"He feels that moe is "becoming Fascist"

Is he right Cred Forums?

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he made two idolshit movies, might as well call him stalin

literally WHO the fuck does this guy think he is

kyoani made him and he's been a nothing ever since


>Wake Up Girls

he's a literal meme who has never made anything relevant

Protip: Whenever an anime director becomes unsuccessful and can't make anything good, they act like anime is dying because they can't make any money anymore.

>Okada followed up the conversation by asking Yamamoto if the kind of anime that made him want to enter the industry had disappeared. Yamamoto largely agreed, remembering that he felt as if an era had ended when Hayao Miyazaki retired. When he watched your name., he felt as if he "still had friends," and he still has hope, but he feels that the times have mostly changed. "I feel like I'm already all alone," he says, and laments the lack of "anime he knows" like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind or the original Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Okay, so he's the kind that jacks off to movies with emotional content only and baby didn't have his tearjerker this week so he's having a tantrum.
>moe is now killing anime
Shouldn't have come with it in the first place then, huh?

What an idiot.

So that's why Cred Forums likes it!

Sounds good to me.

Truly we are blessed to have Yamakan among us.

Yamakan is God. He saved anime.

Otherwise we woudnt be having Fractale 8 this season, with Izette.

>acting this ironic even though what he says is true

If by anime he means his career, then sure.

>acting all serious when all he said is that "HIS" anime is dead, not the industry is. He just complaints he doesnt have likeminded friends in industry anymore.

>ANN clickbait bullshit

Yeah, you can just fuck off.

>Yamakan being taken seriously
I swear to god, ANN.

Why does everything need to be compared to Fascism?

Yamakans dinner today

He has a better taste than you

Because making dramatic statements is the best way to get attention, which is all Yamakan wants.

This thread
>Hey, we have absolutely nothing we can say to address his claim, so let's disparage him with ad hominems instead!

It's the slightly more complicated way of saying something is "literally Hitler"

He`s in Atlanta, just was watching Galaxy Express 999 on convention and praising it.

Post moe fascists

>Listening to the opinions of a man who has always been a literal hack

Would you listen to a beggars opinions on the stock market?

Fuck off Ghiblifag. Don't you have Kimi no Na wa to sperg over right now?

>His newest pearl
Excessive fan service rob 'value of the idle'

I 'is an idle now also a long time ago also' is the sex industry. '' In a recent meeting may be said.
I think it's a fact of life.

Once Hayao Miyazaki is 'animation is the sex industry,' but the same meaning as saying.

But are fans complain to the virtuous pretend it is plenty, the real, really whether human beings to awe the idle to the stoic're much, I'm doubtful.
I am not going to diminish the idle by being a 'sex industry'. But idle fans also, that such aspect is, Mai made if Ne kept aware absolutely.

We are living and innocence and vulgarity in the two sides of the same coin. It is not a matter of course.

He's a big baby and failure of an anime Director. He's right to hate his life.

Why is yamakan such a whack?

If hacks and actual people of value have the same opinion something is wrong

Godwin's law

>The two worst things in the world are pedophiles and Nazis
>Cred Forums turned me into both of them

You are just envious. Come back when your favorite hack of director matches this


Dude what the fuck?

There's also not a whole lot that can be said about it. Yamakan is offering nothing but subjective opinions on what he thinks is good and what he doesn't like. There's nothing to discuss except "his tastes != mine", which is a boring fucking thread.

Might as well just insult him and move on.

>grew up adoring anime
>went to the Yale/Harvard of Japan
>wrote his senior thesis on NGE
>came out to work on his own anime
>gets shitcanned from the only company he did any good work at
>didn't ever get to fuck the office slut before leaving
>walks with a trail of failures and disappointments ever since then

That's entry level Chinese/Jap food.

>food can be entry-level now

I'm not criticizing, I just don't understand.

He got canned by kyoani because he was shit

He's shitposting. Eat what you want.

>Yamakan finally makes a good show
>quits anime and says anime is dead

That's the type of posts where I just wonder if my English is failing me and keep scrolling.

You mean
>joins the best anime company, directs their best anime and gets booted over after sexually harrassing their cutest director
>creates own company and all alone secures for it funding and major projects
>creates Ultra Super Pictures saving industry by helping such studios as Trigger, Liden Films and Sanzigen
>personally casts 1000 underage girls for his personal idol band
>saves Earthquake suffered region by he charity events and anime dedicated to them
>WUG btfo LL and IM@S in terms of songs, creates actual idol band that turns around
>be their Producer-san, litterally living a dream touring around sexing underage idols
>make another movie that by his words is directed better than koe no katachi
>retire from anime and idol band management, because of deteorating health because fucking all those idols takes a toll on him
>enjoy life eating delicious food, visiting conventions and entertaining events and blogging every 2 hours about it with 2ch and 4ch discussing him

>aping that song years after it was aped by hollywood for a 5 minute indie tribute

What a hack.

He got canned by KyoAni for sexual harassment.

It's obviously translated from Japanese you illiterate fuck.

And because he tried to sekuhara everyone without a penis.

Cool translation bro. Might as well just post the original text so I can actually read it.

>make another movie that by his words is directed better than koe no katachi
When did he say this and what movie was her talking about?

Suit yourself


>real life lewd Producer-san with so much fucking he had to retire cause it was affecting his health

Nevermind. He did fine.

In one of his blogposts, discussing KnK, he said he directed better than Yamada. You can find the posts if you search KnK japanese title in search fild of blog

>Okada and Yamakan
I would have nothing against them living in a facist state.

He tried to rape the real K-ON?!

He makes no sense whatsoever.
It doesn't matter anyways, now that he's hanging out with Otaking, it means his career is finally dead. He can retire and become a "critic" just like his senpai.

He's been saying that anime is dead for the past 6 years, he's just a sad faggot who wants attention

You've been on Cred Forums too long. Go get some fresh air before you meme yourself to death.

The industry needs someone like Yamakan to call out popular trends, but those trends are popular for a reason. Trying to go against the flow with average anime will never work, especially it you agitate any potential customers beforehand. If yamakan wants to get back in the mainstream he should probably try and get some adaptations done with Ordet. After following the moe trend for a bit he can try to stand out with an anti moe piece.

Would you say that because I like eating spring rolls my taste is better than the majority of Cred Forums when it comes to food?
Judging from the picture, it looks like sweet and sour chicken (or maybe pork) and fried rice, two of the most basic things you can order at a Chinese or Japanese place in the Western world.

He`ll be back. His ego will not let him go under, he is like phoenix.

Only if they are the first to get sent to the death camps.

You might be joking, but I literally haven't seen the sun in over 3 weeks.

You don't even need to avoid trends you just need to be subversive, clever and cynical about how you use them. Then you will appeal to people who love the trend and be a super intelligent critic at the same time.

>man is talentless, has shown no evidence of taste, and is known for saying dumb shit for attention
>makes a controversial taste-based claim
Why the fuck would we take him seriously?

Vitamin D.

because he is talented, with greater taste than most and saying on spot shit that hurts people that cant cope with it, and you are an ignorant retard.

Can easily be taken in capsule form.

Do you even 21st century?


>because he is talented

With WUG he tried to show an idol anime with a "realistic" side but in the end it would never be an LL or IM@S

>because he is talented

These people are not many. The average otaku has vapor for brains and just wants his moe and idolshit. Trying to act clever WHILE being against the norm will just ostracize you even more than you are.


Most viewed KyoAni video on youtube is something he made. And thats just one thing, there are many more.


Didn't he also do the Haruhi dance, Yamakan is the dance master.

>Lets add a realistic side to anime rooted in escapism!
>Lol oh no why did it fail?

Yamakan is a fucking hack.

Where did Yamakan go wrong? Oh so wrong?

Poor guy is pretty much a laughing stock in the industry.
But hey, at least the Kannagi OP will forever remaint GOAT.

is this the guy who made kimi no na wa

It's really not the same.

He created ultra super pictures? Really?

Haruhi dance, he personally wrote Haruhi OP2 lyrics for his fuckmate Aya Hirano, God Knows is his demand, Episode 0, Mikuru-beam etc.

Talented in losing money.

You don't need to be obvious about it though, most people will say Evangelion was a critcism of otaku for example but it was wrapped up in so much cool imagery and robots and cute girls that you could enjoy it whilst missing that subtext and never making a connection of any kind like that.

Develop your hypothesis.


Is Yamakan even employed at the moment?

he is the first CEO. He and Sanzigen lead created it together.


When will he finally shut the fuck up and go back to more Senyuu?

>those voices


One hit wonder.

>Talented in losing money.
Except he didnt. He has bussiness talent to secure money for his projects. According to 2ch he at currently secured hundreds of millions for future projects in works too (though as it stands, he`ll not be the one making them) - in Japan and Taiwan.

Creating Ordet from zero and giving it projects and funding. Creating USP.

Not to mention how he managed to pull off the whole WUG thing - and its not just anime, its huge castings, music for it, creating proper band successfully touring and selling CDs.

With zero resources nor established base, he managed to achieve great. He might be better bussinessman than director.


>One hit
Haruhi didnt happen?

wtf didn't this guy invent moe with lucky star?

WUG isn't even his project anymore is it? He isn't even at Ordet or USP any more is he?

actually yes
read the black swan

>He might be better bussinessman than director.
That isn't saying much.

Did he get to fuck hirano?

Yamakan thought he would save anime, but maybe he will end up supporting a young director who truly saves anime.

Add anime businessman then

Madhouse ripped him on OPM opening



This is hilarious considering Haruhi and Lucky Star were a part of the shift in making modern anime a much more specific thing than anime was before. Which is why 15 year olds respond to nothing other than the trash everyone over 15 complains about.

You keep making this same post.

isn't this the guy who said he'd quit directing if fractale flopped?

Does he play bass?

I'm not going to read your dumb book, and that doesn't make homeless people good investors,


He is plays wind instruments, conducts and orchestra and wrote LN about wind orchestra aking to Hibike.

Ishihara picking Hibike LN is tribute to yamakan.


>Anime director Yutaka "Yamakan" Yamamoto (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Wake Up, Girls!) caused a bit of a stir in July when he proclaimed at an event in Osaka that "anime is dead."

He should know, he's the one that killed it.

the industry needs a moratorium on giving nips supervision of anime for a year or nine

Likely. He wrote Superdriver specifically for her as gift.


Taki Sensei.

2011 was the second best year for shitposting in Cred Forums's history

user it was a joke.

Do you not Hirano memes?

I doubt Madoka is a new type of mahou shoujo but it is still miles better than anything Anno or Yamakan did in the past 10 years.

It doesn't matter if he's right.

Never take artists seriously when they talk about their medium or their own work.

But bassist is the only one who didnt get to fuck Hirano. Yamakan did.

He declared it dead back in 2010 and he was still wrong then

Remember the "Saving anime line?"

Except that Eva was made at a point where anime was dying in terms of quantity. The otaku were kinda forced to watch it, and it had quality written all over it. Also, Anno had made characters otaku could actually see themselves in, which helped. The anime wasn't that much of an insult in fact, it was mostly made to help otaku giving up on their lifestyle. It's more EoE that was a complete spit in their faces.

That is the joke. In speech, it would go like this.
>Did he get to fuck Hirano?
>Does he play bass?
>Then he fucked Hirano.

But he did save anime.

>it was mostly made to help otaku giving up on their lifestyle.

In that regard it failed miserably.


It seems anime is the only thing he can't do.

Most anime these days are 12 episode advertisements for the manga, not to say that was never the case in the past, but these days they don't give a shit at all about making a competent show or even any responsibility of making the show seem like anything but an advertisement. It's like it has become far more routine for the staff. Not to say that we don't get good stuff now, there is just very little of it. Why is it like this? Well, because that is what the fandom consumes and doesn't seem to have a problem with it, so they keep putting out crap.

