Most retarded idea under his reign

It's over. I'm now fully aware of how much of a retard Hiroyuki is. Please retire from your current status as owner and pass the torch to someone more competent.

Why cant you newfags just ignore shit like that?

Cred Forums desperately needs something like the Naruto hijack

Nice thread pal

True but I doubt it'll stay like that.

It's probably just a joke. Probably.

I don't really care, I have left for Reddit. I just come back here once in a while since I've been here the last ten years.


I don't doubt anything anymore after the stunt he pulled.

>It's probably just a joke.
We are as far away from April 1st as you can be.

>after the stunt he pulled

What have I missed?


Probably the advocacy of endless bullshit meta-threads.
He's a fucking retard

Put since4pass in the options field

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The threads complaining about it all being deleted doesn't fill me with hope.

I'm here forever but it's getting harder and harder to say that these days

This is still on? Fuck sake Hiro.

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Wtf I hate Toshiba now

If this is removed within the next day, It's an epic ruse and quite funny. If it isnt, I'm gonna riot and spam nude lolis until I get every mobile IP In the country banned.

What the fuck Hiro?

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Why wait?

If it was a temporary joke it wouldn't be in the FAQ. Like when any company is sold, it's now all about making money first and foremost, whether it goes completely against the point of the site or not.

Let's just hope this only last for 1 more day.


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It's all just marketing. HE WANTS YOUR NEET MONEY.

Fuck off you stupid goyim cunt.

>described in the FAQ on the pass buying page
>not mentioned in the header message to keep it from going further out of control
I doubt this is going anywhere anytime soon.

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God goy

That's actually a stroke of genius.
It's the same principle as TF2 hats: most likely won't have excessive impact on a user's Cred Forums experience, yet we're seeing loads of new purchases, just for the sake of a status symbol. This way sales have increased without granting pass users more privileges than they already have. Smart marketing right there

>until I get every mobile IP In the country banned
>nude lolis
My shining knight.

>without granting pass users more privileges
>post timers cut in half isn't another privilege

Well, Cred Forums passes didn't arrive until rather late, so even if you have them on they still can't prove you're not a newfag.

Holy fuck. Thank you based Hiro. This is going to make shitposting way more fun.

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>moot too hands off
>hiro too hands on

baka desu senpai

If moot were to play this prank, he would've remade /fur/ but made it pass only or something.

Deleting all threads about it makes it seem like it's not going away. If it's a joke, I ain't laughing

At least we now know Hiroyuki was sorry I guess.

Status symbols are utterly against the point of an anonymous imageboard.

I bet in two years you'll be able to pay for custom signatures and text colours.

>>hiro too hands on
But this isn't the case at all. I would love if Hiro did nothing but instead he just changes stupid pointless shit and adds dumb features that no one wanted.

You think?


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Didn't Hiro resign and hand it over to Lowtax? Am I missing something?

>he doesn't like the newfag tag

I want Hiro's hands on me.

This is so stupid.

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I'm screencapping this
You better do it faggit

Is this the cool guy thread?

Because I'm seeing a lot of cool guys.

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>believing nobodies on twitter

Ah, fuck it.

Do it senpai

You say that like it's a bad thing, but I bet at least 40% of the userbase now would think that's a great idea and would use their parents CC in a heartbeat for it.

And it's about time, if you asked me.


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Testing, if you can write it, even if you have no pass...

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Social media integration when?

I ACTUALLY want moot back now.

I only ask because it was spammed on here the entire day when it happened, I don't use twatter my man. Guess Hiro a shit then, unless it's all a ruse.



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Remove the date and I'd give less shits about it.
Right now it's just going to be used by people trying to act like oldfags.

Can I share Cred Forums posts on facebook yet or nah?

You're a baka.

And it looks like we're in for the usual strategy of him going dark until the users/products get bored of complaining to no response.

Looks like Cred Forums's now explicitly to be run as a for-profit business.

I didn't think many people bought these.

What country?

Is it really any different from tripcodes?

We all knew this when he first took over, the guy just wants to make money off this site.

Why are poor people do salty?

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