Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

How did you enjoy the first episode?

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best girl

I liked it a lot. That poor butterfly, though.

It's out already? Oh boy, here we go again.

I liked it. Gaelio being back as the real Char should be exciting. I'm a bit worried about that new guy who kept going on about "muh first battle" though.

I'm not enjoying it.

The Meat faction is looking pretty good.

But a Char should be intelligent and cunning, Gaelio was a retard.

Nice to have it back.
The ED this episode is great

I hope Rustal will be a glorious bastard.

Fango has reincarnated into the far future

Was there a time skip? How sexy is our Jewish princess now? How fluffy is her hair?

Actually enjoyed it. Felt more alive then the first cour. The Barbatos Lupus actually looked pretty cool

Wonder who's gonna die this time I think might be one and that guy who looks like Necalli from street fighter.

The meat faction is doomed, is only a matter of time

> draw a boy
> call it a girl

>a Char should be intelligent and cunning
Said no one ever.

So what's your verdict?

>not pedo

why comment if you obviously dont know shit

Still garbage.

I am glad i grew out of watching Bandai's 22 minute toy infomercial.

Griffith is that you?

Brown guy ghallajhorn will get a character arc while the middle aged guy and monkey girl die.

Monkey girl's death will cause a waifufag mass suicide similar to when Cata died.


Dropping Axis on earth was pretty retarded

i'd eat her butterfly, if you know what i mean

>Mr. Bushido
All of these are very cunning and keikaku-focused, aren't they?

>Mika hasn't tapped this yet.
Nevermind, ep 13 was a fluke he's just a faggot.

I just assumed that was mcgillis still. I really hope they dont bring back Gaelio, his character arc was pretty satisfying/tragic how he got so screwed over. While id definitely enjoy him getting payback on mcgillis it'd just be too dumb that he survived getting impaled.

>But a Char should be intelligent and cunning

Hey man harry and schwarz were cool.

and honestly you can add CCA char to that list.Even the original got pretty retarded by the end of his life. Fuck is jamil pretty much the only char to not go full retard.

>New Barbatos design

>I just assumed that was mcgillis still.
Different costumes but still possible, tho.

>it'd just be too dumb that he survived getting impaled.
Actually if you watch again that scene you'll see that McGillis didn't hit directly Gali's cockpit, just near of it. It was worse for the girls that are still alive.


But he was a ptsd Amuro, not a Char. He just happened to have good taste in sunglasses.

Funnily enougn IBO feels like so much less of a commercial than most gundam, i still dont know how they fuck they managed to get fully action-less episodes like they did last season. Granted this season seems to be shaping up to not do that, at least as much.

>the best gundam so far this century is the one that was completely blatant and upfront with it being a commercial
Really makes you think.

Yeah i agree the girls surviving was worse, but to be fair on that one okada wanted to kill them and shino off but executive meddling didnt let her. Something that I'm very worried about happening again for this 2nd half especially since mika might be one of the few gundam protagonists that actually has a chance of dying with how heavily they are foreshadowing him losing even more of his limbs.

I'd still prefer gaelio stays dead, i think it'd be more interesting to see mcgillis vs meat squad and eventually tekkadan rather than have gaelio show back up.

I hope Gaelio's sister shoots Chocolate man after learning the truth.

But user, Gaelio can to do that himself.

Gaelio is dead, though I'd prefer him being alive. McGillis and Imouto feels like some NTR doujin if he's dead.

The scene of her finally finding out how much a shit mcgillis is will be the scene I'm most looking foreword to for the 2nd half.

My only big worry is im a bit afraid they will pussy out making mcgillis the main antagonist despite very clearly being built up as one. Alot of people are just assuming these guys are cannon fodder, and likley they are, but the guy leading it could be some villain pulled out of their ass midway through which isnt anything new for gundam.

>implying that's not McGillis's father

Gundam AGE was a trainwreck that neither Level-5 nor Sunrise want anything to do with each other again.

Flit should have blown up all the vagans

I still stand that while flawed, age's first and 2nd generations were a decent albeit unoriginal show. Kio really is the reason age wound up so shit.


So how many episodes till she bites it? I'm going to be very generous and say she actually makes it into the 2nd half but there's no doubt mcgillis will likley kill her either directly or as a result of his actions.

Quick! Someone post Vagan hating Flit!

the mask guy in the opening really might wind up being Gaelio though. Color scheme and everything seem to heavily imply it. the fact that they arent showing his face means its likley not mcgillis who weve we've already known was montag since the episode before montag even showed up (the episode preview had mcgillis outright mention it was him)

suicide mission
stupid children with stupid hopes
ho shit they are dying this is awesome
just kidding nobody dies
all of my fucking rage. but they killed the faggot fat ass like a cockroach.
Im still mad fuck this series I already know they dont have the balls to kill anyone... just fat faggots.

shut up you fat faggot

She'll choke on a poisonous space bug in ep 7. Screencap this etc

>mfw she enters the manlet's harem

user are you alright?

I really like how low tech IBO's world is, it just feels like such a shit place to live in a time of war cause of how down and dirty it is.

people were certain the sluts would die from the first time they appeared, maybe the miracle will happen again?

who am i kidding of course she's going to fucking die and get forgotten in

I find it funny that because of Tekkadan's success child soldiers became more popular.

Being a child soldier sucks but it's better than dying on the streets.

That's actually good subplot, i hope they wont waste it


Well the girls were meant to die, okada wanted to have tekkadan lose alot more people in season 1 but couldnt do to executive meddling. Shes gonna hopefully be allowed to have more free reign on killing people since i bet you they only stopped her for S1 cause offing the girls and shino meant no advertising their mechs in S2.

