Kill la Kill

Now that the dust has settled - which one, Cred Forums?

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How about neither?

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The fuck mate

Don't reply to pass spammers

Both of them are great.

All hail student council president kiruyin


>which one
This one.

all hail fight club vice president Ryuko

Satsuki, always and forever

post their butts and i can decide

Both are great, but I can't help being attracted to Satsuki.

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>anime is called kill la kill
>not about french prostitutes

What the fuck

My man
Nonon is a goddess

Jakuzure has the voice of an angel.

Ryuko is cute
Satsuki-sama is beautiful

Thank fuck someone else has good taste

What is it about her voice that makes it so sexual

Excuse me fags, Mako is the best.

If you take Satsuki you'll get her as a bonus.

I prefer this one.

>a literal retard

OTP, of course.


Ryuko is best girl and OTP.

I don't know but I'd listen to it all day long.
>implying I want Satsuki getting in my way

Nonon only loves Satsuki unfortunately

Well that's simple to fix.

I'll just kill the Satsuki.

What would marriage with either Satsuki or Ryuko be like?

the boy

There is clearly a point where we need to stop and I think we've passed it.

Don't know how I fucked up that bad but I meant that to be for

Nice that Hiroshimoot is pointing out the retards

>that satsuki

He's not pointing them out.

He's giving them the option to out themsevles.



>two best girls in one pic
nice taste

It's something about that VA.

Anything she does becomes best girl.

I want to hear her commanding voice every morning.

That is a tough question.

>you will never be useful to Satsuki-sama
>even if she existed, she wouldn't even acknowledge your existence
>even if she did, she'd probably despise you

Best threads I've seen since code geass aired

Neither. I pick Nui.

It was good to talk about something that matters.


May her light blind her enemies.

>Nonon is an immature little girl

The suffering is real.

I would gladly follow her to the gates of hell.
I would give my life to protect those eyebrows

I'm a submissive pig, guess which one would I choose.


>I would gladly follow her to the gates of hell.
I know that exact feeling. She's one of those rare anime girls that inspires pure devotion and admiration from those who like her, as opposed to waifu-level love.

So you like NB Satsuki, do you?

>inspires pure devotion and admiration
Yeah, she's got incredible charisma. First anime girl to make me think "I want senpai to notice me" instead of just wanting to fuck her

Is there a chance for KLK to receive new content? Like an S2 or a movie?

After watching the OVA, no.

They wrapped it up pretty thoroughly.

>Tall girl with incredible charisma
>Caterpiller eyebrows and a stamina monster

Reading Teppu feels like seeing Satsuki split into two personas after a strange transporter malfunction.

That sucks
I want to relive the hype

The OVA was pretty bad.

It was fucking awful.

And then there was this travesty

>implying you can take satsuki-sama in a fight

She's cute with short hair.

But either way the OVA coming after what should have been the actual final episode leaves the ending open-ended enough that they could add new content


>She's cute with short hair.
Satsuki isn't best girl for being cute.

>But either way the OVA coming after what should have been the actual final episode leaves the ending open-ended enough that they could add new content
It clearly doesn't. Any new content would be an asspull by Trigger.

>It clearly doesn't.
Why exactly?
They chose to add something else after the actual ending.

The short, fuckable one

Satsuki would've been the better main character


Nobody likes you, transfer student.

>Least lewd body
>Hottest and most fuckable gir

I want to bounce that petite smug on my dick all day. How the fuck can the other girls even compete?

Satsuki was the stealth protagonist the whole time.

I want a new season of Kill la Kill more than I want to kill myself

They'd probably make bootloads of cash off it, so why don't they do it

Because they don't want to beat a dead horse.
One of these things will happen. I suggest you do a flip.

Name a flaw.

She's terrifying

>not nearly as attractive as the other semen demons
>way too much pink, immature fashion sense
>lacks one eye
>crazy in the worst way
>ear-raping voice
>slave to Ragyo

I could go on all day.

She's dead.

>>way too much pink, immature fashion sense
Look at this naked pig trying to teach the Grand Couturier her job.

What the fuck did I just watch. This is beautiful.

Stupid slut can't even hold hands.

No bifocal vision.

>beat a dead horse.
They wouldn't have to. New content could be made easily

Stop being a fanboy.

It's over. Deal with it.

goddammit KEK

The only thing I would like is an OVA about the cast's sheninigans in the normal world we see in the last episode.

>somebody put time into making this

the thing is

girl: ryuuko > satsuki


satsuki's ass > ryuuko's boobs

That's what we should have got.

Apparently 11 months according to the comments.

Disco Milf.

She looks like she's toss a salad.

Don't lose your weight.

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what a loser

Every time.

