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C). The one that you want

But that's heresy according to the Guide™.

It really isn't


>How good does the figure look?
>Don't buy.

You buy the one you want.
If this is how you're deducing it then you clearly don't want it.

First look at the Holo Nendo from the Dengeki fest today.

Got my hands on the limited edition Spice and Wolf merch but I couldn't get the cool mug. I'll have to try when it goes on sale online.

I've been waiting for a Holo Nendo for forever though.

>settling for decent

There is a good reason why you can buy decent looking figure from second hand most of the time but really good looking are rare and pricy.

It's missing "fap before thinking of buying it".

Really hope that with the nendo and new novels coming out, GSC decides to finally re-release their Korbo. Would love to set up a little spot with the Collector's Edition, GSC Holo and her nendo.

There's a new wedding dress scale figure coming out. No details yet though.!-Tokyo-Otaku-Mode-x-Myethos-Collaboration-Figure-Project-for-10th-Anniversary-of-Spice-and-Wolf-Takes-Off!

Is it bad if I like some bunny girls? I only have two, Yoko and Chitoge and I don't plan on getting any others and I get the hate that bunnyfigs get but sometimes they are nice

Most bunny girl figures are pretty boring, I can't think of any that I would buy.

Maki comes Tuesday!

My wife Syaro is so cute!


The thing with bunny figs is that they're usually uninspired and kind of generic; there have been multiple situations where I didn't recognize a character I knew because they kind of arr rook same. They're actually worse than swimsuits in that regard, I think. There are some exceptions though; I like what's been done with the Strike Witches bunnies for example because they accessorize a bit and the girl's characters still come through.

So it's not bad necessarily, but as always prepare to have your tastes shat on.


Looks good, waiting for her in the mail as well.

>pantyhose not silky smooth

>Pantyhose look like leggings instead
Dodged a bullet

meido version is better

>Wet look leggings > Pantyhose

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

any cuckandians order bokugirl fig?
are you prepared for customs?

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

since when did this thing show up? Is it only on the birthday?

I did
I am not

I'm semi-new to buying figures, so far all I've been collecting is nendoroids because I like their posibility while having minimal joints. Recently, I've been looking at bigger size display figures, but there seem to be only scales (so non-posable) and figma (fun, but obvious joints).

Which is better for playability and posability in the long run (so, after 5-7 figures, which one is most fun)?

Will other people know I'm using a Pass?
No. Unless you enter since4pass in the Options field, there will be no indication that you are using a Pass to other users, and your posts will display exactly the same as any other. The since4pass Options command allows you to publicly display since when you have been using a Cred Forums Pass.

Shipping separately or together?

After 5-7 figures lots of us go to scales anyway because they look better by far. As for Figma vs. Nendo, it's all personal preference. I have both but prefer Nendos generally since they're cuter. I'd probably want Figmas for males though.

Alright, thanks! I guess I'll look more into scales then, so maybe one figma for every 3-5 scales. (Or more likely, I'll keep focusing mainly on nendos)


Why? It sounds exactly like tripfaggery

Is this a one day only thing

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

D.) Both

>hating fun

I saw one in another thread that was 2012 I think.
Was Cred Forums pass even around then?
I've lost track of when Cred Forums gold account was just a meme and when it became reality.

those legs make me hungry for licorice

Did this ever happen to you?

Cred Forums is kill, hiroshimoot will pull the plug unless he can make money. He's giving us a chance to shitpost one last time.

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2012.

no. the labels on my packages are usually readable

>since December 2012
oy vey, there's a good goyim

It can also be filtered like tripfaggery

Should I buy a Cred Forums pass?


Cred Forums Pass user since September 2013.

>Mandarake declining my CC
>won't accept paypal for 18+
weird but w/e


Cred Forums Pass user since February 1982.

Depends on how much you hate the shitty Captchas

>buy a figure
>regret it immediately when it arrives
Happens more than I thought it would.

Where will guys go to discuss plastic butts when Cred Forums is kill?

Probably reddit

That just means that it's all over, I suppose.

Anyone have any experience buying nedos off of amazon? By that, I mean buying nedos that are sold by amazon and not ones sold by a third party through amazon. Sold and stocked by amazon.

They got some that aren't in stock on ami ami, but I'm a bit nervous if I would be safe from getting bootlegs.

To add to that, what is your experience buying from third parties on amazon? I know that has to be more risky.

How does one determine the worth of something in this ever changing world in which we live in?

Cupfag sense tingling; show mug please. Is it GSC putting it out or someone else?

On a related note I found out Mag Garden sells their Mahoutsukai no Yome Comiket goods online so I'm excited to add this and possibly the mug to my collection.

How are the Frame Girls?

Don't you like cute men?

What do the passes even do?


Just buy ones that are fulfilled by Amazon and covered by their guarantee so if you do get a bootleg or they're otherwise fucked up they're easy to return for a full refund.

Any experience with Solaris Japan?
I made a $400 purchase with them and now I'm pondering how the hell they have such long sold out figures.

That's what I mean by sold and stocked by amazon, I just didn't know how to say it clearly. What I meant was fulfilled by amazon.

So you would say that it is safe to buy them if they're fulfilled by amazon?

Bypass recaptcha. Chinkmoot just added a "feature" that lets everyone know how cool you are, possibly to inspire people to buy a pass.

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2012.

well everyone will just make fun of you for having a later join date if you buy one now.

What do you fags think of Figmas?

