Monster Musume

Is Lala the cutest girl?

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Post the one with the sign sticking out of her neck


Not until she remove the chunni act.

>you will never see a pregnant Lala holding her head against her belly singing a sweet chuuni lullaby to your mutual unborn chuuni dullahan daughter.

I love this cephalopod

Why are best girls all eight legged?

Snake is pretty cute.

Avoid her tentacle rape.

nice dubs for such a cute Cephalopod. Would you make her chromatophores flash in a multitude of colors by holding her hand and telling her you love her.

Lala is in urgent need of a good mating press.

I want to marry this spider

I want to be cuddled by all eight of her fuzzy legs

Once your immunity has developed, her hugs must be the best shit on earth.

you will never have this spider hiss at you in a tsundere fashion by rubbing her back legs together as you tell her you love her.

>she will never balance a water balloon her head for you

It hurts.

I want to be brutally raped by this spider

Art of Oct squeezing through a small gap when?

7 vaganias

maybe more
Album updated.

>ywn wake up to this
Is there any real life experience that comes close?

got a link for part 1?

>ywn wake up to this

Protect yourself from the evil spider.
Lamias are always hungry for the D. They are worser than all the monster girls from MGE.


Lalah's mother when?

100% yes.

Next chapter

What type of explosive should we put inside Cerea?

My penis.

I'll explode semen deep inside her horse pussy.

Hydrogen bomb


So afterlife Lala is the cutest because she isn't chuuni there
Probably dullahans become chuuni after their heads fall off
Hopefully soon, but first Rachnee's mom

Do you think Dullahans act chuuni when they have a thick dick inside of them pumping creamy, thick viscuous semen?

Bombs in the food

They're too bust ahegaoing so hard their head falls off to keep up the act.

I've got a cherry bomb she can have.

She makes me look forward to being dead.

All of them make us like that.

I'm gathering members for an expedition party to chart the unknown regions of Cerea's Horse Pussy canal. Please post your qualifications if you're interested.

At the beggining she would have some kind of very shy and trying to stay chuuni. Once she gets horny she drops the whole chuuni thing and gets really lewd

user, obey your father. He knows horse pussy is disgusting

Don't bully

age 20

thick arms, not afraid of getting dirty, experience in field work, experience in compass operation and drawing topographic maps with less than 10% error

I know I tend to panic a lot
but is real this time
do we have a plan to where to go if the place goes down?

Doppel is the Superior Girl

It looks like you took a wrong turn and ended up charting the engineering marvel that is Cerea's anus and the dank unknown depths within.

like maybey an image board for monmusu.

Tio is the Superior Girl

Nice dubs for the superior girls. I wonder if Zombina, Manako, and smith can continue the trend.

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

>You will never go shoulder deep in Cerea
>You will never leave something inside her
>She will never spend the rest of the day struggingling to push it out
>She will never finally release it
>She will never pick it up find it's a wedding ring

I want a vampire mosquito to suck my blood with a straw.


>You will never get a nursing handjob while holding hands from Mosquito


she was made for bully, even in the bed, just like the 2nd proto-lala comic

this kills the crabman

She was made for sexually bullying.

For example, taking her head and putting your erect penis right in front of her eyes but never close enough so she can suck it.

She can only look at it and wish she had it in her mouth.

>mosquito girl

her body would jump at you and try to rape you

But user, how can that be possible if she's not even the best human?

I would tie it to a chair so it also gets filled with sexual frustration.

>She starts sucking your blood
>Spank her to make her stop
>She's clearly doing it because she wants to be spanked

you'll be screwed if she gets pregnant, she will suck you dry

This makes me wonder

Which are the monmusu that love to be spanked?

enjoy your malaria

someday you'll have to sleep: she will take her revenge then
I don't mind a mistress dullahan tho
hoepfully her mom will be like that

>vampire mosquito
You and your shit-taste, user.

That hurt to look at.
Thanks user.

take it from my, you can get off to sounding,
but its going to burns like hell to pee for a couple of dats.

That's probably a small breed thing.

>no chapter where rach gets hit with a shrink ray and has to get in touch with her spider roots to survive in the wild.

I want to marry this cewt newt!

>Not a real newt
>Not a real dragon
>Not even real boobs
Worst in all categories.

where would we migrate if Cred Forums is kill?

Zombina is the Superior Girl

You have my blessing user.

Her boobs are very real and cute

Pickles will live on


i wonder if zombs parents are aware she's a zombie

could headless zombina beat headless lala in a fight?

Draco's flatness isn't even part of her species.
She's just flat.

I love Meroune Lorelei Du Neptune

I doubt it. Lala is basically two symbiotic entities that can work together. A headless Zombina would only be able to control her head so the most vicious thing she could do is stick her tongue out at her.

Lala seems to be pretty helpless as a head. I bet Zombina attempt to lunge while biting.

her body couldn't even move
we need a real busty dragon girl to bully her

I never knew how much I wanted this.

