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>Super is just as canon

Not it's not.

Z was completely Toriyama.

Toriyama involvement in Super is minimal. He just write a vague outline and let Toei/Toryotaro fill the rest (hence the differences between the anime/manga)

Toriyama was arguably more involved in DBO than DBS and DBO isn't considered canon.

Gohanfag is next.



Mai is a whore

He was always stupid, but now it's getting aggressively stupid and it interferes with the story. They need to walk back on it.

Until it's in the manga it's not canon.

Future Trunks being hooked up with Mai is pretty terrible, even worse than most of the 'romances' in the series.

probably this is because Americans started watching this during DBZ with the fancy US dub

but I can assure you that Goku has always been this stupid

He hasn't. Before all this, he's not worldly and he's naive, but he's not outright retarded. He's been a level above that in this arc.

Even as a kid in DB he wasn't that dumb, just innocent
Super went even further beyond

Read the super manga. He doesn't act like in the anime at all.

>has 2 kids

>her kids get put through mind/body breaking training

>they get put them in the path of death and danger every other day

>husband abandons family for 7 years, not counting the other times he abandoned them

>no kiss

Chi Chi is the most tragic character in all of DragonBall

The Time Patrol Trunks you meet in Xenoverse is an alternate universe version from Super Future Trunks, right?

I mean with the new plot stuff that the continuation is doing it would be the most sensible way to avoid nonsensical plot bullshit getting entangled in each of their stories.

No different from Kid Trunks being different from both of them.

he is still that kid

Goku is a terrible person and terrible main character, it makes the powerups that get dropped in his lap as annoying as the likes of Naruto's who at least kissed his wife

goku doesn't do affection

goku is an animal so doggy is his only position and just licks chichi's neck from behind

do you think Chichi and Piccolo...?

Nah, Kid Goku was a straight-up G.
He actually KILLED his enemies like Tambourine, King Piccolo and Commander Black.

Compare adult manchild Goku who's all like
>"durr gonna let galactic genocidal assholes who slaughtered my friends run free because I'm bored"

I bet piccolo is a great kisser

This was just in the Spics subs, they dont actually say this in the anime retard

The only reason they don't is because Piccolo doesn't have a dick

Hey people change. As a child he had child-like moralities but as an adult he's grown mentally.

is this canon?

Tori said there are no female nameks...might as well mean that Piccolo has a vagina too

come on, we all know they reproduce asexually, eggs from their mouth

Are Namekians the male version of Asari? How come you don't see that more in fiction?

piccolo actually doesn't understand romance as shown in the manga, since nameks don't have no such concept

ah right...

well that's even a point for Piccolo

I bet he knows how to kiss

batman said it as well, so did herms

Wait wtf? I didnt even see DBZ past Majin buu arc. How the fuck is that meme henchman girl who hang out with a talking dog suddenly a relevant love interest of a main character?

>you will never teach your green husbando what love is

Why even live?

You mean regressed mentally, he actually seems dumber as an adult than a kid.

Namekians are all about bromance and kinship.

I mean it's a show for kids at the end of the day, Namekians view it like little boys.

years and years of chichi x goku doujin in the trash

At least he's learned what sex is.

goku meant mouth to mouth.
neither were really good translators desu, decent more like it
when i first saw that herms guy, he was fumbling with episode 47's dialogue to everyone's confusion

funny how that kiss was anime only

Yea, but this one makes a whole lot more sense now

Why? They didn't kiss but they still fucked.

we don't read canon couple doujins just to see them fuck

he meant mouth up against her, not mouth-to-mouth breathing in (since there was no blowing air, trunks just transferred the senzu)

Are you sure? For all we know it will be revealed she jerked him off into a cup while distracting him with food, then used a turkey baster on herself

Why are they all so fucking smug?

Romance is not about fucking. See Fruits Basket, Spice & Wolf or Chobits

yeah but Goku was like
Goku:"huh, my dilly ding in your lil' kitty, are you sure"
Chichi:"This is what a wife and husband do"
*Goku eats a carrot while she speaks*

then they also play the "you dumb" sound when goku says no he doesn't after vegeta asked but you are married

It will turn out that future Goku or Gohan had sex with Chi Chi creating a time paradox but also making present Goku a virgin cuckold

the anime is not canon.

I mean...

this guy is not virgin

what the fuck

Gohan is a miracle

How can people even imagine Goku being romantic anyway?

Fujoshis and people believing they could ever self insert as Goku

Either way, they're both delusional

Toriyama never said "disregard whatever happened in this part" and even the Japanese never speak about what is 'canon' or not. It's just a way for foreign otakus to run away from reality. A reality they don't like. But you know what? Don't like? Don't watch and don't give Toriyama ideas he never had.

You don't exactly need to be smart to be romantic, it would just be displayed by a more simple and instinctual way than planning out something extravagant or clever.

You can't just keep making up rules about how there are times you can go to a past "everyone travels to" and times where you don't.

yes but goku is a literal nutjob

It's canon bruh

Goku grew up outside he knows what fucking is. He saw monkeys a dogs do it all the time.

Welcome to 30 years ago

God fucking dammit, don't even take that shit here!

Well that trunks that was killed did arrive in the past another past time line. The one we witNess is cell'cell's created timeline.

Being romantic was never about being smart, it's about being able to express yourself with respect to a certain other person. For example, autistic people aren't notorious for their capability to be romantic. Many anons either aren't capable or are unwilling to be, the latter of which prefers just simple two bit pornographic relationships with a sexual partner because the romance stuff is "boring" and "too complicated" for their penises.

I remember watching this documentary that followed autistic people and their love lives. They had this 40+ year old guy with super autism that his parents helped arrange a marriage to some other lady who had some other learning disability. Dude literally struggled with understanding the concept of love. I feel like that's what the Goku/Chi-Chi marriage is like. Bet she tricked him into having sex somehow.


>Not romantic

>Japanese never speak about what is 'canon' or not.
They do so that アニオリ (anime original) is a common word in dragon ball circles and the whole super anime vs manga happens there just as much. Consensus for super is manga is more canon.

Is the no kissing even in marriage a Japan thing or something? Because I have never ever heard of anything like this.

when will this happen?

The manga being more canon is a fact at this point.

1)Toriyama said he doesn't check the anime but check every manga chapter.

2)Toriyma always praise Toyotaro and the manga.

3) Toyotaro have been called "toriyama's chosen successor" recently.

Asians don't do PDA other than hand holding and that's pushing it.

The manga yes.

The anime no.

I'm confused. Didn't Goku and Chi kiss when they were kids?

Implying piccolo didn't finger her every night in those 7 years while he french kissed her

Well hand holding is a bit much for them.

If you think about it, the fact that Goku and Chi Chi haven't kissed means that Chi Chi didn't want a kiss, since she would have just forced it out of him if she wanted it.