You're not masturbating first, are you? Buying on impulse?

I like cute girls. Men should be cool and have a larger portion of their body covered.

Frame Arms Girls? Pretty neat, but they take some work to make look decent. Take my advice and stay away from Stylet until you have a better idea of what you're doing. Also, this cute thing is coming out soonish.

The weirder part is that they have 18+ restrictions on some items which have no possible chance of being 18+, like hand towels for idol groups or album release posters and shit.

>Website is going under
>Buy a pass now to support it
>Get made fun of
Fuck i hate people

Probably. Though I haven't been a continuous pass user, so I'm wondering what year it will display for me.

They're called FAGs, you FAG.

The price tag should speak for itself there, I would think. Their model seems to be to hold onto stuff until people are desperate and then gouge the shit out of their imagine they pay more for used than other places too so they can get older stuff more often than others.

>want to buy a pass
>don't have a credit card
>Paypal isn't accepted

>Bypass recaptcha.
>still have cooldown timer
There's literally no point to paying for it.

Why is it going u nder? Cred Forums is extremely profitable.

>Website is going under
Mook lost advertisers because of Cred Forums, and yet he refuses to delete the board. I don't get his logic
>delete Cred Forums and cut site traffic back down to manageable pre-2012 levels
>lower server and connection costs and keep Cred Forums in the green again on Cred Forums passes alone
>"nope, I'll keep Cred Forums and continue losing money"
Mook was a mistake.

You can disable it. I'm just hoping that if enough people hate it they'll remove the feature.


>wants to support jews
>is underage

lmao get a load of this guy

>Mook lost advertisers because of Cred Forums
[citation needed]

Do you see banner ads anymore since August?

Hiroshimoot never said they remove it because of Cred Forums.

It's clear that Cred Forums's antics since this election started has brought very unwanted attention from the media and even Mrs. Clinton herself. This place is now poisonous even to the most fringe advertisers. That is why Cred Forums needs to die. There is a thread on /qa/ where hiroshimoot was taking suggestions. Tell him to get rid of Cred Forums to solve all of his problems in one go.

I never see ads anymore because they're blocked.

They're gone entirely now.

Was. Nagasaki ruined everything.

Are you retarded? Cred Forums is hardly the most offensive thing on Cred Forums.

>not using ad block


If Cred Forums goes down where am I suppose to go to find real human genuality?

real life

I heard Reddit is a pretty good place with lots of people from here :)


Believe it or not, Reddit
They've done a lot to clean up the community and they do have a buyfagging subreddit (without the offensive "fag" in their name, obviously). The community is a lot less cancerous and repetitive than the ones here, since people are incentivized to make more original posts and contents than Cred Forums, where you can spam the same lame pictures of a poorly shot figure over an over again.

Email them saying your cc was declined. They lifted it for me and changed payment to paypal

>offensive "fag"
And this is why reddit is garbage


And this is why Cred Forums will die.
Stay with this sinking ship, we don't need you outside of your containment bubble.

Probably one of the other heads that already exist or will inevitably pop-up. albeit with a much smaller userbase.

>less cancerous and repetitive

thats just flat out false

if you have to ask, then you can't afford it


Discord :^)

u mean the sekrit klub?

Where will you go when buyfag is cut from Cred Forums? 2ch?



probably reddit

my unboxing post of marie was removed because a canacuck complained that it was illegal in their country


That's what you get, criminal.

Which sub?


/r/Cred Forums



I can't say I've ever had a smorg aboard my package.

Back to lebbit, fag.



>3.47 MB, 3456x4608
You are the reason why we have to move to reddit


What is lighting?

God damn Jap workers are fucking great.
>Package gets shipped out from Ami on Saturday.
>Outward office of exchange same day
>Is shipping overseas on Sunday instead of sitting in the post office.
Why is it most other places their post workers get paid too much for mediocre work, this shit would never of happened here in America, it would have been some "Ugh, it's Saturday so I'm going to laze around before my day off"

It happens all the damn time in America. A lot of the US Postal workers are lazy bums.

>Be mexican
>last package arrived at office on Saturday
>dispatched on monday
>no news from mexican mail on Tuesday
>no news on Wednesday
>no news on Thursday
>suddenly knock at my door
>it's my package
This country is so surreal.

Fuck light you we're in the dark in the womb why do you need light now

>The community is a lot less cancerous and repetitive
Ya... have you ever actually used reddit? Same shit posted over and over again. It's like Cred Forums's memes, but tenfold.

>incentivized to make more original posts
Karma or whatever just reinforces the hive mind, and since posts that dont conform to the popular opinion get pushed way down, any interesting discussion is burried.

>without the offensive "fag" in their name, obviously
Again, anything that doesn't conform to reddits childish standards is not allowed. A literal safespace.

Cred Forums may be flawed as a website, but reddit is flawed at its very core, as a concept.

We have a "last mile" delivery service here in the US that pulls the same shit called LaserShip.

>Package received by LaserShip
>Out for delivery
>Package delivered, on steps
>Check door step, no package
>Call LasreShip, bitch says it was delivered, drivers don't lie
>Two days later shows up on my door step
>LaserShip say some one must be messing with my mail
>I was home all day, its happened multiple times.

If I know a package will be delivered by LaserShip I wont order the item.

>Have AmiAmi package delivered by USPS
>At 1PM, at work it tells me it was delivered, left with individual
>Get home
>No one has seen it
>Driver gets there
>Package was still being delivered.