>okada wanted to have tekkadan lose alot more people in season 1 but couldnt do to executive meddling
this is just a baseless rumor made up by Cred Forums

Its directly translated from newtype magazine that people got off of /m/. Many of the other cut plotpoints where eurgene betraying tekkadan, tekkadan being vilified for their actions, and naze being forced into a conflict with tekkaden which might actually still happen especially since the opening shows naze looking distraught facing tekkadan..

That info came from /m/

Looks like Mars is turning into something out of Armored Core. Companies and individuals hiring Mercs for whatever.


She looks so tired.


I don't get this scene

Fuck this show

You like the new girl?
Now imagine her dead body horribly mangled by the wreckage of her mobile suit's collapsed cockpit.


They'll waste it.
Remember when Orga went crazy and the show made it seem that his orders were really morally questionable but then everything worked out in the end without any problem and everyone was like "Ok, you're the best boss"?

Pretty decent start honestly. I'm getting cautiously optimistic that this will be better than the first season. Although that's not saying much.

They just made more child soldiers. Tekkadan didn't fix a damn thing

some fuccboi wants yamagi

That's Tazaki though.

What happened to Eugene abs?

Does anyone have the webm of her flip?

Yea they lost a great opportunity with the negative influence Mikazuki had on Orga after Biscuit died

looked like Orga was hesitating too with Merribit's words and Mika was being manipulative

What she lacks in tits, she seems to make up for in ass.



Did Orga win the cake?

Will she be Orga's femMikazuki?




Imagine having a threesome with Takaki and his sister.

It's never going to happen. Orga is a faggot and Merribit is too beta to just rape him. She'll just be his sexually frustrated secretary forever.

>A threesome

Go on...
>His sister


I hope this season has a crossdressing episode.

I'm fearing the cast is getting overcrowded with the new recruits, and a lot of characters won't get any development this season. Okada really needs to kill a bunch of them soon.

not sure if it's gaelio or mcgillis, but the mobile suit's color scheme matches gaelio's. Also, was this the ending or the opening?


Carta will be avenged this season!

Not like minor characters need development of any kind. Beats having nameless mooks

>and a lot of characters won't get any development this season
Not like they did last season either.

That escalated quickly.

That's why they didn't need to add new characters, they could've used what they already had.
As named new recruits they could've used scarface kid and his gang, like they are doing anyway, as this suggests

There is literally nothing wrong with adding more characters


Post more pics of our Jewish princess.

ED is hype. Full version when?

greco s2 when?

S3 W H E N

Hinting at Tekkadan getting wrecked hard?



>tfw no AI-Ein slaughtering loads of child soldiers this season
why has god abandoned us?


is this the Virgin Mary?

What does Kudelia smell like?


Pick uno

Is Okada still writing?

Sluts will finally die since Nagai is gone


If you cant develop the characters you have why add more?
Sure, it's fine if you have some characters that are a "These are these characters, they do this, this is what they like and that's all you need to know" thing but i expect to have some developed main characters as well.


At least we now know what Atra smells like

Well in the original script Naze and Teiwaz were supposed to betray them, so maybe that plot line wasn’t completely dropped

Has chocolate man fuck this girl yet?

OP the new waifu a cute


He's still the director.

Dante, Scarkid, and the other minor characters are minor characters

poor Almiria

No one dying then

>the lack fo Atra ITT


post Atra.

there was nothing in that magazine article about Tekkadan losing more people

Anal sex? Because that's all I can think of when it comes to our number 1 Jewish princess.

Crusty old men.

Little Atra smell like flowers, so Mika likes the smell of flowers then?

Is Mika actually the best Gundam MC? Cause I don't remember the last time there was one as great as him.

Do you have some form of autism that requires every named character to have development/screentime?

Would there be a difference between bridge nigger(forgot his name) having a name or not? or the human debris crew? Pedro and co?

>okada wanted to kill them and shino off but executive meddling didnt let her
Nah, she changed her mind on a whim not because of meddling. Same as she decided Carta was going to die instead of Gaelio. Are you gonna tell me executive meddling spared Gaelio as well?

They looked like a family for a moment. Atra the clumsy mom and Mika the crazy dad and the dumb kids

I forgot what happened at the end of season 1. Did anything happen with the old guy that was their sponsor?


But she did said she wanted a sadder ending, but Nagai asked her to make a happy one

The cake was too disgusted with him sending children on a literal suicide charge for him to ever win her over.

But why? I think everyone except the grimderp people would be pissed if Naze betrayed his little bro like that, not to mention it would mean we have to choose between Naze's harem or the /fit/ shotas to die. There's very little to gain for that to happen.

>a Char should be intelligent and cunning

Yamagi telling off Hush was my favorite part, followed by the rookie shenanigans. I loved all the casual Tekkadan scenes. Those were the only parts of the episode that didn't feel like info dump.

If you wanted to contest what she said you should have done it back when we had the links to the article and translatorfags hanging around.

As it is now you just sound like one of those revisionistfags making stuff up after the source becomes a pain to search for.

He is now and ally of McMurdo, no idea how official or well know that is, but one thing for sure McMurdo is also a shady individual

Okada's idea of a sad ending isn't one filled with senseless death. She's more of a psychological/drama type. It would mean more mental trauma.

Still a better show than IBO.

>2nd generations
Was utterly pointless AND retarded. Also Asemu is the disaster that Kamille was going to become with no one to slap the shit out of him.

>Kio really is the reason age wound up so shit
Kio and Asemu. Flit should have never procreated with that Emily shit.

He is really /fit/ now

The people who think they smell good are usually the same ones who don't shower and never wear deodorant.

>muh shipping muh shipping muh shipping

Dat Atra

Technicalities don't matter. It makes narratively no sense for McGillis to let him get away alive. Also holy shit are we still suposed to care about Gaelio's retarded "revenge"? He was trying to get revenge the entire bloody S1 and got his ass handled to him each time. I couldn't care less at this point.

