Shingeki no Kyojin

6 days left for spoilers

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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

I want Reiner to find happiness someday with a grown-up Historia

>6 days
More like 2.


Historia doesn't deserve to suffer like that, but Zeke will take good care of Reiner.


Yes, suffer.

What the hell is Brock Lesnar doing to my cousin.

Equally disgusting.

Silence, DisgustMan.

Shifters can impregnate / get pregnant ?

Will the baby be normal?

>Will the baby be normal?
If you would read the manga, you would know.

So Mikasa and Armong's parents were also shifters?

Are you retarded? Mikasa is an Ackerman and their bloodline is special and actually affects their human body. Eren was normal until he was injected with a serum and his father was a shifter. Same goes for Armong.

Armong's were, Mikasa's no.

>Same goes for Armong.
Forgot to mention Armong's parents obviously weren't shifters, but the rageturd proofs it has no affect on the child anyway.

>Psycho spoiled brat
>manly retarded
>Manlet weakling
Really pops a vein.

>being this mad for a joke.

Sure, you were just pretending to be retarded.



Probably the worst MC trio

makes you


Let's sum the important things up.
- Erwin is dead
- Bert is dead
- Armin is Colossal Faggot now
- Zeke is related to Eren (uncle? brother?)
- There's a human civilization beyond the walls
- Grisha may have been the real bad guy all this time
Where the fuck is the story going from this?

>being this mad for a joke.

>Armin is Colossal
Eh no.

Even for a "joke" that was retarded.

Think about what? How much of a colossal faggot his parents were to allow that ugly failed abortion to live?

No? Don't you get the titan's powers when you eat him?

Maybe that's why they are dead.


You get your own titan form

Mikasa is the only reason why i still read this shitshow

No, it's all about the serum. CT is not an ability or power.

EMA are products of 100 years of incest.

My own predictions for what the next ch is going to be

1. A flashback centered on Grisha, narrating his life outside the walls while Hange, Eren, Mikasa, and Levi read his books. For the last 15 pages or so, the story is cut off and the story takes place in the present again, with Hange and Levi reporting the SL's success, Erwin's death, the acquisition of a new Shifter, and Eren and Mikasa's disrespecting an officer. The last page is focused on the faces they made during the last chapter (when they were on top of the walls)

2. A little bit of narration about Grisha's life, and in the middle of the chapter, the focus is shifted back to Armin, Connie, Sasha, Jean, and Flocke on top of the walls. Armin will have some sort of delusions while thinking about Bert. He'll probably think that Bert is still alive and is somehow trying to communicate with him, but he's just making them up. Zeke, Reiner, and the mule titan will have 1 or 2 pages of appearance.

3. Flashback about Reiner and Bert's life during their childhood, along with Marcel. We'll probably get to see what's inside the titan village now

Spoiler are out

Perfect except for the Reiner and Bert childhood flashback.
Baby shingekis are cancer
1 And 2 are perfect.

What did you think of pic related?
Would you have prefered Erwin?


Baby shingekis are an absolute joy.
If all children were destined to be as sweet and adorable as baby shingekis then perhaps we would absolutely comply with the teachings of the Church in regards to contraception.

I believe that all of us would have preferred Erwin.

EMA deserve death.

you're a christian?

Not officially. It's rather I enjoy some of the stories and the teachings in relation to certain things.

The bible is my favorite fantasy book.
It should get a manga and anime imo.


Shit like EMA is what creates baby killers.

Seems legit.

The fuck happened with Isayama's art? 3 chapters ago it was okay.

Mrs Smith is against contraception then?

It's his weird chin thing getting out of hand.

The distance between the eyes and nose too.

Isayama can't art.
It's always been bad.
He's trying to hide it with gray shades.

It all depends who is attempting to procreate.

The guy just can't draw steady lines.
My drawing-style is the same

Such as? I know I am not a fan of people knowingly having children that will end up with lifelong health problems.

I agree with that too. Another instance is a family where there are a large number of children who are not being raised or looked after correctly. Those are the sort who should not have (any more) children.
Many decent people cannot afford to have children, yet those who do not work or contribute to society can have as many as they please because of welfare. That should not be encouraged.

Or he just don't try with certain characters. Weord how BRAZ are the ones who don't look weird this arc.

Speaking of BRA, they had no reason to kill marco
Stupid death

Couldn't have said it better myself. Although I don't think there's much you could really do about it.

I feel like I should get myself DNA tested first before I have kids honestly.

Best art was Trost and FT Arc.

>chapter and page in the title.
Bless you.

LM soon.

Eren is just canon ugly as fuck.

>That architecture
Compared to what we seen recently in Shiganshina, I'm very let down.


>not reading it 10 times and having every page decorated.

The longer you stare at this picture the more you find something wrong with it.

YH is canon.

Eren is okay when he's not close to AM for some time though.

Can anyone give me the chapter where there's a guy murdered on the floor and Erwin promises to find who is responsible please?

