Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Final OP/ED here we come!

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2nd for Kaiba in OP

This is a semen demon




a new op/ed?

My body is ready for SUPER※DRAGON





>OP is crap

What a surprise.

It was actually pretty good

I liked it. I have a feeling that will be a very unpopular opinion though

Dear fuck, it's awful. The OP I mean.

I liked it.


I liked the visuals.

oh fuck, this is catchy as FUCK

Shit opening

Not liking the song, maybe it'll grow on me

And it got even worse. Fuck's sake.

Is that Raging Dragon Egaoing?

Worst Arc-V opening


>bunch of stills
wew lads

I can't tell if that was worse or just as bad as Light of Hope

Visuals are nice, song is meh.


Not bad, but not great either


Chorus is pretty catchy, actually.

Terribly unfitting for the stage of the plot we're in, but it's not bad on its own.


That was a really good beat, instrumentals and visual combined with GARBAGE vocals.

>That opening

That was lame as fuck. Incredibly boring. People joked about it being a slideshow but that is exactly what it was.

Sora isn't shilling any new cards, weird, he has a Booster Special.


>That OP
Was alright. Didn't like the lead in but after that it was alright

The opening is pretty good, but it doesn't really do much to build big finale hype like I hoped it would.




>Even the OP has given up on the show

Yuto using AC.


Fuck it's so weird seeing Yuto move around and Yuya be the ghost firend

Why not Jewry

he gunna kill us all

Wonder Wings at least had visuals going for it

>that OP

Is this the new WONDA WINGS

I told you fags the OP would be smiles and happy shit. At least they bothered to include everyone from the show in it.


Damn, Yuri gives no fucks.




This show doesn't deserve Ebina

I believe in M!lk
I did like the part where the pendulam swang between yuya and yuzu though

Rin has best rins

Look at all of these jobbers


Having the kachoufuugetsu thing going on in the background is a nice touch.


Even Eita...

>that cheeky dennis
as expected of best boy

>believe in M!lk
It can literally only be worse.

This picture is everything wrong with Arc-V





The worst part is that they got the Ruris right




rip yuto


>he will never be carded.
I hate it

so they're just looping parasite fusioner's onto monsters?

>Parasite on Yuya's shoulder
This can only end terribly



bugged Yuya

>Action Card spam


Is that one of the LDS /fa/ squad at the bottom? They really did include everyone.

here we go again

>It's the fucking bug making him go berserk
>not him of his own volition


I love him so much

>Even Yuto spams Action Cards now


>Parasite inside tomato
Well fug

>yuya getting parasite'd too

goddamnit boner

>trying to control yuya


why is yaiba so far away from the other 2

is that Heartland?

When will we get a RATE TV commercial?


Did the parasite just melt?


>The bug gets eaten by darkness



Yuto get hit once, and desyncs. Fuck off.

Ow the edge


>get cocky because bug is inside opponent
>bug get's eaten by darkness


>Yuya's brain ate the parasite
Holy fuck.

>The parasite melts
>Tells Ruri and the Doctors that it's fucking useless in Demon Duelist mode

>Just goes back to normal.


Pretty mediocre so far not going to lie

>Using Wyvern as Fusion material without summoning it first

>Magic cardo... YUGO HATSDOU
this fucking guy


Why watch Arc-V when you can watch Cardfight Vanguard G NEXT?

>tfw you're about to play fusion

that happened to ZEXAL too, iirc

Yugo saving Sora's ass

>misspells "gets"
>gets double six

The fuck is this shit?


Why the fuck are these duels taking up so much time?


>These are muh D.M imoutos

Upload the op!

>2 dragons
>about to be 4
let's go lads

>TRIES TO MAKE Vanguard thread
>dies in 5 minutes

>Sora didn't shill a single new card
What are they gonnd put in his Booster Special then?



Tomato > Pink Spiral

his manga stuff

You wish this made me like the show again but it only reminds me how bad it went.

the ruris know they done fucked up


Is it just me, or are all of PK traps extremely situational?

>So angry he's scaring the fucking parasites




you dead doktor...

>12 copies of one monster across 2 decks




I wish Cred Forums was capable of maintaining a Vanguard thread but sadly it's too dead on this board.

>the monsters are scared of Yuya



That's a page straight from a NTR doujin.


oh fuck, raging looks all kinds of fucked up


>I'm Herr Doktor, and this is Jackass

serena and ruri a ded

What did he use to summon that? Odd-Eyes + Dark Rebellion?

>"There won't be a next turn..."


At least it looks cool as fuck.

>Serena tazes shun then kicks yuya

>Crawling on my skin


>that egao


Congratulations Yuya. You finally summoned an Odd-Eyes that actually has wings.

But Rebellion's energy blades are still better.


>back to normal



>incoherent yuzu shouting in the background of the docter's and leo's skype call

>This ending
Like it and the art style it has going on right now


>this art style
>comfy ed
love it



Doujin when

Well this is different than what I expect..

Not even fucking close to Challenge the Game


I liked that ED



>photo of all yus and ruris while yugo is adjusting the camera
this is all i wanted thank yo lord

It least the music isn't as fucking terrible.

