How much anime have you watched Cred Forums?

How much anime have you watched Cred Forums?

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2700 episodes

About 100kg

You are like babies.
Watch this.

Do I need to step up my game, Cred Forums ?

>it's a dick measuring contest episode

about this much



Fuck off.

Too much.

Total time 159.10 days

And still not enough.

Don't be a retard and spout shit like that without knowing what it means. MAL is a useful tool for tracking what you've watched, and no, excel is fucking shit. It's the community part of MAL that is cancerous and hated by Cred Forums, the tracking part has always been accepted.

The fact itself that I have to spell this out for you shows how new you are.

You know it.

You don't need to get so defensive just because you don't belong here.

Writing an argument in defence of my point of view does not qualifies as getting defensive. Your post on the other hand does. Please learn how to form arguments before you start getting (rightfully at that) called Cred Forumsermin or some other bad word.

post your face when Cred Forums is kill

Why do you need to track what you have watched?
Other than to show that your anime penis is longer and better than other person's anime penis?

That's just pathetic.

>why do you need to do X
Because I want to. I want to know, when going back to old seasons, if I've already tried to watch something and if it was so bad that I removed it from my memory. There's a lot of shows like that every season, and since I'm always searching for something to watch I can't remember everything that I've ever watched in my life. You don't remember every album of every obscure band you've ever listened to, do you?

Not him, but I often take rather long pauses if I am watching long shows and forget on which episode I am.

Saved me some time numerous times while watching Dragon Ball and Gundam.

That happens to me too, but if the break is long enough that I don't remember where I was, I've probably forgotten what is going on also, so I just skim through the episodes around and little before where I stopped.
Helps me to find where I was and reminds me what was going on.

No idea a fair bit though. I don't track the telly I watch or games I play so why track anime?

You shouldn't, but why others should never do that?

Nice stepladder

Thats what I wondering what is the motive that compels people to record what they have watched?

Is it normy day? I know I haven't watched much and don't invest that much time in anime. But I feel average here. Please change that.

I don't get counting how much entertainment you've consumed. I guess it would prevent that awful feeling of realizing you've already watched what you're currently watching.

What really comes in handy is the manga list. I rarely look at recent updates on most mangas, so I always have to go back and guess where I left off. Or hope that the numbers on MAL are correct.

It's also good if you want to recommend something to a friend, that's a bit more niche, so you can't remember it all the time.

Statistical data to compare the length of my dick to yours. Don't forget Asperger's syndrome.

I don't need aspergers to love statistics and numbers.

>401 shows
>139 days
Did you list Naruto, Bleach and One Piece?

Films are better tbqh. But anime has just the right length if you couldn't spare 1-3 hours of free time.

>I don't need aspergers to love statistics and numbers.
You don't have to.

OVER 9000

>Why do you need to track what you have watched?
Because otherwise I can't remember if I've seen the show or not. You can't expect me to watch some shitty harem VN adaptation sober and remember it afterwards?

I like to remember what I've dropped, put on hold, and suggestions of other shows I liked. Also, sometimes I get busy at work or go on vacation. It's nice to know where I was at in a series I'm watching without having to hunt through 10 episodes to figure it out (and potentially spoil yourself). My brain doesn't remember as well as when I was younger.

MAL is just an archival tool for me. I spend no time on the social aspects of it.

The fallibility of human memory?

Why do people shit on MAL? I only use it to record stuff


I have watched about 110 anime since about the time i started watching them, which was 8 years ago.

I'm just above 400 and only have 66 days, but that's probably because I focus on 13 or 26 episode series almost exclusively. I don't have the time or willpower to sit through anything longer.

Because of the faggotry that comes from there

>rating shows before they have even started
>rating shows by episode
>most reviews are one paragraph blurbs where they summarize the show and then say its the best thing ever
>most shows are overrated by at least two points (A show with a rating is seven is probably more of a 5)
>The forums are shit unless they are LN/Manga threads where they post links to find translated stuff

I bet you retards watch at 1.5x speed so you can brag on MAL about how much anime you've completed. Kill yourselves.

>Mean Score: 8.00
You're part of the problem. (/゚Д゚)/


Not enough.

I love anime.


Over 2800 hours.


> Episodes 8,921
not enough

Only this awful neo-Cred Forums thinks there's something wrong with using MAL as an anime db. There's a reason why it was included in old as fuck beginner guides to Cred Forums and the wiki.

Your tone is defensive as fuck. MAL is stupid in its entirety as it only caters to your autism more than it serves its purpose, a purpose that a simple notepad can accomplish.

How ironic that neo-Cred Forums calls others neo-Cred Forums now. Usage of MAL has been scorned here for a long time now.

anybody who still criticizes MAL is just parroting something they saw other people say

the reason to try to defend Cred Forums from MAL has long since passed. anime is a small part of mainstream culture now.

Try anidb you god damn newfag

like this person
Let me ask you something, do you still see people scorn gaiaonline? Do you even know what it is?

Because it was the first boogeyman

I really only started watching stuff in the last two years. I assume most people start watching before they turn 22.

No, I watch at 2.5x speed, start a thread on Cred Forums asking why X did Y in series Z, THEN I brag about how much anime I've completed on MAL.