>two iddentical towers
>a "bird".
Oh Isayama.

But that's wrong. He had already figured out that CT was a shifter. It would have only been a matter of time before he put two and two together.

fuck her, i hope she gets eaten

>having every page decorated.

Isayama did 9/11.

I actually liked Mikasa for a short time, when Eren was "dead". Him being dead would have improved the story in general.

They had had to kill Marco, though.


I sliped.


Well oh shit.

kys he never did anything people like you are fucking disgusting

Can't even remember my mobile phone number and you expect me to remember the page and chapter of a series?

I am sure it did happen.
I would really like to know!

It was Hanji you retard.



I always have Erwin on the mind so maybe that's why I thought it was him.

Go look for it yourself.

You're getting trolled, don't listen to them

Just look for it you lazy retard

Hanji did it as well, when Nick died.

Thank you! Thanks for the reference in the title too!

Kindness is important and doesn't cost a thing. Is always appreciated too.

>Is always appreciated too.
Still not interested in helping an autist like you.

What did they mean by this?

Says autist numero uno
Contribute or fuck off with the rest of the shippers and shitposters

>shippers and shitposters
That's exactly why I don't help Mrs Shit.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

"lol I'm gay. You're gay too"

That he doesn't look like someone into women. Big, buff, hangs out with the boys all the time. Typical Aryan Master Race Anus Ripper



literally banter. shitposters like to pretend everyone in snk is gay because of pages like this.

>somehow people think Ymir is african
Africans don't have freckles, pointy noses, angled features, or straight hair

Welp, that must be the first new chapter spoiler.

The manga is going to take quite a turn next month, huh?

Devilspawn are hardly any different from mudslimes anyway.

>nobody still knows what this was supposed to mean
Isayama is almost too good at not revealing anything


It's going to be a massive disappointment just like the basement.

Basement wasn't that much of a disappointment. But when you hype something up over 80 chapters and constantly rip the story away from it, the reveal will never be as fulfilling as people expect I guess.

>uer a fagget
>nah yer a faggit

Just like you

My thoughts exactly on the basement. It was over hyped as fuck.

EH is canon and soon.

If I had birthed you I would have done what women in ancient societies would have done. Lamented that I was a complete failure in producing a runt like you, before I threw you off a cliff.
No I would not jump to follow.




You always wanna be friends you fucking autist why suddenly say that?

The pedo got to Mrs Smith and corrupted her with that creepy rape doll.


I can only think of something related to the brain limiter Ackermans have.

You have been mean to me in the past. In this thread even.

He hasn't got to me. I've said that I would do the same to any degenerate or inadequate child I birth for many years.

>Eren having headache.
Shit, Mikasa was mindwhipped too. And it's related with someone she loved dying. No one has ever mentioned how Mikasa got to the Yeagers except Mikasa.


So what is Mikasa's arm thing again? A family seal?

Stop talking in caps. You look like a retarded armongfag.

Frieda looks oddly similar to Eren

>Mikasa was mindwhipped too
She is immune against it.

>Assuming that in a time where humans are on the verge of extinction they'd allow abortions

Shit, even if the baby is born retarded, you can send it out as titan fodder

You say that for a fully Ackerman from the first generation. But what happens when their blood mix with the wallists?

Zeke specifically says to Reiner that if he's not up for the mission that he should "give that armour to another warrior", meaning the titan powers are transferable.

fuck off

Ackerman tattoo that parents pass down to their children and so on. It's their heritage and probably a symbol of rebellion against the Crown

That's another one of my child qualms. The last thing I want is to be stuck with a genetic trainwreck for the rest of my life.

Annie is the best


She has double immunity, because orientals can't get mind wiped either.

Brauns are a bloodline like the Reiss.


Eren is the true enemy of humanity.

Eren was memory erased. Simple.

But why does she still have the bandage on?

And then brought back to the past?

Wait wait wait,

1. Where did Eren get the scarf from in the first place?
2. How do we know everyone else wasn't mind fucked and Eren's origins are actually falsified? What if he got that scarf from someone outside the wall?
3. Is there a reason the anime changed that opening scene to dreaming about the very near future? Maybe it's actually not Mikasa but the voice difference would be too obvious to mislead us.

Ah, so that's why Eren was allowed to live.

She just has autism

All this has already been discussed ad infinitum. The anime is something Araki made out of drama.

>the towers with a plane coming towards it
Oh no, Isayama...

Wrong context.
It should be, "All this is something that is still being discussed, and will be ad infinitum."

But the girl in the 'see you later' bit is wearing the scarf, so it's most likely Mikasa from the future.

Search the archive you lazy fuck.

Found the Displacementfag. Still triggered by bert bombs you autistic fuck?

But that girl has a very round face. Mikasa's face isn't round.

It has got nothing to do with what's in the archive, retard, it's about your lack of decent grammar.

