Think it will be bottom-tier vampireshit that comes out every season

>think it will be bottom-tier vampireshit that comes out every season
>it actually has plot and is no vampire apologist shit

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Can you stop spamming?

I'm positively surprised by it as well, but the fujoshi-targeting parts of it make it a little awkward to watch.
At least there is apparently no BL. Not even implied.

Are you fucking kidding me?
It's garbage
It's painful garbage

My only compliment to it would be that at least they tried, but it's big order tier bad

I assumed this is the same guy who post "I'mpositively surprised" in every chink garbage thread

>every chink garbage thread
It's Chinese?
In that case, off of Cred Forums. Does not belong here.

Except you're wrong. Hiro has spoken and this is the place for chink and gook shit too.

Oi !!!

Big order at least outdone itself in every episode... There will be NO anime like big order which pull a lot of shit out of it's ass.

This isn't Funny, Big - Order was fucking funny fuck you user.

You're a fucking pathetic inbreed

>Except you're wrong. Hiro has spoken and this is the place for chink and gook shit too
Do you have anything to back up this fact or you're the same lying chink in this thread?

>Hiro has spoken and this is the place for chink and gook shit too
I pressure the Hiro from your imagination saying this?

Hiro has spoken ur mom is open for every chink and gook shit too.

Which Fujoshi-targeting parts?

MC doesnt give a fuckabout any male character shown so far/despises them as trash and has a waifu.

Who give a shit about this crap, kill yourself filthy parasite. Go back to your webbo something

Take your own advise.

>human = trash
>slikpnot instesifies
>blood blood blood wub wub wub

>I'm positively surprised
I swear i seen this post plenty of times in every chinese of the season threads

Did you really mean to link to instead of ?

I for one, can only respectfully applaud to your dedication to staking out all hated chinese and gook media threads on Cred Forums and sacraficing countless hours of your life to shitposting in them.

Some would call it autism, but its the authentic bravery: the one that does not give up when faced with common sense, reason and making fool of yourself.

I mean this is the same post he made from other thread yesterday and he got fucked by everyone, you stupid fucking idiot

It's easy too see chink thread though. All of them got AOTS. Don't believe me, newfag? just check the archive

Are you retard or just pretend to be retard?

Oh well you're wrong, I'm not the same guy. There's a reason we're saying this though and it's because it's true, pull your head out of your ass and stop being mad at people are talking about something that you don't have to talk about. Hide the thread and move on Autist.

Fuck off pathetic cockroach. None like your kind or your shitty shitspeak language here

Answer my question, pathetic cockroach
Do you have anything to back up this fact? And when does Hiro saying anything about chink shit is allow on Cred Forums?

Which, this one ?
I'm not retarded user but you should seriously consider having yourself assessed. Why does this bother you so much?

Why are you lying on the internet like this? Hiro never said anything about allowed chink and gook shit on Cred Forums

Look at this faggot
>Except you're wrong. Hiro has spoken and this is the place for chink and gook shit too
When does Hiro say this? just focus on the question, you imbecile.

I swear down he did. This was covered when the took over and all the boards talked about any changes or adjustment they wanted to their rules. I don't think this was any more than a month ago.

>Why does this bother you so much?
Lying is a sin, our Heavenly Father does not want us to lie to anyone.

This is confirmed you're a retard. These threads are just for shitposting and dubs, it not make by mods or Hiro for fuck sake. Goddamn, you're stupid

Man, are you for real? anyone know these new rules threads are just another forced meme

At the end of the day we're all sitting her arguing about this, we're all stupid.

>anyone know these new rules threads are just another forced meme
Mean everyone, sorry

>there is someone actually taking shitposting general seriously
i have no word for this stupidity

Seriously, you believed that?
I mean, even the OPs made sure there was no mistaking them for anything meaningful.

You are an idiot.

Or rather, most likely the idiot that created the "alternate" troll threads and tried to derail original

I know Hiro said that but the one who made these threads are just trying to apply "their" own rules. That why it's turn into shitposting general and no one took it seriously. You fucking retard dumb idiot

What the fuck are you trying to prove, dumbass?

That you are an idiot. Which doesnt need much proof, as you are shitposting against "chinkshit not belongint on Cred Forums" in a thread of Anime produced along with japanese company, for japanese audience, voiced japanes and aired on Tokyo MX

What about this?
Can you just answer me this question instead of acting like a retard?

And it's written by chink, made with chink money and produced from a shitty noname chink company with few noname nips here and there. That enough reasons to shitposting about it

>japanese company
Fucking idiot kill yourself, at least do some research first before making an ass out of youself
>japanese audiences
This is made for chinese audience in mind you idiot, you think this obscured noname trash is some kind of hot shit or what?

It's anime retard. It was made for japanese television and it's part of the current anime season according to literally everyone but a few retards on this site.