>ED is literally Arc-V if it was a SoL


Right in the whip viper.


Wheel of Prophecy and Hazy Flame Sphinx cameo

Pretty boring episode desu.

>Shun not leaving Ruri/Yuto alone



I swear the doctor shit is just straight NTR doujin bait

Yuya gets jailed and he watches Yuzu run away with the doctor...

of course it's going to become a doujin where the doctor fuck Yuzu in front of Yuya and Yuya kills him at the end


>Yuto hiding from shun while he's with Rui

>Yuto trying to hide from shun while he's with Ruri
perfect, I'm actually fucking crying

The only good thing about it was the animation.


Who the fuck is that lion?


Good, but I still wouldn't consider it one to end the series on.
Overall, this episode was a 4/10. At least we got to see Raging Dragon.

Who's ready for rodent degeneracy: the deck in ONE (1) week.

>new OERD blasts the ruris hard enough to vaporize the wall
>Serena and Ruri get up 2 minutes later like it was nothing and trot away
That kind of kills how threatening it's supposed to be

Leo, of course.


Yuto knows


One of the Sphinx monsters.

>this is what the Doktor sees everyday

this was weird as fuck, it looked like an entirely different anime

at least Hazy Flames are being acknowledged

Does anyone still care at this point?
Hell who even cares what Hitotsuni is or why the Ruris are so special

the fuck is going on here

Holy shit this episode was shit but THAT PREVIEW


Best part of the ED

Yuto is so dead.



muh dick

>the Shun memes were canon

ED >>>>> OP
But not as good as Challenge the Game or really any other final Yugioh ED


Serena is cute! CUTE

Wheel of Prophecy and Hazy Flame Sphinx

>shun getting NTRed by his sister


10/10 ed

Literally 80% of the episode was explaining effects in the fucking duel.


So this was spot-on


>This fucking crude strong girl

The song was okay, but the visuals absolutely carried the ED.

It was a glimpse into a better reality.


>entire show wasn't like this ED

>It's a Yuu/Ruri couple ED
I'm dead, it's all I wanted.

Did they show any new cards in the RATE ad at the end?

Endless Dream is the apex of YGO EDs

>sol never
Somebody end this shit universe

That episode was boring as fuck. Raging was cool but the parasite deck is garbage. I hate when characters switch from their main decks to other shit for plot. Moonlights are cool as hell and deserve more time. I doubt parasites ever get released so it's a waste of time.

Opening was shit. It was a slideshow. Ending was comfy but probably the worst final ending in the franchise. Especially coming off Challenge The Game.

Is there anything in the world that isn't improved by adding more Shun?

They use the ED to give people what they want because they're not gonna get it in-show

Somehow worse than Wonder Wings
Average, saved by the visuals.

Next episode seems really interesting. Finally we get lore.

>No Sawatari

>studying lion monsters like Hazy Flame Sphinx and Wheel of Prophecy


>arc-v literally copied Vanguard's style of ending


Only barely managed to make out some cards due to potato quality, but the other Espirit ritual was shown


trips confirm

So Leo is from the world before it got split into 4?


>Leo is black


Have they explained the necklace yet?

IT'S PERFECT. Completely makes up for the OP.

>Vanguard's style
it's incredibly common

Even Zexal's final OP/ED effort was better than that and I thought it was a little on the weak side way back when.

Did they just give up on this show and are investing their time in the next series?

Guess this confirms the anime is ending with all of them living together

So they did know each other?

Serena wants Yuto's dick, it's canon


>Banana looks like a monkey
This is some next level shit

>Those colors and shading
>The art style
Visually this ending is by far my favorite.

Either just for the ED or the ED spoiled what people should have figured would end up the case whether they liked it or not.

>okay opening
>good animation
>the bug getting eaten by Yuya's brain
>that OST when berserk
>Raging blowing a hole in the wall
>Ruri's still not unbrainwashed
>cute couples ending with nice art
>plot next episode
This episode was about what I was hoping for and even a bit more. Hopefully next week keeps delivering.

How come Edo and Kaito are the ones seeing what's happening to Yuya next episode instead of, you know, his actual friends


"Hey Ruri, would you like to suck my dick?"

>shun in the background

>Did they just give up on this show and are investing their time in the next series?

Yes, Arc-V is a flop in their eyes.

>practicing for yuya's


>Serena next to Yuya rather than Yuri

I don't think so but we'll probably get an explanation near the climax I guess


Because none of his friends have nearly as much worth as those two

Kinda makes me wonder why Serena didn't come back wearing an Academia uniform last episode

It's definitely the best looking Arc-V ED, but the last 5D's opening still has the most impressive visuals imo

Zarc and Ray?

Someone photoshop Yuya in the back staring intensely

Cause all his actual friends have had the crap beaten out of them. Those two will probably end up sacrificial pawns to Zarc.

ARC of Smile is still the best ED but this is number 2 now

Because his friends would try and comfort him. Kaito and Edo will be suspicious and yell at him, thus making things worse.

I need slice of life ARC-V spin-off. It'd be better than 3/4 of the series, at the very least. Not that that's very hard.