Episode 25 was necessary to conclude the story.
Another OVA would be just fanservice.


She's Nui Harime

Satsuki is made for powerful and dirty fucking for pleasure.

Ryuko is made for cuddling and reassuring.

Ragyo is sex incarnate.

I choose Ragyo

>dirty fucking
No you ape
Satsuki is made for tender lovemaking and gentle femdom

Depth perception is useless in 2D.

How do Satsuki fans deal with the fact that she literally had her purity stolen while you couldn't do anything about it?

>Implying I'll fight her
>implying I won't reach out and touch the back of her head from a few hundred yards out

I want to parade march my semen into her womb, if you know what I mean.

I agree, Mako's pretty great.

it was p. hot

Go hard or go home

Extendo hands?

Yeah. Something like that.

I want yesyes to blow my trumpet while I play with her cymbals.

I tried to enjoy Kill la Kill and while I think it's okay and watchable it doesn't make me want to keep watching

I watch an ep and I don't feel like "oh man I want to watch another ep what's gonna happen next!" I just think "this is okay and good looking but I'm stopping here for now" and that's why I'm only half way through the show.

Anyone else have this issue?

She looks 6'3 in that pic

Mako's garbage

>halfway through the show

Tournament? Because I stalled there too. Just struggle through it.

>6'3" Nonon
This is my fetish


At least finish episode 11.

>tfw just finished it

It was fucking nice. Also, Ryuko is best girl

What the fuck do I do now? That was a perfect wrap, so I can't even beg for S2.

Regret that you weren't here when it aired to experience the threads on Cred Forums

Left for character development, right for personality.


She's mentally handicapped

Just how Ryuko likes them.

Borderline retarded and stacked.

the cutest



>That clitoral outline

The best one!

I want Ryuuko to dom me

Satsuki is too intimidating to waifu.
I'd feel like her underling.

Is this even a question?

>mfw there are people on this thread RIGHT NOW who don't know who best girl is

My nigga, you need to get some taste. Satsuki is far superior.


you're right

I just finished and it's hard as fuck choosing best girl. I think I'd have to go for Ryuko though. Satsuki was also really cute near the end.


I prefer milf.

only losers prefer dumb girls

>over 36k votes as of now
Well, no time like today

>asked on april 16 2016
The show aired in 2013, is it still that popular?

>The show aired in 2013
So much for the last three years of my life.

>Hurry up and take it! Peoplea re staring...

Ryuko = Nonon > Dog Droppings > Everyone else > Nui


Sastuki was without doubt the best part of the show, her entrance is always god-tier, too bad KLK went to shit in the second part

More please

Although, I acknowledge Ryuku's charm.
It's the Hime hair and her alpha-ness which strokes my "Straight to the Point, No nonsense" point.

I'm proud to be stupid then




It's why she's so great, you get to keep your Waifu, Satsuki's for serving her.

Guess I'm normal then.


I choose both

>Ryuko gets ahead once the masses get involved.
Of course this happened.

Notice this is not an insult to Nonon but just her fanbase, she's a person of taste too.

She got better.


Patrician taste isn't for the masses, user.

And then she killed herself!Mako!Uzu!Gamagori!Aikuro!Nonon!Ryuko!Mako!Uzu!Gamagori!Aikuro


>those villains
So this was basically anti-incest propoganda. Right?

I still want Nonon to sit on my face, especially after a hot day of marching.

Nonon ≥ Satsuki > Mako > Ryuko

I'd put Nui on the list but I couldn't fit enough > after Ryuko.

Ryuko below Mako? Nope


>this anime has girls of all shapes and sizes
>this anime also has guys of all shapes and sizes
(hell, they even have a character catering to the gay chubby chasers with Mako's dad)

It's like Bleach all over again, but they have fat people this time. KLK really did save anime.

I pick the right answer.

I pick Houka



>Now that the dust has settled
What fool needed to wait any length of time to realize the glory of Satsuki?

> He wants to fuck a sock
Pick a REAL woman, kid.


Then why'd you post a womanlet?

Because of dat pelvis thrust towards the end of that gif.

Because small cute girls are made of pure love fiber.

this desu famalamadingdong

nonon a best

i want satsuki to step on me

>Not wanting her to sit on you

>Not knowing about the December drama cd where Satsuki rewards the pigs.

Look it up. It's official.



Just let it happen, user.
The discussion is done.

You've got that backwards but I respect your opinion.

Kill La Kill yourself.

>It's been about 3 years since KLK started

Harimefags are the most amusing, but Satsuki is clearly the superior taste.

fucking finally.
thanks user.

Awww shieet!


No fucking joke,
Definitely the best mom

>the latex hugging and pinching those thighs