Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

I feel sorry that EBINA's talents were wasted. ED was alright though.126 looks interesting. Rank the OP and ED now that they're all complete.

OP Rank:

3 > 4 > 2 > 1 > 6 > 5

ED Rank:

3 > 4 > 6 > 2 > 5 > 1

OP 6: youtube.com/watch?v=wW445_CD-Xs

ED 6: youtube.com/watch?v=_msIhWd1XJo

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OP: 3 > 1 > 2 = 4 > 6 > 5
ED: 4 > 6 > 5 > 2 > 1 > 3

Get your head out of your ass.

OP Rank
2 > 1 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6

ED Rank:
3 > 5 > 4 > 6 > 1 > 2

Just to make it clear, my rank takes into account both song and visuals. But I lean more towards the latter when picking favorites.

Odd choice of image for the first thread after the OP and ED came out.
Should have been pic related.

>For the "Rakuten Japan Open," broadcasting, broadcasting of October 9 might pause.


After the Vector arc, Yuma gradually stops being his stupid and endearing self and it's terrible.

He started getting depressed and was still shonen dumb during the world trip.

>118-146 say otherwise.

Nope. Don't know what you're talking about. Yuma still faced realistic struggles and didn't override any other characters.

OP: 2 > 3 > 4 > 1 >>> 5 > 6
ED: 4 > 6 > 2 > 5 > 3 > 1

I like Hazy Flame Sphinx

You can only pick one dimension.

All I want is for Yuri to realize his dream of carding everyone. That's not asking too much.


>Yugo blocking Yuri
Dumb banana


I will never stop being triggered by Ute, Hugo, and Joeri.


Fusion, of course.

OP rankings
2 > 1 > 3 = 4 > 6 >>>>>>>> 5

ED rankings
2 > 3 = 5 > 4 > 6 > 1

This should be commonly accepted.


Xros Wars' openings got exponentially worse as the series went on.
Nebagiba was the peak, eveyrthing else doesn't matter, and the series was 79 episodes worth of no ED animation or song. Thank god Appmon has a proper ED (and it's actually really nice, too).

Next series should just drop any romance subplots altogether, and let the character interactions be carried by ~FRIENDSHIP~.

Just cuck my shit up senpai

Shun is such a glorious /fa/ motherfucker.



Genesis Omega Dragon?

>Xros Wars' openings got exponentially worse
>talking shit about Stand Up

Raging Dragon.

From the silhouettes, Raya looks like Yuzu but older, and Zarc just looks like Vector.

That's raging dragon and it looks fucking retarded in the middle of all that smile world bullshit

The Yuya/Yuzu relationships is one of the few things that Arc-V hasn't fucked up yet, though.

My nigga

Close, but try...

Is that THE Joeri Joestar?
Yeah, I'm gonna be that guy. Now laugh.

>hasn't fucked up yet, though.

>literally separated for longer than they are together on screen

2 > 3 > 1 > 4 > 5 > 6

3 > 5 > 4 > 6 > 2 > 1

I like all endings but don't really care about OP4 onwards.


That's Gardener Joe.

>not appreciating the aesthetic of a badass monster surrounded by cutesy shit

Fuck off Yusei.

>Serena thinks she's hot shit when she's really just a jobber
bitch should learn how to keep her mouth shut t b h

>literal embodiment of hatred and rage
>"look guys, i can egao too"

someone translate what leo says in the preview.

What's his Stand, 「Purple Rain」?

Seriously what dimension is that? I mean floating islands?

Smile World isn't cute though, it's just lazy smiley faces

You're just mad you don't have any KIZUNA

>"I have given up."

Wew, a bit too on the nose with the egao jesus imagery.

I guess the original dimension before being separated into 4. The utopia Leo wants to return to

Stand Up is pretty nice. Only New World was shit.

And yeah, Appmon ending is pretty nice. I feel Haru and Gatchmon will work well as partners.

>2 that low
Found the cock monger

that's a very pretty lady walking in the background


The original dimension where Zarc and Raya are from.

Joeri Starve Venom.

>dissing new world
>with that nice as FUCK segway from X2 all the way to X7

Get outta here.

>I feel Haru and Gatchmon will work well as partners.
That's what I like about the early part of a Digimon series, nothing much happens, but the main pair usually build up their bond the most in that first cour.

Unless it's 02 but hey, everyone makes mistakes.

I accidentally the whole dimension.

Imagine is the Ruris and the Yuus fuse into their respectively form and never split after it. Arc-V ending with Zarc and Ray and not 4 pairs. How much better would it be if they did that?

I can't call New World shit after it got updated with Shoutmon X7. Something about watching him transform while the OP plays gives me goosebumps. Probably guilty pleasure.

It was alright but it just never hooked me

>not appreciating the aesthetic
>implying that a literal fucking embodiment of hatred and rage is enhanced by gay smile emojis in a happy go lucky atmosphere

Retake art history or sit in the fucking corner.