Has Crabman ever just come out and admitted his love of gigantic titty?

Many, many, many times.

Don't do this to me.

Okay, good, just wanted to make sure.

MonMusu Senran crossover when?

She's the Superior Pickle because some assume she smells like formaldehyde, which some may say smells like pickles

Her name is Cerea, and yes.

i thought you were talking about pickles the drummer.

>Not knowing how Pickles came to be. Shame on you user.
Also Pickles Best Girl.

>ywn surprise Tara by putting your hands around her waist and lovingly squeeze her

Would you love your monster fu if she was brown?

She's mostly brown already.



I don't follow.

If your Monster waifu is already brown, would you love her if she was white?

That's exactly what makes her so cute though, and it's not like she defends her facade to the death like some cunts do. It'd be annoying if she religiously adhered to it like a tsundere with her ass-backwards bitchiness, or an uptight twat who puts on airs to satiate her ego in front of the crowd even though she's really a filthy slut, but Lala isn't like that at all. You give her just a little push and she slinks into her true, painfully adorable shrinking violet personality. And it's obvious that she's trying hard to overcome her coping mechanisms and be more open with her friends, and I respect that about her.
Afterlife Lala is cute because it's the only place where she can really speak and connect with you on the most candid level, unafraid to bare her weaknesses and uncertainties to confide in someone she trusts. If she brought me there I don't know if I would be able to hold back, either my body or my feelings would drive me to do something drastic.
It's impossible to hold up the act under those circumstances, they turn into the filthiest, most shameless horny fucking sluts who'll whisper such dirty things in your ear you'll be in danger of a hands-free ejaculation.

why are Lala, Doppel, and Lillith the only monsters with black sclera?

I want to play monkey in the middle with lala's head

One that blows up all of her friends if she tries to tell them about it.

>She takes it as a challenge and judo-throws you to the ground

I want to hold hands with Polt's big fuzzy paws.


>Dat Lala
muh DICC

>as she looms above you, you jump up and kiss her
>she goes red for a brief moment
>she then knocks you out


Which girl the best at snu snu?



Literally hotdog in a hallway.

>you will never fuck draco inside a gigantes
>you will never cum so much inside her it spills out and impregnates the gigantes too
>you will never raise your dragonewt daughters alongside their gigantes half-sisters

Anybody got the Penguins sheet?

I want Cerea to fracture my hips.

Me too.

Or her mom.

I want break her back and then fuck her in the ass.

>Dose shoulders

>Known as Oni in Japan
>Slightly smaller than Ogre


>I wouldn't jump in with both feet if given a chance.
C'mon, user.

So I recently go the Seven Seas version of volume 9 and their version of this page confused me. Namely as you can see here the scanlated version has Mero asking Miia to be the mistress instead of her. Yet the Seven Seas version has Mero still asking to be the mistress despite her affirmation that she wants to be the "number one waifu."

Now a number of things in the Seven Seas version actually made more sense than in the scanlated version, so is it known if this was the exception and they simply messed up the translation, or did the scanlator mess up?

>Wanting Cereamom to cheat on her teaser

Shame on you.


I want to marry this snake.

>Won't you be my dear sir's side girl?!

What's the issue here?

I want to fug not go splunking.

You're a star.

I want to snuggle with Emperor.

I don't want to marry that snake.

Because she really wants Darling and I couldn't do that to her.

I want that snake to win.

I do however want to marry this fish.

But Cerea is both.

I mean that in the Seven Seas version Mero is asking Miia if she (Mero) can be Kimihito's mistress, basically meaning her goal hasn't changed at all.

I was asking what's the issue because I assumed you posted that version

Specifically Mero's line becomes:

>"Won't you let me be beloved's mistress?!"

I want to see Miia and Mero hang out more. Still waiting on that clothes shopping chapter.

Nope, only have pics of the scanlation not the official version (Seven Seas).

Loen can do some very nice THICC Lala

Nigga das cute as fuck.

I'd also like to see Lala+Mero or really Lala+any girl because she's a social autist and I'm curious how it would play out.


slimy fish titjob

sloppy snek tonguejob

I wish I had those LalaXMero alt covers in better quality
Also, Iliked that Miia and Lala interacted in the last chapter, at least a bit

Itchy tarantula fuzzjob

I'm going to marry Draco!

That would feel awful.




Remember that Sneks start lezzing out if men are in short supply.
Those tongues have been to places.

I think I've mentioned before the idea of Lala spying on Cerea taking care of her sword, showing Cerea how blunt her scythe is, and asking Cerea to teach her how to look after it properly.

Of course, Lala being Lala, showing Cerea how blunt her scythe is means sneaking up behind her and slipping it around her neck.


So does Lala have autism or Asperger?

You know what Kimihito did with that hand afterwards

Violently masturbated in the bathroom?

> Small forearms
> Obvious human hands

No one can blame him either.

What if you were used to the feel of the fuzz?

