We discuss foxgirls

We discuss foxgirls

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>not starting thread out with

[x] Touch fluffy tail

Would you apply fabric softener on the fluffy tail?

I don't think that would have the intended results.

Works well with my dog desu

You're supposed to use shampoo for that.
I don't know for certain, but I don't think using commercial grade fabric care chemicals on your dog's fur is good for his health.


I wanted the tofu

There's not enough and there never will be enough.






I would have stayed with her.


Well none of us have girlfriends so it would have been a pretty easy choice to make between the two.



A real girlfriend would be gone after a several decades, she wouldn't.

How could I pass up an opportunity as rare as the one he was given?






How soon until Kitsune Bathing Simulator is out?






What a dick



Best Foxgirl VNs?






Found this. Don't know if there's more

>vndb kitsune heroine tag with English filter
>only eight results
>two are Sakura games

Can I not even simulate a romantic relationship with a kitsune?

There's your problem, very few monster girl VNs have been translated. Just suck it up and use VNR.

The true ending

Stop posting this and never ever post it again. I'm sick of seeing it and I hate it. Please kill yourself, post things like pic related instead.

I actually liked Sakura dungeon a lot, despite most other winged cloud games being really bad.
The Kitsune is the player character though and there's no real romantic relationship, just a few yuri sex scenes with her.


Provide me the sauce please.

It's the sequel to the story that give a happy ending to the blonde fox. The brown fox girl was left there on an uninhabited island by herself ever since the Imperial Japanese forces pull out of the island during WWII, now she get a friend and blonde fox will never be lonely again.

I thought Sakura Dungeon was pretty alright too. Too bad they'll never make another real game again since it took them two years to make that as opposed to spending three weeks to shit out another generic fantasy plot where the girls have yuri sex for no reason.

Sounds comfy

Hope you don't mind if I ask you any link

The fluffiest. No other monmusu can compete.


Enjoy the fox wife.

I think dogs are pretty great too. And if you get nine of them it's like having the same thing!

It's just these two pages on his pixiv.
They were drawn before the blonde fox story too.

>Enjoy the fox wife.
That's my fetish
Thanks you fampai

How much fluff is too much fluff?

When it takes longer than three hours in the bath.


Best one coming through.


>there are no good foxgirl ecci anime

Tenkiame is pretty good.

>there are no foxgirl ecci anime


>ear fisting

This series was great. A shame it got axed so quick.

if the cake is delicious...

It's bretty terrible. Even for a harem/ecchi anime

>One tail
If I didn't know that Tamamo can replicate herself into 9 bodies to make up for the lack of her other 8 tails, I would punch you in the face for posting such heresy to the kitsune everywhere.

It was one of those series that are bad outside the manga.

Monster Musume will never ever introduce a fox themed waifu into the house.

No such thing as too fluffy.

>Monster Musume will never ever introduce a fox themed waifu into the house

I see, I've only read the manga, didn't know the anime waws that bad.

Appreciate it, user. You done well.

>didn't know the anime waws that bad
Let's say that it suffered the same fate as Rosario+Vampire

Who Kohukaren here?

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

geimuo shimasenka?

Rosario+vampire was just an average manga.
Try being a Merry fan and watch the anime

The best goddamn animal girls, period. Catgirls have nothing on them. However, it's important to note that Red Foxgirl >>>>>>>>> Any other kind of Fox Girl.

would you a raccoon girl or a ferret girl too user?

>raccoon girl
Japanse can't into raccoons. Only Tanukis which are for fags.

Arctic fox are cuter.

Nah, girls with round animal ears look kind of silly. Good for cutesy, adorable characters, I guess.

Kitsune are great, but Kitsune in spats are greater.

Fluffy tails are pure magic.

>for fags


She can grow up to 9 tails again when she regains her power, but she nerf herself so she can stay humans, because otherwise she would be a goddess.




Cuddling time.

so whos this foxxy mama?

Pretty sure it's Tamamo

whats the appeal of foxes?


Best post.

is there a manga with just foxgirls and nothing else?

Byakko no Mori.

That is true
>more info
Tamamo from MGQ (monster girl quest)
Based on the mythology of Tamamo-no-Mae

But if she thinks he's still the grandfather, who are those dolls that she's cursing?