about new witches?

See those airplane boots they wear?

Now try to wear those with pants. Also, thick fabric doesn't seem to conduct magical juices as well as just pantyhose or direct contact.

Hard to say. Finding someone to sub the latest OVAs was hard enough, but for a whole series? I'm starting to have my doubts.

And I'm still annoyed by the fact that they had to add two extra characters. What's wrong with showing the 502nd as it is?

I'm just looking forwards to a whole season of softness.

I hope the Karlsland witches are cute.

I'm hyped for the chibikko whose power is tummy punching.

I liked the 501st but the truth is I never grew particularly attached to most of the characters so I'm willing to take my chances with a new cast.

literally an Anime for pedophiles

I'm just here for Nipa.

I'm so hyped in fact that I made this, although I imagine it's been done before.

Is she notLucchini?

>Most girls are 16 or older

Clearly he meant that only pedophiles can enjoy BW in a non-sexual way.

This better be /u/ as fuck

Countess will take care of that.

Love is alive and well.

The fanbase from Cred Forums is long dead and scattered.

And then there's SJW Tumblr Cred Forums.

There's always

t. notEagle

I still remember those strike witches love is alive and well threads which occasionally popped out.
Where did everyone go ;_;

>tfw started posting on Cred Forums back in 2007
Cred Forums back then had a lot of people who upload pictures of their waifu's pictures covered in their cum.

The good old people are no more. Now, we're the good old people in this generation.

There's nothing to revive.
It can gather a new fanbase tho

Reporting in. This'll be my first time watching a witches anime as it airs.

I fully intend to enjoy it, you guys can sit over there and mourn days long gone if you want to.

Can't wait for California Gold.

How will this season be chronologically?

IIRC after S2, during the OVAs and before the movie.

Shit thread. Stop having fun.

I see.
Then, there is a chance that they will destroy a hive? But then, if they did so, that would be mentioned in the movie.
So far, the 501st is the only group that destroyed Neuroi hives.

Sometimes I wonder why the Strike Witches are not huge celebrities in their universe.

SW without Eila is kind of worthless.


I know what you mean but there are a lot of witches. I don't want to focus only on 11 of them.

Most people are probably busy trying to survive and shit, even though Britannia and Romagna seem pretty calm despite the Neuroi at their doorstep.

I will never forget our Strikies.

They are, more or less. Erica's getting a photoshoot in S1, Marseille's always talking about interviews, etc.

How many girls will she fuck?

A man of taste.

I still love Trude

Who doesn't?

>This'll be my first time watching a witches anime as it airs.
You're not the only one

Love is Alive and Well, my friend, and I'll love Sanya forever.

I rewatched the entire series recently in anticipation.

I never watched with Cred Forums though, as it's something I mostly shared with Cred Forums, I hope the threads are decent.

I'm sure lots of boys masturbate to them

It's far from dead, maybe to you.

Miyafuji's and Mio's story ended with the movie, it was their arc. This is a spinoff sequel season set in S1-2 times with 502nd in the spotlight and two new forced Fuso witches like Miyafuji and Mio.

The striker units have nothing to do with the fashion of witch world, the movie shows this with ancient witches with the fashion always been accepting pant(ies)s as general choice far before striker units existed.

Many lost their interest and left peacefully without forcing things here and the rest of us went to helma and /c/.

After S2? Wait, from which information you heard this, the spring event said it was S1-2.

It's pretty probable that they will destroy something big in the Russian front since it's an anime and needs a explosive ending.

Just a reminder that today's the last day of the SW marathon in about 3½ hours with the movie and ova's shown, I hope to see you there along with the rest of you folks. It's helma, /c/ and Cred Forums marathon.

If BW was released a year and a half ago, we probably would have gotten a vita game by now. Not sure the market is healthy enough in Japan anymore.

I already love Naoe the most out of the new lot, especially considering she shares my love of patrician French literature. Rall is second favourite.

>Waltrud Krupinski " is a hedonist that loves booze and women."
What do they mean by this? Has to be a typo it means men right?

>Today is last day of marathon
Shit, I knew there was something I needed to do today, oh well. I'm watching in solidarity after I'm done with Blue Comet SPT Layzner. I guess I'll also finish reading the Fuso Sea manga too since I'm not reading anything else from my shelf at the moment. I really hope Brave Witches is a hit and it allows for a lot more material to be published in English, would love to see some of the light novels get picked up by Vertical or Yen Press.

She's the biggest womanizer in the whole wide witch verse. No typos there.

But girls can't love other girls...

BW is simulcasting on CR, so it'll get a pretty good immediate foreign audience with concrete metrics and all that.

>biggest womanzier in the whole wide witch verse
I wonder who the other top ones would be and I'm curious who Krupi's sexual conquests are.

Still 2 hours before the marathon starts. More translated publications would be great as always.

In what world?

Is the 502nd the most lesbian unit?

Either that or Hanna's group

>literally yoshika
>fuso lucchini
>fuso mina
>fuso lynette
>another fuso lynette
>nazi mio
>orussian perrine
>eila 2.0
>some dude
>a conductor

Implying there is anything wrong with more Perrines or Lynettes.

Best OTP.

>some dude
>a conductor

I feel like this is a season of sequels to things I no longer care about with this, Nanoha and Working,

I want to drink that soup stock.

If you no longer care about Nanoha you ought to love vivid strike then.

Can we expect Aurora to make a cameo?

I just the 2 seasons (well still got 5 episodes to go) and im super excited strike witches is perfect.
Though it has an big gunbuster-eva vibe that's actually really enjoyable.

We can expect.


>Though it has an big gunbuster-eva vibe that's actually really enjoyable.
This is making me laugh more than it should. I don't think I've ever seen anyone compare witches to Eva or Gunbuster. Gunbuster maybe from hard work and guts at least. Then I just remembered I had this image.

Don't forget the movie and OVAs too user.

Wait, why would they need that with no boys around?

Last SW Marathon of the weekend is starting, tune in if you can. More info at helma as always.

Far from it I think. There is gertrud but 504, 501, and others are more gay.


Eila is annoying and shit. She ruins best girl Sanya. I'd be lesbian for Sanya too if I was a girl but Eila an annoying shit.

I'm sure she'll get an episode since she was shafted in the OVAa

will the ovas ever have real subs?

Fansubs are fucking dead. I doubt 10 Bit Man will save us again.

So is this show actually about combat?

Yes, among other things.

It should be. I hope it's really like the last two OVAs.

Hope Rall is the Perrine aka the shotacon.

Cool. I liked Strike Witches, but I craved for Ace Combat more than SoL.

>fists midget isn't the mc anymore

I want Naoe to punch me in the gut

>Rall will never molest you
Why does it hurt?

straight loli and straight shota are thinking people's fetishes.

Ahh, a man who truly sees.


How would one get a night of lewd with Krupi?

The aliens are copy pasted from Gunbuster or when they're doing starnge stuff it's the same shit as when Nerv try to guess what the angels are doing, Sakamoto constantly copy Coachi-san, generally the striker units are basically mecha suit and it drop the boobs like Gunbuster.
I watched the first season and i was like "This is Gunbuster, this too is gunbuster, everything is Gunbuster with SoL"

Be a trap and trick her.

No one fucking cares you fucking dipshit, always with these retarded /h/ tier replies.