Rate This Season so far

God tier:
Izetta and the Shota Nazi Emperor

Great tier:

Good tier:

Ok tier:
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Meh tier:
Time Boken

>rating things in the very first week



I'll stick to Gundam and Izetta this season.

>pick your princess
Your princesses are shit.


The new cast works surprisingly good. Only thing i miss is the old MCs sisters.

Plus everything is better than more Imari. In last season Working had to rely on side characters to stay afloat at all, since old got stale.

Platinum!=Blond, disqualified


What are the chances of Touken Ranbu being a decent show and not disgusting Fujoshit?

Its Godakobo after all, though they did fujoshit before.

>Great tier:

Had a laugh.

I hope the Hime/Ojou trend will continue.

Modern Death Note meets Deadman Wonderland

>Time Bokan
They are still trying to rebrand the series even after the embarrassment last season? Yoru Yatterman has potential but they ruin it with mah nostalgia, mah old opening theme and throw the "hero became bad guy" plot that was the most interesting thing of the series down the drain.

Why the this chink is always the only one who shilling this chink trash?

At this point I'm beginning to think there may not be a single good show this season. Please, prove me wrong!


Oh true, I just seen that thread too, I loved Strike Witches as well!

Izeta episode one was great. Does not tell so far how the rest of the show was - but its already better than expected.

>not be a single good show this season
>names another Slut Witches anime
>Stroke Witches
Your taste is shit

>Your taste is shit

Fresh off the presses preseason poll done on Nico Douga. Keijo strong.

I can never understand the Keijo hype since i read the manga and it was complete shit. Surprised how it not got canceled, let alone got anime.

The art and cast looks pretty good. I'm not picking it up right away, but if it sounds like it's living up to the hype after a few weeks I'll give it a watch.

It probably has PLOT going for it.

Thats the point though - it wasnt a good ecchi manga. It was uninspired and uninteresting.

Bad PLOT is something I can not forgive.
Hope the anime fixes it.

>rating shows after 1 episode

I don't even rate a show until I've finished it. If I drop it I don't rate it since I haven't seen the entire thing.

That said out of the shows I've tried out I thought that Gundam had a good start and Tiger Mask was ok for what it is.
I guess Time Bokan is ok for kids.

Theres plenty of plot. The issue is presentation. TLR:D, Air Gear, even half the generic harems every season can do good fanservice, on other hand Keijo`s PLOT is just uninspired visual garbage.

Its will be watchable if at all only for competitive aspect like say Soma.

The only redeeming thing this season is more Natsume.

>At this point I'm beginning to think there may not be a single good show this season

Stuff that could be good
>All Out!!
>Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

Its like we didnt had enougth trouble with /u/ shitposters in Hibike and Izetta, now we have fujoshits too.

Gundam was meh, since its mostly exposition episode.
Tiger Mask is dropped.
Show by Rock is meh by default

So today`s only hope is Touken Ranbu will be less gay than expected.

>Decent tier

>Watchable tier
Time Bokan

>Bad tier
Fluffy dark Mahou shoujo

>Really promising op shitty show tier
Tiger Mask W