Yes, and fuck off.

That was the same poster you fucking sperglords. Lrn24chan

That's grasping at straws at this point.

You can't easily tell if her face is round or not because it's obscured by her hair and the scarf.

Okay Mr Autism, back in the cage.

Oh dear god.

You can't be serious. Bitch has a hell of a moonface.

It's a red herring.

She was mind wiped, time loop/time travel is happening, and her headaches signal her remembering what happened before. She's already seen Eren and Armin die.

I can't get back in the cage because your fat ass is blocking the door

If Isayama really does go down any sort of time travel/time loop/time-related bullshit, I'm dropping this manga and pretending I never fucking read it. I swear to god.

>I have autism, so I'll say "lol your fat"
Try again turbosperg

>you again.jpg
Bert is a bomb.

Don't worry, the scarf is a red werring.

>Mikasa's face isn't round

Truth hurts doesn't it, Arminfat

Look at that jaw compared to thisThat isn't even close.

EH is the truth path faggot

It's just a displacement of hair.

>Bert was a bomb.

>Bert is a bomb.

>Bert was a bomb.
You too.

Doesn't make you taste less shit.

Crikey, I spotted aye' elusive Bertfag!

I want Eren to find love and joy with his true soul mate...

I may have bad taste, but you're always going to be autistic.

Try again. I just hate people saying he was a bomb.


How did her pucci get so juicy?

Was her mom the Ackerman or her father? Because her mom would be Asian and a Ackerman

>but you're always going to be autistic.
I'm a different user actually. Just wanted to point out your taste is still shit.

Now that The Golden Era of SnK is over. What will you do with your life after it ends?

The point stands in relation to the other user then.

Scratch my balls

SnK hasn't been good since Political Arc

Golden Era begins when Annie comes back.


Move on and be glad it's over.

ok pal

>being this autistic over wording
Sasuga Bertfag.

Wait for all the cute EM spin offs.

>Annie's been a crystal in the same warehouse as the Ark of the Covenant for 50 chapters
She's never coming back, dude

>what will you do with your life after it ends?
I...I don't know. Oh god, I don't know at all...!

Eat a dick

Delusional crack tier ship. EAr is canon.

How did Isayama create such a goddess?

Since the Kindapping arc you mean. Political arc was shit from beginning to end.

I refuse to believe that.

I wanted Historia to become a shifter.

Her butt cheeks are very spreadable.

That's endgame stuff.

Dissapear from Cred Forums, and crawl back into my hole to play Pokemon.

I'll draw all the possible scenarios for my otp

So any verdict yet?

Girl or boi

When will Eren hit a homerun?

Why is Eren geared for thunderspears?

Girl obviously

Why is there only two shadows on the wall and it is Mikasa's and Levi's? Are the other vampires?

Girl and boy (goy)


Mikasa and Eren, you can see the beginning of Levis at the edge of the page. Learn how light works.

So those are Mikasa and Eren's shadows? Does that pretty much confirm EM as canon?

Yes. It's only canon if the shadows touch.

Eren loves this butt.

>Foreshadowing the endgame ships
Thank you Isayama.

Post A is R

Does he smell it?

Probably not, dude. Butts smell like feces.

Make my own SnK manga
>with better story
>better artstyle
>good characters
And no one other than me will ever read it HAHA

Only a badly maintained butt. A well kept butt is a thing of beauty.

This, Mikasa keeps her butt well maintained.

I found Erwin Smith on a Nazi poster

Even Disgustman won't brave the hell that is /vp/

>you will never fall asleep next to Annie

She'll come back and Hitch will give her a hug


I really love this. Thank you for sharing. I used to collect and save pictures of men like this on Nazi posters a number of years go, but unfortunately it's on my old laptop. This one is saved now though!


>weirdly proportioned face
>eyebrows too thin
>jaw not square enough
>for the Aryan I'll give it 2/10

>Nazi Erwin
This would trigger the Lebi.

Erwin is based on a nazi, though. SnK is banned on China because Pixis was a dictator.

My dog's breeder named their new puppy Levi

SNK isn't banned in China you twat

Only Hitch can do that and not get scissor-kicked

>standing next to each other and opening a book together is foreshadowing romantic relationships
Why are EMLHfags so braindead?

Why are you so triggered?

No she probably would too

>the basement contains all the secrets of the world that the first king tried to hide.


3 seconds. no kyojin banned china&oq=shingeki no kyojin banned china&

>pointing out delusional shippers means you're triggered
My bad. I forgot only newfags come on here now and that behavior is acceptable.

God's sake.

I still get goosebumps

It's been like that for years faggot.

I was actually hyped by it. Bro Zekzek to rescue Eren soon.

No, years ago people tried to tell the shippers and shitposters to fuck off and didn't tolerate it like they do now.

I liked the reveal. Im hyped for the first time in ages.

They don't call it neo/a/ for nothing. Accept it and move on or fuck off.