What a retarded little faggot.

USPS is hit or miss depending on which office delivers to you. I've lived in some places where my delivery experience was great.

You'd rather stay here and let Cred Forums's next owner ruins things even further?
He's even livestreaming his bid to buy Cred Forums right now

I just got a package yesterday and it still says it is in customs. It is random as shit.


I'll sink down with the ship.

Now this is what I like to read. Same here.

I thought this was some kind of tropical shellfish for a good second there.

Nasu, is that you?

>regret it immediately when it arrives

Shouldn't you feel the regret when you pay for it? I generally enjoy all of mine when they arrive and have a good time opening and displaying them, its just hitting that confirm payment button that gets me.

Don't buy Cred Forums passes. It's all a big ruse.

Cred Forums has been messing with the American elections so much that Hilary Clinton's campaign is trying to shut all online trolls down.

They took down reddit's Cred Forums subreddit just now. Hiro must have gotten threats and decided to cause a panic this morning.

Spread this. Hilary Clinton's "Correct The Record" campaign cannot stop free speech.

President Obama gave away the internet control to the United Nations, which in turn are controlled by "special interest groups".

fuck off Cred Forums

Oh man, just when you think they can't go more full retard they shift one gear higher.

cucks, pepe, MAGA, amirite?

Wrong pic.

Who is ready for oktoberfest?

I had to load reddit on purpose for the first time in years just to check if this is real because I thought it was too stupid to be true

Dammit all I want to do is post about cute anime girls. Why won't real life just fuck off for once?

That isn't real life.

I'm. And you Ahmed?

Politics is real life.


>nexus of faggotry shut down

I unironically, honestly see absolutely nothing wrong with this whatsoever, at all. Please fuck off forever with your stupid crusade.


Amazing! Great taste!

Need more dirndls. I hate the user that made me want to see Trude in one so much.

Price predictions? I say 16k.

The more I look at the new Natsume, the more I don't want him and feel like a faggot for not being a buyfag when Alter Natsume came out.

I'm stalking Manda for getting him preowned. Should I be patient and get the renewal version, which looks better than the initial release to me, or just jump on the first one I see? Being a newfag, I've never bought preowned before and I feel anxious.

It's amusing to see a website actually taking a side on elections.

>It actually happened
>no one I've talked to even knows what this is
What a world to be living in

If you think renewal version is better then wait for that one, if you settle for less you'll just be disappointed in the long run.

I'll admit to being a Cred Forumsfag but I can't wait for it to be over. I just want all this chaos and uncertainty swirling around on the internet to die out.

>Cred Forums knockoff board gets axed
>nobody cares

Congratulations on having friends that don't care about something so pointless.

>(without the offensive "fag" in their name, obviously)

>we're not gonna allow you access to something unless you vote for x
It would be ridiculous to make a case over it, but isn't that illegal?

How is pepe a hate symbol

Didn't tune into CNN last week?

It is in no way illegal. Reddit is a forum created by a company so what you're allowed to say is dictated by that company. If you want to say absolutely whatever you want on the internet, create your own website, but reddit has no obligations to let you say things they don't like on their forum. This is why this is literally a non-issue, and a good thing cause r/Cred Forums was always shit.

Sage for this off topic shit.

No. It's their site, they can choose who gets to view what, and who gets to post what. No matter how inane their reasoning is.

However much Black Heart cost

Thank you for providing proof of what I was just saying. I was in no way referencing to /r/Cred Forums getting taken down, but rather the UN potentially acquiring ICANN. But please, feel free to stay uneducated.


When is it going up?

That sounds dangerously close to what those cake makers were trying to do.

No idea, but should be soon.

It feels like I'm wasting a chance right now, but you're right. I gather that he appears often on the market, so I'll wait. Someone is bound to sell theirs, right? I hope I don't regret not buying him now.

It just seems akin to vote bribery, is all. But I guess it's true that if it's a free site, they can shut it down at any time for any reason.

>USA pride
>Birth certificate

About that much then, although I will probably need to get it through a proxy rather than be raped by customs.

There's also this Purple Heart by Vertex which should come out sometime, but Vertex's quality is kind of mediocre. It's not bad but it's also not great, which is kind of like GSC's quality these days

Vertex is mediocre and I don't like that design anyway. Alter is near-guaranteed quality.

I think GSC is quite a bit better than Vertex as well.

>tfw live in commiefornia and theres an imminent gigantic earthquake
so far i have all my expensive scales boxed up i dont think im gonna bother with my nendos and shit though

One or 2 months would be a safe guess, either this or the Honoka/Eli are going on preorder. I'm just wondering when it's going to be released. Can't see anything sooner than June

Why do people think this is a good idea.

>imminent gigantic earthquake
It's been imminent since before you were even born, you'll die long before "the big one" happens.

You should move to a safer state if you actually love your waifu.

>Complaining about poles
Why is there always someone sperging about poles in every single fig with poles?

How else are they going to support their weight?

>move to a safer state
>get away from anime meccas like AX, SDCC, Anime California, ALA, and Little Tokyo

With magnets.

Ok guys, you are all pretending that /r/Cred Forums going private with that message isn't a joke right? Because it is a joke by their moderating team, I thought that would be obvious.

>if you actually love your waifu.
I kinda feel bad for her

I used to think GSC was very good, but I've been kind of disappointed with some of my recent GSC purchases.

Much more expensive.

Like which? None stand out in my memory (as being bad).

