Gender bender manga

>Gender bender manga
>MC is a man
>All other males are turned into girls but it's not a harem
>His love interest is an actual girl
>Gets the axe
I hate how every medium has to do what's been done and cliche in order to survive or else consumers wont buy it out of fear of breaking their comfy norm.

Can't even blame the author, this got axed in an area where there was NO wrapping this shit up.

This ending can only be fixed if Sanada and Okazaki get together as girls anyway.


So this is how it feels, huh

>Can't even blame the author

Sure you can because writing was shit since ch.1.

You're really trying to pass this author's incompetence shit as result of the audience's bad taste? He never knew what the hell to do with his characters or story.

Also: shut up, Unclebourbons.

Fuck, saw this in the genderbender thread and read all the existing chapters. Now, a day after I finish them the "end" chapter gets released.

Fun concept, but shit writing and characters. No wonder it got axed

let's get this started

>clear head

Bam 0 points and everytin' I wan'

Instant -20
Acceptance -20
Average -20
Yuri -30
Lewd +10
Dual -10

I would be a lewd "lesbian" and a fembro for my former self.

what is the point you stupid shit, you either go all out or stay as a man

Why would I wanna fuck a dude?
Why wouldn't I want cute forbidden love with another girl since it's the most aesthetic?
Why wouldn't I want to explore my body as the sub with the cuter gender?

>you have to choose your sexuality

Better change it to 'route'

>All other males are turned into girls but it's not a harem
Sure, sure it wasn't.

Don't forget about teenagers actually acting like teenagers. Fat NEETs can't relate, so it got axed.

Fat NEETs spotted.

Instant -20
New start -10
Beautiful Look -50
Yuri Route -30
Very Lewd +10

Maybe if you already like men, user.

Honestly only his childhood friend stood a chance as a romance route but he was outshined by an actual girl.

I woulda chosen pic related, best character
W-Wait, that means I wont see him again..
I'm suddenly more depressed.

If you are a man and want men you are a faggot.
If you think anything is changed when a gender bend, then you are wrong.


There should be more manga story about romance of non human character with a human. Something like Spice&Wolf or Chobits. Oh My Goodess was also very popular. I think this subplot would be very popular. Like even a story about a human and his pokemon in an adult form of storytelling would become profitable but somehoe Japs prefer same shit over and over about highshchool girl and some pretty fuckboi without trying anythin new

manga name?

Unbalance School Life
I was kinda with you until
>story about a human and his pokemon in an adult form of storytelling
That's pretty furry mate. Even Gardevoire and Umbreon.

Have pic, Oh My Sweet Alien.
Mangaka is dead though, rest in peace ;_;7

That shameless guy was the only character that made an impression on the whole. Everything else was far too bland.

He was the one to stand up for MC when no one else would

I'd actually fuck me if I was genderbent, though not vice versa because of my constitution. Never had a fetish for amazons. That makes instant -60 for dual self and advanced creation.
That makes me take minimal route (feminization, new start, boyish, straight, very lewd) - not very cute, or being EXTRA FERTILE or EXTRA NTR.

Feminization- 90
New Start - 80
Boyish - 70
Yuri - 40
Lewd - 50
Creation - 0

lewd loli dream is real

>Not becoming a Christmas Cake

I meant more something with sapient creatures. After all Holo was still a talking wolf and the series was never a furry even though if antropomorphic wolves are often rpesent in furry fandom.
Technically MewTwo would rather mate with humans than less intelligent Pokemon so that the first example.

90 - Feminization
80 - New Start
60 - Average Girl
30 - Yuri Route
20 - Curious
50 - Fertility Plus
0 - Advanced Creation

>everything is normal
>beautiful look

Each tier should have a "bad" option that nets you points.

Feminization 90
Acceptance 70
Average 50
Yuri 20
Clear Head 0

Wait, does this mean there are no more chapters coming?

The student council president was the best girl.

Fuck the author and his shit taste.

I never gave a shit about the story or the characters, so I won't mourn this manga. And it had way too many characters. Would have been better to have had a smallrt core cast.

Besides, what's the point of genderbending if you don't see the genderbent characters lose to the dick?

Also this in unrelated to the actual manga, but the translation annoyed me because it used "duck" or "fudge" as swear words. Either actually use "fuck" like a normal person would or just go with milder insults like "damn". Don't use retarded euphemisms.

Series that end tend not to have new chapters.


Feminization 90
Everything is Normal 60
Beautiful Look 10
Bisexual -30
Very Lewd -20
Bending Society 0
Demon Curse

It was basically my dream to be a literal semen demon

Is this by the same mangaka that made that fake onee-chan manga with the mangaka mother or what it was?

I wasn't too fond of that.

looks like shit