Obviously because gaia scum grew old and moved on to MAL and reddit now.

not enough

Doesn't change the fact that my anime dick is still bigger than yours.

what is this?

bout tree fiddy

>criticizing MAL
>Just parroting others
>If you criticize MAL you must be defending Cred Forums and you dislike anime becoming mainstream

Yeah, no.

>Sharing a board with someone that's only finished 111

The only things I've ever watched a double speed were Teekyuu because it was fun and Inferno cop because it was so shit I couldn't even stand to spend 3 minutes watching it.

>watching 3

If you get autistically mad about pictures of MAL, then yes. Who are you trying to fool?

but what about...


Well, at least it's not that dumb cunt Hanazawa.

>getting mad about pictures of MAL


Way too many desu



Excuse me, but if you're so knowledgeable, may I ask you to redirect me to an Cred Forums approved site so that I don't have to memorize the names of a hundred Nip shows?

If you think anidb is somehow less shitty because its ratings are less inflated then you must be stupid, so I really hope that is not the reason.
It's the same shit, so what difference does it make if I don't care about either community? I use MAL because the user interface gives me less cancer. I use anidb to actually find new stuff for its usually accurate tagging. Do you even know a Gonzo anime named Gatekeepers? Anidb was soooo great it listed an upcoming 'Gatekeepers 3' for the LONGEST OF FUCKING TIMES (which broke my heart because it was fake) so I've never had any particular love for Anidb.

Just keep trying to blend in with neo-Cred Forums. There's some sadpanda general asking for your worthy posts.


I rarely ever post, so don't lose any sleep over it.

Where the fuck are the mods?

But why do you need to memorize lists of names of a hundred Nip shows?

Are you some kind of autist?

They probably all fired themselves after the shit that hiro pulled with the passes.

Fite me irl faggot
>getting into anime at age 25 with a full time job

feels bad man

also scoring is for pussies

>Just keep trying to blend in with neo-Cred Forums. There's some sadpanda general asking for your worthy posts.
It seriously took you seventeen minutes and eleven seconds to come up with that shitty insult?

>not dropping more shows than you complete
that image is your shit taste certificate annon

So that I can watch them in the future without having to spend hundreds of dollars in HDD space. It's called a backlog, you utter retard.

You millennials have definitely lived too little. I've had VHS stolen, piles of DVDs burned, I've even had at least 3 hard drives die on me. So you think I'm gonna trust some shitty notepad or xls file? You think I haven't learned the lesson in all my wizardry years? Fuck off and lurk more before mimicking other faggot's opinions.

Only including completed and not half watched shows or dropped shows. 387
I'm already starting to go autism on what I should make number 400.

>Sawashiro is now popular enough to be hated

>started recording and keeping record of all the anime I watch long before I discovered database sites like MAL or even Cred Forums
>had no idea others did it too
I just started doing it with anime only one day in excel and later on discovered others do it too. I felt a good relief of autism after I discovered I wasn't some lone loon.

I've got your waifu's autograph and I spoke with her

She's really cute in real life

>260 shows
>6000 episodes

how many 100+ anime do you watch user

Your backlog contains hundreds names that can't fit into a notepad?

Again just fucking use a notepad you shitter. Or use an actual pen and paper. Don't tell me you're actually stupid as to lose both a notepad file and the physical copy.

>waaa I'm old and this justifies my autism and stupidity

You sound pathetic. It's you who should lurk more and learn there's no real need to keep a list of series you've completed. It's so simple to keep track of seasonal shit really, it's just your autism that compels you to keep using facebook for anime.



Ok not that person but could you point me to the notepad function or the pen and paper that links to a page with relevant information about the entry?

I don't know why you need to try and pretend that it's impossible for these sites to be convenient in any way.

It's also much more likely that you'll spill some shit on a notebook or a hard drive will die than it is for one of these sites to go down forever without any notice.

There's no need to cry about it. Nobody is saying that you personally have to use facebook for anime little buddy.

>splitting hairs over how other anons keep track of their backlog

>sitting there typing shit out like a retard, formatting documents
>meanwhile I click "Add to my list" and then can go back and pick something from a large catalog to then download and watch
who's the pathetic one here?

And yes, I have over 200 entries on my backlog with plot summaries, release dates, and cast members readily at my fingertips

Stop intentionally doing things the hard way because you're afraid of change

It's the only way newfags can feel like they fit in in this thread.

Are you seriously implying that MAL is the only database available for anime?

And how often do you carry around your notebook that you'll spill some shit on it? Are you a slob? How often does your hard drive die that you can't back it up every once in a while?

Seriously you don't need to spend too much time on tracking your shows that you'll do something stupid with your list. Just admit you like using anime facebook for more than its intended function.

notepad fags, name all the anime that the voice actor for the deuteragonist of the show you last watched stars in -- and the show's art director and all the other works he did -- then add 3 of the shows that interest you to your list.

You have 1 minute.

>formatting documents

It's a fucking notepad you dingus. You don't need to spend that much time writing shit on it.

> intentionally doing things the hard way
How hard can it be to keep a fucking notepad?

It's not being afraid of change. Like I said, you just like using it as anime facebook.

Does anyone else have an autism panic when they reach a X99 and feel that the number 300/400/500 anime has to be special suiting the milestone number?
How do you deal with it or decide the special milestone number anime?

I don't remember. I haven't kept track.

No. That's some high-grade autism you got there, bud.


Fuck, I hate being the most autistic around.