Racing Miku 2014 in particular was pretty disappointing.

In which way?

I take anything posted about reddit here at face value because I have no reason to care more than that.

Boring base, flimsy motor thingy on her hips which break easily and most importantly her face is so damn yellow

Mitchie M Miku also suffers the same issue where her face is yellow, and her keytar is kind of low quality

Is Big in Japan's shipping estimate accurate? Am I going to be over paying most of the time?

>you're more fiscally responsible than Hiro

That said I refuse to resort to MFC for buyfagging once the site goes down.

I did notice that with the Mitchie M Miku when she was posted here. As for the other, I never looked into it. Strange they'd accept poor quality on such a cash cow.

I'll just stop posting completely. This is the only place I frequent, other places seem top strict and uptight.

>I'll just stop posting completely.
pretty sure that's their goal

>theres an imminent gigantic earthquake

I just presume it means their standard of quality is slipping. Thankfully Alter remains absurdly high so I could preorder Alter Saber without worrying too much

>implying there isn't like a dozen Cred Forums-like boards out there.
If Cred Forums ever goes down, people will just migrate to a different one.

I don't give a fuck about anyone's goals, as I said, I'll go down with the ship.

I mean theoretically you could just make a subreddit and have mods from here moderate so you get the same feel these threads have.

bruh i fucking wish i could find a 6 figure salary someowhere out of state that can feed my addiction to plastic heroin

Alter's prices are climbing to absurb levels, though. Tougou was like 14k with discount.

I don't think there's a conspiracy to stop us discussing plastic butts.

I'd rather pay a higher price for high quality than pay 9k for a mediocre figure.

The price for a figure is rising across the board these days regardless of manufacturer or quality

It's because they realized people would buy it regardless. I'm not helping because I'm one of those people.

Huh? What happened?

If Koto figures cost about 10k now, and people pay for it, Alter sadly has no reason to keep their prices down.

Cred Forums is getting boards deleted, image size reduced and malicious ads to replace Jlist, Martin Shkreli wants to buy.

I'd prefer to pay 9k for a high quality figure. This is the last one I recall doing that for, though.

I ordered her too. Can't have Yuuna without Tougou or vice versa.

That's fair enough, especially considering the jump in quality between them and other manufacturers. I fear for the price of very detailed sculpts like that iM@S Ranko one or the new Gwendolyn one.

I wish moot was here. He wouldn't let this happen.

Referring to this one.

I fully intend to get Alter's Eli and Gwendolyn, because they look fucking gorgeous. Worth the extra few thousand yen for such quality.

It's not like paying 10k for a shitty Beach Queen, which is a problem.

It's okay user, maybe he asks his boss at google to buy Cred Forums. It would even be integrated into g+ or whatever social media google is running now. [/spoiler];_;[/spoiler]

Moot said when he left the site was financially stable for the foreseeable future, either he lied or Hiro is a colossal fuckup/lying and trying to squeeze money from the users.

Hopefully they don't climb much more. I don't think I can handle 25k a figure.

The fact that it's a foreign currency with 'high' numbers makes it easier to spend it too for some reason. A few thousand yen doesn't sound like a lot, but $50 does. What's up with that?

Is there a /qa/ thread?

Of course he's lying. Hiroshima was known to do some sketchy shit before.

Ok so this is probably not the right place yo ask but here goes.
I'm trying to buy some voice collections on DLsite but I want to pay with Paypal and the Paypal button is not showing up. What gives?
I'm not buying anything adults-only so that's not it.

There's a reason the Japs all hate him you know.

Moot giving Cred Forums to him was his way of saying "fuck you" to the community then?

Whats the most youve ever spent on a figure? im seriously debating dropping 800 on a really nice statue right now

He was the only buyer. Now Cred Forums isn't the creepy anime nerd outpost of the internet, it's the alt right outpost. That's why Jlist is gone and malicious ads are coming.

I wont tell you because i could have bought it much cheaper and no one could understand why i'd spend so much.

I think 400 for yamato.

Do you feel it was worth it?

Technically I havent spent yet though.

She sits there just like my wiiu and ps4 but looks better than both.


Good point.

$200 for Cred Forums shit.
I might sell it some day.

Around 22k for 1/4 FREEing Miku

She's okay from a distance, but that money could've been better spent really.

Biggest overall? 300$
Biggest that's Cred Forums related? 200$

>referring to anything outside of Akihabara as the anime mecca

How long until blu rays become outdated like DVDs are now?

Spending so much time in buyfag threads I've learned the rough prices of most figures that interest me.

Now more than ever I can clearly see how big of a ripoff the dealers room is at any convention.

This figure was 160 at a shop five months ago. Just yesterday they were trying to sell the same item at 240 (still hadn't sold it from the first time)

They punch in a search for each item they sell and just mark it up regardless of when they bought it.

Shadow pricing.

Also interesting, I saw many of the same booths and sellers despite the two conventions being so very, very far apart.

I miss the jlist ads

They were pretty fun. Sometimes I almost bought stuff from them just because of their cool ads.

>Klan Klang

An user a few weeks ago dropped 500 on yugioh shit that got a rerelease a few days later

We all will because it killed the site losing them.

FREEing 1/4 Miku, 212€ plus some customs fees.

18790¥ including shipping for Alter Black Heart.

Totally worth it, she's beautiful.

Probably either Alter's Maki or Velvet. With Eli and Gwendolyn coming up they'll probably be more, plus GSC's Sakura as well. None of those are going to be cheap.