この something something
Translate it dweebs my moonrunes power ain't fully charged

Probably, Ray even has Yuzu's pigtails but longer.


Lol at that one guy who thought Cardians were forgotten

Are these amateur bands the best they could afford?

>Wonder Wings is no longer the worse OP
Nailed it


Thy aren't revealing cards that were played in the actual episode?

I thought they'd look more ceremonial or imposing, not with the silhouettes of average joes if that's them

>dat Ray

Those silhouettes look like they should be wearing leather jackets and hanging out in some dark alley.

off by 2 seconds

>Past Leo looks enthusiastic in the preview
>Present Leo has his smile and optimism, gone

yes it is my friend

>majespecter trap

what the fuck they're getting more support?

>looks like a corrupted ZA WARUDO
guessing it's support for all the current DT archetypes.

Yes. All the budget is in the next series already.

I hope Yuzu duels again and finally uses some cards that will make Melodious good.

parasite support?
fuck no, thats never coming to the OCG
Phantom knights? not in RATE or the fusion set
Raging dragon? already been covered

you can actually make up what's on the text if you zoom enough

Next week's episode airs on a monday

shit taste
This one=future fighters>speaking>>one step>vision=arc of smile

I see Cred Forumsrc-v has finally graduated from blaming the movie to blaming the next series for all its ills

It's Tierra plus Qliphort Towers(Killer)

>fuck no, thats never coming to the OCG
What makes you think they won't release the Parasite cards?

wasn't shekhinaga a corrupted towers too?


What? No user, I'm pretty sure Yuya and Edo were in the pro league together. As for Kaito, Yuya helped him find Haruto. They're best friends.

Tierra with Towers parts?

This is what Odd-Eyes should've looked like from the get go.

>he went back to sleep again

. . . .

That ending was great. Loved how it was changed for the final episode of Stride Gate too.

Sadly the ending for NEXT is garbage that recaps the episode instead of an actual ending.

the parasites have enough cards to be released too

they're also an archetype that supports the Luscinias and Wind Witches, not to mention the art on the parasite cards is not mediocre

Anyone know what kind of artstyle/shading/ whatever they used in the new ending? I feel like it's at the tip of my tongue

She's got at least one more duel guaranteed. Still too little too late for someone as into dueling as she is because the show almost goes out of its way to prevent her from dueling.

Hello Mr. Edgy

next week's episode will be delayed by one day

fusioner probably
queen a distant maybe

making it its own archetype? again, fuck no

Watercolor-ish colors didn't start with Vanguard you idiot

That was more like Construct being mounted on Towers.
It's never actually clear what the fuck is happening, we need a Master Guide

>source: my ass

>Gon incapacitated
>Sawatari diskless
>Shun incapacitated
>Now Sora incapacitated too

Bet that Reiji and Reira get restrained too.

spells and traps are the cards that fight for space THE MOST
there is no way Konami would focus on spells or traps that only support 1 maindeck monster and 1 extra deck monster


Looks like there's a new scenery of floating islands?
>Yuya's pendulum glows next episode

Pendulum dimension?

Hazy Flames are an Xyz archetype, or at least an archetype with an Xyz Boss Monster. Why is Academia checking their temperature?

>I need slice of life ARC-V spin-off.
Just this. Time skip slice of life with a high-school or adult Yuya and Yuzu. ARC-V GX. Fun, action, adventure, entame, egao. A chance for redemption for ARC-V. All that, never gonna happen.


Whoever is in charge of distributing the budget really can't be blamed in this case. Why would they give any more money than absolutely necessary to a series that's failing THIS hard?

it's not an archetype, though

it's a series of cards that support parasite fusioner

it also has meta potential because the parasites can fuse when special summoned and they have multiple cards that special summon them, so you can use them to use on Destiny heroes or for starve venom


New OP: youtube.com/watch?v=vvosc5pp7rc

its neither Infernoid nor Qliphort

It might be a flashback to when Leo was working on Real Solid Vision, hence why he was checking it's responces.

Leo went to duel spirit world, studied the monsters, got spooped by Zarc Egaofades, ran back, decide to destroy it all.

Can only be special summoned if you return 10 cards from your hand or side of the field to your deck.

This special summon cannot be negated.

If this card is special summoned: shufle all other cards on the field, both players' hand and graveyards, and all face-up pendulum monster in the extra decks to their respective decks/extra decks. The effects of spell, traps or monsters cannot be activated in response to this effect

Easier to summon than Sophia

Well, Non targeting shuffle vs non targetting banishment

New opening is shit. I like the ending though.

As for the episode, well, once again I have to give it to Arc-V for not going the way I and a lot others were deeming obvious. That would be the doctor getting BTFO already, and berserk Yuya ranpaging until at least next week's episode.

Glad to see they won't take out one of the few antagonists left so quickly, and won't free the girls just so they are captured again right after. Because it's obvious Leo would get his hands on them again if they were saved now.

Berserk was nice to see after so long, and I'm not disappointed by it not lasting long because it's coming back next week already. I think from now on the bersker bursts will become more and more frequent until it's time to hitotsu ni.

