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Gappy makes me happy

Why is Great Days so good?

>Cred Forums is having a JoJo thread


Because it fit the tone of Part 4 unlike 'chase'

chase was a good song but a shit OP

Deadman spinoff when?

There's a disturbing lack of Jolyne lewds.

Only lewds I have are full on porn

Jolyne is pure. No lewds exist of her.

It'd be cool but it cheapens his death too

I'd still watch it though


>Literally gets caught masturbating


Nekoi: Oh yes, that's true. He's so cool and looks just like Kishibe Rohan. *laughs* And you look younger and younger in the photos that get published these days.

Araki: That's because I'm a hamon user.

I want to scratch off a softball size amount of dead skin from my body. That all sequence and the end result looked so satisfying.

>delinquent b/c neglected by father
>get framed and sent to prison
>endure lots of mutilation and pain to save said father and stop a gay priest
>only achieve happy ending by being killed and rewritten into alternate universe

I love her character, but being Jolyne is suffering

Jolyne is pretty great, only ruined by her basically destroyed the universe.

The universe wasn't even basically destroyed, it's the exact same at the end only she and everyone involved with Pucci were replaced.


daily reminder

28 - I Am An Alien 5-6 / Highway Star 1-3 (5)
29 - Highway Star 4-8 (5)
30 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 1-6 (6)
31 - The Man on the Tower 1-6 (6)
32 - Enigma Boy 1-4 (4)
33 - Enigma Boy 5-6 / My Dad is Not My Dad 1-2 (4)
34 - Cheap Trick 1-6 (6)
35 - Another One Bites the Dust 1-4 (4)
36 - Another One Bites the Dust 5-8 (4)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust 9-10 / Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 1-3 (5)
38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 4-8 (5)
39 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 9 / I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (4)

Your sentence is grammatically incorrect and your picture is morally incorrect

delet this

user who posted this last thread, these are amazing, keep it up

Then post that.

it you rotate karera you get gio hair

What would Brody's stand be?

[The Smell]

Can smell anything, past, present, or future; as long as its in within the range of the stench.

The guitar and starfish from the video.

>Cred Forumstard claiming jotaro is the best BECAUSE he's one-dimensional, SDC is amazing and better than DiU, josuke is shit, and fucking KOICHI is one dimensional
>the guy whose stand literally steps out his character development
>who gets shot in the throat for being a bitch boy
>then grows until he fights the main villain 1v1
never again

Are the lyrics for Great Days on the wiki confirmed to be accurate?
Anyone know?

Why do you care?

That's actually interesting and could be used in a multitude of situations. Good job user

No matter how much people shit on Cred Forums it's still FAR better than current Cred Forums. Honestly it's awful, every time I think 'maybe I'll have a peek and see if there's a thread up about something I like' it's all just false flagging and shitposting and you can't express ANY kind of positive opinion without getting 50 (you)s calling you a cunt for liking something. It gets worse every single day, though I'm somewhat glad since it acts as a containment board for dickheads since their shitposting isn't tolerated anywhere else, not even Cred Forums.

Why doesn't Araki have an official porn book yet?

Fuck, even most top-tier western artists have one by now.

I skip part 2 manga but I'm buying the jojoniums.
Are the translations at least not VentoAureo-tier?

SDC was amazing for its cross-country vibe and the Polnareff/Joseph shenanigans, but it only really got good after they reached Egypt. Before then only a couple of the fights were interesting, it was only after N'doul that Araki really started showing some good ideas for unique abilities and how to use them.

DIU as a whole is better-written and has better-developed characters and more interesting stands, but it seems somewhat polarizing in a way that the other parts aren't. I guess some people just really hate SOL.

The JoJonium translations are actually better than we've ever had.
Why did you think they would be bad?

Official, VIZ translations tend to be the best; no matter what series

"Clutching crying night" might be 1999, but other than that, it's fine.

What does "1999 is your sole love" even mean?

1999 was the peak of human civilization before 9/11 ruined everything

>skipping parts

I read part 1
then see part 1 and 2 anime, read part 3 4 5 6 etc etc etc etc
then plays peace walker
and read PHF

>I skip

I've read all the manga besides part 2
But I've seen the anime


It makes my buttocks jump to the rhythm instead of just my finger. Nothing has done that to me since



They seem to make sense but I'd rather wait until the official thing is out

I'm wondering how the English version will be like though

Chase fits the last part better

literally the opposite of correct
chase is a terrible song but fits this part better (this part as in this cour)

how the fuck does chase fit the middle of part 4?

everyone I know points out the tonal difference

this, i can see them being switched

>JoJolion finishes
>Araki begins hinting at Part 9
>yfw it's about Gappy's granddaughter becoming an idol inspired by Parts 5 and 6

Highway star is one of my favorite parts of DiU, can't wait to see it animated!

I want to fuck Shinobu

at the end of the OP it seems that Yukako is leaning on Josuke...

Is this the reveal of a potential romance arc?

>chase fits this part better
>as in this cour
learn 2 reed

help i can't stop watching shitty jojo memes

Who would win in a fight to the death, Jotaro or Josuke and Koichi?

This has been your VS. matchup of the day!

Nobody gonna take my car

Just caught up with JoJoLion. Joubin is so gonna be the main antagonist, isn't he? He cried when Damo died.