Upgrade those hands and forearms and that picture will be fine.

I'd go to mild Asperger

He's really quite lucky that none of the girls in the house have a extremely keen sense of smell concerning arousal. One can only imagine how often such a girl would notice he had been relieving sexual tension.

He wish he could, the rest of the girls of the house could easily hear/smell him, he wouldn't be safe

Formeldihyde just smells like a sharp chemical scent
Like its kinda gross and unpleasant but it smells very chemicalish


today, we have a cat.
set blending mode on the effect layer to 'screen'

Okay thanks grimsby.

How much of her is a Chuuni act though considering we've seen that she does have some powers, most telling the spirit realm thing.
Wonder if her mom is a full fledge death god.

>tfw these threads posting the same images over and over again are contributing to the site finance deficit

What have we done

That's not how it works, male Dulahans are the ones actually doing the death things

I'm really upset that Mako exists. Normally I hate fanfic stuff and all that but I genuinely love her.

She'll not only never be really but she'll never even be acknowledged as an actual character

which one of the monmusu would make the best mayor?

>male Dulahans
Implying they don't reproduce via spores

Mero would probably be the best in formal leadership roles.

First she becomes a mayor. Then she rules the world.

She does have some powers and connection to the afterlife, but as far as we've seen she doesn't have many of the attributes her chuuni side claims, things like knowing when someone is going to die, personally guiding their souls, etc.

when has she displayed any leadership skills?


She's probably the safest bet.

It's not the posts, but the bandwidth from having so many people browsing the boards.
So shut up and post monsters.

>ywn have snek daughters with Miia
>ywn battle evil Miia with your snek daughters
>ywn get captured by evil Miia after your snek daughters have to go to bed
>ywn become evil Miias consort

It's not supposed to hurt this much.



>you will never Voltron with your snek daughters as you fight your wife

That's always been my favorite evil Miia scenario.

That sounds fun too.

and depressing because it can never happen.

Why does a Death Guide need a body this breedable?


Because not every one wants to head off to the next destination, but damn near every one would follow that ass where ever it lead them.


Sheikh pls, don't you have a disparaging tweet to make about Hull Kogan?

the first time I had someone correctly point it out as a Sheikh reference, everyone else seems to think its bane.


>implying anyone cares about your forced meme

Out of curiosity, if Centorea is half-human, and she has a kid with Darling, the kid is 3/4 human. If the kid looks full centaur, how many generations with human partners until we reach a more satyr-like appearance for the offspring?

doesnt it work with elderscrolls rules
the child is always the race of the mother.

And then turns back time and make it so that it will happen no matter what.




Her tits are literally spilling out of her shirt, goddamn.

Retarded Ogre

Seeing Tio cry makes me sad.

lol dumb ogre

>How much of her is a Chuuni act
Probably 90% of it.
And Crabman will never show the mother.
Or just order her to never use her chunni act when around with people.

This is why Tio is worst girl. She ruined the food!

Trips confirm, Tio's sadness is a tragedy.

Jesus, ogres are so goddamn useless.
They're so dumb, they mess everything up.

These Penguin harpies have a even worse sense of taste compared to Lamias and other carnivore monster girls. Penguins only can taste sour and salty. Expect their cooking to be worse than the purple concoction that Miia is able to make.

I will make this Ogre a mother and take responsibility by marrying her.

I hope you do, because she's too dumb to support herself.

She needs someone to take care of her.

Tragedy, you say?

Making mountains out of molehills.

I just want to bully the Ogre to tears.

I want to make her cry.

I'd like to make those penguins taste something salty, if you get my drift.

you are a heartless villain. Just beware that when Tio's family gets wind of this you might not be so inclined to make her so sad. You might even end up working in a Kobold controlled gulag for your actions against Tio. Remember how Polt and Tio interacted.

But why?

Ran is so underrated.

For attention. Please try to recognize and starve the attention whores.

remember all those iosys touhou videos?
maybey some should do something like that for mm

I want to be bullied by this bovine

>6th in the poll

Personally I don't get her appeal.

Because I wish to break her pure, girly heart.

To the Kobold syndicate Gulag with you. I hope you told your loved ones good bye. You might not survive the harsh conditions of the the gulag.


No user. Monster girls don't deserve to have their hearts broken.

I want to have 400 BABIES with Cerea!

Why not? they're monsters.

I will survive and escape.

And when I escape, I will find Tio again and bully her.

>not foals
Pleb detected.

you die of dysentery if you attempt to make an escape from the gulag.

They've still got feelings.

I wouldn't just march fearlessly through the gates of hell to get through the gates of heaven that are her thighs, I'd go full blown Doomguy on it. Rip and tear.
You don't necessarily have to go that far, but you do have to keep a firm hand with her. You know she's the type to get hot and soaked for a man who loves her enough to boss her around and keep her in line, and if she disobeys you you punish her by leaving her head in public while fucking her body senseless in private.