As for next week, I expected a world that existed before the split, but I didn't expect something so different from the four current ones.
Lets see where this is going.

All I can say is that despite it's shortcomings Arc-V is managing to keep me entertained again.

fugg :DDD

All the episode really did was hammer in the 'need to beat Herr Doktor to free the Ruris' point which was confirmed already. They could have just skipped the duel and have Yuya run straight to the lab after BB where all the Ruris were and nothing would have changed.

it's kinda funny how Leo only checks on lion-based monsters

RATE-JP027 創星神 tierra Souseishin tierra / Tierra the Planetforger (TCG: Tierra, Goddess of Rebirth)
Level 11 LIGHT Fiend-Type Special Summon Effect Monster
ATK 3400
DEF 3600
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by shuffling 10 other cards with different names from your hand or side of the field into the Main Deck or Extra Deck, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways.
(1) The Special Summon of this card cannot be negated.
(2) If this card is Special Summoned: Shuffle all other cards on the field, in each player’s hands, in the Graveyards, and face-up Pendulum Monsters in the Extra Deck into the Deck. Cards and effects cannot be activated in response to the activation of this effect.

When will Yugioh be able to take pride in its OPs again?

10 cards with different names, that is important

RATE-JP027 創星神 tierra Souseishin tierra / Tierra the Planetforger (TCG: Tierra, Goddess of Rebirth)
Level 11 LIGHT Fiend-Type Special Summon Effect Monster
ATK 3400
DEF 3600
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by shuffling 10 other cards with different names from your hand or side of the field into the Main Deck or Extra Deck, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways.
(1) The Special Summon of this card cannot be negated.
(2) If this card is Special Summoned: Shuffle all other cards on the field, in each player’s hands, in the Graveyards, and face-up Pendulum Monsters in the Extra Deck into the Deck. Cards and effects cannot be activated in response to the activation of this effect.

>It's another "Hitotsu Ni shows up and does fucking nothing" episode

yeah but again
devoting spells and traps to 1 monster, no matter how good it is, is a waste of resources


I rather run Sophia

its definitely not light of hope

>mfw Zarc and Ray are the next protagonists

Only like the OP from 1:10 and onward. Maybe I'll come around to the lead in

It's worse

They are both gimmick cards, so meh

>Reiji transliterates PAFECT-ly

>devoting spells and traps to 1 monster no matter how good it is a waste of resources

tell that to Shadow Mist

or Juunishishi Rat

>Less than 25 episodes
We have no time for new characters you dweebs

I'd be pissed if we didn't already know that he gets another chance next week. Maybe this time he'll finally do something now that the plot explanations are starting.

But then how would they shill nu-OERD

I'm not sure which is worse: this Joeri, Hyugo, or Ute.


>This actually happened
Holy shit. Yuto better fucking hide because the imoutoman clearly doesn't approve this.

>Pendulum swinging with Yuya and Yuzu colliding into some void

Congrats to the anons who said that they'll pendulum summon each other to bring back everyone carded.


LQ New ED: youtube.com/watch?v=QwPdi9rZ5gU

>Shadow Mist
bad comparison
Shadow Mist and Rat Juunishishi 'support' also supports a ton of other cards

Yeah I don't see nips giving this high ratings. It literally did nothing for the story which is their chief complaint. 126 might do well though.

>Maybe this time he'll finally do something now
Cause a nuclear meltdown with Kaito and Edo's skin melted off?

I guess I shouldn't have tried to talk about Arc-V in these Arc-V threads, righ?

I wonder if both together are the "demon duelist" since that part of the OP ends with what looks like them combining.

>Zarc and Ray literally listed in the cast for next week
They're who the show's been building up to for the past 2 years, you know.

>Serena and Yuri only interacted in the ED

This one still was the best part of the episode

It was a fucking nothing episode whose only saving grace was its visuals.

It might not be good, but maybe highest approval will creep up by 5-10% for the ED



That monster with yellow glowing eyes next to them will be the cover card for MAXC.

Screen shot this.

I'm looking forward to the fanart.

>Even Sawatari interacted with her outside of the ending back in Synchro

in fact Yuya got negative gains from this duel, so we might as well have skipped 2 episodes

Yeah that's probably them. They're in the ED too.

>animators put more effort into character interaction than the writers when they have a chance
Why not get them to write the series, there's not much to lose at this point

I wonder if they'll look completely different from Yuya and Yuzu

>Zarc and Ray looking like they're school kids
Not what I expected from gods.

>Dimensional pairs moments
At last

I predict same faces (obviously), but a black/white color scheme

I really hope "Zarc" is just a codename given by Leo or a placeholder in the cast list.
Such a stupid name.

>Yuto and Yuri not next to their Ruris
For what purpose?

Ray already has the Yuzu pigtails and that hair wing thing based on so they won't look very different aside from Ray having a different VA for some reason.

>ftw you'll get to see the best boy in the OP every week again
I've missed this.

>Yuya's new spell has the combined effects of the 2 Magicians

Ray kinda reminds me of concept art Yuzu and Zarc is Aigami's cool cousin.

