Shuumatsu no Izetta

So... It's Yuri right?

Also Nazis.

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The SS looking mother fucker and his 007 golden gun.

/k/ would be disappointed.

>2 lesbians defeat the entire Nazi army
Bravo Japan.

Magical gun broom.

Just wait until they take on the pacific front.

Yes, this two will be love dovey
also, is German Empire, no the nazis, big difference

>Also Nazis.

There is no Nazi is this anime.
Germania is WW1 Germany.

So this is lichenstein who annexed a bunch of territory from austria and switzerland right ?

Yes it's not like it takes place during the invasions of notPoland and notFrance in 1939. And it's not like that symbol of theirs is only slightly altered or anything.
Totally not Nazis.

And bought all their milliary gear from the French.

Are you ameriburger?
This is important.

Drittes Reich, dumbkopf.

It's clearly Nazi Germany blended together with "Imperial" Germany, situated at the outbreak of WW2, considering the Panzers.

It's just romantic friendship, not lesbian at all.

Don't be daft, user. These are clearly not Nazis.

>This is the story of the struggle of two girls and the strength of their friendship


And dem Messerschmitt's

Do you even know what Nazi means you dumb goy?

Westria's newspaper is from the future.

I, just, what?

It's not even as if this is the first anime to have a witch riding on a sniper rifle.

Damnit, Japan, I've been saying this "It's not even the first anime to have X" a lot, lately.

Do Hittler appear in anime even before?

This literally translates to "I am brave and am pious"

They just took random snippets online and put it in the newspaper to make it look authentically german.
It's like kPandora, where they took random wikipedia pages and put it on the screen.

But those are Junkers.

Do you even know that when people talk about Nazis, especially in this context they're specifically referring to Nazi Germany? Stop being a semantic cunt.

That's an AT rifle though. There's a difference.

Hey, guys, I found the article they stole the text from. It's not even a month old:

It's as Nazi Germany as FPSRussia's logo to Soviet Communism.

get your eyes checked

Sasuga, Ajia-Do.

Inb4 they make the emperor look like Hitler.
But it seems to be a blend of WW1 and WW2 Germany. I mean the outfits and machines basically scream Nazi stuff, but they aren't hunting down Jews. Just lesbians it seems.
Also look at this Gestapo looking mother fucker.

Blitz'n Degen

>Nazi Germany's uniforms, firearms, tanks, aircraft
Totally not Nazi Germany or anything.

Can anyone explain what Japans obsession with anything German is? So many series seem to have references in German.

I don't really get what's the point of all this Britania, Westeria, German empire thing.

It makes sense in works like Valkyrie where the changes on culture and tech and lore are substantial but if you go to make it so incredible close to the real deal, why not just go all the way? Is not that you can't make "alternative history" plots with actual Nazi. In fact, most alternative history stories have actual Nazis in it.

On a sidenote, I hope this show produce some nice not-nazi rapey doujinshi.

Tripartite pact.

Gas the jews.

It's always very superficial, though.

This scene was too retarded. There was no reason for him to kill them just because they saw a girl in a container.

Tough luck, the only thing referring to Nazi Germany is the designs of the Germanian(?) army.

That doesn't make it Nazi.
It's imperial WW1 Germany with a kaiser and all plus WW2 technology.

>Nazi Germany is the common English name for the period in German history from 1933 to 1945

>some nice not-nazi rapey doujinshi
Typical hetshit barbarian. This is why yurifriends are so much better.

Spiritual attachments as they are both destroyers of their respective continent?

Will we actually get any doujins where these two make sweet love, or will it all be Nazi rape fests?

I'm taking bets.



Can someone tell those damn nips not to use our superior language for giggles?

As a German I feel very offended by their pathetic attempts.

It's called like that because of the NSDAP.

no NSDAP = no Nazi Germany

The text translated means
>Benoit's escape
>Uchtenhagen, who was born in 1928 in Olten So(lothurn) had in 1971, when the women could for the first time on a federal level
and so on.
1971 was when women received the right to vote in Switzerland.

This is how the Yuri starts.


I doubt there will be many doujins of this series.

I always wondered.

Why do Japs betrayed their old allies portraying them as evil? How cucked are they, were the nukes that strong?

Just because you dress as a girl, doesn't mean you're one.

I hope this is simple enough for you to understand.

They forgot about someone.

Yeah, I just realized it after skimming over it and seeing shit like Turnschuh and Betäubungsmittelspürhund.
Kinda sad that they couldn't even take an article without obvious numbers in it though.

If you can't see the 1971 that's right there in the next line you probably need glasses far more than me.

German sounds 10 times better when a Japanese tries to speak it then when a actual German does.

>Why do Japs betrayed their old allies portraying them as evil?
>old allies
They fought with France and the UK in WW1
All that alliance stuff is out of necessity, not friendship.


Go and cry to your immigrants, I'm sure they sympathize.

>More jewy propaganda about how the Nazis were SO EBIL
Fuck I get enough of this shit in my shitty western media.


Didn't that SS solider ever play Goldeneye? The golden gun kills on one hit, what a waste of bullets.

>shitty western media
Watch Polish or Russian films. I'm sure they portray the Nazis in a positive light.

>invading your neighbor is ok

the sentence makes no fucking sense, also it fucking doesn't translate into
>who was born in 1928
it sound like 1928 and 1971 are just numbers not years
>the 1928 in Olten born Uchtenhagen became 1971

I respect yuri characters...when they are actually yuri.

But as long as japanese give us this "they're best friends" things I'll include both of them in all my experiment torture erotic delusions.

If they want us to stop, then make them actual lesbians, then I'll ignore the show like I ignore all yuri shows, yurifags can have them and exlude them from my fantasies. But as long as the doubt exist, they will be slaves of the not-nazi dicks.

The princess didn't choose the Yuri life, it was just fate that happened to make her be gay with a red headed witch.

good goy believing in Cred Forums memes. :^)

It's not only about the sound, even the slogan on the flag of eylstadt sounded retarded.