So is anime dead? Nah, it'll be around for a while longer. Is the age of good storytelling and quality shows dead? Yes, it's on a hasty decline.

>Man who killed Anime pronounces it dead

Anime dies when it is killed! Shocking!

>best anime movies period since the late 80s Ghibli
TV is bad. Cinema is good.

Maybe... Just maybe... Maybe Anime deserves to die.

Wheres that meme came from? After leaving KyoAni he did Kannagai, Fractale, Senyu, WUG - which were all good, with only Fractale falling somewhat flat on expectations, since was hyped too much.

He cant make anime that Sells, but doesnt mean he makes bad shows.

Would Fractale air this season, it still would look better and more interesting than most shows airing

And WUG as idol band is doing ok still, anime had plenty of fans too. Too bad we`ll unlikely to ever see continuation now.

Anime movies don't get subbed so they don't exist

Bad shows are shows that don't sell. Good show are shows that sell. That's how capitalism works.

>And WUG as idol band is doing ok still, anime had plenty of fans too. Too bad we`ll unlikely to ever see continuation now.
I've never once seen a WUG thread that wasn't just a Yamakan thread in disguise.

They don't get subbed in English. French fags have them all and those chinks too.

>Kannagai, Fractale, Senyu, WUG - which were all good
Senyu and WUG were okay, Kannagi and Fractale were bad.

More like his career is dead since a long time ago.

That sure helps Cred Forums a lot, eh user? Should I go learn the rest of French to be able to watch anime now?

Really? This guy?

This guy is the one calling anime dead?

This guy?

This guy who literally has nothing but GCDCT and cute girl shit on his entire resume? This guy is trying to say anime isn't "for him" anymore"

This guy?

The guy who's last attempt was fucking Wake Up Girls, an idol anime that couldn't even deliver it's premise and he got fired from it?

This guy is the one proclaiming the death of anime

Kannagi was good, what are you talking about? Its only controversy comes from Author making heroine a cockslut. Adaptation was fine, and better than it deserved.

Fractale was very well made, the issue is with the original story adapted - animation,direction, soundtrack, character designs were great. Story failed to deliver, but it was interesting ride neverless.

No, you don't seem to understand. Anime now relies on advertisement for paper 原作 (or sometimes VN) because anime needs funding. BD sales are weak, and the economic conjecture isn't the same as in the 80s/90s during which Japan was probably the second most thriving country in the world thanks to the Korean War of the 70s and all before the bubble burst during the mid-90s. Why do you think all these technologies came to be around this time? People had money, people took risks, people were euphoric (probably, wasn't around to witness it). Nowadays, what was all shining new and glittered is repeating itself. Anime doesn't evolve, Vidya is nothing but "add a new feature and sell the same shit". Shit has lost its appeal, so people buy less and the economy is uncertain. Therefore, the ideal solution is to bank on adapting an original work by making it the most attractive as possible while ending on a sequelbait that will never happen. That way, people will buy the manga/LN/VN. And if the anime manages to grab the attention and is rather well-made, those are BD sales to refund the studio. It's much more economically viable than taking risks, something that studio can't exactly afford themselves to do, with few exceptions when it comes to how well the studio did with a former work. (recent proof is Madoka)

Hes right, based duder.

>The industry needs someone like Yamakan to call out popular trends, but those trends are popular for a reason.
It's kind of bullshit to have a guy "call out" popular trends and then look at the history of the guy and realize he was one of those people very much capitalizing on those trends in the first place

>The guy who's last attempt was fucking Wake Up Girls
Its getting a second season though?!

The thing about WUG is that he couldn't keep that realistic side of idolism past episode 3. Also the girls were boring.

They were both pretty bad except for their godtier OPs

First of all, source, second of all, you know Yamakan literally got fired from that right?

The whole first world has been going down the toilet economically since 2008 though, bro, this isn't exactly unique to Japan. Yet countries like the US still have big TV and film productions that don't need to sell books to survive


> BD sales are weak
The median disc sales for TV anime have actually been higher in each year or this decade than in any year of last decade.

Nobody seems to care or truly value anything anymore. It's about being reactionary, being there with the extreme opinion when the hype or the scandal drops, claiming that something is "AOTS" or "AOTY" and has "BTFO" the other guy (anime fans really love their four letter acronyms that don't actually mean anything nowadays) then moving on to the next thing just as quickly. Everyone just seems totally okay with that as status quo. I don't even think that it's people thinking everything new is bad, it's more like they're so disengaged from their surroundings and kind pre-progammed to have certain stock responses to certain ideas, franchises, people and/or situations (and the industry encourages this mentality with how it goes about putting together it's programming now too which isn't helping).

Its shifting to profits from Streaming in China and worldwide. Plus with Netflix and Amazon entering the market, even more so the shows will be less dependent on promoting the LNs or selling BDs.

wait, Yamakan got fired from that? not him though

What if the execs just skim that shit off the top and never let the studios see it?

Thats a nice baseless opinion. I bet you are the AKB fag that though non idealized portrayal of idols is "non realistic"

Have you looked at the face of American cinema nowadays? Capeshit, capeshit, 3D movies about anthropomorphous animals, capeshit, anthropomorphous animals. Heck, when it comes to books, we had fucking Harry Potter, Twilight, and 50 Shades and other shit like this that shook the whole world.
It's exactly the same phenomenon. Shit is repeating because it sells.


>moe is controlled by unwritten rules
>"Don't show panties. Showing panties is in line with male desires, so let's show them."


He left, apparently due to health. Though got fired is implied by 2ch, and likely correct seeing as he complaints about dirty entertainment industry bussiness.

I'm not questioning you, just requiring a source.


No I mean where did he get the notion that moe has any rules apart from being cute?

But capeshit is not meant to sell the comics. No one in the US buys comics except weirdos. You don't go to see Batman v Superman to see an accurate depiction of the Doomsday arc. You just want to see high production values and Final Fantasy spells in HD.

He must be confusing moe and ecchi. It happens when people talk out of their asses.

Not happening. And you can thanks, surprise, YAMAKAN for this.

Ultra Super Pictures was created from the get go with aim at foreign markets and anticipating current developments. So Nitro+, Trigger, Sanzigen, Ordet, Liden Film, Gathering, Tomovies, Feel, Goodsmile, bushiroad already form a block that is ready for that.

Others will follow if not want to see profits running away. Plus its not like they are ressisting - huge increase in profits comming from china, on other hand makes them not just shift model, but even go for Chinese market directly by making anime aimed for it, or even co-workign with Chinese studios.

So you're saying things will get better and LN shitter sellers will be more and more marginalized in the future due to streaming dollars coming into the industry?

>Don't show panties.
This part belongs to normies' paradigm I suppose.

>He says that many anime fans have girlfriends and other hobbies and defy the otaku stereotype. Movies like Godzilla Resurgence, your name., In This Corner of the World and Zootopia fit this category. Okada notes that these sorts of anime are not geared towards selling merchandise.
>these sorts of anime
am I getting memed on?

Yeah, I wasn't speaking about books in the first part. You gotta also understand that the audience isn't the same, as well as the means of diffusion. Anime is something that being broadcast only on Japanese TVs for free and THEN sold as BD/DVD.
American movies are released in the theaters all around the world and then sold as DVD/BD. The revenues aren't the same at all. Therefore, anime must use outside sources like an original work to be economically viable.

Zootopia is anime in Japan, Godzilla resurgence isn't anime anywhere.

Anime means animation.

ok thanks

>listen to this person personal opinion and agree with it because he is famous/talented
>that's what retards believing into
Google, pls.


The 3D movies about anthropomorphosed animals are pretty good tho

Explain to me how the show was realistic past the pleasing old men for money scene in episode 3

Yes, that's right.

CGi is 3D animation. Is it so hard for you? Those are not static pictures, as far as we know. Just because it's not "MUH PAPER AND PENCILS" doesn't mean it's not animation.

Yamakan really is the JUST of Anime directors

>tfw you will witness moeshit's death

>tfw video games are now anime

>toy story is anime
let me just make a toy story thread on Cred Forums

There is only one person can say anime is dead and that Miyazaki two is your going to include Shinkai.

If it moves and it's not actors filmed, it's animation. Just because it's not 2D hand-drawn, doesn't mean it's not animation.

Evangelion is also a cartoon but you can't make threads about it on Cred Forums, is this really so hard?


Vee here. You can be joking, but that's actually not entirely false, m8. We even got our own moeshit problem.
How do we get rid of this garbage bros?

Toy Story is アニメ. It's not anime. There is a difference.

Was this guy drunk when he said this?

It's Yamakan who is dead in the anime industry. He just can't stomach it.

Yamakanfags always claim that he is super good and isn't more popular because he is unlucky.
Truth is, while he did some good things on the business side of things, the anime he directed hile they weren't bad were nothing of nothing of note and had no impact on the industry.
Not only that, but they also were precisely the same thing he keeps complaining about.

Yamakan is like all the other japanese directors claiming that anime is dead : a bitter man who is frustrated that everyone else likes something he doesn't like.

That's what people who don't look at old anime properly say. Old anime were just as or even more stupid than recent ones. At least in our current era of anime we have much more diversity of shows wich allow really weird projects like Yuasa shows or Thunderbolt Fantasy to be made along with other projects that also have their own personality.

I really want this "anime is more tropey than it was before" meme to die.

CGI is animation in Japan.
Japan tends to use animation as a general term for anything that isn't live-action

Here outside Japan we only use the term anime to define animation that has a distinct style different from noticeably western style of art.

Popularity is not indicative of quality, you should already know that. There are still good things, they just don't make billions like most popular things.

i think he is slightly jaded, yeah the industry right now is lacking some originality and passion,but there are still somewhat decent shows being released that are really enjoyable and break the mould of moe culture.

he is comparing the greats to shows that are obviously not great and at first glance he would be right from that standpoint alone you can't compare nge or your name to shit shounen and moe trash with tons of fanservice

it would be like me comparing the mona lisa to a childrens crayon drawing and saying see modern art is shit, and art is dead.

He was never relevant.

No, LNs will remain huge market. Just we`ll have more original anime like Kuromukuro or Yuri on Ice.

The downside is, we`ll get lot more adaptation of chinese and korean webcomics in the future, and plain more chinese anime (like Bloodivores this season) co productions.

Animation IS a general term for anything that isn't live-action. CGI is animation. Stop motion is animation.


It's funny because it as the epitome of what's wrong with western animation

This obsession with pumping out by-the-numbers family entertainment and nothing else, animal gimmicks, use of CGI and those awful facial expressions

Mobage`s and Pachinco are anime.

This season we have two Mobage anime about Cute Girls Suffering.

Yes? That's what I told user.

>Not that this was never the case in the past

>That's what people who don't look at old anime properly say.

What do you want him to say? "Yeah old anime is just as shit as modern anime, my perceptions are wrong, bye"? Maybe he really has more 9/10 and 10/10 stuff from the 90s and 2000s than now

He liked last Shinkai movie and literally called it masterpiece, that he will never make. Dude got a taste and has a good sense of self-criticism, thats is respectable. At the same time we got a bunch of total garbage shows on TV ruling the crowd's attention because apparently there are more tasteless plebs in this world than people, who can actually measure shit by not only amount of pantsushots/sex scenes/gore etc.

That's my whole fucking point, what the fuck have you been reading? I'm especially saying that shit sells and it's the same no matter where you go, with few exceptions to the rule. The guy was using American cinema and the 2008 crisis to try to undermine my argument. Speaking about quality wasn't exactly the main argument and I got carried away but yes, it's shit.