Oh sure then. I always go Manga as main canon.

no, it's a joke about goku

plenty of manga and anime evidences of this

apparently Goku never kissed Chichi

meanwhile Bulma showed her vulva to everybody

You did well.


I suppose Chichi isn't really that much into lips to lips either and displays affection through different means

Those are some nice quality kanon faces.

I still can't believe Goku got to fuck his waifu and impregnate her several times while I'll forever be a permavirgin.

Some people are just dealt a better hand.

well probably
she had him for father

goku is alpha

Honestly at this point I think it's safer to say the unseen timeline and F.trunk's timeline are the exact same one. Cell created a bizarre time paradox by giving trunks the means to defeat him in the future by changing him in the past.


yet still lip virgin

I'm starting to think Goku and Chichi wrestle-fuck or whatever

So there is 3 Zamasu?
Future Zamasu who wished for immortality
Cell Zamasu that turned into Black
And Zamasu that got hakai'd?


Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Super (manga)
Jaco the Galactic Patrolma
Dragon Ball Minus

>not canon

Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Evolution


Dragon Ball Super (anime)
Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Multiverse

Ox King has got to be the most shafted character in all of Dragon Ball. He never does ANYTHING, I often forget he even exists even though he shows up often. He doesn't really interact with anyone even though he's a father, father-in-law, grandfather and now great-grandfather.
Name one memorable thing he's done since the original Dragon Ball.


tippy top kek.






Online and Heroes are 100% toriyama approved and this canon

That is really funny and all but there's no possible point in time it could have happened.


I think Immortal Zamasu is from Trunks' timeline, and Black Zamasu is from a divergence of the regular timeline where he never got hakai'd.

>Name one memorable thing he's done since the original Dragon Ball.
he let Goku have chichi and a truck load of money

Honestly, so is Xenoverse, meaning everything ever is canon via bullshit alternate timelines.

The reason they were different is because the settings in the time machine were different.

Some user was making up bs about how F. Trunks travel to the past made both Goku's timeline AND Cells future timeline at once even though thats impossible because when F. Trunks traveled back Cell was already sleeping in the ground so there would've been two Cells and two time machines in Cell's timeline but there was obviously only one.

Goku wasn't stupid at all you fucking trashes


That was in the original Dragon Ball, I meant name something memorable he's done from Z onwards.

>The reason they were different is because the settings in the time machine were different.
If the settings being different create new worlds like you said, why was Cell in the same timeline as F.Trunks?


So how the fuck is Black alive if he switched bodies with dead Goku from hearth disease virus? Did he swap bodies after reviving him? Why are there two Zamasus then? Who will make present Gowasu's tea now? Does the multiverse confirmation mean that on top of every universe, there's a retarded amounts of timelines or is every one of the universes its own timeline meaning Trunk's future counts as a universe?

Shit nigga.

Thats a different cell

what kinds of dogs and monkeys?

Was toriyma actually involved in Heroes/Xenoverse?

I know he was in DBO but not sure about the others.

How THE FUCK did Black Zamasu meet or even know about Goku?

Like i don't fucking get it.

Actually I'm confused, you seemed to type like the user who was disagreeing with me but you seem to be agreeing with me.

Every trip does make only 1 new timeline though.


Immortal Zamasu told him about it

To some extent. He's worked with them and he designed the TP logo for XV2 among other consulting.

he baby sitted gohan

Every timeline has a Cell.
The Cell that we all know got killed by Gohan.
F. Trunks Cell got killed by Trunks.
Main timeline Cell got killed by Krillin as a larva.
Unseen Cell we...never see. Ever.

the jap version says otherwise

There's an anime original scene where both kiss

You can see in the preview that Black is the one talking and giving his hand first so he is the OG one that started the plan. Not Immortal Zamasu.

Chichi becoming a stereotypical nagging Japanese wife is so stupid.

She was raised by a giant in his castle on the mountain, as a kid she was able to kill T-rexs that attacked her all by herself. Where did she pick up such lame Japanese cliche behavior from?

Toriyama is such a hack

please make your own thread to debate this shit, nobody cares

Pretty sure he can understand getting his duck sucked.



not on the lips

btw in the manga they never kiss

>Every timeline has a Cell.
Yes, but 3/4 timelines have a future cell as well.

After all that discussion though, I think that the "unseen timeline" can't be different from Future Trunk's timeline", since the time machine of the "unseen" trunks is the same, his own. They're the same trunks that arrived at the main timeline to warn them, and only diverged after, somehow.
Fucking time paradoxes.

How can they travel back and forth without creating more timelines

Which Trunks is the one that is in Xenoverse?

>Go into Super thread
>200 posts about Cell

Whats going on.

The cool one from DBZ.

>Yes, but 3/4 timelines have a future cell as well.

Shut the fuck up already.

Give a moment after the Namek saga where Goku acted retarded as fuck like he is in Super.

The idea is that both Goku and Chi-Chi are idiots, pretty much hillbillies.

Chi-chi's views are what she THINKS a family should be like vs Goku who doesn't really care about anything besides fighting.

best villain

Time travel, it's confusing.

Future Trunks coming back actually made a new timeline the same way it did back with the androids, Zamasu ended up finding out about Goku by some other means and ended up stealing his body.

>Toriyama was arguably more involved in DBO than DBS and DBO isn't considered canon.
The manga's every panel is overlooked and reviewed by Toriyama himself, After showing his distrust for Toei and their low quality, he had to return to the mantle and really take care of the franchise himself.
He does so by working closely with Toyotaro, letting him "continue his story".

It's true, though, since Future Cell arrived before all other timeline splits. So he's in the past of every new timeline.

Black has to
a) know the about the super dragon balls
b) know about goku
c) know about Beerus
so he has to be the one Beerus hakai'd

>The manga's every panel is overlooked and reviewed by Toriyama himself
[citation needed]

goku never kissed chichi and everybody is freaking out
meanwhile Krillin did the worst with c18

Different from the one in Super?

>Future Trunks coming back actually made a new timeline

But he cameback when Black was already wandering around killing shit

His hair is purple, so yeah.

Because Black used the different time travel rings to travel to trunks timeline
Kaioshin can choose the future they travel to

No wonder they're a good match for each other.

Although I'm pretty sure Toriyama said he based Chi-Chi in Z on his own wife.

Blue F. Trunks is canon.

Or he's an alternate version that didn't get hakai'd.

We should wait until the arc is done before even attempting to discuss time Travel in Super.
DBZ's been over for decades and the time travel of that one still is fucking rough to discuss.

Speaking of the manga, I want to ask you two about how you put the manga together. I hear Toriyama-sensei checks the storyboards for each chapter.
That’s right.