Is Paramore a good name for a stand?
idk the band but the name sounds good

>finally start watching JoJo
>kind of boring not impressed
>get to Battle Tendency
>it's fantastic absolutely love almost everything about it
>get to Stardust Crusaders
>new JoJo is a leather glad edgy gook
>Hamon is replaced by retarded pokemon things
>It's almost 3 times as long as Battle Tendency
I'm strongly considering dropping it. Should I keep going or am I just going to be disappointed? Should I skip it and go straight into Diamond?

me too

Is it going to be in next week's episode of the week after that one?


don't skip parts
the pacing in SDC is not great, you could try the manga for part 3 if that's your style

Get out

The Part 3 anime is pretty awful. Just read the manga. It'll go by much faster.


How would Kira and Shinobu's marriage have gone if he lived?

Would he have kissed and fallen in love with her?

Funny Vorelentine


Then get out and never come back
The anime did some stuff much better, except the finale

Kira will never learn to love but Shinobu would've forced herself on him eventually

Reminder Shizuka and the Kawajiri kid will go on a bizarre adventure never ;_;


Is DIO literally the only villain in anime/manga to actually pull off lipstick ?

>Shizuka will never call hayato "Hayato-senpai"
>Hayato will never train shizuka how to use and fight against stands even being a non-stand user (like Reigen)


Chaka looked baller with it
But yes he did

Update on the fake JJL anime style. I don't like how hair girl turned out but whatever.
My hands are tired as fuck so I'll just do fruit dad, Jobin, Josefumi and maybe one rockman.


Should Karera's hair be black like Yukakos?


I forgot about Chaka but I agree.
Diavolo also wore lipstick I think.

Yagiyama please

Jotaro, since Josuke and Koichi never kill anyone.


The thing is it wasn't that prominent before he succ'd Joseph. Which leads me to believe that while he gained power after draining him he also used the world to apply some Maybelline hella fast

Diavolo looks like a crackhead tho, which its kinda fitting honestly

I wonder if Joshuu shitposts on /bet/ during his free time

How many weeks until bites the dust?

>Posts a picture of Buccellati
Diavolo has those fucked-up flecky eyes with the triangular light-reflections, whereas Buccellati's eyes in Diavolo's body look normal.

I know. In fact, when the DIO's World episodes were airing, I had to constantly remind people that DIO wasn't supposed to wear lipstick before he went high and that he rocked a natural lip most of the time.

I actually like Diavolo's design and how it reflects King Crimson. I hope the anime plays up the "crackhead dressed like a rockstar" aspect.

chase was a Bleach OP

it never really fit


I think the worst part of DIO's World was when he got high and his hair looked absolutely terrible

It just took me out of the whole climax

how would they play it up?

where's Tsurigi-chan


Kira Vorishikage

I really like the subtle purple they gave him in ASB, that combined with the iridescent green makes him the best-looking DIO to me.

what's with gappy, kira, and kyo's hats?
i love the picture but they just seem really off.

Reminder that Joushuu...

Don't do that

....will team up with Gappy...

your predictions for episodes have been consistently wrong all year

number of chapters is not a good measure for running length.

i just reread Bites the Dust and there's not enough story there for 2.5 episoes. 2 is plenty.

Kosaku Kovorejiri

Wow, you did almost every request. But i don´t know why but i feel like Joushuu is missing something.

i was actually just talking to my friends about that earlier
i really feel the best animated DIO is ASB DIO

Bites the dust: the game almost same time as bites the dust. Coincidence?


ASB studio should do berserk anime

Probably end of November/beginning of December

>Nut king call'd someone
>Gappy put all the nuts & bolts in bubbles

user plz


And then there's this cunt

is Gappy actually Kira with Josefumi's body? I can't seem to understand it

>Part 3: Same type of stand
>Part 4: Opposite type of stand
>Part 5: Hardcounter type of stand (GER)
>Pärt 6: Mistake type of stand

Dio Vorando

To be fair DIO's hair was god fucking terrible for most of DIO's World (the anime).
Unless you mean the manga, in this case I kind of agree but if his hair was suddenly longer it would have probably been Super Saiyan 3-tier and I don't think Araki wanted people to make that comparison

Give Diavolo the same unnaturally pale skin they gave Part 1 Dio, focus on making him ripped as fuck to further drive the contrast between him and the other Part 5 characters, emphasize his weird King Crimson eyes, etc.

ASB was very good at capturing DIO in DIO's World, particularly in regards to his facial expressions and body language.

No, He's Josefumi with bits of kira like his soul (stand) organs and balls

These puns aren't even good, if you're going to make shitty memes then stick it in names where it fits, like Giorno Giovorena or something.

who takes the time to make this?

I think it´s Josefumi with Kira´s balls and hat.

>Kishivore Rohan

VORE's World?

what's up with gappy's skin tone?
and yeah maybe make karera's hair black
aside from that amazing job

>Voring down the house

Thought it was gonna be gay tee bee h

Tsurugi would do a better job than you faggots.

Why is fucking vore a meme here, anyway?

I honestly love DIO, Gone to Heaven

Yasuho looks like a whore.
that's good

No it's just aping Araki's album cover inspired chapter covers.

Without a doubt. I don't see why people think it'll be Kaato considering Joubin's been slowly built up over the past like 2 or 3 years and has been involved in everything that's gone on in some capacity and the only thing we know for sure about him is that he's probably not a good person.