>adaptation of chinese and korean webcomics in the future
At least these are easy to ID and ignore

>makes a panty flash during dance in WUG
>Girls had to perform in normal school uniforms, revealing panties during jumps. Not ashamed of it and deal with it.
>anime community and idol otaku gets riled up "mah idols should be pure"

This is what he refers to.


>Not only that, but they also were precisely the same thing he keeps complaining about.
What is he complaining about? You are parreting things without having a clue what he is talking about and what his criticism points are.

And no, its not moe and fanservice.

>Fired from his own project
Seriously how fucked is he?

Sorry, the wording of "Japan tends to use..." kind of implies you think it's not used as such just about everywhere.

>ignoring inevitable The Gamer adaptation
Pity you.

It still has nothing to do with fascism though.

I dunno, a bit of outside influence to introduce some more variety isn't a bad thing, necessarily.

Go to 2:08 and next few secs


This caused a lot of buthurt in Japan.

>tfw anime is a 18 billion dollar industry but makes 5 times as much quality content as the modern 90+ billion dollar vidya industry

>CGI is animation in Japan.
It's animation everywhere.

Anime in Japanese is just a shortened version of "animation" since Japanese people like to shorten long loan words. So it encompasses all animation. But since we already have "animation" in English, we use "anime" for other purposes (Japanese animation).

Here's what happened the last time he said anime was dead and boldly proclaimed he would save it:

○フラクタル 【全4巻】
巻数 初動 発売日
01巻 *,883 11.04.22
02巻 *,686 11.05.27
03巻 *,*** 11.06.24
04巻 *,*** 11.07.22


Dance doesnt have it for the Game version


What anime does Yamakan "know"?

>quality content
Remove KyoAni and your opinion is invalid.

Idol fandom being fascist cult that doenst let show idols for what they are - human. Unlike LL and IM@S, WUG was "realistic" Idol show to a degree

hell, the band is named after local Love Hotel

>sales defines quality of work

I thought Your Name just save anime?

Name a TV anime that was good but sold under 1k.

Okada and Yamakan sounds like two babies who realized it was time to grow up and make something of their lives too late.
They jacked off to cute girls for their whole life and now they are having a midlife crisis because they realized they have done nothing worthy with they lives.
But instead of admitting their failures seriously, what has Yamakan produced worth mentioning? they blame it all on the big bad industry.

Nope, Yamakan. Nope, Okada. It is not moe becoming fascist, it is you realizing moe was for losers and you are part of that problem as much as the new generation you so much despise and criticize.

Same with Kannagi, where author recieved death threts because heroine was not virgin.

Yamakan sure gets into crosshair of 2ch and likes often.

Or gynecologis chair episode from Fractale. I think he does it intentionally.

He litterally complains that they don't make the anime he likes anymore and that moe has too many unwritten rules, even though he himself made fucking moe shows.
There, right there user, happy now ?

Now I will admit that the article is much more positive than what the clickbait title made it look like. But all I can feel from it is that he just don't like recent anime and can't adapt to them.

Wich isn't really a problem when you consider that Tomino's last show was essentially a 80's Gundam show made in 2010's.

I do agree with him and Okada that the Rebuild are shit though.

A few good shows from the 90's and 80's, and Miyazaki works.

I'm sure he knows a lot of anime. He just doesn't know how to make one.

There is no fandom more cancerous than idol fandom.

KyoAni got fucking decimated by Shitkai of all people user are you sure that's you're best retort?

The whole Kannagi thing was blown up to stupid levels in the West, people in Japan didn't care much at all and the author had to take time off because she had a brain hemorrhage.

>>personally casts 1000 underage girls for his personal idol band


What I don't get is why they got mad at panty shots. Last time I checked, otakus loved panty shots.

Define good. I can name you a bunch of anime that were shit and sold a shitload instead.

>I think he does it intentionally.
Honestly, intentionally annoying 2ch users seems like a worthwhile goal to me.

>hate moe
>makes WUG

Make up your mind.

>Floptachi got a billion just recently within first week
Its doing finer than ever, shitposter-kun.

Samurai Flamenco

Yes, but I'd like to correct: it does 1 bil in a bit over two weeks, which is already makes it the best-selling Kyoani movie to date. It's projected to do 1.6-2.0 bil in its entire run.

>western market becoming more and more profitable

>anime is dead

Pick one, Yamakan.

This actually happened. He, with help of Avex, held a huge auditions in Sendai - the WUG VAs are actually the girls selected through them, Sendai locals, that also act as the idols of the band. WUG anime is pretty much dead now that he retired, but WUG as band still doing good.


Because the girls were doing it on purpose. That makes them sluts. If she's doing it on purpose it's not moe and otaku don't like it

How come it is always Okada and Yamakan complaining about anime being dead?
How come Urobuchi, Yuasa or Ikuhara just shut the fuck up and get their work done?

WUG movie 2 is about 2ch scandal

>WUG anime is pretty much dead now that he retired
It was dead while he was working on it too.

>How come it is always Okada and Yamakan complaining about anime being dead?
Maybe because they aren't really involved in the anime industry but instead makes money by creating click-bait articles and videos.

Urobuchi knows he`s a hack and just does whats he paid for.
Yuasa and Ikuhara coudnt care about anime less.

What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Literally the first thing you learn in the entertainment industry is "NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK" and the second thing you learn is "never burn bridges." This guy seems oblivious to all of that. Is his family super wealthy or something? Otherwise I can't see the point of his making such ridiculous claims. He seems to dig himself a deeper hole with every public comment he makes.

>2 movies and full season of anime
Nah, was doing fine though he had was refused funding for 2nd season.

Otaking hasn't worked in the industry for over 25 years now, Yamakan has a bad personality and gets butthurt that no one likes his output.

He is a hero since he told "fuck you" to the establishment and still managed to prevail despite all odds.

>makes shit anime no one wants
>"Fuck you guys, anime is dead anyway"
What a hero.

He just thinks that he's in position of Anno to talk shit about industry.

I can't really call his track record "prevailing".

Makes anime HE wants, not that fans or executives want. Fulfils his fantasy of being idol Producer. Can openly say his opinion about everything without pretense and hypocrisy.

Living a dream.

He just picked wrong material to work with.

>he hates SoL and "Moe"
>literally creates idolshit movies and a bunch of other things that he claims killed anime
fuck him and fuck his hypocrisy, if he wants to more anime he likes then he should go make anime he likes and stop bitching, especially since he is literally in a position to act on his wishes.

Urobuchi might be a hack, but whenever he gets the chance to speak he speaks about HIS work and what he likes or influenced HIS output.

Because that's what people who want to make things do : they shut up and work. That's why Ikuhara and Yuasa have been able to keep doing the things they like to do, and that's why Urobuchi have litterally been able to work on a show using stop motion with fucking puppets.

They don't care that moe is the most popular thing, they just do want they want to do.

WUG is dead and he's unemployed right now. He's reached the end of his rope, he can say whatever he wants but he will never create an anime people with love and cherish for decades to come like Eva.

> he told "fuck you" to the establishment
Harhui, Lucky Star and WUG are all anime that pander to the establishment and otaku crowd.
He is no Yuasa, that is for sure.

The way I see it he should try to branch out and try a lot of genres to find what he likes that people can like.

him bitching about anime is dead due to idolshit and then making idolshit is called being cancer user.
if hes in a position to change things and he just adds to the pile while complaining about said pile makes him a jackass.

>not that fans or executives want.
Are you telling me WUG was a nonconformist anime? Really?

The executives and fans wanted a good show that sells, but WUG was neither.

>WUG was supposed to save idolshit

t. some faggot is mad that the shit he makes isn't popular anymore

Thunderbolt Fantasy doesn't use stop motion, at all.
If you want to know more about the techniques involved in the filming you should watch

And this is why I respect them; they make the kind of shows they want to, and if any of them have blamed anyone other than themselves for their shows not doing as well as they'd hoped, it's news to me.

AKB48 has done even bolder thing on purpose and otakus were pleased, as long as it is directed to the audience they normally don't care.

Fucking savage.

Thank you user, I'll definitely check that out. I'll admit that I didn't watch it yet.
But I think you get my point.

Reminder that this was a movie.

Any reaction from 2ch?

>does LN, VN, anime, puppet shows, live action with fairly constant quality
>is a hack
Just because he uses some tropes repeatedly doesn't mean he does a shit job. Urobuchi might actually be one of the directors that's the closest to what an artist is. He just gets interest in different things and styles and he tries to create good content according to his train of thought. He does not restrain himself to certain genres nor does he tries to make overly complicated stuff. He just does fun and rather engaging stuff that, despite his tendency to repeat itself on some points, still manages to set itself apart from the rest of the industry.

>Urobuchi might actually be one of the directors

>Urobuchi might actually be one of the directors that's the closest to what an artist is

Please don't use Yamakan-bashing to spread Urobuchi dick sucking.

>nor does he tries to make overly complicated stuff
I agree that he at least does whatever the fucks he wants but you know this is not true.

When did he try to do this? The banquet scene in F/Z does not count, it was bullshit.

So is blaming everyone else for your own failures instead of yourself just the modern thing to do, even in Japan? Every time someone gets up and says anime is dying it just seems more that they are upset that they work doesn't sell. Hell, most people who complain about industry's generally seem to have some portfolio on their back of nothing but crappy failures.

People who actually get their shit recognized just do the fucking job and blame themselves for their failures, even if it isn't their fault. They generally end up doing the things they want because they just do the job, instead of endlessly bitching and trying to cause drama on online forums.

Psycho Pass, Saya no Uta and Rebellion come to my mind. I think he did a good job with it in Saya no Uta though.

Well, I dropped Psycho-Pass because it was shit so I can't say, but I don't see how Rebellion was "overly complicated". Just because there's philosophy involved (and I'm pretty sure Urobuchi had nothing to do with this) doesn't mean the content or underlying themes are complicated.
I'll give you Saya tho.

And anyway, that's not the point of the thread right now.

This guy is the epitome of pretentious. He thinks that he shits gold, but the biggest problem with his works is the directing, AKA the part that he controls. He has a complete lack of understanding of how to give his works that kick that they need in order to draw the audience in, emotionally.

Perhaps this inability to direct is a result of how self-absorbed he is? It seems to be a common trait among horrible directors.

>Any reaction from 2ch?
2ch doesnt go into full outrage when Yamakan says something, after all he says something every 2 hours.

They have continous Generals about him.

Tbf it's probably true the industry has serious issues. But Yamakan is the last person in the world that should be complaining about it.

Where does he blame others for own failures?

He certainly blames the audience for not liking his work.

>but the biggest problem with his works is the directing, AKA the part that he controls
Wow, you sure showed him, big boy. Show us some good examples of directing then.

Perhaps biggest problem with your post is your lack of sense and making a point, since everything you said is false.

> Yamamoto prefers to operate by his own rules, but gets criticism when he does so

He really not. He just stated that industry got moeshitted into oblivion and there is no diversity and freedom in it anymore.

He calles Idol otaku crowd a cancer, and he is 100% correct with it. They arent his audience either.

Otaking is not talking about anime being dead, just that the idea of the otaku as it was known isn't the same as it was before.

Yamakan, however, is just being retarded

>and still managed to prevail despite all odds.
I've never heard of someone who created their own personal idol anime project get fired from it and call that prevailing

>So is blaming everyone else for your own failures instead of yourself just the modern thing to do, even in Japan?

In this day and age, pretty much. It's unfortunate.

It irritates the hell out of me that I don't get to see too many of the types of works similar to what I love anymore, but I have to remind myself that what I watched and truly enjoyed was from the late 70s,80s, and 90s. What is popular and what is selling now is completely different. I may not like most of it, but there isn't a thing I can do about it.

I find solace in the fact that there are at least one or two shows every season that I wind up enjoying instead of bitching on Cred Forums about everything.