What the fuck is this? Is this an (((SJW))) tumblr le "Robespierre did nothing wrong!!" bullshit? And they're portraying the Nazis as the bad guys, for fuck's sake. I thought it's just degenerate homo shit, as I could have stomached it if only for the guns and stuffs, but no they just went full (((persecuted victim))) dindu nuffin. Fucking dropped.

Well, all Cred Forums jokes aside, WW2 Germany was pretty evil, as a German it's embarrassing as fuck when you look back at it and how everyone only remembers you for gassing jews.
And yes I'm prepared for all the cuck replies I will get now.

>they should've just let the poles keep genociding ethnic Germans

She has a cute butt.

Enjoy your 36345346 seasonal holocaust anime hehehe.

Dumb goyim.

Trust me on this. I'm a native German speaker.
If you want the source material they used, it's listed in the link that posted
You need to disable adblock though to view that site.

What is this russian doing in this show?

They should have done like Russia did with Ukraine and support the polish Germans instead of making a full scale invasion.

>poles dindu nuffin
>remember the 50 trillion

It's a cultural difference. In japan, blushing girls saying "I like you a lot" to each other is the eastern equivalent to a naked 69, complete with added anal fisting.

So Lesbains, war, and Nazis?


That's just because you can't speak german. It makes perfect sense to anyone who can speak the language. The part that throws you off is probably the embedded sentence that follows the 1971 because it screws with what you perceive as a natural flowing word order.

He's probably one of the sponsors who wants to market Izetta.

I guess I shouldn't expect more from a dumb otaku.

Isn't that the dude from Call of Duty?

Confirmed anime is bolshevik propaganda trash.

>You need to disable adblock though to view that site

No you don't when you use superior uBlock.

>Zionist Poland
Jesus... This is not even funny in a very dumb way.


>No you don't when you use superior uBlock.

Give this man an orgy.

Now kiss.

After Józef Piłsudski died, it was. They wanted war with Germany whether they wanted it or not.

This anime is racist toward Germans. So many thinly-veiled anti-German sentiments, just because of recent events in Europe. Germans have done so many good things towards the world, and this is what they get.

We can blame Italy for being fucking jobbers.

>it doesn't translate into
But it does. Why do you think that you have the language authority on German and how to translate it if you can apparently not even read it?

Does someone still use that word?

2006 was 10 years ago, pal

Exactly. Just because you dress the Nazis in a different outfit, doesn't mean they aren't Nazis.
You see now? Clearly my logic is impeccable.

The accent is horrendous 99% of the time.

Germans have never done anything good for the world and they've tried to destroy Europe three times in a row now.

So now (((they))) come after anime.

Hey if Lichtenstein had cute little redhead lesbians I would have defected to them in a heartbeat of I had lived back then.

No abominable Irishman, thank you very much.

Just needed a guy with a weird mustache yelling at them to be complete.

The Germans have flooded the world with an racist, facist ideology which is hell-bent on hunting down, killing and destroying dissidents. Worse, they did it TWICE, once from 1933-1945 with the Nazis, and since 2015 with Moslems and Leftists.

But user, National Socialism was all about appearance. It was neither nationalist nor socialist.

Yeah but the royalty there snatches them up for gay witch parties.

>hating on cute gingers
You really have the shittiest taste, Bernd.


>It was neither nationalist
Totally not ethno-nationalist or anything. Just ignore the German Aryan superiority, Lebensraum im Osten, getting rid of minorities for the sake of the German people.

>Slava Makarov

World of Tanks creator, maybe he become weeaboo in recent years.

>posting a fake quote
And you know what is the funniest part about this? Piłsudski was a big friend of Jews. After his death Sanacja created a political party called OZN.

>The OZN adopted 13 theses on the Jewish question. Modeled after the Nuremberg laws, they labelled Jews as a foreign element that should be deprived of all civil rights and ultimately expelled altogether.[1]

I thought the Jews liked leftists?

>World of Tanks

Isnt that the game that's heavily biased towards communists?

>gay witch parties
I don't see the problem there.

No, that's War Thunder.

>It was neither nationalist nor socialist.
Yes it was you dumbfuck.
They were the first to give a shit about the middle class and introduced many social politics that became the standard across Europe.
Look up how it was from 36 to 40.


Maybe that's why Izetta going to destroy bunch of German tanks in this show.

>all these racist Brit cunts
I...can't believe it. We Germans were the ones who worked hard so that wars will not happen ever again in Europe. It's also so that Europe can compete against the US, China, or Russia. What an ungrateful insular inbred.

so how they gonna destroy notgermany armies with just one witch?

Well unless you're a cute gay witch I don't think you'll be invited...
Also there is that whole war thing.

That later became*
>We Germans were the ones who worked hard so that wars will not happen ever again in Europe.
You forgot France in there Hans.

creators are from belarus, I dunno if they changed it but soviet tanks used to be powerful as fuck

>The OZN adopted 13 theses on the Jewish question. Modeled after the Nuremberg laws, they labelled Jews as a foreign element that should be deprived of all civil rights and ultimately expelled altogether.[1]
Sounds just about fine to me. Jews are an intelligent, ethnic minority in Europe, who as a group hold absolutely no loyalty to European nations and because of Christian banking laws have managed to attain positions of notable power in European politics and economy, where they are free to advance their own and Israel's interests as they see fit.
>Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people
-Martin Schulz,

That's War Thunder. Stalinium planes and Tanks. T-34s bouncing off shells that would penetrate two of them. etc.

Magic... And lesbian power.

Why does shit like this always dissolve into Cred Forums posting? I just want to enjoy the cute girls killing Nazis.

Where did I've heard that before?

I'm from Poland and I'm a historian. I know better the history of my own country than you or retarded Cred Forumsfags.

>And lesbian power.
ahh, so this is what Poland and Denmark needed

>not wanting to give your life for your cute gay witch and princess

Yeah and I have a PhD in fucking bitches, what's your point?