Years ago the mods actually tried to keep these away.

At first I was like
>aw shit
But then

I wish they kept it that way. The threads were better quality when they only came out around spoiler week.

Eren WILL slide into this pooper by the end of the manga, I guarantee it.

He wants Armin's

Then while armin was fleeing the tunnel, how come he was only staring at Mikasa's butt while she was jogging away?

Mankasa a shit.

Who is next in line for Zackley's Fun Machine?


>the world is a cruel place
And all he was thinking was "your butt is super cute."


Erong and Mankasa.

This, canon proves all. Armonfats btfo.

Tripfags, whofags, attentionwhores, the pedo, arminfags and anybody that has tried to make a name for themselves here post 2013

Where are his nippleds

Pieces of shit don't have nipples

If Mikasa was wounded, could Eren carry her across the battlefield in both arms?

Coordinate tats.

Nipples are for Men only.

I don't see any tattoos user

Her father was the Ackerman.

Its not an Ackerman tattoo, its the clan her mother's side of the family is part of.

I want to protect her

Armin is worst everything.

Explains why Eren didn't have them either.


Not even half as cute as these two

That's debatable.

it's still ambiguous.

She's got tits. There's nothing to discuss in this regard unless you take Isayama's trolling seriously.

being this delusional.

She isn't wearing any bra.

>Woman in manga
>Woman in anime
>Woman in movies
>Woman in video game

They probably don't have those anyway

According to the second opening, they have sports bras.

I'm going to ignore that and the OVA scene since they were blatant fanboy pandering.

Araki is just delusional. Good think he isn't the director anymore.

He's still the director.

Are you retarded on purpose?

>Isayama's worked on this shit for 7 years and he still can't draw for shit

The official season 2 site states Koizuka Masashi as Series director. Thank god.

What would you do to Mikasa's butt?

Tie her over a gym horse and do all manner of things to it.

Man Cred Forums is fucking weird. I remember why I stopped coming here.

arminfattys OUT!


Anywhere else it says Araki is the director.

No you just become a shifter Ymirs Titan was the same before and after she ate the shifter that was Bert and reiners friend

Bible anime adaptation when?

it starts with 555, right?

Because out of everything that has happened recently, this is the worst. Totally. Not the rapey stuff, or the weird stalking stuff or the child sex doll stuff.
user. This thread is tame.

bang it like a drum to the song of my people

Ymir is alive and well.
> 監督:肥塚正史


>Different eyebrows
>Different eye shapes
>Different irises
>Do not know what shocked expression is.
>Is a Arminfag.

Zeke looks so depressed there. And like a Zika baby. Zeka.

Banging the drum like dum di di dey

I thought the setting in SNK was medieval, but they have guns.

I assumed that's when his memory started after he ate his father and blocked out that he did it and that he's a shifter

user asked me to post A is a R, so I did. Eat a dick burrito, I ain't an Arminfat.

It's not. The setting is somewhere between semi-modern to 2000 years in the future from our current 2000s.


>Eat a dick burrito


I need a good porn fanfiction now. Recs please

Anything involving EM is usually top quality, everything is starts delving into degeneracy and scat.


It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

>anything other than complete delusional degeneracy
eremikadefensesquad please go and stay go you ugly as fuck obese ginger troll.


Nice try user, but even Isayama confirms EM as canon, according to Isayama that is. So please take your LMshit delusional tendencies elsewhere, fuccboi.

Is that true? Sauce?

this is MLP levels of autism

>these levels of delusions
Kill yourself you landwhale.

Fanfiction in general pretty much is.

There's some amazing fanfics out there. I haven't found a decent snk story though, and I've been looking for almost four years.

Try reading the actual manga.

>LMfucboi calling anyone delusion

Hehehe, nice try. He's already confirmed it.


>Don't even slightly look like Isayama's art.

>Hoping there are homoships in a mainstream shonen manga
kek, you'll end up getting the ErwL treatment.

Give me a male/female pairing and I'll make it work.

homosexuality is just degenerate attention seeking

EArfags aren't in the position to call anyone delusional either.

Erwin Hanjo


Back to Tumblr, Arminfat.

I'm not ven close to be a EArfag but you know the drill.



>EMfags telling anyone to go back to tumblr

At least us EHfags, LMfags, and EArfags can agree on something: EMfags are cancer.

How would he need it? I thought everyone had 2 spears? I don't recall seeing reloads that he could have used.


>EA fags

That's worse insult I have recieved here.

>durr where da didans mekawlsa?
>idunno ern
Your typical EMfag.

Why did Annie dye her hair black?

At least Mikasa isn't arminshit

Yes, but you're even worse, Arminfat.

You sound triggered, emds.

That just looks like Annie in a wig and Bert.

Beep, boop boop, beeeep! Best boys coming through!

Atleast us non delusionalfags can agree, you are cancer. Respect a cute girl and her man, user.