Moe sucks, since i have been here i was open about my disgust of Moe as a genre and all you people that like it. But this dude worked on some of the most Moe anime ever, so he can go fuck himself, one who lives in a glasshouse shouldnt throw stones.

Yamakan is Diretor, creator, CEO, Producer, Idol band boss, Critic, Writer, Composer.

People who critizice him do so from their comfy basements never facing any challenge or merely do the jobs they are tasked with obidiently.

>He really not. He just stated that industry got moeshitted into oblivion and there is no diversity and freedom in it anymore.
The problem here is that HE is the one saying that and then you look at his track record and realize that the only things he's really made are in that genre he says is killing the industry

So basically his tangent might be based in his own faults and failings, but you're an idiot or ignorant and content if you argue the industry is genuinely healthy right now as well?

>He feels that moe is "becoming Fascist" in the sense that its depiction is controlled by unwritten rules: "Don't show panties. Showing panties is in line with male desires, so let's show them." Yamamoto prefers to operate by his own rules, but gets criticism when he does so and claims he "can't handle the times."
I'd say about here.

Every industry has some issues, but most people complaining about anime seem to be off-point. The obvious major ones with anime is clearly a lack of proper funding and garbage time management. Blaming it on trends is childish, especially when those trends are fucking almost as old as the industry itself. Kawiishit has been there for a long damn time.

>industry got moeshitted into oblivion
Said the guy whose name is remembered for having a little role in Lucky Star and Haruhi.
I mean, those show were so anti-moe, guys!

Yeah but he's not that anymore as, you know, he got fired a while back and the WUG project as a whole is dead. Hell his fucking studio hasn't made anything since that either

His words obviously went far over your head.

He doesnt hate moe.
He doesnt hate fanservice.
He doesnt hate idols.

He hates conventions and forced standards and rules anime industry willingly bends itself to.

>He hates conventions and forced standards
Which Haruhi, Lucky Star and WUG had plenty of.

>He hates conventions and forced standards and rules anime industry willingly bends itself to.
Conventions and standards that he himself willingly and consistently was doing ever since he worked on Haruhi to the point that he was taken off Lucky Star for doing such a shit job of it

>got moeshitted into oblivion
So since the 1960's? That isn't a very compelling argument on his behalf and is nothing but fucking beautiful irony when he had a good hand in creating the current sway in moe trends. Again, he is just upset his moeshit doesn't sell.

>WUG project as a whole is dead
Not at all. WUG as a band still exist and does ok and AVEX sells the new songs and cds. Him being replaced as producer doesnt mean its over, after all he made it so they become a proper idol collective, not a meme band for promotions - however there likely will be no new anime.

He only hates them when they go against what he wants. He was perfectly happy to fall in line with them earlier, but when he tried doing his own thing he was disappointed when the industry didn't follow him. It's just another washed up director upset that he's out of touch.

Sort of like how you see people ITT complaining that "there's no good anime anymore" even though they probably don't even bother watching anything that's come out in the last few years. Heads up their own assholes.

Haruhi is moeshit now?
You can call Lucky Star kind of moeshit, but its more of a slice of life really.

Only when it comes to WUG his claims can be considered really retarded, but I can't tell, since I haven't watched it. He probably tried to deconstruct idolshit genre with it or something, no? If you think about it, it sounds like Anno 2.0

>Haruhi is moeshit now?
I mean, it kind of is. At the very least, Haruhi's success is the reason the types of LNs that get adapted and the general outlook at LNs as a whole completely changed

Moeshit is a meaningless term used exclusively by know-nothings from Cred Forums.

You may the same shit he followed and helped create?

Lucky Star (2007): Director (ep 1 - 4), Episode Director (ep 1), Storyboard (ep 1, 2, 18), Script (ep 4, 10, 23)
Kannagi (2008): Director, Episode Director (ep 14), Storyboard (ep 14, OP)
Fractale (2011): Director
Senyū (2013): Director
Wake Up, Girls! (2014): Director

Also, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006): Series Production Director, Script (ep 1, 3, 5, 12), Storyboard (ep 1, 9, 12. ED), Episode Director (ep 1, 12, ED)

>This is the guy proclaiming the death of anime
>This fucking guy

This is a textbook example of pot calling kettle isn't it?

I don't think you know what the term moe means.

>deconstruct idolshit
Nope, he just bent to the industry.

Conventions and standards aren't bad things necessarily, and it's still possible to succeed while breaking those, you just need to have a pretty good understanding of why they work and how to break them while not putting off too much of the audience. It's just that Yamakan lacks such understanding.

This thread shows how extensive the Cred Forumsermin infestation on Cred Forums has become.

Yamakan only directed new episode on Haruhi 2009 which was including endless eight, the trainwreck arcs of the decade. Lucky Star was good because Takemoto took over it.
Why does he get a credit for these?

Enlighten me then, what common between Lucky Star, Haruhi and WUG so these shows can be considered of the same '''''genre'''''?

So, how many times anime had been dead already?

Moe isn't a genre.

>. He probably tried to deconstruct idolshit genre with it or something, no?
He tried to do "realism" in the idol industry

I say try because that was up until episode 3 or so. After that it just becomes a generic idol show with boring girls

>If you think about it, it sounds like Anno 2.0
Anno actually has successful anime to his name and even recently has something as well praised and successful as Shin Godzilla.

Yamakan's biggest honor was Haruhi, getting fired from Lucky Star and the frt rating

Of course it is. And its destroying anime since 1999 thanks to you damn virgins.

Since late 1950 anime has been dead.

>so these shows can be considered of the same '''''genre'''''?
Nobody except you Cred Forumstards thinks they're in the same genre. Because they aren't. I get that with your limited exposure to anime you think everything that has cute girls is the same, but to people who've actually seen these shows they are nothing alike. Lucky Star is a comedy, Haruhi is a SoL/drama with sci-fi elements, and WUG was commercial idoltrash.

It has been dead since the beginning of 80s.
According to Miyazaki since Yamato and Gundam.

Shit, anime critics are worse than Roman writers, the only line they know is
>O tempora o mores

>Why does he get a credit for these?
He worked on them. Exactly how much input he had compared to others who worked on them isn't relevant.

We're all using garbage terms here. I don't see how Haruhi and LS can be put in the same genre as told. In context of OP news piece its all about moeshit and otaku-pandering I suppose.

user, Anno is at the top of the ladder when it comes to directors and overall influence on the industry, Yamakan is on the first rung.

Haruhi S1 was pretty much Yamakan`s doing. All the great things about it were mostly done by him. He wasnt really involved in S2 and "appologized" for E8 after leaving KyoAni.

Lucky Star he did the cult dance choreography, also reason for him leaving listed beign bad directing of LS is fake and just cover for actual scandal he signed non disclosure agreemend with KA about. Implied secuhara.


Nothing wrong what he said. Because Human race in general is creatively bankrupt. We can't create an original story and art anymore. All the interesting ideas were used.

Just look at this year Hollywood movies. Most of them are either reboot/remake or superheroes bullshit.

>and otaku-pandering I suppose
Which is exactly what Lucky Star and Haruhi are.

>Lucky Star is a comedy, Haruhi is a SoL/drama with sci-fi elements, and WUG was commercial idoltrash.
No shit, that was my point, you fucking dakimakura-loving retard. Read this post I was answering initially you mouthbreathing idiot.

>also reason for him leaving listed beign bad directing of LS is fake
I dunno, people bitching about the episodes he directed was certainly genuine.

I don't care who said it first, you're both morons who know nothing about anime and using buzzwords like "moeshit" only serves to showcase your ignorance.

He was series director on Haruhi 2009, so he should has more control than on Haruhi 2006.

Lucky Star under him was boring as fuck

Exactly Otaku pandering through moe and fanservice which is what all these shows have in common, hence they are a category by which you can differentiate them from other anime, hence its a genre you fuck tard. Read the damn definition of genre.

But Moe is shit, user-kun? Its otaku pandering by definition therefore it sucks.

There may be nothing wrong with what he said, but he is the LAST guy who should be saying it

>you're both morons who know nothing about anime and using buzzwords like "moeshit"
>uses "idoltrash" buzzword himself
Enjoy being retarded.

>Otaku pandering through moe and fanservice
So your definition of the "moe genre" is that it's a genre that has moe in it. Did you ever learn what "circular reasoning" is?

>realize that the only things he's really made are in that genre he says is killing the industry
Except that part were moe isn't a genre.

It has idols in it, yes? That's a fact. It was also trash. Hence, idoltrash.

Moeshit however has no concrete definition. People who use it can't even define moe, they just use it as a shorthand for anything that has cute girls in it.

>Lucky Star under him was boring as fuck

You don't even know what moe means. And you use the term "otaku pandering" in a way that convinces me you can't even describe what it entails.

do you not see the irony here?

Yamakan has nothing to do with Haruhi 2009, he was out of the door at Kyoani in 2007 and worked on Kannagi in 2008.

Man so many people can't get past the first episodes because of this stupid shit

There is no irony. I can define all the terms I use in concrete language. You only have nebulous buzzwords and terms you don't even know the meaning of.

If otaku pandering makes it trash, then remember that mecha is the ultimate otaku pandering genre.

>definition of genre
>Otaku pandering through moe and fanservice which is what all these shows have in common
>but they're not in the same genre apparently since moeshit is not a genre
Are you all this kind of autistic here in Cred Forums? Fucking hell, last post you was talking about moe not being a genre and now it is a genre, are you fucked in the head or something?

Its anime that contain Moe or would classified by being Moe. Its shit only losers like you watch who get offended by what i say, now fuck off and jerk a bit to your cute waifus.

Then why did he apologize to public for endless eight, you dumbfuck?

>contain Moe or would classified by being Mo
Pretty much every anime is moe. Cowboy Bebop was pretty moe. Moe isn't a genre, because you would fucking label most shit as moe.

>Yamakan admitted that while he left Kyoto Animation of his own volition, he felt "some responsibility" for the show's current state, and offered an apology "as a representative of the SOS Brigade Production Committee."

Moe=Otaku pandering. Its shit that appeals only to thethe lowest of the low, hence no one in Japan apart from loser virgins like yourself watch and buy this shit. Just be happy that the whole indsutry is pandering to your tastes and have a fun time with your waifus. You are such a player with all them girls, iam jealous.

>Its anime that contain Moe or would classified by being Moe
Which is based on what? You're just doing the same stupid circular reasoning again saying "it's moe because it's moe". You probably think moe means "something about cute girls" and that's really all the shows you've tarred as "moe" have in common.

Most of the mecha is garbage though?

Not nowaydays. How many mecha apart from sunrise can you name every year? I also wouldnt mind Moe that much if the whole industry wasnt so fixated in pandering to those damn Moefags.

This guy is clearly ESL, you can stop replying to him now.

>Moe=Otaku pandering
Did you seriously just try to define a term you don't understand with a buzzword? And to top it off you couldn't even try to define it, you just went off on a rant about otaku which shows you're just massively butthurt about anime being aimed a niche you don't belong to.

Yamakan is a deconstruction of your typical hack director.

>I also wouldnt mind Moe that much if the whole industry wasnt so fixated in pandering to those damn Moefags.
This is the sort of delusion that can only be maintained by posting on Cred Forums and not watching anime.

No there is a fine line where anyone who watches anime can see that, Yep thats Moeshit. Not every Moe anime is shit but almost every one of them, or more like something can be good but Moe makes it more shitty.


You can find moe or otaku pandering in every anime since the first if you're hard enough.
So yeah anime is dead since the first.

Ah I see, so moe is whatever you decide it is based on your personal feelings. The irony is that this is actually the correct definition of moe but not for the reasons you think

Could you link both of the post you are talking about, cant really follow you there.