>sounds just about fine to me
Your video just called this Poland a Zionist country.

>I just want to enjoy the cute girls killing Nazis
you can't, peoples likes nazis too much because of their cool uniforms


Pfff, dont make me laugh.

Well those two no name guys sure did.

>Show has politics as a central theme
>lol why do people talk politics?

Not me though.

Izetta has apparently the power to destroy an entire company by herself, and it's not like Germania is sending its entire military against Eylstadt. Once Britannia is attacking again, or the United States of Atlanta enter the war, or perhaps notRussia also starts becoming active (who knows, perhaps they're still Zaric in the Izetta-verse - or all Russians are dead and have been eaten by Baba Yaga), Germania will have to deal with more important things.

Unless Eylstadt has some ubersupersecret things like minerals that can turn little girls into superwitch-weapons of course, which the Germanian Empire wants its hands upon.

We can't have nice things. Cred Forums was a mistake.

So that's how it works huh?
Now rather than hollywood movies they use anime.

Leftists in Germany may adopt your cause, but only if you support them in every decision they make. That's why all the organized homosexuals are so unreflected pro-muslim, they're affraid their precious leftist money flow dries up otherwise.


You're not actually talking history or politics though, you just throw around your favorite Cred Forums memes.

I like them more because of their military equipment, doctrine, tactics and performance. Kind of focused a bit too much on wunderwaffen, but still really cool.

>>Show has politics as a central theme
>>lol why do people talk politics?
nobody is talking about politics in here, peoples are talking shit memes about history instead of talking about anime

>any pro-NSDAP sentiment is just a meme

Your image is full of inaccuracies and completely ignores the historical context.

Not too happy about the Nazi-esque shit, but it looks like an interesting show worth watching.
At least it's "Gerumania" and not "Doitsu".

Last time I checked, it was written Liechtenstein.

>You need to disable adblock though to view that site.
Usually disabling JavaScipt by default (and explicitly enabling it when necessary) - like any sane person should - does the job.
Sure, there are sites that require JS to display any text, but at that point it's probably worthless garbage not worth my time.

But I'm not throwing around memes.

The Jewish question is politics and war is an extension of it.,

Got to get cultured somehow.

What do you expect from a Cred Forums infograph?

care to point some out for me "polish historian"?


ESL-kun you really should learn to write English correctly before you try to debate semantics.

>Not being brainwashed by the jewish propaganda machine is a meme

Scheiß jude

Definitely still better than giving your life for more Lebensraum for some fat old fucks.

Full Metal Alchemist (2003), I think.
Although I don't clearly remember.

>Show has politics as a central theme
What political theme?


Hast du nichts besseres zu tun, irgendeine AFD Demo auf der du Lügenpresse schreien kannst, kleiner Hartzer? :^)

>I hope this show produce some nice not-nazi rapey doujinshi.

I can see the Yuri NTR already.

Cred Forums opinions being a meme is a meme in itself

Turk antifa spotted.

germanian scum

That's it. No discount on your Döner anymore, Andreas.

I think we've gotten a bit off track about how this show is about a cute blonde princess and a gay red headed witch who will use love and magic to fight (not)Nazis.

You need to be older than 18 to be on Cred Forums, mate.

You forgot a comma there, du schwules Stück Scheiße.

I dislike kebab.

princess speech was embarrassing

Will they cleanse Germany of the old Nazi scum and make us great again? I want to have cute lesbian witches too.

That's the (pseudo-)historical setting. I still don't see that it's necessarily a political theme.

I hope we'll get so see Thermidor/not Vichy and the eastern front.

Will there be violence, bloodshed and realistic tactics depicted?

War is politics.

Why Oberstein?

He wasn't portrayed as a Nazi.

War, royalty, diplomacy.

It's just a typical anime thing.

Did I hit a nerve with AfD or the Hartz 4 assumption?

I want to honk Izetta's butt.

Well that body guard who got gunned down was kind of brutal.

Your small country is about losing the war
You have to find some secret superhuman weapon in order to turn the table
Which cute girl you wish to recruit:
A. Magical Girl
B. Esper
C. Cyborg
D. Other

Choose wisely soldier

>disliking a German national dish
Böser Hans.

>Jozef Pilsudski didn't trust the Allies
He didn't trust the Germans.
>and to him siding with Communists was out of the question–Polish_Non-Aggression_Pact
>After the Polish–Soviet War, the Polish authorities pursued a policy of "equal distance" between Germany and the Soviet Union. Most of Polish politicians, both on the left and right, believed that Poland should rely mostly on the crucial alliance with France dating back to World War I and should not support either Germany or the Soviet Union.
That was the main idea. Not becoming allies with Germany and attacking the Soviets.
That wasn't just a non-aggression pact but a military alliance.

And here is why Pilsudski and the Poles weren't completely against Hitler's Germany.–Polish_customs_war

I'm not that user and I'm Finnish. You just sound like an ignorant retard / enemy of the state.

I just hope for witches airborn assoult

Did that SS officer think he was cool with his golden gun?
Also what does it say on the hilt?


Was Liechtenstein even involved in WW2?
Wasn't it in the same boat as Switzerland?

I don't think that would count as defection.

Scaramanga's gun wasn't a Luger.

it's great to be deaf

Magical girl. Cyborgs and Espers don't really bring enough to the table to win a war. Well, unless the Cyborgs are some kind of hyper-advanced flying murdermachines with reflexes fast enough to catch a flying bullet and weaponry strong enough to penetrate tanks with ease.

>SS officer

Red Headed Gay Witch is cute. I hope we'll get to see all of her back story.

>I'm cool with golden gun
but isn't it "Who dares wins"?, like in english

Better than dead.

>magic to fight
More like not fight, love and peace, magic is to bring happyness, Princess: I don't her to fight etc etc

Better than being dead.

