Come sleep with us user

Come sleep with us user

First take off the animal suits.

I want to, but what to do about being separated by one whole dimension?

In what order do you fill these cups?

Train your imagination.

A knife, formaldehyde, then semen.

can i bring eggs?

Only if everyone else follows Kuro's excellent example.

Illya's butt and Miyu's hips seem a bit too chunky desu.

Little girls aren't supposed to have that much meat.

>Little girls aren't supposed to have that much meat
Thanks for the tip, Hannibal Lecter.

We all know we're not getting any sleep tonight.

Kuro needs to fucking stop. This is not okay.

Someone is going to jail.


the one on the right doesn't seem to be participating, what animal pajamas is she even wearing? penguin? button up, lady!

The fuck? Kuro is just tanned.

>you will never be a cute loli attending a bangin' slumber party with fellow cute girls




Out! Take your dubs and get out!

God how is this legal

Is this fan-colored? The colors look like oversaturated (moreso than usual) airbrushed shit.

No, that sounds permanent


Probably just a bad scan.

I'll go get a hotel room instead.


Sure, how much?

Stop! This is NOT okay.

damn chinese restaurants always violating underage labor laws


I like going to a local one just to hit on their teen daughter.

But is she nopan?


>not "onii-chan"

One job.

Don't think, IMASINE



This scene is beautiful.

Can I have more f-for science, obviously.

>ywn sleep in a big cuddle puddle with Miyu, Illya, and Kuro
>ywn wake up to them gone with you laying in bed around noon
>ywn be sad that they left, until you hear some chattering from the kitchen
>ywn slowly wake up and head there, only too see the girls dressed in super cute clothes all working together to cook brunch
>ywn watch kuro turn to you and ask you to enjoy her meat buns

I wish I could fully harden my heart to the pain but everyday something new comes along that tears my heart in two all over again.

Is this how heterosexual girls bond with their heterosexual friends?


Its also the way they strengh her bounds with their brothers

Gotta love the filtered version.

God bless silver link
If they manage to put some mana transfer in the movie then I will literally give them all of my money

Start with Miyu, then proceed to the main dish Kuro.

Then Illya, but only if she insist a lot on it, because honestly by that point I'll be tired and I'm not much interested in her. Or at least not in this version, Fate inocently evil Illya was delicious this not bad but is generically aseptic.

I'm sure there was another of those. It showed it from behind.
You could see her slit!


I want to make Kuro a young mother~

Ok you got me.

Sir, please delete.

I'm afraid i can't do that user.


oh saitoman... you should know better...

Get off my board you fucking skinwalkers

2/3rds of that image is actually cute. then kuro ruins it.

>this is allowed to air on tv in Japan


Jesus what a fucking pleb.

that is from a ova

We had HxH last season and was on TV

Yeah, it's "on TV" in the same sense as American TV has explicit gay sex and incest shown in popular shows like Game of Thrones.


No, we build WALL.

There's nothing wrong with Brown girls.

Cups are meant to be filled.

>There's nothing wrong with 2D Brown girls.


Why does anime want to make me a criminal?

Right, thanks.

Is the first Drei special out yet?

Later, first I need some private teaching from Kuro. I'm sure Illya and Miyu can figure out ways to pass the time meanwhile.

It is, unfortunately it's shit unless you like Tatsuko and Mimi. Hopefully the next specials or the inevitable OVA will do better.

that is the most arousing outfit I have ever seen on a loli

>bottomless animal pyjamas
Holy shit.

That's not a brown girl that's a lewd brown stand user.

>60 fps slo-mo kiss
Every time. Fucking masterpiece.



>there is someone, in this world, with the original, non-fogged animation of that entire scene

Is Kuro asking for it?

Don't be delusional. Kuro is the one doing the raping, always.

Can I sleep with a couple of Old Hags instead?

Rin is busy pleasing Luvia for money. So no you get Loli's or nothing.

If I pay them, can I watch?

Private viewing no user's allowed.


A Tape Recorder then?

If you'll let me.

I'll never get over how hot Kuro is.

What are they running from?


>being a passcuck


The pass thing was fun for a bit, but I want it to go away now.

I agree with you, but didn't you see Hiro's post? Cred Forums is literally about to die.
Fucking hell moot, what did you do?

>Cred Forums is literally about to die
I saw his post and don't believe this at all. I don't think it was ever a very profitable site, but there's more than enough traffic to at least break even.

The number of people who bought passes this month for the text gimmick will probably cover October's expenses regardless.

What post?

That's the problem:
Hiro is the owner. He LITERALLY only cares about money. If Cred Forums just barely breaks even that's horrible for him. He's pretty much saying
>Or Cred Forums starts to give me actual profits or I'll just shut the whole thing down

And I'm fucking angry right now. Especially at myself, because I believed in Hiro when moot sold it to him. But even at the time a truckload of people kept saying and saying that he was someone that only cared about money. The signs were all there and I didn't believe them.