>Give Diavolo the same unnaturally pale skin they gave Part 1 Dio, focus on making him ripped as fuck to further drive the contrast between him and the other Part 5 characters, emphasize his weird King Crimson eyes, etc.

That'd be awesome

But Heaven DIO was well-animated and did act a lot like DIO. His design was good since it builds off DIO's Part 3 design and it's fitting for a boss character, it has those elements of a godly Egyptian figure mixed in with stuff you associate with DIO's clothes.

EoH’s (and ASB’s) DIO model is so much closer to Araki’s manga art in terms of face proportions and expressions than the anime version of his revealed form. They kept Heaven Dio’s animations true to character so a lot of the cutscenes are absolute eye candy if you’re a fan of manga DIO.

If anything he was wasted on a shitty story and lost due to a shitty asspull.

Maybe this?

But Reigen is Rohan user.

Post best boy, anons

for real this time

Every time I see that cover I just want to punch his shitty face.

that is an incredibly creepy cover
it looks like his face come from somewhere else

Josefumi's body with bits of Kira slapped on for shits and giggles.

Someone pls post that edit of White Album fight with Joushuu's face

Eh, I'm afraid I didn't like him at all. He was animated well, sure, just like normal DIO, but he just made me roll my eyes in all honesty. I admit that I really love DIO's design though, so I admit my dislike might be partially bitterness at him being one-upped by something that's meant to be better than him.



I remember back when Heaven DIO was announced and people were making those Ultimate Warrior jokes, and I said that only made the design even better because JoJo is lot like wrestling.

It's cool though, I understand your opinion even if I disagree with it.

I want some (you)s but I don't want to expend any actual effort, so you can you guys pretend I wrote some horrible greentext about lobotomizing Yasuho and respond to it accordingly? Please and thank you.


Is there more of stuff like this ?


They dont have the same right to it than Vorelentine

Why the fuck would you write this? Gappy loves Yasuho and would never want to see her braindead you sick fuck. Go post your fetish shit somewhere else then wank your tiny cock for the last time before you pull the trigger.

Not him but anything more than 4 chapters is ALWAYS rushed and has stuff omitted.

>this arc starts getting intense
>kira is on the ropes

>reverts back to 'stand user of the week' trash

how is kira on the ropes? they don't even know who he is yet

Unlike shitty Daiya, Joushuu didn´t give into emotional bullshit. He knew who raised him, who cared for him, who was kind to him, who fed him. I am so glad Joushuu saw straigh through Kaato´s act.

Even Hato knew what was going on. Only Daiya fell for it which makes her the worst Higashikata.



There's literally only 4 more fights before Kira and one of them involves Kira anyway.

Did you not watch episode 25? Kira managed to escape and change his entire LIFE. He basically reset any efforts done by Josuke and the gang.

Do you guys even realize there is going to be Teru fight quite soon. He won´t come back, r-right ?


I feel like Hato would probably be on board with Kaato potentially rejoining the family if she was given time since she actually knew her, she was just taken aback because she seemingly forced her way back into the house one random morning with zero warning.


do you think araki will have a callback to part 1 where it's revealed that johnny survived getting crushed under a boulder and became a rock man

Thanks guys!
Has actual Lobotomy-kun finally fucked off? I haven't seen him around forever.


If there is ever going to be Higashikata fight i am going to kiss Araki.

My bet is Joushuu+Norisuke+Gappy vs. Daiya+Kaato+Joubin. Don´t know about Hato.

Sorry, I can't draw hats for shit.

please do damo

Hato is for sure on Gappy's side these days. I'm expecting Joushuu to initially side with Joubin because of his hate for Gappy but will eventually realise that he was being a cunt to him for no reason and that Joubin is actually an even bigger cunt and switch sides.

I don't know if I should be vomiting or masturbating.

He's barely fighting back the urge not to murder his new body's waifu, and his dad's out flying around while shouting about his search for potential Stand users to help him protect his son, Kira Yoshikage. They don't exactly set a difficult trail.

I thought it was kinda cool if he had two different skin tones like how he has different eye colors and tongues but not so much now that I look at it, I'll probably change it when I complete the set.

yeah i kinda realized after what you were going for but i dunno if it works
we never see it like that in the colored scans
oh well

Well JoJolion art is ucking amazeballs, I think we're all exited to se Johnny drawn in this artstyle.

he looks high

There is no fucking way Joushuu is ever going to side against Norisuke. Did you even read Jojolion ? Seriously man.

Norisuke might potentially side with Joubin is what I'm saying, both Gappy and Norisuke have both said in the past that if something like that were to happen that Norisuke would most likely side with his son.

Joubin is with Kaato and Norisuke sure won´t be siding with her.

What if main villain of part 8 will be Pocoloco? To show that you can truly beat fate in the end?

We still don't know what Kaato's deal is and if Joubin is sharing everything with her. Or if Kaato is sharing everything with Joubin. There's no way it's going to just be as clear cut as that.

I love the visuals of the new OP.
So many great poses.

Decided to vecotrise some of them, starting off with Yukako(dat midriff), so far only basic colors(linework and details come later). Since I thought it looked neat I might as well post it.

I think I might do Kosaku next from the first bit of the OP.

That would be cool but. Wouldn't he be like. 125 my dude come on be serious.

