Just watched the rebuild movies and holy shit this must be the most frustrating series ever created

Just watched the rebuild movies and holy shit this must be the most frustrating series ever created

nothing, NOTHING is explained
>yes this is an angel go kill him because it's bad
why does he want to kill everyone? where does he come from?
>you should use this evangelion it's strong
what is it? a robot?
>no it has organs and shit
how the fuck did you build it then? why does he have a person soul? why does he go berserk?
>oh don't forget your main mission is to protect this jesus looking son of a bitch
why do the angels want it?
>because then it will go boom
>oh right, I need you to fall in love with your mother clone or something so you can save her later and become a god or some shit
wtf? are the evangelion angels or something?
>nvm go get those two spears with this guy
but I just want to play piano with him
>oh right it's an angel you should know that before he makes himself explode because reasons

and don't even get me started on the fucking protagonist, without counting the times he becomes a bitchy little shit
>get inside the robot
no i do what I fucking want!
>get those two spears
lmao ok, I would do anything to get them, it's my fucking destiny

just please tell me the manga is not this retarded

Why exactly didn't you watch the original show?

>implying the original show was any better

NGE is a pile of angsty shit.

because a friend suggested it I don't fucking know why I've listened to him

All 3.33 of them?
1.0 is basically a recap of the first half of the series. You dont get anything more than what you get in the series.
2.22 is already a divergent story.
Also thats eva. Nobody knows wtf happened even after watching it

all of them
I'm waiting for the 4.44 whishing it will explain some of this shit, but I'm not counting on it

The motto for making the rebuilds was: "Give modern anime fans what they want, garbage, and they will love it."

Your friend is either a total pleb or a troll. But either way it's your own fault for being a newfag.

Rebuild is shit. Watch the original+EoE and read the manga version

Some anime is made by people with good ideas, but are shit storytellers.
They would need additional people to help them structure and pace the project, but they're either too full of themselves or they lack the funding.

Take Yoshiyuki Tomino for example, he's an expert at this.

The plot is shit OP
Is all a joke to tell you that you shouldnt kill yourself
Thats literally it

>Why exactly didn't you watch the original show?

NGE is massively overrated no matter the material you watch.
People should not go in expecting masterpieces.

Just watch the original and EoE or read the manga, it will clarify some things, but much of Evangelion's value, like many other artistic works has to do with how little it relies on explanations, so the viewer can create his own interpretation. The beauty of this is that it makes you a part of the creative process. At any rate,
>wanting his fiction to spoonfeed him the plot and the character motives through exposition
>gets angry when it doesn't
>doesn't understand he's partly at fault
You're the worst kind of pleb. The series is wasted on you as you will not get 'it' even if you watch the interviews or read every companion book on NGE, so please kill yourself in advance.

>first half
First quarter.


Also you're late to the party anyway. You should've watch eva somewhere in 2000s at the very least.

>watch sequel
>complain about not understanding shit
Literally and actually kill yourself.

>implying explaining some of the mechanics of the world would be bad
the writer is just lazy and you know it

The rebuilds are a retelling of the story not a sequel. They should be able to stand on their own, yet they make little sense even if you watch them with full understanding of the TV series and are completely incomprehensible on their own. OP is still a retard for watching the rebuilds instead of the series though.

>haha understand it yourself, I'm not explaining shit (because I don't know either)
As expected of master Anno.

>The rebuilds are not a sequel.
Yes they are. Even if they're not canonically continuing the story, they're still catered to fans of the original series as opposed to being a standalone remake.


>Screenshotting your own posts.

it's not my post

>implying I spoke in absolutes
>implying I ever said it would be a bad thing
Not really. You see, I've watched stuff that is not 2D-only and read words that are not exclusively printed in shonen manga, so I don't need to have every little thing explained to me. Based on the historic response from this series, the Cred Forumsudience's most frequent qualm about Evangelion is the fact that they were left with many questions, which is also a very common negative criticism in mainstream media ('why does X have plot holes', 'why does X doesn't provide closure', etc).

But I think all of this is acceptable. As I said before, it's an artistic choice, and it may or may not have value attached to it. I personally don't like it when authors produce something that can be experienced too passively or underestimate me by providing an explanation for every little detail. Some of my favorite writers didn't have to explain shit to make stuff like Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius of the best things I've ever read, and most of them were certainly not lazy, while others have written amazing stuff that feels like a clockwork mechanism due how tight the plot and its mysteries are knit.

This . I think the rebuilds are Gainax just cashing in on an old hit so I don't particularly like the rebuilds by themselves alone. I enjoyed them in a parallel universe kind of way, because they simply manage to fuel my imagination while providing other interesting focuses that can be contrasted with the original or not. However, if every mystery had to be revealed in them, they'd need to be 5 or 6 4-hour long films.

Asuka will save you.

Hey, guys. What's going on in this thread?

The Rebuilds were quite clearly made for the sake of keeping the franchise relevant. Get people to discuss it and sell merchandise in the process.

The problem is that pretty much nothing is explained in them and even with the context of the series a lot of things don't make sense. Endless possibilities for fanwank don't make a good work of fiction. They are a bad instalment and there are plenty of posts online breaking them down to show that nothing in them works beyond the superficial spectacle.

the rebuilds assume you're already familiar with the series, so they don't explain things that are common pop cultural knowledge about the series in japan. evangelion is as iconic in japan as star wars is in the west, it's kind of like how everybody already knows that darth vader is luke's father, even people who've never seen the movies.