My Wife is the Student Council President! Okusama ga Seitokaichou!

6 hours.

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My body is ready!

what is this

Best MILF.

A generic harem with generic MC but two best gals pitching against each other

you should watch season 1

and manga

tfw no loli MILF to give you permission to sleep with her 15 year old daughter.

Wll she even appear?


What do you mean? She already has.

I mean S2.

I'm sure she will.

The is a very lewd series.

can't wait

Why even live?

oyakodon with loli mom and wife when

i want to see more of the cuties also

>those thighs




Sensei is into ss.







More lewd stitches!
These are great.

Although there's more focus on Rin who is cute, the Ui scenes will essentially be porn unless they skip chapters or mix things up.

Yes, student council QTs and disciplinary committee loli!

Should I wait for Blu Rays or will this be uncensored?

I don't know. Were the uncensored HS broadcast?
HS doesn't do DVD/BD releases and TV broadcasts aren't usually uncensored.

there will probably be an uncen. subbed like the first season


So they were uncensored from TV? No weird shadows or blinding light beams?
I'm impressed Japan!

Ui a cute! A lewd cute!

>suddenly cuts the lewd with cats rather than bombarding the screen with white light
Watch it both.

Holy thic those are some nice legs.
Thanks user, I'll watch the first episode and see how it goes.
From that screenshot alone it looks like there's plenty to see without having to censor anything.


It's a short so each episode is only 10min long. You can blast through the whole first season in an afternoon.



I want her to discipline me!


Anybody read the manga?
Do things get lewder with Rin?

Weird Nihon addressing school nurse as sensei

Rin suck my cock

Sensei is a blanket term that covers teachers, professors, doctors, etc.
A school nurse is addressed as sensei out of respect.
Uncensored confirmed!

Aww yeah!

More elder Misumi will be greatly appreciated.

scanlation pls

Will there be more scenes with mc and loli step mom like the shower one?

I want to fuck an older mom! You don't have shit on me, Freud.

I can't fucking wait.

By the way, censored version is 1 week late because this isn't airing on other channels aside AT-X until next Saturday.


why care? the cens being delayed matters not, we should watch the uncen one

Is this season 2!?

This shit use to get me harder than porn.

Why is Rin so shit? She ruined the whole series.

Why you are a Miserable Hater Faggot with Rin?
Perhaps because she not is like a Slut and Hooker like wakana ui

I'm hoping for some quality Rin time.

Oh for fuck's sake, is ESL-kun here too?

She is a dirty housewrecker and is the reason we aren't getting any scanlations any more

More Rin and Sawatari I like that chibi girl

Is DDY still a thing? Because CR's censoring is awful.

You are a retard.

We live now!

Is there actual fucking or is it just blue balls?

There is a manga with the same characters and the same author where they fucked.

Now we wait.

It's out on CR so HS probably soon.

if theres no ATX version or something Im gonna be so mad

Is there going to a uncensored version like season1?

Read the thread faggot.

Ja Fuck You
I have better taste and critery than you

Hooker Slut
Why she is beloved meanwhile rin is hated so wrong
She not deserve that

Because she is his wife not a cockblocker slut who wants to steal another's man while stopping him from touching a woman's body.

Truly the worse, doesn't wants him be with others but doesn't lets him be with he either.
Someone beat HS to the punch.

No disappointments.

too lewd


wait what?

is this uncen or censored?

>Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 (Uncensored) - 01 [1080p] [MX-ES-EN-DE-FR-IT] [54AD2815].mkv
I don't know, you tell me.

We just don't know.

See . Also kill yourself.

I thought he just couldn't be arsed anymore


>she will never be your waifu
why live?

Thats a big clit.

didn't know there was season two watching right now.

Wait is this uncensored?

I hope S2 gives me more of Misumi at least.

i cant wait for the love hotel episode

It's not hentai, I swear to god

>She will never give you a footjob
Existence is suffering

The first one was too.

>This is somehow a harem even though he is engaged to the best girl from the start
Fucking gay and why does this get me harder than hentai?

I can't wait for the episode where kaichou gets sick and Izumi sticks his finger in her ass

You are not read the manga, for that You are very wrong


how the fuck did this come out of

Cockblock the anime.

She was little, and then grew big.


I need all the webms and stitches of this episode.

I hope this shuts up "will die at child birth" fags forever.

>alright you still have 3 minutes, you can continue giving me a foot job

This guy.

There is a god

>High Class
You did good user.

this is some shin maou level shit

Wait didn't we have to use a different sub group last time because even the uncensored [HS] was censored? Didn't they replace a scene when he was in the nurse's office with like a theater skit?