Well obviously this show went with A. I mean magic and Lesbians win wars.

Do you appear in that photo by any chance?

Well, your sources are pop-history books.

Oh it might be.

>enemy of the state
Woah there Cred Forums calm down. I'm just not in the mood to actually take fuck ups lamenting and pushing their own failures onto other people seriously. Especially if they end up voting even more retarded people into positions of power just for their perceived justice/"lulz".

And Wikipedia is a corrupt biased site with moderators enforcing their point of view. It's on the same level as those pop-history books when it comes to anything political.

Are we really that certain that they're going to win?

What if in the end, Izetta gets killed by a bullet?
After all, in one way or another, the Germanians managed to somehow capture Izetta and readied her for transport to New Berlin (probably to brainwash her into becoming a Germanian supersoldier, or to analyze her powers and create an army of Germanian Wunderhexen themselves)

Hell they even say Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory.

>who dares wins
Why does he actually have english on his gun?

>Army of Nazi Magical girls
Man, we could've had a much better anime.

cause they are american notgermans

Yeah but she didn't have lesbian power on her side at that time. Now she does, and she will be that much stronger.

war trophy or something?

He probably took it as a trophy from a killed Britannian agent.

Not him, but if at least there was a commonly available vegetarian variant of it...

Döner is basically great, you can even get it in Akihabara right next to the station.

I bet that he's half brit half german.

I would still turn my back on Germany and their wacky little plan so it's technically still defection.

Enemy of the state is a completely apt term to use for someone who lives in the nation, yet works for the benefit of some other group. It's also known as treason in many places.
You seem to just be an ignorant retard though, so it's more or less fine.

Bruh, I've listened to enough IRL speeches that at this point I just don't care.

B-But isn't a luger a German gun user?

Are you suggesting that Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact didn't exist?

Are all Cred Forumsfags this stupid?

Just learn to play, whining faggots.

Better deaf than dead.

Because it is.


No, I'm suggesting that Wikipedia is a corrupt biased site that's gone astray from its original intended purpose and it should never be trusted when the subject matter is something politically sensitive.

Perhaps it's from a Britannian agent pretending to be a Germanian
>h-how did you find out that I'm not one of you Fritzes
>we don't have golden Lugers, Mr. Bond

Yes, yes they will.

Like these?

>actually white knighting washed up assholes and drunkards, that do nothing for our society either, just because they have german blood
Guess I'll enjoy being an enemy to the state then.

>anything that disagrees with my bias is biased!

Yeah it's a war anyway, no need skill for infiltration or whatsoever. All we need is to spam wide area destructive spell. And it's all come from MP that can be recharge with eat, sleep, and sex. Very effective

>Are all Cred Forumsfags this stupid?

Yes they all retards, and the worst part is that they can't even keep their retardation to their own fucking board.

I bet the holodomor and armenian genocide are conspiracy theories too even thought there's more evidence of those than the hollercuast.

>War is politics.
What does this mean? Are you using von Clausewitz thesis? If so, did he say that war is a continuation of politics, or that war is a subset of politics? Either way, you really have to be specific about the political concept that the show tries to address. For example, if the show believes that peaceful monarchy is more morally just than an expansionist imperium, and so on. Otherwise, it might overlap with just the background setting that they just use for, say, the action drama. By action drama, I mean it never delves deeper on the setting it's based upon, and would rather focus on their romantic friendships and misadventures. Perhaps some mystery plot, too.

It doesn't really have to be a Gundam to be enjoyable, where the characters are debating political ethics while fighting inside giant robots or something. I personally think that this show is more personal and focusing on their relationship. But then again, this is the Guilty Crown's writer, so we'll see. Cheers.

her bodyguard had a ppk which is german. there were russian anti tank rifles on the plane. its pretty clear guns are not tied to nationalities in this

>Are you suggesting that Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact didn't exist?
I dunno about that user but I personally don't believe in history at all, well maybe gulf war or war in former yugo is true, but WW II or WW I? I call it all bullshit, it didn't happen
don't get me started on other shit like medieval or ancient greece, are there really people who believe that some guys could were a sandals a whole years? or live in the barrel? for fuck sake it's so stupid

They are based though

>Cred Forums gets btfo on /his/
>they shitpost on other boards

I think they guy is kind of dead now though, so we will never know. I mean the cute red headed lesbian did blow him the fuck up.

>non sequitur

Yes, clearly. Enemies of the state and treasonous as well. Though since they were a German minority, I would put less weight on the treason part and more on the enemy.

Stop projecting, dingaling.

>blatantly homophobic/transphobic

>her bodyguard had a ppk which is german
Maybe manufacturers sold their guns abroad for maximum profit?
And Hime-sama country is right next to Germania

Guaranteed replies performed a class change?

I once saw another picture like this, but it was a Soviet-themed girl with white armor, and about twice the height. I think it was in the snow, and she may or may not have had an ushanka.

Would you happen to have that one?

Like this?

You're based Finnish user. I'd make you my waifu if I could.

They might have been stolen prototypes since they were all on their way back to new Berlin. reverse engineer for the glorious (not) third reich!

Thermidor revolt was actually reactionary. It was against the montane fags.

Why does Japan always think princess=blonde?

Pic related, also a better princess

But it's not Yuri.

>but they aren't hunting down Jews
You really think that was what the entire nazi culture was about, don't you?

It's time anime becomes multicultural.
White people need to leave.

I'm certain they were, since Golden Gun said they were "military secrets".

Or you know, they just bought them.
Germany would be making hundreds of thousands of them.

>implying this one is yuri, especially when the princess explicitly tried to go on a political marriage

Back to your board, /u/fag

Because blonde is superior and pure, which fit better for the role of a princess.

More importantly where is the Soviet attack from the east ?

No such thing ever happened.
Germany was racist and invaded Poland for no reason and the beautiful amazing allies defended poor Poland. The Soviets were peaceful.

Because all gaijins are blonde.

