Kyoani should just produce works with a wider appeal beyond the anime fandom...

Kyoani should just produce works with a wider appeal beyond the anime fandom. No more embarrassing otaku shit like Phantom World, Amagi or fujoshit like Free. There should be more focus on mainstream films rather than late night series. How else can they live up to their reputation as the Pixar of anime studios?

They'll focus on whatever gets them the most money.

AniTwitter are all talking about Kyoto moving Yamada to a movie position. Also apparently they're dropping Shochiku and going to Toho for distribution.

explain Nichijou, then.

You forgot to put since4pass in the options field for maximum shitposting.

No one really calls them the Pixar of anime studios.

Kadokawa's money, not them.

>pixar of anime
KyoAni has literally never made a single good original story.

>KyoAni has a flop - it was all the publishers money they're fine
>KyoAni has a success - none of the money is going to the publishers its all going to KyoAni

KyoAni-fags everyone.

I don't like normalfag anime films.

>Pixar of anime studios?

What the fuck is this even supposed to mean? Pixar isn't even that big anymore. A lot of Disney's latest hits are coming from outside of Pixar.

Your point?

Normalfaggotry is what keeping the wheel spinning, though, not some whiny neckbeards on Cred Forums.

The 40+ otaku targeted TV anime being produced each season disagree. There are only a couple of mainstream hit anime films a year if that. Koe no Katachi isn't one of them.

No one said that Keion or Haruhi's money ever went to them. The only point of contention is Koe no Katachi and that needs to be seen with BDs
>What is Tamako Market and Love Story?
The things I don't understand about Cred Forums is them behaving like Koe no Katachi wasn't marketed like any other late night studio movie. It even had the same screens. If KyoAni opens a movie in 300+ screens then we're talking about mainstream audience.

Yes and that's the problem. Koe no Katachi should not have been distributed like a late night movie.

>What is Tamako Market and Love Story?
A shit original story.

Do you see an S2?

I'm going to trust the businessman who actually made that decision over some studio shitposter on Cred Forums.

Excuse me, I will have you know that I am an anime expert.

I think they ARE slowly trying to move into that direction. Hibike is a school drama any bandfag can sympathize with. KnK is awardbait and Violet Evergarden is pretty ambitious and normalfaggy as far as plot goes (medieval setting, heavy themes, etc).

Although the fact that Kyoani has nothing lined up other than those three is worrying me a bit. One can only hope they're doubling down on VEG's pre-production as we speak.

The buisnessmen that drove people away from buying Koe no Katachi tickets when they wanted to see it because it was either too far from where they live or already full? Or the one who decided to open it 2 weeks in the biggest non Ghibli Jap movie of all time?
They have the Free! sequel already announced.

I'm a big kyoani fan, but Tamako Market and TLS were not that great. Market was above average and TLS was pretty good.

I liked Phantom World

They did and it ended at Hyouka.

>fujoshit like Free.
Eat shit, hetfag, Free is a goddamn treasure.

Violet Evergarden is targeting a mainstream audience.

There were so many complaints about the tickets being sold out.

Yo, Pedro's here.

Based, I thought they removed him.

Why would they focus on flops?

Op confirmed for normalfaggot

Kyoani is a mediocre studio with nice visuals. They always make the same safe shit with highschoolers, moe, comedy and almost no plot

literally, LITERALLY all me

Except Amagi was good

Me too
We should totally hang out

Phantom World and Amagi were goddam masterpieces you idiot

I don't see how people can actually not like it
Besides "just pretending to be retarded" people

>They always make the same safe shit with highschoolers, moe, comedy and almost no plot
You say that like it's a bad thing

Feels good not being alone

I liked it mainly for the comfiness and music

Bland cast.

Oh that was great
I also liked the color palette, animation, Mai, the fights especially the choreography, the OP was great, and the intros to each episode was great too
I liked the Enigmas
She was actually a cool villain too, but damn

Then we would be missing out on stuff like this?

No deal.

Holy fuck, what are you guys expecting? Shakesphere?

Oh I loved Enigma. Definitely one of my favorite KyoAni designs too.

Pixar is good faggot.

>Wider appeal
>embarrassing otaku shit
>mainstream films
>pixar of anime studios
Everything about this screams Cred Forumseddit

Do you really think those late night anime are aimed at adult otakus? How cute.

If kyoani makes more girls like this then they're heading in a good direction

Me too. Not all anime have to be full-drama or other retard thing. Just fun is good.

KyoAni needs to bring more female villains.

Enigma was great but the whole series was great
>Mai x Haruhiko shotacon tease
>Haruhiko x mom tease
>Haruhiko x mom kiss
>Haruhiko x Ruru kiss
What a fun ride

Just like how chuuni s2 was better than s1 thanks to Yuuta not being a boring stick in the mud anymore

>with a wider appeal beyond the anime fandom
Just like Keion, right?

Yes, actually.


>Or the one who decided to open it 2 weeks in the biggest non Ghibli Jap movie of all time?
Nobody was expecting Kimi no na wa to be as successful as it was.