No I don't even look at the number

This just means you are only watching anime for your e-penis. This will eventually make you hate anime as it becomes a chore -- if you don't already.

Go away.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

I want to marry that girl.

>How hard can it be to keep a fucking notepad?
Harder than using MAL.

Notepad doesn't automatically update itself when I watch an episode, start watching a show or complete a show. Notepad doesn't allow me to sort my anime based on various criteria if I'm looking for something (a spreadsheet would, but that would require writing down even more information).

Learn to read. I never even mentioned any specific site and I clearly said I'm not the person you were talking to.

If I did use a notebook then I would use it to keep track of shows that were airing and I normally eat and drink while watching things. I'm not saying I typically spill shit just that I am just the type of person that will eliminate all unnecessary risk that I can.

A hard drive of mine just died this year. I never said they can't be backed up and I never said I don't back shit up. You read what I typed so don't imply that I meant anything more than what I typed.

I watch anime on my computer the list is right there on the website it's easy to click on something to look up information about a show which I do frequently.

For me it is the most convenient way of doing things. You can have as many notebooks as you fucking want but that doesn't make what I do not the most convenient thing for my situation.

I can honestly say that I use anime facebook for keeping track of shit and the database and that's where it ends. The community like most sizeable communities including Cred Forums is fucking cancer so why would I even want to bother. I also have some level of ocd so lists and shit feel good to my brain.

>Notepad doesn't allow me to sort my anime based on various criteria if I'm looking for something (a spreadsheet would, but that would require writing down even more information).

So autism.

> I also have some level of ocd so lists and shit feel good to my brain.


Well it's confirmed then, people use MAL for the added autism function it brings.


anime fans are filler

It's fine as a tracker. Hating mal as that is something that only people who have no idea about why it was hated in the first place do.

Do any of you even actually watch anime?

>preferring additional functionality is autism
Nice buzzword.

I'm not even sure why you don't use anime facebook. You seem like you'd fit right in with all the cancer.

>le "MAL is bad, don't mention it, much less use it"
MAL is a viable and secure source of information. Coupled with Taiga, a MAL updates automatically without even thinking about it.
MAL as a tool was always accepted on Cred Forums, it's the community that is absolute cancer.


700 episodes
only ;_;

>only 3 dropped
I don't believe it. What are those three?

>Mean Score: 8.69

Phone posting /10

Samurai Flamenco at episode 8, School Days at episode 10, and Denpa Kyoushi at episode 10.

To be fair anime has been getting worse.

>I'm a retard who doesn't know how to argue.

I'd rather be autistic than a moron not that I'm either of those things.

How are you supposed to tell if anime is good or not if you don't use MAL? Checkmate autists.

Watching it you fucking mong

Anime exists to be watched

Not much.

pic related.


I also read more manga than anime

>Not reading summaries and reviews pretending you know everything about anime
Fucking casual.

What are you going to make #1000?

I'll bite;

Reading summaries is what casuals do, that's who those were made for.
Hardcore fans jump straight into whatever garbage is there and decide whether they like it themselves.

That's all of them, there aren't anymore anime after that

B-but I need to have numerical figures, ratings, and sort out and rank shows and genres then arrange them in pie and graphs to know what I like and don't like, and also reference reviews and ratings and others to know if a show is good!

But what about the 54 planing to watch?

I actually just went though some of the things on my plan to watch section and I had an ova from Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu that I watched there instead of completed.

>999 Anime completed
>Never seen a single anime before 1983
>Only watched like 3 anime in the 80s and 90s
>Anime is getting worse

>Hardcore fans jump straight into whatever garbage is there and decide whether they like it themselves.

And you don't need fucking MAL at all to do that.

Except that those functionalities aren't really much of a convenience as they are tools to serve narcissistic purposes so that you can compare e-pin.

You're using MAL, I'm sure you're either of those already.

Active Raid higher than Mob, ok, that's a problem.
Not even a ONEfag but c'mon.

Why are autists getting mad at people using MAL? So far as you don't participate in the community, you're fine, end of story.

To be fair active raid had a great second season while I hated the final episode of mob psycho.

>as they are tools to serve narcissistic purposes so that you can compare e-pin
When are you planning on stopping making retarded assumptions as to what other people use some features for?

The answer is not enough.

Before anyone asks, I never add shows I dropped to my list, they don't even deserve to be there.

Someone stop me.


How do you even find so many good shows to watch

As soon as those features become something really useful.

I've actually taken a look already at them before and decided that I don't need all of those to get by watching chinese cartoons.

It'd be actually more of a chore logging in, documenting, and rating all of the shit you watched.

Spreadsheet or fuck off.

>How do you even find so many good shows to watch
I'm pretty sure they just enjoy watching anime

you don't.

Well you've done it once again. Iron clad argument. Also like I said earlier not once did I mention a specific site.

I think we all understand you don't like MAL but that doesn't mean you need to pretend that everyone who disagrees with you uses it.

All I've ever said is a website with an interactive list and database is better than a fucking notebook for me.

You just need to drop your standards.

Okay? It might not be worth it for you if you've already watched hundreds of anime and would have to log them. I only had watched a dozen or two shows before I started using MAL with MAL updater. There is no reason for me to stop using MAL, simply because it's more convenient than the alternatives.

my taste is abysmal compared to everyone here

just use taiga

Fuck shounen.

>just use taiga
It's not on linux so I can't.