Asshime is trash and the only thing she did right was hook up with a literally who while the two main losers were fighting over her.

It says "Who Dares Wins" which is the British SAS motto. In before Britannia are the actual bad guys.


Will there be not-Finns? That's the only reason for me to keep watching this.

>Being against the normalisation of mental illness is phobia and bad.

Well yeah, instant, quiet artillery. You can wipe out platoons of troops on first contact. The ultimate weapon in the shape of a cute girl.

War is politics. Politics is by definition
>[treated as singular or plural] The activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power.
>The activities of governments concerning the political relations between states.
Which war, quite clearly falls under.

Maybe. Probably not.

At least the guy was not a fag for having the safety on while playing with it.

Can't you little shits get your act together for once when it's about your precious Nazis? I don't want to have to go to /tumblr lite/ for this shit just to be free of the usual Cred Forums memery feat. off-topic current political debates and cuck calling, that will definitely plague these threads.

>Frederika will never marry you for political gain
Why live

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2016.

That is a bit weird that it's on a (not) Nazi gun then. Unless he thinks he's being cool making it gold and having his enemies slogan on it.


>no attack helicopter

>In before Britannia are the actual bad guys.

You mean, like being perfidious and manipulative?

Jesus Christ, I thought mods disabled this shit already.

A loveless political marriage makes you straight now?


My idea was more like being a nameless soldier that manages to rape her or blackmail into having sex, so no problem

>Thinking we're in the bigoted medieval ages

Even anime is getting more multicultural each day it passes. The world will become a beautiful multicultural paradise free of hate no matter what you do. Your racism and hate is useless because you're a minority, even your people is against you.

Not the one, but still appreciated and saved.

Is there a tag I can use to search for these by myself?

She was meant for gay red headed witches anyway.

There are less disgusting ways of showing your support to homosexuality.

Am I still on Cred Forums?

Everyone is straight until proven the contrary.

>i'm totally gay i swear, i'm just letting him fuck me because of a deal

Between Cred Forums and tumblr, there is a healthy middleground I can recommend for you

>>> r/anime
>>> MAL
>>> ANN

Striker unit is the first, second is KanColle. Mecha musume is the general term.

They did their own thing with Russians on the side, being irrelevant on the bigger picture.
That's why they got away from the Nazi hunt post war.

You're the mentally ill now, user. How does it make you feel?

What you hate is becoming the normal. And what used to become normal is now a bad thing. And there's nothing you can do about it. Europe and the rest of white countries are about to get a big change that will era all their ancestors history forever. All your fights are useless.

Hey man, wanna hang out? I too like calling people racist, sexist and bigoted, and my favourite words are inclusion and diversity. I think we'd get along swimmingly.

>You're the mentally ill now, user. How does it make you feel?
I couldn't care less. My main issue was with the multiculturalism stuff but I won't go on that since I don't feel like being banned. Fare well.

>I'm marrying him because I love him, it's totally got nothing to do with him saving my country in exchange

That's how it works when your blood can be used for politics.

>in a political marriage

Last attempt. Is it this one?

Yeah, it's just the usual Cred Forums leakage. I wonder if mods will crack down on these threads like they did when kancolle ones got too /his/ or Cred Forums, at least in the event that this series doesn't really get much into the history part.

You can always rape her if you don't have a dozen bitches on the side.

You have to consume the marriage for it to be valid.
Which involve sex.

they sould just make anime set in kaiserreich universe

This, do people remember Aldnoad Zero ending?

Trigger incoming

That's one of the dumbest things I've read in a while.

My sides just blew up

>healthy middleground
>these choices
I know you're memeing, but I still threw up a little.

Sex in prison for protection too doesn't really make you gay, it's jsut situational homosexuality.

In this case it will be situational heterosexuality for the princess where she doesn't have a choice and has to marry the guy for protection.

In a way this is just prostitution disguised as political marriage term for nobles.

>start the largest war in history
>get fucked and cause the Russians to occupy half of Europe
>widespread death and murder desensitize people to crime and suffering
>thanks to that all the European values go to shit and entire countries get raped by communism
>crime goes up
>Europe becomes 100% reliant on USA for protection
>European colonial empires crumble

Nazi worshipers are the dumbest fucking shits on the planet.

Hitler ruined the continent. And Germans are fucking monkeys who lose the largest wars in history like fags they are. And now are the gayest society in the world.

Fuck off Cred Forums.

Do you know the purpose is to breed a legitemate heir, right?

The stronger party gains nothing from a political marriage if they don't bother to make an heir.

Yes, actually.
I guess she wasn't a Soviet after all.
Thanks user.

>Cred Forums leakage
Not really. This is by far higher quality discussion that you'd get on Cred Forums.


>Sex in prison for protection too doesn't really make you gay
Of course it fucking does, take a few knife stabs like a man.

Cute lesbian.

Glad to be of help.

>And Germans are fucking monkeys who lose the largest wars in history like fags they are
Better to be French and run away with the tail between their legs and then suck up to occupants like they usually do.

They're not lesbians for each other, they're important tomodachi in adolescence.

>fuck up the ancient world by causing the collapse of the Roman empire
>fuck up central Europe by creating the unholy abomination that was the HRE
>fuck up the Christian world by starting the Protestant reformation
>fuck up all of Europe by starting the 30 years war
>fuck up the world by creating Karl Marx
>fuck up the world by deliberately funding and starting the Russian Revolution
>fuck up the world by deliberately escalating WW1 from a minor regional dispute into a true world war
>fuck up the world even further by declaring war on everyone after losing the first world war
>fuck up the western world by making nationalism of any kind a forever-taboo
>fuck up europe even further by creating the EU and fighting to keep it afloat despite everyone being against it

They will make out in the next episode.

>ike they usually do
but it was diffrent in WW I


The Eternal Kraut is worse even than the international Jew, or perfidious Albion.

Look, she's just good friends with the princess alright?

Germany didnt create the EU stupid fuck.