Only if they make the two of them kissu

Order of introduction from top to bottom.

>good instruments but shit vocals
It's like drinking bleach.

They're probably in order of appearance, or screentime.

>not red and blue

Why the fuck was Synchro so good compared to the arcs after. That shit had its budget drained wtf

Ray has a normal name but it's probably going to end up being romanized as "Raya," which, well, can still be seen as a regular name so Zarc is still retarded.

No one is blaming the next series for crap. It just the final nail that basically confirmed that Everyone has given up on Arc-v and now its just going to run through its remaining run while everyone else is setting up to try and make up for whatever damage Arc-V has caused.

Truly these are the end times.

So laugh it up, let it all out because you're stuck waiting for the next series's news in 3 months

Those kids really don't know how to sing. The producer is also a retard that don't know how to mix the voices in.

Why? Why did this have to be so fucking average for an EBINA episode nonetheless?

Isn't that technically Yuto's card?
I guess since Yuya is dueling with Yuto's deck they had to come up with a way of Yuya summoning the dragon without Pendulum effects.


I'd guess appearance because I'm pretty sure Rin has had less screen time than Ruri

Zarc hairstyle looks similar to Xiangke

>Yuto lined up with Serena
>Yuri lined up with Ruri


this unintentional nostalgia has hit me too hard.

Hey guys, they buffed Cardian Gokou

1 Tuner + 4 non-tuners
Once per turn, during either player's turn, when a card or effect is activated, negate the activation and if you do, destroy it.
If a Cardian monster you control battles an opponent's monster, that monster's effect is negated during the battle phase only.
If this Synchro Summoned card is destroyed by your opponent's card, you can Special Summon 1 Cardian Synchro monster from your Extra Deck, except Cardian - Gokou

Z-ARC and RAY-A definitely seem like code names. But it's very possible that the writers won't care enough to ever tell us the real ones.

No shit, Sherlock.

Yes please, but would the audience there even take to the idea of an ARC-V slice of life sequel series if it hits all the right notes?

order of first appearance it seem, In the end selena also sit beide yuuya too.

Synchro was the point everyone started hating this series, what you're talking about.

It was also the point there the budget all but died, there's a lot of stills and QUALITY in Synchro.

Majespecter trap summon Majespecter from the pendulum zone.

Espirit Himekujaku is identical to Hikokujaku except it bounces backrow and has inverted ATK and DEF. Still no way to recycle the Ritual spell.

Neo Tierra is Fiber Jar on crack

Gonna sound like a dumbass but who are Zarc and Ray that every is talking about?

Billy and Susan.

With that one it looks like it's just because Yuri and Serena are bickering and staying away from each other.


Jesus Ray is a titty monster compared to the Ruris.

>Raya has the biggest breast size

Please! Help this fellow!
Where can i watch the latest raw episode? :(

I think I'm inclined to believe that ZARC and RAY were lovers. I mean why else would Hitotsuni/Yuya trigger when Yuzu got bugged?

Lmao, once again this OP was good for the first 10 seconds like OP5 then went to shit.

Zarc is Omni-Yuya, Ray is Omni-Yuzu. At least that's the theory based on summaries we've seen.

They're just Tsun for each other desu,they're gonna go back to being lovebirds once they're alone

>Destruction Magician is Zarc/Yu's
>Creation Magician is Ray/Ruri's
I can't help but think that Zarc is closely connected to the Xyz Dimension and that there's a good reason why Leo invaded only the Xyz Dimension.

Because a skilled animator can only do so much for the hack writing laying underneath it all

Ah, thanks.

Maybe because she's older?

spoonfeed: wait few hours and look it up on nyaa, and go back to /r/

>For the "Rakuten Japan Open," broadcasting, broadcasting of October 9 might pause.
Oh hell no, no more Ping Pong delay bullshit, not now.

Zarc is almost certainly the "demon duelist" that's getting talked about in the next episode (and also listed in the cast list under Yuya's VA), and the combined form of the Yuyas, and Ray(a) is most likely the combined form of the Yuzus, who's also listed for next week (but not under Yuzu's VA for some reason).

You can see their silhouettes (or what's almost certainly them) here.


At least it was the debut of the cover card, as opposed to wasting Ebina on fucking Kaito and Yugo beating filler.

I apologize to Yuuki Aoi and whoever the other grill was for speaking down on their vocal work in Dualism of Mirrors. It really could have been worse, like now

>Burn truly is best Arc-V OP

That preview gave me GX vibes. What kind of nonsensical bullshit are we getting in the next few episodes?

>Zarc use Xyz so Leo destroyed it's dimension
>Raya used Fusion so Leo used it's dimension as a base.

We don't need a third wheel for this story.

It was okay during the chorus. The in between part is shit though.

Japs don't like the OP
The ED is split. Shippers love it while others are complaining that not enough characters are in it. Many are saying that it just reaffirms how good Zexal's last ED was. They don't really care about the episode. There was some talk about Edo running into Yuri. That's right, they're talking about Edo and Yuri over Yugo and Yuri.

Z-ARC and RAY-A are the codenames in Leo's files or the Yus and Ruris.
And they appear in next week casting list.