If you want to get THAT detailed

You shouldn't be allowed to post on this board unless you've seen at least 200 anime.

I don't list. A lot probably.

I think it should be 400.

>like I said earlier not once did I mention a specific site
>I can honestly say that I use anime facebook for keeping track of shit and the database

I don't know why you keep denying it.

what is your anime per year average?

People who don't use notepad or spreadsheet should fuck off to whatever shithole they come from.


I follow around 20-30 airing anime per season and complete 20 older ones in-between or during seasons so around 150. I'd love to do more but, sadly, I have a life.

That's still a lot for someone "who has a life".

60 days, I am at 242 completed shows, 3447 episodes but I've only started watching anime 2 and a half years ago. Plus I'm like watching 23 different things I have problems.

At first it was 150.
Then it became 100.
Now it's 50.

100 days should be the minimum since MAL counts OVAs as a different show. I'll get there soon.

>Days: 146.1

Besides, weren't MAL threads banned for a good reason?

Don't judge me. I'm perfectly normal and I hate every single one of you.

>rezero 8
>haikyuu 9
You should have absolutely no problem finding '''''''''''''''good''''''''''''''' shows.

Keeping track of every single episode you watched.

It sure is reddit in here.

I use MAL so my friends and I can easily look at each others lists to find shows to watch or know common shows we can talk about.

Weird. I have less anime but more days spent while having the same number of episodes as you.

Fuck, i forgot my meme arrow.

Stop samefagging autist.

But how else are you supposed to fit in?

Falling off a bridge.

I was just saying anime facebook to refer to these sites in general like I've been doing this whole time.
I do use mal I don't have any reason to deny it I could just lie and nobody except me would know better anyway.
The reason it's not worth mentioning is I'm not saying mal is better than a notebook I'm saying any site with a list and database is better than a notebook I just used mal first so I'm still using it.
I'm not even sure what your point is anymore anyway if you actually have one.
You won't actually argue you just cherry-pick a few lines here and there and don't actually address any of the points I've made.
If you're trying to say it's somehow more convenient for me that I use a notebook then you're wrong but you're stuck on some bullshit to do with the community aspect which I don't take part in so you're trying to imply that I secretly do but again you're wrong.

Spot the year I started watching anime seasonally.

How about you show us what your list looks like?

Days: 69.9

Kill Me

do you even enjoy anime

Completed: TV: 362, OVA: 20, Movies: 64, Spcl.: 19, Eps: 7184, Days: 121.33, Mean Score: 7.6, Score Dev.: -0.26

I'm not you fucking retard.
Go and shitpost on MAL.

Kill yourself.

Well, I didn't expect this kind of a breakdown.

Yes? Do you know what "mean" means?

>All these mean scores below 7
Do you guys just have low standards or do you just like pretending to be a critic?

Rate me.

I thought I was like a baby, but surprisingly there are people with worse stats here.

I don't really see the point since you can't really judge my taste with just the stats. But whatever...

You probably mean high standards.

>muh MAL is for faggets so I keep a txt file instead so I can fit in

Are we really at the point where a mean near 5 gets critiziced for being too low?
That should be the normal mean.
If you have a higher mean either you watch a lot of anime you hate or you don't really understand what the ratings mean and you rate everything 7+

You get 10 numbers, what's the sense in not using them all? If 1 isn't the worst thing(s) you've watched and 10 isn't the best thing(s) you've watched, what are they?

No, I meant low standards. Like watching any old garbage for the sake of watching it.

Oh, great anime sage. Grace us with your wisdom. Is anime good?

Do you just binge-watch everything or what? How old are you in the first place?

Casuals, all of you.

Found the newfriend. The average between 1 and 10 is 5.5. The tag for average is 5 in MAL/Taiga.


Oh hey. If that's really you, I found you with just a Google search.

Why would you watch garbage? Just to make sure you rate it low so your mean is closer to 5?


If you haven't watched something how do you know if it's shit? Average is different for most people because they have watched different things.

I don't need to force myself through watching anything to know I don't like it. It's called taste.

lel just use mal ratings

they are accurate 99% of the time, that 1% being overrated shit like SAO



Many reasons. Just going through the shows at 1 or 2 scores that I've completed:
Some of them were related to something I like a lot
Some of them had funny Cred Forums threads
Some of them had a certain element that I enjoyed (in this case, visually)
Some of them were genuinely entertaining in how bad they were

Most shows that I give those ratings I wind up dropping though.

Oh, I've seen this guy many times as I was looking at some random profiles out of boredom.

Not enough

I used to report these threads on sight, but I just don't care anymore.

10 days according to MAL, get on my level.

Once you raise your powerlevel, that will go away.

If you watch anime that is below "really good" then you need to find what's the anime that you actually enjoy. Watching "average" anime or lower sounds like a waste of time.

>Currently 12157 anime entries logged into MAL
>This guy has seen 80% of that.
I refuse to believe this.

And you just start rating everything 7+? We've come full circle.

Do you really not understand how ratings work?

If you only watch "really good" anime, then that's your 1.

539, should be more but had a phase where I spent bitching about anime.

Follow the response chain. That was a justification for 5.

It will happen naturally if you watch more than a handful of seasonal shows.

Not much.

But surely the number of the bad shows you finished is not even close compared to the good ones you rated highly. The mean would be above the average.