You're beautiful.

Is that really the reason? I wouldn't have thought jlist would have pussied out so hard. They at least seemed to get this place so should realize not all boards are the same.

GSC Official. She was in the poll for most wanted figures finally. Probably since it's the 10 year anniversary of the series.

>Martin Shkreli wants to buy
really hope that guy doesn't buy, he is ledditor and would bring in a huge flux of faggots and ruin the site a lot more than hiro can be deleting some boards and reducing image sizes

Actually, reducing imagesizes wouldn't be the worst - it would save us from shitty 3mb smartphone pictures

What did she mean by this?

>he is ledditor

If that's the worst thing you have to say about him, then you need to worry more.


I ordered Alter's Umi and someone told me she was overpriced. What am I suppose to do now?

He's a stupid richfag that bought a medical pill and upped the price by 5,500%. The internet blew up in September 2015 and he was taken to court.

He is the worst person to buy Cred Forums.

Literally nothing wrong with what he did. It was his drug so he should be able to do whatever he wants with it. No one ever mentions that the drug isn't used much since there are better options.

>be a jew
>nothing wrong with being a jew
Fuck off. What he did should be criminal.

Kill yourself

>Buy a business
>Make a decision to ensure maximum profit.
I bet you complain about aftermarket prices and Alter raising prices because basic supply and demand is "Jewish" right?

No wonder its shit.

What happened in the end? Nothing changed and people just forgot about it as usual?

It wasn't basic supply and demand though.

The more I look at her

The more I want her

>Have only outlet for resource
>Can demand ANY price.
It really is, "I didn't take economics 101" kun.
If no one is buying he can lower the price, same for aftermarket prices on figures.

The thing is if people didnt buy they're dead so he's outright responsible for multiple deaths.

>10360 JPY
holy fuck, why are dakis so expensive?

Wow dude starvation is totally the fault of the food industry!
As someone else mentioned there are alternatives so if you're honestly going to argue this you can fuck right off.

Looks like someone took basic economics but failed to take a mandatory business ethics fourth year class.

>Businesses have an ethical responsibility to keep every single low life alive and healthy.
And I'm sure if I petitioned Alter to lower their prices because I'm starving from buying all their scales they'd have to because it's unethical that they're making me starve right? Fuck off.

>good girl from a shit show
She is the only good thing about Re:zero

Here's a (You). You and I both know the two aren't the same. Go back to Cred Forums and take your images with you.

>Go back to Cred Forums
Classic cop out when you've backed down huh?
Take a business class and talk to me.

But Rem was better.

Re:zero was pretty good user. I wish we had more Emilia though

Emilia is shit.

You have it backwards mate.

Do I get the limited megumi or GSC megumi or both or neither?

What happened to james?

rate my collection

This'll be my introduction to buyfaggotry. Finally found one for under 100$, but I'm afraid it might be damaged or gunky at such a price. Time will tell.

Is anybody else buying the R. Ichiro Tanaka figma? It seems like i'm the only person here that likes him.

3 memes.

At least it's 10k yen, the Senran Kagura dakis were 12k each and I bought like 5-6 of them

A little under 20k yen for Heavy Yamato and Musashi. I paid 32.5k yen for the Z-ton Centaur Daki+Pillow though.

Not my pic.

Can't wait for her.


Jesus Christ user, why do you need 5 dakis of the same girl?

Why don't you make your own imageboard?

SK has a lot of girls

Which boards are getting deleted?

Cred Forums /m/ /jp/

Not to mention along with their kin, /lgbt/, /soc/ and /adv/

No one really knows yet, but suggestions are strong for non-h porn threads, /gif/, and, for some reason, Cred Forums. Cred Forums should be safe because of its history and popularity

You gotta wake up pretty early in the morning to fool me with that.

>for some reason, Cred Forums
As Cred Forums gains a higher profile it's probably a pain in the ass for getting advertisers. /l/ befell the same fate long ago.


If i did would anyone go there?

Script-kun here with a pantsu image generator

People want Cred Forums gone because it shits up the rest of the site and makes advertising hell. They're why Jlist left and why there's nothing to replace them. They also have immense traffic with their shitposting activism. Nobody wants to go to an anime or vidya thread and have it derailed by Trump vs. Hillary #7726387682.

How do i get your shit to work?
I have python but when I run the original montage script you made cmd prompt just comes up and closes immediately.

I wasn't aware of all that meta involving Cred Forums. If that's true, I want they gone too.

I would try it out.
I'd also try out your script, but it doesn't work on linux and I have basically zero knowledge on imagemagick/python/linux so I don't know how to make it work.

But Cred Forums is a gud boy who dun nuffin wron.


>not Odaiba

I pray towards Mecha every day.

>Create new imageboard exclusively for Cred Forums and /jp/
>General tag for threads that modifies how they work
>Tag threads as /ma/, Cred Forums, /jp/ etc. - keeps everyone as one community, but still have choice in what to browse
>Get proper moderation
Too bad I'm poor and can't afford servers/internet and also have no clue how to program shit

>and also have no clue how to program shit
It's never too late to learn.

Mecca is also exclusively a tourist shithole, as is Akiba

Anyone know where I can get a decent Maromi plush that doesn't involve me buying the boxset? I'm thinking of using etsy, but they don't look too good.

>derailed by Trump vs. Hillary

Its election time, so of course politics is going to leak on to other boards. Politics effects everyone's lives in some way or another, but when November is over it will settle down I think.

