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No thread about the new Nanoha series without Nanoha?

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That's a thread about the Nanoha movie, which does have Nanoha. Big difference.

This is some good ryona, I'm going to masturbate.

Disgusting. Masturbate to belly.

I want Vivio to beat me up, I want the last thing I see before my vision fades to be her cute belly.

>cum on head
He had it coming.

There was a thread yesterday. A couple of them actually. The last one actually maxed out. But we can talk about how Einhart got waifu'd so hard that she's now calling herself Harunyan, taking marriage portraits and recruiting new girls on her own.

I like the new MC

Wait, Vivid Strike is Amazon, not Crunchy/Funni?

>a ballbusting harmony
I wish this show wasn't about girls fighting girs...

Have other scenes like that in Nanoha?

Same, I liked the first ep. I hope she gets in more street fights and teaches the girls how to fight dirty


Not really
Nanoha getting penetrated by Shamal and Tea getting befriended are the only ones I can think of


Magical shit aint ryona. Need punches and kicks.

Nobody punches and kicks in Nanoha

They do in Vivid

>Yumina: wife
>Vivio: "notice me senpai"
>Seiglinde: fuck buddy
>Fabia: pet
>Fuuka: underling
Einhart really gets around. The funny thing is Vivio was guaranteed to win the bowl before but she dropped it on her own trying to copy her mama.

Subaru, Ginga, and Nove would like to have some words with you.

>The funny thing is Vivio was guaranteed to win the bowl before but she dropped it on her own trying to copy her mama.
If she copied either of their mamas correctly she would have been capable of creating a harem bigger than Harunyan's. Vivio is a disappointment for the Takamachi family.

She managed to beat the sense back into Einhart and unlocked her smile but lost all of her default affection points in the process. And then Yumina conveniently showed up 2 chapters later.

Yeah, Vivio did the initial befriending just right, perhaps she needed to copy more of her Fate-mama's charm to completely win the girl. It's her mother's fault for not being at home enough time.


Please don't tell me it will be half the season of training and half the season of tournament like vivid.

Artist name?

Yeah, same as Kabaneri. Dunno what's worse - amazon or funishit.

If there's going to be fighting like this episode I don't mind the ride honestly. For martial arts anime, it's the only one of its kind right now. Martial arts/fighting series are my favorite and I greatly appreciate Tsuzuki for pandering to me.


This is the kind of Corona I dig.

Rio is still best girl.

>the strongest mages are females
>the officers in the TSAB are females
>the reincarnated "kings" of belkan butt fuckery are female
>the few males are either bad guys or have been killed off
Why can't we have some cool male characters.

Chrono is the strong, intelligent and good male character you ask for.

I like her too. When she thanked the guy who fired her, I was immediately >damnn nice girl
Rooting for you, cute orphan.

but he is a nobody.

There's Yuuno, Chrono and Zafira if you want good guys.

There's also a ferret and a dog.

Because then you would get things like this.

>one of the youngest admirals ever
>a nobody

Who's that?

He has the highest rank out of all the characters from the first season and A's.

They all die. Mysteriously. Right after talking to my sister.

I can't explain it.

>If she copied either of their mamas correctly she would have been capable of creating a harem bigger than Harunyan's
But they don't have harems. They just have each other.

I don't get it either, why they suddenly decided to shit on the default ship, after it being in the front of the manga/anime/artbooks for 6 years.

Almost as if the authors hated the pairing or the characters and wanted to burn bridges or something.

He has a high rank and a family, he's THE accomplished and likeable male character of the series. I'm pretty sure if they overused him people would find a reason to hate on him.

Vivio/Carona is better anyway.

>wanting strong independent leadign males in a Tsuzuki series
go watch Dog Days

Einhart needs something to protect and know that Vivio beats her up and obviously don't need her protection the latter lost the charm she had.

>Nanoha series turned into Rocky movies


There isn't anything that says Kris and Teo aren't still the OTP.

>But they don't have harems. They just have each other.
I mean that both of Vivio's mothers are perfectly capable of starting their own harem if they wanted, but apparently they have never been into polyamory.

He's the one guy calling the shots. By the way there's also Zafira and several male good guys are in important positions of power. Also Einhart had a dick in a past life.

>implying they don't bring Hayate to have fun with them every now and then

Man, no one likes Vivio, do they?

Okay, this then. I thought I post it too often so went for that device one. But basically, look at most of Takuya's artbook pictures who is suggestively clinging to each other.

Being banished from the story is pretty much the same as being killed off.

That looks just like any of the females.

>"You're the best" song

Ivan Drago when?

I do, I want her back on the ship, yesterday. And when Nanoha uses magic to knock up Fate, I want Vivio to secretly try the techniques and accidentaly knocking up Einhart.

because when they tried with
>Nanoha's lead MC plot armor
>Fate's coll tragic backstory
>Hayate's OP magic transformation
>oodles of hot chicks and badass enemis
and they still couldn't pull in shounen readers
they gave up and decided to make more cute girls doing badass things

>And when Nanoha uses magic to knock up Fate
But they already have Vivio.

>decided to make more cute girls doing badass things
>Vivid and Innocent

Fun Fact: The characters are not mindless degenerates like you.

Stop projecting.

Even Nanoha has been banished from the story by now, Chrono at least played an important role on the first two seasons.

Yumina only has one appearance in the spreads which is odd for how important she became.

Of course it's her claiming Einhart.

Yuuno was in ViVid and Chrono is en route to became on of the big names of the TSAB and is helping to allow Hayate to do shit without mountains of bureaucracy.

Girls fire the guns while men sign the important papers in the Nanohaverse. Griffith's also there climbing positions.

>>implying they don't bring Hayate to have fun with them every now and then
Hayate would be on permanent babysitting-Vivio duty if she came over when Nanoha and Fate wanted some private time.

i stand corrected, i meant to type
>pander to all the big fat /u/ wallets

Biological daughteru is nice too. And 2 if not more kids is like, normal - except China.

It would also have the advantage of drawing Fate back home and from the frontline/away duty. She needs to have a life outside work too.

It will be. I mean, they introduced an entirely new character so they can do the standard power development story.

That image is inaccurate Hayate would've being cuddled by two women, two fairies, a loli and a big muscular man.

Zafira sleeps on the floor.

Einhart is still the best.

I'm more inclined to believe that adding any adult males to the team would obviously threaten the yuri.

We had Zest for a while, he was pretty cool had he just stayed around.

By choice, and who can blame him. Fresh clean floor in summer is the best.

But if Hayate is feeling down he'll be there cheering her up with the rest.

He also is Hayate pillow from time to time.

Too bad it's not going to happen, it's a nice idea.

Why the fuck isn't this series another Strike witches?

Well, for him going into Hayate would be kinda like being zoophile, eeew. He knows better.

I hate this stupid Dragonslayer/double blade shit. Could they possibly have given Bardiche a more retarded design? Why not something like a rapier to accomodate Fate's fast paced combat and style? Either that or bringe back Sealing Form and make it into an actual spear.

Not this hot garbage.

>Too bad it's not going to happen, it's a nice idea.
Yeah, the opposite is going to happen, what a joke.

Eh, you're getting more of that this season as well.

And helper for her and Nanoha during their respective rehab. Canon and all.

If the movie 3rd covers the recovery I hope to see some small Nanoha and Zafira scenes. The quiet wolfman that cares for the lolis and have their silent but warm gratitude.

