Friendly reminder that you are too old to /ss/ with hot onee-san

friendly reminder that you are too old to /ss/ with hot onee-san

This doesn't look like /ss/. This looks like a tumblr yuri gif.

I'm 28. Comfort me. ;_;

>cakes are just women my age

Onee-san i like canonically prefers older gentleman anyway.

Izumi nee-san a qt.

Posting superior Izumi nee-san.

>24 this month
Where is my cake

Yuri cake by kyoani when?

I need more cake /ll.

fuckin-a kyoani

>Where is my cake

That's not the kind of cake I want anyways

>you will never /ss/ with Haruko

Wait a second I don't remember this in the series or the movies.

me too user, when's you're birthday?

Sell me the good points why onee-sans are better than imoutos or generally younger character.

protip: you can't



what if she is 90?

26 here. I-I want to rewind time, this timeline is pure suffering.

god bless kyoani

Ah, mine's the 15. Well, happy early birthday user!

Me neither, however it's at the start of ep 8. It's not as much /u/ with subtitles.

>soon, you'll be older than then

Yeah gonna be nice. I'll have an exam at uni then maybe eat some cheap cake from tesco if my mom went out and bought one.

Well good luck on your exam. I hope you get a nice cake. I probably won't be doing anything special either. My mom is leaving for Florida with her bf the day of my birthday, so I get the house to myself for about a week at least.

>tfw hot onee-san would be an obaa-san for me

Every show?

It's just some random meme subject but thanks, happy early birthday to you too dude.

I want a hot onee-san.

I want to do lewd with nee-san in the onsen

>reaching cake status soon

Unfriendly reminder that you're already a male cake, but no female (even 2D) will ever want someone so old and inexperienced.

Why would you say this ? ;_;