I love Akiba, it's just got a vibe like no other place, despite the touristy nature of it. I still think Nagoya is second best. It's got everything Den Den Town has while mostly being closer together, cheaper and a lot less busy.

I'm learning right now, senpai. But by the time I have all the things I am lacking, who knows what state the internet will be in.
I wonder if anyone would even be interested. I feel the "market" is already oversaturated with Cred Forums-like (2chan-like, I guess) imageboards.

Except the majority of the users, the non americans.

Cred Forums was created by an American, what do you expect?

well of course but foreigners still love to interject their opinions in our business.


I'm not american and I think you guys should elect whoever stops this exchange rate madness.

Anyone else looking forward to this?

>the majority
Americans make up almost 50% of all users on this site mate.

A japan oriented website?
Why cant we talk about Abenomics?

It's not 2006 anymore.

2 way tricot isn't cheap, neither is the equipment to print them.

You can always buy them from the Chinese, but you get what you pay for.


Do you have python 3? Do you have imagemagick? If so, are you tech savvy enough to cd a commandline there and run it with that?

Linux support when i get a linux machine again

Yes but it's still not 2006 anymore you cant prove me wrong.

they remind me of my pupper when he was just a small kitten.

Condition: opened used package damaged. (breast origin -- slightly -- stained -- an owner)

What does Mandarka mean by this?


What do you think user?

It's been "election time" for the past year, and after we'll get at least a year of "wow new president" time and by then the leak will be permanent and unstoppable. But say anything bad about Cred Forums and it's just a boogieman argument, right? What do I know.

>75 days in customs.
At least the box are sealed and my asshole is safe yet.

>75 days in customs.
In what third world country do you live, user? is it Brazil by any chance?

days in customs.
Christ user, whats taking so long? Maybe it was seized/destroyed? Where do you live?

They were probably busy trying to figure out if they’re illegal.

Why the fuck do American elections last so goddamn long anyways and worse yet we all have to be subjugated to this shit even if not living in the US

Its such a painfully drawn out shitshow, everything's been said by now, nothing's changed in months, just get it over with. Its no wonder its all a giant meme for Cred Forums

Underrated post.

Lolibutts arrives yesterday, the law here is ambigous in depiction of minors
2d is legal but 2.5 dont know.

I m from Chile

Doesn't matter, on Cred Forums or any other board its offtopic trash and needs to go back to Cred Forums


Just got the charge from Rightstuf for the Spice & Wolf Collector's Edition. I'm hoping it's safe to assume I got one of the numbers.


they were pretty much equal (i bought Madokami aftermarket)

This can't be legal in Canada.


It sounds like Rightstuf under estimated the amount they would receive just in case.


Can you fuck it?

Let's both get her, then.


I wouldn't even try. Have any connections in the US that can hand carry it or you could go get pick up from? US seams to be a bit more gray in that area.

There's gonna be dead crickets inside

What do you mean by that?

Damn, this.

Final destination.

I do but that would mean they would have to go through customs and get caught with it.

Do oppai mouse pads usually get restocked?

If they are popular enough. Which ones are you interested in?

Just meet them over the Detroit river on canoes, like old times.

An old story when we jumped on those free custom mousepads.

Good times

Not usually


I dig the wall.

Just about the only thing she's good for.


Blame China and paypal being easy to use now. I talked with a postal service employee and she told me it's been hell for everyone involved because people are buying a lot of shit from the likes of Aliexpress and then claiming they didn't receive their packages to claim refunds

A guy i work with once told me about parcel pickups, which he used to receive US package to save on Canadian taxes. He'd just cross the border and pickup the packages.

You have a better chance through the checkpoint. Confidence is key.

Hobbystock restocks their merchandise for Symphogear and other series frequently; often several times for the same item.

She might get restocked around season 4 unless they design a new one. I'll probably post about it when the time comes.
If you are using twitter you can follow the account.

When did you order? I havent received mine, but im hopong the one i made with amazon a day earlier will still be one

Another Boa (25cm)

That's a shot from RIghtStuf when they got the shipment from the distributor. You can see the palette with the rest in the background.

I think non-numbered comes in November.

>ok team what sells really well
>cat girls!
>musical instruments!
>drill hair!

All the sites taking pre orders up till last week upset me. I feel bad for people who only wanted the first run or nothing. I don't really care either way, number or second print.

Oh nice, thanks for the info!

August 30th, which I think is the same day it went up.

>jlist will never tell me to by official touhou merchandise again
I feel sick



Miku is broad like a man!

Did you charge a CC/debit card? Because if you used PayPal they charge you immediately after you ordered.

Chances are you did get a first print, gratz user. If you get a tracking number that'll confirm it.

Y que?, pendejo.

>Y? means why?

>under 100$

She's not worth even half that, dude. I have one myself and it's a nice figure if you're lucky to get one that's not an abject QC failure, but unless it's something you're desperate to have, check out the market value of the figure you want on MFC next time.

Y means "and"



Me too. I can't wait to sell this book for at least twice as much.
I've never seen the anime or read the LNs before so I might keep it, but I could use the profit to pay for my figure orders.

The context is English.

Oh so you mean the letter Y right, asshole?

thats not thicc
this is T H I C C

That's fat.

>J-list will never try to sell you their overpriced dolphin polishers ever again

Shit man...

So about this book, are there 2k Japanese and 2k English books or 2k overall books across all languages? All the info I could find made it sound like it was only 2k overall but I don't think it was ever clarified.

