Ningen were a mistake Edition

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>Zamasu and ZAMASU.jpg

The timeline breakers

A halfbreed who wakes his true power after years of mediocrity (like Gohan) training really hard for years like no other halfbreed ever did, being several times stronger (in same form) than a pure saiyan = reasonable, tolerable

A halfbreed weaker than SS3 Goku, being enough stronger to fight Rosé Black, a SS Blue tier warrior = bullshit

>mfw no ningens

I bet the end plot will be that FT timeline is the "original one" and someone will come to eradicate the other one to restore order but Beerus will raise hell to break the rules for once because in the alternative timeline (the one we follow) he is at least still alive.


Daily reminder that Goku is pure, and Chichi probably had to rape him in his sleep for the kids.

I bet Black dies to heart failure due to the virus


>inb4 browsing tumblr

Thats like expecting a NarutoxTenten ending.

Looking kinda cool there Vegeta.

lol what?

how come Zamasu in Goku's body is so much sexier than Goku in Goku's body even though it's the same body?

better fashion sense and a wider emotional range

you finally learned it's the personality that counts

Jesus christ that shitty romance aspect has got to go. Trunks is now a faggot because of m-muh mai
Goku is unbearable retarded as well, thanks TOEI.
What a mess this is



With training and plenty of juice

Fuck off then, retard.

>Trunks is a faggot because he has a girlfriend
Ok turbovirgin

You arent a real man if you dont have a wife

Because Zamasu is a refined and classy individual who possesses a keen intellect and can therefore maintain an aesthetically-appealing posture and demeanour at all times, whereas Goku is just a retard who lacks basic comprehension of social situations and can barely look after himself.

>Trunks x Marron
So much salt, this is wonderful.

>yfw Black reveals he can do both kaioken and spirit bomb now that he's touched Goku enough times

Guys? Guys???? He's not going to j-job to Black next week is he??? They can't possibly make him lose again, right?

Who would give any spirit to him though
>inb4 a full timeline of nothing but zamasus

>but for some reason i wanna keep touching you...

What if the body Zamasu took never got the heart disease cured and he ends up dying like a dirty ningen?

suprising also. as gt trunks used to get shipped with pan
even goten would make more sense to be shipped with marron

next week vegeta jobs
week after that, trunks jobs
week after that, Goku wins

Cant job if you are the underdog

>Trunks is a faggot because he loves a female
user....have a seat

>Black busts out a jan ken po

some fag on Cred Forums said a leaked spoiler revealed that beerus and supreme kai die in one of the next few episodes. and vegeta has to become the new god of destruction

He wouldn't know Goku in the first place then

He's like 30, he needs to smash.
I reckon he'll lay the beatdown then Zamasu and Zama2 will fuse

He kissed bulma, everyone that kiss bulma is a jobber

Next week is Blacks backstory
Then trunks new super power
Then Vegetas new super power
Episode after that is the last one

>next few episodes
nah. next few episodes are all in mirai trunks time, and something as major as beerus dying and vegeta getting promoted wouldn't happen until after the omniworld tournament

>Yfw Black uses Kaio-ken
>Yfw Black uses Genki Dama

Everyone would choose to become a jobber if they were given the chance to fuck bulma, especially if its Future Bulma

He will be killed. Vegeta is the Satoshi of the franchise, always doomed to fail in the most humilliating way, no matter how hard he works or tries. He even acted too annoyingly reckless in the last episode despite talking about strategies, just like Satoshi.

>You hate the fact that you're powerless to stop me. That you're completely outmatched. Well, imagine feeling the way you do now all of the time like the people of this planet do. Fool. How do you think the people of my time line felt when you ganged up on them and they had no way out? Well, now it's your turn Black. I hope you enjoy it!

Any Vegetabros here? H-hold me bros....I know we need to stay strong for the prince but I barely have any hope left after his last job with Black

>Loves a woman
>Is a faggot

You've been on Cred Forums way too long

Did Beerus' HAKAI really not work because it was a different timeline or was it because there was no god of destruction in that timeline to make it work? I mean, they are probably aware multiple timelines exist and he was sure as fuck that would work. Whis didn't say anything either.

Northern Kaiō’s planet has been destroyed due to Cell’s explosion. Muri from Planet Namek has joined Kaiō at the end of the Serpentine Road to summon Porunga. Kaiō apologies for asking Muri to come all this way, but the Namekian says it is no problem. Kaiō debates what to do with his wish to restore his planet, including items like a dedicated racing area and a more “gorgeous”-type feeling. Kaiō also wants to be comfortable and says the ten-times normal gravity will not do.

Goku suddenly appears behind Kaiō and exclaims that would be no good for his training! Kaiō asks why Goku is here, who responds he showed up because he heard Kaiō was restoring his planet. Goku says hello to Porunga and says the planet should be exactly the same as before. Porunga says he understands, and repeats the wish back to the group. Kaiō turns around and gasps in horror as the planet is restored back to normal. Goku comments that he was in the middle of farming and should get back before Chi-Chi notices, and bids them farewell with a smile. Kaiō drops to his knees as Muri collects the Dragon Balls, now turned back to stone.

friendly reminder goku is a huge dick.

>Black fails to realize how dangerous kaioken is, combines it with rose and goku tricks him into pushing himself until his heart explodes

user, kiss and fuck arent the same

he jobbed to a fucking fork this week

>not realising he's using faggot as a swearword instead of it's literall meaning
faggots get out

Okay so I stopped watching Super after the Battle of Gods rehash. Is it worth picking back up again? I've seen some stuff about Black Goku and I'm interested. Is it actually DBZ levels of quality or is it GT levels of quality? Might spend the whole day today getting caught up if it's worth it

Super Bulma >>>>>>>>>> Future Bulma

Why haven't they taken this down on KamiTube yet? This is obviously graphic content.

fuses with immortal zamasu before.
immortal body + kaioken

it didn't work because one was super immortal and the other was no longer inhabiting his own body

Whats a "Goten"?

>Beerus will appear during the fight together with Kaioshin asking what's taking them so long and that bulma refuses to buy food until they are back

skip ahead to after the Resurrection F rehash

that would actualy be great. but super goku isn't that smart.

if it does get used, instead of dying the same thing happenes to black like what to goku. his ki gets all whack and he can't use it anymore.

it's obvious that Toriyama is desperately trying to delete this concept, otherwise he'll never be able to write even decent battles.

it's "watch the shit and make up your own opinion on it faggot " level of qualiity.

Well i guess that works too.