The pass thing is not the way to save it. You can't save Cred Forums by making it facebook.





>He LITERALLY only cares about money
>or I'll just shut the whole thing down
He'd sell before that would happen then. It's not like there aren't buyers.

>The pass thing is not the way to save it
Passes have been around since 2012. I don't think many people cared until recently though, and will probably stop caring once the gimmick goes away.


What is this show even about anymore?

>Passes have been around since 2012.
The problem is that before they haven't been a device to visually separate the userbase into regular users and gold accounts. moot put a lot of emphasis on making sure that there was no difference in using a pass or not. The pass allowed you to circumvent captchas and it allowed you to post if you were region-banned, but it didn't give you huge benefits. It was essentially a donation that also gave you a bit of convenience. With this new addition, it essentially grants you the kind of privilege that a post-count in a regular forum gives you. If you can prove that you've been supporting Cred Forums for years, it gives you the authority of seniority which is a problem under the premise that Cred Forums is an anonymous environment where your post matters and not who you are.

I wanted to believe but I always knew it wouldn't last without moot

he was one in a million, no one else would ever have put up with so much shit and went to such lengths to keep this place open

The trouble with passes is you have to post really frequently for it to be worthwhile. I bought one when they first started because I posted a LOT and they had text captchas on every post. These days, you usually only have to hit the checkbox, and I hardly post. I can't think there are many users that actually post enough to make them worthwhile. And none of the Cred Forums monkeys are gonna buy them. They should just stick ads up all over Cred Forums, god knows nothing of value would be lost.

I've had one since the start, because I thought it'd help the site. 4 years using that for him to come and say
>bye bye gaijin
>He'd sell before that would happen then. It's not like there aren't buyers.

There really aren't that many. moot even said so years ago when Cred Forums was at its peak.
Cred Forums is a site that:
Can barely get any kind of ads because of the content and that users simply don't "log-in" with their info.

Even the ads that DO work here are mostly useless as it's a site where the VAST majority of its users use some kind of adblock.

It has an absurd amount of users just consuming bandwidth and storage all the fucking time. Just the porn boards consume HALF of Cred Forums's data because of the amount of images, webms and gifs, while having less than 15% of the total users.

Cred Forums is a fucking nightmare for any kind of prospective buyer.

all these kissing webms are nothing without the sound effects of two girls fighting with their tongues

>he was one in a million
That just means there are 6000 more like him

Cheezburger network and fucking 9gag should be paying for the site maintenance. God knows neither of them would be printing money if not for this place.

And those people are either saving some villages in Africa or raping girls in Japan.

all probably doing something far more constructive and profitable than running this piece of shit

>With this new addition
It's a temporary part of the birthday celebration. It did sell a lot of passes for some of those reasons, but the feature is supposed to disappear in the very near future. But if Hiro changed that somewhere and I haven't seen it yet, then I would agree.

I think it's worthwhile for the convenience alone, although I do also like supporting the site. And I don't want to do free work for Google either.

>There really aren't that many
It depends on the asking price. I think there are quite a few posters who would buy this place if it were cheap enough, and would keep running it for fun if they broke even or made a small profit.

Reminder that Cred Forums should have banded with TPB years ago and buy Sealand

>It's a temporary part of the birthday celebration
I've seen no evidence of that. Hiro gave every indication that he thought this was a good idea. If it goes away it's only going to be due to immense user backlash.

nice thighs

...Seriously? I want a pass but I'm not a fucking tripfag. I don't want a special badge.



Wish there was a back shot of that scene so I can see kuro's butt


the bellies are great

They better give us another beast special.

>fucking up Kuro this much.



I'd rather sleep with Angelica.

Hiroyama Hiroshi is a god of the lewd.
Fucking hell

It would be nice

It would.

Why is Kuro so unsexy?

It's the dark skin

The try hard attitude about being sexy. It just isn't.

Got those in gif format?

Why is she behaving like that?


My system doesn't like webms.

It's OK. We'll have to go back to using .gifs again soon.

Like what? Like Kuro you mean?

If my ancient Atom N450 can handle webms, surely your system can.

Imagine how cuddly Illya is!


What animal is she even supposed to be? Neko-Arc?


Tell that to my system. Go ahead, I'm sure it'll cooperate once you do so.

Why does she behave that way?


I wish Luvia got more luv and not these little sluts.

Her chest is too big

Luvia sucks

B-but I sleep naked.

Go away Satan.
She is luvely.

So is her delicious puffy vulva.

What did Luvia look like when she was 12?


You future Lesbian Lover.

>Illya is a black cat
>Miyu is a black cat
>Kuro is a wolf

Say we get another special where they go in those sexy suits again, but they include the Ainsworths.