I feel bad but at the same time I want to bully her so hard. I'm conflicted.

>the dumb, smelly ogre fucked everything up again
Why am I not surprised. Worst MON girl.

>leaving her head in public while fucking her body senseless in private.
Or just have those kittens like her face.

What MonMusu related post do I make to get the most (You)s?

Make a good drawing

>fuck her body raw in every hole wile two pussies are rubbing all over her face
I like that idea too.

Take that back or you'll regret it user

Is it Tio posting hour already?

No, it's Smith posting time.

What about fuzz posting time?

Needles ≠ Fuzz

Good fanart.

Miia belly

PoltxDraco posting

>tfw in an alternate universe, we could be professional monster girl roomies




>when people unironically say snek isn't best girl

Sheep stomach

really baffles me how a non-character, and not even one of the good ones, can inspire this much autism


I want to smooch it

I want to insert that bottle within her person.

How can one ogre be so perfect?

Post yfw Papi wins the Darlingbowl

Dumb Ogre

dubs of deception, snek is OTW

That's a lot more animation than most girls get.
What gives?

I want these thighs wrapped around my head while she gives me a footjob

It's always the ones you least expect.

She's an SR girl. All SR girls get the full body animation.

HR and below only get boobs or butts.

Binaposting time, you mean.

This is your last chance to apologize user, or else

>Is Lala the cutest girl?
Lala is cute but snek owns title for cutest. Being the cutest is the most important. That's why she will win the darling bowl

can you get that nazi propaganda out of here please

still waiting for wojak and spurdo :DDD to be declared nazi propaganda


I use the symbol to defend my love, Tio, the perfect girl! All other girls are inferior to this cinnamon roll goddess!

>that name
Even if this ironic/shitpost/bait you need to fuck outta here

Papi is a good girl.

I like Tio too but that doesnt excuse your autism

Papi wa murderer

Fools! You will not my crusade for Tio! You weak minded individuals call my love for her autism? You are mere pigs in human clothing!

the other autistic waifufags here don't namefag

Papi wa bush?

Never interrupt an enemy while it's making a mistake, user. Filter and forget.

You forgot

>Green eyes
>Weird looking face
>Unnatural pose


Can't a man preach about his goddess?

Would her bush be hair or down?

>tfw Crab makes Papi lay eggs, but not Miia or Mero

The bird at hand has no bush, user.

It is a mutant runt Kobold that is a child of TTF and Polt.

Given Seven Seas track record I'd say that the scanlated version is probably more correct.

Still a perfectly pleasant girl to be around as long as you don't cross her.

Mero does, as for Miia, see


Miia is probably ovoviviparous. she makes hard shelled eggs, however, the eggs are retained within the body until they hatch. Lamias probably do not have a placentas.

I'd say, given the location of her vagina, that lamia reproduction and gestation is human like

I feel like her snake half is a real mystery. Are there any organs in it? Or is it just flesh and blood and bone?
The upper area might make an okay area for gestation, given her reproductive bits are where her human torso ends.

It'd be like Samus.

Which girl would accept my habit of pissing in the sink

Most sound design is that Miia has the digestive tract of a giant snake, with most of her intestines, as well as her liver, kidneys, and possibly her heart and lungs inside the snake half, though maybe she has a pair of human lungs and a heart in her chest as well.
Her womb being located at the same place of a human's is pretty much canon. If most of her organs were at the snake part it would give her womb more room to expand to accomodate a larger baby.

Hopefully none

Miia would rather you piss in her mouth.

None of the girls do thanks to shitty backwards censorship laws, except obviously Polt, Luz, and technically every centaur. I also hope against hope that Lala has a cute little white tuft since the steam censoring her crotch covered just enough of her pubic area to leave it up in the air, and wasting a perfect opportunity to give a cute thing like her a delicious little snow white bush would be a travesty so I'm sticking to that hope.
But yeah, I don't know if anyone noticed but lately pubic hair has been so verboten that you almost never see it anymore, all this bald pussy all over the place is starting to get boring. I mean nothing too crazy but damn at least leave a little strip or patch to keep things interesting. Makes me want to dive right into Tara's scratchy orange muff just to get something different.

I want Lala to sit on my face.

Also why are pubes verboten now? I recall hearing that shaving downstairs in Japan is something that "sluts" do.

>liking pubic hair

Yeah, shaved looks good and all, like , but the bush is underrated as fuck.
I also have a thing for weird colored pubes

don't forget the thighjobs, they're awesome

>not liking the bush

for now, everything points that she's shaved

Which girl has the most lewds? Miia?

Nice to see more Octfags crawling out of the woodwork. She may not have a lot of content, but that doesn't stop us from loving her!

I like how she had one of her anemonnae thingies throatfuck Rachne. I bet she's dying to do it with her own tentacles


with darling or every lewd scene?