>Black will have a heart attack
>Goku teleports inbetween them "woah hold on trunks lets give him the heart medicine first"

Posting proper list because people are retarded:


Dragon Ball (manga)
Dragon Ball Super (manga)
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

>Not canon

Dragon Ball (anime)
Dragon Ball Z (anime)
Dragon Ball GT (anime)
Dragon Ball Super (anime)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Evolution
Dragon Ball Minus
Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Multiverse

What skin color would a fusion of Zamasu and Black have?

Try to explain how Zamasu is wrong.
Pro tip: you can't

late dragon ball, early dbz, end of dbz chi chi is superior in looks

>Hating Ningen so much, you become one
What the hell was Zamasu thinking!?

It's there to serve as a warning to other Gods that try and pull the same shit as Zamasu.

Chichi is hotter every time the artists decide to give her tits

What makes Ningen bad isn't their bodies, it's their violent souls that lead them down the path of evil.

Im fully expecting them to give senzu beans to either Zamasu or Black for whatever reason.

Why is Beerus even allowed to act in Universe 10?
They talk about the rules and stuff all the time but why isn't there any that stops a GoD from doing dumb shit outside of his home universe?

They already covered that

What makes it worse is that that faggot was talking about Future Trunks when he mentioned Goten and Marron, when they don't even fucking exist in his timeline.

>dumb shit
He was saving the universe(s)

you always fail to make the list accurate.
take out the super manga it contradicts with what akira established with goku having absorbed ssjg in his base.

Vegeta tries to do a final flash while goku is talking with trunks and suddenly appears 19 and absorb the attack, new arc comfirmed

Same thing when I just read that

No wonder she's such a birch Goku never kissed her.

Cause Black and Zamasu were messing up his Universe.

Besides, if he didn't intervene, the GoD of Universe 10 would have died anyway.

>Vegeta brings Black to the verge of death before losing
>Goku "Woah that looked fun, here have a senzu and lets fight"

But.. If you destroy someone before they made the wish to be immortal, then they should still not exist.

Can we at least say that time travel in dragon ball is all multiverse travel? Future time line is where Mai became a child again to grow up and become a freedom fighter against black, something that obviously didn't happen in dbz future trunks timeline bc they didn't have access to the dragon balls due to piccolo dying, otherwise she'd be much older than trunks right now. Additionally, this trunks obviously went through similar things as dbz trunks but has blue hair rather than purple hair. Remember there is a timeline where cell killed trunks after trunks returned with a device to stop the androids rather than growing stronger than them; that's a future trunks who went through similar things as the dbz future trunks but is still different from him such as a different final history.

>everyone ragging on Super for being shit
>Goku Black arc finally arrives, people start warming up to Super
>This arc turns out to be total shit as well

They should have just let Toyotaro finish the Super manga and then copied it. Fucking incompetent idiots.

zeno would eventualy find out and then DELETE

>This arc turns out to be total shit as well
Speak for yourself, faggot. I'm loving it.

>This arc turns out to be total shit as well
T. Gohanfag.

Fans can do it better than those incompetent losers

either this palette, or tiger stripes of each of their skintones like how gotenks had black hair with a purple streak

They made the wish right before piccolo died and turned into toddlers
so she is at most 1year older than FTrunks

I miss tolerable Chichi.

She used to be waifu material before she got married, and then she eventually developed into a nagging wife.

She was one of the strongest female fighters by the end of Dragon Ball.

Now, in Super, she's ugly and even more annoying.

You definitely couldn't.

t. Nu-males

Well goku is never around after all

>Goku never kissed Chichi
Holy fuck she actually raped him.

Im gonna burst out laughing if goku kills black by tricking him using kaioken 200 and makes his body explode so he dies.

post your face when trunks has to let go of mai (aka reset the time line) in order to save his own time line.
mai woudn't exist and none of the black and zamasu events woudn't happen. and only trunks would remember it all

t. spics

i'm not a fan

A lot of cultures look down on kissing mouth to mouth since saliva contains a lot of bacteria which can be dangerous to other persons

the closeup on the senzu beans when goku puts it in his back is telling us that zeno will save the day

Jokes on you, i don't rock a beard.

super chi chi looks the same as in the buu saga doesn't she?

it's the hair style that make her look old.
she is 5 or 6 years younger then bulma

>goes to eat a senzu bean
>swallows the friend button instead

Problem i have is that they tried to hype up black indentity. Making people speculate only to find out it was a simple switcheroo with the super dragonballs. The villain themselves are quite good though. We got a guy who trashed our main heroes and another who is immortal. not to forget they still have the potaras. The potential is there but if they end up rushing this shit and come up with some stupid shit like black heart attack virus. Then i am done.

>go to r/dbz
>omg I love u Toei ur so awesome this episode was incredible!! i relly hope Goku gets SSJ White x100 Kaioken soon and then ZAMAS is beated

>go to Kanzenshuu
>Methodical, high level discourse on the nuances and intricacies introduced into the overall story, then comparing them to Super and reflecting on consequences and possible future scenarios.

Nobody cares.

Ok so someone explain this whole thing please..

So Zamasu wished to swap bodies with goku (assuming he swapped with super goku or he went back in time with the ring to where goku was still alive while still being strong enough to achieve ssj3-ssjb in terms of power level), killed his body with goku occupying it, then... What? What's the other Zamasu? Another alt time line? Another wish of the dragon to give him a copy of himself prior to the body swap then another wish to make that body immortal? How can there be two Zamasus where the first Zamasu did all the wishes of immortal body and swapping bodies with goku (not necessarily in that order)?

Never forget

>goes to Cred Forums did you see mai and trunks kiss omg bless you toryiama

The villains are fucking overrated as shit. If we're going by your shitty criteria, then Cell is the best villain because he beat the ever-loving fuck out of Vegeta and canonically killed Goku.

>mainstream site is mainstream tier in debate.
>fan site is fan tier in debate.

>go to Cred Forums
>ZAMASU, gohan is black, shipperfags and gohanfags

>If you destroy someone before they made the wish to be immortal, then they should still not exist.
yeah but that would create a time paradox
if destroying alpha zamasu changed trunk's timeline, then trunks wouldn't have come back to ask for help against black, they never would have investigated zamasu, and beerus never would had a reason to destroy him

kissing literally strengthens the immune system

>Go to Cred Forums


When did vegeta fight super buu


Are you retarded? That's Kid Buu

I don't have a problem with the romance between the two, though it's execution is a slight bit cringe-worthy.
But I agree on the Goku part, that was terrible. They wanted to make a funny joke and instead ruined the character more than imaginable

OK when was this? If it was in the resurrection of F or battle of the gods, wouldn't it all be after at the very earliest the end of the Buu saga?

goku does care for chichi and his kids.

