Shh... the clock is in snooze mode

Shh... the clock is in snooze mode

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[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas

I want to kiss her thighs.

Time to go back to sleep then.

Wha- OH GOD I'M LATE. Stupid clock, I'm returning you.


Perfect! It'll give me enough time to boil some eggs.

>not fertilizing her eggs

But user! Clocks don't lay eggs!

I will never understand why you people call her clock.

Have you even seen the show?

No I mean in general. Yes I have seen Kurumi in action in the anime but the name I will never understand.

Gee, I wonder.

Oh shit I'm sorry

Sorry for what

>sniff pantsu
>nuzzle inner thighs

You're not looking hard enough

>fall down on top of her
>she wakes up
>"nnnnnn, really user...?"
>she rolls on top of you and grabs you
>"maybe later, alright?"
>she wraps her arms and legs around you and goes back to sleep


[x] Delete save data.

Go to bed, Hitler

Oh well, I'll just use my pocket watch then.

This is a nice guy.

>found a JAV where petite looking little girls wake up a cake like this


I'm gonna need a link, user.

My cock is not.

loli kurumi is cute! CUTE!

This is more tender and sweet than I could ever have imagined.

so, whatever happened with her in DaL?

Yikes is she cute.


Other things user will never understand:

Why Kids like Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Why Birds Suddenly Appear when you are near
Why Can't Fox keep a good TV show on the Air, but can renew Family Guy
Why Obi-Wan didn't recognize the Droids
Why Kirk never had to pay child support
Why Holocaust movies win Oscars

Sorry, you came too late.

Now I want a series about adopting a lil' Clock and watching her turn slowly into an ara ara semen demon.

Director's cut subbed by FFF soon.
Can't wait to rewatch for her.

I take that PSP and start going balls deep into mario.

So if you started fucking her while she's asleep would she kill you once she wakes up or will she let you finish first then kill you?

She would kill you, but leave your cock alive long enough to finish.


But are they allowed to be cute?