I would feel rage. I like them all being there own people

My bad, I forgot about that version of the opening. That is pretty cool.
I still don't care much about the rest of it so I still rank it bellow Stand Up.

>implying it hasnt been that way since day one

Still bad, and the digixros in the middle of the animation doesn't fit the song's pace.
I reiterate, Never Give Up was the best XW opening.
It being the OP throughout the only part of XW that was actually okay is just a coincidence.

Odd-Eyes looks like a chicken though, so it's not nearly as out of place

>muh aesthetic meme
Vaporwarebro pls. You've fooled me enough times.

There is only one 遊 in each series, user.

Made me legitimately chuckle.

You did this to yourself but I'm sure you already knew that.


Yusho has it too.

>not posting the D/D/D version

Doctor not killed. Took all four girls and left. REEEE

>all hitotsu nii accomplished was pushing over 2 bracelet girls for a minute
Starting to think this show is just a bunch of hot air

Worse than Wonder Wings

You can't kill the hero of the show, user.

OP was total shit. Somehow even worse than Wonder Wings.

As he should. I know I'm in the minority but I'm actually liking all the brainwashing shit going on.

And every development I can think of that involves they being saved this soon is worse than they still being brainwashed for a longer while. Too late for doing something else, too early for resolving it already.

The Doctor is one of the few good things about this show. Let's keep him alive a bit longer.

I can still hold on to hope of seeing Rin duel again for a little longer.

At least keep him alive enough for the doujins to get made.

I wanna go on Polyvore and create 4 outfits based on the Yu boys.But I don't want those outfits to look like legit 'cosplays'.
I'd like them to look like outfits that you can wear out in public and just a little inspired by each Yu boy.

Okay tumblr.

Leo's face always gets me.

OP: 3 >=1 = 2 = 4 > 5 > 6
ED: 4 > 1 > 5 > 3 =6 > 2

What, you want us to help? Fuck off.

Everything involving the Doctor and the parasites is so much like a doujin already we won't get none. It's literally just mixing the sex.

I have seen several Yu-Gi-Oh mind control doujins and none I remember takes after the mind control moments in the series.


Is that nigga Leo?

>mixing the sex
I don't know how I keep swapping words like that.

So why didn't Yuri card Sora? Yugo yelling in the distance was hardly an obstacle.

Probably not, Leo's not that dark skinned.

What even is this thing? Is it a known monster, os is it new?

Same. I really like the brainwashing thing going on a bit longer. It's something that actually makes Academia seem competent for the first time since XYZ started and while it's somewhat of a cheap method to maintain drama, I find it pretty effective at keeping me interested.

>instrumentals are pretty good
>vocals are absolute horseshit
Pendulum Beat is the first time I've felt this way since I heard O2 for the first time.
And at least I have Stockhom because of O2 now.

I'm going under the assumption that Yuri has the same mindset as that albino dino from Jurassic World, it enjoys the dueru/killing more than the actual eating/carding


But that's good so Yuto and Yuya will continue to be triggered enough for Demon Duels

Just 2 episodes ago he talked about how much he loved carding people.

Raya -> RAY-A -> (presumably) composite Yuzus
Zarc -> Z-ARC -> (presumably) composite Yuyas
they're on the cast list for next episode

He likes beating people, and THEN carding them.
Might as well beat Hugo too and card them both for double the SATISFACTION

I agree. Cheap as fuck, but works for me.

Would make sense given how Yuri was controlling that cage and only kept Sora there so he could have an audience for his duel.
If it will make for a more entertaining display of suffering and struggle, he wil delay carding.

he is such a best, I love him so much

>NTR and Mind Control
>Responsible for incoming Zarc and Raya?

Doctor saved ARC-V.

He also deliberately prolongated his duel with Asuka because it was fun, and dealt quickly with Yusho's jobber students in his last appearance because it was boring.

>composite Yuzus
>composite Yuyas
so we finally get to know what their deal is.

But O2 was good you faggot.

Not that user, but I'm slowly warming up to this OP over time. Probably won't surpass OPs 1-3, but eh.

yo faggots, missed the ep. how long till raws

Doctor and Yuri are saving this show so hard right now. After BB, I almost lost hope. But, god I love brainwashing and Yuri.

Bad final OP, but sasuga Arc-V

Oh and thanks for sticking Eita in the shot with Dennis, Meiru, and Masumi

Thanks so much

3-5 hours.

saltiest digits

I had already lost hope before, 117 restored it. I wasn't that bothered during BB precisely because I knew that would come back afterwards.

You're welcome.

Now that you mention it, aside the latter half of XYZ arc and the Ruri/Shun duel, all of the plot related shit has generally been pretty good all along.

It's only the more filler-ish shit that's been really terrible.