>30000 ZAMASUS

They did it right before Piccolo was killed by the androids. Jesus this was explained you dumbass

Gohan fan on unlimited suicide watch

The execution is horrible I agree, they can have a romance but not like this, you said it better than me

>A halfbreed weaker than SS3 Goku, being enough stronger to fight Rosé Black, a SS Blue tier warrior

You faggots need to stop blowing this out of proportion.

Yes, Trunks managed to block Black's attack and kick him into a wall, but it doesn't fucking matter because A.) it didn't harm Black in the slightest and B.) Black still beat the shit out of Trunks.

Just because he got a lucky hit in doesn't mean he's close to Black's level.

>Goku is now an unbearable retard



gokus personality changes to the general audience they are aiming for
meaning super is aimed at kids

How the fucking anime make any sense?

>Go to face black with Vegeta and Goku
>both go SSB full power, get shitstomped despite that
>Come back with the exact same power again, somehow hoping for a different outcome


I think when zamasu wished to swap bodies with goku, he specifically wished to swap bodies with goku in the past
once in the past, he sought the him of that era out, explained everything, and that zamasu then used the super dragonballs to wish for immortality.

Right but that's going under the assumption of a linear time line while the series has established alt timeliness branching off of decisions. So there's a time line where gt happens and super doesn't and a timeline where super happens and gt doesn't, or a timeline where the androids happen even tho in the main timeline, androids cell and buu occur

Cell wasn't even that good of a villain.
He always showed signs of vulnerability.
first form outmatched against piccolo 1st fight.
second form being trashed upon against vegeta ,vegeta and even hold back by tien.
final form was ok but he ended up making the same stupid mistakes that he criticed vetea and trunks for by letting gohan go ssj2 and by bulking up.
worst is after he reached super perfect form instead of fighting a weakened gohan 1 on 1 he goes for the ki blast challenge knowing that other Z fighters could distract him.

at least this two have a plan and are confident enough to pull it trough not to forget this guys got rid of 12 gods of destructions.

maybe more

cell is not a good fucking villain.
He only managed to reach his perfect form because krillin and vegeta are idiots.


senzu beans spam?

maybe he really was originally from GT, and took over Goku a few years after he beat Omega Shenron
if Black goes SSJ Rose 4, literally everyone is gonna shit bricks


cell was the worst and lamest of the 3 Z bad guys.
frieza > buu >>>> cell

zenkai boosts and four 1ups between the three of them

missed my point completely but k

>tfw I called it months ago and everyone told me I was wrong

They're prepared this time.
Vegeta got taken the fuck out of the fight early because they underestimated black.
Now Vegeta's up and ready with Goku as well.
Aka, its no longer a curbstomp thats largely just Goku v Black.

It wasn't even just goku vs black
It was Goku vs Black + Zamasu

gt is hated by nearly everone. even toriyama doesn't like it.
no way in hell is ssj4 (the lame pink panther rip off with mascara and magic apearing mc hammer pants) gonna apear in super

When are they gonna let Toyotaro use some of jis old AF designs? They look better than the shit we have now

didn't whis said if vegeta and goku fight together they can beat beerus?
last time vegeta was out of commission.

>tfw still waiting for full episode summaries on these two episodes

he said it was possible, but whis is also a pretty big troll who likes to needle beerus's ego

and at the end of the day, beerus could just hakai them for a instant win

even with all that, goku still loves her.
every time he nearly dies he thinks of her first.
(frieza nearly drowning him on namek) and when beerus trows his giant energy ball at him

>trunks super jobbing power
>vegeta's fierce jobbing

Jesus calm down
Super started in shit tier and the black story somehow got out of it to get my attention. So if that occurred in a timeline where trunks has purple hair, wouldn't that mean that in the future, Mai is older and alive fighting but trunks' hair fades and becomes bulma blue?

This whole shit about "Oh we used the DragonBalls year prior to the androids" is this revisionist history I hate in stories (yes this was written in 2010s while cell was early 90s) but you can't just say "it happened the entire time we just didn't see it" while the whole Zamasu event still occurs even tho he didn't meet goku to be astonished to the point to become black and cause the series of events to have black terrorize the future; all this does is tell me that super future trunks and his timeline isn't the same as z future trunks or his timeline

>beerus could just hakai them for a instant win
Thats implying it works on everyone regardless of powerlevel
Zamasu is a lot weaker than Goku and Vegeta

Goku only loves her because she makes him food

If Beerus can Hakai everything why was he afraid of the Super Saiyan God in his dreams?


>of course not!
>y-you're married!
>What does that have to do with anything?
Spit out my coffee on the keyboard.

Why does Mai act like a 9 year old even though she should be in her late 40's mentally?

Because her brain de-aged as well.

Why are there multiple ZAMASUS when there aren't multiple Beerus?
Also, who the fuck is Non-black Zamasu if black is the Zamasu who wished for it all?

she's either acting. or a side effect of the wish is that part of her (and pilaf and shu) personality also got de-aged

>when there aren't multiple Beerus?
There are, read the manga.

So what I'm hearing is just more timeline tangents. I swear if it gets to the point where Zamasu just calls on 50 alt timeline Zamasu...

You got 13 something universes but infinite alt timeliness so there are infinite universe 8 where in one, goku got there late and the saiyans destroyed the world.

She isn't
They have always been this dumb

but one died since you know...viva supreme kai life link.

Trunks is the best thing that's happened to Dragonball in a long time.

>where in one, goku got there late and the saiyans destroyed the world.
Actually there are also infinite of those
There are even infinite time lines in which goku never left planet vegeta
There are also infinite timelines in which GT is canon
There are also infinite timelines that have goku rape bulma upon meeting

u7 you mean.

and zamasu pulling hundreds of alternate versions of himself to one time line would draw Obvious attention:

"Hey bitches, thanks for all coming here. Makes it easier to delete you all. k bye

>even toriyama doesn't like it.
he said he was really impressed with the character designs (the ones he didn't do), and a good deal of them he took a moment to realize it wasn't something he'd come up with himself then forgotten. and he was intrigued by ssj4 enough that he felt compelled to try drawing it himself to see what would come out different

DBZ: Abridged

>Not Canon
Everything else

Why is Zamasu willing to inhabit the body of a filthy ningen? How does he tolerate it?

I look forward to many great shoops of that scene.

are thought the timelines were finite because they only got created because trunks went back in time.
and the green rings represent the 4 timelines that open up during the cell arc with trunks and cell time shenanigans.
but if zamasu brings out millions of zamasu's then shouldn't that be a contradiction on what gowasu said ?

Because she's not "late 40's mentally". Their wish was to be "young again", so they were literally regressed both mentally and physically to become children. They still hold their memories from the past, but have actual child minds.

post best ship

It's a mix of both.