>Alright take five newbie
She actually expected her to go more rounds, did she take lessons on how to be a coach from Kamogawa.

Rapiers make little sense as general weapon.

it's almost like Force is a cavalcade of shitty ideas

>helped Nanoha during her rehab
I don't remember that bit, what was it said about it?

She ride on him. Man!

Not much. Just that while she was recovering the use of her legs Zafira used to help her walk and give her rides around which was something he did for Hayate as well during her own recovery.

Never watched anything Nanoha related but decided to Strike. Cringed quite a lot at the beginning with the gang but then they got the loli gym and i started to enjoy it a lot more.

Love Nove's new hairdo.

>Never watched anything Nanoha related



So does the gigantic sword.

A rapier seems more fitting for Fate though, as it is light, less cumbersome than a normal sword and is meant to swiftly hit where it hurts.

RH's Option form was pretty cool, they just butchered everything else.

>as it is light, less cumbersome
No it's not, most of her weapons are made mostly from magic/energy, and should weight the same.

Why the franchise suck Einhart's dick so much?

Tsuzuki hates Nanoha and everyone related to her.

>as it is light
All of them weigh the same amount. The physical parts don't change weight no matter what form Bardiche takes, and the blade is made of literally magic.

She's probably Tsuzuki's selfinsert.

I know ill hate for it but im not a fan of her costume

Yeah, it's got pretty mountains.

You're right, that DOES make me hate you!

That's a really random reason not to be interested in Nanoha, but okay.

Pretty sure we are seeing Einhart's slide to secondary-to-no importance now, in fact.
In spite of it now looking like she is a big shot. So is Sieglinde, but she is sadly mostly background support character after the Belkan flashback arc ended.

I just want him to talk again

Please let best device talk again Tsuzuki, i'll suck your dick and all of the shady japanese puppet masters in Kings Records

Not to mention she took them all four of them with no breaks in between. It's less like sparring and more like being a punching bag.

She's been using giant swords since A's, why only complaining about them in Force?
Force has plenty of problems unique to it to whine about, if you want to complain about Fate using swords too big for her, you're complaining about everything past the original series.

No amount of dick-sucking can make the dead talk



Shouldn't they be doing it, you know, doggy style?

Quit being such a racist user.

>you lived long enough to see nanoha turn into a series about rich girls beating the shit out of a homeless kid

higher rank does not make him stronger than nanoha or fate.

Why would you want him to be?


And fuck you,

Anybody writes in japanese? Let's send that message to Nagashirou Rouge.

I think they meant military rank, not mage rank.

No, but it means he has a lot of influence and money while still being quite strong, he shouldn't be that far behind from Nanoha actually.

I wonder if we will see Hayate and crew in one of the future episodes, since Fuuka get's a device that looks similar to Teo. unless it's creation happens off screen.

He has an high military rank, not an high mage rank (compared to the rest of the cast).


Probably not, considering Miura is now training with Red Subaru

Well his mage rank is also pretty high, but by strikers I think Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, and Signum are all ahead of him and he's tied with Vita.

This doesn't look particularly good.

That's literally the Karate Kid theme, you goddamn fucking autist.
Made me laugh though.

Teo could father it itself. Or mother.

He would not say that. He always thought Wilfried was a dude.

It was a joke by the translators, man.
And to be fair, so did the readers at the time.

I really, really wish we could return to a time when I could save official fanart from the show without being afraid of being put on a watchlist.

>put on a watchlist for saving drawings
You must leave in a really shitty place.

Oh right, didn't occur to me it is from the credits.

A shitty place with no watchlists whatsoever, but the fact remains that this shit makes me feel like a pedo.


Please elaborate


>b-but it makes me feel ICKY
lol, what a baby. Get out of here, woman.

Just close your eyes and pretend it's something else, for fuck's sake

>Scott MacDonald

Don't be a perv and leech the real deal.

I'd be more worried if it DIDN'T make me feel 'icky', subject matter being what it is.
But whatever, I've accepted it as just another burden of being part of this fanbase. At least I still get cool fights.

>I'd be more worried if it DIDN'T make me feel 'icky'
Why? That'd mean you can differentiate between things that are real and things that are not, like a normal human being.

Make me

Ew, that looks disgusting.


My waifu > your waifu


Whatever makes you think that eh?

She doesn't need to use that towel I can clean all that sweat from her body with my tongue.

Don't worry, you are not weird, although Cred Forums has a lot of weirdos whould would like you to feel like that (or just troll that way).

But then she'd be covered in saliva.

You're going to have to take that up with her lawful wedded partner.

You don't need to brag Nanoha.

>licking a poorfag
>when there are superior sweaty lolis around

Dog Days actually did the male lead right.

He's not OP. He's not a retard. He has cute relationship with the girls.

I'm a yurifag and still didn't hate him.

For anyone who didn't notice, the character page got updated.
Fuuka Reventon
>Live-in part-timer at Nakajima Gym
>Style: Hegemon style (apprentice)
>Came from an orphanage.
>Is living at her part-time work place after leaving the orphanage
>1 year ago, parted way with her once very dear childhood friend Rinne because of an unexpected disagreement
>Fought and lost to the martial artist Rinne
>Been living a wild life since but then, met the U15 champion Einhart Stratos and got her talent in martial arts acknowledged
>Works at Nakajima Gym as an athlete and live-in part-timer while trying to get stronger in order to face Rinne again
>Looks up to Einhart as her master, and is learning the Hegemon style techniques
>Serious and straightforward, will speak politely to even the people younger than her if they are her senpai

He would have been tolerable if he weren't such a special snowflake immediately.

>rich girls pay an orphan who has nowhere to go so they can beat her up

Rinne Berlinetta
>Blue Gerohni Middle School 1st year
>Style: Total Fighting
>Device: Skudelia
>Fuuka's childhood friend at the orphanage
>Chose to live a life of a martial artist and keeps winning in order to "get to a place where no one can look down on her"
>4 years ago, got adopted by the presidents of the the famous fashion brand Berlinetta
>DSAA world ranking: 1st place
>Is currently aiming to take the U15 champion throne from Einhart
>After their separation 1 year ago, her relationship with Fuuka has been worsening

>another Belkafag confirmed
I at least hope Berlinetta is a Mid-style user.

>Free room and meals
>get beat up by cute little girls
I don't see the downside.

Jill Stora
>Trainer at Frontier Gym
>Rinne's personal coach
>Former martial artist
>Strongly believes in a particular way of raising athletes, has been training Rinne using technologies and theories

Einhart's profile also got a line about her being Fuuka's teacher added in.

This. He doesn't need to be stronger as he is more influential and politically powerful than all of our heroines. He holds the key to their limiters by the way.

Chrono is the boss.

Limiters are no longer a thing. And they were retarded.

Besides, Chrono got so high so fast because of his mom. TSAB is a bunch of incompetent idiots. Meanwhile Nanoha was actually turning down promotions.



Vivid Strike is a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff.

The salary is lower but she gets free room and food.

Reminder that Vivio x Einhart is OTP.

>TSAB is a bunch of incompetent idiots.
maybe that's why they don't show up much anymore

I wonder if they will force her to go to school.

>introduce badass protagonist who gets into street fights for kicks
>have the cute vivids take turns beating the shit out of her in the first episode

This is the first time I've been pleasantly surprised by Tsuzuki in quite a while.

Vivio had everything going for her but she still got dumped for some literally who who is good with her fingers. The power of your bloodline can't beat being a good lay.