The only good Arminfags are the AMfags. I'm fond of the three of you.

When will Mikasa and Erwin fuck?

Erwin is dead retard

But don't respect that man's feelings, right? Because what Eren wants doesn't matter so long as Mikasa gets her way.

>But don't respect that man's feelings, right?
Oh I do, Eren wants Mikasa, according to Isayama.

Sorry, I mean Eren.

Already happened when she was still in heat.


this. why are arminfats so delusional? isayama already confirmed it


>the handholding wasn't enough for the arminblobs

I like that he's fucking her. That's all well and good. But I hate that this picture ruined a good song for shitty "so deep" effect

Ymir is shit.

Reminder Armin was never a factor.

Why is Eren's hand there? what is he supossed to be doing? :^)

Is he giving mikasa a handjob?

Why is he fingering her, is he in her butt?

Of course.

Do you have pictures of Manlet looking straight forward and looking good? Isayama doesn't know how to draw him, I swear.



His fingers are on her clit, not in her vagina. Her vagina is closer to her anus.

I hate EM but you're all obviously virgins.

>according to Isayama
[citation needed]

What Eren wants is Armin's cock, all day, every day.

Shop the fat fuck with the red had and his minions as EMA.

Mein fucking sides, you wanna fuck mrs pig?

Leave it be, they exposed their virginity, leave them to stew in the embarrassment.

I see the EMfag is samefagging and attention whoring again.

Pic related is all Eren wants.

Pretty poor tactics to bring just enough of a new weapon that you're relying on to win ,also pretty poor tactics to not equip your soldiers for any situation


>They, their, them.
How many people are we talking about?


The hanjob is a joke about Mankasa having a dick, though.

Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Read a LAr fic today
And the worst part is there's no one else to blame

Very nice!

>Not getting the joke
You weren't here for the past two days, were you?

What is it with you fucks and always coming up with new shit while I'm away.

Mrs. Smith, how do you think Levi would react to seeing Armin being mercilessly raped by Flocke? Write a scenario pls.

I like that pair too. I am expecting them to end up together.

Different user but I'll tl;dr it for you:
>that same pic is posted
>turbovirgin EMfag asks why he's fingering her, thinks he's buttfucking her
>Arminfag replies that he's touching her clit
>"LUL arminfags are such virgins, the clit is inside the vagina!1!1!"
>cue the Arminfag wanting to throw xirself out the window along with the rest of us having to endure that entire fucking cancerous moment
>"grills clits r a hole in the vagina" - EMfag #2
>"yes they are"
>"fuck off virgin"
The Arminfag even drew a diagram kek.

The thing is though after that retarded Reinerfat I can't blame the Arminfag for getting baited like that.

We love you too.

The self-inserting arminfag that ships EAr is so easy to trigger.

Eren a shit.

I'm fairly certain it's Jeantron. Or, everyone already knew that and I'm just slow.

Don't they self insert as Eren, though?

That's a sad pic but cute.

That's interesting. I'm not sure I can write a rape scenario I'm afraid. I just imagine that Levi would be very displeased! He does not like rape!

I love this place.

No, I just mean Levi's reaction. A short greentext. What do you think he would do? Roll his eyes and walk away or stop Flocke?



You're the fucking worst.

One of our resident Reinerfats thinks it's impossible for women to have hairy asses and that men don't have estrogen and women don't have testosterone.

KEK. I love you user.

no u

what did she mean by that?

It's called dementia.

>His last word was Levi.
What the hell?

Careful with your words, this one browses /snk/ and might get triggered if you say that.

>Levi hears what sounds like a pig being prepared for the slaughter
>Opens door
>Sees Flocke mounting a figure
>The figure is Armin
>Flocke is speaking in tongues
>Eyes rolled back in head
>Armin is squealing
>Levi stares
>Blinks a few times
>Levi is low on energy from tea so he's confused
>"Not me pooper" Armin screams
>Levi realises what is going on
>Pulls Flocke from Armin
>Flocke continues to speak in tongues
>"Oi this lad says you're going for his pooper"
>"He was going for me pooper Captain Levi!"
>Flocke screams
>Sperges out
>Slapping his arms everywhere
>Tries to push Levi over with a sudden case of retard strength
>Levi forces him to the ground
>Subdues him
>Babbling in tongues now
>Eventually quietens down
>Starts to snooze
>Armin is rescued
>Levi is tired
>mfw Erwin died for this

arminfags should be banned

I want to stick my dick in this mouth.

what the ever loving fuck


>Regarding what doesn't exist, how do we investigate and prove, Levi?

I want to stick a gun in that mouth and pull the trigger.

Good lord.

You got fucked up hard didn't you.

That fujos manage to be even more delusional than neckbeards.

Did you forget you had your trip on?

mrs. smith pls

/snk/ greentext has been on point recently.

I wonder if it feels reassuring to Eren, no mater who dies, no matter how hard the mission is, he always has Mikasa to come back home and cuddle with...