>I swear if it gets to the point where Zamasu just calls on 50 alt timeline Zamasu...
I feel like this is going to happen. Why stop with 2 Zamasus? If they really want to eradicate ningen it has to happen across timelines too, though they probably can't do shit in timelines where the god of destruction is alive.

Trying to understand this and some have given explanations but that Manga page does solve things... So the original Zamasu who swapped bodies just went through timelines until he found one without Beerus but with a Zamasu...

Now to see the fight of whether this Manga is canon or not because it apparently contradicts stuff

they never even kissed gtfo

it seemed to me to basically be a 'I, as god of destruction, command reality to erase you' thing rather than an actual attack involving ki.

Retards can't truly love user, also Chichi is a cuck.


Who is Zamasu if Zamasu is Goku black? I don't get it.

They said Zamasu wished Goku back and changed bodies with him through the wish then killed Goku (who would have been in old Zamasu's body at that point due to a body change) so why is Zamasu still walking around, and another Zamasu is in Goku black's body?

he wasn't afraid, he was just fascinated and wanted to fight one

Does anyone know if half-Saiyans have longer lifespans compared to regular Earthlings?

mai wasn't even aware of the kiss fuck off

future zamasu
black comes from another timeline

Zamasu is Future Zamasu
Black is either mainline Zamasu or Zamasu from the timeline that never had FTrunks come back to warn about Black

like this?

We haven't seen half saiyans age far in the series tho so I dunno if it was explained

If Zamasu is Future Zamasu then why is he the one that wants to kill Goku even though he never met him?
How did Black know Vegeta but not SSJ2?

There is a unseen timeline where goku still lives and that's the original trunks went to where he got the blue prints from to deactivate 17/18 but never return to since you know cell killed him.


what he loathes is their filthy ningen spirit

wait for the manga to drop out. It usually responds better to the questions.

>woah i hate ningen for waging for and killing stuff all the time
>so i am going to steal the body of a ningen and then wage war and kill all the ningens

This is too fucked up even for me.

I'm fucking crying at the thought of an entire gaggle of Zamasu showing up and just going ham on Goku, Vegeta and Trunks.

Its fine goku is 14 there

They even hugged afterwards, user.

From what I remember, not even full saiyans have longer lifespans. They just stay young for a longer time, then they start aging quickly when they're old.

The timeline that we see in super and z etc is not the true timeline.

Future Trunks timeline is the real one. It was the one that sourced all the time fuckery.

If anything, we could see a villian come out of FT timeline to try and merge the timelines thereby obliterating the one we're exposed to and making his timeline not a crapshack universe.

>there's one gowasu hidden in the crowd hoping no one notices him

>how are you alive
>im from the timeline in which zamasu didnt make me tea so i killed him


>woah I sure do hate fucking pouring tea all day for some old fuck
>so once I've eliminated all other threats, and stolen this ningen body for an alternate version of myself, I'm going to spend my days making him pour tea for me

Green time rings represent the creation of alternate timelines. Thus, the number of green rings indicate how many people have traveled into the past. A new ring is created whenever another person modifies the past.

full saiyans stay young looking till they are 80. then they decline rapidly.
of course normally saiyans do tend to make it past 30 or 40 with their life style.

>Krillin, blow a hole in my chest!


>Black, kill me

What aren't you getting about how saiyans work?

This is correct. I'm kinda happy that my stupid thought is getting traction; the way things are going, I would not be surprised that this happens with all the time traveling the gods can apparently do

Someone needs to edit this so they are all little Zamasu heads

was if ever stated or merely implied that using a grey time ring would zip you into that timeline?

also do all the rings exist in all timelines for that universe?

I'm gonna need some source

derp, green not grey

Does AF stand for AS FUCK!

>Next week on Dragonball AS FUCK!

So if there are multiple zamasu does that mean they were able to achieve 0 ningen plan without time traveling ? since there are only 4 green rings which i guess come from cell/trunks arc.

Why is there a seperate cell game timeline?

Good to see that the Manga, despite usually covering a lot less, manages to fix a lot.

>muh feelings muh MAI
>one actual line that progresses the plot

Worst episode so far.

Reminder that Black's Potara ring hasn't been used.

After all else fails, Goku will steal Zamasu's ring and fuse with Black to neutralize him.


Calm down, the final fight starts next week and looks to be going for a few eps

You expected another enemy, but it was me, Zamasu!

>All this timeline discussion

Where is U10's God of Destruction? He is linked to the supreme Kai's is he not? And Zamasu IS a supreme Kai, or is he not?

He would still be half ZAMASU is he did that

It's every episode
>25 minutes of filler
>Last minute is the actual plot progression
> "How will Goku and friends get out of THIS ONE? Tune in next time!"

Bravo Vince!

>I want muh DBZ fights!!!
user you should have learn by now. This is Super not Z

He's probably asleep

Did he write FT's timeline for toriyama?

everythign got explained by gowasu

no, because black specifically needed to find a timeline in which Beerus was dead for him to safely begin his 0N plan.

it seems like he doesn't care about killing all ningen everywhere, he just wants one corner of creation that is completely ningen free for himself to rule over

>Goku is unbearable retarded as well, thanks TOEI.


Maybe it's because I watched the dub, but I don't recall Goku being literally brain dead retard like he's in Super.

Wait, if the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction are both dead, shouldn't there be imbalance in the universe or something?
Or does it turn out that their continued existence doesn't matter at all?

exactly this, nu-males will rage on you

With the help of KYOJI


I want Zamasu to go full Demonbane and just summon more versions of himself from different timelines to fight Goku and friends.

a new supreme kai gets born from the tree of godly beings, and whis chooses someone to be ascended to new god of destruction

he was never an official supreme kai.
he was in training, he ranked more along the lines of king kai (a lower kai)

>unironically complaining that Goku has never kissed before

This is the same retard who thought that marriage was a type of food, him never kissing Chi-Chi is perfectly true to his character. If you're that upset your shipping fantasies were destroyed then go blog about it on Tumblr you fucking fairies.

>The Zamasu Army is about to win
>Xeno shows up
>Black tries to rally the troops saying he is just another God and they can overwhelm him
>Xeno snaps his fingers and deletes half the Zamasu
>Other Zamasu get Vietnam flashbacks from deletion
>Xeno tells the other Zamasu and Black that he wont delete them if they star in a sitcom he writes for his own amusement
>Pilot episode of TOO MANY ZAMASU

He is more the rank of Kibito
The manga even has him spar with kibito

>Super made Goku so fucking retarded he can't even remember where he put the senzu beans for the 2nd time now
>In Z he never had any problems like this and was responsible with them

Fuck Toei so much. Seriously. I'm tired of retard Goku.