Oh fuck off, shipping is half the fun of this series.


>Emily winning
I thought the whole meme was Flit married his backup option but was still obsessed with the space chick?

Someone lied to me!

Jew Dough will always be best MC.

Atra at her best.

She didn't say she wanted a sad ending, she said she was affraid how it would all turn out because Orga was getting reckless.

I'd breed this jew

If he survived he'd have a whole new revenge to pursue, though.

Not seeing any mention of death going on there. At least, it could have very well ended up as how the first season ended.

That explains why it's so damn awful.

It was called AZ.

Bring back the dorito.

Sunglasses are for good Chars. Like Quattro in Zeta.

Maybe you should have done the same instead of regurgitating the same trite myth about Okada not being in charge of this show. It's her show as it is Nagai's show, some parts come from her, some from him. I can provide you with one link because rest of the interview bits are unfortunately scattered all over twitter. But I know the translations I've read are legit.

If could be, after all Mika also got Atra scent from her boot, so no idea if she really smell like flowers but is likeable her sweat

>not char gets the vidar

I hope we get to see him use those knee thrusters in melee like GP01FB did

Oh shit. Could he be? Please Okada don't play with my heart

stop with this jewish princess meme its dumb shes not jewsish jeez

Wow amazing, a whole new revenge. Jesus, how boring. You don't see how boring it is for a character to be this single note? And I bet he's going to ramble about muh pride once again. Nah, I say fuck that.

>not jew

>It makes narratively no sense for McGillis to let him get away alive.

But he doesn't know he is alive.

If Gaelio is that masked man then someone from other family rescued and gave him a mobile suit. Gaelio is going to take revenge... or not, we don't know if this is another Mu's case with no memories of what happened. Anyway I see the point of him being alive for other family's purposes later on.

Jews are known for hiding their jewness

>not jewish

Yes, Goyim

Ignore Bernstein, you have nothing to worry about.

I've missed these threads.

The hero we deserve



And Orga’s judgment starts to show some cracks after Biscuit’s death—he starts down a somewhat more dangerous path. But the director told me that he wanted the finale to have something of a happy note, and I was like “what’s to be done with that?”

Are you talking about ending of the last episode (“Tekkadan”)?

Okada: Yes. I was really wondering how I could bring them to such an ending from that point. That part gave me a lot of anxiety.


Sorry to disturb your Cred Forums memes but no not every name including german words is jewish

>But he doesn't know he is alive.
Then it ruins McGillis' magnificent bastardry. And it's retarded for him not to know. If rescue troops got to him and found him alive, McGillis would be the first one to know. And if Gaelio was conscious enough he should've busted McGillis' ass right away. If only for his sister's sake.

Idk I liked the "idealist character gets crushed every time by pragmatists" vibe he got in s1.

To each their own.

I think it’s kind of stupid if Gali not only survive but now is a masked officer in Gjallarhorn, but also really want it to be true, is simply sounds so fun


Fuck off.

>But this time, it’s all based on what Director Nagai wanted to do. So it’s been a really different—and refreshing—experience.
>Was there anything that changed because you’d joined the team?

>Okada: Hm…well, I believe the impression that it leaves has changed somewhat from what it was at the start. But we built the show’s narrative around the skeleton of what the director originally wanted to do, so I don’t think that’s changed.

Did you even read the article?

Setsuna was better

no kurds are subhuman

Nagai is a creator like her, not an "exec". Did you even read my post?

Expand the image before you save it you fucks.

This. Setsuna suffered losses in s1 and actually understand the need to better improve himself beyond the child guerrilla, while Mika just embraces it and listens to Orga's every command like a bitch.


Oh come on, this is just a technicality. Under the right circumstances it's easy enough for anyone to scoop Gaelio's not corpse from under McGillis nose. We don't even know who saved Gaelio, for what purposes, or whether he has amnesia or not.
I'm sure nobody would question the lack of a corpse either, considering the cockpit appeared to be smashed in.

I prefer Mika being a killing machine instead of UNDERSTANDING



It's a retarded trope but not impossible. What's the point of McGillis being a masked again? can he maintain two characters in the same side? I mean, that masked man is in Gallahjorn's side, what's the point of that? what can he do with a mask that he can't do as a leader of his family? Also if I'm not mistaken that mobile suit is a new one, right? has he a warehouse full of mobile suits or what?

I could have sworn they died in S1, but apparently all 3 survived? That's some bullshit.

No I missed that part after reading Okada did it on a whim and not meddling when Nagai was manning the helm hard.

Not really no, in S1 Gali did scream about wanting to kick not-chars ass at the end, and then they left his death open, so I woulnd't be surprised if Punished GaliGali would be true.


This came out before the episode if I remember correctly

If Gaelio had amnesia then he wouldn't have much motivation for revenge would he? And for fuck's sake it's Earth, if Gaelio went missing there would be flyers everywhere. This isn't a case of Kudelia, it's Gjallarhorn territory, people know how top Gjallarhorn dogs look like. His father would either want to retrieve his son's body or to get him home. If he went into hiding for whatever reaon, that reason is guaranteed to be retarded.

Indeed it did


Can't find my Atra lewds

>[death flags intensfies]

>Ms. Thick in the first episode

Poor girl no idea how much suffering she will have to go in this season if she survives of course

Outside of the UNDERSTANDING via magical newtype particles, the actual understanding between the characters was really charming to see in s2. Setsuna getting along with the other CB members, being more open to Marina, and willing to help Saji get back his girlfriend was good characterization. At the same time, he's still obliged to kill Innovators and refuses to give two fucks to Ribbons despite everything thus far. It was really much more compelling to see than whatever Mika is going to end up being. I really have no hope his character will go anyway until risks and consequences are put into his life.

