91 Days

Did he do it? Did he kill Angelo?

Probably, but we never saw a body or blood so there's no telling for sure.

What do the pineapples mean?

terrible show

sweet death

They never joined a circus

Yes, he did. And Nero was killed also.

who was that random dude at the end?

Possibility #1: In spite of their renewed connection, Nero killed Avilio as retribution for his actions. Nero's smile represents him embracing the cycle of retaliatory violence that's defined their lives up to now and taken so much from them both. At most, Nero is now aware of this bitter cycle and finds a twisted form of contentment within it. Nothing has been learned. Nero may die soon, since Strega's agent is hot on his trail. That's one way of interpreting the final shot of footsteps – Nero's go just a bit farther than Avilio's because that's how long he lives. The future isn't shown because it's nothing, just death. The mobster life cuts people short.

Possibility #2: Avilio's death was faked in order to throw Strega's agent off his trail. Nero sounded a gunshot and drove off by himself so that Strega would think he had killed him, but in reality he let him go. Having accomplished his mission and resolved to die, Avilio must now find a new reason to live as Angelo Lagusa. It's now possible for Nero to find real happiness, since he's renounced the cycle of violence. This future isn't shown because it's an unscripted realm of total possibility.

Copied from ANN review of the last episode.

Galassia man keeping tabs on Angelo/Nero.

He'll report back and Nero will be hunted down.

or a fed. nah hes the pineapple salesman.

He did kill Angelo. And then Galassia killed Nero.

So this animu where absolutely everybody died. I don´t remember ever seeing like that.


Why was it called 91 Days?

91 days of airing time duh

>They called the first episode Day 1 and the last episode Day 13
>Not calling the first episode Day 7 and last episode Day 91

>some of the episodes take place over more than one day


In my headcanon Avilio was a can of pineapples this whole time.

Why did his footprints end? Was the pineapple end just his final vision before death because he killed himself too?

He probably killed Angelo

leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

He probably shot him and left him in a state where he could survive or not if he's lucky enough.

it was the same as fango making that fat dude into a lasagne.

What about official chart of dead/alive characters? Was it updated?

I say yes. To put angelo out of his misery and to do what he couldn't do seven years ago.

No, at the very end they decide to team up as business partners and start an underground canned pineapple operation. At the end Angelo is in the back of the car working on the formula to allow the pineapples to retain their unique freshness.
Look forward to season 2: Consume within 91 days.


Not yet.

I haven't seen all characters dying since Phantom.

Other than few perspectives, it was like a mafia serial, instead of an anime. Since anime is shit, that is a good thing.

The Rewrite anime had everyone dying.

The show Angelo waking up with the Gallasians and being asked to kill Nero so yes he survived.

If by killing you mean inserting his penis in his anus then yes.

>Did he do it? Did he kill Angelo?


i killed angelo

But what happened to Fio and her child?

Nope, they made pineapple flavoured Lawless Heaven later on. That's why Nero was smiling at the canned pineapple.

No he didnt. Angelo is going to come back and save his add and both will die.

No that's a flash back for when Angelo was shot in the shoulder and then found in the street. This was BEFORE Nero snuck into the hotel and took him on the road trip of a lifetime.

I'd fuck Fio.

She's fucking mint.

haha can't believe they showed what happened after the end of the series in the OP in the first ep

Fuck, it fits so well

What does this face convey?

She is Galassia's gangbang toy now, they could use a pregnant woman for R&R after a war.

That's nice. I'll believe it.

No. Nero was a bro

I miss him already Cred Forumsnons.

No. He reincarnated into a can of pineapples


>Because of that certain incident, I was forced into a body like this!
>I never wanted to live in a body like this!

For every pineapple in a can.

That's a big can

For Nero.

It's a pineapple can, not pineapple cannot.

Go away Carlos.


is it possible that Nero killed him more out of mercy?

>tells him he doesn't need a reason to live
>kills him anyway
I dunno, it just doesn't make sense to me.

Does everyone forget that Nero only stops and pulls out the gun when he hears Angelo's last words? I bet he didn't want to kill the dude anymore, hence the "You just live" words, but hearing Angelo finally say why he didn't kill him made Nero do the mercy kill.