>Pocoloco lost his supernatural luck
>He goes for the corpse
>He finds the corpse in japan, tricks the men in black and obtain the corpse
>Then he buried himself in the coast
>He's inside the wall eyes

>That super lucky bastard found out secret to immortality while having almost useless stand. Click here to find out why

Maybe he learned hamon by accident

>part 5 cast: all men in skintight clothes & Trish
>most popular part ever
>part 6 cast: most are women and the men are mostly unappealing with a few exceptions
>least popular part ever
Is the Japanese Jojo fanbase all fujos?

part 7 was shit and i dont want characters from 7 to ruin 8 too.

> hamon
> not spin
> black hamon user

I am 100 percent down with this

didnt you say you only finished part 3 yesterday

You know he can learn and find anything. Hamon is breathing after all

Is Kira had Requiem?

If you enjoyed part 2 and didn't enjoy 1 and 3 you should just drop it, you're going to be disappointed.


Part 3 is the most popular one tho
And yes, the only reason this series is successful it's because of fujos and nothing else

No, he had enough resolve to cause the Arrow to seek him out a second time. Requiem is when the Stand itself is stabbed by the Arrow with the beetle carving and only that Arrow.

No, that'd be Magician's Red Requiem

i think it has something to do with part 6 being badly written and boring mess. ofcourse excluding the final fight.

Can't help that Joestar sex drive

No but his power up basically worked like Requiem. He got what he wanted, being pretty much impossible to find out his identity unless he screamed his name in the streets.

Did you speedread it user? It's literally no worse in the writing department than anything before it. It's actually the point where Araki started to write actual compelling character interactions like Jolyne and Jotaro's relationship.

>being badly written and boring mess.
But part 3 is very popular

Please do one of Jotaro posing in the new OP if you want

I'll love you

Fuck off speedreader

i want this meme to die. jolyne/jotaro relationship was not compelling and deep character interaction. it was just a plot point to start stando fights and no, jotaro uttering his one liner " i always cared for you" is not deep.

It's not that it's deep, and it's not even about Jotaro's line. It's Jolyne's reaction and how it factors into her motivation and drive that makes it good. No one was trying to say it was deep until you brought it up. And yes like literally everything else in the series it exists to set up Stand fights, doesn't change the fact that it was pretty well done.

Kill yourself.

t. waifufags

not an argument

nice work
may i also suggest you vectorize this?


I had 6 spoiled for me when I was just getting into JoJo. That being said, I still want to read it.

This is a stupid question but knowing the final spoiler death(s) doesn't take away too much from the overall Part, right?

then dont call it compelling. narutards and rem fags would also call their characters motivations "compelling".
araki's writing improvement can be seen in part 8. he is good enough till now to handle mystery aspect and different characters. part 1 to 7 are pretty straight forward fighto shit.

nah, it's not that big a deal. especially since you end up rereading things anyway, and you know what happened those times

just read the c-moon and stairway to heaven fight. final 50 chapters of part 6. you will miss nothing else.

It just change the way you see a character, but the story it's pretty much the same.
Gyro without spoilers
Gyro with spoilers
>That was sad, gyro was funny

Will do.

But first I'm gonna do:
Because it's going to be much quicker.

Not really
I also had the ending spoiled and there was still some stuff that surprised me, still enojeyd it overall but not as much as the previous 3 parts

Guys I have enough money to buy some of this things, what do you suggest?
>PB + BT jojoniums
>Rohan at the louvre
>Mikitaka's Statue Legend
>Yuuya & HS Statue Legend

This is literally the worst advice you could give someone.

Unless they told you how, it's no big deal.
For example, Gyro here gets killed by Sandman.

nah. it is correct. to add to it, just read the summary of part 7(to know that there is jesus asspulling) and move on to part 8.

ok I can get behind this one

Good shit

Do a Crazy D

Then plays peace wolker and portable ops

Actually people just shouldn't bother with the series at all, read the synopsis on Wikipedia and call it a day.


Rohan at the Louvre is good and cheap.

while suckling your mom's milky teats.

Honestly just skip to chapter 50 of jjl
absolutely nothing happens until that point

>why dont you go through excruciating mess of 6 and 7 to reach good part 8

I want part 4 anime styled Kira to make me eat my own fingers

and skip to chapter 90 of PLZ.

His character writing improved a lot in p6. Could have definitely used more crew interactions, but the main cast was strong.

>Part 8
Is monotonous Part 4 with zero of the charm of it and flat characters

Gee whiz, it's like different people have different taste and could like what you don't like.


The wiggling Kira's eyes did in this scene would make an amazing GIF.

Keep telling that to yourself

It's almost like people like different things.

Why is Kira so hilarious




Gifs are better for 1-3 second loops. You can post them outside of Cred Forums too.

Because he is OCD psychopath, who has the most basic goal of all jojo villains to which he is actively denied through entirety of DiU.

I unironically hate chase, it's top upbeat for what's gonna happen.

Like, imagine if chase was used instead of end of the world, it just wouldn't fit

will this work?

>a handsome autist seeks to live a fetishistic effigy of a life fondling hands in peace with the help of his explosive cat while trying to keep his double life a secret from everyone around him

He's a sitcom, user.

There's a half-second noticeable pause at the end of the clip, but you've done God's work, mate.

>implying seven is just fightshit
>thinking that its completed writing and themes are worse than jjls current writting and themes
>triggered by a word
you probably think alt diego was fanservice, didnt you

it looks like his right ear is pointy and his left ear not.