Even Synchro's final episodes were pretty good.
I think the problem is that Synchro was so dragged on, and then XYZ was so bad, it ended up making people run out of whatever patience or good faith they still had.
I can't really blame them for that, that does hurt the series a lot.

Did darkness just fry the parasite?

I was surprised that Sora didn't play a single new card despite having a Booster Special coming up. I guess we're only getting Octo and Kraken, the rest will be his Manga cards and reprints.

it absorbed it


Thinking back to when Roger put that shock chip on Yuya's helmet, he also had the berserk eyes. Maybe it protects him from any attempt to mess with his mind.

Which makes me wonder what would have happened if Roger had gone through with the surgery he planned Yuya to undergo.

the first opening wasnt the great thing idk why you guys like it

a reminder of better times where there where subtle things like the 4 cards with yuya on allueding to the counterparts in the op

nigga what the fuck does ^ even mean?

I think he wants to fuck, get on that shit user

Based on what happened this ep, Synchro would've ended about 15 eps early and the main issue to unite the lancers and Synchro at the end of it would be less about uniting against academia and more about keeping Yuya from turning it into a smoking crater.

The part where he said "DARE DAKE?" gave me goosebumps.

Are there any good quality scans for the new chapter in English yet? The ones on NAC usually look like screenshots.

So they just need to sync up the Ruris to get rid of the parasites?

Is this the final OP? If so it's pretty fitting, and how's XYZ arc? I dropped the show long ago during fusion shitshow so I want to know if it's any better

XYZ arc (100-112) is the worst part of the show bar none due to being rushed as fuck for no particular reason.

Fusion arc is currently up in the air, but if it keeps up the quality it's had in 117 & 123-125 (the current ep), it'll possibly be pretty good overall.

Fusion shitshow? What are you refering to?
XYZ started out well but ended up being shit. Fusion has been picking up since it started,

And yes this is the final opening. I don't like it. I expected a happier Wonder Wings style opening with all characters, but at least Wonder Wings showed more about the arc.

The solution here is to throw Yuzu at him. Always given how important Yuzu is to him, even in the berserk state.

why does it matter, as long as you can read it

Yeah sorry, meant Synchro, guess I'm still triggered by academia scum
>12 episodes
FUCKING WHAT!? After Synchro was dragged on for 50, XYZ got only 12?

I think he meant the Synchro shitshow of spending 10-15 eps in hotels before things got good again thanks to based Sergey.

No synchros for Ono to masturbate to in Xyz.

what the fuck are these sluts saying?

It doesn't really make sense either since we later spent 5 episodes shilling glad beasts.

>spent 5 episodes shilling glad beasts.
And then it turns out that none of those Gladiator Beasts are getting printed any time soon, so what the hell was the point of shilling them?

Ono just wanted to wank to his favorite archetype

him user, just him

isnt he glorious?

I miss Sergey and Roger.

me to

>no new Phantom Knights
>shit OP
>action card spam
That was pretty boring desu senpai
ED was okay though

>No new PK
>Action card spam
So, you didn't even watch the ep

1 > 4 > 3 ≥ 2 > 5 > 6

4 > 3 > 1 = 6 > 5 > 2

This is an overall ranking. If we broke them all out into visuals and songs mine be much different.

>the final OP is shit
Welp that's it I'm officially just gonna keep watching it because of some fucked up stockholm syndrome

If it's any consolation, 123-125 have been pretty fucking good and next ep is our infodump at long last.

Also the ED is super comfy

Where's the raw/pastebin link?

So it's pretty much agreed that Pendulum Beat! is the new WONDER WINGS, but the final Zexal OP/ED set was salvaged by Challenge the GAME as the ED.

Does Dashing Pendulum salvage final couple for ARC-V in much the same way?

On the board that allowes generals.

So, anime Raging Dragon uses both Overlay Units and also negates everything before destroying them?

And what were those two PK spells Yuto used?

The visuals are nice. The song is meh at best.

Shun looks so damn comfy with his casual clothing.

Eh, I think Pendulum Beat at least feels fitting for Arc-V as an OP song. WONDER WINGS was just a shit song that was completely unfitting for its series in every respect and was only saved by nice visuals.

Overall, PB > WW

Dashing Pendulum doesn't carry the same dramatic weight of Challenge the Game, but it's really, really comfy.

I'd prolly give Challenge the Game the win there though.

Overall: DP doesn't save the OP/ED on its own like Challenge the Game did, but PB isn't nearly so bad that I want to skip it every time like WW was.

It's still better than wonder wings

Additionally: Pendulum Beat deserves some points for having an OP with visuals paced such that they perfectly match the rhythm of the song. That shit isn't nearly as common as it should be.

Will all the Dimensions fuse together again by the end of the series?

First one banishes two PK monsters in graveyard, destroys all monsters on the field, and deals 800 damage to the opponent for each monster, and the second one gives a xyz monster the same level as another monster I think.

So the second one makes OERD actually usable in PK hybrids. Neato.