>Nanoha was actually turning down promotions.
Because she loves to fly and kick ass. Fortunately they have Chrono on a big chair helping them out with the superior office.

Or read Wanko to Kurasou.

God damn it now I feel obligated to finish Vivid and read the manga.

That's a great thing when it comes to moe, user. Your taste is basic and unrefined.

That only makes the whole thing shadier

I thought Mid Childa was an Utopic society with superior social services.

Vivio lost the Harunyanbowl, accept it.

>Device: Skudelia
Oh damn, NOW I get it.

For a hothead, she took getting fired pretty well.

Why does advanced magical alien civilization Mid Childa look exactly like Earth down to biker gangs and fucking shipping yards?

Sorry but it's too late.

You can see circle behind her right above.
Of course Fuuka would go Belka user, if she is to train under Haru-san.

>Vivid Life


On that note, what chapter does the Vivid adaptation end at?

The ED chibis and preview chibis were the best part.


Okay pitting her against freaking Miura on day one was just unfair.

The ED is great
I love the little details like the different fightstyles

Yeah, I immediately liked that. I guess could be sign that being poor & down on luck made her humble/down to earth in some things. Which is rare trait in anime teenagers hehe. Hopefully the characterization will stick to that.

Child labour is the norm there, didn't you know? If you don't work then you don't have any right to eat.

I guess the CBD and military camps are the only parts that look futuristic because all the mages gather there.
The other places look like earth because they're where all the uneducated magic noobs live.

Vivid Life is absolutely fucking relevant.

Wanna bet if amazombie translators get it?

>those middle panels

Nekotoufu is great.

Or did she? There's already one reverse trap, why not TWO!

No bet, I watched Bakedfish.No idea how bad they mangled the first ep.

And Rio and Vivio weren't?
Corona was probably the only one she had a ghost of a chance against, and she got the element of surprise instead.
Almost like Nove did it on purpose.

You expect me to believe Yumina just pushes Einhart down whenever she pleases and has her way with her body?

Yumina is the man.

Tsuzuki hates Einhart and wants to write her to down to the ground so that he can get rid of her.

Yumina is a predator.

I hope the Fuuka bullying won't stop there. Corona needs to smash Fuuka to the ground with her golem or meister arm.



Like 30 something?

In martial arts, obviously, not all-out magic

>Here Fuuka, use this attack that Vivio already knows how to counter and get in there.
>Fuuka runs in and throws out the attack Vivio has countered before
>Vivio counters it and knocks Fuuka out
Einhart is a jerk.

She still gets her ass kicked
Corona has the most savage fighting style in vivid

Vivio didn't counter it, Fuuka collapsed because the Accel something hits from before got her. After them she was already dropping (eyes blank and all) but then she got GUTS turbo, opened eyes again and pulled the move with last bits of strength.

>I've accepted it as just another burden of being part of this fanbase
What the fuck are you even talking about. Being part of the "Nanoha fanbase" already requires an immensely fuckhuge powerlevel.

>immensely fuckhuge powerlevel
That a new fancy name for lolicons?

>only lolicons watch Nanoha

Apart from the fact that, no, a show that still regularly gets new stuff does not "require a huge powerlevel" to get into, powerlevel is not and has never been concurrent with pedophilia. /m/fags have fuckhuge powerlevels and they'd slap your shit more likely than not.
In short, LURK MOAR.

I laughed when the biker was waving around that taser like as if it was hot shit.

Of course she did it on purpose the first thing a fighter has to learn is how to take a punch.

>Being part of the "Nanoha fanbase" already requires an immensely fuckhuge powerlevel.
I visit a site called full of the most casual fuckers in existence. Nearly everyone there is a fan of Nanoha, and every time someone starts a thread about it, they all have to spend three pages going on about they aren't lolicons.

How does this work? How is she ranked number one when she lost the tournament?

They were all holding back. Heck, that "device" was probably amplifying the blows just to make it go worse.

It's like the beginnings of an edgy series. All they were missing was some ohohoho.

This is reminding me again of all the stupid writing and inconsistencies post Vivid. How the hell did they decide age and seniority among the numbers again? It can't have been based on date of activation since Subaru's not the oldest, and they're cyborgs so there's no date of birth. I don't understand.

The DSAA may have a cumulative multi-tournament rating, rather than rely on a single-elimination format.

There's nothing to understand, remember StrikerS was a mistake.

Well then, aren't you glad you can post here freely without needing to do that bullshit? Hint.

They were people before they were turned into lesbots

How the fuck did this franchise change from magical girls fighting for their life to tournament style martial arts?

How the fuck is there no lewd fanart of Corona?

Maybe Spring Cup and Winter Cup are tournaments but U15 is just a category. If she is a pro then she can just asks for matches every now and then and the more win she gets the higher her ranking is. It would also explain why Vivio is ranked 7th despite winning against her.

Hey now, vagrant_wind's WIY Nanoha StrikerS is what finally convinced me to give the franchise a try. We're not ALL casuals.
Also, RPGnet is the only place I've found where people are actually more willing to discuss Nanoha's worldbuilding and setting over which waifu is best waifu.

Maybe we ought to have Nanoha threads on /tg/ every now and then.

It WAS age of activation, Subaru and Ginga were just anomalies and the Numbers weren't activated in numerical order. Rather, they were activated in the order Jail wanted to use them.

I'm not entirely sure what you're hinting at.
I'm not the dude you were talking to, I was just pointing out that Nanoha is much more of a casual anime than you think it is.
And I don't post there, I just visit to read Shadowjack's watching of Sailor Moon.

>which waifu is best waifu
There is nothing to discuss

? They were clones, right?

>Subaru and Ginga were just anomalies

This makes no fucking sense.

>Oh ok hi Subaru so I guess we're joining your family now, by the way you're arbitrarily the fourth oldest even though we followed a different convention for everyone else

This. We all know it's Nanoha.

And it begins.

Fite me.It's Vita.

Yes, they have nice discussion about worldbuilding, but the sheer vehemence they can have about even a trace of lolicon is kinda disconcerting.

Let's just say they ranked it based on how mature one is, mentality speaking.


How about "I guess we're joining your family now, but we've been separated for so long we pretty much have our own hierarchy of older-younger, so just go wherever you feel you should, I guess?"

Sure I guess. This made me want to finish watching Vivid and there are just so many things that confuse me. I'm spending more time looking up character backgrounds I assume were explained in the sound stages or something than I am actually watching it.

Does Einhart have parents? She...has a house? But no parents? But she's descended from royal lineage so she has to have had parents. What?

That's not what I had in mind, but whatever. Cute Vita-chan is the best!

That's not Hayate

That's not how you spell Shamal.

Well, unless you're retarded.

You're right.

Yes, everyone know.


That means she's not best waifu.

I kind of wish they would introduce a rival space nation some time.

Like some evil magical girl empire from Korezon. Or warlike animal girls empire like in Dog Days.

Complete with a new style of magic.

You're all wrong.
It's obviously Teana.

Wait, wait, when did Nanoha adopt Einhart's wife? Or was it Fate? Is it possible that Yumina is a Cyborg?

I'm pretty sure Lindy and that glasses admiral are more important.

There is also that female pope.

And now a bunch of reincarnated Belka nobles.

NanoFate are obviously adopting Yumina and Fuuka.

Did you forget about Corona's pupped buff magic thing?

She's literally Hulk compared to the rest of them.

I never finished this game.