It's their original forms in the original world, apparently. Their shadows are in the opening and ending.


Both Zarc and Raya look a fair bit older even just from their silhouettes, so that's probably the case.

Considering how close the non-Yuri/Serena pairs are I'm inclined to say no shit they were lovers.

Why are the japs so obcessed with Edo? Every time he shows up it's all they talk about.
It's not even just because they don't care about Arc-V, Edo is talked over other legacies as well.

So not too different from here other than the Edo/Yuri.

>op has everyone
>complains about the ed not having enough characters

>how good Zexal's last ED was.

It really fucking was good. It had heart and emotion all tied into one.



I thought studio magic could fix bad vocals

topkek even commentors on YouTube think the opening is fake/fan-made

Akira Ishida boner too strong

I hope they get their shit together and do this franchise justice with the next series.

The OP had everyone. The ED basically just focusing on the Yuyas and Yuzus is fine because that's what the endgame of the show is about.


Chuuni edge and HEROES

For real? That's hilarious. It does have that
>assembled by an amateur college freshman
feel to it.

Youtubers are retarded Its nothing out of the ordinary.

Same here dude. Pretty much she triggered him this episode

Whenever I think about final OPs I subconsciously just slot this into the comparison instead of Wonder Wings because it's just that good.

It can. And has in other songs from this group.
Whoever mixed it fucked up.

A shame, the instrumental part is pretty nice.

Man at least Light of Hope managed to go 35 seconds before dropping like a rock, but this one just shits the bed the second the vocals start.

Bring back Psychic Lover or Masaaki Endoh for the next series pls

>obliterates her lookalikes

Zarc must be an abusive boyfriend.

HQ New ED: youtube.com/watch?v=DlowUlUhDb4

Engrish and D.

Op's visuals were ok. Song was utter shit.
Ed was goodish overall.

I want to give him a glasgow reacharoo followed by a stimmie primpet at approximately 13 bong

OPs being questionable, I will always consider ZEXAL to have the greatest stable of EDs in all of YGO both in quality and consistent quantity.

Majespecter Gust
Normal Trap Card
(1) Target 1 “Majespecter” card in your Pendulum Zone; Special Summon it.

Esprit Lord – Himekujaku
Level 8 WIND Winged Beast Ritual Spirit Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 3000
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Esprit Bird Calling”. Must be Ritual Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways.
(1) If this card is Ritual Summoned: You can return up to (?) Spell/Trap cards your opponent controls to the hand, then, you can Special Summon 1 Level (4?) or lower Spirit Monster from your Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions.
(2) Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned this turn: Return this card to the hand, and if you do, Special Summon 2 “Esprit Bird Tokens” (Winged Beast-Type/WIND/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 1500).


>Shinji doesn't appear in the OP

Ray probably looked liked Yuzu.

>Op's visuals were ok
They were a bunch of stills + cgi pendulum swinging, bland as shit

Zarc's hair looks like Vector honestly

Song in the ED is pure boring. Only the visuals saved it.

>Eita does

No their designs bother me too much.

I take what I can get from this excuse of a show.

Zexal had some fantastic as fuck EDs.


>Nico Smiley appears behind Crow


Return up to 3 S/Ts

Who do you want to see kissu?



One thing they need to go back to doing in the openings is teasing new monsters with shadow.
That would have given a lot more to fill openings like this and the previous one.

The ED is alright. My only complaints are the obnoxious shipping fuel, lack of hints towards any plot points, and the placing of the ED. This would be perfect as a starting ED but not near the end when things are about to get real.

But user, I liked Zexal. It wasn't the best but it was still something I enjoyed.

He was just very exploitable by the Japanese viewers. Also his relationship with Saiou was complete fujo-bait.

Exactly. The op just makes me think that Raging is Yuya's last boss.

EGAO user, just EGAO.

T-Too lewd

The best EDs in the franchise. 5D's only has Close to You and that wasn't all that good, GX only has Genkai Battle and DM's eds are all forgettable except that one where Tea looks like a slut. Everybody needs to get on their knees and apologize for shitting on Zexal so much, it's the best show in the franchise besides the original, it did so many things well compared to GX,5D's and Arc-V it's indisputable at this point.

I was never talking shit about it to begin with.
As I'm not doing so to Arc-V too.
I do talk about stuff bothering or disappointing me in both of these, and in the previous series as well.

But unlike you faggots in this threads I actually like watching Yu-Gi-Oh more than shitposting about it.

It's time for a shitpost

He's there for a fraction of a second next to Jack.

>obnoxious shipping fuel
That's the only silly complaint considering the endgame of the show is looking like it's going to focus a lot on said shipping fuel.

Fuck off Zexalfag. I watched all of Zexal and I ain't forgiving shit.

I'll agree with you in the placing a little but the lack of plot points in an ending seems entirely normal in all honesty.

You though that Light of Hope was the bottom of the barrel? The fun has just begun, motherfucker.

This doujin is a miracle.
The Yugo and Rin one is pretty good too, but not as cute.

>less screen time than Eita

I'm not a zexalfag, I'm just accepting facts. It's the best show besides DM no matter how much you hate it.