Trips of truth

>the end of the anime is the beginning of the manga

Would this pottery redeem Arc-V?

Alright the sounds fair.


>Sawatari - Pendulum
>Sora - Fusion
>Gongenzaka - Synchro
>Shun - Xyz
What does that mean?

You may only parasite enslave one.

I'd like it but I don't expect it


They'll probably stay apart in the end unless they want to make Zarc and Raya whole again for good.


Deepest lore

Rin. Why is this even a question?

4v1 duel vs Zarc

But where are PKs on their own getting a Level 7 from?

well, realistically they aren't.

That's why it'd need to be a hybrid build with a deck that can shit out level 7s.

>not a 4v4

Sophia will appear?

The ED's saving grace is the visuals.

>not 1v1 duel against each of counterparts like that time when Barians debuted ZA SEVENZU WAN

>managed to beat girls
>still escaped from him
Yuya is living a hard life right now

Sophia requires a Ritual, not a Pendulum.
Unless Sawatari pulls Ritual/Pendulum out of his ass, like a true Composite course duelist.

Pendulum Beat! is worse than WONDER WINGS.
At least the quality of WW picks up at the chorus

Weird, I always felt the exact opposite. As soon as the chorus starts is when I really start hating the song.

Wait a moment

Is the Yuya/Yuto hybrid deck really that good in play?

I-is Gongenzaka the fourth?

That'd be dope pls Yoshida

Phantom Knights and Performapals have little synergy aside from a few Performapals being Level 3.

>Name doesn't start with S


But surname in the dub does start with S :^)


Because shun's been crushed by rocks, abandoned by his imouto, and tased all within the last day or so

Gotta find a way to make all characters useless.

So we kind of know what Zarc's deal is already, but what about Raya?

How do you want your original supporting characters senpai?



Who's that glowy-eyed mystery shadow person behind Leo in the opening?

Raya was probably the one who had to fuck up Zarc's shit

The original dragon.

>Gokou is released


>be mind-controlling worm
>I just wanted to live a happy life with my mind-controlling worm wife
>and my mind-controlling worm kids
>tfw will never see them again because I'm in some little girl's ear because Michael Jackson's corpse told me to get in there

>R4 in trains

It's a R4NK that lets machines attack directly.

It doesn't need trains

It's just begging to be generic machine OTK

Synchro dragged because I think they wanted to do "One season per dimension" Which... was cool, because usually Yugioh rushes its climaxes, while Arc-V used a slow burn.

But everyone in Synchro was a fucking Tard and Yuya's constant not-getting of Jack's message was lame.

I also feel like they must have originally planned another Yu showdown and abandoned it.

Ray did nothing wrong


There is literally no way this episode will get bad ratings. It's one of the best episodes of the entire series.

Does anyone have the nyaa link?

That OP was terrible

Just goddamn terrible

Haha no.

It gave me the same feeling as when I heard BxB and Burn!! for the first time. I never thought Arc-V would make me feel nostalgic during its run. Kudos.

Haha yes.
Dumb post, dumb reply.

Why did it say Yuzu was voiced this episode, I don't remember her saying anything

Whatever you say buddy. Try not to have an aneurysm when the ratings come in and they are abysmal as usual.

So, did we like the episode?
I know I really liked it.

I loved it.

You have 30 seconds to convince me not to keep this trainwreck dropped.

At this point no matter how good the episode the ratings will probably not pick up again.

The ratings aren't low because people are boycotting the show, it's because they lost interest and left.

We don't want you here

Oh good, then I'll stay.

Same here user. It felt the most like a proper arc-v op out of any op in awhile. I haven't felt this way about an op since Hanate.

There is no reason to, this was another garbage episode.

That was easy.

Raya's tits.

The doujins are writting themselves.

I think by ratings he meant the nico 1-5 rating system rather than the actual tv ratings.

It's picking up.

Her and Sawatari were meant for each other

It's been on an upswing since 123.

So can I just skip the rest of the battle beast episodes? I dropped it after he carded Crow.

Yeah, I noticed that a little too late. Ignore that post.

>Arc-V staff literally putting memes in the ED

like a pendulum

Yeah, they don't matter. Just jump to 123.

Can anyone tell what cards Leo were holding in the OP?

You can watch them in fast-forward.

What min?


They were never memes, they were reality.

During the part where we first see Zarc and Raya's silhouettes

You can't imagine how glad I am to learn that.


Too bad the empty eyes are gone.

Why is Reiji fair-skinned with white/grey hair when his father looks like that?

Leo was a cuck.

Leo likes to get tans.

Young Leo is cute


They're anime originals atm.

Why the hell is Leo dressed like that? Looks nothing like what the Academia scientists usually wear.

And another question, where the hell is he at?

Ruri, I...

Rate the Yu-Gi-Oh final openings and endings.

The new OP was pretty cool song wise, but the visuals were something to be desired.