Where can I talk about snk without teenagers projecting their sexual fantasies on a story I like

How is that funny?

What would happen to these people if, let's say for example, Levi ended up with Mikasa later on. Would they still say their fujoshit is canon?

Nowhere because that's the type of fanbase this series attracts.

Me too

Why do these fuckers do anything besides training Eren to master coordinate.

For (you).
>Levi was ordered to share his bed with Armin since having their new shifter sleep alone was incredibly dangerous with all of the ragetarded MPs and citizens around.
>Levi is walking to his room. Halfway to the corridor he hears muffled screaming and bolts to his door, recognizing it as Armin's disjointed voice.
>Thinking the titan abilities fucked him up somehow, he slams open the door while firmly stating "Oi, what's wrong?"
>Instead, he's greeted by the sight of Flocke balls deep inside of Armin's bleeding anal cavity, yanking his hair, and shoving his fingers inside of Armin's mouth--the smaller blonde soaking his satin sheets with tears and saliva.
>Flocke stops his jittery thrusting to flash his captain a smile and salute him with his right hand. Levi stares, wondering what he did in his past life to deserve this shit.
>"What the hell is this."
>Flocke laughs. "I'm just testing him to see if he was the right choice. As you can see, captain, I think a mistake has been made. Although his--" Flocke thrust harshly into Armin once, earning a pained mewl from the shifter, who is clawing at Levi's white sheets. "--asshole is rather inviting. I'd believe he a virgin if rumors hadn't been passed around, oh no."
Part 1.

Or if Levi ends up with Hanji who is revealed to be a woman. No 'they' or whatever pronoun they want to use. But 'she'.

LH becoming canon will trigger suicides all over the globe, from both fujoshis and snowflakes that want Hange to be a trans special negro lesbian.

>Levi hears what sounds like a pig being prepared for the slaughter
>Opens door
>Sees Flocke mounting a figure
>The figure is Armin
>He wonders what's going on
>He remember then when he was a child on the underground
>He used to hear those screams a lot of times
>A lot coming out from the rooms in the brothel
>And so many times from the room he shared with his mom
>He also remembers some men mounting his mom like Flocke is doing with Armin
>"We are just playing, son", one of those men said once
>"Don't say lies to my son, you asshole", she said in a bitter tone
>His mother pissed off and killed the man with her kegel trained muscles
>Manlet understand now
>He stands in front of Flegel and Armin
>"You not doing nuthing cap?" Asks Flegel while Armin cries
>"Armin may not be an Ackerman neither have trained vag muscles" says Levi "But the kid is so smart he can rid of this type of problem on his own"
>Manlet gives his thumb up and proceeds to leave them alone
>He cheers Armin in his mind while thinks about make a sweet cup of tea
>tfw Erwi died 4 this

where did Flegel come from?

Flocke is a shapeshifter.

Hopefully we get oeilvert to livestream her suicide on twitter.

I can only hope

>Levi's thousand yard stare does not shake nor stir Flocke, who, with a flick of the wrist, passively invites Levi to join. But before he can push inside Armin's bleeding, feces-ridden asshole, the shortest man in the room throws him into the wall; the sudden withdrawal of Flocke's erect penis makes Armin gasp in pain.
>"I'm going to give you three seconds, exactly three fucking seconds, to tell me what the hell you think you are doing to that brat, or I will GOUGE OUT YOUR EYEBALLS AND SKULL FUCK YOU."
>These threats arouse Flocke so much that he cums onto Levi's shirt.
>That was the last time anyone heard or saw Flocke. Witnesses say he was thrown out of the three story high window, where he plunged to his death.

>"C-Captain..." Armin meekly whimpers out as Levi turns to face him, features stone cold but with an ever so slightly empathetic touch. Waterfalls escape from Armin's ocean blue eyes. The grey mist of Levi's look down at the mess on his sheets, and the mess on top of them. In a surprisingly tender gesture, he walks over and scoops Armin up, giving him a shoulder to cry on as he rubs the young man's back.
>And for a moment, just for a fleeting moment, he is reminded of his own days beneath a man, much like his mother. But he tries not to dwell.

>Eh Levi?

>Hanji marries Keith and gives birth ten children
>She confirmed for woman and a idiot woman who would sticks to an old loser crush
>LHfag, LPfags, ErwLfags, LArfags, LMfags, LEfags on suicide watch

That's going to happen. AM and JH too.

Or worse, he ends up with a previously unknown female character that only appears in the last volumes.

> But he tries not to dwell.

>Hanji marries Keith
Why would that make LArfags mad?

>Not shifter ability healing Armin
>Not Manlet noticing how useful is this ability
>Not Manlet deciding to be Armin's pimp in order to save all the prostitutes in the walls

I miss BRA

JH's twins Marco and Marlo will be cute.

Armin has his healing abilities, but the rips and tears don't have a chance to close with Flocke inside of him. The other two are kekworthy.

