Explain this

>People freak out if girls are in bikinis in anime
>You see bikini ads on bus stops, TV, billboards, newspapers and more

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>People freak out if girls are in bikinis in anime

America is a fucked up place, man. I wish I didn't live here.

>anime girl freaks out when MC sees her in underwear
>anime girl doesn't freak out when he sees her in a bikini

That's because real girls are not sexy.


Fuck off.



define "people"

There is a reason for that. When she's wearing a bikini she's mentally prepared to be seen like that and does it willingly, so there is no need to freak out.

Well something freaks out, alright.
*unzips dick*

Real girls have a choice to show off their bodies while drawn girls don't.

>All that make-up to "westernize" her eyes.
>Outline around the ribbon indicative that a lot of photoshop work was made.

Why can't she just make a reasonable use of make-up, accept her japanese features and take a picture that doesn't look like a shot from an american soap opera ?
Fucking japanese cosplayers and their photoshop/makeup wizardy, I swear...

Drawn girls also aren't people but a series of lines on a screen.

>is probably wearing a bra
Yeah. It is shit.

It doesn't matter if they're real or not, it's forcing women to do something they have no agency over and is objectifying and degrading.

>You see bikini ads on bus stops, TV, billboards, newspapers and more
Not in London, and in Germany it's on its last leg as well.

Fuck off crossboarder

My uncle took this screenshot for me

>People freak out
Vocal minority aren't people.

I know this is bait, but please explain to me how wearing bikini = objectifying and degrading.

it was a good thing japan is pretty based on this topic

Is there also a Cred Forums-version of this?
Cred Forums is a given.

It reduces the women to nothing more than an object for creepy male otaku like you to use as fap fuel. Unlike actual women who can choose to empower themselves and embrace their sexuality by CHOOSING to wear a bikini, anime girls, not being real or sentient, have no choice in the matter and are FORCED to wear them. This removes their agency completely and also reduces them to little more than entertainment for otaku.

My dick is objectifying and degrading.

But they're drawings, not women.

Like I said, it doesn't matter if they're real or not. The point remains that women are being forced into wearing clothes that are objectifying. What sort of a message does it give off about women to say it's okay to force them to wear bikinis?

Drawings aren't people. I get that it can be confusing because the drawings look like people, but they aren't real. They're drawings. No people are degraded except maybe the animators who were paid pennies to make it.

You know those aren't real women right? They're drawings. Nobody's being forced to do anything. I thought otaku were supposed to be the ones who can't tell reality from fantasy.

>People freak out if girls are in bikinis in anime
Maybe wherever you're from.

As I have already stated, it doesn't. matter. if. they're. not. real.

The bottom line is women are being made into objects without agency. The difference between the two is in their roots. Real women are featured in bikini ads, and they chose to wear bikinis. 2D women did not. It teaches men to sexualize women.

Cause its creepy you damn virign nerds, who have no social skills. Also most of these depict underage girls, fucking pedos.
Otakus - Destroying anime since 1999.

>Real women are featured in bikini ads, and they chose to wear bikinis. 2D women did not.
Following that twisted logic, we shouldn't be making anime at all, because the drawings didn't CHOOSE to be in it.

>>People freak out if girls are in bikinis in anime
Never saw such a thing

Well most people apart from the otakus like you are against this heavy sexualization of female characters. They still get made though cause no one gives a fuck and watches them apart from you guessed, you loser virgins.

Honestly I agree, not for that reason though. Otaku anime is inherently problematic and should be cut from production indefinitely.

Also not sure what you mean by
>the drawings didn't CHOOSE to be in it.
because that doesn't make any sense. People don't choose to exist. But when women are sexualized by forces completely out of their control, things become problematic.

It's really a non-issue for anime, since Japan has long since taken what it wanted from feminism and left the misandrist bullshit alone.


>this thread

Fuck off

Boy I'm glad that a Japanese association of female authors and writers told the UN to fuck off when they tried to get Japan to stop depicting violence against fictional women because it demeans women and were told by those same Japanese women to focus on the rights of actual real life women whose rights were being violated and abused.

>More and more women work in anime and other otaku culture stuff.
>Tons of japanese porn for both women and men.
>Japanese female artists defend shit like porn, lolicon and shotacon because : 1. They like their shotas. 2.They know that if one get censored, then the things they like will be next.
>Western feminists are either too ignorant, dumb or dumbfounded to wrap their head around those ideas.
You gotta love otaku culture just for blowing the shit out of retarded feminists.

When you see them on ads it's liberating for women because those are real photos where te model got paid. Drawings on the other hand are cheating women because it shows they're expendable.

>reduces them to little more than entertainment for otaku.

But that's the point.

If that is true then that is awesome, however I would like proof through an article or something.

Never mind found it through the magic of google.

>no one gives a fuck and watches them apart from you

No problem then, it won't hurt anyone, so stop bitching about it.

Did a quick google search. Found this.


Pic not related. Just wanted to post it.

I'm just really glad western civilisation will be destroyed some time within the next 100 years. The thought of some self-loathing social slactivist fuckboy getting decapitated by a jihadist or some shit gets my dick rock hard.

Found it already but thanks for your article. That picture is absolutely perfect. Saved.

>people freak out...
Do they?

Have you never been in America?

Why is this thread still alive?

Cred Forums go away

Its America! Yanks probably get offended and try to sue for indecent exposure everytime they change in front of a mirror.
>Complain about the way someone is dressed
>Cosplay as them

>Talk about how we live in a rape culture
>Walk around literally topless while most try to not even look.

Americans are not people.

but these drawings *are* objects and *don't* have agency to begin with. do you even know what those terms mean?


>People freak out if girls are in bikinis in anime

Maybe you should stop visiting shitty websites.