A TSAB offshoot that separated from the larger organization would be a neat idea, I'm not sure I trust Tsuzuki to pull it off though.

BakedFish is a reencode group, not a sub group, you baka

>I'm pretty sure Lindy and that glasses admiral are more important.
Didn't Lindy retire?
>There is also that female pope.
The way it's presented in StrikerS, she and Chrono are on roughly the same level
>And now a bunch of reincarnated Belka nobles.
I don't think the Mid-Childa military, or government, recognizes those titles.

But user, the TSAB IS the Evil Empire.

The Church does and they have great influence.

Go ruin a Madoka thread, ACK.

Why does a show about magical girls need boys?

D'oh. I got confused since they usually re-encode Horriblesubs, but I guess it would be Amazon for this one.

One of the most incompetent ones ever.

You should, it's pretty fun.

But of course Einhart has parents, she wouldn't exist otherwise. Her parents never get mentioned, though.
She is Claus' direct descendant, sure, but from what we know about Claus so far, he never got married. Chance is, he had a bastard child with some random servant/villager and that child eventually became the Stratos' ancestor.

>355 ▶
>Go ruin a Madoka thread, ACK.
>Why does a show about magical girls need boys?
For breeding.

>Why does a show about magical girls need boys?
So that we can laugh at butthurt yurifags.

>muh butthurt
Why are hetshitters such shitposters?

Soon another will rise, and look at those shoulders, they're totally EVIL! EVIL!

I don't know, why do yurifags get so butthurt at even the slightest hint of heterosexuality?

There are a handful for het series with yuri bait every year you can shitpost about, Nanoha isn't one of them.

Politely go back to /u/. Anyone unironically using the phrase "hetshitters" doesn't belong on Cred Forums.

I know it's you, Mugino.

Why does the new MC look like Nanoha with Hayate's haircolor?

I'm not sure you belong in this thread.

>Nanoha has a ponytail

Isn't that his originally-evil ToRaHa outfit?

What? Last decade we were laughing at the last remaining ferretfags, I don't know where you came from, do you even know what series this is?

Considering that his mentor turned out to be a war criminal, I'm afraid that if they used him more they'd just end up making him the villain.

I wasn't talking about Nanoha in specific, asked why magical girl shows in general had male characters.
The answer is: not everyone is a lesbian.
As for why Nanoha in specific has male characters, I don't know. But they have their fans, so I don't see any reason to NOT include them if they fit into the story.

Try and make me leave.

A series about girls, and sometimes guys, using large laser beams to solve problems that for the most part could be taken care of by therapy?

Dog Days is happening in the same universe isn't it?

Looks like this thread caught a backwash of /u/fags (or one particularly obnoxious one).
Ignore him and he'll eventually kill himself, hopefully.

Okay wait, this is a different fighting category and they won't be using actual magic at all? Just MMA?

Literally why?

>thread was perfectly fine until hetshitters found it, then it became shit
>"must be the yurifags' fault!"

I don't know user, the thread went as usual with the regulars until this Sailor Moon guy showed up, but he doesn't look like a /u/fag at all, while most of the usual crew does.

magic isn't hip anymore

Yeah,that's a word that you often hear around here, right?
Hint: The answer is fuck you and also,"no".

All their attacks and blocks look magic powered to me. But yeah, if you remove the magical veneer nothing changes. It's not very creative at all.

What's the fucking point in tying this into the Nanohaverse without having any of the actual leads onscreen? They should've made it its own IP and universe.

I'll be a crossboarder and liken this to Metroid Prime Federation Forces.

Tsuzuki is evil.

At least we still get the movie. Think happy thoughts.

As long as fans keep paying for this crap, they'll make new series, each more removed from the core than the last. The end game is Force.

>They should've made it its own IP and universe.
Please explain to me how that would have made it better. Because all I hear is you bitching about them taking the franchise in a direction you personally don't like.

>Please explain to me how that would have made it better.
Not him, but the reaction would have most likely been more positive if it was its own thing since then the standards it would have to live up to would be a lot lower. As it is, it's sharing a series with A's.

>Because all I hear is you bitching about them taking the franchise in a direction you personally don't like.
Are people not allowed to complain or something?

Because most of us don't actually give the square root of a fuck about Vivio and her gang being lesbians and sometimes punching each other.

It's a dull setting that doesn't belong in a Mecha Shoujo like Nanoha, and you'd have to be completely daft to even consider forcing it.

This a continuation after the first Vivid anime or something new?

spinoff, vivid s2 2017

Seconding this question

>The way it's presented in StrikerS, she and Chrono are on roughly the same level
Indeed. Chrono was already on a higher position than Lindy on StrikerS. Lindy commanded an exploration ship while Chrono leads an entire fleet of Mid-Childan Warships. The guy commands enough firepower to wipe out planets.

Timeskip to 1 year later.

non-canon series set after the tournament, but before any of the relationships developed during the tourny are made.

Aka, after the vivid anime, and with vivid's plot thrown out the window.

It also looks like the magic stuff is being toned down a lot.
Expect Ippo style fights instead of magic-centric.

Here's another crossboarder likening for you: Scrubs S8

>non-canon series set after the tournament, but before any of the relationships developed during the tourny are made.
>Aka, after the vivid anime, and with vivid's plot thrown out the window.
What? All the developments that already took place or hinted in Vivid manga are there in Strike.

>As it is, it's sharing a series with A's.
It's also sharing a series with Force, which still hasn't been officially canceled.

>Are people not allowed to complain or something?
They are, though I personally like it when those complaint are more substantial that "I DON'T LIKE THING!"

Well, thanks for elaborating on your complaints so you sound like less of a bitch. I still think they're mostly bullshit though. Especially the "most of us don't actually give the square root of a fuck." I'm pretty sure numbers wise, Vivid is the most popular Nanoha series.

Has it been explicitly said to be non-canon?

Well, it's not a Leisure Suit.

That was an emergency situation.

user, a *single* warship with Arc-en-Ciel equipped (like the Arthra/Asura Lindy was in command of) has enough firepower to glass a planet in minutes. A fleet of warships (if that is indeed what Chrono is in command of; it was never mentioned, beyond his rank being Admiral, same as Lindy's) would be capable of waging war on entire solar systems.

Imagine if they went halfway through Star Wars, then started on the middle of Return of the Jedi.

Again, about 30 or so.

>Has it been explicitly said to be non-canon?
Nope. user is just pulling shit out of his ass.

>non-canon series
It's canon though, it takes place in the main continuity after Vivid.

He's no Larry, after all.
That dubious honor should probably go to Yuuno.

And I'm pretty sure you're going to get a [citation needed] for that.


If male bodies are shit at producing mana why won't males just transform into girls to fight?

>It's also sharing a series with Force, which still hasn't been officially canceled.
Difference being nobody gives a single fuck about Force.

You are the person who ruins literally everything you touch. No, really, it's disgusting what a bad person you are. And not only are you vile and disgusting, you're stupid as fuck as well.

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You spam and support low quality content, low quality content damages the fandom. It's that simple.


Fucking please. You ferretposters need to realise that honour belongs to Erio.

It was something I read years ago, I'll see if I can hunt it down.

That doesn't mean it isn't true.

We've been over this, user. It was "Berlinetta family", not "IforgotwhatVictoria'ssurnamewas" family.

I don't think you can be more delusional than this, it's sad.

Nah, Dahlgren's like totally sweet, Sieg says so.

More likely it's an evil uncle or something. Who is probably raising her to be his new wife, because he's a vampire or something.