Ymir a shit.

Best boys. Best gays. Best pairing. Best everything.

Best dead

It is known.


>Manlet and Kenny didn't try to save their husbandos's lives.
Is Mikasa going to follow the same path?

>LH becoming canon will trigger suicides all over the globe
>literally the most popular het pairing and 3rd most popular pairing overall

Stop trying to fit in. It's really fucking cringe.

But LevixHistoria is cute.

That's true, but that retard did say Hange.

Levi will end up alone. Hange with Keith maybe, without children.

ErwL and EL are twice as popular. You think the fujos would be happy about it? not to mention many dumblr tards self-insert as Hange because of the not confirmed gender thing. It'd literally destroy them.
and please learn how to draw

That sounds cute and somewhat likely, but why ten children? I don't see either Hange or Keith being good with children or even liking them.

Why would she end up with Keith? she's clearly over him and has been crushing on Levi ever since ACWNR

Hanji would be amazing with kids. Keith would be a child molester and abuser.

I'm guessing she's talking about this?

Fujos would be mad at any manlet/woman pairing, but that user said it would cause the most asspain which it wouldn't because like I said, LH is the most popular het pairing by far.

LHisu or LM would bring much more asshurt.

Kek nice try.

>The Arminfag even drew a diagram kek
Pls post it.

Could anyone be so stupid? she's supossed to be a serious, reliable and unbiased translator after all.

Good. I want to see Keith happy.

She blushes when she thinks about titans and Levi.

11/10. Saved.

>a serious, reliable and unbiased translator

>Mein ocaen

But LH has had this competition against other big ships for the longest time. So LH winning would make people specially mad because there's the "HA, I told you so!" factor meddling in. The shame of acknowleding they were right.

Whereas LM and LHisu, that are very small ships, would make people go "where the fuck did that come from?" and you wouldn't have transnegros killing themselves over it.

Armin a shit

Kek. Are you serious?

Try to prove me wrong dumbass

She's a die-hard ErwLfag, it was inevitable.

This is Erwin's actual last words. The blabber after don't really count.

Me on the left

This is perfect, thank you.

I know you are baiting. No one could be that delusional.

It's never going to happen. You're almost as delusional as LMfags with the staring thing because there's no evidence that supports LH romantically. Other than the shippers, people would wonder "where the fuck did that come from?" because it would seem out of the blue. As much as I hate EM, at least those fags have Mikasa's crush to back them up. LH has nothing but headcanons about two comrades that never showed romantic interest to each other.

>Could anyone be so stupid?

My fucking sides you're really trying to fit in aren't you.

Sure user, your OTP of 10,000 pixiv results, thousands of fanfics, tumblr blogs and communities and the largest casual fanbase would cause the most butthurt if it went canon instead of everyone with the exception of a select few fans of rare pairs would be celebrating it.

>Blushes in LN
>Blushes in manga
>Blushes in ova

Have you never heard of friends becoming lovers?

Reminder Micucksa a cuck and a shit for all eternity.

Posts your bertcats

Fun fact: Bertcat is actually a Bertdog, but us baka gaijin thought it was a cat and thus Bertcat.


>Blushing in manga
I don't recall her ever blushing at Levi in the manga. Provide proof? And the times she has blushed in spinoffs had nothing to do with love. Blushing =/= romantic feelings.

>Have you never heard of friends becoming lovers?
Of course, but usually the author builds it up a little or hints to subtle romantic feelings. You're just forcing two comrades together and trying to change their canon relationship to suit your own shipping delusions.


EH is confirmed canon then! Thank you user!

Nips didn't help.

Educational berbs

lewd berbs



Someone post the one with Annie and Bertcat where Bertcat threatens to kill Armin.


H-Has Hange ever thoroughly inspected Eren's body for science?

Post cute Reiss cousins.



Grisha a shit.

When has she blushed towards someone though?
That's a titan right there. A titan that's following her command.


Kill yourself.


Bless you.

Fucking this.

Thanks again drawfag




This place is still full of BRAfags. Sasuga.

Not wanting to have diseased kids is 'weird'

Again, blushing =/= romantic feelings. You can fuck off now.

And yet they are nowhere near as cancerous as Arminarutards

Of course, Hange is FBI.


I hope Zeke gets a chance to hug his nephew/baby brother.

Which is better, Big Bro Zeke or Uncle ZekZek?

I prefer them over the trip and ship fags.

She's not blushing because of Eren, she's blushing because she's passionate about her experiments you stupid fuck.
Previously she blushed thinking about Levi and how he was. Try to show something similar, protip you can't

I think he means talking about that here is weird. And it is.

Big bro Zex.

Big Bro Zeke now that it's confirmed. Speaking of, in the guidebook with those high school au drawings, Annie's description said she has yet to reconcile with her step father.

Is Zeke Annie's dad? Or her step father?


Don't forget, we're here forever.