That doesn't make sense because once a time you will watch something that felt lacking and that's going to get a 5 or lower but you need to constantly watch shows that are 7 for you or more. Unless you watch everything so you get a ton of garbage to watch.

anime is a waste of time

>total entries 12,143
>he only didn't add 14 series anywhere
What are those obscurities?

Somewhere around 350 or so, movie count is a lot higher than that probably.

I really focus on manga more desu...

>The mean would be above the average.
You're thinking of median. And yes, that's true. My median is a 6. Among completed shows, 398 are 6-10, and 190 are 1-4.

>Completed 143
>Rewatched 99


Most people are assuming a normal distribution, not a bimodal one.

I meant your mean would be higher than the average between 1 and 10, but yeah.

Oh, yeah. 5.6 for completed. Just barely.

>Watching "average" anime or lower sounds like a waste of time.
> once a time you will watch something that felt lacking
According to what you said, shouldn't you drop it?

But I underestand your point, and I can see cases where a bad ending may drop the enjoyment of a show.
This is why you leave a small margin and the mean ends up being betwen 5.3 ~ 6.
So you should still rate "really good" anime at 2 or 3, not at 7+.

Idk why it says that, i never rewatch shit


260 series
60 movies
I don't rate stuff, it would just be, I liked it/I didn't like it. Latter goes into the dropped list anyway.

It's so funny to see you make an assumption like that. My mean score is under 7 and I certainly don't watch any old garbage just to inflate my numbers or "pretend to be a critic".

Giving an an average anime an average score seems to be a crime nowadays.

I've even read threads where people actually feel "guilty" giving an anime a score lower than a 7 - as if they are going to hurt someone's feelings over it.

100. (all good anime there is)
Other 99% of anime is waste of time and isn't even worth discussing by someone of such high intelligence and good taste like myself.

Well, fucking post it.

Honestly it's kinda hard to complete anime at the same pace as you guys. I spend way more time on episodes than I should because I keep rewinding on MPC so I can completely absorb all the animation and dialogue. I'm also always reading a VN, which are fucking humongous. Even entry level shit like Fate/Stay Night has a million words. for comparison, the Lord of the Rings trilogy has about 480k.

>I spend way more time on episodes than I should because I keep rewinding on MPC so I can completely absorb all the animation and dialogue
I spend the time you waste on that by lurking episode discussion threads and I still consume quite a lot of anime per year. Step it up, senpai.

>Bokura no Hentai

Good taste there user.

I don't think you understand how long it actually takes for me to finish one episode

If it's beyond an hour then you might want to get yourself checked for ADD.

Didn't we had a show count chart before?

been watching since I was child. Slightly disappointed in how little it is.


Rate my shit.

You're a newfag but at least you're trying.

I just delete from my list all the shows I drop, that's why there's none.

Pls rate my taste

>Elfen Lied: 9

Gurren Lagann, not so good

How much more shit do I have to watch until I'm not a newfag anymore?

Enough that you don't feel like you need to ask that question.

It's not about much you watch, it's how could you form a critical opinion on a degenerate hobby but still have the same fun. That and watch a lot of what normalfags and anons would consider classic or a good oldie.
602 here.

>using spreadsheet or god forbid, notepad

For what purpose.

MAL has everything you need. Pictures, songs, seiyuu. Using MAL doesn't mean you have to use the forums.


It doesn't have Thunderbolt Fantasy listed because muh stop motion and puppeteering.

I'd say you need around 1250 completed anime to get all of the ones worth mentioning or remembering out of the way.

>we don't post on mal
>i-i swear

Could you list them? Thanks.

like maybe 5 or 6 right now, my dude

do you have that anime that if you don't see on someone's list, you disregard it as trash of a terrible human being?

> Madoka 7
> Rebellion 10

But why?

To obtain my PhD in anime I will work hard.

What's that one show you dropped ?

Hummingbird has Thunderbolt Fantasy and more of that type of almost anime.
Yup, Princess Tutu.

Looks like that's at least 5 more years of studying, user.

None really. But anyone who likes Kyousougiga is mah nigga.

It's Pokemon.

I ain't gonna deny it. I am a MALfag, and I often post on r/anime whenever I want to have a real discussion about anime.

>NGE 10
>Death Note 10
>Steins;Gate 10
>Elfen Lied 9
>Code Geass 9
>Clannad 9
>Shakugan no Shana 8
>Fate/Shit Night 8
I somehow wish I could shoot you down.
Also, putting any KnK above the 5th movie is quite daring, I'd say.

And last but not least
>rate my taste

As is everyone else circle jerking in this thread.

Not enough


I already use HM. Fucking V3 is taking forever.

What's with the newshits here? Lurk more, 300 is the minimum allowed to post on Cred Forums.

I only watched Re:Zero in my entire lifetime.
Anime is for weabooos.

Active Raid never gets enough credit.

Active Raid was better than Mob though.

>We are aiming for February : ^ )

30 years watching Anime

Not going to stop now.


Easily past 500 series for couple of years. My current estimates are around 700 series. Been watching anime almost full-time since early 2000s. Almost any decent anime since 90s is something I've already heard of or watched it. Don't expect the shoujo/josei shit,most other categories are something I watch.

If you only have 700 after 16 years you are not watching it full-time.

Conservative numbers. Base 500 is something I estimated around 2010s or so. If I continue to watch 20 ( 5 decent per season ) series per year, that's additional 120, add-in 5 random decnet anime I find per year, thats total of about 150

You'd best reread my post. The keyword is 'decent'.