For which the TSAB entrusted Chrono with such important task.

Indeed but just to clarify. The Arthra originally didn't had any heavy weaponry. Lindy pulled some strings to install the Arc-en-Ciel on to the ship due to the emergency (dunno if Graham had something the do with it).

Erio belongs to Caro and woe betide any who try to pry him from her deathgrip.
Lutecia probably tries anyway.

Subaru and Ginga don't belong into the "Numbers" line, they are earlier stage prototypes, worked on by a different team too. So Ginga being retrofitted as 13 is only non-systematic thing. Numbers are separate line of Jail's making. In any case, nothing to be mad about, even if one is an autist.

Have you even read the dictionary definition of a joke?

They have some assigned "biological age" (not equal to real age) which for Cinque and maybe for Dieci happens to be higher than for Subby while Wendi and Nove are considered younger. Maybe they let that dynamic go based on personalities and respect too, though.

No, he's the resident target of /ss/, user. Don't misunderstand.

How is something so sad supposed to make anyone laugh?

Yes, but there was just a picture of (You). Strange, that.

They scrambled whatever they could like incompetent retards they always were.

It's fucking insane they their capital planet had literally 0 protection and ships had to get there.

Some pirates with one ship and a nuke could kill millions.

Leave my board.

How do they expect this to sell if everyone is frozen in development?

It's probably easier to correlate "biological age' with "time they've been active". That, if memory serves, puts Cinque as the oldest, followed by the imprisoned Uno and the deceased Due and Quatro.

They're appealing to a wider audience.

Why would they do this?

Wouldn't it just spoil vivid's plot?

Reminds me of Pre-9/11 US.

Only Humans and Belkans have enough balls to deal with mass based weapons.

Which brings to question why the TSAB didn't just buy a couple of AR15's on earth and get the huckenwhatever over with.

Once again, /u/fags, this is Cred Forums. If you can't handle that, go back to your containment board.

Who'd /ss/ him, though? Megane has to get through her daughter first and Fate would have to escape from Nanoha's all-seeing eye.

a. There is no plot, it's all character stuff
b. Buy the manga

All the developments are there and progressing.

I'm pretty sure it's the new canon, considering how bad Vivid was.

Tsuzuki's ways are wise and unkown to mortal man.
Seriously though, we have no idea, beyond "fuck Yukarin for leaving, we'll make a show without her with MMA and lolis!"

Nice to see my shitposting pictures in use. Ah, those were the days when Einhart was Heidi E.S. Ingvalt, going by the title Hegemon, and not a Harunyan.

It's easier than that. Just use magic to propel a steel projectile.

But retards at TSAB though it's better to design giant weapons instead.

>disliking /ss/hit means I'm a /u/fag
I guess I shouldn't be surprised /ss/fags' forte isn't logic, but still.

How old is Nanoha in this spin off?

Alternate timeline.

>Only Humans and Belkans have enough balls to deal with mass based weapons.

There are shitloads of civilizations out there and we only saw few of them. Assuming that nobody would ever attack is retarded.

What the hell am I reading?

There's no Nanoha in this spinoff.

Only a /u/fag would get that degree of an allergic reaction, so yes, you're very transparently one.
Seriously, can you please fuck off now?

A year older than she was in ViVid, so,26 going on 27?

Vivid is getting S2 anyways. Manga sells good.

I still want to hope that wont's just be left dangling in vacuum but will eventually lead to a serious plot.

My theory was that she is the daughter Hades speaks of in Force and he plots to use her against Vivio after few years of infiltration. Then she could finally be befriended properly. I had a thrilling idea for Vivid Strike too, though.

And by different people, at that.

>manga sold well.

fix't that for you.

Is there an upload where the OP isn't muted as fuck?

Yukarin wouldn't even have been a part in it if she was still with King Record.

>sh-shut up you're a /u/fag because i say so
And speaking of reactions, you sure seem very reactionary yourself, mister bad taste. What with immediately starting to yell "/u/!" out of the blue and all.

I like it, and Vivid must be selling quite well to last for 6+ years and 17+ volumes.

Again, all the stuffs that are taken for granted such as the Nakajima gym, U15, Yumina playing Einhart's wife, etc in Strike were already brought up since around Vivid chapter 80.

She's 22-23 in Vivid. She only reached 25 in Force.

The TSAB has to be the worst military junta I've seen. It seemingly fails to project any real influence while still having severe internal stability problems.

Half the worlds not administered are under civil unrest or war. Criminals keep fucking around in TSAB territory as well. Like what the hell does the TSAB do? Do they just sit around on their ass?

This IS an 18+ website, right?

Nanoha is 23 in Vivid, that makes her 24 now.

It will be a sad day when Nanoha becomes older than I am.

They're busy financing insurgence so the rural worlds will have to depend on them.

Indeed. So you should stop breaking global rule 2.

Not to mention that Mid itself seems to be one big mess with ghost towns, large social gaps and terrorists.

I wish they just got conquered by a catgirl empire or something.

I may look this way, but I'm actually an ancient hegemon from millenia past.

Stop fighting you 2, there are way more /u/fags on Cred Forums than on the whole /u/ board, and certainly most people on Nanoha threads at least like yuri to some degree, I don't even know why some people get so offended.

I thought she's like 30 now. 24 is still young.

Victoria could be owner/client of the dojo, or even one of Rinne's trainers (the main coach is the kind-looking meganeko ).

Biological age, Ein.

It's not even about being /u/fag or not (I'm not), it's just the guy jumping the gun after I told him his taste is shit (which it is).

I wouldn't be surprised at all

How the TSAB hasn't devolved into a civil war of its own is beyond me. I swear Earth is actually tame and civil compared to what the TSAB has. Maybe it should be a plot point that Earth forms an UFP-esque faction and backhand the TSAB.

/u/fags are not a problem as long as they realise this is not, in fact, /u/, and pairings other than lesbians are both considered and condoned.
"Hetshitters", indeed.

Honestly, I can't bring myself to care anymore. Tsuzuki can take his new cash cow and shove it. Yukarin is gone and Nanoha with her.

user, the third movie.

Addendum: Hell, I /like/ the yuri pairings in Nanoha. But fucked if I'll let that kind of yuri-fascism stand.

I kinda doubt she was activated before Subaru was born, more likely Jail used some accelerated growth tech.

The younger cyborgs like Deed would be just 4-5 years old in Vivid otherwise (you can find their official ages in Nanoha wikia). Nove/Wendi were quite fresh from the vat during StrikerS but had official age of 13 then. Nove is now 17 in Vivid but definitely isn't activated for that long.

>Earth is actually tame and civil compared to what the TSAB has

user, not entire Earth is like USA or western Europe.

Can't have the (former) protagonist actually go *old*, now, can we?

It's dead, Jim.

it is a sin to post about heterosexual Nanoha pairings

you need to repent or you will burn in hell

>uploaded yesterday

As said earlier, Ginga and Subaru were special cases. As for the official ages given..well, they clearly don't match activation time and the Numbers aren't following "time created", so it's probably safe to dismiss them as whatever the production team made up at the time.
Perhaps it's actually supposed to be their apparent ages. Though God knows,in that case Cinque should've been like nine.

the announcement of it in Yukarin's voice says otherwise.

if only there was footage for the pv.....and not just movie 1 and 2 stuff.


He's right. Both groups have their place here - but should not bark at each other. That's shitposting spam that just takes space in the thread and makes it hard to read for normal chill anons, whatever sort of ships those prefer.