They need a kid for it to be considered valid, so yeah.

You mean sAs. Caption on his gun is British SAS motto. He is double agent.

(((Karl Marx)))

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2016.

nah, it's ok, I hate world anyway

>hen suck up to occupants like they usually do
That what Germans did during Napoleon time.

Yeah, real "good" friends.

>Iron Cross
>nazi symbol
Amerifat spotted.

That shit happened literally once. But of course uneducated babies can only repeat memes.

Are you implying they are bad friends?

No, closer then close really.

Germans are literally worse than slavs.

Good friends then.

Soviet AT rifle. Which is in this show for some reason is "secret weapon" of Germania

Hey France can we swap? I would rather be memed on for being a coward than a jew gasser.

Emperor is obviously a shota magician

Alternate history is obviously new thing to you.

Slavs are cool, at least the girls are so hot and pretty and natural looking especially during summer time than your usual German ugly slab of meat.

That's funny coming from "germans" when half of you carry russian genes since 1945.


If you consider the man on a plane that captured princess is British SAS agent, and transporting Izetta likely to Brits - it makes sense that this man is a double agent too and kills vitnesses that could expose him.

After having two slav girls as roommates over the last year I must say that I hope that they were just bad apples then.


Literally a proto strike witch.


I'm a slav and the whole pretty and natural looking nonsense is a bloody meme, but that might just be my college.

You realize why Nazis called Nazis? Because Nazism. No Nazism, and its just another Imperialistic conquest. Not even Fascist, since its monarchy.

E.European girls look much better on average than german girls.

Why Japan doesn't make anime about Imperial Nippon conquering Korea or China?

Just take the Yuri and Nazis and like it.

Tobias and Hermann. Did you even watch?

>Not even Fascist, since its monarchy.
what about Victor Emmanuel III

They can't be that blatant with their propaganda

Senkou no Night Raid did show the Japanese in Manchuria.

So will we see Izetta bombing London?


Actually, it would be more epic if the antagonist is the Nip imperial machine, kinda like the one in Princess Mononoke.


Why can't SJW for once defend their their case without resorting to ad hominem and strawman?
I'm so full of love for lgbt people, I want their mental illness to be recognised and treated appropriately, to make them functional members of society. And being against the propaganda of the pro lgbt lobby has nothing to do with hate. If anything, those lobbyists are the ones who hate humanity, because If being gay was the norm instead of an anomaly, the human species would disappear. And I'm just against that.

As long as whites disappear. It'd be good.

Of course it's a meme. Everyone who actually thinks X country has automatically only or mostly pretty people is a moron or has a hard on for a specific type that's more heavily featured there. I visited quite a few slav countries too and they definitely didn't have some magically higher average of pretty vs. average than Germany, France or England for example.

The scar must have been from when the princess made the witch gay for her. She go stabbed in place of the witch and it was love from there.

hiro needs to kill /ak/ and Cred Forums.

If just making gay a cool thing was enough to turn the whole humanity gay than we deserved extinction anyway. Besides modern medicine exists and if states make it legal even gays can have kids if they want. So no doom of humanity speech necessary.
Declining birth rates are far more a product of non optimal living conditions for families anyway than your scary lgbt boogeyman.

Are you insane? If they get killed they will come in droves back to their other "home boards" to let out most of their shitposting here instead of their containment ones.

>killing Cred Forums
You'll get a taste of how bad of an idea that is if Trump loses the election

Totally just "friends"

>hiro needs to kill /ak/
I will fite you, faggot.

slightly insane
It will give our mods a real job by banning and fighting off floods of Cred Forums and /ak/ tards
hes already lost friend.

Kimchi shits and dumb chink butthurt would be too big for this universe to handle


why doesn't alicesoft make any more good SLGs now. this and sengoku were fucking great

What? Daiteikoku was terrible.

Big Bang Age and Rance series were ok. but Daiteikoku failed gameplay wise.

The show spell it out for you.
You need to be blind or have brain damage to not see that.

But they did, together wit france. Never heard of the European Coal and Steel Community, the predecessor of the EU?

Enjoy your yuri Cred Forums anime /u/.

This was a pretty good game. It's a shame it didn't take off. Would've been fun if it did.

What would you do to get the princesse's butt?

no, it's wot too. is3 has been broken for years and russian mediums dominate tier10.

War crimes.

That's a harsh sentence user for butt.

>is 3
anything over 200 pen just slices through the front plate. i've soloed one from the front with the comet before

Why is Saber fighting with female Shirou?

With that butt, you can become a noble or receive appropriate title.

Homosexuality doesn't need to gain the whole humanity to make it disappear. A small fraction below 1/2 could drive down the fertility below replacement rates.
While I agree with the fact that the current declining birth rates aren't primary caused by gayness (I never made that argument), it's delusional to believe it won't be in a future in which lgbt is the norm, and that their propaganda isn't gaining ground and influencing young generations.

As to the living conditions, you should know that standards of living have never been this high, and poverty this low in any past era of the human history, so it's not an argument.

They are about to trib is why.

>you should know that standards of living have never been this high, and poverty this low in any past era of the human history

It not the 70s anymore, we regressed and been going downhill for a while now.

Life in prison would be too light of a sentence for that ass.

>get rid of their board and they will continue to be doing what they've already been doing anyway.
I fail to see the problem

Would you take her away from her one true love though?

Oh wow!

no they'll just disperse to other parts of the internet after a few weeks of shitposting like that time Cred Forums ddosed itself.

You seem to think things can't get worse.

Hillary supporter here. Redpill me on Trump.

She can do whatever she wants with other girls.

It's the norm that both side has affairs/mistress.
As long as we're being honest it's fine.

it's not impossible to kill one, but it's objectively been the king of t8 for forever.

Why would anyone support a Synth?

>put yuri subtext in your anime
>it instantly becomes one of the most discussed series on Cred Forums that season

Really fires up my neurons

>Script: Hiroyuki Yoshino
This story gonna be absolutely stupid.