We know all the characters names and what not, we didn't need the OP to remind us for 30 seconds.

Oh man, they're gonna be fucking beautiful. I can tell from their silhouettes.
Zarc's spiky hair is screaming YGO protagonist and I can already tell Ray is going to be best girl.

Wait, so Leo was one of the inhabitants of the original dimension?

The monsters he's studying are from Xyz archetypes, so I'll take a wild guess and say he's in Heartland. But he could also be in a Leo Corporation lab.
Nah, he's probably studying the dimension split.

DM > 5D's > Arc-V > GX > Zexal
5D's = Arc-V > GX > DM > Zexal

Overlap > Pendulum Beat > Road To Tomorrow Going my way > Precious Time, Glory Days > Wonder Wings


Future Colors > Challenge The Game > Dashing Pendulum > Endless Dream > EYES

Is anyone having trouble with nyaa? I can browse the site fine, but when I try to get a magnet link or torrent, the website begins to load forever.

I don't know if it's the same phenomenon, but it's also preventing me from torrenting episode 122 from MonoSubs.

Because she has the same voice actor as Serena.

I generally like all of them aside Wonder Wings and EYES though.

Are you using an alternate DNS server?

Oh god what is that dark thing behind Leo

Please just be some kind of anime version of G.O.D

Please don't be some ayy lmao that was controlling everything from behind the scenes the whole time

Make Zarc endgame villain



Because they're lions and he's Leo

No he's most likely doing tests on Real Solid Vision

>both are lions

I am. I have pi-hole set up for ad blocking. I never considered it as the problem. Is there a workaround or would I have to disable it?

Based Yuri didn't even sweat. He was playing with Sora.

We got anime support, are we cool now

Why use Xyz archetype cards though?

>yuris bangs
>the two parts sticking out at the side is similar Yuto's hair, the back part is like Yugo's hair so I guess Zarc will have Yuyas eyes or fringe.
>Raya has Yuzu's hair style, Ruri's length and that's about all you can tell from the silhouette
A bit of a long shot but it kind of looks like Z-arc is wearing an academia uniform (based on the collar and cuffs)
I suspect the silhouettes will become full colour pictures when they are reviled, similar to Jack.

Try disabling it and see if it works.

I know but why not just list serena

I think that's because Yuzu makes an appearance. They'd do the same thing if both Yuya and Yuri appeared but one of them didn't talk.

Fuck this faggot.

Maybe they are just monsters he used? He was doing tests on them to see if they would react to his presence, that's why we saw Hazy Sphinx's eyes move whenever Leo moved his sensor thing

>Pandora Box

What the fuck?

>Pandora's Box
I didn't expect much from 126 but now I think it might surprise us.

Oh yeah, that makes sense.

>Captain Falcon: Ruri…

I like how Shun's first words are always this.

So what are the chances for Leo to be using a lion-based deck?

Old guy porn is best porn

Is it just me or does one of the problems with this stem on the lack on how the show treats itself seriously? The OP's and mostly ED's are fine but the visuals pretty much deludes itself from the big picture like the things that are happening right now.

>The Day the Devil was Born
>The fun has just begun!
Goddammit, this always gets me.

>a process that once begun generates many complicated problems

The new OP is a good idea ruined by the fact that it's 90% stills. They truly stopped giving a fuck.

No luck. Still the same issue. Though now that I think about it, I remember being able to download files from nyaa using the DNS server.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

OP: 5Ds > GX > DM > Zexal > Arc-V
ED: Zexal = GX > 5Ds > Arc-V > DM

So Yuya's going to hear what Leo has to say and see Yusho again?I kind of what Yusho to join forces with Leo while Yuya promises him he's not the fucking anti Christ.

>Zarc and Ray are also next to each other in the ED
This is so cute. Will Arc-V end as a love story?

Ray-A is just Yuzu with boobs.

But Yuzu already had nice boobs

Bigger is better

Maybe that's the demon duelist and he's actually a separate character from Zarc and Ray.
Maybe he's their kid from the future.


Guys is it exposition time

>Raya and Zarc crossed eras and dimensions just to meet each other again

>do you hear it, they only can say "muhh edgy"

>Maybe that's the demon duelist and he's actually a separate character from Zarc and Ray.
Hey, that's pretty good. I don't want Zarc's cool design to be wasted on an antagonist.


But he's the protag

I need an image of her with both the smug evil smile and unzipped blouse.


Now if only Ray was voiced by Inamura.

So how did we go from BB to this?

Where are you guys gonna go now that Cred Forums is getting kill?

I dunno niggas I like PB, guess I just got shit taste



This hurts

nice get



Just noticed something.
It was always said that there's another presence inside Yuya besides Yuto, and that is the thing causing all the darkness and berserker related stuff.

But if the Yus are Zarc split off, then what is this other thing? I mean, if even split Zarc still exists buried in the Yus souls, shouldn't Raya be the same?