It's pretty weird seeing Beerus fuck around like a harmless joke character after he fucking deleted a god last episode.

trunks gets made the new u10 god of destruction

That's why he is the best character.

impossible, he needs to be punished by the loli of time

>Zamasu swapped bodies with Goku
>He then killed Goku (in Zamasu's body)
So who is in Zamasu's body right now and why is he alive?

the zamasu native to future trunk's timeline

this, it's like every character is made 100x worse
also that pic iss HNNNG-tier

>multiverse tournament begins
>one of the universes has a team of only Zamasu
>the GoD of that universe is Zamasu
>his attendant is Zamasu
>the supreme Kai is Zamasu

It's a Zamasu from yet another timeline.

There's a manga special (2 or 3 pages) that shows what happened in FT timeline. Some of the Z Warriors are killed, so Bulma and Gohan try to gather the Dragon Balls, but notice they're already gathered. They make haste for the place where they are, and arrive to see Pilaf asking to be young again. Right after this, Piccolo dies to the Androids and the balls turn into stones.

official one page
same stuff but with better display and explanation.

>It's a universe with no Ningen

>all the gods knew about this universe all along and just never thought to question it

The "Next Episode" segment shows two things.
A Zamasu removing Gowasu's earrings. This is probably Black.
Black meeting another Zamasu. This is probably Zamasu from the past instead of the future.

>ywn viciously take a saiyan wife

Wait, I don't get History 4. 1-3 make sense, but what about 4?

>yfw Ginyu is Zamasu

so there is a timeline where the cell games happened without a trunks and which is parrallel to the main one. so does that mean black goku could be the one from that timeline since goku isn't dead there.

>Universe 5 Kai: "Say Kai of Universe 4 you ever think it's weird there's an entire universe made up of a single guy?"
>4: "You know now that you mention it...."

Zeno needs to do his job and destroy all the divergent timelines from Universe 7.

Spoken like someone who's never seen DBZ. It had just as much retarded SOL shit as Super, maybe more.

There is a Cell Games timeline where Trunks didn't participate, because Cell killed him in the future. This timeline originates from Trunks already travelling back in time.
There is another Cell Games timeline where the DBZ story happens, where Cell burrowed deep undeground (arrived 1 year before Trunks) AND Trunks came back from the future before Cell was complete (this last one was the timeline of Future Trunks).

Is Chi-Chi really a human? She basically fucked Goku raw with no kissing or foreplay or romance at all. She just wanted kids so she fucked him. She must be a Saiyan, no human woman is that savage.

Which Goku did Zamasu take?

Isn't future Goku dead and probably decomposed by now?

we finally found our goku.

>ginyu was, is, and always will be the most diabolical villian the dragonball gang has ever encountered
>half of them don't even know he exists.


Speaking of, why IS Zamasu spending so much time and effort on one planet which isn't even in his native universe?
Anyway, aren't Super Shenlong's wishes completely rule free? Can't he just wish for there to be no more ningens?

maybe. presumably its a timeline where vegeta et kill #19 and #20 before either can retreat back to the lab and activvate #17 and #18.
they revive goku with the dragonballs first chance, things continue as normal, cell wakes up and there's #17 and #18 safe in the lab with him for an easy meal

>why IS Zamasu spending so much time and effort on one planet which isn't even in his native universe?
Because in FT's world, there are no Gods around to stop his plans.

that could also be the same timeline where zamasu met goku .
makes sense.

How do you go from this...

>Mai will make an astonishing recovery, becoming stronger than before
>Show reveals Mai is long lost Sayian
>After defeating Black and Zamasu,Trunks and Mai will continue the Sayian master race while Vegeta sheds a tear

Why isn't he cleansing his own universe though?

The main mistake with this theory (even if it's official) is that Trunks only got the blueprints after his second travel to the past, but the anime only shows him making 2 round trips. He would need to make yet another trip to make it in time for the Cell Games, but the anime doesn't show this.

Either this, or Trunks really wanted to go back to 1 year before his first travel (Cell said that he didn't set the time on the time machine, he just pushed the button), but to do what, I don't know.

>he doesn't can't do

FT perspective of dragonball would be hardcore as hell. In order to save anything, you have to die for it.

Trunks has buckets and buckets of survivors guilt. It's a miracle he's not addled with PTSD considering how many people have died doing things he couldn't. It seems sacrificing yourself is the one rule consistent to his timeline.

He probably absorbed some of Goku's retardation. Black wants to get stronger and for some reason needs Earth's humans to do it. Real Zamasu was probably about to wish for no ningen before Black showed up and was like "NAH NIGGA TRUST ME JUST WISH FOR IMMORTALITY"

Him existing is proof the God of Destruction of his universe still exists.

to THIS...?

no you got it wrong read the comment on for history 4.
It's the same as our main timeline only thing that seperates from them is that in H4 trunks wasn't present in the cell games.
This could be the explanation why a future zamasu knows and has goku's body.

because the god of destruction would delete him

>The Super Dragon Balls have no limitations to their power
>Zamasu chooses to swap bodies with Goku
>Not Beerus
>Not Whis
>Not Zeno
Whis can be forgiven, but he knew of the existence of both Beerus and Zeno and he knew both of them are far stronger than Goku. This is why ningen keep outsmarting you, dingus!

So.. Zamasu is Biff? Will Trunks have to travel back to find the sports almanac?

no the thing is there is more than just one trunks in this whole time travel scenario.

Wouldn't the GoD die too, though?
Zamasu clearly was looking for:
a) an universe where no GoD existed;
b) it couldn't be his own universe, because if the GoD of Universe 10 was destroyed, Zamasu would be too;

>So what I'm hearing is just more timeline tangents. I swear if it gets to the point where Zamasu just calls on 50 alt timeline Zamasu...

Something like that actually happens in Dragonball Fusions.

It's Cell though.

Worst part is that the writers could have easily avoided this plot hole by having Zamasu use the REGULAR Dragon Balls (which would not work on Gods) instead. None of the wishes the Zamasus had required the Super Dragon Balls.

Homolust for Goku beats logic.

didn't they say that they need the ningen body for their plan? maybe the reason is more specific than just power?

best doujin

>not zeno
Right now, we're led to believe zeno is the literal all powerful omniverse god. Until they need someone stronger than him to exist.

I'd imagine, if he wanted to, Zeno could simply dematerialize Zamasu for making such a wish with the dragonballs he created.


he's not a smart man.

Saitama also has terrible memory, but nobody complains about it.

Yes, I know that. It's that the whole stuff with the blueprints doesn't make sense with the ammount of trips Trunks makes in the anime (two). This is important to consider, because Trunks said it takes a long time (in Super, a year) to recharge the time machine in the future. Bulma couldn't have recharged it during the Android Saga because she only got the notes from Future Bulma in DB Super (and she probably didn't even know what kind of fuel it took).