The OP didn't celebrate everyone though. They all appeared at a single point where they were panned over. The OP was 90% stills of the counterparts. The problem is that the counterparts may be the most important characters but most of them didn't do shit for 90% of the series. They weren't the focus. They weren't the characters the fans grew attached to. Ruri, Rin, Yugo, Yuto and Yuri barely appeared all series. Characters like Sora, Shun, Gon and Sawatari appeared tons and barely appeared. Then you have Yuya getting all the focus alone. Compare the scenes from previous final OPs. DM had Yugi and Atem together a lot with Yugi and his friends together at times too. GX had Judai running with his friends and posing with them at the end. 5Ds had Yusei with Crow and Jack a lot. Zexal had the whole cast together flying in the beginning. Yuya was alone in most of the Arc-V final OP. It's really jarring and rubs me the wrong way. The OP was just bad visually and musically. The visuals focus on egao towards the end and don't really tell the story of the show.

If Yuma was rewritten to be less of a faggot I'm sure everyone would agree with you.

All they had to was bring vistlip back who worked on 5D's & ZEXAL. JUST ONE JOB.

I order:

No this is still better than that garbage

Why did Ono/the directors have to pander to the shitposting fujos, shippingfags, SoLfags, and related degeneracy? Why didn't you give us FUCKING ZETSUBO!! Now the rest of the show feels like a joke with that silly OP and ED music in the previews.

So ARC-V is Yugioh's version of a love story then?

I thought this ending just screamed "Final ending".
Especially the last shot. So I don't think the placement is bad.

And the Yus and Ruris relationship is a plot point. There's the Zard and Raya silhouettes too.

I liked light of hope

For as much as you guys whine about Kaito he sure hasn't shown up in awhile.

Not like there was a lack of any plot points considering you get the silhouettes of Zarc and Raya in it.

In what fucking way is a single ED pandering to SoLfags when one of the biggest and most valid complaints about the show is how the characters rarely ever interact properly?

Arc-V is Yugioh's version of a pile of garbage.

Hyadain plz

I agree with

A poorly handled one but yeah.

Quality isn't just about how many things you do well, it's also about how many things you do badly. Like having an annoying MC, mostly or completely ignoring other summoning methods to shill more black cards, or constantly resolving duels by boosting one boss monster's attack to ludicrous levels and having it hit the other boss monster.

True, plus that final shot of all the Yu's and Ruris together might end up being true if that counts.

Dissecting and sometimes ridiculing the questionable or straight up baffling decisions made in Yugioh anime is at least 1/3rd of the fun, though. Or more like at least half in Arc-V's case. I get what you mean about plain rampant shitposting, but you seem excessively butthurt on a site known for sheer hyperbole.

Someone autistic and analytical enough could probably write a substantial amount on the what-to-dos and the what-not-to-dos in shounen anime just from watching the Yugioh series & spin-offs.

How much more budget do american shows receive in comparison to something like Arc-V?

That's not my point though, it was still better and more exciting than XYZ arc and Fusion arc which was my point. Synchro didn't even have the terrible ratings Fusion arc had and they were drained of writers and animators, that's fucking saying something

An ending like this was expected. Being the last one and airing in the time the relationship between the Yuya counterparts and the Ruris is plot relevant.

I agree about the opening, they could have went either ZETSUBOU or just more hot-blooded in general, while the ending focuses on comfy.

The last 3 Arc-V openings have all been just been Smile World all over. They shouldn't have overused it like that. They all feel the same, making each new opening more boring than the previous one.

>Zexal got the budget, solid OPs, based EDs, and its shit together during the 2nd half
I'm beginning to think we were cheated.

Fuck off SoLfag, they gave the final OP a vibe that is completely the opposite of the episodes and anti-climactic to say the least. They just bullshitted the SoL/"interaction" anyways because this ensures that it'll never happen in the final episode(s).

>Ignoring that zexal 1 is pure shit 60% of the time
>Ignoring that zexal 2 is even worse
Then sure.

But until Zexal miraculously has at least a full good arc, it isn't even as good as arc-v, gx, or 5ds.

>Yuya and Yuto grab like 50 action cards during the duel because otherwise they'd lose
>Yuya pulls some new boss out of his ass
>Ruri and Serena just stand there pissing themselves despite being brainwashed slaves instead of grabbing an action card because only Yuya can do that apparently
God I hate this show.

It costs $2 million to make an episode of Family Guy while an average episode of anime costs $145,000.

Arc--V is Yugioh's Xros Wars

I wanna say at least less considering most American cartoons are like 10 minutes long and probably use flash.

It owns you, and you better like.

>Ruri and Serena just stand there pissing themselves despite being brainwashed slaves instead of grabbing an action card because only Yuya can do that apparently
Serena attempted. Once.

Anime is really cheap compared to western productions in part thanks to slave labor. It has to be in order to stay profitable and sustainable. Something like the full series of FMA: Brotherhood cost around 5 to 5.5 million USD to produce, iirc.

5 million would pay for half a 13 episode season of Young Justice, which is the only somewhat recent example (even though it's years old, now) I can think of that's also action or equivalent to shounen.