It really is, yet in every fanservice anime for the past decade or longer, in all lewd official promo art and such there's nary a single pube to be found in anything beyond doujins drawn by people with taste. Haven't you ever noticed that practically no anime girls have a nice little carpet anymore? One is forced to assume it's a censorship thing, despite being something typically only sluts would do which is in direct contradiction of the mandatory female purity required to rake in disposable otaku income but whatever. I think this whole thing is part of why C.C. having canon green bush made so many waves, other than the fact that it was official porn of course. Something like that in the modern day is such a beautiful sight to behold that it makes one want to march on over to anime and demand a pussy hair revolution. The time is nigh for a comeback.
Mind you I'm not talking about the hideously overgrown 70's porn actress forest that caters to a very select few, but you can't tell me so many bald-crotched women would look so much better with a little decoration down there, especially with all the crazy hair colors they have. I'm telling you man, Tio with the most perfect, cutely trimmed blonde landing strip you've ever seen! Zombina with color-mismatched hair and carpet like her eyes because of the different body parts! Manako who's insanely embarrassed that she can't grow more than just a thin little tuft causing an erotic moe overload! So much potential going to waste here.
I do think I kinda prefer Papi without it, it seems more appropriate that way. Such is not the case with all the girls, though.
Like I said, just barely enough to give hope for a little white patch right where the steam covers her mound of Venus. Don't take this from me, user.

She has a head start and is a massive slut but just for darling, so that helps

also, any sexual related stuff or we add teasing without any body part exposed?

How dare you mentioned the second Who?! Kitsunes should be forgotten.

Anything sexy or boner inducing

I just realized her tit looks like a bikini bottom

you should've put that image with spoilers, rest in rip
Merino can be considered for having pubes
'kay, gonna start counting them, scenes as a whole, not pages

Rip in peace

uh, there's a problem, Smith's body always makes me having a boner

I really want a doujin where she's prowling around Inkopolis for some delicious squid /ss/. All of her bases would be completely filled with enemy ink by the time it was over.

I want to do lewd things with that sheep

But she's just a human.

Draco and Merino, the bodies of goddesses.

Come on, our mods aren't such disgusting newfags that they would seriously delete unspoilered Berserk on Cred Forums, right?
>mod's face when

Only as anonymous

Yes, already got one for MonMusu pages so I spoil anything remotely nsfw now

me too boss

Orcs going to soiled that Draco.
What kind of person create a loli moth?

Fuck off ESL


I would kill so I could rub my face into some soft lavender fuzz.

>In humans a defensive cloud of urticating hairs can cause allergic skin reactions which can manifest as inflammation, rash and/or itching. The reactions can last for several hours or days
And that's for a regular sized tarantula.

But pubes are disgusting, not having any is yet an another reason why 2D is superior.

>And Crabman will never show the mother.

She's a divine spirit, a psychopomp. She may not have a mother.

("Divine" in every sense, as only the Best Girl can be.)

>not having any is yet an another reason why 2D is superior
Not going to lie, I agree with it.

Both of you are wrong

What about small patch of pubes in the shape of a heart?

Aren't Dullahan undead? Because if that's the case, wouldn't Lala's mother be over hundred of years old and be consider a gmilf?
You should be worrying about horse pussies more than the Orcs.

Orcs can't have Draco

I'm going to genocide the Orc race!

Wouldn't it be gross that a monster girl has pubes? Highly doubt any men wants to screw one with it.

And this design would put her anus down near the tip of her snake body, where the cloaca is on a snake. Where her urethra is located would depend on where her kidneys are.

Her anus being near the tail makes this scene even more lewd.


Nah, there would still be about a meter of tail after her cloaca

Did I make it in time to post cutest girl?

People have been banned for dumping new spoilered monmusu chapters.

That's not Draco!

but user, draco is a man in drag.

I somehow doubt you'd know what any man wants

I believe you mean "dragon".


Obviously not considering how popular Kobolds seem to be.

And violate the bill? user, unless they have a police force of monster boys, Orcs will just go and take all monster girls from people.


Back to the mines with you

We all know Kobolds have their mines, but who really controls the Kobolds?

I can understand if it's a fetish.

Sorry, but it looks like I'm going to have to disagree with you.


TTF. He gets all the Kobolds.

not the trainer from the online game

shes mai waifu, and TTF wouldn't cheat on polt.

Thats Rach fyi.


you are forgetting the hoards of medium sized tank top wearing balding men whom constitutes the vast majority of henchmen of the kobold syndicate.

(I look it up): yeah you're right. I just recalled that snakes have very short tails, but they're not as short as I though they were.

Makes me wonder what Mia has in her human torso. Just her reproductive system and a whole lot of bone and muscle to support her huge breasts, by the look of things.

Cerea just has the bone and muscle, and even bigger breasts.