Here you dumb fuck, do you enjoy getting spoonfed basic information you can google?

He knows about Vegeta as well

Not in the Xenoverse parallel universe.
Now I wonder if the Blue trunks DLC will be a separate character or a costume for Time Patrol trunks.

>4 weeks of WHO IS BLACK
>lol its gokumasu after all
>everyone knew that 3months ago already

goku give cell a senzu bean

Wow, toriyama is a fucking asshole

Storyboard != every single panel
If you have noticed, the manga and the anime use the same storyboard

Is there a kiss-on-the-lips scene throughout the DB manga? I forgot.

But that doesn't mean he is the same Trunks that is a main character in Xenoverse and is banging the Supreme Kai of Time.

It says immediately after that Toyo is allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants with toriyama's outline.


He just wanted a wife.

I'll make a basic image to describe it give me a moment.

The continuation of the series is dogshit, people being able to guess the plot twists in advance is not a surprise.

No. I don't think there's a kiss at all between those two, but I could be wrong.

It’s better that way.

>Although I'm pretty sure Toriyama said he based Chi-Chi in Z on his own wife.
Nah he didn't.

Because they all switched bodies with ZAMASU

They even fucked said that Trunks travelling back created a new timeline (new time ring)
>1. Original
>2. F Trunks
>3. Cell
>4. Unseen
>5. F Trunks in Super
If we get to see the ring box again then there will have to be a sixth ring now for Goku Vegeta and Trunks escaping FTrunks timeline

Except we know enough about the timelines to know that to not be true.
It couldnt have happened in F. Trunks or Cell Trunks timeline because a premature full grown Cell would have fucked everything up way worse and thrashed 17 and 18. Yet Cell is nowhere to be found.
And it couldnt have happened in the Unseen timeline because then Trunks would've known about Cell and it would've just ended up being a repeat of the main tv series timeline.

Goku wanted to push Gohan beyond his limits, a weakened Cell wouldn't be able to do it.

Well I agree that Toriyama has done almost nothing good since Z ended, so yeah. The point is the "canonicity" of it is pretty dubious. Tori is happy to let Toyo expand and change as he likes.

>They even fucked said that Trunks travelling back created a new timeline (new time ring)
they're bypassing that plot device by just having home "time co-ords" that they can lock back into.

Unseen timeline cell is perfect cell that went back in time to create gokus timeline.

Made me spit all over my screen, mate.

No one is romantic is Dragon Ball.

and that's a stupid thing to think when literally Earth is in danger

That's our little stupid Goku, as always

WTF is the unseen timeline

It's where trunks was killed by cell and that cell went back in time to become perfect cell.

>tfw fucking DRAGON BALL is to hard to understand


I'm pretty sure there's none for Goku but I wonder if others did it. Like a low-key background kiss between Bulma and Yamcha or Krillin and 18 or something like that.

Why dont Goku and Trunks just collect the Super dragon balls and wish everything to be good

No. Youre getting the terms where I used Unseen Trunks and that timeline mixed up. When I say Unseen Trunks Im just referring to the Trunks got got killed by Cell. The unseen timeline is the timeline where Unseen Trunks first goes back to, before he gets killed by Cell.

I don't think he's stupid, just uneducated. As he spent most of his childhood fighting and not in school. This is what happens when you don't have chi-chi telling you to study all the time.

No you twat, Goku was 100% sure that Gohan could beat Cell with his hidden power, and he was the only one who could beat Cell since Vegeta, Trunks and the others were way weaker.
Giving him a full powered opponent was the only way to suceed

Why didn't Goku kill Frieza Buu Cell with the Dragon balls..

>And it couldnt have happened in the Unseen timeline because then Trunks would've known about Cell and it would've just ended up being a repeat of the main tv series timeline.

You do realize that the problem with the Unseen timeline is it is literally identical to F.Trunk's? The unseen trunks and the future trunks we know are the same person that warned Goku in the main timeline, used the same time machine, with the same message scribbled on the side.
The time machine is THE EXACT ONE as Trunks'. I honestly don't think they're a different timeline anymore, rather that cell created a fucked time paradox and killed himself retroactively.

We know time travel creates an alternate timeline with a shared past. We know cell traveled further back than trunks, and burrowed into the ground. Meaning every new timeline created by trunks shares that past, so each timeline has a burrowed cell.

Chichi didn't study either and is just forcing her own wishes and dreams on her children

I’m glad to hear it! I’ll have to thank them if I ever get the chance. Speaking of reproducing my style, Toyotarō-san is amazing at it!
No no, not at all! Seriously… The more I draw, the more I realize the gap between us… (sweat).

Don’t be so hard on yourself! You might actually be the closest to my style. There aren’t many people who can manage that! Well, maybe there are people who can imitate my pictures, but not many artists can pull off an entire chapter the way you can! Your storyboards are really tight!

Are you retarded? Shenron isn't powerful enough to kill anyone stronger than Kami/ Dende, they explained this you literal fucking retard

Still the same trunks, unseen trunks is the trunks that wentire back in time ando created that past unseen time line, yes, but that is the same trunks that went back to his unseen future where he is killed by cell and that cell is the perfect cell from the unseen timeline.

>No you twat, Goku was 100% sure that Gohan could beat Cell with his hidden power
Not exactly, Goku was sure that if Gohan couldn't beat Cell, no one could. He hoped cell would be able to drag out the power gohan had, and it would be enough to insure his defeat.

It could probably be done better but here.

>Hey Shenron can i be immortal pls XDDDD
>Sure thing pal!


>we wish cell to be at the end of universe 1
There we go, he will never be able to come back

No you fucking dumbass. First of unseen Trunks doesnt come from the unseen timeline, that Trunks is just a little baby. Secondly the unseen Trunks and Future Trunks are definitely NOT the same considering unseen Trunks gets fucking killed and future Trunks doesnt.
They only LOOK exactly the same. Did you forget the fucking part where Trunks is like "Look, I still have mine."

It's normal for parents to wish the best for their kids. She didn't force Gohan, he wanted to be a scholar. She trained and makes Goten study. In the epilogue he is not a scholar like his brother.

Unseen future timeline where he killed trunks*

But the Cell timeline isn't technically unseen. We do see it, but only for a minute.

immortality from shenron doesn't work against people stronger than kami/dende

They still havent mentioned Future Beerus and Future Kaioshin

The first wish I'd make with the super dragon balls would be that they can only be used by me.

The second that they stay in place after being used.

The third that they all of them could fit in my pocket

The 4th...the end of moeshit in anime.


I am pretty sure Potara is 100x times weaker than Frieza.

>Toriyama never kissed his wife

Those are all smart wishes...except if you wished for them to stay in place, how would you take them out of your pockets?

She got him to fuck her at least twice but never kiss?

