Post anime philosophy

post anime philosophy.



Izuko Gaen promoting the heavy truth of the world and the one that we all need to accept.

Nisioisin gives us dreams and takes it away from us

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Gaen has a point though. Once you accept you're nothing, you are free to do what you want.

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I fucking love Momoka

Shonen anime philosophy is no less than basic common sense.

OP here, manga is fine too.

you might not be special but one day you might meet someone who is special to you and maybe you will be special to them, even if no one else thinks either of you are special


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No-one is special, not being special is the key to be truly free.
You are not bound by anything, by being nothing you can do anything.

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Is Kino no Tabi blu ray or any HD really no longer exist in internet? Still trying to find it.

>as long as there is a hole, there will be love