I swear we used DDY or something.

Chitoge and Houki are Middle class

This fucking show. I'm so glad it got a s2.

Are you sure that wasn't a fan de-censor like with that one Strike Witches release?

>no qt 3.14 waifu trying to make your dick hard as diamonds

Just fucking kill me already

This is my guilty pleasure of the season.

Yeah I'm sure there was something like this but I can't remember what it was. Someone else that was in the threads will remember.

HS release is available. I'll watch them both and let you know.
I'm sure they are the same though.

Kaicho is pure sex

If I had a qt3.14 like this shlicking off in my bed there's no way I could keep my dick out of her!


They are exactly the same.

this is the worst shit ever kill yourself

It wasn't every episode. I'm pretty sure 1 of the examples was the nurse's office or something with the loli mom.

Here a pussy for you

Good example here. AT-X is more detailed in this shot. Created a webm to show the difference.

First is AT-X. Then, uncensored Crunchy.

This is like usual BD stuff, but [HS] will cut entire scenes.

would you?

Is this the MY DICK thread?

This shot is at 0:04ATX and HS are the same

Just look at the original raws. That should show if anything was removed or added.

>She actually lets him suck her tits in the latest volume

Wish more series did this. They only have the nurse/teacher tease.


All that meat.


Why is he cheating on Kaicho

It is


fuck, pics and webms from this thread almost gave me a boner, now i know what i will marathon on saturday 1st season i mean

HS is censored right? Who's doing the uncensored version?

Best mom.


Looks like DameDesuYo but no idea if they'll pick it up again.

>Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 (Uncensored)
>HS is censored right?

Yeah its censored

It is not.

Probably should have at least checked Nyaa's main feed before asking.

You're not a very bright person are you?

DDY said they will.

HS is uncensored EXCEPT for this part Crunchy does not have defining lines of her vulva.

I care exactly enough about this to wait for DDY.

Like you even need subs for this show. Do you really need context for titty sucking and puffy vulva?

what kind of fucking nigger arre you? the story is the best part of any ecchi/hentai


Which chapter?

This show is a hentai?

Weird. HS claims that they don't actually censor anything, they just work with what's given to them. So I'm wondering what version of the episode they got if it shows titties but not detailed cameltoe.

*CR claims, obviously

Maybe somebody was checking the episode after they delivered the video to CR and thought that some extra-lines would've been better and made a V2 in less than a week.

Anime schedules are so ridiculously rushed I could almost believe that.

Garden variety ecchi anime. Are you some unspoilt virgin who has never seen an ecchi anime or something?

what the hell means "garden variety"?

My first thought was that the guy looks a bit old to still be sucking his mommy's nipples, but then I remembered that he's not since I didn't quit until I was 16.

Google it ESL-kun, it's a common English phrase

That's his wife. Who is also in high school with him.

Common English phrase my fucking ass.

>looks a bit old to still be sucking his mommy's nipples, but then I remembered that he's not since I didn't quit until I was 16.

It's so common typing it into google pulls up this definition at the top of the page.

This should have been better as hentai

Mommy let me continue even after milk stopped coming out, so I continued for over a decade.

this shit is straight up hentai. is this really airing in japan TV ?

Jesus! What rock have you been living under.

It's already on a shoestring budget, it would have basically no animation if it were OAV hentai.

gibe details, for science offcourse

>North American

Typical nonsense. As expected of the lower beings.


i grew up in god forsaken romanian village

Yeah I'm sure a guy who barely speaks our language is a real authority on colloquialisms*.

*that means "regional phrases" fyi, I know you have trouble with English vocabulary**
**vocabulary means diction***
***diction means words that people use

Strange since "garden" is the UK word for what Americans call a front yard.
Garden variety is a metaphor for something common enough to be picked from any garden or yard.
I always thought it was self explanatory. But then again, thinking is a lost art in this day and age.

Garden in America refers to a little plot in one's yard used to grow herbs, flowers, vegetables, etc. Usually local fare that grows in your area, hence why it's a synonym for commonplace. Anything you find in a garden you could probably find by walking along any public park.

Eh? No. Gardens are usually reserved for specific plants and flowers. It takes dedication/time/effort to maintain a good garden. Public parks have weeds and shit. In this context garden variety means exotic kind not common ones.

Where is the censored version with the puppet show?

Does anyone know what chapter this episode is in the manga?

>grow herbs

I think you mean 'erbs



God I want to molest the shit out Kaichou.



It's funny, the people that don't want to molest the shit out of her tend to be lolicons, and would therefore molest the shit out of her mom. Something for everyone in that family.