I don't know what you're talking about.

fine, but I have my doubts about Yukarin's commitment

I'd say it has to deal with apparent age as you say - mostly. And in the case of Cinque they give her special treatment because she is quite mature inside, activated for long time and made to look like eternal loli just because Jail was weird.

Yay Cinque anyway.

My number #1 complaint about Vivid anime: not animating this.

Thinking about it, anyone feel like the TSAB is suppose to be culturally debunked? With how their cities are and the sheer amount of internal issues they have.

The TSAB is really damn young with the Belkan Wars only ending maybe a century or two at most ago. A lot of the worlds as a whole we've seen are in constant turmoil despite their more or less modern technology status.

Earth may have it better since it eventually reached an equilibrium point on the grand scale. We've had no major war between major powers for years. Yes we still have terrorist group issues and small civil wars cropping up but we don't get problems threatening to tear the entire system we have in place in an instant like Jail. Nobody is willing to fund their own mutual destruction.

Which reminds me. What the hell was Jail going to do anyways? He blows up the TSAB, then what? All you're left is an even more fragmented collection of worlds. Even with the Cradle, that's an issue that can't be solved by trying to nuke everyone in sight.

Pretty sure Jail is just autistic and hates the TSAB.

>What the hell was Jail going to do anyways? He blows up the TSAB, then what?
"Destroy/conquer the world" plans are never realistic/well thought through. But if you compare it with the strategies of silamic terror groups like quaeda/daesh, those retarded too - basically "cause chaos, that will strengthen our position" "make west nuke arab countries, that will make us more popular" "destroy societal/governmental system in moslim states, then we will have more space".

It is all retarded and with no good merit and yet it happens IRL. So an anime villain having a mad destroy/change world plan isn't really implausible thing.

I'm pretty sure he had no plan.

And there are probably more cradles out there. At the height of the empire it was their basic battleship.

The Sankt Kaiser thing happened a long time after the empire fell apart and technology regressed. It was pretty much few noble families fighting for power on some remote planet.


Tsuzuki made Dog Days for people like you.

cute butt

post more

I hope we get more best girl.

Original series and A's: 9
A's Epilogue: 15
StikerS: 19
Vivid: 23
Strike: 24
Force: 25

I can only imagine what the TSAB might do should a world or collection of worlds tries to create it's own TSAB-esque faction should negotiations to integrate fail. I would assume they would try to fuck rising world over.

Sein is underrated.

Who are these new girls?
What happened to the tournament?
Why is Mid-Childa suddenly Tokyo 2.0?
Where is Nanoha?

new MC
It's over

>introduce other nation that goes full mecha musume
>introduce another nation that uses traditional magical girl magic
>introduce another faction that uses magical mechas
>introduce another empire that uses music magic
>have them all be TSAB rivals

Nah, let's have fist fights in a ring.

You know as well as I do that they can't do that. Because that would be GOOD, you know.

green waifu belongs to boatlights!
BRS belongs to ojousama!

More trademark cast bloat
It's dead
Writing is lazy
Might as well be dead

>Why is Mid-Childa suddenly Tokyo 2.0?

I'm pretty sure nobody on the production even remembers that the series isn't set on Earth. It's not even Tokyo, as even the actual city of Tokyo looks more futuristic than Vivid's Cranagan. Feels more like Leeds city centre.

I don't think Corona is meant for lewd user.

It could also easily turn into a trainwreck after the first 3 episodes if written in a rush and without careful planning.

Nanoha getting hammered by de-hatted Vita.?


It's been years since last Nanoha season. They had time.

There is that one 10/10 doujin though.

You're not wrong. Would still be better than whatever Vivid, Vivid Strike and Force are.

You gotta back up that claim nigga

>better than whatever ... Vivid Strike
I wish I could tell the quality of a whole series after one episode.

Do you have high hopes for it? Because I don't.

I actually liked Vivid's take on magic, I just wish they had more focus on actual hybrid fighters like Corona, Rio, and the senpais instead of boring-ass Einhart who just punches everything and Vivio who just punches things and throws the occasional magic pebble.

It took them 4 years to finally put out movie 3rd amongst everything else. It would take them at least another 10 years to create a series with such grand scale.

what's your issue? it's not like it has any mass. and even if it did, magical girls have superhuman strength.

This series is begging for a WEG once we get a few episodes in.

I'm pretty neutral on the subject at the moment. I don't think it's gonna be fantastic, but I'm not ready to start calling it complete shit yet either.

It's more like after a whole season. With a brand new protagonist and totally different setup than we've seen before in Nanoha, they had every opportunity to take a new approach here, and the very first thing it did was make it as clear as possible that it's Vivid 2 in all but name.

are we forgetting about #1 mom?

I want to cum inside Rinne so badly. Send help.

>and the very first thing it did was make it as clear as possible that it's Vivid 2 in all but name.
This. Worst part about it is that the trailer made it look like this was going to be more than it ended up being.

I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode, it looks much more promising than the Vivid anime. I don't expect it to come close to the main series though.

I have hopes in the way Fumoffu progressed FMP that strike will progress vivid.

>Vivid 2 in all but name

more like Vivid filler season that will hold us until S2, where the filler characters will come back and give more filler because there isn't enough volumes of manga for a second season to stand on it's own.

>tfw the franchise will never have an antagonist as good as Precia again

I had a "tournament" hunch right away. The place Fuuka cried in the rain at looked like the Intermiddle arena to me (probably mistake but thanks to that I pretty much exactly guessed the content), plus showing Vivio/Einhart in training montage.

But if they do the series right along these tracks (soap opera drama with the Berlinneta family standing in the way of Fuuka-Rinne love), I think I will be able to enjoy it. They got to not fuck up the background Vivids though, like it kinda seems it might happen ATM.



Pic not related?

>it looks much more promising than the Vivid anime.
That's not an achievement.



I uploaded a screenshot and it posted that image instead, I don't even have that saved. Weird

Some preview or stuff. There is some footage from next episode at the very end.

>not knowing that old age Cred Forums image collision bug the Cred Forums devs are too dumb to fix
Fucking newfags.

I like force. I mean i don't like the plot. But I like what it represents. The TSAB doing policing stuff. Questionable defense technologies displayed in a positive light and all that.

I really enjoy the things that would go oh so horribly wrong in real life being executed with a smile and friendship in the franchise.

I wasn't expecting much when it was announced, but the trailer definitely made me look twice. We've got a real new point of view for Nanoha's world, a protagonist from the other side of the tracks, living rough and worrying about jobs and where her next meal is coming from. That kind of adventure that could bring out a real new side to the series, and we've also got the prospect of the old Vivid cast finally getting a role in a more serious stor-

>Hi, we're everything wrong with Vivid! Come learn martial arts with us and you can live in our gym! Your new adventure is a tournament.

God dammit.


more butt

It is, however, an improvement.

Little girls aren't allowed to have depth in Nanoha anymore. This is a series about cute girls beating the shit out of each other cutely now.

You think she might be poor enough to not have a bra? Hnng it's wrong but her poor moe makes me like her a lot. Ganbatte there, girl!


less clothes!

It's Fuuka recounting the stuffs that happened in the episode and what she thought about it + preview for next ep.

How the mighty have fallen.

>dom Ogura Yui


more cute little butts

the thighs are great

Looks a bit like a Touhou.


Good one.