>Black saga ends
>Just use Super DB's to reverse everything

Oh so that's the unseen timeline all this fuckers were talking about on kanzenchuu and i thought this fuckers were having another autistic headcanon discussion.

Couldn't they just use the Super Dragon Balls?
>I wish to impliment my Zero Ningen Keikaku throughout the entire multiverse!

I think the regular DB only works in their own universe.

>Black and Zamasu went to the DBGT universe and killed everyone, making GT's non-existence canon

dragon goes all "yo homie, i can't do that man, my creator doesn't allow it. oh look there he is now behind you"

beerus probably retains his hakai no matter what body he is in
whis knows absurdly ftl traveling techniques and could flee to zeno's palace before zamasu could kill him
and zeno is probably just a straight up reality warper who could reverse the swap instantly without needing the SDB's at all

Didn't the U10 GoD die when he killed Gowasu?

So that's why he's so strong, he gets a zenkai boost everytime a new enemy arrives

is the dragon ball super anime canon or what brehs

How about this
>Zamasu kills that guy on Babari
>New timeline created as a result, one with another redpilled Zamasu obsessed with Goku

Saitama is a consistent character. We have no reason to believe the Goku from DBZ and the Goku from DBS are the same person, unless he somehow sustained off-screen brain damage.

DBZ Goku was silly, goofy and had some dumber moments, but he wasn't a fucking retard who can hardly count. Remember when Whis explains that the two universes that add up to seven are eachothers opposites, and Goku responds with "it's getting really hard with all these numbers"? DBS Goku literally cannot do basic math. This is the same Goku that somehow managed to launch Frieza's space ship off Namek.

I'm kinda confused.
We have 3 Zamasus:
-Present Zamasu (Destroyed).
-Future Zamasu.
-Goku Black Zamasu.

Present Zamasu meets Goku, the event's unfolded and then was destroyed by Beerus.

Future Zamasu seems to know Goku as he reminded Black that the deal was letting him kill Goku himself. Yet he must have come from other timeline because Future Trunks timeline Goku is long dead and never meet him.

Goku Black on the other hand seems to NOT know Goku as for his inital reaction when seeing Goku "So you are Son Goku". And again, he also must have come from another timeline since Goku is dead here.

Shit is not making any sense

There's tons of confusion about what is in the Unseen Timeline. There's even a "time-displaced" version of Trunks that only shows up in Cell's flashback.

either the super db dragon
or supreme kai of time shows up to inform all the problems these alternate time lines cause

>ningen get wiped out everywhere at once
>every single god in the multiverse notices
>zeno erases zamasu and they use the super dragon balls to reverse the wish
great job

the fuel problem only started in super.
after the androids arc.
there are three trunkses.
one who got killed by cell
one in the main timeline
and one who took the blueprints and went back to the past.
the one who took the blueprint and went back to the past is where the cell games are without trunks.


can someone elaborate a bit further on this?

>Show missed the opportunity to explore alternate timeline where Goku doesn't hit his head

No I think Black's reaction wasn't "Oh so THAT'S Son Goku" but more of "Oh, there is this universe's Son Goku"

It's ok
Black will kill bulma or make it look like she is dead and he will transform and kill black.
Once trunks jobs in episode 62.

Look at the next episode preview. It seems Goku Black met Future Zamasu some time ago, and probably told him about Goku. Those scenes seem like a flashback that will explain a lot of things.

At the same time, the rules for what is/isn't a god and what 'god' means in Dragonball is convoluted as fuck.

At this point, I'm willing to believe 'Gods' are just some technologically super advanced species and not 'Gods' as we understand them. They just have a highly developed bureaucracy that they respect with such vigor they cannot fathom exceeding their station. But through a misunderstanding of other species languages, they are described as Gods and just accept the title because they understand for all intents and purposes, they are and this keeps non-'Gods' in their place in the divine bureaucracy.

AND SO WE HAVE WHY ZAMASU HATES NINGENS. They have the potential to upset the status quo. And the status quo is all Zamasu cares about, and where his idea of what Justice is.

it's 50/50
the anime is further along
but the manga does explain things better. although it also changes thing (like goku being able to use ssj god (red) at will)


I'm pretty sure the regular dragonballs can't bodyswap someone stronger than they are. They can't even teleport someone against their will if they're strong enough.

This is too complicated for a kids show.

He wouldn't even use the SBD he'd just go "no" and reverse it

black just said this episode that after doing the body swap he used goku's body to kill goku in his body, so he encountered at least that goku.

however it's plausible it all happened so fast he never got a read on the kind of person goku was

Guys, Goku wasn't saying he never kissed Chichi. He's saying he never gave anyone senzu beans through mouth-to-mouth.

Vegeta got it wrongly and thought Goku meant kiss, so he asked, "Aren't you married?" which confuses Goku because, well, what's giving senzu beans got to do with being married?

>Vegeta goes into SSB this episode and then exits it
>The retard anime writers are going to forget that going into the form a 2nd time will only let Vegeta use a fraction of his SSB power

This inconsistency will be outright ignored. How do animefaggots live with themselves?

Trunks said in his first trip that it takes a long time to recharge the time machine. He didn't know if he could make it back to help Goku against the Androids, but that he would try.

It's not a stretch to say a "full" fuel gauge lasts a round trip (past, then back to the future).

It was some dragon god called "Zarama" that created the Super Dragonballs, not Zen-O.

Thats only in the manga

Why the fuck did ZAMASU use the Super dragon balls to wish for such a simple thing while earth/namek can do the same shit.

The whole problem happens because of Cell's flashback (narrated to Piccolo). Cell says Trunks killed Freeza, which should be impossible because Goku is dead in Cell's timeline. So this Trunks is probably some Trunks from yet another timeline that participated in Cell's timeline. He can't be the same Trunks from Cell's timeline, because Cell killed him.

In that case Future Zamasu did not know Goku, wich is fine since Goku was dead. But where the hell did Goku Black get Goku's Body from. Isn't he dead in all other timelines since Trunks never came back to give him the medicine?

nah man you got it worng i get it.
there are two trunkses.

one trunks with the blue print went to timeline 4 to save our heroes and went back to timeline 3 to use the blueprints but got killed by cell and cell used the time machine to go to our main timeline.

the main trunks went to our main timeline and back to his to kill 17 and 18 plus that one cell from his timeline.

That's what I keep telling myself.

Did Zeno make Zarama?

werent those destroyed because piccolo is ded?

That was never stated in the anime. The anime did keep some lines about Blue draining power, but they never specified what it meant by that.

it's not convoluted, you're just trying to apply western religious sensibilities to the eastern concept of a celestial bureaucracy.