>cake next door


You kidding? The censored version was great last time. I'll still watch both, just a bit upset that I'll have to remember to find the censored versions next week.

lewd scenes with cat girl when

I want to give her a severe dicking.


That is all.


Her scenes are the best because she is the best kind of lewd girl: the kind that is so innocent that she isn't even aware she is being lewd.

I liked the first season, guess I'll watch this.


Is Lisha even Tsundere?

Are there alot of Karen x prez?

Censoring an anime for mature audiences never makes sense to me.
Huh, I never knew that softcore can be so hot

It helps this one has really good characters.

Maybe at the first episode i guess

If the mom and the rest of the gang gets service like this. I can die in peace

>This whole episode

Fuck, it's been too long since I've watched an ecchi series


>not picking up ecchi series every season

There wasn't anything nearly this ecchi last season, though, was there?

>what is Mahou Gakuen HxH

It needs to be ecchi and good.

the thighs
the butt

Would like to feel

Ayane is love. I want to tickle her all over.

Then why the fuck do you suddenly think you have remotely any authority over the English language, gypsy-kun?

This got a second season?

Aired last night Japan time.

Best girl


Indeed. I want to tease her relentlessly with her sister and possibly try to get the world's best three-way started.

>I didnt quit till I was 16

tell me more

You caught your cute wife on the act. What do?

lose all rational thought and pounce


I do wonder why I always see Ayana in these kind of roles. I wonder if she gets some sort of thrilled out of them . Even her friend Aoi Yuuki doesn't get herself involved in these type of roles.

Give her a whooping like Embryo gave salia on cross ange


She is Best tsundere comparing her with slutella and yami specially yami

Needs webm of this part

this is just straight up hentai. Soft core hentai, but still hentai

It's just on the lewder end of ecchi. You probably haven't even watched DxD and Testament.

I'm the only one who detests wakana ui

That's good but not good enough. There shouldn't be anyone in the world with bad taste like this.

It's on broadcast TV so it counts as anime. A very, very lewd ecchi anime, but still an anime.

This thread is about to put me in the hospital. I don't think my body can operate while my dick uses up all the oxygen in my blood.

Fukken picked up.

I prefere Rin
Sawatari is funny
And girl cosplay is cute

Don't forget to get season 1 and its OAV.

If you're talking about what was bundled with the 9th manga volume, was this ever subbed? I see raws but no subs on nyaa.

Ganbarou has a 480p release on nyaa.

Now I want to eat some Peeps but it's not Easter.

Mediocre release. I'll wait for DDY, no idea what the fuck the holdup is beyond "batch fixes". They should release it on its own instead of dumping it in with the S1 batch.

Ah, so there is. I missed it because it didn't have the cartel seal of approval.

they sell Halloween peeps in the shape of pumpkins.

It's been almost a year since it was released. I think this is as good as we're going to get.

Small price to pay for hand paizuri!

I'm good at waiting. I'm still waiting for Hiryuu to finish up Shimoseka, and to figure out if Commie dropped Concrete Revolutio or not. I'm patient... probably too patient.

Just make sure your family is able to locate your body. Because I think you'll be waiting that long.

I have other shit to do in the meantime, it's not like my life is literally only waiting for anime and watching it, at least not anymore. I've already tried that life and it's just a bit overrated.

>I'm still waiting for Hiryuu to finish up Shimoseka, and to figure out if Commie dropped Concrete Revolutio or not.

Anyone got a webm of him fading away into nothing at the end?


Oh god yes, my dick was missing this.
Damn you, delicious kaichou.


>some people overreacting this much even though the MC only sucked Ui's tits for a bit this episode
Holy fuck, we really got hit with a huge wave of newfags recently, didn't we.

MC is not anywhere close to a shota, so no.

Do they ever have sex?

Let them have their field day, been a while since we had uncensored nipples on TV.

Of course not.

no, this is a christian anime

I'm not that new, but it's just that we've been so inundated with shitty shadows, mysterious light rays, and magic gravity defying skirts that, given a little taste of what was so common back in the day, even I react like a giggling newfag to a show like this.
We live in dark times Cred Forumsnons.

what happened to holding hands

If you actually read the manga. You can already tell how fucking annoying she is getting in the way in the relationship between Ui and the MC. She has no chance in winning at all.

Do my class president duties.
I must pleasure the needs of the people I serve.
Not my own urges.

The ass is too good.

How far along is the manga now? All the scanlations I've seen stop at 39

>footjob with stockings
>only gets turned on by looking at panties

What a faggot.