I've been watching since 2005, and I've seen about 500 TV series. "Full-time" just means "whenever I have free time", which becomes scarce as you get older. Instead of just sitting around all day watching shit, you have to claw your way up the ladder, 2 or 3 episodes per day.

I have only watched above ~200 and theyre all nicely placed in folders and subfolder so I dont need a database or notepad yet.

I have no drive to watch anime at the moment, and only watch the essentials.

You never had a drive to begin with.

I only started watching 3 years ago
Just you fags wait I'll watch more than anymore in this lifetime

nice quints

I haven't had proper time to watch a show in like 8 months so I just end up re-watching the same 4 shows over and over again

forgot my fucking picture

>People who can't find anything to watch
Use the rec charts you faggots.

Rate me faggots

>report thread hours ago
>somehow still up

This guy knows

Well I guess that means people screencaping their watched stats and posting them is okay. Fucking Cred Forums is done for, next it will be avatar fagging and people using the same names as on MAL.

how do you rank votoms, a show that was infinitely worse and less complex than Dougram and had five recap episodes, a 9 but give perfectly paced and cardiac arrest-inducing kaiji a 2

People have been declaring that Cred Forums is "done for" since 2008. Just give it up already.

I had a bad season that's why my rate dropped so low.

where the FUCK is tessho genda

6 completed and dropped Bleach, One Piece and both Naruto series at some point.
Also 8 other between 50 and 100

No bully

Find a flaw

How do you complete 52 anime but only have 8 days even counting the other ones in the list?

Aika > Alice. Also I thought Kamichu was pretty boring.

That's ok user, all the Aria girls are fine young ladies.

Also also, how come the Eve no Jikan ONA over the movie?

We m/a/l now, good job everyone.


Not enough.


Haven't really updated it in quite some time and I'm sure I've forgotten to add a whole lot beyond that.

Isn't it the same thing? I might have watched it in ONA format.

Mod is just waiting for this thread to reach bump limit so he can ban all MALfags in one click.

>tfw been watching anime for 4-5 years yet have only watched about 100~ anime

Soon (?)

Not enough, but my time is valuable and I can't spend it all watching chinese cartoons, I average 6-7 shows per season plus 2-3 backlog shows per season. I'm at a point that I choose wisely my shows, I don't watch the first crap I see.

Total 1278

I find funny people who actually think that everything they watch is good.

>Birthday Nov 26, 1930
I thought I was old...

>tfw mal stats is dead

> you need to find what's the anime that you actually enjoy
How can I know if I will enjoy something, without watching it first?

I stopped keeping track.

>Giant Robo
>Eve no Jikan
>Dennou Coil


If you can catalog the amount of anime you've seen, you haven't seen enough. I've got 560 on my external alone, and that was since I started archiving. There's zero way I'm going to put together a list.

25 days faggot, eat shit.

Genres that you like. Studios that you like. Manga/LN that you know about. Staff that you know about.

I haven't watched a non-seasonal show in such a long time, probably years at this point.


Even if you do that, it is not a guarantee stuff will be good. You eventually find yourself watching something that in the end is just average or below average.

ITT: The desperate need of some inh/a/bitants to compare their e-peen by means of anime episodes watched "measurement"

Sasuga Cred Forums

It doesn't take that long. I just installed Taiga, spent an hour or so updating what was in my archive, then deleted the lot. Total came to 752 series (only 162 franchises was a bit surprising though)

Going back over them an doing ratings would be a bitch though.

But a lot of shows I really liked were pretty far outside of my usual comfort zone. Also has a point.

I think my manga rating is a bit higher that it deserves to be, but whatever~

>If you can catalog the amount of anime you've seen, you haven't seen enough
What if I've been cataloguing them since I started watching?

Should be around 1k, since I never missed anything airing since a decade ago, but I never keep track of it so who gives a shit

Too much, but I can't go back now.

Trying this shit again.


Who knew Cred Forums was so full of plebs? 2 years ago, this thread would have been rightly shitposted and deleted, now it's just shit.

>not using Taiga
>wasting your precious time

Have another (You)

Guys, post more manga stats.

>94 chapters on average
Fuck, I need to pick up shorter manga.

mein Bruder

>wasting time
>not using Taiga

It's not a chatroom, buddy.

mal just werkz, unlike the alternatives.

brb killing myself

It's probably a lot of movies and OVAs or something.

This. I've been using Taiga for years. Makes keeping a list trivial and even manages RSS feeds if you are that lazy.

what now

>a MAL thread
Should I feel bad for not using MAL to register what I watch?



If feel you want to then just use Taiga and stay away from MAL as much as possible.


>Usage of MAL has been scorned here for a long time now.
Yeah, it's been at least 4 or 5 months.
Get with the program newfags

mal profile threads are deleted for years but no one is posting their profile here.

It was just a joke don't get your shimpan in a bunch

>MAL thread

Why would you need to feel bad for not being a poser faggot?

This thread is facebook tier.

>he's only been here for 4 or 5 months

The irony.

>that's the joke

I hope I can make it to 100 days soon.

>3 years ago
>so 1.5 anime per month
Fucking casual.

>so that I don't have to memorize the names of a hundred Nip shows
holy shit, the only reason why people get these things is for the peen, heres your (you) buddy

Just about 400.