>First of unseen Trunks doesnt come from the unseen timeline
He is killed by Cell in the unseen timeline's future, so that was his home timeline.

>Secondly the unseen Trunks and Future Trunks are definitely NOT the same considering unseen Trunks gets fucking killed and future Trunks doesnt.
because they diverge at some point after trunk's first trip. Trunks was able to beat cell BECAUSE CELL appeared in the past and forced them all to grow much stronger.

>They only LOOK exactly the same. Did you forget the fucking part where Trunks is like "Look, I still have mine."
First off, the idea that 2 different timelines would yield the exact same identical time machine is ludicrous.
Secondly, of course trunks has his, because cell had not attempted to steal it yet. Do you not fucking understand time-travel duplicates?

>The point is the "canonicity" of it is pretty dubious.
more canon than the anime if we're comparing dicks.

you're a literal retard if you make "staying in place after being used" your second wish if you wanna make a lot

Do YOU not understand duplicates? Youre the one who's been saying theyre actually the same timeline that paradoxed into itself.

>he can't wait a mere cockroach's lifespan of a wait for another wish
fucking ningens

You now realize they have literally no way of beating Black because he can always escape into the future with his time ring

Unseen refers to also the alternate future trunks that was killed by cell. That was the whole point of unseen timeline because we didn't see trunks kill the androids or how he stopped them, we only saw him getting killed by cell. That is why refer to him as the unseen trunks and unseen time line, if you want to be specific there is an unseen future and an unseen past, the unseen past is the past where unseen trunks visited, unseen past continues on while unseen trunks goes back to the unseen future to stop his andriods and get killed by his cell. That cell from the unseen future travels further back in time and creates an new timeline which is Goku''s timeline that we all know.

How does the robot get away with making us debate and rage so much?

If Black is just Zamasu then why does he act completely different (refusing immortality)?

It's just a form of identification and mainly most of the events of that trunks remains unseen.

Not unless he get erased by the king of all.

Because Immortality is literally the only way Zamasu can be relevant.

Black is already strong as shit and dosn't need it to keep up

>still believing the king of all can actually do shit
Shouldn't him being unable to create a friend already be proof enough?

he has Goku's constant ambition for pushing himself to get stronger

But why would Zamasu do something different than BlackZamasu

not unless he accidentally loses his Supreme Kai Rings.
They're putting more emphasis on it's relationship imbuing the user the power to time travel to begin with next week.

Goku's body is influencing his personality, I've been thinking about it for a little bit but I think even Black's narcissism might come from Goku, Zamasu looks down on humans I don't think he was that self absorbed with himself.

Since it's now confirmed that Black is indeed Goku's body, Vegetafags can no longer say that Goku's never beaten Vegeta.

Goku's essence is taking over Zamasu, he's more powerful after all. What you get in the end is a mixture of their traits as Zamasu dilutes within Goku entirely.

>Do YOU not understand duplicates?
You're the one who asked why there were 2 time machines. They explicitly say they're the same one, from farther in the future.

The whole problem with the unseen timeline is that up to the point where trunks returns to the future, it seems 100% identical (rather, the same) to f.trunk's own timeline. This would be absolutely impossible if they were separate timelines that split about 17 years earlier.

It's more logical to conclude that they were the same timeline up to a certain point in the far future. Cell changed the trunks he would kill in the future, effectively causing that trunks to kill him instead, changing the future by changing future trunks in the past.


Black has Goku's body but a non-retarded mind.

Something our Goku lacks off.

This is literally RECOLOR: THE SCREENCAP


But how would Cell be able to travel to the same timeline as the one trunks traveled to

It probably is, the saiyan body is changing his pereception.

I wonder how it fells for Vegeta that it was a possessed Goku, that killed his wife

Edit: by staying in place, I meant that they don't get separated after being used. Not the they should become static, sorry.

Also, I'd wish not to have to wait a year before using them again.

I'd wish for Zamasu to make me some tea, indefinitely

>vegeta after running headfirst into rose AND DOING THE SAME AGAIN

i think its gonna be the virus thats gonna kill him
he grabed his heart when he fought against goku ssj2

I wish Black had dual personalities, one evil Goku and one Zamasu, like Liquid Ocelot or something.

What was the point of this post?

>But how would Cell be able to travel to the same timeline as the one trunks traveled to
Because if they came from the same timeline, used the exact same time machine. Wouldn't it be the most logical way to end up in the same alternate timeline?

>black thinks fighting goku makes him stronger
>he is actually getting a zenkai every time he even uses a tiny bit of his power
>as soon as he wants to go full out he dies

Better recolors than this shit

Also there is actually lore behind the transformation of black

That this series is even worse than the Multiverse webcomic

Then there would be two trunks, in the same timeline

What does that have to do with anything?

They didn't reveal the button thing for nothing. It's definitely going to be used.

I notice you aren't even trying to defend the bullshit that is Super Saiyan God(/ Super Saiyan)

>Dragon Ball Z
Kai is, Z is absolutely not canon.

No, they were the same trunks, who traveled to the main timeline. They only diverged when cell killed "him" in the future, but by killing him in the future and then meeting him in the past, he forced him to become stronger than he was, and so he became unable to kill him in the future.

Cell paradoxed himself out of existance. This explanation contradicts some stuff, but I prefer it to "2 completely different timelines produced the exact same time machine with the exact same message.

I like the idea behind it.

But i don't get the blue color.

And one more thing, this would also explain why neither the "unseen" timeline and the F.Trunks timeline have a time-traveling cell in their past. Because they're the same timeline, the original timeline.

I think I shed a tear.

The idea of it is right out of a third grader's fanfiction.

That doesn't work though, since perfect cell came from a future further ahead when trunks killed the andriods. When future trunks came back after cell a year or two had passed when cell showed himself for trunks to curb stomp.

Fujoshi give a shit about Goku?

He seems like he would be one of the most unappealing characters ever to them.

There isn't oNE because they are separate timelines, it's saying that the events in gokus time line is the same time line as future trunk's.

No the idea behind it is that they're transforming into a super saiyan using ki that mortals can't normally use.

The designs are lazy as fuck though.

>Fucking at least twice with your wife
>Never kissing her


He didn't say he never kissed her.
Just that he never kissed her on the mouth, which is actually pretty smart since mouth to mouth has a high chance of infecting you

Japs are faggots, even when they are married

doggy style
or ape style, for that matter

Goku is starting to seem like a complete fucking sociopath

I mean he always liked a good fight and was dumb about things which were not fights, but he never kissed his fucking wife? Really?