They went as far as taking Nanoha out of the name and people still expect it to be Nanoha.


I still expect to ship this.

I bet you think for something to have depth it needs to be an absolute masterpiece with incredibly deep characters and story.

Which loli takes the nastiest dumps?

Lolis don't poop, dude.

No I think for a character to have depth they need to have depth. I was referring to the character, friend.

Purple or blue?

ViviEin was the worst pairing in the entire series, it was incredibly forced and actively detrimented both characters. Basically every single alternative ship for each girl was better.

Not that I don't agree with Vivio/Corona being the OTP, but
>ViviEin was the worst pairing in the entire series, it was incredibly forced and actively detrimented both characters.
You're have to explain yourself.

Nanoha did have "depth". It wasn't particularly deep but it was there and that's more than you can say for most magical girl shows including this shit.

Hmanga when

I wasn't expecting Nanoha for precisely that reason, but I was hoping for something actually new. A different name and a whole new main character unconnected to old cast, something we haven't seen before and the perfect chance to show off what exciting directions the series can do free from the restraints all of the primary cast bring.

Needless to say, the first episode couldn't have done more to dispel that hope if it tried to.

I swear to god Corona better be one of the most broken mages in the franchise by the time it ends. She's the only one of the vivids that actually looked like she could stand a chance in classic Nanoha-style battles.

I think a lot of people have made piece with Nanoha being retired by this point. Most of the complaining I've seen so far is that it totally doesn't make use of the setting which is completely fair.

Nanoha is 8 years old during both the original series and A's. She has a March birthday, so she only turns 9 just before she enters fourth grade.


I mean peace

The only hope most of the fanbase has had for years was the 3rd movie that was proclaimed dead for years.

>"OK user, which one do you want to spar with?"

>she had depth
>it wasn't particularly deep

Jesus fuck. Where's the depth? What's Nanoha's motivations for her actions? Why is she particularly insistent on helping other people? Why is she overly self sacrificing?

The only explanation given anywhere (note: not in the main material) is that she was an unwanted child, but it's just a terrible cop out to justify her character. There was no development for where her convictions are past "I want to help people".

Are you sure?
I'm almost certain she mentions being 9 at some point, and literally every online source I can find lists her as 9 too.

Did you just watch the movie?

>tfw I'm about to get beat up by a little girl

So it's about cute girls fighting, lolis and nice butts?

Please tell me she doesn't have an adult form

Basically. I think if everyone wasn't so disappointed by it diverging so much from early Nanoha, Cred Forums would have loved it.

Actually, I'm mistaken. Nanoha's 8 in Triangle Hearts 3, but her birthday gets retconned forward by a few weeks she that's she's 9 for the tv series.

I didn't realize they retconned her birthday.高町なのは

She's actually the reincarnated king of a super secret ancient civilization and turns into a massive bara man to power up.

>little senpais
She may not be Nanoha but I am starting to like her a lot

I wouldn't bet on it. I really wouldn't bet on it.

I wouldn't bet on her getting an actual Device and not a stuffed toy, either.

>it's completely taken for granted that they're supposed to be shipped from the beginning of the story
>ancestry faggotry as a plot device to replace actual character development
>direct anti-chemistry since Einhart wanted to protect Vivio but Vivio wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps

Overall the belka subplot at the center of their relationship sucked ass. Meanwhile Corona had a unique relationship with Vivio in the form of her admiration/inferiority complex, while Miura had a solid rivalry with her. Neither one got a lot of focus because they didn't involve dead belkan royalty, but they were good relationships despite that.

One of the reasons I'm actually somewhat optimitic about Strike even if it ends up being Vivid 2.0 is that hopefully there will be no more history lessons.

I don't understand why they can't at least give them power fists like Subaru.

They'll make a big deal about her learning Einhart's technique so quickly, then she'll do the same with adult forms as her power up after her first tournament loss. Every significant fight thereafter is adult form.


Einhart doesn't really want to protect anyone anymore, though. Now, she just wants to stand on top of the world and be the reliable leader of their little group.



>well okay you don't have to learn martial arts but don't you want a job?
>your job is to be our sparring partner
>Now after getting the tar beaten out of you by four lolis do you want to learn martial arts?
Fuuka is dumb as a rock.

I expect she will have it as powerup, or when she gets a device.
Rinne uses adult transformation to fight. Great in my book.

OTOH, in the opening footage, she is shown fighting without any significant enlargement of boobs. And there is good likelihood that this matches how will she fight in the important matches, maybe even finale. But Rinne seems about as tall as Fuuka, so maybe Fuuka form is actually otona modo, but with her bust staying modest/realistic.

IKR? And the way she talks/expresses her personality sounds nice. So I am relatively hyped and could like her unless they fuck up.

Maybe she's just a masochist.

Does she please old men for money?

I disagree and I don't see your proposed chemistry with Miura and Corona as anything significant.

And the three points about Einhart-Vivio aren't problematic/adverse in my book, either. The ancient relationship is something I like actually and I don't think they are badly matched either.
The thing about Einhart seeing Olivie in Vivio while Vivio not having her memories could be nicely complicating.

Usually even the dumb characters realize they got played after the fact but Fuuka never did. She's top baka.

But jeez, Einhart must REALLY like Fuuka to go through all that trouble to recruit her.

Well yeah, the goal of her character was to get over the belka ancestry stuff. The problem was that the belka ancestry stuff was the main link she had with Vivio in the first place. There wasn't really anything else to their relationship other than that, so at the very least it makes sense that in a timeskip where Einhart is fully healed they're more like regular friends.

T-That's not nice, how could you say something so cruel!

Yeah, she only sells her body to girls her age to use as a punching bag.

>mfw Movie 3 will have a "new story", but it'll be yet another spinoff from A's that doesn't actually progress anything or introduce anything new or good
Yeah, I've accepted Nanoha sucking.

You can't argue with that logic
Getting your ass kicked by a bunch of rich girls has to put things in perspective

>a few other people like Corona
It's a great feeling

Corona is the cutest.

That's shit turn of events. "Get over it", as if it isn't there? She still has those memories. IT would be much better if sheadapted to live with them, use them and and so on. And if it would keep her a bit more complicated (but not emo) character, then all the better.

Movie 3 is going to be another tournament.

> a spinoff form A's

But that's the best thing that could ever happen to the series though

Do people not like Corona?
She was the only one during the tournament who actually had somewhat of a serious emotional issue during the whole arc. She more or less carried that arc.

I don't dislike Vivid or Vivid Strike so far, I find them at least entertaining.

But I think about how I marathoned S1, A's and StrikerS in the span of a week in 8th grade and how emotional it made me feel, and then I get a little bit sad.

And is cutest of the core Vivids after Einhart (or switch around if you prefer).

10/10 would watch.

We've already gotten the PSP games. Enough with A's!

We've also gotten a million different versions of season 1.

At least give us an alternative spinoff to StrikerS that isn't Vivid, Force or Sound Stage X. (Does anyone even remember X?)


Where did I ever say they were significant? I just said they were good, which is more than I can say about a relationship and a plot revolving about long-dead characters that have nothing whatsoever to do with the current events of the story or just about anybody in it.

I for one am glad they did away with that kind of nonsense in Strike.

I like Vivio more than anyone else but I'm disappointed with what they've done with her. At least Corona was always a side character, you guys have it easy and I'm jealous.