>not with bare feet
That's the problem.

I just want to see Karen abusing her boyfriend. Their relationship is the best one in the manga.

This. It would be 10x better if it were barefeet but it's still good nonetheless. The feet is still somewhat noticeable though the stocking.


>been a while since we had uncensored nipples on TV
HxH had them just last season. It was shit, but it was still uncensored.

>preferring barefoot to stockings
Faggots, the lot of you.

>trying not to jerk off
>all these thick thighs are making that extremely difficult
Fucking hell, Kaichou is to god damn sexy. Those fucking thighs of hers is such a turn on.

I don't know about you user but maybe the reason why the simulation wasn't so great for the male character is because she's wearing stockings.

I specially appreciate this show's ecchi because they would go as far and put in kisses. I don't think there's too many ecchi shows where kisses are common which is strange since you can have groping and a bunch of tits and ass but they cannot do kisses.


She's great, how lewd does she get?

Or the fact that he was wearing pants and she didn't know what the fuck she was doing.

Kisses are a sign of romantic feelings. It's hard to incorporate them without making the characters admit to being in love, which raises the question of why they don't just fuck already and gets rid of an easy to write good end.

She shows her bare pussy to him at the end of that chapter, which I'm pretty sure S1 skipped. She sticks his face in it later, but I doubt they'll show us that either.

This lewd.

Guess I need to pick up the manga, so basically she's also into Izumi?

No, she's just extremely pure.

Nah, she's just clueless.

That's even better.

>Or the fact that he was wearing pants and she didn't know what the fuck she was doing.

Even with pants on. You'll feel the barefeet a lot more than fucking stockings and if we are talking about doing a foot job directly to the penis. Bareskin obviously feels 10x better than a clothing.

Wait, I wasn't the only person who watched this? Is this really getting a season 2?

As a fellow thigh lover have a stitch from me.

Incredible and saved, but a few minutes to late. Already took care of buisness.






DDY's release of this weekend's ep is now up, boys.



>We still don’t have a DVDISO/BDMV of the OVA. We won’t release until one appears online because the other video sources available are shit.

Goddamnit.Someone get on this and get them a Bluray.


My weekly fap show is back


>You should be able to solve this.

Just look at those diamond-hard nipples.


Answer is π

I read what there is of the manga recently and didn't even know there was an anime.

Time to start over again.

you are a riot

Oh shit this is getting a continuation? It was the most cutest thing ever.

an animu you can be proud to watch

Watch DameDesuYo instead

7 hours.

Well it's 'arranged' so you can understand why he's at least got some interest in the others.

They ever get to fuck without being interrupted in the manga? If so does that solidified the relationship and the neighbor stops interrupting?

>already QUALITY in first episode
Whew lads

At least the parts that matter were done properly though.

No, but his bride make him to DIY twice after the play.

No, arranged marriage be damm. The Busty Girl Next Door wont step down easily as ''flower'' violated by eye.

>this shit
Are you fucking serious

I guess this level of puffy vulva was too worrying for some people.
This whole deal is kind of hilarious.


op π?
or π zuri?

Too lazy to wait for them so I'll just grab HS's subs, put them on a raw and manually adjust the timing. Thanks for the heads-up.

But it's already out..

It's π3

HS is better, and they literally didn't sub half of one of the episodes.

HS = CR, I rather take commie instead of 60% mistranslation

>I'd rather take 100% mistranslation than 60% mistranslation

New translated manga chapter when?

This is beyond degenerate.

How is this allowed to air on TV?

>This is beyond degenerate.
How exactly is this more degenerate than fingering a girl in front of the whole school?

>Wanting to read Commie Subs.

Is this nigga serious?

How exactly is that more degenerate than a nude threesome in a bath house?

That serves a purpose of procreation. Procreation has a use.

>watching subs that have been copied from CR and intentionally made wose

Also, fuck the niggermods for making deleting posts and reposting so hard. You pieces of shit.

You could say its a garden variety phrase~

Fight me

Sex in front of an audience > sex in a place where you might be seen.

What show is that by the way?

>Public parks have weeds and shit.
Well, not if they are maintained, as a public park should be.

Newfag here, why is there furigana in this ecchi page? Did they want little kids to be able to read this? Not that I'm complaining because I'm a shitter who needs furigana but I never thought it'd be in these types of shows.

Fixed that for you.

There is no such thing as a good tsundere. Fuck off you esl riddled faggot

Have you seen the kind of shit that is published in Shonen Jump these days?

Did you know to love ru is a shonen?

I for one appreciate the fun learning material.

Seems bullshit enough.