What does Cred Forums think about One-Punch Man?

What does Cred Forums think about One-Punch Man?

Are we allowed to like it?

Yes, but keep it to yourself

We like it but we are being tsundere about it.
anyway there will always be contrarian

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Kill yourself

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The ones that say no are just contrarian, hipster teenagers.

>What does Cred Forums think about One-Punch Man?
Absolute garbage for shit taste faggots.

> art is really good
> concept is interesting and different
> main characters are likable
> soundtrack is decent

what makes it "garbage"? at the very least it's decent.

I think it's good, who gives a fuck if you're 'allowed' to like something.

Yes but your favourite character has to be Black Sperm

You're allowed to like but you're not allowed to admit to liking it.
Not related to the quality of OPM, but more to the quality of people who like it.

I didn't see any hate about OPM until the anime was announced, so go figure. Stop paying attention to hipsters and newfags trying to fit in and let's talk about the important stuff.

>Are we allowed to like it?

There are actually people in this world who still think like this.

If anyone is telling you to stop liking something you tell the guy to go fuck himself, user.

Next chapter

cause is popular. Cred Forums hates what is popular

Pretty much this

I strongly dislike it but respect the opinion of thode who do and understand why.

It's fucking shit.


What's his name again?

What did he mean by this?

I dunno, I thought it was fairly funny.

>Are we allowed to like it?
Jesus H. Christ, son.

I sure am and I dont really give a fuck about this board pretentious pricks.

Why dont you try having an opinion?

I haven't met someone who sincerely disliked it for his own reasons so I'm fairly curious, what do you dislike about it?

Most people I've seen who hate on it are your typical Cred Forums autists who like to bait people by disliking good stuff.
(If you dislike it for legitimate reasons I apologize though)

What would be a legitimate reason to dislike OPM though? Tumblerinas getting offended by the duo's portrayal of gays and women?

It was purty good, I think I like mob more tho.

I think it's really entertaining.

I'll like whatever I want to like regardless of other opinions.

At least post the real picture

This meme is barely a week old and already insufferable. Back to plebbit boy.

>Genos vs Organization robot fight in the first episode where sakuga is at max

Can't wait.

A second season doesn't make sense. The current arc it will be based off is still stuck in a filler tournament.

You're allowed to like whatever you want


You have bad tastes anyway, so

Yes. Its also better than mob psyco even if contrarian hipsters pretend otherwise.

Never. WDM will bring him to the Bang and Bomb trap

They're in different fucking cities and WDM never leaves his.

so everyone is a fucking hipster... and no one is a hipster...

i want to put a bullet in my brain

I'm not an anime fan, generally - I like most of the casual shit like Trigun, Bebop, ect. I hate the 'shonen'? crap, where every episode is a penis-measuring contest.

OPM seems like a parody of all the DragonBall/Bleach/Naruto crap - as every single trope is lampshaded.

Is that wrong? Am I missing something?

You're right. That's literally the point.

Yeah. It's also fun, with some very nice looking action.

Someone who prioritizes plot and character development I suppose

I just found it boring. The comedy felt repetitive and the entire thing was just
>wow look how strong I am I'll destroy everyone
>saitama walks up with supid look on his face and punches him once and he dies
>oops I missed the sale
I also didn't like the art. The music and OP were awesome though. But really all tge show did for me was make me feel as bored watching it as Saitama was with life being so strong.

As someone that is throughly bored with anime and its tropes i found OPM to be a breath of fresh air, there's is none of the usual bullshit nobody likes found in normal anime.

garbage anime. Just look at youtube and the reactions only 8 years old kid will like this anime.

I enjoyed it, Boros fight was fucking amazing.

Just knowing that Saitama is most likely winning is going to be the outcome is annoying.

I'm hyped for S2.

meh tier anime.
forced animation
lame jokes
use jokes over and over again

only a braindead would like this.

>reminder garou was beat 3 times but was saved twice

As expected of metal bat wanker. Low IQ frogposter.


you're allowed to like it, but you can't claim that it's the best thing ever

He's being a tsundere snowflake. He'll grow out of his phase eventually.

Reminder that Garou won the fight, but would have lost the war if not for Metal Bat's sister

One joke man.

It's alright, but I think the comedic timing of One's original drawings is lost in the animation

botched adaptation. Anyone who finds the retarded punchline timing funny should kill themselves.

Any guesses on who Sandnigger master is. When did we start calling him sandnigger anyway

Probably the only anime I've seen that tried to be funny and actually was

I already said it's Blast

Goku vs Saitama who wins?

It's probably bad because YOU like it or something.

>Are we allowed to like it
Oh fuck off
Like what you like, and stop dictating your tastes off of edgy faggots.

found the fedora lord 9-year-old

Saitama in 1 punch.

Reminder that Garou could've easily killed hordes of shitter heroes but didn't because he's too kind-hearted.

You could kill anyone that's weak user he stil lost

keep dreaming

Why is it that dbz fans are unable to accept the fact that Goku is weaker than Saitama and Superman?

He lost only to Saitama because that's the one dude he couldn't overcome no matter what. And he could've killed every single hero he met on his path, had he given into the edge.

But I get it. You're assblasted your favorite characters didn't get the limelight he did.

Universal level character weaker than City block level character.

I can't wait until Saitama smacks this smug cunt in the tournament. I'd rather have him getting schooled by Garou, it would be more spirit breaking since he would lose against a better martial artist, but it probably won't happen that way.

M-Maybe they'll skip the filler stuff.

anyone who unironically like this crap should reflect on their life choices.

Congratulations, you are now officially one of us. Welcome to your first year of Cred Forums

Maybe you should reflect on your punctuation and go back to school. Faggot.