It's Killer Queen all over again

>That perfectly paced finale
Come on DP don't fail us

Yeah, I wasn't sure if it'd screw up if I made it too short.

I've started tinkering with webms but some of them get screwed up in quality. I might have to get fraps or tinker with the webm maker more.

The World once again.

great days single when

Not him but Alt Diego kinda was tho
But he was important for the epilogue

It's clear with how they're not doing so many two-parters that the finale will have at the very least 5 eps dedicated to it. It'd be The World all over again if literally every arc in the third cour was a 2-parter like it was in SDC's 2nd half.

>Kira and Kyou actually look related too
Fucking phenomenal work man, you honestly should do full versions for each of these someday. I'd pay money for a Kyou

It was the conclusion of several characters story arcs, the conclusion of the race and themes of it, and drove in Valentines goals and motivations. Being "important for the epilouge" means that by definition it wasn't fanservice. Anyone who calls it fanservice is just projecting irrational Dio hate.

They were both traced from Jotaro

as they should be Daily reminder that Great Days will get a BtD variation where everything goes backwards. Just look at this and tell me it isn't obvious that the way the new OP backwards works isn't intentional.

Post yfw Araki start naming Stands after
steven universe songs

the 28th


I would buy shirts with those KQ title logos


>Stronger Than You
>Tower of mistakes
>Breaking Poing
>I'm Still Here
>Dance Of Swords
They sound good for stand names.
fandom-cancer aside SU have good songs and OST

They'll find a way to put him in Part 5's OPs. He'll definitely be in Part 6's, too.

wow a month from now yay so fun

actually it's only 3 weeks

Post your top 10 Jojo characters

The only way to do it Stand Proud's "hey, check out that heritage" where they show Johnathan dying, Joseph tying the Caesar's headband and Jotaro opening his eyes.

Here'ya go

>english ver

hoo boy

or they could just do the part where koichi sees the joestar ghosts during the black sabbath fight

Weather Report

Kira looks very happy in the OP

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2013.


>Cred Forums Pass user since November 2013.

Why did this have to become a thing


Yoooo how'd you green text without a meme arrow

Mah man Bruno


What the fuck is this shit you disgusting nigger get the fuck out, cunt.

I just reread C-Moon and it's dawned on me that even if the SO anime up until that point was literally a slideshow that they still won't do it justice. DiU has it easy in that the final battle isn't that difficult to animate since there isn't a lot going on outside of the actual confrontation and the backgrounds are mostly pretty simple.



I can't understand the mindset of people who just rush through the series as quickly as possible. Why would you undermine your enjoyment and ignore all the awesome art and stories (they're all great and get better as they go along) just to be 'caught up' and shitpost about how much you didn't like it and how you didn't understand things when you only fucking skim read the entire thing. It's over 900 chapters and it isn't fucking going anywhere, take your time and actually ENJOY the thing.

Yeah I don't expect those parts to be done justice, but it'll at least nice to see it in motion.

Fuck Jotaro
Marry Josuke
Kill Okuyasu (I'm sorry buddy ;_;)
Mercilessly rape and torture Koichi

Polnareff, Jolyne, Buccellati, Gyro, Hermes, Abbacchio, Johnny, Okuyasu, Pucci, Diego (in no particular order)

The white man

All of them

When I started reading jojo after I watched the part 1 2 3 anime I read part 4 and just rushed through 5 and 6 to get to best part (part 7). They weren't that good anyway. Haven't started reading part 8 tho (not fully colored and I don't want to wait a month everytime for a new chapter)

What if I rushed through it because I enjoyed it?


I still wonder how they would explain what happens after he resets it, will they just stop and narrator will go on 5 minute rant about what just happened.

I'm talking the kind of people who rush it in like a week and don't take any time to actually enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with reading fast as long as you aren't skimming shit then complaining about it not making sense or being shit.

Characters made for rape and/or torture:

1. Sherry Polnareff
2. Ringo Roadagain
3. Mario Zucchero
4. Norisuke Higashikata
5. Lucy Steel


I'm not quite satisfied with the overall outcome but it's good for practice.
My hand started to give up so I didn't get to do a rockman. I'll try to do it next time.

I hope they make a point that people kept their lives (despite the fact that it's already written there and nobody fucking goddamn reads it Jesus Christ this fucking fanbase is stupid sometimes) to not potentially confuse people.

>5 and 6 aren't very good
How wrong can one user be?

how would you know without reading that part 7 is best and others are bad?


Weather Report (canonically)

I hope Koichi managed to hide the facts of his Part 5 mission from Yukako.

I can't imagine she'd be too happy to find out that he went to Italy without her.


I read 4-6 in 8 days. I definitely need to reread 5 though because the scans were shit.

>will they just stop and narrator will go on 5 minute rant about what just happened.

Did you not watch the Part 2 adaptation?

I finished reading Part 4 about a month ago, should I read Part 5 or wait for the better translation to be completed? One of my friends said I should skip it entirely, which I don't plan on doing obviously. But is the old VA translation really THAT bad?

Also Greater Days is one of my favorite OP's now.

Part 5
>Shit story
>Shit characters
>Shit protagonist
>Shit main villain
>Fucking twinks everywhere
>Confusing as fuck fights

Part 6
>Nonsensical plot
>Asspull main villain
>Dio only for fanservice
>A fucking girl Jojo
>Shit supporting cast
Stay mad part 5 shitter

Weather is made for hugs and kisses you neanderthal.