>Does anyone even remember X?
There is at least 3 anons including me who know her. Generally though I think only tiny fraction of StrikerS/Vivid watchers or even manga readers have listened/read through SSX,

Nice strawman. Adapting to live with them is precisely what happened. She still uses the Hegemon's style, she's just not constantly butthurt and living in the past anymore.

Well, to be fair, even though I mentioned Sound Stage X even I've never listened to the whole thing.

>which is more than I can
and that is the whole point I had. That's you opinion. My message was just that not everybody sees it remotely similar to you.

I remember watching Fate vs Signum years ago back when I still streamed episodes

They don't make cartoons like that anymore.

Vivio was a side character too, it's pretty obvious at this point (especially with Fuuka's mentorship) that Einhart was the actual protagonist of Vivid. When did the story EVER go into depth about Vivio's motivations, troubles, and past, like it constantly did about Einhart?

The style is not the interesting thing about them. The knowledge of the past world, experience, and the feelings/traits/experience/attitudes/etc of the other person are what is interesting there. A loli/woman that had such stuff and to a degree freely used that/acted as a gate to that, while to some degre being impacted by that herself, is much better than >I had some trouble but they punched that out of me, I'm completely genki and skippy girl

Also, we have Sieglinde with the "encumbered by past but it has no effects on the cutie" already.

>At least give us an alternative spinoff to StrikerS that isn't Vivid, Force or Sound Stage X.
Do people not know what the difference between a sequel and a spinoff is? Because I see people make this mistake a lot.

guys, help

I streamed back then too. In late 2007, for an 8th grader who didn't know anything about the internet, that's all I had.

Really nothing like coming home from a long day at school, wrapping up in comfy blankets on your bed and sitting down to watch as many episodes of Nanoha as you could that day. Greatest week of my life.

I can't imagine how awful StrikerS was to the people who were waiting for subs for weeks, months at a time earlier that year. I like StrikerS but it only works if you watch it at a reasonable pace.

I think that was probably just lack of execution, not lack of intent. They failed to make Vivio stand out, but they didn't do it like that on purpose.
I'd say they were clearly intended as protags on the same level.

Even more reason to be disappointed with Vivio's development. She had a chance as a main character in the very beginning but it was completely thrown out the window.

I only found out about Ixpellia through an AU fanfic. Took me some time to realise she wasn't an OC.

Are Vivid, Force or Sound Stage X really supposed to be sequels?

Vivid is the closest to being a sequel since it focuses on the next generation. Force is dead so it doesn't really matter anymore. And Sound Stage X had Subaru and Teana as the main characters, and they were only side characters in StrikerS (don't pretend otherwise, we know they were).

I think I did, but I don't remember much apart from Ixpelia and Tea using starlight breaker

A's subs should be fine.

The rest I have no idea about. Nanoha subs have always been notoriously bad anyway so you just learn to deal with it.

BDrips look bad to me, DGz is shit with warpsharp. I don'T know the other ones but would ignore anything from the BDs (upscales).

RG-AF are safe choice, good R2J rip that will give you the art in original unadultered look. (Without green tint and artifacts from bad sharpened/upscaler from the BDs).

I hate it. At least it looks like the friendly merchant got us our subs already.
Hopefully I won't miss all threads for this season like I did for the last one because I was too busy lazily correcting my life by watching the older seasons of Nanoha.

I never said they did, I just offered my own reasons for why the studio would timeskip all of that out in Vivid Strike rather than keep it or continuing to adapt Vivid. People are free to take them or leave them.

Just because you like the things I don't doesn't change the fact that I don't like them, nor does it change the fact that I'm happy about those things being curiously absent in the new Vivid anime.

>Are Vivid, Force or Sound Stage X really supposed to be sequels?
They take place after StrikerS chronologically and are all canon, even Force until someone says otherwise. Unlike the PSP games or movies they take place in the same universe as the previous works in the franchise.
Yes, they are all sequels. The PSP games, movies, and the media relating to them are spinoffs.

Actually I wanted to encode the DVDs myself to make ultimate version, but it would take too much time that I don't have. And people would prefer the fucked BDrips because >720p

It is a shame they couldn't use reasonable upscaling to make a proper BD release doing the show justice.

Fuck that
Raging Heart will always be her real name

Time again for Arf doing her duty for preservation of endangered furries. Do your best there, Zafira!

Anyone who actually uses Raging Heart is some fag from that failed Nanoha imageboard or Animesuki.

For whatever reason they pretty much never brought up Strikers, despite it being the most significant event to happen in Vivio's lifetime. Maybe they thought being rescued by Nanoha being her main source of motivation would make her too similar to Subaru.

Einhart still has that 600 years autism in her, though. Now, she even developeds a new one where she doesn't give a shit about people what other people wants and just forces them to do things her way.
Btw, most of the memories Einhart inherited from Claus was just about him angsting about Olivie. She also only sees the memories when she sleeps so in actuality her worth of experience as Claus is around 3-4 years at best.


>She also only sees the memories when she sleeps
That's not how the anime/manga puts it. She has it all merged with her own memory - she literary has to rely on actively keep track of the setting/sense of time and such stuff to determine what is her in modern time and what is Claus memory.

No, that's not how it works. This isn't something like how Linith is officially Rynith, or how Arf is Alph. That's a case of things being romanized differently, but it's still the same word.
Raging Heart was somebody not hearing Raising Heart correctly. It's not a romanization choice, it is another word entirely. And every time it has ever been written down by the creators, it has been Raising Heart. That is the word they mean.
You are factually, objectively, wrong.


Just looking for sub fidelity here. As long as the video doesn't look like literal vomit it's fine to me.

Subs are the same in all of them if they come from DGz (fansub). Except maybe when coming from R1 release, watch out for those.

I was told that Exiled-Destiny for the original series and A's and Coldlight for StrikerS were the best.
I have no idea if I was lied to or not, but I had no problems with them.

R1 subs which I think are actually very bad.
And moreover, Exiled-Destiny is that vomit user mentioned video-wise. They fucked up IVTC and instead used some shit deinterlacer - pans look all wrong.

I liked Nanoha when it actually had Nanoha.

I should have know better than to trust Cred Forums.

Well I am Cred Forums too now by posting here, but disclosure: I am experienced encoder so I happen to know what I talk about. That E-D rip sucked alrady in year 2008/2009 when it appeared (IIRC). It was a long running issue with their encodes. It shows most on moving diagonal lines, which get garbled and crawl with noise/artifacts.

>Well I am Cred Forums too now by posting here
Exactly. Either you, or the user who pointed me at them initially, are lying.
Shame on whichever one of you that is.

Okay, so R1 subs are bad. That leaves me with DGz and RG-AF.


Also assuming Adhiesc uses one of the two (or a third one) since it doesn't fucking say for some reason.

>implying one of us is not lying

RG-AF is IIRC the same fansub script. It is probably taken over into the current BDrips too in some cases.

I'm not lying ( ) but dunno how to prove that, really. Also kinda don't want to publicly admit I lurk here, especially since I posted at last 50 comments here over the weekend. Gotta keep image of serious encoder. But our group entry on anidb has a reference to Starlight Breaker, to shill myself.

>It is probably taken over into the current BDrips too in some cases.
According to MakaBT, the RG-AF subs are from before the blu-rays came out.
Also, they are only slightly smaller than the Exiled-Destiny subs, despite the fact that Exiled-Destiny included the english dub in their release for some reason and RG-AF didn't.


Bigger size = better bitrate = better quality. Does not work universally because source or filtering or encoder options can suck, but it is one very important factor.