Super DB are multiversal.

why would vegeta even power down, if he knows that powering down and transforming again will only give him 1/10th of the power

as for the writers....i can see it happening, just so goku can save the day again

anybody have the need to get fucked by 4 zamasus? god this multiverse theory

Can someone edit this and change the supreme kai lines with "We.. we really did it... we have finally become Dragon Ball Super™"

If Black and Zamasu banged, would it count as selfcest?

Isn't that a bit out of character? He's perfect and doesn't need anybody's help. Not complaining though, it's just a game.

Noooo, again the shitty animators back from episode 54. Rip epic final battle of the arc.

Isn't that exactly what I said?

>through misunderstanding of the language
>divine bureaucracy

There's the timeline visited by the Trunks who stopped the androids with the remote control. Goku should be alive there.

You do know that the anime and manga are their own separate canons, right? Retard.

I'd rather 4 Goku Black. Unless those already counts as Zamasus. This is weird

needs black peeking around the corner added

Not news. Kanzenshuu is full of pompous assholes. r/dbz is full of the same retards who enjoy DBZ Abridged or DB Multiverse. Cred Forums in general is a mix of the two but Cred Forums has better DB threads than Cred Forums

The theory is that it's Goku from Cell's timeline. Cell said Goku was dead in his future, but since he remembers Trunks killing Freeza, that means Trunks gave Goku the Heart Medicine in Cell's timeline. So probably something else killed Goku.

>yfw in Xenoverse 3 you get a level with a mob battle of wave after wave of Zamasus

lol timeline 4 where trunks got the blueprints ourheroes still managed to bottle it and let cell achieve his perfect form hahaha.

Cell told Piccolo that Goku was dead in that timeline.

you said gods "as we understand them" which implies there is only one concept of gods and anything that doesn't conform to that must be false gods

>which implies
Kill yourself.

then explain how the fuck SSB Vegeta lost like a bitchto Hit when Goku gave him a good fight even before x10 Kaioken?

Fucking toeishits

reminder that future chichi got blacked

if you're gonna be like that I'll just add you to the IP filter

see this i think this user summed it up

>He didn't know if he could make it back to help Goku against the Androids, but that he would try.

That makes so sense. It's a time machine. It doesn't matter how long it takes to recharge.

>fighting for someone else
this is so unlike vegeta
its more something you expect from goku

or it gets added as dlc in xenoverse 2

Because he's the sacrificial lamb who's supposed to make a mistake so that Goku can avoid it when he fights.

You're the one taking some minor phrasing as the point and not the actual point. That's why kill yourself.

Because Vegeta is a retard who didnt pick up on time skip allowing Hit to keep taking full power potshots at his body. Are you stupid?

Vegeta looks like he's gotten better as of Super.

>We have no reason to believe the Goku from DBZ and the Goku from DBS are the same person

We have no reason to believe Goku from DBZ is the same from DB

I mean fuck, we have no reason to believe the Goku from last week is the same as this week

Toriyama stopped caring 25 years ago, it's amazing how far he got by just winging it

Because Vegeta didn't know about Hit's time stop?

Goku literally says if he didn't know beforehand then he would have lost too.

>Vegeta is supposed to smart as fuck
>Can't pick up on things someone who can't do basic math picks up on

Holy fuck Super is liquid shit

Could 2 Zamasu use their potara to fuse into a stronger Zamasu? Could the new Super Zamasu then fuse with yet another Zamasu to get even stronger?

>Crisis on Infinite Zamasu
>Final Zamasu

he cares too much for my liking

The anime only shows two trips.

Probably influenced from DBZA making goku a complete idiot, or goku is starting to suffer from brain damage

>fusing with yourself
1 x 1 = 1, user.

He did it a few times in Buu saga

> its revealed!
goku has been acting dumb all along, he's secretly sadistic that likes seeing his allies getting hurt.

he allows vegeta to attack first and doesn't care vegeta gets beaten up. he is just using vegeta so he can figure out the opponents moves and fighting style

>Because Vegeta is a retard who didnt pick up on time skip allowing Hit to keep taking full power potshots at his body

Goku didn't pick up on it either, he just knew something wasn't right. It was spoonfed to him by that Galaxy King or whatever.

it worked for #17

>implying there was that much thought put into it
We have a better chance of being right than we do another timeline

So why hasn't Black or Zamasu just blown up Future Earth already?

He's still a prideful ass, but he's mellowed out and actually cares about his family, something that was sparked in the Buu saga, so i'm fine with him being a family man now.

I think only Goku suffered from his Character. Probably the Pilaf gang too since they're comedy relief.

How is it that Zamasu in Goku's body is far stronger than Goku hiself?

See It's amazing how retards try to talk about Super's quality but they can't even remember the shit that happens in the show.

What if future trunks and kid trunks did the fusion dance?

because its the filthy ningens they are after, not the planet you mong

isn't toryiama supposed to be a gag manga ?
didn't expect him to come up with a rick and morty kind of sory.

.5 x 1 = .5

oh yes

>every future villain will have a scooby doo like reveal
>they're just another Zamasu

you need to be around the same height and your power levels need to be even.
but super would probaly ignore that.


Vegeta IQ: 120+
Goku IQ: 100-105
Gohan IQ: 130+
Kamiccolo IQ: 150+


Vegeta IQ: 110 at most
Goku IQ: 80

>He's saying he never gave anyone senzu beans through mouth-to-mouth.
I think that's worse. Now hes an even bigger retard

Needs more lizard tongue and mind break eyes.

So what did you guys think about the new ED?

Or do we already have too many ED for this show?

tumblr no chill mode

pick one

They mentioned that a new ring was created recently, which means that FTrunks coming back created another timeline in which he never came back
Black will be from that timeline

drop DBS goku down to 70. he's like forrest gump then

>Fredposting turns into Zamasuposting

>Every previous DB/DBZ villain was Zamasu

gohan is book smart.
i don't think
meant combat i.q. but normal i.q

>DBS Goku is dumber than TFS Goku

>if a god kills a god they are erased from all space-time
Did Beerus guess or did Zamasu somehow got around it?

Beerus is a fucking retard that doesnt know how time travel works
His only experience with it is from Whis

I would've got away with it if it wasn't for you meddling ningens!

it's like an arms race at this point

he wouldn't need to study all the time if he was smart

Remember the Lizard that Zamasu killed 1000 years in the future?
That guy is alive now, because Zamasu has been erased from the timeline before it even happened.
It does not affect other time lines

we need an edit of this with zamasu

Beerus has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

"If a God kills another God it HAS to change the timeline. Trust me guys. I'm going to bed"

>zamasu goes back in time and takes perfect cells body with the super dbs

>spending your life to be a grand design dickhead to someone

>six hundred million years later, thanks to him unifying the tribes, they achieve world peace and invent time travel

There's no way Beerus didn't know killing Zamasu in the present wouldn't affect Future Trunks' timeline. Why did he lie to them?