>all these people assmad about people using mal to track shows
jesus christ

>all of these terribly low powerlevels
Even worse, people who use MAL and not taiga, and people who have seen less than 100 anime actually post on Cred Forums.

I made a realization a while ago that I hit the 3rd part of this chart but I've always watched a bit of every genre and even realized that a lot of the shows I watched at the beginning of the hobby and remembered fondly I now look back on and think that they were actually shit because so many shows do the same exact thing.

I also noticed I'm watching less and less each season and I become sad when I don't have an interest in watching shows and I even drop shows with one episode left because I just don't care to complete it even if I enjoyed it.

And with manga well everything I started reading has pretty much been ending in the past few years with nothing to replace them and I think that hits me harder since some of those I've read every week/month for the past 10 years.

What do? Quit, take a break or keep going?


If you're really not enjoying anime anymore then there's no reason to force it. Find another hobby.

Gotta make it to 500

Fuckin kill me I never have time to finish anything.

I gotta stop picking up new shit and just finish my tiny backlog already

I've watched >>>/mal/.

You guys are so cool I want to suck your cock.


More like nu-MAL t b h

user thats pretty gay desu

About this much

If you haven't dropped at least 1/5 of your total you're not Cred Forums.

>seeing more than 100 anime
loser inb4 where do you think you are

Total M

completed 220
about 2800 episodes

I've dropped more than that senpai desu

I never drop stuff, the only exceptions are naruto and bleach.

Take a break, once a weeb, always a weeb. You'll be back eventually.

I have a quetion.
Do most anons drop more than complete anime? Because I do.

Well there you go.

It was like that when I checked every show on the season. Now I'm picking my shows more specifically so i started to complete much more than dropped.

>completed 1650
>only 361 Franchises
I swear to god MAL and its separated things is just bullshit.

Literally fucking how. How long did that shit take?

This thread makes me feel better about myself. Thank you.

I don't recall saying or even remotely implying that it was.

>tracking the amount of anime you watch

absolutely pathetic


Still too little

>all the people accepting godawful MAL look

Man, I'm so far behind currently, barely watched anything this or last year.

I change them every couple of months. Recent low activity = not many entries.


Guys, please.

How do they work out time spent reading manga?

I think they multiply amount of volumes or chapters by x or y minutes, whichever is higher.

Not much.

More than you.


Oh well,not that much tho

Dunno. I probably watch 40 series a year whilst they air (and have done for 10 years or so), then another 10 series that are random. So 500 plus periods when I was younger where I would watch a new series a week, or sometimes more than one.

I enjoy giving high scores to shows with low scores and low ones to shows with high scores. I know I'll never change anything because I'm only one person but using the MAL rating system for anything is proof that you're a dumb fucking piece of shit anyway

Anime was a mistake.


Not enough, really.

I only watch like 2-3 ongoing anime per season.

>inb4 "Your mean is way too high!"

I just drop shows that I dont enjoy and dont bother to add them to my list. Also dont add shows that are currently airing until I finish them since I dont feel the need to update every day.



Friendly reminder if you have less than 300 completed go watch anime instead of posting.


Try 750.

Cred Forums posting quality would skyrocket.

300 is the minimum.

Should be raised to at least 500.

People with under 500 don't deserve the right to post on Cred Forums.

of course more is encouraged, but 300 usually means you've watched the must see classics and are liking anime enough to keep watching. if it was 700+ this place would be worse than a general because there would be 40 of us posting.

This. I bet all autists like are newfags without minimum.

You're being unrealistic. 300 is a fine minimum.

It's not.

Considering some of us have seen 1000+ anime, 500 is pretty fair.

It is. Cred Forums's population would drop by 95-99% if you set 750 as minimum.

Get on my level senpai

Just a bit more and I can retire

That's a good thing. It gives people a reason to watch more anime rather than shitpost all day.

>11k episodes
>968 completed
Doesn't this seem insanely low? How many shorts do you watch?

I do wish Cred Forums had some sort of vetting system but it would be hard considering the anonymous culture of the board.

I agree with general idea but it's far too drastic.

I got into this since highschool. All of the friends i had back then were all otakus. Thus, i ended up contracting the otaku virus.
I have lost the count of all the anime i watched since then. And i think i cannot be cured

I got into this when I was in highschool*

Picking 10 is difficult as fuck after a while

don't read much manga

Why this e-peen thread wasn't deleted yet?

Mods are waiting for someone who watched less than you.

To upset autists like you.

Why (and how) do you measure this? I just watch anime in my player of preference; I don't want to track crap just so I can show off.

Dat burn bro

Not related but might ask here.
Have you noticed many "good" anime comes out on Saturday?



Be glad i you still have a lot of good shit the watch

What i would do to read berserk for the first time again

Do you faggots put every single OVA you watch or why do you have so few days?

Majority of anime are one cour. One cour = 5 hours. 500 one cour anime = only 100 days. Specials, OVAs and movies even out shows which are longer.
Long anime are mostly kids stuff like Pokemon or Precure

A LOT. I've seen like four cartoons and two movies.

I've watched 10 anime.

Why do people admit they've seen so little anime?

It's so embarrassing.

>ywn have shit taste


kill yourself

>it's an Cred Forums takes the bait episode

ive watched 40 animes (:

their very nice

>Long anime are mostly kids stuff like Pokemon or Precure
>Urusei Yatsura
>Uchuu Kyoudai
>Maison Ikkoku
>Slam Dunk


18 television animes and 3 movies.