>driving with Draco
>accidentally grab his leg instead of gearstick
>we both laugh and I unzip his pants
>park the car while singering his pussy
>Draco laughs because he knows it's a joke
>start fucking him raw on this empty parking lot
>forget to pull out because I'm laughing so loud
>Draco also laughing his ass off
>About a month later he's laying a fuckton of eggs and crushing my hand while crying like a little girl
>He lays the 23rd and I start crying like some stupid faggot
>kiss draco and call him a faggot while laughing

Gotta love playing pranks on my friends

But Monoeyes control the Draconewts, user.

I want to spook Oct and make her use her camouflage

What if Polt likes harems?
Is Saitama part of the syndicate too?

I want to spook Oct until she inks me

does he wear a tank top?

>pinch the echidna's cheeks
>press her venom glands and force her to spit a squirt of venom

Break the sonofabitch's back, fuck him in the ass, make him humble.


He can if you give him one.

put cerea in the camel clutch

>With a tanktop
Of course not! There is a rank S hero, though.
They'd probably not even get along. Polt would probably pester him about \ having a far too repetitive workout routine

>having a far too repetitive workout routine
This is Polt we're talking about. The Kobold likes exercises and workout as if their her drugs.

I will gladly become a monster in the eyes of monster girls to rid the world from the Orc disease!

I will be hated, unloved and despised by all, I will die alone, but I will know deep in my heart that I have done a favour to all those that hate me!

The orcs will die!

Yeah, but the problem isn't the volume or even the intensity, it's that Saitama's routine is the same. Every day, with no variation.
She'd probably pester him with tips on the right way to exercise endlessly. Then lose her shit once she noticed Saitama is impossibly strong

Dragonwrought Kobolds

Saitama would probably tell her she's making a mistake by not really pushing her limits.

She might as well get with those Tanktop gangs then.
What about female Orcs?

That is far too involved. This is Saitama we are talking about, he'd probably feel some minor annoyance, have a subdued rant eventually, try to shut her up through a practical demonstration by doing something impossible and then decide it's too much trouble once doing that only makes her more annoying.
Screaming shounen dialogue back at her is too hot-blooded.

does anyone know if imperium Draw fag takes commissions? id be willing to pay, for stuff that is not porn

Looks like a Nigress to me

>She might as well get with those Tanktop gangs then.
Probably the best bet. They all seem to be exercise buffs and share a similar wardrobe.
Although she'd probably try to get along with everyone and anyone regardless of fitness level.

ALL orcs must die.

ALL of them.

I'm curious to see what colors you choose.

Are there any official colors of the mothers? What color would cerea's mother eyes be?

The Tanktop gang are pretty much the only heroes that cares about getting fit.
And if Polt hangs with them, TTF will try to be part of their group to have Polt all to himself. Or Polt can force them into the mines.

I think all we got is dialogue that states Papi's mom is blonde with tanned skin.

Damn, bet you will even kill all young Orcs instead of reforming them.

I'll be giving them each .45 worth of reform

>The Tanktop gang are pretty much the only heroes that cares about getting fit.
Superalloy Darkshine would like to get a word, he is probably the most exercise-obsessed hero out there.
Although that much doesn't matter to Polt because she doesn't discriminate.

>Papi's mom

Tan skin, bleach blonde hair

>Mamma Miia

Same exactly as Miia

>Cerea's mom

Same as Cerea

I will be Miss Piggy's protector!

They all must die.

All must go to the death camps where they will be administered a quick death. The men, the women and the children.

The land must be cleansed of the Orc taint. There must be no mercy. They are not beings. They do not have feelings. Their tears, screams and begs are not real, it's only a way in which the Orc virus preys upon the soft-hearted.

See the Orc. Kill the Orc.
Do not hesitate.

Are you both colored green and redolent of pork?

>Tan skin, bleach blonde hair
But she looks like papi naturally. That's all tanning beds and peroxide.

>They all must die.
>All must go to the death camps where they will be administered a quick death. The men, the women and the children.
>The land must be cleansed of the Slime taint. There must be no mercy. They are not beings. They do not have feelings. Their tears, screams and begs are not real, it's only a way in which the Slime virus preys upon the soft-hearted.
>See the Slime. Kill the Slime.
>Do not hesitate.

This is how you sound right now.

>she doesn't discriminate.
She probably discriminate fat people if they don't put in effort.

Yeah, I forgot about that. This is confirmed from the photo Papi got in the mail, where everyone was confused and wondering why Papi was with some random man. So it's confirmed that Papi is also nearly identical to her mother.

I colored this a couple of months ago actually
The more I look at it, the more it hurts my eyes

No, she would excersice the shit out of them even if they oppose

Slimes can be considered living beings with feelings.

Orcs are not. Orcs only care about raping. They must die.

She's orange? I thought she was a lightish brown or tan.

I prefer them in that peripubescent stage, where they're slightly balder than TTF. Or the average Chinese moustache.

There's no official color yet.

There's no official color
I also have a pink/purple version of her

I always thought of a blue-green color

>no official color

Guess I let my headcanon take over.