>porkchop is an obese landwhale
I want this meme to end

The only thing I've ever bought from jlist was a copy of X-change and Let's meow meow


Those weren't his words, but it's great that you've started to internalize the real sentiment behind his post, fatfag.

Also, posting a version of porky where she's slightly toned on top of the fat doesn't really work when in 95% of her depictions she's literally obese.


scalpers are the worst


Bless the courier who got this to me on a Monday morning


Is it flat dragon dildos?



some nekos

>mfw amiami cancelled my order when I asked

What items did you cancel?

Speaking of, can you cancel pre-orders months before release?

Not officially no.

Alter's Tougou or Umi? Which one do I choose? They're basically the same character so I can only get one.

>backlog figure is on suru for $80
>almost everywhere else has it for $250 to $500
>no indication of damage

Should I be worried?

Which figure? I'll buy it and let you know what sort of shape she is in.

After going to Ikea and buying some shitty stands, here is my collection.

It was this doll. I still plan on buying my first doll but would rather go with a volks one.

>Listing ends in 12 hours
>35 bids
>look at recent bids
>2-3 guys dickwaving 1 dollar-tier bids after another places one
Do people just hate money? I'm inclined to believe the seller was artificially bidding to raise the price, but still. Someone had to buy into that.

I saw you what bastards did to that one guy.

Fuck, it I'm getting it.

So, we having a jerkoff to see who get's the lowest number?

i got #1

Fuck off Schmitty Werbenjagermanjensen.

No we're having a jerkoff to see who gets the best repeating digits

Some people really can't into auctions.

I don't even look at an auction until 30 minutes till end.

Anyone else have Ludger?

>addicted to yahoo auctions
somebody stop me

Trying to see if I can get dubs

Just me.

Anyone else have Judith? Oh, wait.

You have to keep going. What if you miss out on some sweet deals?

So they're completely gone now?

Now that you placed your order you can share what it is.

>Empty shelf
Please correct this immediately.

Ah, I didn't even know about mfc. My basic searching pronoun pulled up 100$ plus asstons of shipping, while this one had free shipping which might make it worth it. Thanks for the help, though!

Stop bullying Akari

Get a cute doll.

Momohime order will soon fill that up

I like that Ultimate Warrior.

anyone know of a good way to display towels and blankets? I want to put a few up on a wall but the best method I can think of is to use some clips with some 3m hooks


No Miss China


She will be delayed, right? Give me a % of chances.
November is a tough month for me, so I would actually be happy.

She's Alter. What do you think?


This is much better.

Is she worth buying at all as opposed to the armored version?

I'm still a bit iffy on the price

Were I to toss out a number from my ass, I'd say 90%. This is Alter were talking about and she's stupidly popular so they'll have to produce lots of the things.

Less "exclusive". But just look at it. Way, way better looking sculpt.

Value is subjective, but I think so. The LED on the one I think you're talking about is a nice touch, but Dress Saber is just so excellently made and stylish.

Does anyone have a Dorothy Figma from Big O? Is it good? Give photos please.

Yeah so I was talking about this one. Also, Medea Lily is another one I'm looking at.

On a side note, I love the Tales of Beseria but is Velvet Crowe worth getting?

AmiAmi itemA boxB

Yay or nay?

>Item is sealed and is unopened or appears to be unopened.

I've always bough new from them so I'm a little hesitant about buying an older "used" figure.

Should be fine.

get a lewd doll

Being a buyfag was a mistake and regret every second of it now.

do you even pose/10


Like soggy biscuit style?

I'm in.

That one looks like a pile of decent ideas executed poorly. I wouldn't want it even without a plethora of alternatives.

Media is very much meh, especially the face so I personally would pass on that too, though character attachment does matter and I have none.

Velvet does look more worth the price assuming you don't care about that demon arm.

>soft skin
>made of hard plastic

Then sell us your stuff for subprime prices and "get off the slope."

I just hate that I'm out of space and don't have my display properly set up. I still enjoy buying stuff.

Yeah I kind of felt the same way about the Saber Alter and Medea. I'm definitely getting Velvet Crowe (though I really wish they would make a Linca model from Atelier but that's another story)

Anyways, what's the story about the arm? I've seen Japanese photos with the arm but AmiAmi doesn't show it at all.

The arm is a koto webshop exclusive.

that face is fucking terrifying

Can anyone tell me if Mauser K98 is worth getting? I don't even know what this fucking series is but holy shit she looks good and the K98 is my favorite gun
That's the thing, I bought most of my stuffs for a premium price, but inflation never fucking works, and I'm forced to sell them for fucking cheap except for my GSC Lacia, which I can sell it for $400 minimum.

Chinese company makes me hesitant. Personally I'd wait till post release reviews. I'd be really surprised if she sold out.

>Chinese Company
Oh fuck nice catch. I didn't even notice that since I'm so used to Goodsmile usually only doing Japanese stuff. Hell, I didn't even know that the game was Chinese itself.

She looks really good but I don't want to splurge more of my money especially since I got that Alice Shimada, Mia, and Scaltrach preordered.

Panzer Waltz figures when

I just want to let you guys know that you guys are the only friends I have in the sense that I can only be open about my hobby here. I can't tell anyone on the basketball team because god knows what happens if they find out and my street cred goes down.

Anywhere else and I get labeled as a weirdo who spends his time living alone and collecting figures.