>Not nowaydays. How many mecha apart from sunrise can you name every year?
But it bloody is. Otaku doesn't mean someone who likes CGDCT, its the jap term for nerd. Mecha is outright a Otaku genre in every form. Fucking symphogear was otaku pandering, but it wasn't because of the girls. Mecha is the probably the biggest otaku pandering thing in anime.

The rest of the post is retarded and makes me wonder why I'm in this thread when I'm talking to someone who has probably only watched 10 anime and doesn't follow any seasonals.

I thought SJW garbage was banned on sight here.

>Director is a hack, but its not that simple
Sounds like Anno and Shitkai

>The rest of the post is retarded and makes me wonder why I'm in this thread when I'm talking to someone who has probably only watched 10 anime and doesn't follow any seasonals.
This thread is infested by Cred Forumsermin like him who don't actually watch anime and know fuck all about it.

Underrated post. It happens in lots of forms of media.

The definition and origin of Moe are quite fluid, but i think as a fellow guy who watches anime since about 10 years you can thell when something is supposed to be moe or not right? Lets not act stupid here.


What? Did i hurt your feelings or why so perplexed. Just take your bodypillow and everything will be fine. Its just anime its not that deep.

Feels more like its one person running a pass.

Mecha is not a genre, since presence of robots can not define a genre.

>le Cred Forums boogieman

Who are you to tell me i am not watching anime, i am not a gamer, i have mostly seen everything i wanted in anime and am now following the seasonal ones for a few years. Suprise, spuprise they are mostly shit. Luckily there are always 1 or 2 anime per season that i like. So its not like i hate anime. Its just that 95% of it is quite shitty and Moe is part of the reason for this.

Found Cred Forums

Moe is a personal feeling. If you try to define anime by "shows that have characters designed to evoke feelings of moe" then that list would include most anime going back to the 1960s. When ignorant people use the term "moe anime" they're using it as a buzzword for anime they don't like basically. They can't understand any appeal for the show aside from the "moe factor". I call them ignorant because they don't seem to understand that nearly all anime have a moe factor, and just because you can't understand why people like something doesn't mean they only like something for the moe.

>Cred Forumsutists throwing a tantrum over Cred Forumstards flooding just because somebody posted reaction face from the anime cutscene of the game
Take your pills already, schizoid.

Meant to

>imgur filename

And now you're projecting your butthurt onto others to cover it up. Why else get so visibly upset over anime? It's clear you don't watch it or even like it, yet you come here to shit post. I get that Cred Forums is terrible, but Cred Forums really isn't for your kind.

This guy is literally the anime equivalent of indie developers. He just didn't threaten to quit yet.

Lol he is not blaming moe. He is saying anime is getting strict with the traits using at moe anime. He wants more creativity and variety in moe shows. I doubt any male otaku in Japan really hates moe.

It never fails. You name the Cred Forumsermin and then they expose themselves by shitposting. It's like an uncontrollable urge they have, once exposed they have to shitpost as a defense mechanism.

Dude go to a japanese person and ask them what Moe is, they will know and they can tell. By the way the characters are designed, the way they behave, they way they talk, the way the story centers around them making them look as Moe as possible, the high pitched super artificial voices. I dont know man Moe is quite easy to pindown if you have followed anime through the years. I mean you could literally see the shift, if you look at the seasonal anime charts right now. I liked this crap too when i was younger and jerked off to it but now i cant really stand it. I guess growing does things to you.

When i say otaku, you totally know what i mean, stop acting like a lil shit, i mean those otaku that are sustaining the anime industry in japan right now. The ones who buy all this Moecrap and merch. I am not talking about star wars otaku or car otakus.

But you're the one shitposting though. Nobody ever brought games talk in this thread and you started to drulling the keyboard over imaginary crossboarders.

>He wants more creativity and variety in moe shows.
Where was his creative input when he got the chance to direct an anime?

Random Japanese people aren't any better informed about moe than common Cred Forumstards, pretty much only otaku can recognize it and define it accurately. A normal Japanese person could only stereotype it similar to how you see it being stereotyped in this thread.

I know the type of show you're talking about. It isn't as common as you're pretending. 90% of the shows labeled as moe are not, similar to how Cred Forums now brands anything with more than one male protagonist "fujoshit".

>He wants more creativity and variety in moe shows

And when it sells like shit he will be apologize to the moegods who actually buy things

Cred Forumsermin are easy to spot by the way they post, their mannerisms, their style of argument. Always the first to resort to faux-ironic greentexting and feigning disinterest, nearly always start projecting their butthurt onto others once they get exposed.

Please just go to MAL if you want to do this shitposting style.

oh, look is this thread again...

sorry but these posts reek of Cred Forums, only somebody from Cred Forums would think this is an acceptable way to make your point

The irony in your post is that it shows you are probably underage as the older you get the more likely you are to enjoy those "moeshit" shows you are labeling as evil.

Words can change meaning you retard. Also for whom are these characters designed to invoke these strong feelings, you guessed it, fucking virgin Otakus like you and thats why i dislike it. Just imagine how hollywood would look like if anime producers were making the movies. Its a shitshow for autistic people like yourslef with 0 social skills. Who need something to feel again. Sadly the whole indsutry since the mid 2000s is depending on it and therefore going to shit.

Can you really feel no irony in your own posts? I bet you're the actual Cred Forumstard here, since by your own logic you sound just like one.

>I mean you could literally see the shift
Really? Cause I'm looking at charts and I'm not seeing it. Went all the way back to the 80s and the only thing I noticed was a sharp decline in OVA production toward the end of the 90s.

You're paranoid, seek a help before its too late please.

I dont give a fuck, i am just ranting a bit and pissing you guys off. Its really not that deep. As long as i have shit to watch i am fine. I may get mad when i finished up my backlog, but by then i probably dont even have time to watch as much, so who cares.

>Words can change meaning you retard
The battle cry of the person cornered by his incorrect use of language.

And once again you just go on a rant about otaku. I get it, you're super butthurt that otaku control the market and you don't.

Words don't suddenly change meaning because you feel it should. The only meaning that matters for moe is the japanese one and the elevens use it the exact way that user described.

I have a better question for you user, what is kawaii and what is the time peroid for kawaiishit?

>Okada went on to mock the recent Evangelion movies for their zombie-like fixation with moe characters.


I see, it's Cred Forums and ESL. You now have twice as many reasons to get the fuck out of here right away.

And yet here I'm proven right: You're just Cred Forumstards who come here to shitpost. You don't watch anime, you know fuck all about anime.

Hey fuck you, that show is great

Mecha is defined by human controlled-machinery as a major focus in a story's setting or plot. The presence of robots is merely sci-fi. Don't be retarded.

This post is a real good example of why you should disregard the opinions of people who don't watch anime when they try to talk about the industry. Nothing but bitterness and whining about their feefees.

Whats wrong with being enraged with otaku controlling the market? Its just like the situation with SJWs crowd in the States. They're massive and they won't get back without a fight and at the same time their goals will provide no good for nobody, since they are straight up retarded and out of reality. Otakushit is essentially the same.

People can define what mecha means. They might quibble at what point a robot becomes mecha, but it's pretty straightforward what people are talking about. Defining genres with obvious content is good, defining genres with vague concepts is bad.

>You don't watch anime, you know fuck all about anime.
Whatever you say champ. No more (You)s for you.

Moe only started after sailor moons run and it really became a force in the anime industry during the mid 2000s. There you can see the shift. I read an interview lately, where cowboy bepop director watanabe was talking about pitching ideas for anime to the committees, and everytime he came to them with a new idea the first question he got was, "where are the cute girls". That was 2002. The anime industry is shit for a long time now. I actually think its getting better again though. I see myself enjoying more and more non-moe anime.

Because otaku and fujoshi provide the money necessary for the industry to survive, you brainless piece of shit. What's wrong about giving them what they want and keep the industry alive, allowing those who dislike otaku stuff to still get some nice things on the side? Will you, Cred Forumsermin who doesn't even buy anime stuff, provide the money missing when otaku and fujo will run away?

>but I have to remind myself that what I watched and truly enjoyed was from the late 70s,80s, and 90s.

Well, don't forget that what we remember as "all that awesome stuff from the 70s, 80s and 90s" is the absolute cream of the crop that survived the test of time, so you're comparing the best each era has to offer to what currently ongoing seasons have to offer. Back then, there was also a large amount of real shit, but it has been forgotten and for good reason, so you likely won't stumble upon those offerings in recommendation threads. Compare that to any given current anime season, where you're confronted with the shit stuff alongside some decent stuff, so of course the overall impression of the current era will look unfavorable, since it hasn't been filtered yet by time.

>whats wrong with a market catering to the only audience who have ever spent any decent amount of money on it

Dude Moe was a thing that only started in the mid 90s people werent aware of concept like Moe back then. It only really manifested itslef in the mid 00s

Moe is defined by human controlled-cuteness as a major focus in a story's setting or plot. Therefore moe is a genre, don't be a baka.

>Haruhi S1 was pretty much Yamakan`s doing. All the great things about it were mostly done by him.

So Ishihara's title as director is just for show?

>Moe only started after sailor moons run and it really became a force in the anime industry during the mid 2000s.
Sailor moon created kawaii anime?

I am not a gamer. What the fuck is your fixation Cred Forums. Last time i played vidoe games was 5 years ago. I only watch anime when it comes to entertainment from japan. I have done so for the last 10 years. Who are you to judge if i am an anime watcher or not.

>What's wrong about giving them what they want and keep the industry alive, allowing those who dislike otaku stuff to still get some nice things on the side?
Spoken like a true libtard bot desu. What wrong with giving everything to refugees and shit... Show us your hardcore fan's collection of BDs by the way. You're not talking about buying anime stuff out of your ass, do you? :^)

>Whats wrong with being enraged with otaku controlling the market?
Because A) you don't contribute jack shit to the market and B) the market is actually doing really, really well because of otaku. Moreover, the variety and production value of anime has overall increased since the year 2000. The one thing that's really fallen is auteur projects, of which there are now precious few. That has more to do with the economy and death of video rental than anything else though. Otaku were just as happy to buy those auteur OVA and movie projects as they were commercial stuff back in the 80s and 90s, but after Japan's economy folded up those artsy projects became infeasible. They relied heavily on the video rental industry which went through massive downsizing in the mid to late 90s, going into the 00s you saw a huge decrease in OVA production.

To survive anime had to go commercial in a big way. TV anime had always existed but starting in the 00s you see anime being integrated into this larger media-merchandizing-advertisement machine. And despite that you still have so many genres and TV production values just keep going up as a whole. Instead of withering after losing the booming home video market anime is actually flourishing.

Yet all you can do is bitch that SoL anime get made.

Moe is inarguably a genre you fucking retard. There are entire series of nothing but deliberate cuteness. Calling it slice of life doesn't make it 3deep enough to not be vacuous nonsense.

Don't have guilty pleasures. Just like what you like. You might still get laid by a real girl someday.

>Okada has previously bashed Gundam: Reconguista in G.

The fuck? I don't know whether to laugh or call the writer an idiot. That line came out of the blue and wasn't even remotely related to the article at hand. It also made me think of /m/'s conspiracy of ANN having a grudge against Tomino/G-Reco. "Oh, by the way, this guy hated G-Reco so bad, no need to thank me for making you remember!" So this is how a narrative gets created.

That seems to be the consensus. The character To"moe" from sailor moon seems to have coined the name. At least talk about moe spiked during the run of the series.

Clearly a case of internet-induced paranoia to me. He's out of reality, never expected less from moeshit-defending trashers though.

Dude what the fuck he agreed with you.

I'm sure you will be glad to quote and provide me all those usenet screenshots for me.