Super flanderization
It's not canon

>since perfect cell came from a future further ahead when trunks killed the androids. When future trunks came back after cell a year or two had passed when cell showed himself for trunks to curb stomp.
But that's why it works.
The "unseen trunks" was changed by meeting future cell in the past. This caused F.Trunks to become strong enough to prevent his own murder when he returned to the future. In other words, the only difference between unseen trunks and the one we know is one met cell in the past, the other one didn't. So what changed was the traveler's experience outside of his own timeline, as opposed to the timeline itself.

I'm aware this is still contradictory because it means the original timeline was altered, but it makes far more sense to me than believing 2 timelines that diverge almost 20 years earlier produced the exact same machine with the same text and message. One has to accept there is no truly correct solution to this mess, so I choose to believe this form of timefuckery doesn't create alternate universes, but instead legitimately changes the original future.

Chichi told him to lie down, worked his dick till it was up and rode him like a rodeo while Goku was just lying there confused and somewhat worried.

>Goku is starting to seem like a complete fucking sociopath

>Apekid growing in the woods without any school

Thats exactly what he is.

Roshi gave him a basic education.

goon squad used the dragonballs to wish for youth. it was meant to be a wish for eternal youth but they phrased it poorly. this happened somewhen between frieza saga and android saga
in the grimdark future of mirai trunks, mai ends up part of la resistance fighting for survival against the latest genocide obsessed villain alongside mirai trunks
meanwhile, in the alpha timeline, goon squad crashed Bulma's birthday party trying to steal the dragonballs, but got mistaken for a bunch of never-before-met kids causing mischief, and kid trunks developed an adolescent crush on mai.

after the whole fracas with the god of destruction, goon squad just started living at bulma's place doing chores and shit in exchange for room and board

Kissing is not required to make babies, you virigin.

>The "unseen trunks" was changed by meeting future cell in the past. This caused F.Trunks to become strong enough to prevent his own murder when he returned to the future. In other words, the only difference between unseen trunks and the one we know is one met cell in the past, the other one didn't. So what changed was the traveler's experience outside of his own timeline, as opposed to the timeline itself.
>I'm aware this is still contradictory because it means the original timeline was altered, but it makes far more sense to me than believing 2 timelines that diverge almost 20 years earlier produced the exact same machine with the same text and message. One has to accept there is no truly correct solution to this mess, so I choose to believe this form of timefuckery doesn't create alternate universes, but instead legitimately changes the original future.

Well I can see what you are talking about but the issue is you alter what has been written you can only make a copy and continue with that. The reason thereally is 2 time machines is because the future got turned into 2 alternate futures, you can say thanks to cell when trunks returned to the future his future became the new alternative because of cell just going back in time. The unseen future is when an alternate cell never went back in time and trunks and Co defeated the andriods. So that cell was the first cell to go back in time and created an alternate past and an alternate future where trunks is now aware of cell. In the end both futures still exist now to time travel shinanegans.

Well now we know why Chi Chi is always mad. She's probably just sexually frustrated.

Though to be fair, she grew up pretty sheltered herself. Probably why she pushes for education that much since she isn't all too smart herself. Still, at this point she's a grandmother and should know what kissing is.

Canon in dragon ball is the same as canon in Star Wars pre-Disney.

About 9 minutes in is how I imagine it.

You can't alter what has already been written.*

shut up faggot

reckless this trunks man

>tfw the daughter of my old student never had a kiss
there is still hope

I wanna save this but Zamasu^2 being in SSJ Blue rather than Rose is irritating my autism.

But very soon. I think it's gonna go down
>struggling in the fight
>Black notices Bulma and Mai watching, blows them up to be a dick
>Trunks goes ssj3 while goku and vegeta save their lives with senzu beans
>Trunks manages to push Black's shit in
>fearful for his life, Black swaps his earring around so he'll be flung towards Zamasu and fuse
>Zamasu is kinda miffed but the resulting fusion gets over it
>they beat the shit out of everyone
>Trunk runs out of ki to maintain SSJ3
>welp, time for fusion dance
>fight drags out for several episodes and through some kinda god ki asspull Gogeta wins

If Black is Zamasu then who's that Zamasu next to him?

>Zamasu^2 being in SSJ Blue rather than Rose is irritating my autism

Thats vegito you retard

>Dragon Ball up until the first wish made to shenron
that's it

Mai is technically, definitely, without any doubts a whore, a worthy wife for the son of the Queen of all Whores Bulma and husband




"what you gonna do?"

That's the thing, though. It was already written for Cell, but not for trunks. So trunks was changed by cell, outside of their common timeline, and when trunks returned, he changed his own future, and paradoxed cell's future away.

I know there's things that contradict this, as there are things that contradict every other theory. What I am absolutely certain is neither the unseen future nor F.Trunk's future can be alternate timelines affected by cell's timefuckery. Neither can have cell in their direct past. since every one of the alternate timelines was affected by cell or both trunks and cell, I can only conclude that Unseen and FTrunks timelines are the same one, and what caused the discrepancy was the different experience of the trunks that returned to the future.

Also jesus it's late I am going to sleep.

>preview doesn't have Vegeta
Poor guy, gonna job again

The episode titles already revealed that goku gets beaten next ep, then trunks powers up and gets beaten and then finally vegeta goes beyond SSB and defeats black

This anime is literally utter garbage.


It's not only that Vegeta can't defeat Black but Vegeta shouldn't defeat Black, leave him to Trunks, Vegeta should fuck off, nobody asked fro Vegeta.

thank you, captain obvious

But if Black and Zamasu are both Kaioshin Zamasu then why do they only wear 1 potara each

I see what you are saying but the proof of an alternate time line is cell himself showing up to steal trunks time machine and trunks killing him, all cell did was created his own downfall by making trunks and the other fighters stronger in the process. Unseen time line is where trunks returned with the andriods downed in the past and future where there was no cell interuption in the past, and then cell killing trunks to go back in time, thus creating another alternate future, where now trunks knows about cell and is stronger and kills his cell in his own alternate future.

Why do DB threads attract the dumbest users? Where do these retards get the notion that being penned, partially or fully, or approved, by the original creator make things canon? Have you mongoloids never seen an AU story or a spinoff made by the original creator?

Simply being made or approved by Tory does not make it canon, you fucking idiots.

He never kissed her on the lips. This is important.

>he never went down to eat that hairy cunny

It's better than the manga at least.

>So how the fuck is Black alive if he switched bodies with dead Goku from hearth disease virus?
he's evidently from a timeline where goku didn't die of heart virus, because he specifically said he killed the goku whose body he stole after doing so
>Does the multiverse confirmation mean that on top of every universe, there's a retarded amounts of timelines
this, but not to a huge extent. universe 6 has four divergent timelines as seen by the duplicate rings

dragon ball super (anime) is not canon.

stay mad.

Except, if anything, what I'm saying favours that, you dumb fuck. I'm saying not everything approved by Tory, or even penned by him, is canon. Super is penned (in general outline) and approved by him, but that doesn't make it canon.