Why waste time with them? She would rather focus with those that need to be skinny and muscular than those that blame their fatness on genetics.

Too cheesy.
Crab said she can change at will like normal octopus. So anything is just as valid as another. What it comes down to is 'does it look nice' which is up for debate.

Yeah, those are really cute. I imagine that's the kind of bush Manako, loli Kii and maybe Papi when she's a bit older should have. And for some reason I find myself wanting Iris to have this dark hairy muff that's neatly trimmed but still thick as fuck. Might just be me wanting the term "backbeard" to have some inherently sexual connotations.

Oh, I for got to add.

There is also a possbility that she is like the Scylla from 12beast. Human flesh upper half, octo lower.

Personally I think, and am happy with her, being all MonMusu. Besides if part of her was human than she couldn't camo as well.

Damn that's a slutty looking witch.

>Human flesh upper half, octo lower.
That's bullshit, all of her skin should be octopus

I mean just looking at her j don't think that's the case. She has real tentacles for hair and different looking pupils.hee skin is also all the same tone. Also her secrets page says her skin is so slimy its hard for her clothes to stay on which wouldn't be the case if her upper body was human. I think it's safe to say she's all monster. Like an Octopus version of how monster Polt is.

They might be variations of Ocotopus-women, you never know.
I do prefer full octopus skin, though, weirdly enough.

>What it comes down to

I honestly think she'd be like a tanned beach goer. Just to contrast with the mermaids which I'd like to think are all pretty much pale similar to Mero.

Can't octopus' change their skin color too?

Anime Oct skin changes on her moods and fritzs out when befuddled.

>the irony of replacing "Jew" with pig people

According to Crab she can, so I imagine when she's flustered she probably turns all sorts of random colors.

muh dick
probably Oct is entirely purple, Monster Musume girls are more monster than 12 Beast girls

Hitler did nothing wrong. He was trying to destroy the Jewish menace that has controlled the white race for decades prior.
The Jews won, and bastardized Nat Soc as monsters.

Alright folks, I've finished counting the number of lewd scenes of each girl from the manga! (including omakes):

It's official, Miia has had the most lewd, therefore, she is clearly the best.

How exactly are you counting these?

Cause some scenes last multiple pages and have tons of boobs. Like the Kii and Mega Suu scene. Or the Shedding chapter.

Do those just count as one? Doesn't seem very balanced if so.

She is behind horsepussy, though.

Cerea has more though. Plus shes the author's favorite to draw

>Worst girl has the most lewd scenes
It's only because of her breasts, right?

The candle lords

Read it again.
Do a recount of hand holding scenes and you see that Cerea is cleary the lewdest mon musume.

>Plus shes the author's favorite to draw
Actually that's Miia. I'm almost certain he said that during his recent QA.

Okayado is a hack and has shit taste. He also likes NTR. If he had even semi decent taste he would draw more Oct or Papi

I wonder if she turns plaid when she orgasms.

He said Miia was his favorite to draw, but he said Cerea was his favorite. Mostly because she has big boobs

Miia is Crabman's favorite to draw and one of the girls he would miss the most if he were to stop

>crabman likes NTR

Darling's harem NTR'd by an smooth orc with a huge green cock WHEN?

Wew, I just realized what I wrote would mean that darling would be the one to fall for big green cock

Strangely okay with this desu

To those replying to this, remember some girls came before others, and l therefore likely have more lewds.
E.x. Miia having 2 chapters to herself iirc.

I counted them as what they are doing is lewd, if they change the pose, part exposed, attitude, etc. Not every scene is only one page, some are two at much. Also, Suu is involved in some of those scenes but the only parts of her were her tentacles and nothing else, so I didn't included her in those cases.
Is hard to count, it's more like a personal count because to some people the only presence of their favourite girl is lewd and boner-inducing for them.
Big problem I have is me beign objective

Oh, about Cerea having more lewd scenes was because she's used very easily for big boobs lewd jokes; and Mamma Miia has a way more lewd personality than most of the girls of the manga but Papi's mom has an higher count because of the accidental lewd moments
I'm still not happy with the count but now I have to go to sleep, gotta get up early tomorrow

Are things like the Zombina scene in Cici's chapter only being counted once? Because there's so much quality material there.

It was as she changed poses and what the author was willing to use/stand out
still, I'm going to do another one tomorrow, now I'm very tired and gotta sleep

Great succ

>go out to my laundry room
>grab a t shirt to put on
>brown recluse inside of it about half an inch from my face as I pull it over my head
>remove shirt
>remove spooder from the premesis
Sorry Rach. You're a top tier girl and all but this house is prejudice.

Was it male or female?

She probably reminds him of his primary food source.

Snaky blowjobs?

I don't follow? The purple stuff?

Ramen, bakas.

>tfw you can never marry the girl of your dreams because she's not real and your an autistic faggot

It feels awful, user.

>tfw you can never marry the girl of you're dreams because she's not real and your an autistic faggot

Because she's long?