>comparing otaku and fujo, which are the core audience since anime came to be, to refugees who come to plunder the actual core of a country
You don't even make sense anymore. Otaku were there before you came in. YOU're the refugee around trying to get rules to revolve around your own petty personae. Fuck off Cred Forums Just fuck off..

I have no words to answer your inner sperg, sorry. Get more Erika and calm your soul before somebody's hurt.

They seem to have lived too long in their own bubble, thinking most anime fans are in it for the cute girls and Moe. Thats how far we have come, and thats only in the west. Dont even want know how fucked up otakus in japan are.

Cute girl anime has existed since forever. You know why they asked Watanabe where the cute girls were? Because in 2002 anime could only be marketed on TV and on TV your sales tactics are limited by network standards. In an OVA you can be gritty and sexy, but on TV you're censored. Know what's an old standby that's been popular for decades and you can get past the censors without fail? Cute girls. Cute girls are anime's bottom line. The surefire way to get something to sell in uncertain times (which the early 00s most certainly were).

I wasn't comparing otaku and fujo, it was another user.

I was going to say this with your initial post but decided not to. But with the second one I have to. Why is every single fucking person who posts characters from this series a bloody avatarfag.

No, I have no intention of doing so, you can do your own research if it piqued your interest

And you can't read English for shit. Good, I'm glad we have definitely proven that you're a retard.

>Know what's an old standby that's been popular for decades
Try centuries. Cute girls are untouchable.

I was speaking within the context of anime, but this is true in the larger sense.

Go back further.

You're right, I didn't read your post further since I can't give less of a shit about your opinion of a cuckhold, sorry.

Cute girls has been a thing in media as long as humans have had media.The first cavemen drew hot girls getting fucked. This is nothing new. Stop being a hipster faggot.

I'm still seeing a fair sampling of cute girl shows user. Looks like at least one every year, when as few as 5 shows could be made in a year.

i love anime fans feeling some deep connection to an imagined community between them and nip auteurs when you're just some lardass gaijin consuming what they create to sell pulp novels to japanese teenagers. they have no reason to fulfill the obligations to you that exist only in your mind.

What's this I hear about sekuhara? I thought Yamakan was fired because of the first three Lucky Star episodes (which I unironically enjoyed).

Does Anno even care anymore? From what I can tell he's given up in more ways than one.

A masterful characterization.

>two post in a row and you're an avatarfag suddenly
I can post any umineko and you won't stop me. See?

Never said I was disagreeing with you. In-fact, this chart has the clear defining point for modern anime art style that shitposters can blame, even if its a fucking great series. It is also incredibly obvious and easy to spot its effect even on this small chart.

To add to 's point:
Have you looked at the line up for this coming season? I don't know if anything is going to be good, but there is a hell of a lot of variety. Pretty much every genre of any note has at least one show airing for it.

Curse that Osamu Tezuka, defiling yet simultaneously revolutionizing anime with his cutesy art style.

Do you see the same influx of Moe in Hollywood? European movies? Or even japanese/ chinese movies? No, Moe is a distinct form of character building that tries to make you feel certain things. Same shit with idol groups. Not everyone is the same though, so Moe can only appeal to loser virgins, hence they are the ones buying late night anime since the late 90s. Compare a chart of the late 00s with one of 80s and show me how moe anime were.

Anno is a huge moefag, so calling him out for it is great.

Damn you sound badass as fuck, tell me more about your superior insight. Next thing you tell me europeans shouldnt be able to complain about Hollywood movies cause they cater mostly to an 'murican audience.

We both know that if I didn't point it out, you would still be posting the other one. I pointed it out because of how often I see uminekoposters avatarfag. Actually, I think Uminekoposters are really the only ones I see avatarfagging anymore. And by avatarfagging I mean like 30 posts of the same fucking character.

If you have Mecha in background on the main promo art of the anime, you can safely identify it as Mecha genre regardless of how it tries to pose itself

You're absolutely right. I was just trying to emphasize how absurd the groupthink is among the anti-moe/anti-SoL crowd. They are completely ignorant.

YIDF strong in this thread.

>Moe can only appeal to loser virgins
You do know that japan for a long time has been the "culture of cute", right?

Doesn't he mean populism?

Exactly. They're a fantasy for people with stunted social development. Children are inexperienced and can't compare them to other men, and their neotenous physicality allows the men to feel mature and dominant in comparison.

How about hire a good writers and make more original titles? And don't forget about Kalafina as a ost.


Charts have been posted. Here's one from 2008. The one thing you really notice: anime production is booming. There's way more anime being made in way more genres. There's more cute girls, but there's also more of everything. Including stuff that was never seen in the 80s.

>Compare a chart of the late 00s with one of 80s and show me how moe anime were.
Thank you for exposing yourself as ignorant underage newfag talking about topic he doesnt know out of his ass.

Moe has been there from the fucking dawn of anime.

>McCarthy zeros in on Tezuka’s Lost World (1948), in which a scientist in an alien world has developed a method of genetically engineering females from plant matter. [...] , “This is essential moé —an innocent, literally budding girl, a geeky young man with the heart of a hero and protective instincts to do any father proud.”

>While largely agreeing with McCarthy’s analysis, Meiji University professor Morikawa Ka’ichiro points out the physical
attractiveness of Ayame, which, he argues, was extremely stimulating for young male readers. Many early postwar manga artists in Japan list Lost World as a major influence. In this sense, says Morikawa, Tezuka could be considered to have sown the seeds of moé culture.

cute and moe aren't the same thing. stop moving the goalpost. moe is a specific use of cuteness.

Powerpuff girls, Dora the Explorer, all of the Pixar and Disney moves with young girls or animals. I could go on. Take your NEET ass outside once in awhile.

>Compare a chart of the late 00s with one of 80s and show me how moe anime were.

This dumb fucking nigger.

None of those are deliberately aimed at adult men. How hard is this to understand?

>cute and moe aren't the same thing
They basically are. Just sub out moe for kawaii and this guy would fit in with you whiners.

Not really, it's an otaku term for a similar concept.

Man 2008 was a great year for so many things. Have we had a year as good as 2008 since?

Moe in media is something different. What the fuck is so hard to get about that. Why do you even defend this shit? Who the fuck watches anime with moe characters for the plot, writing or character development. You guys are lonely dudes who got rejected by most girls, who want some warm feelings by watching cute girls doing cute.

Kawaii was the term used by 90s otaku before moe caught on, it refers to essentially the same phenomenon.

I thought 2013 was a really solid year. 2014 too, but maybe I'm conflating the two, I'd have to look at the charts to be sure. All I remember is 2015 was really disappointing as a whole.

>that email address
holy fuck, no surprise that guy's a faggot

user please. we prefer the term Namekian.

Goalposts moved -> Argument disregarded. Good day.

>Who the fuck watches anime with moe characters for the plot, writing or character development.
You and me. Spike was pretty moe, don't you agree? I found Shiji pretty moe as well.

True while its was the boom of Moe anime it was also in my opinion the golden age of anime. The best anime came out during the late 90s and late 00s

Says the guy arguing on an anonymous, chinese-cartoon, image board.

Those are not Moe, they are not there to be sexualized or even attractive to grown ups. The intended audience for Moe anime are straight grown up man with no women in their lives.

anime fans are filler

Best is a matter of preference. I think in terms of artistic merit stuff from the late 80s to mid 90s is amazing. I say this as somebody who watches seasonal anime regularly and still finds new shows to love every year. I think a person's concept of best is just ingrained based on what their earliest exposure was or how their development was shaped. It's weird cause I was not into anime during those years, yet I came to appreciate the late 80s and mid 90s the most despite most anime I've watched being from after the year 2000.

Your mother is filler for my dick.

I might be stating the obvious here, but he didn't reply to you because there is literally no other example in the rest of the show. I'm surprised people are still staying that shit, I remember people creaming themselves repeating "OH it's a REALISTIC idol anime FINALLY" immediately after episode 3 came out but even the most dedicated Yamakan dick-riding circlejerkers realized that was complete bullshit 1 or 2 episodes afterwards.

None of them are what is considered now Moe anime. They may have cute characters but merely being cute is not what Moe describes.

>rejected by most girls
>mfw had a hot gf in high school who wanted me to impregnate her and was surrounded by other girls competing for me
I think its just paternal instinct user. Stop blowing this out of proportion. There's plenty of shit for people to read and watch even if you don't like moe and/or SoL.

>Moe in Hollywood
That's only because something moe would be deemed as sexist in that medium.

I think Guts is way more Moe.

Your a fucking idiot. Are you really this desperate for (you)'s or something?

>None of them are what is considered now Moe anime
This from you, the moe expert who has watched exactly none of these shows? They're no different. Absolutely no different. You're just making up arbitrary distinctions to satisfy your predetermined beliefs.

We're on topic with moeshit in this particular thread. I won't say that industry is in full moeshit-only mode right now like some anons here, I still got at least one AOTY without moe in it every year, but tendencies are still present. Isekaishit kinda blurred things up recently, for example, but if you think about it is mostly moeshit hiding under false image of seinen.

Don't forget (((they))) wouldn't stand for such sexism in America.

Where else would i find Otakus who watch Moeshit? You guys get shunned in the real word or more like every place outside of 4ch, i mean thats why you hide in here. So thats the only place i can argue with losers like yourself.

This is bait right? I know the point isn't to explain the bait, but I really want credit for being the only one to recognize it for its subtlety

Holy shit this post is just a jumble of buzzwords and irrational ideas. Where to even start? Like, trying to say "isekaishit" is dominating the industry when there's been less than 10 such anime made in the last 5 years, out of hundreds of shows. There's usually only like 4 or 5 cute girl SoL shows made per season too, out of around the 50 that is normal these days. Like most ignorant people you are tunnel visioned and see a handful of shows as "dominating" because you don't actually watch anime, you just shitpost on Cred Forums and judge the industry based on what you see here.

Cred Forums regularly talks about maybe 20% of the anime that air in a given season. The rest are lucky to get a single thread when a new episode premiers.

More like I would be in jail if I went for the actually cute girls so anime is a nice second option.

Eh, I don't find it offensive. An art-style choice doesn't really concern me. To abuse an example that will get me flamed for sure, Madoka was "cute", but still thought it was pretty fucked at the end of the day. There are more elements that go into the perception of a show than its artstyle.

My suspension of disbelief just isn't that fragile.

Don't talk shit about late 90s. Early moeshit >>>>>>> current state modern moeshit killing industry circa 2010.

>I was only pretending to be retarded

You're about 10 years too late for that to have any impact friend.

My earliest exposure with anime was early 90s stuff that i saw asa kid, i still think the best anime came out in that time period from 99-09. Give and take a few years. But its a stupid comparison. One season of anime in the 00s had more shows released than the whole of a year in the 80s


You're one of us you faggot. If you weren't you wouldn't be here arguing about such a meaningless topic.

>There's usually only like 4 or 5 cute girl SoL shows made per season too

Nah, based on many other autistic replies with similar spelling and grammar mistakes, this guy is just a highschool dropout loser.

>Cred Forums regularly talks about maybe 20% of the anime that air in a given season. The rest are lucky to get a single thread when a new episode premiers.
Every single shows that airs that isn't a childrens show gets a thread. Even the most unpopular and most garbage of shit get a thread. Some just simply have a shortlife for various reasons. In-fact, the worse it is, the more likely it is to be active in some cases.

I don't think there is any anime community out there that actually gives you a chance to have even minimal discussion on everything airing but Cred Forums.

Yeah it's often less than that. 4 or 5 is heavy for a season. But people like you aren't able to distinguish between genres, you just see cute girls and automatically call it "moeshit." I bet if you tried to list all the cute girl SoL shows from the summer you'd end up listing comedies, dramas, and probably a couple action or sci-fi shows too.