ZZ truly had best girls

That’s normal, Atra is not for lewds

How can some rat kid from Mars even compete with with a Jewish princess?

>ein was shown to have finally become competent and kill 2 major characters
>lol just kidding they're fine have ein jobbing again
I forgot how mad that made me.

She suffered enough

not jewish

What if we get two chars in mask gear fighting each other?

Director is always in charge of the writer. That's not "meddling", that's just the creative hierarchy anime goes with. She did say she killed Carta off on a whim in another interview and Nagai didn't intervene, he was surprised by this turn of events because he had plans for carta in S2, but Okada decided and he went along with it.

That's right my fellow go.. guy.

They got married?

Pretty much this McGillis wouldn't be that hard to follow and all his bullshit would leave a giant paper trail.


Why you assume so many things about something that wasn't explained yet?
>if Gaelio were missing there would be flyers everywhere
Are you retarded? Do you think people put up flyers for someone who was last seen fighting on a battlefield?

>If Gaelio had amnesia then he wouldn't have much motivation for revenge would he?
Who said he was fixated on revenge? He might be, but he might also be an ordinary dude with amnesia who's currently working as an MS pilot and "Man in the iron mask" is the moniker he goes by.

Didn't watch, lol

She really can’t, that’s what make it kind of sad, the harem is really her only option or giving up completely, I mean Mika and Kudelia VA have a radio show, how can someone compete with that?


>What's the point of McGillis being a masked again?
He likes to stay incognito while in a MS? I get the impression he wants to keep his hands clean, at least in the public's eye, when it comes to the more serious battles. He could also want to hide some of his actions on Mars from the GH councill. MgGillis' MO is secrecy, he'll always have a alter ego to his advantage.


Which Orufen is going to join them next? Dante and the other pilot kid joining them next?

Hopefully that's Gaelio. He needs some revenge after getting NTR'd twice by Choco

With Montag it make sense, he was working outside of Gjallarhorn, but judging at this guy uniform he is an officer of Gjallarhorn

>Are you retarded? Do you think people put up flyers for someone who was last seen fighting on a battlefield?
No, you must be retarded if you think that just because a heir of a noble family went MIA nobody is going to search for them. If only to retrieve their body. Come on man.

>Who said he was fixated on revenge? He might be, but he might also be an ordinary dude with amnesia who's currently working as an MS pilot and "Man in the iron mask" is the moniker he goes by.
Hahaha just listen to yourself. A commoner? In a high rank GH uniform? Piloting a custom Gundam frame? You're just proving the retardation of this entire setup. But I don't feel like debating it anymore. Feel free to look forward whatever you're looking forward to.

it's McGillis again

>Gundam wins every single time on 00
Sasuga setsuna.

We diamond dogs now

God damn, I like all the new mobile suits so far.

Barbatos landing like its an Armored Core mission was the best part.

It makes sense considering that McGillis never intended to play by GH rules. He's always playing dirty, the way he achieved his current position was as dirty as it gets. He's using this entire organisation for some kind of scheme. Of course he's going to keep a wild card like a alter ego or some secret MS fleet to have more operational freedom.

Did the little sister get her cunny wrecked yet?

He had to do that because he needed to gain power via killing Gaelio (also marrying his sister) and finishing Carta's life. If everyone knows he did that, he couldn't be there where he is (as a leader).

Anyways I think that almost everybody knows he did that but they can't talk about it or do something, at least for now or openly. We'll see.

Also I'm not sure about this and I can't watch latest episode of S1 again, but if I remember correctly, if Gaelio is alive (with or without amnesia) he can't take that family's power. So I'm sure that if Gaelio is alive is because other family is using him (and he does not remember what happened) not because he wants to take revenge.

They're outer heaven now user. They're taking in orphaned child soldiers, training them up and regurgitating them back out onto the battlefield.

Yeah but can someone be the supreme commander of a military organization and also be a masked ace of the same army in the same mission?

Again, the cockpit of his gundam was smashed in. I don't think anyone would have asked questions about why there's so little left of the body. And that's assuming Gaelio's savior didn't just take a random nobody corpse with a smashed in face and put it in the cockpit.
>You're just proving the retardation of this entire setup
Char expies were always retarded, the concept itself is.

>But I don't feel like debating it anymore
Good, because you're bad at it. And you're taking chinese cartoons too seriously.

>shia winner/fumina loser
>not gunpla+karate winner/all girls loser

cute butt

Okay but what were even Gaelio's ideals? He had none, and he had literally ZERO idea how to go about his wish of reforming. He had a vague feel something should be reformed, but that was mostly inspired in him by McGillis.

>see I consider myself to be a very tolerant person but I literally do not consider these exploited children to be human
>I sure do love condemning brutality of the system but I'll remain completely complaint within the system and keep using it to achieve personal goals
>wow, I have FINALLY learnt to respect a person as an individual, all it took as human sacrifice

Those are morals? Those are ideals? Gaelio never acts on any "ideal", his motivations are purely personal, and even petty and egoistic all throughout the series. This is not an idealistic character, not by far.

Typical of girls with a “loli” frame that then to be their only saving grace

I told all you faggots during stream that the blonde tomboy was a girl, but NOBODY believed me.

Cred Forums has become too gay to notice girls anymore.

You're even worse, because your character faggotry muddles your perception of reality and all you seem to say is
>please be as retarded as I am

Sorry user, you wish for you husbando to be alive is understandable. But at least learn to accept th fact that your husbando can only lifve through the means of bad or retarded on purpose writing.

What happened with Fumitan?


What? I knew it was a girl. Her belt on her character visual was too high for her to be a boy.

I knew ever since her name was revealed.