Maybe this evil inside them is something else that corrupted/fused with Zarc in the previous world and kickstarted all this shit.

Shadow behind Leo?

I will wait to Arc-V's finale and then I will kill myself.

Brainwashed Serena doesn't mess around.

Until she starts dueling that is, then she just jobs.

>nanana get
sh-shut up

>Literally kicked him on the dick
The Doctor's Queen doesn't mess around.

Post Joeri/Serena interaction

Yuri is too stronk. Nobody stands a chance against him

Any lewd screenshots in this episode? It's rare to find them in Arc-V (like Serena's butt cheek sticking out in ep 87 I think) but it still happens.

Yuzu has a nice figure, though it's not always noticeable due to how much the art quality changes between episodes.

So what does this mean, exactly?

In fact, Arc-V actually went out of their way to avoid lewds. They had Serena and Yuzu change their clothes completely off-screen, they wanted to have the comedic situation of them changing, it wasn't done for fanservice, which is rare for anime. If it was Zexal, you just know they would have milked it.


Cred Forums either becomes unbrowserable or closes down.

Brainwashed Rin > Brainwashed Serena > Brainwashed Ruri

Rin is probably the best duelist among the Ruris, Serena and Ruri both lost the duel but at least Serena kicked Yuya's little Yuya.

Hiro wants to force more people to pay Cred Forums pass and is very bad at hiding it.

Brainwashed girls > Otherwise
ArcV was meh bogstandard YGO fare until something interesting like this happened.

Sadistic Rin and crude Serena are fun but brainwashed Ruri is pretty standard. Ruri seems to be the most boring Ruri brainwashed or otherwise, anyway.

>If it was Zexal, you just know they would have milked it.
I know. I kid you not, Zexal had at least one fanservice shot in EVERY episode. I'm disappointed we rarely get them in Arc-v.

Makes sense. She has Kotori's personality.

I won't believe that until she gets a 3500 double attacking Ultimate Falcon Synchro like Serena.

The fanservice is the only reason I even made it through zexal, honestly.

Should I be concerned about it, or no?

Far from the only reason, but it certainly helped when Zexal was at its lowest points.

Hiro is in for money
Do not believe his lies

>Rin wins all the duels
>Serena takes out everyone else with tasers and shit
The best team.
Yuzu and Ruri can stand around doing whatever.

Too soon to tel for sure. But probably.
The problem here is that Hiro wants to make a profit, and Cred Forums is lucky enough when it breaks even.
Moot left it in a pretty good state though so either this retard somehow ran it to the ground already or he's just trying to ruse people into giving him more money.
If it's concerning or not will depend on how far he will go with changing things.

>It's lowest points
Yeah, that's what I basically meant.
Zexal certainly had some good stuff in it at times, but when it hit lows they were REALLY LOW and Kotori fanservice was the only thing that kept my motivation to continue it alive during those times.

Yuzu seems to be little more than the Doctor's decorative doll.

Good taste Doktor
Just glue Yuzu

They seriously still can't spell the Yus' names right? Are you serious?

Where I will talk about yugioh if Cred Forums bankrupt?


Technically, they're correct because Konami said so.

There are lots of other chans out there, at least one of them has to be kind of okay.


Wonder Wings and Challenge the game were better.

But I do love how Dashing Pendulum is focused on the Tomatos with their respective Citrus (is Yuri going to turn good?)

>is Yuri going to turn good?
No shit he's going to. He's going to have some kind of relationship with Serena too, whether people like it or not, or whether it's done well or not, especially since Zarc/Raya were probably lovers or something close to that.

He'll duel Yuya and get EGAOd.
I mean he became evil after not having any friends.

Are the people that plan and animate the op and endings on the page? Seems like they care more about character interactions than the writers do.
Yeah sure lets have Yuri and Serena as a thing when they haven't spoken, even when in the same room.

Didn't care for the ending. Sucks if that is the last ending. Challenge Za Game was awesome ending. With every character character in the series in it.

I love how the OP introduces the Yuus, the Yuzus, Reiji and Reira, and then Gongenzaka, Sora, Shun, and Sawatari together as if to say "And here's the Job-Squad"

What are these cards in Leo's hand?

I have to say, this duel was kind of cool, especially due to there being NO shitty Entermates this whole duel.

I wonder if they'll print these PK spells and traps eventually.

Lost Vambrace, RUM Burial, Around Burn, Wrong Magnet-Ring, Possession, and Double Badge.

>not posting the pic instead

>QUALITY photo

>Parasite Queen used acid to burn a hole into Yuto's leg and slammed him into a platform
>Yuya melted the floors and disintegrated a huge fucking hole in the wall
>Serena kicked Yuya's dick
Jesus this episode

Those are some tired eyes

I wish Yuzu talked when the doctor was taunting Yuya, or when he was in the cage. Having her make an evil smile and talk shit at Yuya like Serena and Ruri did last episode would drive in Yuya's despair even better.