To me it was pretty decent especially how they did the tributes with Shark, the Arclights and the other characters.

I fixed the ED too

>zexal 2 is even worse
He's not giving you a (You), I am.

I know but the opening is advertising a false reality that doesn't exist in the episodes. It's also pretending to show you a SoL anime in the OP and it gives the illusion of being so in the ED yet ends up being a fucking zetsubo children's card game commercial.

GX was fucking garbage you monkey

No, she only went after one to stop Yuya from getting it. Not specifically to use for herself.

Action Duels are just a bad idea and written even worse.

She finally got to show off the fancy Academia training Sora shows off all the time.

>being this buttblasted because your show designed to shill cool-looking cards to little kids doesn't have a le super edgy op

I bet you don't even egao.

GX is looking at this thread and laughing at it.

>Arc--V is Yugioh's Xros Wars
Correction, Xros Wars Boy Hunters were even they literally used the previous protagonist for 1-2 episodes for being the sole purpose of a battery for the Daisuke 2.0

I think the D R A G O N S represent Zarc's destructive powers but since they take on the appearance of the Ruris...I wonder if the original D R A G O N they came from looked like Raya?

>yfw cancer Universe has way more budget than Arc-V
I'll ask MR.Trump to sponsor my japanese cartoons. It's the only way.

So we're getting one last season where Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, Yuma, and Yuya team up with some literal faggot who will pretty much ruin Arc-V's image and end with a as much as I hate to admit it cash as fuck final fight? Nice

Action cards were a mistake. I prefer the way they work in the Manga.

Last Train and Teardrop are both some of the best YGO OPs and their animation isn't particularly upbeat


Yusho Duel School Regimen > Academia Training
BEST DAD knew what was up.

The first half of the new intro sounds like a bunch of Australians yelling.

I'm more tired than butthurt. It's been like this every day for months.

Of course picking apart stuff like you said is half the fun of watching Yu-Gi-Oh, and quite honestly most anime, and I'm not complaining about people doing that. It's the blatlant shitposting and poor bait attempts being reposted every thread that are grating on me. Shit really became a general, in that regard.

I'm not nearly as mad as these posts might sound though, it's just that it's hard to talk about this without sounding upset.

I expected a final OP with a similar vibe to Overlap.

I think it's funny how Yoshida tends to have an 'anything goes' attitude with duels when he does Yugioh manga, but he took the time to reign in the action card mechanic.

Cheer Mole is cute. CUTE!

Expecting a 25th anniversary movie for that.

Gotta cash on a crossover like that big like with Bonds Beyond Time.

>That episode

You're a fucking depraved pervert.

It was. Yuma basically lost all personality as he became jesus-lite and basically everything that made him endearing in part 1, 20 eps were wasted on FILLER actively making the barians look ineffectual as a group, which then downplayed their effectiveness as villains, Shark was fucking ruined by the way they paced his transition (which makes me question the purpose of the filler shit before vector) and thus all his moments lose a lot of the impact they WOULD'VE had, the astral/barian conflict was basically glossed over and with how little we learn about either world, it's basically impossible to care about either, and then there's also minor shit like RECONTRACT UNIVERSE, but that's irrelevant in the greater context of the show.

I could go on, but long story short: it's just a fucking mess.

What do I have to do to write a good children's card game commercial that actually gets produced?

Even Light of Hope is better tham this OP
The ED have good visuals but the song is just not as good as ED5

>Another anniversary movie

Teardrop does things to my heart. Why couldn't we get an OP that was too good to be an ED.


What's worse is that NirvPal, EnPal, Brave-Eyes, OERD, Crystal Wing, and Dark Requiem weren't featured.

And the Fusion Pendulum and Starve Venom upgrade will never be featured in an OP either.

Sell your soul to Konami. It's not worth it at all.

>as much as I hate to admit it cash as fuck final fight?
The Quartzmon fight was one of the best final fights in Digimon.
It's quite hilarious how something clearly rushed and poorly put together as Hunters managed that.

The monsters got scared.

There's going to be one every 5 years get used to it

Never quote me again. At least not until I find and fix your taste with my fist

I just want to make Yugioh great again.

>It was. Yuma basically lost all personality

Confirmed for not watching Zexal II

> as he became jesus-lite

You definitely didn't watch Zexal II.

This is kind of silly

>leads into pendulum support for old archetypes
>pendulum dark magician and bls
>pendulum neos fusions that returns to the extra deck face-up to be summoned again
>synchron pendulum tuners and synchros
>more gagaga support in general

>that chorus

I can already see it
>Bonds Beyond Space

At least the next series will dodge that bullet during its production?

Kaz already did that.

Yeah. Even numbered series should be good. Odd numbered ones are going to get fucked someway.

Is Kotori drawing a card supposed to make me as mad as it is does

Fuck you bitch how about you duel in the actual show




I absolutely did.

After the Vector arc, Yuma gradually stops being his stupid and endearing self and it's terrible.

>He didn't become jesus lite
118-146 say otherwise.

But user, Xros Wars final OP is 10/10 unlike Arc-V's.