She had to go to the farm, upstate.

Not even the best child solder Gundam MC.

>She sees your dick

Well you weren't in last night's thread then. Everyone was saying it was a boy but me.

She is a better place now, episode 16 of the first season

Tomboy are girls user.

She died. But considerning IBO she probably "died".

We never saw Tekkadan collect her body did we?

How could Gaelio at the same time survive a totally smashed cockpit and have the cockpit be so smashed no one would even think of retrieving the body? And if the person was so badly hurt, wouldn't they be taken to a hospital? Wouldn't that hospital be able to identify the patient? And if the retrieved corpse was mangled beyond recognition, would the fact that it was found in Gaelio's machine indicate it's Gaelio? Wouldn't they run tests to verify?

Cronicle and Harry weren't Chars though, they just wore masks.
Katejina and Guin were way closer to "char" in character.

>Mika acts like an idiot
>slow pacing
>horrible music
>tons of QUALITY
>could have been half an episode

IBO confirmed for worst Gundam entry

>Sorry user, you wish for you husbando to be alive is understandable. But at least learn to accept th fact that your husbando can only lifve through the means of bad or retarded on purpose writing.
I never denied that, you're the one who insists that gundam has quality writing.
I'm just making predictions on how they're likely to justify it. I never said it wasn't lazy writing.

Are you the /m/ autist who made that horribly cringeworthy song put through google translate and posted for the nips in 2ch?

its not the worst, but its certainly not the best.

Unless season 2 can turn it around, it'll be a series with a great concept that had terrible execution.

fuckin' A

i dont do that vore shit but this made my dick hard


All the IBO BDs are out right? Did they have improved quality over the TV series?

Another family picked him and maintained everything in secret to use him agains McGillis later on.

Really, this reminds me Destiny

If nobody noticed McGillis put on a mask and travelled to another planet during his holidays to help the enemies of Gallahorn then I'm sure nobody would check the DNA of a corpse with Gaelio's clothes.
The way it happened doesn't really matter though. Hell they'll probably handwave it.

The way I interpreted his character in s1 is that he's more or less a sheltered product of Gjallarhorn upbringing that is only learning about the real world now. He's a noble and has probably been fed tales of heroic duels, a knight's pride, stuff like that. These are all ideals, though not in the "for the greater good" sense.

Barring his completely moronic and egoistic actions during the Dort arc, he has been just trying to do his work as good as he could. He got the lesson (Ein getting fucked up because of this), he never had the chance to apply it, s2 may or may not give him one.

>but that was mostly inspired in him by McGillis.
It may have been, yes, and I know which scene you are referring to, but I don't think their conversation on Earth confirms it 100%.

She's cute

No nothing important, read somewhere that they changed some minor details here and there, but nothing impressive the quality remains the same most of the time


How long was the timskip? 5 years? 3 years? Jesus Christ her Kudelias grew so much big.


>their only saving grace

Stuff like this really isn't bad. If a robot is boosting forward like this then it's got no reason to be moving. I know that makes an excuse to just use a still, but at least it makes sense.

Was the age list proved wrong?

34 Amida
29 Naze
28 Fumitan
27 McGillis
26 Gaelio
21 Ein
19 Lafter
17 Orga, Eugene
16 Akihiro, Biscuit, Shino, Kudelia
15 Mika, Yamagi, Atra
13 Takaki
9 Biscuit's sisters, Almiria

Also, is there a height list anywhere?

Your greentext is precisely the reason I like him though. His hypocrisy is very human and quite relatable. Also this and how earnest he is about doing the right thing despite his fucking up constantly.

Chocolate man is now going after idols

when is best girl coming back?

Here is the height list

Part 2

She'll be back like Ein

what's julieta disability?

Still the best

>there's a 40cm gap between Choco and Mika

How long is the time skip between S1 and S2?

Not confirmed and the characters are placed in levels, but it appears that the height is also correct in this poster for the second season, it doesn’t have numbers but is a comparison

>tfw smaller than most of the cast

In some Japanese forums they speculate Atra is 16 in the second season thanks to her car plate, if the list is true and also that plate rumor, then one year timeskip?

Then you are one of the few people acknowledging the flaws. All of the gaeliofags I've ever interacted with white knight him into oblivion and make him out to be this pure 'can do no wrong' character. Which is why I pointed those out. Nobody ever discusses that fact that Gaelio is kind of a cunt.

Making my dick too hard

It's okay user, they're only taller than you because there's less gravity on mars.

Tall Atra is so cute.

How do you explain notChar and Galigali then?

Superior seven star genes?

Is it not on gundam info? Or is my country being cockblocked again?

Not that it matters.. just curious.

Oh he certainly is, he goes to great lengths and put the lives of his subordinates in danger for the sake of killing a child soldier who manhandled him because he mistook him for a child rapist. It's a very childish grudge he has, but that's also why he's endearing.

Blocked in your country, the same happens to me

>making Ein Chie

Where are you guys from?


The cutes!

So she's Mikazuki's size now?

I like the subtle change they made to her hair. She looks less like a fury now.

thank goodness. because I miss her


stop sexualizing atra or i will get angry

thank you

Let S2 end and then i can decide if it places above or below Destiny.
Not that i have any hopes for it.

Did the new Tekkadan guys have lines?


So when does this faggot die?

So in this Gundam there is no newtype bullshit?

IBO really didn't need a Sasuke joining the cast.

Fuck you, I like him, he's cute.

Yes, all of them.

nah, they got pseudo-newtype bullshit




Nah, only the Alaya Vijnana system.


Would you, Cred Forums?

Why is that guy so edgy?


Is that squirrel suppose to symbolize something?

It's the crest of Carta's house.

He thinks Mika is a freeloader

Who's going to avenge Crank?