Pretty sure there's other kinds of food in japan aside from ramen

You fucking piece of shit

new Rachnee pic I've found and holy shit about the new Lilith rule34 pic I've found, top quality for sure

Ramen isn't an "everyday" food either.

It is if you're a mangaka.

Uh oh. You called Death incarnate cute and now she's flustere- I mean pissed.

I got a good enough look at it to NOPE and that's about it.


Does Lala buy her clothes at hot topic or does she just create them Celty style?

Did you see the new Cerea art?

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to make you angry! (oh man she's so cute)"

Stare at her until she gets embarrassed.

I liked more his Zombina tho
Also, I should upload a Lala that requested in /d/ (no futa) but the artist made her with some weird face and tumblr nose

Link it faggot.

Never seen dat cute af lala before? Are you Loen?

These doodles are my favorite and Lala is such a qt in them.


Which one?

Blueberry boobs.


Oh, excuse me if I'm watching you. I-It's just... a-are you really a reaper of souls? B-because such c-cute and p-pretty lady m-makes me feel more alive a-and with joy w-when I-I see you a-and when you are n-near me

Yeah, that bothers me too, she has a thicker body.
Maybe I'll edit it some day

>not being assertive towards chuuni girls to get flustered and make them break character

My fetish desu senpai.

Lala is made to be bullied.

>no full moon of her head being shy while her body is lewd

Hello Loen, thank you for reminding me to check for updates

It's looking fantastic, love you man no alp

> Horny maymay

Hello there, glad you like it, Im expecting to finish Miia and start some of the Darlings today, just give me few hours. Just noticed the mini Darling is missing, time to fix that too.

How could she afford all of those?

Oh, this artist, I hope he does more Rach and gives her the full treatment like he has done to his Centoreas.
Didn't see the Lilith though.
Link pls?

Same way i afford all my Miia dakis

irresponsible spending habits when it comes to something/someone we love

She looks so adorable in this pic, can't wait for it to be finished.

Bug go squish.

I want to play squid games with her.


Dangerously cheesy.

She's the perfect mix of adorable and sexy

It's why she's my waifu man, adorable and sexy with a little bit of kink to her.

Miia is love

Too lazy to go through all the pages. The thought occurred to me, have we seen Papi's ears?

Miia is life

That snek is my wife

You and I both know we could never have her.

When did you get a time machine, Darling?

1. Meroune
2. Miia
3. Lala
4. Suu
5. Rachnera

They're the main reason we don't have a Season 2. Crabman burned down Lerche when he saw them. They were lucky to get away with the DurararaX2 3rd Arc footage they'd finished.

bretty good

Because I haven't seen one with out the part on the bottom yet.


Dats bad my man

Miia a fat fuck.

Fat snek

What's wrong with it?

Rachnera isn't first

At least she doesn't have Holocaust arms

She's cool but I'm a dominant person. I'm willing to give up control occasionally but it's rare.

Didn't anyone tell Polt there was no need for her to strip to take their measurements?

Polt is a sexual deviant

it was for...accuracy...ya.
Same thing for Miia, no need for extra clothes weight.
...she' spirit.

>No need to strip.

You are wrong. Polt is being best girl by facilitating fan service for everyone else's best girl. You should all be thanking her.

1. Kimihito

Maybe Crabman wants to reveal that Polt is a lesbian.

Then TTF converts to Islam and rapes her straight

Looks like she has a case of the yaoi hands.

There was a surprising amount of Lala in this thread. She's not exactly my favorite, but it's nice to see her get some attention every once in a while.

Since Lala shows up when darling or one of the homestays have come close to death, I wonder if Lala has dibs on the souls of Miia, Rach et al. She already claims this for darling.

Damn, that edge.
We need to forget about her quickly. She needs to stay as a who.

She'll keep a hold of all of their souls as she's banging Kurusu in the afterlife. They'll be forced to watch for the rest of eternity.

I like this toned down Lala

We may all say our girl is best, but who can honestly say they don't have pictures of all the girls?


I don't have a single picture of horse pussy.

then you are missing some group shots with your favorite girl (probably) in them!

I doubt it.

>tfw Loen doesn't like Polt so you'll never get cute chibi Polt pictures

you are certainly missing this if what you are saying is true.

There is at least a dozen pictures of Rach together with Cerea. Seems you are not worthy of your waifu, missing material like that.

Lala is a kinder girl than that. I think Lala would want them all to take it easy and enjoy the afterlife.

Leon is a good for rejecting Polt, just like Imperium rejected Kiira. Wonder which girl Nayaa will never draw.

Hopefully Smith.

>tfw Loen doesn't do Mero

Maybe because he knows she's a cuck.
>Nayaa currently drawing a Draco sex comic that has a human in it.
He may have difficulty drawing Cerea because of her horse half.

>when the coffee is just right.jpg
Maybe he won't draw Manko.

Don't bully the fish