Fair to assume however, being the spearhead franchise entry right now, it is canon, as much as I don't want it to be because it's trash (both anime and manga).

>Black beats Goku
>Can't bring himself to finish him off because he want Goku to come back stronger and give him another good fight
>Zamasu loses his shit

Toriyama never said that anything he worked on isnt canon though

it's fusion, spirit bomb, or fusion then spirit bomb

A small part of me wants Black to be a recurring character. But I doubt Vegeta would let the guy who killed his wife and destroyed his son's life just walk free.

Well it has 5 now, since there are 5 time rings. Where the 5th one came from, who the fuck knows. Technically 4 of them shouldn't even actually exist, at least one of them pops out of thin air essentially, whether it's Future Trunks' or Cell's.

Shits fucking messy.
Its just as canon as your virginity.

I think it's just because that's Goku and Vegeta's natural ki color
Zamasu has pink ki as seen by his ki blade he was gonna off Gowasu with

Goku totally would

Actually it's

Dragon Ball
>Not canon
Everything else


Name one memorable thing he did in Dragon Ball period

Why does everyone have white Ki in Super anyway

>Its just as canon as your virginity.

He said doesn't check the anime.

In other words the DBS anime is 90% filler crap/10% canon.

he's fit, has a pretty face, is friendly, and cares about his rival's well being

have one of the hottest females as his child

The first time he shoes up and looks all scary and spooky. Literally the only thing.


the japanese didn't have a concept of kissing until foreigners introduced the idea to them.

kissing someone on the lips isn't a gesture of affection humans instinctively know, it's something learned

well ain't I a dummy

That's the manga.

The anime is not canon.

then whose flying the plane?

You do know that he forgived Buu right?

People are so focused on the fact that Goku never kissed Chi Chi that they haven't realized that this means that CHI CHI hasn't kissed Goku either. In other words, Chi Chi never tried to kiss Goku for some reason.

>the same manga that says base trunks is the strongest base yet has problems with dabura

they each have one of gowasu's potara

That kiss doesn't even contradict what Goku said. He said that he never put his mouth on somebody else's mouth. Being kissed on the cheek is therefore absolutely possible.

Oh the humanity!

i want vegeta to say to goku
>"all right after were finished you go home and look that you and chichi are alone"
>then you go in for a hug and say something like "the suffering of the future made me realize youre important to me", then you go in for a kiss. trust me

maybe black will get reincarnated and become a rival for uub

The Buu that is friends with them is different from the Buu that fucked their shit up. So unless something similar happens to Black where Zamasu's essence is somehow expelled from Black, I don't see that happening.

>you will never live in a quiet home in the mountains with Goku Black

Just end it all already

Back when she was a little kid, Yamcha knocked her out. When she came too, she was in a position that looked like he had just kissed her. All these years she believed she had been kiss-raped in her sleep by Yamcha, and doesn't want Goku to know she isn't a kiss-virgin (though she really is) and leads a kiss-less marriage as a result.

god that bulma was so hot
too bad she looks like shit now

Was it ever confirmed that Saiyans reproduce via sperm? We only saw Goku use his penis for peeing. Perhaps Saiyans shoot special energy balls at their females which make them pregnant.

It must be that
How else could Goku have traveled as a teenager with bulma and never get a hard one?

you can't kiss on the lips a man wearing a ball gag

this is deep

kiss raped....lewd

Would Krillin have gotten pregnant when Goku gave him the spirit bomb if he was a girl?

Watch when Zamasu is extracted from Black's very being and becomes Goku 2

pureblooded saiyans are late bloomers
hence why they stay childlike for ages then suddenly have a massive growth spurt

with chichi only fuck.

See you next week faggot

Warriors races are always early bloomers though because it's unlikely that children will get old


any saiyan not strong enough to survive to puberty is too weak to reproduce with anyway.

Press 'F' for Yoka Yoka dance

do you think Gohan has secret fantasies about inviting Piccolo to have a threesome with him and Videl?

new ending song isn't as catchy as yoka yoka

I feel bad for her now. Why is Goku such a shit?

If she wanted a kiss, she would have just kissed him herself. She didn't, which means she didn't want it.

So Black is Goku's Body with Zamasu's heart and Zamasu is Zamasu from another timeline?

Looked more like he butt raped her if anything

Black is Future Zamasu
Zamasu is Gokus Zamasu who gets revived by his immortality next ep

the third zamasu is the same zamasu that went in the future, but because trunks went back in time he gets killed by beerus...but still he is in the future because he went before being killed

what a mess

I'd say Black went to the future to steal goku's body, then travelled to the past to right after he killed Gowasu and brought his past self up to speed, but it as stated that the time ring simply can't travel to the past at all, only to the future and right back where you left from

Well she probably doesn't let Goku try anal either.

That means that the Zamasu that is Black was so crazy about Goku that he needed to kill his own body to be in Goku's body.
Which means... Black is secretly yandere for Goku

How many more episodes until the final end battle?

The arc ends this month

Chi Chi is a dumb country hick who grew up in a very sheltered environment and as a kid thought holding hands was the lewdest thing you can do. Granted, it is a bit ridiculous that she hasn't ever asked for a kiss from her husband at this point.

Black is Zamasu with Goku's Body, then he used the potara on his old body, then he divide himself

Well Damn. is that enough episodes for them to fuse or someone important like Bulma and or Mai dying.

How can chichi even read

>that they haven't realized that this means that CHI CHI hasn't kissed Goku either. In other words, Chi Chi never tried to kiss Goku for some reason.
Now that I think about it.

you mean chi chi. Bulma gets better over the years, like a good wine.

>You hate the fact that you're powerless to stop me. That you're completely outmatched. Well, imagine feeling the way you do now all of the time like the people of this planet do. Fool. How do you think the people of my time line felt when you ganged up on them and they had no way out? Well, now it's your turn Black. I hope you enjoy it!

>afraid of SSB

Even Goku learned how to read.

>he doesn't know of the legendary ssj mint

Not an normal SSB
But he would fear a full powered up SSB

did goku and chichi even fuck or was he drugged and raped

Well atleast they have used gokus sperm

Come at me bro

reminder that kaios are literal fruits

''When we come for you ~''

Its so dumb that the zeno button spoiled that neither Trunks' nor Vegetas' power up are going to achieve anything


this plot and the pacing is getting on my nerves desu.

i'm not a 10 year old kid anymore, toriyama-san, just give me some good action or drama already. i can't stand your little mai bullshit and trunks faggotry.

>Ox King has got to be the most shafted character in all of Dragon Ball
Who is Goten?