That cross is the one we used in Germany for centuries now actually got nothing to do with nazis, it did get popular through them but it did not get started by them.

I see more discussion about politic and history than yuri.

Save her once from not nazis. Then tell her she is cute.

If my experience with anime has taught me anything is that this is an infalible method to make a girl crawl for your dick.

It's the only decent show that's aired so far you moron
Everything else has either been garbage or just mediocre.

I was around when their previous incarnations were deleted, unless you were on /k/ or Cred Forums you didn't notice any difference in the site.

Shitposting doesnt pertain the quality of discussion.

When Izetta aired yesterday there were two threads: one discussing the plot, history aspects, speculating etc. And the other, double its size, containing yuri/anti yuri shitposting and pages of posts like

Fuck almost bite it, thanks for the warning user

>fucking Britannian Crown Prince Henry
>thinking 'bout Izetta

Guilty Crown was a masterpiece, fag.

We have lot of yuri subtext and lot of them are ignored.

Is the war thing, with actual war happening (not just telling there is war but not ever showing a single battle) what generates the most discussion

But that's an Iron Cross.
That's older than the Nazis

This show attracts the worst kind of shitposters possible though. I wonder if it'll be popular in japan.

>Guilty Crown was a masterpiece

The dirty krauts are in cahoots with beady britbongs!

yuri discussion is simply better.

Desho, desho, desho!

I should have probably made it clearer but I meant living conditions as in children are too expensive, suicide for your career etc.
Society and what's important or even achievable for individuals has just shifted greatly. Your house with fence, wife, kids and a car thing is something that has become more and more an idea of the past, especially due to how work life and social life influence each other. It's better for society if we advance instead of clinging to some dream life of the 50s and desperately wishing it back. Hunting after the evil gays and their oh so evil agenda is definitely not what you should concentrate on if you actually want to keep humanity alive.

The Iron cross is a medal.
It's a Maltese/Hugueno cross

It's mainly because it's not shit.

Like half of the shows this season have yuri subtext.

If you're talking about the US and the west in general, improved Life expectancy and higher GDP (ppp) per capita figures say otherwise.
For the world, there is of course no question that humanity has never been better off.

No. You can tell how popular a show is looking at the amount and speed of the fanart.

If it was popular there would be already 3 or 4 images on the boorus and 10+ on pixiv


>Guilty Crown writer

What the fuck? Now I'm worried.

All those rednecks and white trash taking the welfare.


>and introduced many social politics that became the standard across Europe.
But that's just wrong.
All those social policies go back to the Kaiserreich and Bismarck getting renewed by Adenauer and Erhard

Gay witches face when

Medicine gets better. GDP growth is a natural process. The only question is it's speed and that's been dropping like crazy.

Just the fact that the likes of Trump, Farrage and Le Pen are doing so well should tell you what average person thinks.

oh god fuck no

>t.BLM supporter

>Cred Forums likes yuri
>2ch hates yuri

Explain this.

>Just the fact that the likes of Trump, Farrage and Le Pen are doing so well should tell you what average person thinks.
They're reasonable human beans?

>2ch hates yuri

why Japan loves yuri because it would scare away the fujoshit

No they don't

ch hates yuri
>Source: my ass

No licking Guilty Crown after so many year?

You switched the two.

>Cred Forums likes yuri

Who's betting money for Izetta and /u/fags getting BTFO by the princess getting married for political purpose and breeding like a true royal girl she is?

>Cred Forums likes yuri
It that was the case we wouldn't have a /u/ board to contain these brain damaged anons.

How to spot a newfag.

I don't see how that makes her less of a lesbian if she actually is one.

>how to spot cancer

No one likes yuri, its overly dramatic.

Yuri undertones on the other hand you have people divided, some people likes it and some people would wish it to be actually yuri but without being overly dramatic.

Yeah, Sakura Trick was way too heavy for me.

Not happening, since Brits are evil here. It will be Izetta finding dick before the Princess instead.

So these threads are going to be full of Cred Forumsshit and yuri wars. Seems like another show I'm going to watch alone. Man Cred Forums sucks nowadays.

the show is about Friendship, where did you got the lesbian part?

Yeah dude, nips hate yuri so much.

>jew-loving dyke

0/10 would not fight for
Long live the empire!

>Long live the empire!
Why do you want to destroy not-Europe?

>implying nips buy love live because of yuri

Well... the Japanese were about as bad... They set about experimenting with biological weapons on the Chinese populace and PoWs... then the Americans agreed not to drag them infront of a War-crimes tribunal so they could keep the findings themselves (and because they were tired of all the fighting, of course).

>They set about experimenting with biological weapons on the Chinese populace and PoWs
Lies and slander
jap man wearing imouto pantsu

You have no proofs.

There's no good or evil IRL idiot.
Germany fought for themselves just like the "allies" fought for th- oh wait.

Is this show secretly pro-monarchy?

>not a war crime

Nah.... Now it's all ATGM spam. :D

The Russians are still happy, but Russians don't get depression.

UK/France and Soviets fought for themselves.

The UK didn't. Churchill was a zionist kike lover. Refused many peace offers and wanted the destruction of Germany since WW1

I'd hail her butt ten times over.

Neither Regalia or Izetta are bait.

>this is what retarded Cred Forumsfags actually believe

>About to cause a financial collapse of Europe because of Deuche Bank
They just don't know their own (retard) strength!

The Regalia thread on /m/ is amazing for all the wrong reasons.


Double tap, motherfucker!

Forcefully conquering other countries and the whole genocide thing seems pretty evil, at least as long as you don't want to get into a long-winded argument over morals and their subjectivity and their changeable behavior over the years. Bottom line is that from today's viewpoint pretty much every country did some evil or morally dubious things at least once in history but you get especially triggered if someone insults your precious Nazi-Germany.

Now that's a huge pile of shit

You dont have to go far to explain Evil. For example just point to USA right now.