Oh shit, that would make sense. There are some other scenes that don't show up in the anime as well.

Nah, he'd probably let him live just to spite him, and force him to live a life searching for happiness

This accurately represents my feelings during the episode.

He could be talking about himself. Everything he worked for did just go up in flames.

I also think that it's not reasonable for Nero to kill Angelo after all that "you just live on" speech. However, Nero might have snapped and changed his mind after Angelo told him that he didn't want to kill him.

7 years ago, Nero couldn't kill Angelo because, well, he really didn't want to, which made Angelo have a shitty life. Fast forward and Angelo doesn't want to kill Nero this time and because of that, having lost everything, Nero is sure to have a shitty life. That's when Nero understands having mercy will do you no good and decides to shoot Angelo.

When they were camping out in the woods they seemed to come to some sort of resolution to everything that had happened. Then after, Nero unties Angelo's hands and even lets him drive the car. That makes no sense to me if Nero was still planning to kill him out of vengeance. Even when Nero pulls out his gun at the end, it seemed like he was hesitant to do so.

I think back when they were camping Nero was able to let it all go and begin to find peace. Angelo was hollow and empty, and could probably never go back to living, so Nero killed him. Not out of hatred, but out of mercy. Because Angelo was one of the last people left that he cared about and he wanted to end his suffering.

And why didn't Angelo want to kill Nero? Maybe it was because Nero was the only one who could truly understand his pain. Even Corteo couldn't have fully understood what Angel was going through. But Nero could.

Oh and the way Nero looks fondly at the can of pineapples at the end shows how Nero still cared for Angelo

It's easy to say that you can "just keep on living" when life for you has been pretty ok most of the time.

When Nero hears the words " Because I didn't want to," I think the full impact of what he did to Avilio hits him. Nero now has to go through the rest of his life with the fear of being hunted down, alone, and never being able to make friends or see his family again. But he at least has memories to keep him going.

Avilio had nothing. Nothing but the memories of death and murder and fear dominating the whole of his life. And for a brief moment, it seemed like his life was worth living, but now its just turned back into shit. I think Nero just wanted to put him out of his misery. It's why the scene mirrored the flashback to when he tried to kill Avilio the first time so much. Even the hesitation. But now Nero knows that sparing him won't do him any favors. Just prolong his suffering.

So did they fuck?


>Nero might have snapped and changed his mind after Angelo told him that he didn't want to kill him
He definitely looked pissed in response to Angelo's answer but I don't think that it gave him the conviction to kill, be it out of mercy or revenge. I think it pissed him off because it hit too close to home. Two killers with everything taken from them and more than enough reason to kill the other. Nero drove all that way with a dramatic execution in mind thinking Angelo would do the same. Angelo not having the heart to kill him was a terrible revelation for him because it caused him to doubt his own revenge.

After seeing Vincent lament killing Testa for 7 years only to die in his son's arms saying it was all for nothing, I think it would be a real tragedy for Nero to make the same mistake. Even though everything to went to shit they were still friends, I'd like to think the can of pineapples represents this sentiment.

Man, America back then was so good.

I don't think he killed Angelo, that smile after looking at the peaches on the passenger seat was a look of a man who felt good rather than the look of a man who just carried out an act of cold blooded revenge.

>everyone getting shot
>no decent booze
>massive stock market crash

Yeah great.

He smiles cuz he knows he'll join his husbando in hell soon.


Are you sure you watched the episode?

Nero shooting Angelo wasn't out of revenge, but stupid it might sound, it was because he cared for him. He feels good because he put his friend out of his misery.

Oh yeah meant pineapples. The pineapples were obviously significant then, what did they mean?


Why'd they have to kill my nigga tigre


Okay what if we just keep the hard boiled mentality and bring it to this era?


Hoping for season 2 with Angelo and Nero versus Strega.