>Angelica is a ____
>Beatrice is a ____

What would they be?

Angelica is a yellow cat

both rabbits, obviously

A wolf would be better.

>Beatrice getting it on with a Julian Dakimura while dressed up as a rabbit
There's a fiesta in my pants right now, just thinking of this possibility.


OVA when?

Damn at the ass on the left one.



The fogged version IS the original. Those WEBMs have been put through a contrast enhancing filter to remove some of the fog.
That's why they're so much darker.

I think he means someone part of the animation team probably has a pre-fog version, considering they likely put the fog on top after having already drawn the rest.


What would it feel like to get a handjob from that thing?

After seeing Beatrice revealing her NP, I've begun to wondering why hasn't Thor designed as a servant yet?

Because he's not supposed to qualify as one, due to being a god.

As a Ruler, perhaps.


God I want to lovingly and consentually rape them all

That was a few months back. I noticed that you can kinda see her slit in one of the frames, and some guy took it, ran it through some filter and posted it.



Harder than diamonds.


To make you hard.


Why would she want to do that?

It's ineffective. True men of taste only go for pure maidens.

Don't ask me, I'm greatful for it.


every time



Still waiting for a fig of her neko form.

Miyu is already coming so it can't be long anymore

Already slipped on the slope for her. That new Illya fig as well.
I'm just impatient to complete the cat cup set.

I just want some figures of the girls installing cards. Like Angelica installing the Archer card or Illya installing Caster.

>Miyu is already coming

Those ugly animal suits stay off or no deal.

>miyu's favorite onesies are the least revealing ones
How can she be so pure?


Oops I think I broke her.

Miyu looks super cuddly. i wouldn't mind sleeping with them.

Delete this.

>Kuro's top is completely exposed.
>Illya's butt is completely exposed
>Miyu is covered completely

Was there ever any doubt who best girl is?

Yes, it's Illya.

sowwy, you arent real lolicon since these are too thick



Is it only the OVAs that are lewd? I have mixed feelings about Fate/Type Moon stuff, so is it even worth watching the series? Yuri also doesn't do anything for me either, but I'd be willing to watch just to satisfy my loli needs.

It's shit, don't bother.

Trips for truth

S1 has some but not much, S2 has more because Kuro, S3 has very little.
Series gives context for specials. I'd suggest watching it if you've seen at least some of the mahou shoujo classics and want more.

No there hasn't been, as they are all the best girls.

since that is EXACTLY what he means,

this -> is todays dumbest reply.

Of course you add the fucking fog later you fucking pleb.

Sorry, but I want to sleep with these two.

specials when

First one came out a couple of days ago, but it was Tatsuko shit. so about a month for next.


Didn't they change this in the anime or something?

>That fucker who jacked up AIDS medicines by a fuckton wants to buy the site.
>He wants to transform the whole site into Cred Forums and Cred Forums
>Hiro actually replied.
These last years feel like we've slipped into some kind of bad timeline.

A night of oiled, loli anal sex?
Count me in!

Who said anything about oil?


Tell me that you would want them to get on top of eachother, and form a tower so you can fuck all 6 of their holes in a completely random order with your oiled dick?










We wont be doing much sleeping, but I'm happy to oblige.




Somebody stop this slut!



>tfw when you they invite you to sleep in the same bed as them
>tfw teasing gets out of hand and lewd things happen
>tfw you drift off to sleep more satisfied than you'll ever be in your life
>tfw you wake up and everyone's gone.
>tfw you have to piss and go to the bathroom
>tfw when something is written on the mirror

Oh fuck that got me

Why do they wear diapers?

I don't do niggers.

Is that supposed to be Thor?


Something tells me you girls have no intention of sleeping.


Well I was going to off myself sooner or later anyway, thanks for the sex homie.

Those are called "pads".









Is this her best hairdo yet?



Can't wait to see the last bath scene uncensored.

Miyu's ass though

>This doujin will never be fully scanned

Just kill me.


It's not a doujin, just an omake art in some magazine, retard.

Dem curves.

Too fat?


How did you remove the black bars?

By having a Cred Forums gold account.


ireland pls



Illya and Miyu are perfect for eachother.

Illya is Miyusexual, so of course.

>Gets turned on by Miyu wearing a maid outfit
>Gets turned on by Miyu acting like a spoiled little sister

Illya wants a spoiled younger sister maid. Can you blame her if her friend happens to fill the quota perfectly?

She's not younger, so it's obviously not perfect.

Close enough.

With the size of that meat buns you can't feed a fucking hamster

Indeed, and Miyu is Illyasexual as well.

Miyu is the older sister though according to Kuro

Post the uncropped version

Miyu's swimsuit does not look good there.

american please

Wish I had it, unfortunately that's all I have, believe it's a sample from a dakimakura.

Miyu clearly wants to impregnate Illya.


Children should not be so sexy.