Why is Alice so much better than Erina?

Why is Alice so much better than Erina?
Does she have a boyfriend?

she's perfect
too bad anime gave her shitty seiyuu choice, didn't fit her at all

>Why is Alice so much better than Erina?

>Does she have a boyfriend?
Yeah that edgehog guy that's always yelling

Yeah, she got the dog.

But they're not official right? So why she bragging about having multiple boyfriends?

Alice fucked that bad boy sailor chef into submission. She knows how to mindbreak a man, unlike Erina who blushes furiously while reading shoujo.

Souma could take every pussy he wants in this cooking manga anyways. Even Alice's. She would mindbreak that woman to submission.

They're engaged

Well I'm not that off in the manga yet so I don't know if that's true, but, it's assured anyways.

I want to fuck Erina. And Souma




I want to do lewd things with Rindou.

No it's from the LN

They're both great. But erina is better

She's described as having more social skills than her cousin, which makes her more 'real' while staying 2D.

Not that this is really noticeable, but it's a thing.

I have never read/watch shougeki but jerk off a lot to its doujins. The girls in that manga is top-tier.

I wanna turn Alice as my personal cock retarded sex slave who will never live without my cock.

Are you for real? I thought she only sees him as a servant.

I ship her with Souma anyway.

Alice = Hisako > Erina > Who cares

Apparently there was a cooking competition where the winner was to be engaged with Alice and Dog aced it. They don't remember it anyway.

My man. Literally optimal and great taste.

The reason why I like these two, in addition to Ryouko, is because they don't fall into any sort of cliche.

Not like other fem characters do, but they have some traces such as Erina being tsundere.

Alice and Erina are nice but everyone knows Nikumi is the best.

Erika was better at latest manga, but Alice was the best since she appeared.

>Souma could take every pussy he wants in this cooking manga anyways
Is this a harem cooking manga? Please tell me, maybe I'll pick it up.

> Why is Alice so much better than Erina?
She isn't. She is second bst girl though.

Erina went to shit as soon as Azami came back.

>shippinh souma with anyone

A souma x cooking pairing would be a more believeable match


The phrase "Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking anime", though accurate, has become a joke in and of itself. It's a lot more lewd than you'd expect from hearing that sentence.

you didn't answer the question, is this harem?


There are multiple girls running for souma's D, but erina is pretty much the winner

more like HARAM, am i right or am i right

Pale and Brown girls are the best.

>The next Shokugeki no Soma arc will introduce Soma's most dangerous rival yet
>Hassan Al-Baghdadi, also known as the Culinary Bombardier
>His cooking style is explosive, to say the least

Now this is crack pairing if I see it.

She and doggy boy clearly fucking all day every day which disguised as "cooking contest".

Highly relatable post

Crack pairing that is strangely popular if I remember right. I blame self-insertfags

I sort of imagine that Erina, Alice and Hisako would fight over Souma.



Just fuck my dick all up, man.

> Erina
> Hisako
Perhaps, unfortunately.
> Alice

Wow. They literally touched at least four different fetishes/kinks in just 9 seconds. Damn.
>rump bump

yet they were too lazy to animate the rest of her ass. should have at least a little thigh and skirt movement.

Not for long.


Megumi already won it. Stay deluded, Erinafag.