>Raping Weather and Polnareff
They're good boys, swap them out for filthy whores like Josuke and Daiya

>Norisuke and Jobin

hol horse
weather when he was still an amnesiac
daniel j. d'arby

Josefumi wearing Crazy D colours is


accept no alternative

is it only possible to have one Requem stand at a time?
or is it one Requem at a time per arrow?

still processing the end of Vento Aureo

speedwagon dies


Yeah, I know but there is a little bit more to that than just say a couple of times in different ways that he is immortal.

The old VA translation is like Duwang but without the memes. It's hard to tell what's going on a lot of the time and it completely sucks out a lot of great characterization as well makes shit up too instead of properly translating.

I'd honestly suggest you wait for it to be fully retranslated, the new scans and translations are actually making a very big difference which is needed because part 5 has some of the best looking fights, thanks to the shit scans it's really hard to tell what's going on a lot of the time, so I'd say just wait for the new scans and don't you dare skip it completely. Despite what the shitters here say part 5's actually a genuinely great part

Also leave before you're spoiled, forgot to mention that


It's pretty shit, but with how far in the new translation is (there's only around four volumes left, all of which could be read through in a few hours), you won't be missing too much information.


Can you do full fruit-dad, beetle-boy and Kyo sometimes later?

It's like the opposite of Duwang.

Duwang was good Japanese with bad English, and VA's translation is bad Japanese with good English.

It's Duwang but it didn't have the awful charm Duwang had, it's literally just shit scans with comic sans text that completely fucks up all the characterization of the characters as well as made up more than it did actually translate. No wonder part 5's got such a bad rep.

>Skipping parts
I think your friend is a faggot

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2013.

Superman 1 it:

people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

What's wrong with the MC having a vagina?

>tfw Alessi never used Sethan on Joseph

Alright, guess I'll do that. How long until it's completed though?

He is!


What do you mean? I'm a priced gold member

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>wanting Joseph to die because he wouldn't be able to see his stand


>the joestars are hipsters


People who actually call him this exclusively are retards and cancer

Only the Arrow with the Beetle pattern akes Requiems. So yes, only one Requiem at a time. Also it has a mind of it's own and it's probably the same consciousness between all Requiems.

But Joseph always has a plan B.

Great work user


I'm pretty sure they said it'd be done by the end of the year, Something worth checking out though is the fanmade dub for it by Lord Griddlez, got up to 5 eps and it's pretty nice for a fan project so far.
Fucking fantastic, doing great work here senpai! Would honestly love to see more later on, nice!

id say it was ok to distinguish him from part 4 josuke until we knew his true identity , but now its totally useless

that these symbols mean?

If they ever get around to doing the VA anime, I hope they make some changes to the artstyle so that QUALITY isn't as noticeable.
SC might not have been that impressive looking a lot of the time, but at least it was fairly consistent compared to DiU where it constantly ranges between some of the better looking scenes of the series, to absolute dog shit.

He's still Josuke.

It's fine casually, but why would you only refer to him as that, especially when you're actually creating something. Even if that something is awful hipster art.

and these

>still 6-7 years before JoJolion gets animated
>if it even gets animated
This pain is unbearable. Thank you user for relieving it.

You have to cut your penis off and wear padded bra's in order to [SELF-INSERT] as MC.


>you're daughter brings this home

why does Giorno look like he could pull off being a trap
and why am I falling for it

but you don't need to see his stand

true but now you could argue , is he more josefumi or more kira ?

Do you miss Duwang?

Jolyne didn't even bring him, he literally followed her home.

I wonder how Jotaro felt about his daughter's future husbando looking like a street walker.

Wouldn't he remember where not to Stand, though? This is also Joseph Joestar we're talking about.

got a feeling so complicated

How the hell did people not expect Gyro to bite it with that ominous last name? Having the Zeppeli name, new universe or not, is a massive death flag

He acts more like Kira than Josefumi from what we've seen of them both but we've seen little of Josefumi overall and we've still seen things in Josuke from before his reveal that feel more like Josefumi things. (like him crying about no one looking for him.)

Does it really count? I mean, nobody commented on Abbacchio being a drag-queen, it's just how people seem to dress in the JoJo universe.

>tfw you always at least use incognitto mode


I have to give Annasui props for being willing to ask something like that when all that crazy shit was happening.

I really don't understand why do they outsource so much to Dr. Movie, unless those guys do it literally for food. Fucking Surface episode looks good at this point compare to last one and apparently Surface was Hanjin's made.

BD rips fucking when.
I wanna know if they're actually going to bother fixing shit this time around.

More than half the characters in part 5 were probably gay, even the straight ones probably had gay orgies at some point.

Everybody who saying that part 5 is shit:
"You are mistaken, retards!"

You might be right

>unless those guys do it literally for food.
Considering the amount of work, or lack thereof, they put into their episodes, this wouldn't even surprise me. They must be running a tight budget, unless David are just being turbo Jews.

- Part 5 is shit.
- no use talk sense to retard like you! waste my time!

His body is more Josefumi since Karera mistook him for Josefumi over Kira and the leftover corpse was identified as Kira, but in personality he seems closer to Kira.

Anyone who says any part is shit are mistaken. Every part has their flaws but literally all of the parts have more good things to them than bad, there's not a single part that isn't enjoyable.

