Who is your favorite director?

Who is your favorite director?

The man, the myth, the legend.


oshii and oishi


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he's a light novel hack though

Anno, not even meming.

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He should do more toku

>he died six years ago


yet people like butcher, nagai, and okada are still around

Junichi Sato

Sgt Frog
Aria (and Amanchu)

Such good stuff. I love it all.

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Currently Yamada.



Great blogs where do i subscribe?




definitely Kon

I've been thinking about making a T-shirt with the print


i want it to be esoteric


it has to be him

The master!


>Doctor Ritsuko, I'm EVA

He's the only one whose directed multiple series I consider 10/10s (3 of them in fact). Hayao Miyazaki comes close since he's had consistent 9/10s for nearly everything he's directed.

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why are they shaming their paying customers?


don't you mean WAS? ooooooooooooooo

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you actually have to type something in the email box. they are both showing that on purpose.

Miyazaki, easily.

Best contemporary director.


oh. How embarassing.

Shoot you're right, never mind then.

satoshi urushihara

>I have watched a grand total of 4(four) films

>no kawajiri in this thread

Yamada is best director working currently. By far.

I'd say maybe Yuasa too except for we know nothing about these movies he's currently doing. Other than those two though, I don't see anyone else worth getting excited about.

Based Director who helped the anime industry,

I think I like most of the people he influenced better than I like him



Ikuhara's the most obvious disciple.


Anno please go.

I fucking love Anno, goofiest looking fuck alive.

every single work of hers is a success


Probably Kishi Seiji.
I don't pay attention to directors at all (unlike seiyuu or studios), but when he was the guest on Anigera, I checked up his works and found out he was behind many of my big favorites like Seto no Hanayome, Sunred, Kamisama Dolls, and JinTai.

What do you like about Ikuhara?
I think that Utena was excellent, and that was the one most notably Dezaki-ish, but the only two things he's directed since then haven't exactly been at that level or even in that style.

I think that out of all the people Dezaki has influenced, Akiyuki Shinbo would definitely be my personal favorite, in fact I like his style a bit more than Dezaki's. I think that he's had a couple more misses than hits in his anime series though, so I still rank Dezaki higher than Shinbo. I can't name anyone else Dezaki's influenced that I would put above him though.

Tomino's style isn't very distinct, his writing being his only saving grace, but even then there's only really 4 or so of his series that i'd say were genuinely good as a result of their writing.
Yamakan is shit, if you like him then you might want to consider suicide.
Noriyuki Abe has declined over time, and the only series from him I like is GTO.
And I haven't seen anything from Ryutaro Nakamura, so no opinion on him.

>Akiyuki Shinbo would definitely be my personal favorite

Get back to your Powerpoint threads, Shaftfag.

Shinbo != Shaft

Shinbo hasn't done anything in 12 years.


Yuasa because I'm a pretentious dickwad.

Still waiting for Miya or Paku san


He was much more involved in Bakemonogatari and Madoka than I think you're giving him credit for.


Sucks living in 3rd world countries.

You mean Oishi and Miyamoto

not so sure about bake, that's definitely oishi's aesthetic, but you're probably right on madoka, isn't he apart of the magica quartet?