Now that the dust have settled, which one do you think was the best father figure?

Now that the dust have settled, which one do you think was the best father figure?

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Well firstly, Kamina was a big brother figure, as he was literally called 'big brother'.


Kamina > Reigen

A big brother can be and often is a father figure, you pleb.

You kidding man?
Kamina is nothing but loud screaming "hurr willpower XD!!!". He is nothing more than an overinflated balloon and even he himself confessed that if it wasn't for Simon, his false facade would have long collapsed

Reigen on the other hand maybe a conman but he faces his misdeeds without a single hint of fear. His maturity, wisdom, and charisma was matured to perfection that he was able to influence even the villain's henchmen, even Mob's murderous instinct was tamed thanks to him.
He never asks for anything unless absolutely necessary and would rather do things by his own hand. He never even thought of abusing Mob despite having all the opportunities to do so, not too much at least

This right here.

wow mobfags are trying way too fucking hard

your show is worse than opm, get over it

It's way better than opm and the ending was kino.

Reigen give out legitimate good advice and wisdom you can carry through life while Kamina is more of a motivational speaker to help you take the first steps.

Kamina is an older brother and Reigen is too immature to be a father figure, at the beginning he just lies and tries to manipulate Mob as well.

Far ahead in the manga, Mob don't even see Reigen as his master either.

Stay mad Gurren shitter

No idea who the guy on the left is but Kamina was awesome.

Mob was a hundred times better than that shonen garbage that was TTGL, hang yourself troll.

Reigen is this best character in his show but he's no Kamina.

Yeah, but kamina was not Simon's brother, so he was a brother figure.



TTGL is one of my favourite anime but Reigen > Kamina

Reigen didn't die and let the world get fucked up.

Kamina, no contest

Did Kamina ever have a scene where he just tells the enemies how wrong they are and they actually listened to him? Yeah, didn't think so.

Reigen was awesome only in 2 episodes. There's no reason for this hype.

I really don't understand why people like Reigen so much, in the end he is just a con man that takes advantage of a little boy.

Because you view it in black and white.
>He uses Mob and lies therefore he's a bad person!

Have you watched to 11 or 12?
If so, what do you think he wasn't awesome there, user.

He not only uses Mob, but he lies to him and he IS a con man.

It's not black and white, he is a shitty person and the worst possible father figure Mob could have.

Reigen is the reason Mob isn't a selfish asshole like the people from scar.
He legit helps people, you can dislike the way he does it but there's no denying that he has a positive effect on the people around him.
Of course he's not perfect but still.

>Reigenfags still think the fraudster is the best father figure
He's not even the best father figure in his own series. Protip : it's Mogami.

Not him but wasn't the point of Gurren Lagann kind of that Kamina was wrong all along and only in the end he taught Simon a proper message. But even then it wasn't enough, Nia, Rossiu, Lord Genome and even fuckin Spirals were there to influence Simon and partly teach him that Kamina was partly in the wrong.

With Reigen it seems most of the teachings Mob needed came from him.


kamina didnt get his own ed song.

Kamina is a generic fagshit character from a generic fagshit mech shonen that got waaay too much attention. Reigan isn't a father figure, but at least he has more of a character like it or not.