Sometimes it looks like people forget to actually enjoy this series and spend all their time bitching about the bad parts instead of talking about the good.

The OP has actually grown quite a bit on me, but it's still somewhat bland.

Going by appearances and mannerisms here's what my mind defaulted to
Giorno: N/A
Bruno: Gay
Mista: Straight with horrendous fashion-sense
Fugo: Gay
Narancia: Gay
Abbacchio: Gay

But then when FF died for real I kept expecting her to come back somehow.
Felt like her death lost a bit of impact.

You can't discuss about good.

Being gay is probably normal in that sausagefest setting, Diavolo's guard squad had at least 3.

Does Kira ever get to tap that milf?

Even though we literally saw her spirit float off and she said "even if you save the body, it wont be 'me'"?


wow that's exactly what happens in the ending

The most he has is the feeling of relief that she wasn't hurt when there's a stand attack at the house, but he brushes it off saying that he was probably only worried for her safety because if she died people would get suspicious of him.

>narancia was mista's only release until trisha came along

>fugo dances with risotto
Confirmed traitor

Josefumi physically, Kira mentally.

From what we've seen of the former, he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who beats a guy for information and smashes another dude's head in the middle of street in broad daylight.

>tfw trish will never grind on you
why even live

I mean they're metrosexual Italians, what do you expect

Jesus fucking christ, he's a JoJo for a reason.

Abbacchio and Bruno were totally fucking, weren't they.

the pleasure of being cummed inside

Who wouldn't want to fuck Bruno?

The most jarring thing is that apparently 'Alien' was not entirely outsourced, in that sense that Dr. Movie was not a key animator this time, just coloring, maybe something else, perhaps 'anemenewsnetwork' is just a shitty source but I don't have another, meaning that a big portion of the episode was done by DP's best animation directors, go figure.

This video is also completely pointless, since Part 5's translation isn't funny like Duwang. They're basically just making fun of Part 5, not the translation.

What age of Duwang scans?

>Gio's literal third leg

As expected of Dio's son

That Kira looks like he'd have the same VA as Jotaro.

how can a professional fuck up this bad? jesus.

he forgot

Shit happens. No one is perfect.

>professionals not allowed to fuck up

he hack

Hermes x Giorno OTP

no they're not. that's official artwork, at LEAST look at it twice before sending it to the presses.

>he can't dance so fast that it looks like he has three legs

shame on you honestly.

Last episode was pretty frustrating, if it wasn't for the crap animation, the episode actually would've been very good. Ayylamo's theme was good, and it didn't push it by trying to fit the whole arc in one episode.


like around 2005?

As someone who draws a lot I can tell you how. He would've drawn Giorno, added in Trish, probably switched to something else for a bit, and then would've gone back to drawing Giorno with a slightly new pose idea and drawn in the extra leg without registering that he'd already done the other.


I think his hair when he was high was more manly

Near the end he gets really confident that he's won and that he's going to settle into his new life and even gives her a goodbye kiss on his way to work with the implication that he's going to be a dutiful husband and rail her later that night but obviously that doesn't end up happening.

This picture is a real mess. Hard to see what the fuck's going on.

The animation was only bad for half the episode, and it even then it was only for the moments that didn't really need to be drawn well.

I don't get why you guys are so autistic about the QUALITY when it's already been well established that the show is going to look like shit.

He kissed her to fuck with Hayato, while the latter kissed her to fuck with Kira.

I'd kiss her and then fuck her because she's perfect

Can someone explain Jotaro's hat

Its simple.

It just works

I know but he's also accepted at the start of the BtD arc that this is his new life and he's probably willing to put up with fucking her to keep his quiet life going.

I get autistic about it since some episodes actually manage to look good. And despite a shitty budget, I don't like seeing too many models being way off.

It's Star Platinum's sub-Stand Star Hatinum. Read the vidcon.

it's a black hat with fur on the back

as for DiU Jotaro, I have no idea

This is beautiful well done my man

It's torn at the sides and doesn't have a back side. It's blending with his hair to not make it look like shit.

>Joshuu looks like an irredeemable piece of trash
>Seakira looks as tilted as always
>Kyo looks like Jotaro
>Karera looks like Yukako
This is fucking great, well done.

read it again jolyne fuckers, your precious waifu part isn't well done in the slightest

Upon rewatching it, the first half is indeed the much worse looking one.
I wonder if they made most of the Koreans focus on that or something.

If this is Naranciafag then I'll fucking swallow a cup of nails.

>Yfw OnoD has a wide voice range and would pull a Koyasu

>No u argument

This is worse than Part 5 shitters who haven't read the Part. Coming from a guy who doesn't like Part 5


Okay, I need some feedback here.

Do you think this lineworking style is good? I wanted to make it look closer to something hand-drawn.
It's too late to change this one(for now at least), but I'll know what to (not) do in the future.

Man, am I rusty working with vectors, this took me way too long, at least the worst is behind me.

1999 is your summer~

There you go user

What are you trying to do user? and the lineworking style looks like it could use some refinement.

I reckon keep it how it was like in the first one, the line work in that style doesn't look the best.

I kiss her to fuck her.



That's what I thought. I'll stick to regular lines then.

Hot Pants

and discarded

Would you guys want me to try and typset Part 5 colored from White Album part 1 onward?

the more interesting question is which leg is supposed to be there

better without the lines imo

Fuck yes, the colored version of part 5 looks great, you'd be doing us a favor since JJCA are taking forever.