Slightly shorter, but otherwise she is almost the same size now

>it would mean we have to choose between Naze's harem or the /fit/ shotas to die
Be honest user, when you put it like this it DOES sound like the kind of gay shit Sunrise would shove down our throats

No magic connecting people with people, only people to machines

Mexico best girl

Mika is not even a character, he is just the battery that makes the Barbatos able to kill things.

Why is Kudelia stuck in this awful Gundam series? She should have been in 00 and Marina can be in this shitshow.

squirrels are crafty little fuckers that have an innate ability to go nuts whenever you start throwing stuff at their nest.

They're both from Earth? They were whining about taking the two month trip to Mars in ep 1 of S1.


Look at this smug.

Nah, if anything, Mika's the brain.

Kudelia a shit. Her actions to improve Mars made it way worse

Imagine cyber newtypes without the newtype part.

You think we will get an episode where some stranger starts hitting her again?

Wait, disregard this post. I'm a retard.

I don’t really understand why you like her that much, is her character design? I find her to be really annoying sometimes, hopefully she is better in the second season


She was also moping for nearly the entirety of S1


>fumina lost
ok, I dropped Try around ep 10 because I was bored and I forgot about it but how the fuck does that even work?


It's okay user, we all are.

She is suicidal and has little concern for herself so yeah it could happened again


She's the only thing good about this show. I do quite like Barbatos' design, even if a bit edgy, but you never get to see it because IBO has no battles.

It's time to move over to best girl's side, user.

that scene was hot.

They introduced Shia and in the Ova they introduced Aila's daughter both are found to be supperior by Sekai

Edgy you say?

That's just what women do. Can't fault girls for being girls. That's why she needs a husbando.

>>fumina lost
She didn't really.

Because no one won.


She's a useless retard that was manipulated by 3 fat old men the entire season.

>because IBO has no battles.

>Mika just embraces it and listens to Orga's every command like a bitch.
I thought it was the other way around



> raised in a whore house
> a house where WHORES live

and I have no idea why the line split

>watching for Kudelia only
You make me sad user, you remind me of my young self back when I watched the entirety of the shitpile that was KKR just for Mukuro. Suffering so much, for such a shit character with a shit personality you only like because of their design, that's borderline masochism. Don't do it user, stop while you can.

Hey guys. Remember this?

>Had to wash their skank underwear and eat their tablescraps


They are each other's bitches.

Mika isn't emotionally crippled like Setsuna was at the beginning of S1 though. He already has people he has meaningful relationships with.
Character development for Mika would mean regretting doing something Orga ordered him to do.

Yechnically nobody won and Lady stole his entire harem away at the end of the season.

Then in the ova they're all back to slobbering over sekai and getting jealous of a 5-6 year old kid. Even Gyanko for some reason, who at the end of the show had seemed like she had gotten over sekai and moved on to shimon.

I'm not too fond of Tekkadan's new gurnt units.
Though, it's not the job of grunt to look good, their job is to look expendable.


Ymagi so maly. Are they blurring the size difference because they're geering up for THE HAPPENING?

she probably got space STDs from touching the cum soaked rags those whores called panties


Cute little rat tummy

I messed that up.

There was a time skip. Maybe there's no happening, maybe it has already happened.


>It's not the job of a grunt unit to look good
It doesn't hurt when they do though.

Still painful to look at. I can't help but wince.

God damn he's got a fucking greatsword now. Hopefully the new Barbatos will be in the new EXVS PS4 game.

He didn't deserve this. In a better show, Mika'd be a villain.

Fucking savage

I like your thinking, right down to business. Maybe that's why he seems so upfront and confident now. After all, mounting a beefcake has to change a person.

I liked it a lot. I liked how tekkadan inadvertently fucked things up hard for mars.

Also the Barbatos Lupus looks fucking great.

I wanna see her naked

Story about this?
Not editted? Nice.

It's certainly possible, they seem pretty intimate in

end game is duel maces

In 00 it's Understanding, not UNDERSTANDING.

just imagine what the midget edgelord is going to do to this qt

Duel with dual maces

The only other instance of a character putting that device on another that I remember is Biscuit doing it to Orga, and we all know how "close" those two were. I'd be pretty okay if they already had them hooked up but never explicitly showed it or made a big deal about it, the less noise the better the chance of it happening.

>Character development for Mika would mean regretting doing something Orga ordered him to do.
Like say Naze ordering Orga to order Miza to kill Atra to protect some hidden dark secret?

Wait, is Mikazuki completely blind or only partially blind on his right eye? It seemed to be moving around normally in the car scene.


no he's that guy Duel that got banned from ANN and now he's shit posting everywhere

Maybe it affected only the nerves but the muscles are still working properly?

Seems unlikely, but yes, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Replace Atra by a Tekkadan newbie, and we have a deal.

This scene was pretty cute, albeit disturbing.

Can't quitler the Hitler!

Only blind in his right eye, didn't you notice there's no reflection in it?

good morning, hitler-san. you look genki today

Just wait until pic related.

Iirc at the end of S1 he said he can barely see out if it, not that it was completely blind.

That's because that scene establishes her as a kid with no empathy.
She's a Quess Paraya expy.

I didn't expect they'd go for the "quirky" personality with such a bland design.

>How did you enjoy the first episode?

Best girl is alive.

>Quess Paraya

It's 'complicated'. He can't see out of his right eye but he regains his sight upon linking up with his Gundam. So, it's less actual blindness, but more akin to something is blocking the images his right eye is sending to his brain.

Wait what? he's supposed to be the mc? I thought it was kudelia

I hope that she actually gets screen time in this season.

Why does it feel like that sassy new guy only exists as a means to re-showcase how kakkoii Mika is by having an outsider act surprised about his actions over and over?