>600 whole animes :0

im surpirsed at meself

I use Hummingbird

Yeah, and how many of them are there? For every LoGH you watch there will be dozen of one cours, half of them with a special or OVA.

somehow people find were finding my profile and contacting me, saying that my 'scores are too low.' what the fuck is wrong with that site?

I've watched only 12 anime and 1 manga but still I browse this board

your scores are too high, most of the anime is bad 6.04 as a mean score is being too generous

red version looked better

Leave Cred Forums.

Browsing is okay, posting isn't in such case.

>he thinks most of the anime is good
I hope I was 13 again man, also I think that Cred Forums is a better board for you

Only reason to use MAL.

i couldn't care less.

I post only in the threads of the anime I'm watching or I've already finished

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Not him, but honestly, if I've watched most anime in existence, my mean score would be 2.

What is point in rating?

>five minute wait
Shit, must be a cheap site.

If it was any faster it would be IP banned by MAL's host.

what site is this?

250+ shows tbqhf

the archievements are funny

To stratify the level of importance of a given anime for you. To be able to say whether you enjoyed Ookami more than Tokike 10 years after you've watched the latter. To be able to say which Gundam is your favourite, and which ones are shit, without having to rewatch all of them. To be able to spot directors and authors who made a lot of highly scored works and look forward to their next ones.

>152 completed
>Cred Forums image
>meme video
>top kek
>0 manga
I wish there was a (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) under this. Kill yourself.

There is just as much "kids" shows with 100+ episodes as "serious" ones, and same goes for short shows.

Can't you just remember?
For me a single rating can't encompass my opinion on a manga.

Most of anime > I < watch is good.

You will never see most of them. At 621 completed I only have 5.20% watched of all anime and ~30 more are created every season. Especially recently, I mostly pick up shows I'm 90% sure I'll enjoy. For example with New Game it was a no-brainer it will get 8/10.

>EVA rebuilds
>no NGE or EoE
>oldest anime seen is Princess Mononoke
I refuse to believe you actively browse Cred Forums. This must be some random Cred Forums users MAL you found or something. Things can't possibly have gotten this bad.

No, it's literally impossible to remember everything. Especially things like staff involved in process of making the shows.
Yes, score can't encompass whole opinion but it is scientifically proven it can help you remember more of that opinion.

Do you prefer people marking Naruto's entire 220 episodes as completed and bloat their day count?

Unless I'm mistaken, the last 50+ eps serious anime was Space Bros back in 2012. We got more than a dozen of kids shows of similar length since then.

I agree. It's too late for me to start a list, I've watched too much shit over the years to recall it all in a list, but if someone asks me if I've seen something, I'll be able to tell them yes or no and recall it enough to form a general opinion.

i have over 800 shows completed with 101 days, and i still feel like i can look down on people who have like 150 shows and over 100 days. watching all that pokemon, barf

idk you tell me

How many manga?

>~12000 anime in total
>most dedicated fans watched no more than 500 watchable anime
>most never consider more than 50 as really good
Anime as a medium is a huge pile of shit inside which we are constantly trying to stick our fingers in search the rare edible food that went down undigested.
Anime isn't classical music of the 17th century.

I would go further and say that amount of 24+ ep anime is also decreased by lot. But it doesn't decrease the number of "must see" older shows.
I'd rather talk about anime with person who watched naruto and bleach than with someone who want watches only 12 ep ongoings, adding every ova and special to get his +1 on mal, avoiding long show because they are waste of time, and basically trying to fit in.

I pick what I will enjoy idiot.

Are you seriously implying majority of classical music is good? I'd say anime has much better ratio of good : shit.
Only a couple of composers are worth listening to.

Yeah but the amount of short new shows and specials/OVAs/movies does keep increasing, so the longer classics will have less of the effect on days watched with each passing year.

there isn't a real minimum for manga, just that you've read all the Cred Forums essentials. it should be higher than anime because you can read them so much faster than you can watch anime. probably somewhere over 200

It really is.
I could swear, I've read more SoL than romance.

I know this is all 100% opinions, but I completely disagree. At least even the boring pieces can make passable background music, whereas some shows are just painful to watch.

>all the Cred Forums essentials

Don't know really, not that many desu. Probably around 130-150 shows.

Mine only shows pervert achievement.

Here you go my newfriend

Anything under 300 is unacceptable.

And how many have you watched?

Is there really any reason to catalog everything you've ever watched?


Not him, but he watched 301.

Many anons have listed their reasons in this thread if you actually read it.

A good reason.

I can't remember japanese titles.

The only good reason there is, to objectively prove that My Taste > Yours.

nowhere near enough but there's just too many shitty clones for me to sit through that i end up giving up on

>yes yes laugh at my shit taste


yeah Dementia is one of my favorites genres

I like numbers.

ITT: people bragging about the number of days they lost not having more life experience.

Have you read any interviews with Miyazaki? I wouldn't be able to keep him in my favs.

>fav characters
Nice, all of them.

t. normalfag


eh in my mind i see him as a grumpy grandpa hating the new world, its rather amusing, that coupled with the fact that i don't really pay that much attention to the real life creators and VA's so i don't have many to call my favorite

Aoi Yuuki is as cute as 2D.