Pretty Much all of this

Sucks that shows like this sell like shit because no harem or moeblobs or teenagers with superpowers

No you stupid nerd. That would undo literally all of the character development for both of them. They should both hate mafia life right now, not to mention a season 2 would kill the ambiguous ending when you don't know if Angelo is kill or if Nero is kill by the strega agent

Man that guy took punches, got shot, got a horrible infection after and was always in the front lines.

>right before the Great Depression and WWI
>where it's much more common that you could die from typhus, catch polio, or get dysentery
>no internet or tv

No thanks. It was only good if you were rich.

His death had impact. He had the best death, I mean, everyone else went off like "lol you're dead" whereas Tigre was giving a fight.

he died literally partying hard

>anyone browner than wonder bread and less fundie than Fred phelps was treated like shit
>no highway system
>running water and flush toilets still a luxury and no real antibiotics so if you got the shits you could die
>industrial and car accidents fucking everywhere

Their continuing adventures can be seen in the OP you tard. The best we can hope for is a spiritual sequel set later with cameos of them.

That's the smile of a man who's dead on the inside.
Also >peaches

This guy gets it.

anyone have the exact episode where they talk about angelo being an empty husk and nero says he's gonna give him a reason to live?

Ep 11

vincent says to nero before he dies that "it was all for nothing". nero gets triggered when angelo tells him the same thing verbatim. they killed many people, including their respective best friends, and found that none of it was worth anything in the end.

idk how this would play into nero's motivation to kill angelo, but found it interesting anyway.

>Angelo is so fuzzy user thought he was a little peach
Not gonna lie, that's cute.

So was this an homo ending?


Both of these are very real possibilites.


Japanese Moot!

This was a great ride, I was expecting to be disappointed but they pulled through in the end.
It's a shame that shows like these don't get many interested on Cred Forums.

It's nice to see that some things will never change. Now if only moot would come back.

It did but everyone already shared their opinions. We don't need to repeat the same things over and over again.

Do I want to own a 1911 pistol? They seem so cool.

Would you rather have a sequel set afterwards continuing the story, or a sequel that follows up on one or two plot lines but mostly keeps the fates of the characters ambiguous?

I want a sequel continuing the story. Maybe it would lose some integrity by doing so but goddamn it I want to see Angelo alive and building a real friendship with Nero now that they're on somewhat even ground. And I think there's more to see, plotwise, since we already know Nero's gonna be hunted down.

I would be happy even with a short ova to be honest.

Continuation. Angelo and Nero flee to Europe of wherever and join damn circus

An OVA set afterwards with the two of them doing random shit together.

Fund it.

I'm being totally serious about this, but I think the reason to live for that Nero is referring to is that extra can of pineapple he was secretly keeping in the car.

>entire show about mafia and revenge being bad
>finale, regardless of whether Nero killed Avilio, shows that both main characters matured and learned this lesson

Holy shit how are people as stupid as this allowed to live past infancy?

The title, "91 days", refers to how the story started with 9 people:

1. Testa Lagusa
2. Mommy Lagusa
3. Little Bro Lagusa
4. Angelo
5. Corteo
6. Vincent
7. Nero
8. Ganzo
9. Vanno

and then ended with only 1 person, Nero. From 9, To-> 1.


So what I'm supposed to get from this is that Nero died shortly after Angelo? Otherwise they would have shown his footprints trails continuing into the bottom of the frame.

They are the ocean gray waves...

Pretty much, yeah.

That doesn't have to imply they're seeking revenge, they would be attempting to escape it.

The threads have been busy and relatively shitpost free. The shows I watch often get maybe 50 post threads.

This picture.. My heart.

He's dead m8.


>the pleasure of canning outside

>not canning in an indoor facility to avoid contamination
Absolutely disgusting.

What's he thinking of?

>the sea smells like shit
>there's sand in my shoes
>Avilio isn't waiting for me
>this gun is cold
>I wish I had gotten pizza instead of the goddamn pineapple

>not making pizza with pineapple on it

Why is he holding the gun wrong?

Literally Hitler's pizza.

This is kind of cute.

>no Cerotto
It's shit.

Goodnight, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


I knew that scene reminded me of something.

I can only stay human for 91 days
After that, the magic wears off and I revert back