>Part 3 is the most popular one tho
Is that actually the case? Part 3 failed to meet David Pro's sales expectations with the sales being lower than part 2 and westerners prefer part 2 as well.
Part 3 was definitely the most popular twenty years ago but audiences change.

I want to fuck Frozen Mista

6.Speeds cart

JJCA will probably try to kill you, but go ahead.

Something about the text looks odd, not sure, maybe it's too thin? Small?

Just like your dick.

I guess this is can be considered finished then, since pretty much all my motivation to do lineworks is gone.

Onto vectorising that Morioh logo.


Who is that handsome gentleman?

Damn, user.

which parts?
Sometimes I have to make it smaller to just fit in the bubble which makes it look shit.

here's my attempts at part 7 back in april, I think the part 5 ones look massively better, but I miss the fading colour on the bubbles.

I think it's because some of the text looks either too thin or is placed a bit oddly so it looks like it's not filling the bubble right.Best examples I can think of are the "All I can do now is pick up" one and the "I was hoping GIorno could stop this car" one. I dunno, something about them seems a bit off-centered, makes the flow of reading it seem a bit disjointed.

>Kira gets two and then three Stands in one, complete with different names based on Queen songs
>Poochie's Stand evolves twice and takes on different names
>no other character goes through this
I kind of wish ACTs changed the Stands name instead of just being ACTs but coming up with two other names for Echoes and three other names for Tusk would probably kill Araki.


>Soft & Wet: Killer Queen
I hope



Giorno is the boss


>that pic
So what happens if Okuyasu uses The Hand to swipe above his dick?
Would he rip it off or would he achieve true dickhead status?

whom are these two?

sorry for shit quality



Koichi's sister and mother.

It would fly right off along with a good part of his pelvis
Kochan;s mom and sis

Knew I recognised them, thanks.

mama and bigsis hirose

Koichi's hot mom and hot sister




What if Ringo goes back in time a few seconds before Bites The Dust during a time-erased for King Crimson but at the same time Dio stops the time during Bites The Dust





part 5 is cancelled





He doesn't reset it he just speeds it up so it'd still happen just 10 seconds faster.


fucking ringo man why did he break the tradition


Jorge Joestar would be reborn




At what age?


Part 9's villain will be Heaven Ascended Dio, screencap this

The stand form

>character changes so much you need to specify which version of him

why is Oldseph so different than Youngseph

>Jonathan wearing a fedora

That's clever, I chuckled

Still cant beat star platinum. SAME TYPE OF ABOMINATION

Because he isn't the main character and can't actually asspull himself out of any situation

Also Hamon vs. Stands

I doubt Araki would do something that retarded in his own work.

>Not giving him the hair coming out

>Araki brings back a DIO in part 8
>Its revealed his was brought back by AU Diego's Body being killed in the same room as the corpse
>His stand is now a humanoid Hermit Purple

In araki words he was using Hermit Purple since birth

That's my only issue with the Sethan fight. They had so much potential to have Joseph revert to Young Joseph and then use Hamon to beat the shit out of Alessi. Though I guess it makes sense as to why Alessi didn't attack Joseph, for that specific reason.

>you will never strap Yasuho to an operating table, gently assuring her it'll be okay as you take your saw to her skull
>you will never gently remove 40% of the mass of her prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as she slowly loses herself as you carve away her higher brain functions
>you will never bathe her and flip her daily to prevent bedsores as she is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in her eyes when she awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with
>you'll never teach her how to drink from a bottle, or gently spoon mushed up food you chewed yourself into her mouth to feed her
>you'll never tuck her into bed, gently stroking all over her body as she murmurs and falls asleep
>she'll never inquisitively suck on your rock hard cock, licking up precum greedily as a tasty snack and gripping your shaft like a lollipop
>you'll never fuck her ass raw as she sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when she's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up her drool every morning to wake her up, suckling her cheeks for the sweet nectar
>she'll never call you daddy in her slurred, barely coherent voice as her feebled mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory

you can't trust that man

>doubting Araki's retardation


I love you lobotomykun

He's not THAT kind of retard though.

Welcome back, Lobotomy user.

>Lobotomy user
It's Lobotomykun user-chan

>Talcum powder

Keep going.

actually pretty good art

Some questions are better unknown user...

what happend to arcadefag?

Will Gappy ever gain Bites the Dust to counteract Speed King's probable time acceleration?

btfo'd. Next topic.

He stoped posting here until the demo is finished.


He's redoing the artwork for his game from scratch

His shitposting got exposed and he went back to /r/stardustrcrusaders.
You would think this is a joke but it isn't, good riddance.

jjoo bzzare avetnur al stra batel when?

Or maybe you've deluded yourself into thinking you've got partrician taste when it's actually shit-salad you're eating

Except that Part 2 is shit

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Mate you can't discuss ANYTHING on Cred Forums lately without the thread being 80% shitposting. I ever even said anything about taste in my post either, the fuck are you getting that from?

This is the biggest "No u" I've seen in a while

Cred Forums is one of the worst boards on the site. The only board close to its shittiness is Cred Forums

Are you implying Cred Forums isn't the worst major board on the site? It's basically Cred Forums but without the porn and somehow less funny.

New thread

I did this a while ago
also it didn't have part 8's characters.
You can easily put Yasuho in my top 10 somewhere