>tfw you will never read Gantz for the first time again

Osaka arc was GOAT.
Also GANTZ:O when?

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I only read it until MC died.

>MC dies
>gets resurrected
>actually wasn't dead in the first place
>now there are 2 MCs
Man Gantz was insane

I've never read it. What am I in for

Fun, just throw your brain out the window and binge that shit.

gantz was goat, but it peaked too early.

Isnt that cgi osaka mission movie supposed to be out this month?

The Osaka arc was complete insanity. I love gantz.

I bingeread Gantz couple years back and I haven't the slightest clue what happens in Osaka arc, all I remember is giant 4-eyed human-eating aliens.

anyone have that image of the guy facefucking the giant female alien made up of of smaller females?

it was like hell waiting weeks for the next issue

yeah oct.14.
hell yeah
>other gantz team
>more and stronger monsters
>more and stronger weapons

it's pretty actual nowadays too... migrant invasion in europe, migrant aliens' invasion in gantz

holy shit that looks sweet, best arc too

you don't even remember the guy trying to fuck the giant fleshy thing?

how can you not remember the best part?

>there will never be an anime remake of gantzu
>you'll be stuck with the extra low budget gonzo anime forever

that new Gantz:G manga also feels like shit. What's it purpose anyways? Feminist agenda?
>all characters are just genderswitched original gantz characters

Or how about at the end when pic-related tells MC (duplicate) that's there's no God, humanity doesn't mean shit, oh and just to prove it to you here's dead people you love alive again because none of you have a soul and pic related can just reassemble them at will. And now you can watch them fall apart losing them all over again.

Then MC pulls out sword and JUMPS IT! Only to be disintegrated. He fucking tries to take out an alien with god-like powers! That was the most insane thing I've ever seen in a manga.

I absolutely love gantz, its what got me into Seinen shit in the first place. Plus chapter 220 will forever hold a special place in my heart for picking this lovable bastard.

I feel you.

the last arc ruined the entire series for me.


it had great threads too


nishi is king

>rated 12 in Japan

oh shit

There was nothing lovable about Nishi, being a whiny bitch is what defines him as a character. People were simply not used to this kind of character and always had the perception that he was the "lone wolf cool character" when he was just a messed up 14 year old.

When he came back he became a parody of himself, not to mention they turned him attractive in order to please the fangirls.

>you know remember that vampires are a thing in the Gantz universe

Nishi reminds me of Hiei but always failing

Man I loved this manga so much, it was such a fucking trip.

Also a fucking trip was how quickly it turned to utter shit in the final arc.

>After you came all this way for it we will now reveal the ultimate secret
>god does not exist
>really makes you think uh?

If I wanted the equivalent of a highschooler's first philosophy dissertation, I would read one. Or watch a show that did entry level nihilism much better like Evangelion.

If I wanted a manga with a neat artstyle and compelling characters, I would also read another manga because Gantz was plain shit on every level and the textbook example of a hack artist who can't draw without a computer.

>you can seee boobs monster in last trailer
It's Japan

Gantz: O won't even be the same story. It's going to be a generic love story just with aliens.

The badass Osaka trio most likely won't be in it. So no Nuri facefucking.

Kato and his love affairs always end with his love ripped apart. If they keep the love story so, i'm okay with it


>Get Alzheimer
>Read Gantz for the first time again
>Until death

*keep this

Why did people hate this? Because it wasn't explained or didn't make sense? Since when did shit like that matter in a series like Gantz

I wish I hadn't read Gantz for the first time to begin with. Fuck that manga.

i know. can't find better after this

what's the best manga with hitler in it?

>ywn have to lie to Der Fuhrer about his art being good

more like GANTZ D:

The big tits slut isn't an MC.

Pic related may not be best, but it is cutest

>create fiction where God is not real
>that'll teach them

>create fiction where God is real
>that'll teach them

Nishi a CUTE! A CUTE! I want to commit a crime on Nishi Joichiro!

So, GANTZ:O premieres on October 14. How soon do you guys think a subbed version will be uploaded?

Gantz was a good manga, but that psychic powers and vampire thing could have been settled better into the story, also the aliens and the gantz itself, if only he did something to make the whole story more solid this would be a masterpiece and not only a good one.

I thought Nishi was wasted potential.