Literally. I don't even know who that is.

toriyama isn't involved in the anime
read the manga for better pacing

Vegeta will be the one that defeat Black because muh rivalry. Screen capped this faggots

how is it a rivalry if black doesn't even acknowledge his existence

if he goes blue instead of 3 I'll be disappointed
also if we don't see at least one wholly new technique used by the heroes.
not counting SSJ:B+KKx20, when was the last time they pulled out something new? way back with gotenks?

fuck this last episode only last 2 minutes were relevant.

they fucked but it's entirely possible Goku doesn't realize fucking is where kids come from

Gotenks was a thing, he was still way more important than the Ox King.

Black is Kakarot

basically toyotaro owns the canon now

toyotaro's word is law

>t-the arc is going too fast!!! it'll only be 12 episodes at this rate, fuck you toriyama!

>f-fuck this pacing!! you're dragging it out, gib me fighting, fuck you toriyama!

>if he goes blue instead of 3 I'll be disappointed

Why would he go SS3? It's an enormous waste of energy, not to mention since he's mastered SS2 he wouldn't even need it. He's either going Blue, or some other type of power up.

goku beat slime vegeta so now he has to even the score

not canon

My dick is still waiting

>a Gowasu is kill
>tfw this Gowasu will never be a godtuber

there's no such thing as canon

yes it is

You don't get to pick and choose what is canon or not. Super is canon. You can be butthurt about it all you want and keep spamming every DBS thread with your retarded arguments, but it won't change that fact.

Super is as canon as the DBZ anime or DBGT

Looks like one timeline will never see his revolutionary and informative videos on tea.

You thought that Son Goku would be your first kiss, but it was me! Yamcha!

I wish we at least got a throwaway line about where Trunk's new sword came from


It's the z-sword

I cry everytime

looks nothing like it

Is Toriyama a hack or a troll?

Z-sword was destroyed in the fight against Dabura

he's just a man

That wasn't Goku being stupid, that was Goku valuing a big battle between his son at his best and Cell at his best over the fate of the Earth.

That's actually the problem with Toei's current take on Goku. Toriyama complained about the "super hero Goku" stuff from their filler, but their solution to it was just to make Goku's negative traits coming from comic relief dumbness. Rather than acknowledging any negative traits in Goku, they're now attempting to make it look like they only happen because he's dumb, and not due to fucked up priorities or any kind of selfishness.

Unseen timeline is the one visited by the Trunks who was killed by Cell, not Cell's timeline.

Hack pretending to be a troll

gag mangaka


>Gowasu will never be the gordon ramsey of competitive tea brewing

Toriyama approves whatever the hell they pay him to approve. Why does people not understand that? Dragon Ball as a Toriyama creation is done. They might get his input in one or two things, but that's it. It's not his work anymore. Buu was the last thing he did, and probably the last thing he'll ever actually do concerning Dragon Ball.

And in any case, who gives a fuck about whether Super is "canon" or not? Unless you're literally retarded what should matter is whether if you like it or not.

if black died, would zamasu swapping his potara to the other ear still result in a fusion?

>But how would Cell be able to travel to the same timeline as the one trunks traveled to
Cell's past included a Trunks who appeared and killed Freeza and King Cold (and whose cells only weren't collected because there were already enough Saiyans). That's why when Cell goes to the past, we get a Trunks also appearing there, even though he was from another alternate timeline - Trunks' appearance is part of Cell's timeline.

there not the same ear rings set since black and the immortal zamasu are from different timelines.

Nah, Yamcha isn't a loli.

Gotenks is the only reason Goten exists at all. He isn't even his own character.

Why is black stronger than Goku if they have the same body?

Why was pre-rose goku still a match for norm goku if he somehow had no knowledge of god forms?

This doesn't make sense

black is abusing zenkai boost to get stronger

Extra powers by being fabulous and smug.

this is getting a little gay

They're gonna show Gowasu being killed next week. Not the Gowasu Beerus saved, but the one Future Zamasu killed.

One thing that I've noticed is that the Zamasu that Black shook hands with is still a Kai (orange potara), and Black already has a green potara (Kaioshin). So it looks like the Zamasu that kills Gowasu is Black, and the other Zamasu (the immortal) is from the past.

a sayian gets stronger when he get some up the ass.

he has goku's ki stacked on top of his own

Black and Zamasu are the #1 gay anime couple.

>black is abusing zenkai boost to get stronger
literally doesn't exist

veggie and karot both fot destroyed and are still clearly weaker

plus literally no one on earth could provide a challenge after goku got his body even though he killred vegeta he still didn't know about god from

What do you think are the panty scents of the various Dragonball girls?

My thoughts:

Lunch: Musky, sweaty

Pan: Strawberry

Videl: Like a rose

Chichi: Fishy

Bulma: like shampoo

18: No smell

Who wanna bet that this happens?
>somehow Goku & co. discover a way to beat Zamasu/Black
>dramatic music
>Black puts the earring on the other ear
>next week on Dragon Ball Super

>it's just as canon as your virginity

2/10/16 The day user got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

RIP in peace.

would've been better if black goku was just an evil goku who went trough time while potara fusion with other goku's to get stronger.
the only explanation i can think of is zamasu has knowledge on how to control god ki better .

Heroes is "approved" in the same way that any official material is approved.

Toriyama was consulted on some Xenoverse designs, but that's it, it's basically the same as claiming that the movies are canon because he made some designs for them.

Toriyama did make story and design contributions for Dragonball Online- but he didn't actually write the script or design everything, so it's basically in the same situation as Super, where there's likely ton of filler with nothing to do with Toriyama. DB Online also has the matter of needing some set up just due to it being a game. For example, Toriyama was the one who created all the Namekian variations shown in Online and Xenoverse, but he hasn't used them anywhere else.

>18: No panties

This has been quite a letdown I almost wish it was the Time Breakers from Heroes/Online/Xeno

or just that he has more god ki in general, however that works

If Goku Black and Zamasu fuse, will the fusion be called Gomasu?

>It's a "all our problems could be solved through fusion" arc.

so long as it results in more material for the xenoverse games honestly don't mind what happens either way

Didn't Toryiama write all of what happened after the end of Z for DBO?

>yfw Gowasu is the fusion of Black and Zamasu that came back to the past to try and fix his own mistakes but was killed by a younger version of himself.

it'll be either Black Zamasu (to synergize with Golden Frieza) or just Super Zamasu (like Super #17)

Probably because Zamasu is a god, so he'd know about god ki from the beginning.

when are these dragonballtime niggers gonna upload the new ep

time travel

just watch it on kissanime

[Batman] is DragonTeam's speedsubs.

kill yourself


Its been up for hours

yfw goten was actually studying for his test this whole time and not kept out of the cast to surprise future trunks with another goku look alike that could end up being black.