China's been doing some interesting things lately. I thought this was a Myethos job and they've been surprisingly decent thus far, but it's not. I think has the right of it;demand for your raifu work t be that high, just camp out and see what happens. She might even bin.

Vertigorn is quite nice, all the GSC Sabers are. But it is a rerelease of a fig from 2011, so shading and fiune detail is quite a bit simpler. Still I wouldn't fault you at all given the price difference. I ordered both.

Ultimately I'd say get the one you personally like better.

At least get her name right.

Gotta thank you guys for controlling my trigger purchase impulse. It's lost me a lot of money (especially with Sento from Amagi).

I'll camp out and see what happens then, especially seeing as literally no one else seems to be interested in this series. Worst case scenario is she is sold out and I just move on and get another figure to fill the void.

Celtic is hard man. I can't even spell the first part of Lancer's name. I just call him Cthulu

Right, it's Scat Hatch

It's not so hard to remember a name.

>Celtic is hard man. I can't even spell the first part of Lancer's name. I just call him Cthulu
Seriously? The first part of his name is Cu.

>see Reset Kalar for 40 bucks on amiami
>think to myself, nice, might get it for my first figure since I just got a job
>come back like 30 minutes later to the page to buy it
>page doesn't exist
Is this supposed to be normal.

And now you know why I'm a violin teacher and not an engineer

I feel you man. Same thing happened with a used Dizzy. I eventually got her but for $50 more

I would but I'm still waiting for the proxy to confirm.

She seems kind of cute. I'll grab the next one to go up. Thank you.

N-no problem.

I'm sure she's in a better place.

why doesn't Hiro just get Japanese company to buy ad space? ads from dlsite would probably do better on Cred Forums and /jp/ than jlist ever did

Also, is there anyway to know when stock comes in?
I don't want to miss it again.

>tfw no cute amico ads

Read the guide.

Check the "Special Services" section of the guide.

A/B means it's preowned but new, someone who kept it in the box and never opened it sold it to amiami

amico what?

Woops, thanks.

It's been unsealed.

Amico is everyone's favorite store mascot. Get to know her!

Are some Nendo's considered loli or all of them are safe?

Why don't they show us her front?

You can't sexualize a nendoroid.

>no one else seems to be interested in this series.
She's a character from a Chinese game no one in Japan has likely played made by a manufacturer no one cares about. You really can't get much more literally who than that so it should be expected.

I think I actually prefer Lilco. I'm going to miss those postcards when I cut down on my Amiami orders.

Also, Amico and lilco figures when? It's time for maximum shilling.

Tell that to photo kano

Maybe if we buy enough wallscrolls depicting Amico and exclusive acrylic plates we will get figures. Please.

is that supposed to be bait?

I've actually never gotten ripped off through amazon, third party or first. Only one I got that was fulfilled by amazon was a prize Miku. Gunpla shopping on amazon is heaven too.

Ebay is what worries me

>photo kano nendoroid petite set
What the heck. These are sexual. I need to blast them with my seed.

Why do you want figs of some of the most incredibly bland designs known to man?
Fuck you

I've taken brand loyalty to the extreme. Amico is my waifu.

Why do you want figs of some of the most incredibly bland designs known to man?

They have a wide variety of costumes and outfits to choose from. I also have an emotional connection to the characters.

Why would someone do that...

my dick

lol, did they freeze it?

Shipping out from GSC on the 17th October 2016:
ORANGE ROUGE - Mikazuki Munechika

Wow finally


I want to set up a date with Amico and then cancel at the last minute!

This reminds me, did anyone buy those Nekopara trading figs? I need lots of people that aren't me to take one on for the team on those.

Your loss. Amico is wonderful and you'd be missing out.


A/B is sealed, A-/B is unsealed but still unopened

I'm off to bed. Oyasumi buyfriends.

Did Internet-chan die?

god damn thats just not right

ye he got cancer lmao

I bit the bullet already user, I'll tell you my thoughts when she arrives.

A buddy of mine got them. I'll let you know what he thinks.

I won't be getting them, because I can't buy Vanilla individually. All other cats are shit.

This isn't your blog.

How are those petite nendos?
Worth the money?

Does he even want all of them? I swear releasing the entire cast in one big batch like that for that price was a bad idea.

Suck my cock, faggot

Girls Frontline my senpai

I think he mainly wants Chocola and Maple, but he figured that $100 wasn't too bad for the full set and that they'd look better all together.

Well at least he has good taste.


While you have bad taste. Be glad you know someone magnanimous enough to accept you.

>the only Schwarzesmarken figures are in swimsuits
Why must the suffering be so great.

Oh come on! There was a bunny fig too!

I remember that but I never heard about the crickets. Any more to the story than that?

Who's her friend with the tig ol bitties?


He actually did it.

Does anyone knows at what time Hobby Search updates?
And if the price and everything else is the same, should I get the keychains or the straps if I'm just going to display them?

Yo I broke this fucker's tail by misbalance and gravity.

Will supergluing it change its color somehow? If so, what glue do you guys suggest?

I tend to go for straps. They're easier to display because you don't have a big bulky metal key ring. If you want to put one on a key chain you can take off the strap and clip them on to a spare key ring without the chain.

Thinking about getting a Nao or Nipa to use too. My current key chain is 3 years old and getting a bit warn out.

Superglue will not change the color, but it will make the surface glossy if it gets on the outside. Use only a very small amount.

I would recommend epoxy, though.