Mikazuki and Orga are the centers of the story.

You know I'm right. You might think she's cute now but you'll end up hating her guts soon enough.

Notice how he has no reflection on his right eye.
Most likely he fucked up the nerves on his right eye and arm, which are then restored/bypassed when he connects to the A-V system.

>a heroic death! So cool!!

Cracks me up every time, I hope this guy gets barrel bombed by Gjallarhorn.

No chance. It's going to be Mika befriending the new edgelord and Yamagi introducing Shino to bottoming.

>he doesn't like quess
Look at this fag.

What do you mean it's not cool?

The way I see it delving so deep into Barbatos's systems fucked up some of his brains pathways where his brain now thinks it need to go through barbatos somewhere in the chain.

And he's right not to, you're the one with shit taste here.

>He likes Quess
Look at THIS fag

>She will never wonder how your cock tastes and go for it

>New season
>25 episodes more
>tfw I've got another 6 months of Gundam ahead of me

Feels good.


Is this some /m/ meme I don't know about?

I find it kind of disturbing how all these kids are fine with dying. Even more so since they increased the rate of child soldiers. Hoping this is going to be a plot point for the future. I almost want to think Orga is going to stray from the path a bit and start doing shady shit.

>Kudelia is 170cm+
Fucking nice.

I always assumed she was shorter than that, it's nice to see otherwise.

I miss Fumitan.

>MIka befriending
More like beheading, because Mika doesn't go and make friends. Mika's view on people can be summed up into two categories. 'People that Orga wants dead' and 'People that Orga doesn't want dead'.

Yes, that is how befriending always works in anime.

Rather than a meme I'd call it a consensus on the worst CCA girl, maybe even the worst Gundam girl. Hell I like Reccoa better than this bitch.

>kid with no empathy
if they wanted to showcase her having no empathy they could've have had her tear the butterfly's wings off

as kids do

for now she might just have no common sense, or maybe she's kind of retarded in some way

Yes, but the fact that he can still see out of his right eye upon linking means the eye isn't dead. It's alive and functioning, but it's just not working as intended.


>maybe even the worst Gundam girl
That is reserved for Katejina-san
Quess is shit, but my god

No, befriending means the person is alive and not dying in the pool of their own blood after blowing them up. Mika doesn't tend to leave people alive.

>partially blind on his right eye
Such a thing exists in real life when an eye develops as a fetus, but ends up smaller than the other eye. You would have to protect your good eye for life since the downside of a smaller eye is not being able to read.

He was showing genuine care for other Tekkadans throughout the entire first season. He was asking how they feel or comforting them. Of course it was done in his own unique way, but it's definitely visible Mika has a personal sense of responsibility for them. You can even see it after the first battle in eps 2 and 3. They're his friends.

In short, a Coloboma

Let me ask you this. If Orga tell Mika to kill all of them, no questions asked, would he?

I'm not fully convinced yet. Can someone clarify this for me?

They could have indeed, but I suppose they didn't want to spill the beans right away, maintain some ambiguity on her personality. Or maybe she just goes around tasting everything.
Taking the wings off isn't any better than trying to eat the thing anyways. The former is downright cruelty, the later a lack of care for the living. Both are done for the sake of childish curiosity, and both are obvious signs of a lack of empathy.

>Orga has 10cm of hair
>Biscuit is 180cm
>Fumitan is 190cm

Holy fucking shit, and here I thought I was way too tall with 195cm.

Dying doesn't actually kill you in this series, so it'll be fine. They'll grab a beer afterward.

Her name's Julietta, what more do you need?

>That is reserved for Katejina-san
>Not Nina

Katejina was a backstabing bitch, but Nina was a backstabbing bitch, a slut, and a cunt who led a guy on and then after fucking everything up and getting off scott free while he sat in prison until charges were dropped looked happy to see him like she had done nothing wrong.

What about people he wants to share his space nuts with?

That's just Orga.


Well, it was certainly enough for the fujos to scream about a married couple on twitter.
By the way Gundam Royale moba had a little skit with them about Shino spending his day off with Yamagi, spending his entire pay and taking off in an unauthorized MS sortie. Of course the sortie was for the game play but the skit implied Yamagi was in the cockpit.

When's he getting artificial body parts?

It's not dying when anyone else but Mika does it. Otherwise, Mika has a pretty good 'People die when they are killed (by him)' track record.


She never really was on their side to begin with.


She seems to be autismal as fuck so I bet she's a good pilot.

>starts as an enemy
>gradually fall in love with one from Tekkadan
>mata ashita

Chances for Orga and Mika going full BRANDOOOOON?

>Choco-Char vs Punished Char
This has potential.

She's a retard who acts like she got everything figured out and deserves everything, she switches sides because people don't pay attention to her but she's content giving the finger to the two guys who do because MUH CHAR, she's a newtype but she can't tell Char couldn't give less of a fuck about her. She ends up killing Katz, she helps dropping theasteroid on earth, she fights Amuro. Sure she has a cute, playful side, but it only makes it worse when you look at the stuff she does and how the "muh father doesn't care about me and muh stepmother is mean" is supposed to justify everything she does.
I wanted to suffocate her so badly.

actually everybody born or who lived his youth on mars should be bigger, as it has only half of earths gravity.
but I bet the people that made the anime didn't even know that. they think Mars is just another earth but red.

My money is on Orga. They capture her and as he talks to her her autism reminds him of Mikazuki.
He calls out Mika's name when he cums inside her

The one who will die first will be Not-Niels, Juliette will go ballistic and then die a few episodes later.

DFC waifu best waifu.

Oh come on, if you're going that way you mght as well ask how they're breathing or why the sun doesn't burn their skin away. Don't you know terraforming solves everything?

