What is AOTS and why is it Bloodywhores?




I like the singer who does the opening


Didnt like the OP nor ED much. Rock ost is nice though.

It piqued my interest to say the least.

It's rather funny because they really tried not to animate anything.

Since when Cred Forums started to watch chink shit?
I though you hated the outcast for being a webtoon.

Some cheap-ass production quality there, like Outcast was, but the premise is interesting. Might still stick with it.

What's this show about?

Super secret vampire prison conspiracies.

Is this show some kind of Tokyo ghoul ripoff ?

well I certainly respect the man's fashion

So who was the one that killed the 15 people?
I'm assuming it's the girl?

The girl has nice tits

There's my boi Henry.

Are you for real? Who watch this trash except chinks? Do you see how dead these threads is

No, the characters and social dynamics are different.

It's psycho-pass with vampires.

I swear chink threads are always the same with some chink spamming his low quality screenshots and other saying shit like "i will keep watching because it bad even though it shit"

>social dynamics
Is this the deep of the season hmmmm cold blooded killer

Going by the manhwa its far closer to King of Thorn.


Instant boycott.

I really liked the first episode. Good that they didn't went for the typical vampire story.

The fuck are you talking about? It's typical and generic as brown donkey shit

Why are your posts so very similar?

Neither are deep, but they are both edgy.

Nothing of value was lost anyway. It filled with QUALITY, typical chink bootleg manga characters and cliches, beyond the edge plot and shit OST. Also VAs should like they're dying or aome shit

What's with the recent increase in chink-themed cartoons?

First Outcast and now this. Anyone care to explain?

The typical vampire stories would be
>a girl falls in love with a vampire
>lmao vampire are actually the real humans and humans are monsters
>how to be a vampire :)
And this series focuses on none of that shit (at the least in episode 1).

First post itt, you newfag.

Tencent want Nippon senpai to notice them because they're weebs. They gives money for jap to make their OC donut steel comics become anime's. A shame that every single one of their shows flopped though, like not even chink give a shit about them.

Did you only ever read twilight or something?

Tell me exactly how it focused on them being vampires. The whole plot didn't even need them to be vampire and that's a good thing here.

>tencent: me want animes
>nip: gib money and remember ranking
>tencent: here money pls gib animes
I mean it's not rocket science at all, even a child can figures it out

Can the autistic "chinkshit" posters fuck off to their underage kindergaten, Cred Forums, and gas themselves? I realize yesterday was the first day and IRC was in full force, but I want for those threads to remain clean since chinks actually apport some minimal discussion, contrary to most of what you get in retardedchan

Nice title

I'm talking about your typical vampire stories, are you dumb? Did you only read twilight or something?

Then what is a typical vampire story to you, retard?

>it's that chink shill again

Could this series be enjoyable shlock?

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Whatever chink shit, maybe you should stop spams crap

Huh? I'm talking about you, idiot

Is this an original?


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>can't even name an alternative and samefags

>chink shit
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Have a good day sir

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Get some rest chink, there are 2 more shows you need to shill soon.

Was kinda interesting
>That preview for the next episode
And dropped

lol, for fuck sake, is there even a single good show this season?

Oh, it's made by chinese people? Or is the setting just in China?

Why would Japan make stuff to pander to China, they literally want to kill everyone in Japan.

This is some damn good anime

Yesterday thread for anyone care, this chink is a fucking cancer

Chinese "original" story from hundred of generic shounen shit with VA and OST by japs

my dark complexioned brother

Stop spamming

Witches will literally be the only thing actually worth watching.

This too

The singer sounds like so half assed

How the hell one can be "half-vampire" in this setting? Isn't suposed to be a disease, not a race like in other settings. So either you have it or not.

This doesn't make sense

Special snowflake and shit yo, why are you trying to make any senses for bootleg garbage?

I remember reading the comic. Its full of plot tweests - impossible to predict anything, since author constantly turns the tables.

Child born from human and vampire infected mother. That doesnt matter though, the point is he is child of the chief of agency that hunts vampires - so was seen as an example of posible coexistence: until he went full retard and became petty golden youth criminal.

Chinks can't make good stories. Japanese are far more evolved than them. Japan and Thailand are best countries in Asia. And the only countries that aren't retarded in Asia.

t. thai lady boy

I'm from EU you retard chink

>Chinks can't make good stories

I disagree, there is lot of nice Wuxia out there. It's just their production values are low when it comes to animate the products, even when its a co-production like this one.

Honestly when it comes to story this isn't worse that lot of japanese shows, its just this doesn't have as much budged.

How is this worse than Stray Dogs, for example? Is not, but its edited by Kadokawa and has popular seiyuus, and this not.

t. Poonsuk Supaporn

>Thread so shit he instantly spams another
is this some kind of chink trash general?

They are (not)vampires, they won't die just because you kill them.