Why is Sakura so impossibly cute?

Why is Sakura so impossibly cute?
I swear to god no one should be allowed to be this cute, it should be outlawed and made illegal for the damage it does to my heart.

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>Why is Sakura so impossibly sexy?

That's my daughter you're talking about

The crimes I would pay for just to have her for an hour.

Please stop anytime

I would call them just as I was about to do it. Just to see how many laws I could break before they got there.

Holding hands isn't a crime, user. You are talking about holding Sakura's hand, right?

Oh we'll be holding hands.
She'll also be holding my benis.

I wanna fuck Sakura.
A Tomoyo is fine, too.

>tfw CLAMP will never make anything of this quality again

Feels bad.

I daughteru her as well user! Let's protect her from those who sexualize.

The one who's dating their teacher is a qt.

How was that ever allowed?

Dumb kaiju poster.

Best ED

I hate you, Cred Forums.

>can't even win a 'cutest loli' strawpoll


She is young. She has the best combination possible (brown hair and green eyes). She is the good type of Genki. She also cares about others more than herself. She has just enough ignorance to be cute, but not total ignorance as to be annoying. She's easy to bully, but doesn't take offense. She has great reactions.

She's not just cute. She's perfect.

Fuck off with your heresy.

Best OTP.

Cred Forums has absolutely shit tastes. What else is new.


We have to stop.


Stop what?


I want a beautiful perfect daughter like her someday.

Because CLAMP knew what to do to make a perfect daughteru

>he thinks CLAMP made Sakura good
Sakura is pretty generic in the manga. And the new Manga is making her even more generic. It was the anime adaptation that gave her the endearing personality.

So will Syaoran do anything at all in this new manga?

Not for a while. It's pretty obvious that the new manga is doing the usual thing of setting up a status quo on Sakura lone and saving Syaoran for some game-changing event down the line.

At the end, he will kiss her. Then 20 years later, they'll make another manga where they're in high school and Shaoran will propose to her.

Sticky this.

Speaking of the new manga, low-quality speedscans of the latest chapter are out on tumblr and facebook if anyone cares. I did the translations.

She's like a daughteru to me too. The naked father-daughter cuddling we would have after bathing together would be innocent and pure and totally not at all sexual.


Not so fast.

I want to hug Sakura so hard she explodes!



She was drawn with that purpose in mind :^]

Would you really?
I mean, would you REALLY?



The cutest.

I recognize the doujin that was traced from.

Who Meilin here?

Little yellow ching-chong girls are the best.

Best Chinese girl in a Chinese cartoon.

But OP, she's a monster.

Didn't like her as a kid. As an adult, I didn't mind her. But still feel like she wasn't really necessary to the story and only had two important episodes. She could have just been a one shot character and not there for 1/3 the show.

Honestly one of the best reasons why the anime is so much better than the manga.

Tomoyo managed the impossible. Being even cuter than Sakura meant bending the laws of physics.

bunch of gay kids

>you will never have a friend like tomoyo
>you will never be as enamored as tomoyo

She's a big baby.

Sakura is not for sexual

I will never forgive you

No one will ever be cuter than Sakura

I donno. A few have come close.

Did this little wolf deserve to win the Sakura?

Yes. He's the cutest tsundere.

Honestly, no. It was nice to see him change and stop being such a stuck up card collector. But he really didn't do much to win Sakura besides being around her on a daily basis and occasionally saving her in battle. He 'won' Sakura because he was the only boy her age that wasn't taken by one of Sakura's friends and he could use magic.

If someone is going to win the heart of the perfect girl, I expect them to have to work for it. All he did was blush and take 2 years to say he liked her.

thank you user

>you will never appreciate Sakura's cuteness with Tomoyo

>you will never violently fuck Sakura while tomoyo records

Tomoyo please, calm yourself.

>Syaoran will

>implying Shaoran can get it up even when he's alone with Sakura, let alone with Tomoyo watching

Tomoyo was my self insert in Sakura.

>not cute
user please


Im not sure what youre expecting from romance.
They werent fated to be together, they were just an ideal couple

>They werent fated to be together
Except they kind of were if you follow the story.

>they were just an ideal couple
Maybe because my point was they didn't seem like an ideal couple? It felt like Sakura was perfect and Shaoran was some dude who got lucky to be near her at the right time and situation.

What made them cute as a couple is that they're both have many similar traits. But that alone doesn't make them a good couple.

Best OP: youtube.com/watch?v=1Vq3zCFPjfk