No hollywood IS sexist and was. You still dont see Moe. Japan doesnt give a fuck about sexism, are their movies 90% moe? No, it only works in the anime industry cause a small niche of losers are paying for their favourite shows, which sadly are mostly shows with cute girls regardless of plot, writing or even general quality.

>killing industry
>industry doing better than ever before
Time to kys you NEET son of a bitch.

I dont give a fuck, you sorry excuse for a human being. Stop replying to me, close the thread or do whatever. Stop getting so offended.

Notice I said "regularly talks about" meaning frequent discussion. The rest gets a single thread as you mentioned. Most of the time. Often times I'm the one to make that single thread, and without me I wonder if they'd even get one. I made I think half the threads for 12-sai back in spring of this year. Shows that aren't simulcast are fairly rare these days, but that's pretty much what it takes for a show to not get even a courtesy thread these days.

Is this a moeshit SoL, user? This question is very important.

Woah you showed him dude haha nice one.

They are definitively the exact same type of show. And the industry is actually doing far, far better than it ever was in the 90s. Otaku saved the anime industry.

>are their movies 90% moe?
No but 90% of their music, TV, etc. is. Sadly real girls don't really hold up in cinema. Plus Jap films are terrible.

I have watched my fair share of bullshit back in my day. I grew out of it, went partying with friends, got a gf and went to school. Looking back at it or at you guys enjoying it, i only feel sadness and a waste of time. If i was a friend of yours i would talk you out of it.

>in the last 5 years
'''''Genre''''' was popularized for like, I dunno, two years? 10 such animes is more than enough, we've got a bunch of the same thematics shit being spammed season after season just recently, it clearly sells and it won't stop for shit.

For autistic moe shows it probably started with K-ON despite the fact that it wasn't the first successful moe show by any means, but it clearly was first autistic successful one. And look where we are now. Autistic moeshit every season, sometimes more than two shows at once.

Bait? No, you coould point out things you disagree with or are wrong in your opinion. I think you cant do that though.

user respond to my question

You fucks, I was implying that there are way less than that each season, around 1-2. Goddamn retards.

You do understand that moe is just cute characters right?
That is a common thing everywhere, movies have either girls that act cute or girls that act slutty to do the job of grabbing male audience. It is true that lately it has been gearing more toward sluts but the other part is not completely ignored.

Ah, so you only do things because of the social benefits of those actions.

Why the fuck are you here?

>10 such animes is more than enough, we've got a bunch of the same thematics shit being spammed season after season
See this right here shows how deluded and myopic you are. 10 anime is a lot? There are on average 50 anime produced every season. That's 200 anime a year. For the last 4 years (SAO came out in 2012, so not quite 5 years yet) that's 800 fucking anime series. Yet you're bitching about 10 shows. Know why you're bitching? Because they're popular, specifically on Cred Forums.

All you're doing is revealing the source of your information which is threads on Cred Forums. You're a know-nothing idiot mad about shows being popular on an online forum. Your opinion is dog shit.

>this thread unironically reached bump limit

>Otaku saved the anime industry.
Sure thing pal. Just like capeshit and remakes saved industry of cinema. Shit sells so it defines quality amirite?

These threads always hit bumplimit as we love to argue about inane stupid shit.

See? I told you.

Last I checked the movie industry isn't sustained by superhero movies, meanwhile anime is literally sustained by otaku. It's inarguable that they saved the anime industry.

About what, everything i said is true, I just dont give a fuck if you disagree with me. Its midday on a beautiful sunday and just want to piss of some Moefags.

Nigga you need to learn English.

You got me dude. We only talk about this topic because we want Yamakan to turn his attention to use. Yeah that's right.

Nope, cancer threads used to be deleted.

Cred Forums is dead.

Hollywood doesn't need to make just capeshit and remakes to survive last I checked. They do it because they are moneygrubbing jews and your average person is an idiot.

The shit in your pic didn't sell. What's with all the false equivalence? Fuck, you guys argue like 13 year olds.

I am an avid anime watcher thats true, we share a hobby, but thats where it stops. I only stumbled recently into Cred Forums a few weeks ago. As long as i stay here i am going to talk shit about you guys whenever i can.

I didn't even know it existed.

You have dozens of anime to pick from every season, a couple SoL shows or isekai shows isn't somehow taking away from your enjoyment. The only reason you would complain is if you don't actually watch anime at all and just love to bitch about things that upset you.

Answer my question

>isn't sustained by superhero movies
Holy fuck, you guys are really out of touch with reality.

I can see how little you give a fuck by how much time your spending on an anonymous image board discussing moe anime. You're living the dream. Truly.

>As long as i stay here i am going to talk shit about you guys whenever i can.
You'll fit right in

You are just as deluded as the 12 year old who can't spell.

>I only stumbled recently into Cred Forums a few weeks ago.
For the love of all that is holy, please, PLEASE take 30 times the required dose of your autism medication and go to sleep.

>piss of some Moefags
You're not pissing people off though.

>I only stumbled recently into Cred Forums a few weeks ago.
Stop, never post here ever again and lurk the fuck moar.

>By the time Tomino Yoshiyuki, who directed Umi no Toriton, released his Mobile Suit Gundam (1979-1980), it was clear that anime fans were here to stay. Famously, the series was far too dark and complex for children, who were alienated from the show and did not buy the toys released by its sponsor, which then pulled the plug on the series. However, the realistic depictions of politics, war and psychological suffering earned Gundam devoted adult fans, who turned out in droves to buy scaled model kits of the robots featured in the story.


Ghostbusters bombed, I just used it to show how popularized garbage practices that nowadays considered good is not doing any good at all. Capeshit is no better in terms of quality, its just the same kind of mindless pandering practice, but apparently it sells.

Hollywood makes more than 10 non-superhero movies for every superhero movie produced each year. Superhero movies are profitable, but they're not the lifesblood of the industry. The industry wasn't in a crisis before the superhero boom started, and if the superhero fad ended Hollywood would not be in financial straits. You seem prone to tunnel-visioning on things you don't like and making them much larger than they are. You don't like superhero movies so their presence in the industry is now this major, unassailable presence. Same thing with anime you don't like. Even if they're only a tiny fraction of what's being produced you blow it up til it eclipses everything else and act like it's killing the industry (even though the industry has actually recovered from the 2008 disaster and is now making more money than it was in 2007).

You didn't need to tell us you were a newfag, your stupidity and general ignorance about everything related to your hobby did that for you.

I finally understand the problem. You can't into economics. Finish high school and then we'll talk kid.

Your argument makes no sense at all. You literally contradict yourself in the middle of your sentence but just keep rambling on like nothing happened.

You see anime is just one of my favourite things to invest time in. /fit/ would be another one. I acutally despise any form of obsession. Moefags are just the ones i have to deal with cause they share a hobby with me.

Not giving ANN clicks, but skimming the thread he seems fairly correct. Actual good anime focused on characterization or story is all but dead. And when they do happen they get ruined by forcing in moe, yuri, or fujo elements because that's all that sells these days. Like how 91 Days last season completely shit itself in the final episode with a forced homo road trip and leaving the ending ambiguous so fujos could headcanon their gay sex ending.

You don't actually watch anime though, you just shitpost on Cred Forums because the mods are asleep right now. You pretend you have a life cause you think it gets to people here, but the fact is you're still on an anime board arguing with people on your weekend instead of doing literally anything else.

Invest time on leddit or somewhere else that gives you magical internet points then.

Jesus the retards just keep coming out of the woodwork.

But "moe" anime completely rely on characterization
And anime that focus on story are complete garbage.

We dont have movies that pander to a small niche audience of virgins nerds, i actualy dont think that any industry in the world works like that. Apart from industries that sell luxury prodcuts. Actually now that i think about it, anime are a luxury product in Japan. Now stop replying to me, its getting tiring.

>Actual good anime focused on characterization or story is all but dead
Except SoL anime is one of the strongest genres still alive and that's almost entirely characterization. Story anime has always been largely hit or miss and mainly dependent on the novelty factor.
>And when they do happen they get ruined by forcing in moe, yuri, or fujo elements because that's all that sells these days. Like how 91 Days last season completely shit itself in the final episode with a forced homo road trip and leaving the ending ambiguous so fujos could headcanon their gay sex ending.
Oh my mistake, I thought you actually knew what you were talking about for a second but you're just a moron.

Are you a fucking idiot? Your 91 days comment makes you feel like you are even stupider.

Mechaotakus were always >>> than autistic moe-loving manchildren tho. Tomino's shows got some actual value.

Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with being otaku or obsessed with something. It is wrong to be an autistic retard who loves to drool over overwhelmingly stupid and formulaic shit, while hugging his dakimakura in public. Those kind of people ''''saved'''' industry to some and that's wrong, because now all anime became formulaic and stupid trivial shit because of pandering to lowest common denominator.

>now all anime became formulaic and stupid trivial shit because of pandering to lowest common denominator.
Says the person who doesn't actually watch anime.

t. newfag

It's uncanny how you can tell the people who write posts like these have seen less than 20 anime total in their entire lives. I'm not the only one who gets that vibe right?

Dont you ever feel the need to discuss things with people. I like anime and moe is a big part of it. So of course i will talk about it. I mean whats so bad about having a negative opinion on moe.

nah, there are at least 3-5 completely new faggots parroting shit from reddit here

The amount of replys i am still getting, tell me that i pissed of some autistic fucks in here.

>because now all anime became formulaic and stupid trivial shit because of pandering to lowest common denominator.
It always fucking was and it always fucking was doomed to be formulaic and stupid trival shit. It's a bloody media industry. The money bags don't care about quality, only money. Anime would actually be /worse/ if its trends leaned towards very heavy story shows. It would be 10x more formulaic and would lack actual variation, something we do have right now.

I'm on 200+ titles, your opinion is invalid.

>Patrick W. Galbraith
Holy shit this guy.

>only 200
There better be some fucking manga under that.

Why should i do that? So that i do not disturb you in your moe safe space?

Cute, is this what your second year watching anime?

I'm only still here because the schadenfreude of pointing out how gutter level your IQ is is really satisfying.

Return to leddit with your kind.

>It always fucking was and it always fucking was doomed to be formulaic and stupid trival shit.
Your next post will be about greentexting Eva not being a non-formulaic shit from a hack

Wait, if i am not an anime watcher, why and how would i know so much about it. I like anime, Moe is something i have problem with. Why do you guys react so hostile to my opinion?

And yet you try to act like we're the ones who are butt hurt, yet you're so anally ravaged by the mere existence of people who like what you don't like that you stay up for hours attempting (badly) to troll them. You are probably deluded enough to think the prolonged mockery you've sustained here constitutes "upsetting" people.

But you don't know anything about anime. You haven't said a single true or insightful thing about anime or the anime industry yet. All you've done is use buzzwords and parrot idiot opinions you probably got off reddit or Cred Forums.

>why and how would i know so much about it.
Fucking Kek. Someone post that bloody chart.

Do you feel jealous that this guy will or already has tenure at Duke and will make 6 figures for as long as he feels like defending otaku and Japan?

Exactly this dude got it right.

>how would i know so much about it
But you don't. That's sort of the point.

You sound more upset than any other poster in this thread.

I didn't count dropped moeshit in. It can be 400+ probably, am I hardcore enough for Cred Forums now, mom?

Know how I know you're that same person who hyper-focuses on trivial shit? Because you think a single show from the 1990s somehow stands in for the entire medium.

>nearing 600 replies


>tell me that i pissed of some autistic fucks in here.

>why and how would i know so much about it
Because you don't, idiot.

>Why do you guys react so hostile to my opinion?
Have you tried not saying stupid shit and see if that changes the responses? I've found that usually solves the problem.