>She ends up killing Katz
My memory might be failing me, but didn't Katz die in Zeta?

Now that you mention it, she could turn out to be a Pru. Plu. Puru. Whatever you spell it.


Yeah you're right, my bad, I mixed him up with Hathway, Bright's son. Who didn't die though I thought he did.

He's the president, not a colonel.

>both are obvious signs of a lack of empathy.
are you vegetarian?

Let's not talk about Hathaway

Speaking of which, they didn't do a "enemy makes a face heel turn and becomes a good guy" on s1, tho my money would be more on the brown guy than the qt.

No, I'm a hypocrite.
Most people would wince if you put a knife in their right hand and a piglet in their left hand.

Fine from Izetta is SUGOII Kudelia done right.

Haven't watched the episode yet but how are the OP and ED? This is most important. And I gotta find this artist so I can keep track of his hilarious shit as we go along this time.

>not letting the piglet grow a bit and then slaughtering it for the meat

If I remember correctly, the martian locations they live in are correct. There is a region on Mars called Chryse. So the creators have researched this much. In ep 19 all the pilots are commenting on Earth's amazing gravity. So while they omit the more obvious consequences like Martians having lower bone and muscle density and having difficulties walking on Earth, they're acknowledging that the gravities are different.

ED is pretty GOAT
Haven't go an OP yet

How did I not notice this.

Reminds me of that redhead from Age who's last name was Anus.

Silly user, you know what I mean.

You mean a cop?

This is the franchise that gave us Quattro Bajeena.

Purple hair loli when?

Someone learned from Gin no Saji I see

>a cop
ESL here, you lost me. You don't mean a police officer, do you?

Pigs in a blanket, user.

That was the OP, you donut.

Orga was originally named Cordelia. I'm not making this up.

Maybe I missed it in all the info dump, but how is the time skip between S1 and 2?

>a Char should be intelligent and cunning

*How long

Damn, I eat those regularly but I had no idea it had such a cute name in english.

I knew that. It's was a trick, see. I decieved you

>Shia winning
Not that I'm complaining since she`s clearly superior, but on what basis?

Now I'm getting Awakening vibes here.

Nobody knows. 2ch speculates that Atra plate means she's 16 now, so do the math.

It's okay user, I only just noticed too.

ED will probably be good, Granrodeo is based.

Why? And why did they change it

I have no idea why they chose it, never explained it. Changed probably because it sounded too similar to Kudelia.

I still can't believe this actually ended up being accurate.

Is Gundam pro-Jew propoganda?

I know right. Worst thing is Ein would have killed a few characters if only Okada had her way.


I'm glad she didn't, you're going to have to keep your butthurt tears to yourself.

Both Olga and Cordelia are girls name. I wonder why, maybe it's a plot point that will end up being important for his backstory.

>all these Kudelia doujins
>no translations

We need a revolution.

So, was the episode good?

Now that's mean user.

He's always been fit. Now also with nipples.

I liked it. It was nice seeing all the characters again.
I'm not sure where it's going though.

What's the matter, user
Don't you want to lick her pussy?

I'd rather fuck Gyunei than do that.

Is he going to put Derma and Dante in pink shirts? I lost my sides at the RyuseiGo unit.

Gyunei is cute, please don't diss him like that.

I wasn't meant to be nice.

Any Atra hentai?

I think I had that figured out, but thanks.

I miss the midnight threads where we shitposted each other about the best way to make sausage and bickered over exotic meats.

Ugh I hate mika so much

Was giving this a second season a mistake?

>Best Gundam in years.

Actually he has a kill count of 1.

This guy.

Do they know about their brothers deaths?

Did you even watch the episode?


It's Orga. Even on merchandise and the official websites it's spelled as Orga.

>best gundam in years
Thunderbolt was better
Origins was better
Even Unicorn was better
G-Reco being better is up to discussion, but the fact that the visuals for it are miles better is undisputable

It was pretty obviously planned for a second season from the start.

Is Carte-sama still alive?

Also GBF

I really want S2 to be a blood bath to make up for S1

No, she is dead and not coming back. Get over it user.

As long as it's GBF and not tri.

>Story about this?
At the end of episode 3 or 4 of G-Reco Bellri takes a shit inside the G-Self's cockpit surrounded by Aida, Raraiya and Noredo.

Yes, Vanilla GBF

all OAV

It's obviously based on the name Olga though. It's not rare for japanese people to just pick the roman spelling they think look better instead of looking it up.

Is it the Jews' fault?

You claimed "best gundam in years".

>she is dead and not coming back
We said the same about Gaelio.

This Which only leaves Reconguista, on which I agree with you. But sadly good animation was never able to make up bad storytelling.

Speak for yourself.

This dirty little space rat thinks she can compete with Kudelia Aina BERNSTEIN.

Wasnt me. But i would count them since they are OAV, GBF s1 neither (still love it more than IBO)

I kind of want to fuck Kudelia

That is also up to debate, but given how anime is supposed to be a visual medium and whatnot, in my opinion I think it does.

Gaelio has to be the Iron Mask from F91 look alike we never saw his body so he became a gundam unlike Jihad Kun.

Fuck off Fumitan

In the ass?

No one with half a brain did and threads at the end were full of people saying how obvious it was he wasn't dead.

We also saw her very graphically die on screen and the light literally leave her eyes.

Even all the dirty little Mars rat boys agreed that Fumitan and Kudelia Aina BERNSTEIN have all the sex appeal.

New thread?

I need more Kudelia ASS!


>huuur it's a visual medium so it doesn't matter
People always tell me the same thing. It's like they don't realize there's always a story behind visuals, from Boticelli's Venus to the most insignificant doodle or even a stain on a blank canvas.

But she wanted Mika to take them both in season 1.

she isnt a jew so she is miles ahead