We'll do whatever we want, if you don't like it then don't watch it.

Phantom World was super interesting.

>Phantom World, Amagi
Best Kyoani shows.

Just give us more Ruru

Scans when?

Phantom World is KyoAni's most experimental anime in years

I don't know why you guys keep forcing this show on Cred Forums. It's already confirmed a flop. Deal with it.

VEG is pretty much otaku shit

What are you talking about?

Yeah all that experimentation with different ways of being shit lmao

I don't know what you keep forcing this meme on Cred Forums. It's already confirmed successful. Deal with it.

Add in Azusa

sauce ?

Any guesses on what are they going to do next year?
>Winter 2017: Nothing (KnK BDs)
>Spring 2017: VEG
>Summer 2017: Free!
>Fall 2017: Hibike S3

Prove they aren't
>protip: You can't
Even few daytime anime target otaku audience like precure and other mahou shoujo anime

Violet Evergarden, Free, Robot Heart Update.

Also Asakura

Asakura is a good girl

a genuinely decent story that isn't as shit as phantom world and chuu2 rei

Phantom world and chu2 rei are great

shut up bottom feeder

They were good

anything is good to a shit eater

That's not Kizu.

>Winter 2018: FMP: Final Raid.

please no

What exactly was bad about them?

it should be pretty evident

Apparently it isn't since you're at a loss for words

>takemoto convinces gatoh to change chidori into a guy

user I'm 100% confident that you know exactly why they're bad, but since you enjoyed them or found them "fun" you're playing at ignorant

I want Cred Forums to leave

Well Yuuta, Rikka, Shinka, Deko, Kumin, Sophie, Touka are all great characters
Yuuta x Rikka is a cute couple, not everything needs to be sexual
Fights are still cool, even Touka fights once and it was great
Rikka's overcoming her issues at the end of the season and finding a way to be true to herself and her feelings
Touka's weeb little girl was fun too
The Mori Summer impostor was awesome and it gave a lot of development to Shinka and Deko Napping competition was hilarious
And about Phantom World
The animation, art, and audio were fantastic
It's an incredibly fun concept overall and world
Great fights with fantastic choreography, colors, effects and music
Haruhiko's intros were really cool and he was a cool guy himself
The OP was really good
Mai was a really fun girl and I liked her a lot
Enigma was an awesome design and actually a scary villain
So say whatever you want, be an idiot for all I care

>It's an incredibly fun concept overall and world
Lying is bad for your soul user.

Are you saying the phantoms aren't cool as fuck?

I'm saying it's an incredibly dumb concept overall and world.

I literally still don't like S2's ending

Also Phantom World would have been ten times better if Mai didn't have cowtits

Not everything needs to be lewd
The idea of the human brain modifying the world and change it in unexpected ways with a lot of fantasy stuff
How much of a faggot can one man be?

Not an argument.
This isn't even wrong, this is just off the scale wrongness

End yourself


>The idea of the human brain modifying the world and change it in unexpected ways with a lot of fantasy stuff
Yeah, that exactly is how it's dumb, you put it in better words than I ever could, thanks.
>How much of a faggot can one man be?
Say what you will. Mai's cowtits are gross and ruined the show for me.
>Not an argument.
I was just answering a question I was asked, not trying to make an argument.

The only dumb thing here is you

Not an argument.

>Mai's cowtits are gross and ruined the show for me

Faggots need to be killed. Go watch more Jojo.

>Not an argument.
Not an argument.

Well you didn't give an argument either
You just said it was dumb
I said that having the human brain mutated and causing it to fuse fantasy with reality is incredibly cool and has a ton of potential

A pair of floating titties and no more

>lmao he doesn't like Mai's cowtits
>he must be into musclemen
I don't even dislike big tits that much. For instance, Isuzu Sento was great. It's just they don't work for Mai. I think it's the feeling herself up part maybe. Actualy that was probably more what I didn't like about it. The fanservice was just too overboard.

Well you didn't give an argument either
You just said it was cool
I said that having the human brain mutated and causing it to fuse fantasy with reality is incredibly dumb and while it has potential it was wasted in this particular instance.

Mai is the first animu girl that has disgusted me. Her tits are like pus filled abscesses that could probably stretch for miles, the bad boob physics in the limbo scene ruined the character for me forever.
Also, ugly outfit.

>Implying Free! want'the best thing to ever happen to Cred Forums

Actually I take that back. It has no potential. I can't think of any instance where that could be used well.

High Speed is a mistake.

Well I guess everyone has their own opinion
My opinion is superior though

>2nd place on its 3rd week.
If they do anything like GuP did(4dx or more rewatch appeal) this will pass Madoka and Keion.

What are the numbers at now?

1.239 Bil(estimate). Actuals get posted tomorrow and should be better than that because it overperformed this Sunday.


Yep. 3 more weeks with this kind of performance and KnK should outperform all the 3 Kizu movies.

Kimi no na Wa is ~13 times better.

Can you provide the math behind that assertion?

I want that reina