Dude not everyone who likes anime likes Moe. What the fuck. You have wasted too much time on Cred Forums, it has competely deluded you into thinking animefag=moefag.

You're literally the only person who has demonstrated any kind of anger though with your whining about otaku and moe. Everybody else has just been pointing out how stupid you are. It's actually kind a cathartic to have an easy punching bag like you.

>N-no, they aren't mocking me! They're just pissed off!
>And I'm not pissed off so I will keep making angry posts over and over again!

Haha fucking losers virgins, muh leddit meme is all you can say.

People who actually like anime fall into two categories: they either like "moe" (read: cute girls) anime or they don't care about it because they're too busy watching other shows that do interest them.

The only people who complain about it are habitual complainers who don't actually like or watch anime.

I was feeling pity at the guy but then you mentioned this six figures thing which made me feel jelly instead. Now I want to be an anime pro as well.

I am not trolling, i am shittalking. What i said are my opinions, i am not lying to get piss out of you losers.

>not everyone who likes anime likes Moe.
>thinking animefag=moefag.
Thankfully nobody is saying that. No, that's not what the post you replied to is talking about, at all. Try again.

Single show from 1990s somehow brought entire industry on the entirely new level, son. And single show from 2009 killed it all with autism.

Yes if I too had only seen 10 shows I might have a moronic opinion like this. You're like a guy who has only read two books and claims all of civilization started because of the older one he read and became doomed by the second one.

Yes, we know that only shit comes out of your mouth since the start. You don't need to tell us that.

Just admit you don't know shit. This is an anonymous board, no need to try so hard to defend your pride. You're not fooling anyone.

Which one makes it more pathetic, that he is serious or that hes just merely pretending to be a tard?

Whats stupid about saying i dont like Moe and that it is over saturating the industry? Like i already said, you guys are too far gone. I wonder what any of you guys would do if this outlet(Cred Forums) was gone.

No people didnt do that, i pointed out how pathetic you are. You then proceeded to call me names.

You got no arguments to back up your claims about me watched only 10 shows, stop being retarded manchild for once. You sound like a true sperg for entire thread.

>i am shittalking
Well yeah, that's all you're able to do when you don't actually know anything. I wouldn't really call what you have an opinion though, it's more just regurgitated memes from other shitty communities. The reason people can respond so easily to your comments is because they're not original. You've said nothing that hasn't been said by other morons before you, you're practically a walking straw-man. If not for the fact that I know idiots like you exist I'd swear you were just pulling our legs.

Mocking me? How is that possible. You are the one feeling good watching cute girls doing cute. It cant get lowers than that. There is no way i could take any of you guys seriously. I am actually hoping i am just talking with bunch 16 year olds. Would make it a bit less sad.

Why doesn't he just make a good series instead of complaining? To be honest, I know fucking nothing about the state of the anime industry, but if it's really that bad you should just do something about it.

But no, the guys who complain about the industry being money-fuelled and therefore having no creativity also want money, so they don't bother making anything ground-breaking and just complain.

Your existence is definitely looks more pathetic than his.

I saw a thread on Cred Forums that was about someone from the industry voicing his disdain for Moe. Whats wrong about me jumping in and voicing my disdain for Moe? Dont you value free speech?

Unfortunately for you, shittalking is the only thing you are good for. And by that, having shit poured out of your mouth with uneducated opinions as you think you are the most educated of person because you watched 5 deep animu and think you are de best.

It's obvious from the way you hyper-focus on individual shows. Your exposure is too narrow to see broader trends, you're only capable of assigning blame to individual titles. It's why you can point to a handful of shows out of thousands and claim these are all that matters. The perspective of an ignoramus.

What i am doing is saying that Moe is bad for the industry. Why are you getting so hostile then? Why not just refute my points.

I value free speech and I very much value my right to mock idiots, such as you.

>Moe is bad for the industry
Reality begs to differ. As has been pointed out numerous times already. It wouldn't even need to be pointed out to you if you actually did know anything about anime or the industry. You're so appallingly ignorant that you're not even aware that your own viewpoints are the hallmark of ignorance.

That is especially sad, since K-ON wasn't even bad or anything. It was kinda entertaining, while everything that is trying to pull the same shit just can't get over plain retardation level most of the time. New Game! is a pinnacle of this kind of garbage, I can't believe things can actually go worse than this shit show at this point, I really can't.

>insulting New game
Please kill yourself.

Dude you have some kind of false image of me. What do you think i am like? Also what pride are you talking about, i mean we are talking about you guys liking moe, which i find kinda pathetic. Its not about me. All you know about me is my disgust for moe and all i know about you is that you like it.

No, he's wrong, anime is fine. Why would you listen to someone that works in the industry? Do you really think he somehow knows more about anime than the weebs on Cred Forums?

No one could refute anything cause there nothing to refute. You guys are Moefags therefore by definition pathetic grown up males. I dont need to do anything. You already know you are a loser to most people on this planet including your mom.

New Game was fun. But it's not like it's existence somehow stopped anything else from being made. It was one of about 50 shows that came out last season. More if you count long runners or hold overs from earlier seasons. I think I know why you singled it out though. Because it was discussed heavily on Cred Forums. That's really your only barometer for the industry. You don't really watch anime or follow what's going on, you just notice what's being talked about on Cred Forums and then complain if you don't like it.

Again, I've got a lot of shows in my list. The fact that I deliberately refuse to irradiate my brain to your turd genre won't make me ignorant to the facts about the state of the industry. Everybody already told you about amount of sales not being a good representation of the quality, so you can fuck off back to your tulpas with such arguments.

>No one could refute anything cause there nothing to refute
Couldn't have said it better myself. You never had any points to begin with. Just lame ass troll attempts like this.

Better than 20-something males watching cute girls doing cute? Well, i could be the most pathetic dude ever, but i still would feel superior to you guys.

>has watched about less than 400 anime
>not even about 4 years worth of seasonals
You've watched jack shit


“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” - C. S. lewis

I am not troling. Just throwing out facts, thats all. Be mad at yourself for liking Moeshit.

>The fact that I deliberately refuse to irradiate my brain to your turd genre
Ah yes, the "I don't actually watch these shows but I know everything about them" excuse. Cross that off dipshit anime poseur bingo.

>Everybody already told you about amount of sales not being a good representation of the quality
Everybody? You mean just you? And SoL shows don't sell particularly well, they tend to do average at best, and when they do sell a lot they're only moderate successes. That's all aside the point though, I don't recall anybody citing sales as quality. Or even really mentioning "quality". The only ones who bring it up are the same group of ignorant dipshits who don't know anything about anime.

Quality in terms of production values is objective, you can look at it in terms of how many animation errors there are, the frame rate, the artwork etc. In those terms, anime as a whole is much better now. SoL is actually very strong in the production value department.

But you're not talking about production values, you're talking about subjective quality and trying to pretend your opinion is objective fact.

Got nothing to do with what i said, i am not a critic. Try again.

>Be mad at yourself for liking Moeshit
But then you wouldn't have a job, since apparently you've appointed yourself chief minister of hating people for liking things you don't like. I'd hate to take that away from you since it's clearly so important you have to waste hours telling people how mad they are.

No, it has everything to do with what you are saying. After all, your entire argument is about adults watching a certain genre you have deemed basically "childish" and unfit for adults. And yes, at the very moment you are criticizing or attempting to.

Mindless children love to eat shit as well you know. You can use your quote next time your parents find your loli scat folder on your computer, see how succesfully it'll work on them.

It was actually quite fun seeing you guys trying to explain your shittaste. I only dislike Moefags everyone else is fine. So you yea be mad at yourself for growing up the way you did and liking Moeshit.

>The fact that I deliberately refuse to irradiate my brain to your turd genre won't make me ignorant to the facts about the state of the industry
The fact that you are ignorant about the industry is demonstrated by your repeated statements about it which are demonstrably false. The fact you also think you're somehow more knowledgeable for not watching specific genres of anime is an unrelated, but equally stupid matter.

A functioning and rational adult will still eat that shit because he enjoys it and your opinion on the matter means jack shit. In fact, attempting to criticizing him for enjoying the shit simply because its a shit actually in most cases makes you nothing more than a child who's just upset people are enjoying things you don't enjoy. That shit isn't actually a shit and is only a shit to you.

Nobody has actually explained their taste at all though. They've pretty much just been ripping on you and calling you stupid. See I'd only bother explaining my tastes to a person with an actual interest in anime, but you're just some idiot who wandered in from Cred Forums and is trying really hard to troll people.

Its not me who deems you childish or pathetic its society as a whole. But dont confuse me for someone who says that liking kids shows is pathetic. Moe is the thing, i am dislking. Because it presupposes that you are person, who cant function in society the way i and most of he world see fit. Thats why you will get ridiculed unlike someone who said he likes naruto.

I have a strong suspicion you're like 15 years old, or maybe autistic. I mean that literally, not the stupid meme way, like you have a mental disability. The simplistic way you type and argue is childlike, but in a stunted way that shows no sign of curiosity.

No he wouldnt, you are an autistic fuck too far removed from a social circle. Now shut the fuck up and jerk off to your Moeshit.

Only a child cares about the opinion of society on ones hobbies. Not like I expected a 12 year old who can't even capitalize their I's to be anything but a child.

>Ah yes, the "I don't actually watch these shows but I know everything about them" excuse.
I dropped a lot bunch of them. I don't need to finish them to the end to understand how shit these shows are.
>I don't recall anybody citing sales as quality
You're one of those retards who claims that modern otaku saved the industry, you fucking imbecile. When it comes to your so-called "saving" its always about sales and nothing more.
>you can look at it in terms of how many animation errors there are, the frame rate, the artwork etc. In those terms, anime as a whole is much better now.
Lmao! Thanks for confirmation about your retardness, I guess.

>downsized imgur gif
Please kilk yourself.

Whatever makes you feel better, Moefag. Hahehehah, i have female friends, do you have some? I might be autistic, but i am not a social outcast like you probably are.

Only a dude who has no idea how the world works would say the bullshit you just said. Be realistic and stop hiding behind your monitor.

I don't need to know how the world works to know that your parents never loved you as a child.

>I dropped a lot bunch of them.
How much is a "bunch" to somebody like you? 5? A whole 10 shows? I'd wager you didn't even bother watching anything from the last few years probably.

>You're one of those retards who claims that modern otaku saved the industry
Considering they finance the studios, they did. This isn't disputed, it's a fact. See your ignorance made you leap to conclusions, because you don't actually know how the industry is financially supported. Otaku don't just buy BDs, they buy merchandise and attend concerts and just generally pump money into every orifice the industry has. It's important for everybody to profit, not just studios, because they're part of a larger engine now. While keeping studios in the black is necessary it's also necessary to keep investors happy since they are how most anime gets made these days. I don't expect you to understand any of this though.

And in typical ignoramus fashion you post a gif from an OVA/movie production rather than TV, showing you're almost totally ignorant about how anime is produced in addition thow its financed.

My god, you are a moefag you are by definition pathetic. Everything you say has no meaning to me and most of the world. You can sit in your room and try delude yourslef into thinking that is fine if the whole world makes fun of you but sooner or later you snap and take the rope and just end it.

Everything about this post is just so pathetic. The way you hold up "female friends" like some kind of achievement to be proud of. I'm gonna go with definitely underaged. I remember back in middle school any kind of interaction with the opposite sex made you into a rock star with your peers. In retrospect it makes feel kinda bad for talking down to a child all this time.

>Considering they finance the studios, they did.
>I don't recall anybody citing sales as quality
Yeah, keep it up, fucking idiot. Last (you) for you.

>nothing you say matters to me
>that's why I spent hours arguing with you and grew increasingly frustrated and butthurt when you didn't rise to my provocations
It's legitimately sad watching you flail around like this.