Are those fucking Ritual cards? I hope they''re at least S/S/S.

The job squad that notably has each focus on one summon method respectively.

I like that brief part where it shows Yuya and Yuzu swinging towards each other, as if to subtly say "like you thought anyone else was going to matter in the end."

>all spell cards

I wonder if his deck will be mostly spellcards like Spellbook

Oh god they're gonna die aren't they

Shun isn't jobber, though

Raging Dragon is all kinds of heresy.
>an Odd-Eyes with actual wings
>doesn't use its chin

Once you go deep enough, it stops being normal

>inb4 Leo's deck only consist of spells and tokens


Shun jobs to the writers who keep coming up with stupid shit for him to not do anything.

Hmm, I wonder.

I love how few fucks kaito is handing out

Never noticed that they have different ears

Huh, I didn't even see that until now. Nice catch.


Goddammit Arc-V you had one job.

Even Wonder Wings did better than this

Remember when we used to think this guy was the new Crow?

Are the moonrunes visible? Any mention of S/S/S?

>next series is Arc-V reboot without cross-dimension fuckery

Blood for Z-Arc, BLOOD!
I know it's a shit show, but the HYPE is back.

They tried to before they realized his deck would never match up to Blackwings in their prime so they decided to just bring Crow back but still couldn't make the new Blackwings make the deck as good as it was in it's prime so they just killed Crow and started shanking Shun whenever they could.

I wonder how Yuto got to the point where Shun considered him his best friend?

He is. Unlike Crow he's getting his just deserts though.

>Not DM Super
Clearly you don't know Jewnami

wonder wings had the budget that allowed it to do better visually.

But the song is so intolerable that it's still the only final OP I will skip every single time even taking arc-v's new one into consideration.

Would they actually do it though?
DM is still the highest rated show over there

>next series is a reboot of the entire franchise (game and anime) with Zarc and Raya as the protagonists

Call me crazy now, but just you wait.

>the forth series ends with them being split up
>arc-v is the fifth of both

>using characters from this failure of a show ever again

You are crazy.

If they did it, I'm not sure if I'd want to watch. I love Yugi, Jou, and Kaiba as characters, but I'd rather move on from them since I'm kinda just tired of Konami masturbating to them by this point.

Edo: Fuck. ANOTHER protag that will sacrifice people to get his lover back.

>Implying Xyz dimension meme magic couldn't carry an entire show for the japs

The card shilling is what matters at the end of the day, user, and performapals are very profitable.

>and performapals are very profitable.

I'm sure you have a source for that besides your ass.

>tfw just realised the episode name

If Yuya had the choice between saving Yuzu or saving literally everyone else, what would he choose?

It's code geass

They look like jewelry.

Isn't it questionable why there is a man that looks like he's in his 70's stuck with 4 fourteen years old girls?

Same thing Ray chose when she recreated the universe after Zarc was kill

What about entire half a year that everyone in OCG was playing EMEM or the month in TCG where everyone with the cash used PEPE?

And then there's all the pend hybrids following those.
Variations of decks featuring his cards have honestly seen a LOT of use.

how do you not know the answer

I just don't know user. What would Yuya possibly do?

We'll find out once we fully know Zarc and Ray's relationship.

Arc-VI, following the adventures of a young girl named Ray as she tries to stop the dastardly but vaguely familiar Zarc

>meta cards sell when they're meta


>Arc-V was a prologue to the true YGOtome

And Yuya's cards are following the same pattern Crow's did, where they just keep making them forever, even at the expense of other archetypes.

Has Herr Doktor saved Arc-V?

Leaving Yu-Gi-Otome was a mistake we need to go back

Post EGAO WORLD will never not be a mistake.


No, waifufags probably are burning their decks right now.

If you're a retarded fetishist who cares about forced drama, maybe.

I want this.

>Implying Herr Doctor isn't what every waifufag dreams of being


Probably means nothing since the alphabet is not the same as nip, and "letters" don't really exist in Japanese.

I don't know if it's saved, but Doctor's wild ride is being pretty fun so far.

Like Poetry

Also poetic is the fact that all of their respective deck strats are easily shattered

I guess the OP having everyone in it confirms that final entame duel that Ono talked about.



Why is everyone superhuman

They play card games.

You've never played against a GigaShki Deck, have you?

Blackwings were meta at one point too, look what happened to their support.

That was impressive.

It became trash, like with performashits.

>literally get btfo by raging dragon
>get up 30 sec later like its nothing and run away

I wonder what they're on

Yeah, that's my point. Blackwing support was a mistake

No it's impossible

It also never died out. They shill it to this day and brought crow back in arc-v to shill it even harder.


I guess card game magic is just really good for your health

Vocal cord?

>Herr Doktor still hasn't given the Ruris sexy evil costume
More like Gay Fagtor.