So... Lesbians then.

So this anime is the drunken fusion of Cred Forums, /k/, and inexplicably, /u/?

Friendship. There were no open lesbiains in 1940.

What could possibly go wrong?

It's reasons like this I love chinese cartoons

Sounds like AOTS to me.

Oh good, I was worried she'd keep the hospital gown for the whole show.

Yeah, witches were common though.

They're just friends, Hime will meet her prince charming later.

Here witches at least have pants.

>implying he's not a traitor

Come on, it's obvious.

They were

Save the world.... in a very British manner, and shoes with poisoned blades inside.

They don't.

>it's a males are evil show

Haven't heard Kenn in a while.

100 years ago, if people found a witch they'd try to kill her.

These days if we found an actual witch, she'd be a celebrity.

Do they though?

>divebombing to the tune of opera
Pretty good.

At most you'll get maybe a few blushes, some handholding and a few hugs, and maybe a dramatic scene where one of them yells something along the lines of "She's my important friend!" or some similar bullshit. All innocuous subtext, basically.


It feels like a Tarantino film and that's before they add the magical lesbian who flies on top of an Anti-Tank rifle

They don't need to be open, they can reserve it for each other.

Pretty sure she'd just get black-bagged and put into a governmental test facility to produce more witches.

Where did everything go so wrong that people would be pleased with this?

He DOES look like a love interest.


More like whatever secret organization would try to get their hands on her and pretend she never existed.

That's too childish for two adults like these, I expect more from adults.

This is not!Earth.

I'd definitely rather give my life for a cute princess than a bunch of old fat guys.

>tfw your superior officer points his pistol at you
>with his finger on the trigger

An ! is already a not. There is no need for another "not" in front of it.

This is show sponsored by Belorus World of Tank devs. Do yo think they`ll tolerate homo degeneracy in a product that needs to promote their game?

Actually, some of the Japanese orderlies were freaked out about it and 'fessed up.

I didn't mention all the 'more usual' war crimes stuff because.... well... every country involved (that didn't surrender fast) killed tons of civilians in immoral ways. People were desperate.

All that is left to discuss is numbers... and nobody knows which ones are real.

I hope this stays like the first episode and doesn't become some shitty battle action show

Not-not-Earth? So it IS Earth?

He is SAS agent disguised as german

"It's like I'm really playing goldeneye!"

Safety was on.

Lesbians are ok.
t. Lukashenko

But the British diplomat was still surprised.

But I guess he didn't try to silence the diplomat, either.

Not sponsored, they just work on anime these days. Like that collab with GuP.

Also Slavs are absolutely fucking degenerate.
t. Slav

Does nothing to alleviate tfw


The one on the left was having the time of his life.

>God she's so cute in that oversized coat, hnng

Well Sukhois were being developed by Belka (Germany) in Ace Combat. It's alternative history stuff, things like this happen.

I guess Churchill was a Cred Forumsfag then since that came straight off his fat bastard mouth.

What would you do to Opera-chan?

Listen to while I bombard the allies.

I hope we'll get some popular music from that era in the OST.

It would be absolute god tier.

lol u wot mate?

>also a better princess
Ima posting superior nipponese princess

You're awfully bold, Cred Forumsnons.
My manservant Ken might come after you.

There's nothing wrong with enlightened monarchy.
It's less prone to corruption, can initiate changes faster than a democracy, less useless middle man to pay.

I would feel the same if I got to sit next to a cute princess.

Such glorious bun bun bodies wasted on yuri... ah well.

Yeah well, he wasn't just one ND away from death.

She's still cute though.

>Pic related, also a better princess
Nah, even Slaine would be a better princess than the retarded piece of shit in your pic

Jude needs to be capitalized. You're just as cringy as weebs who think they can speak japanese.

Panzer vor!

Polish at rifle was pretty good and considered a military secret, most were captured and used by germans, few also by soviets who develoepd their own at rifles based on it.
Thats why the rifle is beeing tranported by plane along with other secret assets,

But !Nazis already invaded !Poland already. Why would they have to get another one from !Switzerland?

Sure but it's obviously based on the PTRS-41 and not the Wz.35.

Translation never

Oh shit I remember this garbage.

Wow that ending was, uh... really fucking gay


It's not Switzerland, it's Tyrol.
The main German anti-tank rifle, the S-18, came from Switzerland.

What said, it sure looks like PTRS41.
Which is more plausible if you remember Soviets and Nazis were best buddies, and co-developed weapons. All early Nazi tanks were test-assembled and fielded in Russia in the early 30s to avoid arousing suspicion from former Entente members.

It's not hard to imagine Nazis having test versions of less important Soviet weapons systems, such as PTRS-41, especially that you could argue they were traded for insight into looted polish Wz.35's and the original Mauser 98 that ALL there AT rifles were based on.

It is kind of funny though that both soviets and nazis, even given hundreds of looted wz.35's, were too stupid to actually understand how it works, and replaced the original DS ammo with hard-core ammunition which was NOT effective.


Which one was the history one? I recall shit posting in both.

Both were shit filled with all kinds of cancer. That cunt is just talking out of his ass.

Nevar 4 get

>jumped on a box
>exposed his entire body to shoot at someone already pointing a gun in his direction
He deserved to die, to be honest. As did the other guy for not paying attention.

Consider the fact that these guys may have previously been civilian royal servants, not trained soldiers.

He died for his waifu. He's the hero we need right now

user pls. I could personally train them to be better soldiers than they were. The guy's supposed to be a sentry and he spends his time looking at the fucking door. The other guy could have just aimed at the door and shot the first guy to come in. I sincerely doubt the Feldgendarmerie would breach it in force after that, considering there's 3 of them there + that one bad guy against two armed professionals who KNOW where they're coming in from, with no alternate point of entry.

He gets replaced by pic related.

>May'n singing the ED

God damn

The way I scream it there is no comma, du Nuttenkobold.