Seriously, Chichi has every right to be as bitchy as she is now, if anything, I'd say she's too lenient

yep he did

so are we ever gonna fight on daytime clear sky earth again

also when will destructible environments come back

goku and vegeta could use fusion to turn into vegetto again.
they can use the dragon balls later to wish to unfuse.

fusion dance is useless, only lasts 30 minutes and only 5 minutes with ssj3.
and strong enough attacks/hits can cause you to defuse also.

but then again, could the fusion of goku and vegeta even use god ki?

it's gonna turn out goku figured out how to do hakai just by seeing it once, same way he figured out the kamehameha as a kid

muh ningen

Do you think Goku would actually mind if someone screws chi-chi in their bed?
Would he even be aware that he would be cucked?

>DBS timeline Zamasu used his wish to switch places with some dude who he saw losing fight on kamitube instead of Beerus/Whis/Zeno

Bravo Toriyama

forget fusion its never happening

>could the fusion of goku and vegeta even use god ki?
why wouldn't they?

So i was right, Zamasu is Goten

yeah goku and vegeta feeling their end was nearing. whent into space for 1 last fight. said fight caused multiple supernova's (until they died)

when you stop being retarded

>zenkai boost
>infinite potential

honestly? no.
if Chichi confronted him and said she wants to have more sex he'd probably even be the one to suggest she just screw someone else whenever he's out training


Oh sit is that what happened in dbo?
I never finished plus it was all in korean. Or taiwanese

>not wanting the mcs body that will someday surpass them in power

Obligatory CrowbCat

Some stuff doesn't work against gods. Bringing Xenoverse into this - the mind control evil energy doesn't work on Beerus because he's a god.

zenkai boosts disapeared after they unlocked super saiyan.

and none of the characters have infinite potential, they each have a ceiling (of course with transformations they raise the ceiling)

since when is xenoverse canon now?

I think Zeno would notice a god acting unscupulosly, as a mortal he can fly under the radar and do what ever he pleases. That includes collecting dragon balls.

I wished for it to become canon with the Ultra Dragon Balls, that can make anything canon. Even Super #18 or Broly SSJ5.

even with how goku is portrayed in super.
i highly doubt he would suggest something like that.

is that logo meant to look like piccolo?
who designed that outfit?

are you fucking retarded?

when was it stated zenkai boost stopped working once they went ssj?
also cell had a zenkai boost that helped him reach ssj2 level.

i'll laugh if supreme kai of time does show up at the end of this arc

Videl = Devil

four episodes from now where Beerus reveals he dobbed on Trunks to the loli of time as revenge for doubting his word as a god

oh right, spawn of satan

but beerus was wrong his hakai ain't multidimensional. Beerus is a fraud.

So, how long before everyone finds out Mai's true age and identity?

didn't toriyama himself say that after ssj that zenkai boosts stopped giving any major gains.
cell was a special case and also the last use of zenkai boosts being mentioned

since when has being wrong ever stopped beerus?

pretty soon

he just needs to come along to the future and beat the shit out of black and future zamasu

Mind you black killed his body with goku in it, so his body didn't exsister any more, but the other Zamasu is immortal and the super dragonballs may surpass Beerus god destruction.

another forty years

Manga is not canon. It's just an abridged ad for the anime that skips many important plot points


Well if it's gonna be canon the gt fags will be in an uproar

better art then the anime at least.
what a mess the anime is.

and when is it gonna get an english dub. i can't stand the annoying jap voices and screaming. they sound like angry cats instead of men

why? in xenoverse GT is a timeline that happened

>60 year old user rejoicing after finally getting more info about his Maifu

The thought warms my heart

Except that's wrong, the Manga is straight from toriyama and toyo. The aim uses story boards from the manga.

but men always sound like angry cats.

fun fact is with this every dragonball adaptation of dragonball will be canon. GT , movies, toei filler etc.

so i doubt this will ever be canon. Dbo on the other hand is a different thing.

in xenoverse, the gt time line is an alternate time line.
even trunks mentions that when you fight against gt trunks


Jap manga says otherwise (yes, I'm putting manga because the Z anime rewrote Goku's character to make him a lot more heroic for self inserters. Funishit just rewrote the Koyama rewriting and made him a Superman ripoff).

toryiama never stated that.

yeah but it's still canon as an alternate timeline, which is more canon than it was before

>Current Timeline
>Trunks went back in time, told Goku about Black, Beerus kills Zamasu
>Blacks timeline
>Trunks never went back, Zamasu meets Goku and Vegeta at Zenos tournament, Zamasu becomes interested in Goku because Goku wins the tournament

but dbo got cancelled and part of the story and characters where used for xenoverse (towa and mira)

The strongest and wisest Kaioshin

so has zamsu destroyed humans in his universe too or did he just pick 7?

XV3 is probably gonna be all about their weird eugenics baby

but not the sexiest


Just (funi) Ztards and GTards disregard Super anime's canon status

still pretty funny at how they managed to get a kid.
towa's a demon (younger sister of dabura) and mira is a android she created


Why is Bulma such a slut

he's a bioandroid. the same kinda thing as cell which is why he has a bunch of other characters' moves

its not like toryiama had nothing to do with gt , movies or even the fillers.
he always designed stuff for toei. So i don't mind regarding them as canon since e contributed a bit besides the plot.

thats not bulma

new thread

there's probably some weird time loop shit going on regarding how he ended up in trunk's timeline

the way black and zamasu talk about their plan to eradicate the ningen makes it seem like trunk's timeline is their first attempt

>Not wanting to kill the androids because fuck yeah muh stronk opponents. He even was careless with his heart illness.
>Giving Cell a Senzu and all that Gohan bs.
>His sole sacrifice wasn't because of "muh earth", but because he wanted Gohan to give a motivation to keep fighting.
>him not wanting to be resurrected because of "muh stronk opponents in the another world".

that's Bra not Bulma retard

>60+ year old virgin who thinks holding hands is lewd

>That wasn't Goku being stupid, that was Goku valuing a big battle between his son at his best and Cell at his best over the fate of the Earth.

But he was actually retarded as fuck. He didn't consider Gohan is a pacifist nerd who doesn't want to fight. Piccolo called him out on his bullshit.

Its not equivalent goku.

Zamas didn't go take another SSB goku and then power him up.

Remember, SSB isn't affected by SSJ2 and SSJ3.

You could take Frieza saga SSJ1 goku, give him God ki, and he'd be just as strong.

it's maron, the filler girlfriend krillin had in the garlic jr saga.
a huge slut that had multiple suitors

Best explanation so far

Pretty mind blowing too

Then what's the point of the god ki if not to power up from it

Mai, Pilaf, and Shu are just going to keep getting wished back to being younger every few decades or so, aren't they?

>I'm so fucking fresh right now.jpg

gohan is filler