>survived this with only a few burns on their clothes

Shame she only did that once after seeing Yuya/Yuto grab about three before that

Impressively impossible.

Gotta be more than that. Doc's prolly injecting them with plenty of vitamin D on the side.

The beginning of the one visible card name seems to be in runes, so it's probably not an SSS. Maybe those are plot cards and not his actual deck.

>others lose a duel and stay down for days

Is there any consistency left in this show?

Why does everyone think it will be S/S/S and not something like B/B/B?


>they literally make up one person

Don't you know that people are made up of 4 parts


But Herr Doktor is the exact reason their waifus are getting so much screentime right now.

>Reiji is Diamonds: DDD
>Reira is Clover: CCC
>Leo is Spades: ???
You tell me

Serena has the most physical skills. Rin has the best duelist skills. Ruri is the most beautiful. Yuzu confirmed worst Ruri.

It'll be silly to pronounce, though.

>Ez Ez Ez


Honestly, the new OP isn't that bad. It definately could be better, especially in the beginning, but after listening to it a few times it's grown on me.
It was the same thing with Light of Hope, except this one is better.

>The way she jumps just to show her ass

Nice to know Ebina still has his priorities straight.

>Honestly, the new OP isn't that bad.

Yeah, it's even worse. I'm not sure if the band that did it can even qualify as amateurs.

The OP would have been better if the beginning was animated.

You know, Arc-V has the general troope of a otome game.
Yuya: Tsundere (at first) childhood friend.
Yuto: The serious and the kind knight.
Yugo: The goofy yet hot character.
Yuri: Saddist and sexy, but has a fragile side.
Z-Arc would be the hidden route.
To unlock would be probably like this:
Get the good end of all Yu's, start a new game and raise all the flags of everyone, minus Yuya.
After this, raise affection to Yuya. Day after day one Yu would dissapear.
Day four or five you find Z-Arc, plot happens.


How citrus starved is Zarc after being split for so long?

I'd play it.

It's better than OP 5 but that's all I'll give it.

makes sense they're from those di-
combined dimension confirmed for pendulum

Some user said next's week's episode might be canceled/delayed. Is that true?

It's a known fact that Ruris are Crude and Strong by nature, even without the aid of evil brainbugs. When Ray awakens, she'll probably just rip Academia out of the ground with her bare hands and throw it into the ocean before carrying Zarc off for snu snu.

Yeah it's possible it's going to be delayed because of Tennis competition


D'you think we'll ever get to see Himika duel? she's a total MILF so I hope we do.

The yandere Yuya meme was true after all.

She might as well be dead to the writers rat this point

Suffering from scurvy levels of thirsty.

pendulum world is conformed of four dimensions

I'd watch it if they get Kaz on board. Otherwise it's shit.

Please no. Don't let the plot be delayed NOOO

>People actually watch tennis

As opposed to watching shitty card game commercials?

According to TV Tokyo's website, it's going to air on the 10th. So at least it isn't a two week wait, just a day.

Yes actually. Why have it on tv when you can just stream sports online?

Because people actually watch it? What kind of retarded question is that.

Young and middle aged people stream things more than they watch on TV these days though. So it just seems weird to interrupt standard broadcasts for it.

Would Dark Signer Yuzu even be able to be "Parasited"?

You do realize that these events tend to do 10 times the numbers of whatever they replace, right?

wonder wings was awesome, stfu.

Does Arc-V not have 1080p RAWs? All I see are 720p on nyaa.

Wonder Wings was the absolute worst form of unfitting trash OPs. The visuals accompanying it however were fucking wonderful.

Can a friendly user post the nyaa link?

Only 720p and the rare unfortunate 480p in the case of ep 12, I'm afraid.

Give a man a fish and all that. No.

The singing is shitty for both songs but the instrumentals are breddy gud

Does the channel not broadcast any higher or is that the choice of the RAW provider?

Will we ever see this card again?

>Zarc's cool design
but you can't even see what he looks like from the OP


Can't wait until the subs come out, I'll hook my laptop up to my tv and enjoy EBINAmation in full HD.

Thank god for that. The instrumental is what actually makes or breaks a song for me, so this is honestly a fairly nice result.


Give a man a fish or a meal or whatever and he'll have one meal. Teach a man to fish and he'll have food every day. That's what I mean, senpai. Can you dig it?

>duelist of the week


CCC is actually actually ShiShiShi, and SSS would be EsuEsuEsu.


What the hell is with this OP and ED, they sound like they should've been the OP and ED for the final 5 or even just the final episode as a courtesy... not the OP and ED for the climax of this show. Wtf is wrong with the staff? Are they oblivious or autistic?

Well, at least it's an actual delay to unexpected shit, not a programmed break.

The fact they'll go the extra mile to broadcast it shortly after also goes to show there are probably no more planned breaks (except maybe christmas/new year).