I liked that they brought him back because there was this implication that he always knew more than he let on, and wasn't as edgy as he tried to make people think, but they never really delve into it. By Katastrophe he had two 100 Point weapons and never even bothered to use them.

It was out of nowhere even for Gantz standards. I mean aliens were already an established thing, but these fucking vampires came out of nowhere only to dissapear a few chapters after they were introduced. Fuckers weren't ever mentioned again.

I'm kind of disappointed that the new project is about Osaka. The only thing I found interesting about that arc was the confirmation of other Gantz teams and Nuri's shifting forms.

Otherwise it doesn't really have the team dynamic that I liked about Kurono's new crew. Just Kato trying to help people while everyone else runs off to save themselves.

desu im quite sad he saved the one kid and seemed to be getting better as a person, only to be an asshole again.

I loved the vamp's introduction, because there was this feeling that nowhere was safe anymore. Up until then there was a clear divide between the Gantz hunts and real life, but the vampires were breaking that barrier down.

What sucks is that they all just die and/or leave by the end with little to no story explanation. There wasn't even a followup on what happened to Kei's brother and how that affected his family.

Pretty much this. The Gantz hunts and real life drama were enjoyable for developing a group of mismatched characters trying to get through a harrowing situation, but there wasn't a very structured end goal in mind.

Everything escalates and escalates, until it just kind of stops.

>mfw this thread made me re-read Gantz and I'm currently having more fun that with any anime that came out this season

Could have brought his crush from school back as well.

Yeah, I got the feeling the author made the whole Vampire thing on a whim and wasn't planned, realized he's mistake in introducing them and proceeded to not focus on them and forget about them.


I don't remember him having a crush. That girl had a crush on him, not the other way around. Besides, Nishi should get with a boy.

I think it could have been simple enough to just say that they were people who had been altered by the aliens or their tech in some way, making them Gantz targets in the past.

yeah, i have the same feelings, if everything would be part of a structured plan it would be awesome

Is there anything like Gantz? I'm just not seeing anything tapping this niche, or whatever you want to call it.

What other manga can you name that has these qualities
>extremely gory
>any character can die at any point
>depressive atmosphere of shit just getting worse and worse

The only thing that comes to mind is the Eclipse in Berserk.
What I would compare Gantz to is a brutal survival roguelike turned into a manga. There's just nothing quite like it out there.

Different in execution, but Blame! had a pretty depressive survivalist sci-fi atmosphere.

Attack on Titan. Also clearly is going to dick around with mysteries the whole series and ultimately give fuck all for payoff.

Ergo Proxy, if you don't mind some filler episodes and a little psychobabble that makes little sense on the first viewing.

I was hoping Deadman Wonderland would fill that niche for me, but it almost immediately shifts to wacky supernatural power antics.

I read it like 6 times now and now i feel like reading it again

Now that I think about it, I am fairly sure I understand what draws me to Gantz.

Gantz plays out like a tabletop roleplaying game.
Who dies, what monsters show up and all that sort of stuff seems to be decided by a dice roll.
It's not like all the other manga/anime where you can predict where the story will go and who will die. It's just ''you rolled a one, critical miss, DEAD''.

Gantz always gave me the vibe that the author was not choosing who to kill or even things like how many aliens show up. It's like he sets up a character that he thinks is cool, he plans out a story arc for them, rolls a dice and goes ''welp, I got to kill this character and can the story arc that I planned''.

>''welp, I got to kill this character and can the story arc that I planned''.
That seems accurate.

Speaking of Game of Thrones. GoT is a perfect example of the opposite.
In GoT it's all very methodical and all the character arcs are fully fleshed out. You can tell when a character is going to die fairly easy, yet people always go ''WOOOW, GEORGE RR MARTIN KEEPS KILLING THEM OUT OF NOWHERE WOOOOOW''.

It just doesn't have that organic storytelling feel that you get when you decide where your story goes by rolling between several likely scenarios instead of where you personally want the story to go.
I fully believe that Hiroya Oku wrote Gantz like a DM would direct a tabletop game.

>You can tell when a character is going to die fairly easy
Well, the books do have some unexpected deaths, but the HBO version just kind of kills whoever they want for giggles.

Have you tried reading more than five manga? Seriously, Gantz isn't even average.


it's above average desu

Dude, blame is nothing like gantz at all, it's a xtremely dark cyberpunk story, very introverted and slow, blame is many steps above gantz

Gantz was never good.

>Kato and Izumi never had a fight