That's just Isayama going wild.

Of course, since they are best shingekis.

>you stupid fuck
Says the retard with no reading comprehension.
I clearly said blushing =/= romantic feelings. I wasn't implying her blush with Eren was romantic, I'm saying when Hanji blushes, like in the spinoffs, it doesn't mean she likes Levi in that way. But you're braindead so you'll still believe whatever delusions you want.


Hange is Annie's real mother, and her parents at the warrior village are simply her adoptive parents. It's why Reiner put Annie on the spot to prove she's not one of them, why Hange's gender is relevant to the plot.

You can see the resemblance in the nose.

Or is it?

I just read a doujinshi where 8 year old Armin is pimped out and frequently fucked by his grandfather to support his drug addiction.

Yep, that's enough faggotry for the rest of the year.

Scratch that. That's enough faggotry for two years.

Lewd. Tell me more.

Link it.

And you're the retard who can't comprehend Hange blushes at the situation itself since it's always about experiments and titans, things she's passionate about. But when she met Levi she was so overcomed with excitement she couldn't help her blush and jojy because of how damn good he was. And he's neither a titan, nor has she ever experimented on him. All of that was pure, sheer admiration coming from Hange. Taking this into consideration, Hange crushing on him wouldn't seem unlikely at all. Isayama did confirm Hange liked Levi the best after all. That is enough to draw conclusions, unless you can't into subtle and want official confirmation for everything. Get real faggot, that usually doesn't happen until the end.

Didn't read. Kill yourself.

Stay butthurt idiot.

>taking the time to write this
>not butthurt

Yeah I'm butthurt over a delusional tumblr tier ship that will never happen. You got me.

Look at this shit and all the previous posts. Talk about butthurt then.
You're all just proving how much LH would obliterate your asses if it ever happened.

Not delusional at all, idiot. You just won't accept it because it hurts you so bad.

>if it ever happened.
Literally never going to happen though. The only reason people talk about them now is because you obnoxiously bring it up constantly. No one here actually cares about that shitty pairing but we do care about your shitposting because you're fucking annoying. Us calling you out on that doesn't make us "butthurt"

>I believe this, therefore it's true
Get over yourself faggot. Only fujos and snowflakes get this easily triggered over one of the best and most rational SNK pairings out there.

Fucking KEK

Its truly astounding.

Nigga what the actual fuck

>I believe this, therefore it's true
That's what all your posts boil down to too.

>Only fujos and snowflakes get this easily triggered
No really. Lots of anons like myself just hate obnoxious shippers like you because you contribute nothing but headcanons and delusions to the thread. There's plenty of other websites where your ship is liked but you continue to force it here. If you were more sensible people wouldn't argue with you as much but when you force it in ever thread people are going to call you out. Again, it's really not butthurt. We're just tired of your manlet posting and delusions.

I've been supporting my reasoning with proofs but your last resort was "kek, didn't read. kys" real mature of you, retard.
>We're just tired of your manlet posting and delusions.
Look who's talking. You replied time after time simply because you're butthurt, if you weren't you wouldn't give too much of a fuck and would learn to ignore or at least report, but since it isn't against the rules you become mad and need to prove the anons otherwise. That's how much you care. Fucking kek.

I just want to see Levi survive and open up his tea shop.

He's fine on his own and doesn't need to be shipped with anyone.

I'm not going to waste my time reading your headcanons, sorry. I come here to talk about the canon manga. And in the manga I'm reading LH are just close comrades. That's it. If something romantic occurs between them and Isayama executes it well and realistically I'd probably support it, but in the meantime I'm not going to believe biased delusions without any solid proof. And in all honesty, it's very unlikely to happen so I'm not going to buy the nonsense you're saying unless you can provide objective proof.

Try to read post because nothing there were headcanons. Anyways, why should I try to convince you? why the fuck do you care so much if other people likes it? there's a solid foundation between the two that could easily develop into something else as it so often happens in fiction, and if you can't see it and prefer to be a dense fuck that has to have everything explicitly thrown at his face that's not my problem.

Everything you say is subjective. It is headcanons because you can't provide proof that romance exists between them. It only exists in your mind. To non-shippers, LH are just comrades. You're just in denial and you think your opinions are facts.

So much fucking this.

>Everything you say is subjective.
All I said Levi is the only person Hange has blushed for that has nothing to do with her research or titans. She blushed because he was strong. She says this, it's official. Whether you want to read that as romantic or not it's up to you, but the proof is right there.

>Levi is the only person Hange has blushed for
Never happened in the canon manga. Therefore it's not official and doesn't support their canon relationship.

Frick off, Keith.

ACWNR is canon. Isayama used that storyline for his manga.

There's nothing romantic about that blush. Holy shit you're stupid. Do you think EAr and RH is canon too based on blushing?

Depends on the context. Hange was clearly drawn to Levi the moment she saw him and he's her favorite person even to this day.