Gowasu nods his head in approval, sipping tea he made himself. All was well. Fin.

Any talented anons make a Zamasu wojak with a smug Goku Black mask yet?

Beerus is also an idiot

why take the body of a bad science experiment that failed against a kid.

he would be better to take buu's body.
near immortal, can regenerate from the tiniest piece.
can absorb others to get stronger

because it has the cells from saiyans and freezer
infinite potential
besides its an excuse to bring back cell

It was me, Kakarot. The architect of all your pain.

He probably didn't know traveling to the past creates new timelines. After all, the ones that have time rings are the Kais and not the Gods of Destruction.

so when will I get my cock sucked by fellow gohan faggot?

Why would Beerus even care in the first place?

It literally doesn't affect him at all.


The art styles aren't even close

gohan ever looking buff again

>there're two random guys going from timeline to timeline killing gods of destruction
>they can easily go his timeline and kill the shota kai
>doesn't affect him at all

wasted trips

Yeah, where is him? I know he got rekt last night, but he still has a lot of dicks to suck.

There is one thing missing and thats the 5th timeline. The timeline where a future trunks killed king cold and frieza in cell's timeline. Yes he may did manage to safe goku from the heart virus but they probably still got defeated by the androids thats the reason why the trunks from timeline 3 went to the past to get the blueprints in timeline 4 to kill the androids but got killed by cell in his return.

i found your weakness!

I think this is actually correct. Huh.

offtopic, but with Cred Forums dying where are you guys moving to?

I miss Space Dandy.

i bet videl keeps gohan on a short leash

Leave Black to me

In Fusions, due to remembering his previous humiliation, Cell's goal is actually to spread despair to everyone.

The "main" Cell actually just teleports away once defeated there, which leaves even Goku surprised.

who said Cred Forums is dying ?
Cred Forums gold was a joke by hiro to get autistic bandwagon fags to give him money.


the afterlife

when will you suck my dick?


>it's a Cred Forums can't stay in its containment board episode

UN has unilateral control of internet censorship now.

I'm just a regular Gohanfag, I'm not THE Gohanfag

I never played any of the games and now I have chance to get most of them for 50€
are they worth it

also what is the best outfit Gohan ever had

Videl is just a zombie that holds babies.

>knowing what he's talking about
I guess it can't.

Where is that Gohanfag now? Is he quiet now because he knows he's fucked?

You guys ready for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 2 Cabba in the Multiverse tournament?

He showed up on Cred Forums yesterday to hide from us yesterday after Gotenfags got BTFO

posting rare mai


That's hillarious. Goku is the best

Post yfw Cabba appears as SSJ Rosé accompanied with Vados, saying "I finally found you, Zamasu!".

saiyans are only present in two universes. a universe that isn't your universe's counterpart has nothing in common with yours

needs a Zamasu edit


Let me get this shit straight.
He used a wish of the MULTIVERSAL DRAGON THAT CAN GRANT ANY FUCKING WISH to do what a shit tier low level fighter like Ginyu could do?
To switch bodies?

He could have used the time ring and his godly powers to force Captain Ginyu to teach him that technique.

Better yet, he could have used the multiversal dragon balls to wish the ningens in that universe to be whatever he wanted or better yet wish them all gone.

Can you imagine an entire universe of beings completely controlled by a crazed kai/god of destruction?
Imagine them flooding into the other universes and fighting people they think are bad or evil according to the Zamasu's.

Them attacking Earth and forcing the Z fighters to take up arms would have been a lot more entertaining then this.
Shit they didn't even have a fucking training arc. Just that stupid pointless fucking bullshit from the last ep that can be completely dropped with no change to the overall story at all.

Wait..are Zamasu Gokumasu the god of creation and destruction in Trunks timeline?

>are they worth it
I would jump at the chance of getting most of the games for 50€
most of them are mediocre but fun time eaters

>also what is the best outfit Gohan ever had
Singinman if only he wouldn't act like your typical autistic Cred Forums manchild

Can't wait to see his bet in that pic.


I thought Porunga only worked with namekian language

time ring can't go to the past, only to the future and back, or to alternate timelines

and if he did any huge wish to wipe out or replace all ningen, zeno would just kill him instantly then reverse the wish


>like half the episode dedicated to Future Trunks explaining different timelines to Kid Trunks

I kinda thought they were building up to a "Black is just a regular Goku from a different timeline who turned out differently" twist. Like reversing the usual DB formula of bad guys turning good.

rest in pieces, bra ;_;



>best outfit Gohan ever had
pic related, followed by the kaio uniform

of course I'm not upset :^)

Zenkai doesn't mean shit after Namek

oh lol that mai added in

Notice how his hairstyle get's worse every time

How much do you guys wanna bet that Cabba is Vados's personal saiyan, that she brings over every once in a while when Champa eventually sleeps?

It's even worse if you think about it.

He switched bodies with Goku and then went looking for a timeline that didn't have a Beerus in it. Why didn't he just wish to switch bodies with Beerus in first place? Or even Zeno. If the Super Dragon Balls are really that good, he should be unstoppable.

I want Roshi's glasses

receding hairline, he's going bald

Is this a symbol of mai being the queen of DB?


because beerus in zamasu's body could still easily obliterate zamasu in beerus's body

Toriyama, we want muscles back.

the SDB are really that good but Zeno is still above them

Beerus in Zamasu's body would lose hakai button and would be stuck in a weakling's body.

Ginyu in Goku's body was much weaker than Goku because he wasn't used to that body.

his filler tang suit

Not all ningen across the multiverse just in the universe that he's in. Would also liked it if he just wiped out or changed the people in trunks universe to be how he wanted them to be and sent an enslaved Trunks and other beings from his universe to fight other beings on worlds that he deems as evil.
Would make for no end of fun fights and reasons for the Z fighters to do cool shit.

As a matter of fact, Zamasu's entire goddamned plan is fucking stupid exactly because KILL ALL NINGEN will end with the destruction of him and whatever universes he's a part of.

And if Zamasu had Godtube going and watched all of Gokus fights he should have known about Ginyu and the time machine.

He could have watched Ginyu's life and figured out the change technique.

hang on, back to an earlier topic
>Goku Black slowly being tainted by his body and becoming more like Son Goku
what if Black ends up being the 'other friend' Goku introduces to Xeno?

To be fair, Trunk's life has been nothing but edge compared to everyone else.

He wore that outfit in the manga too.


>Beerus in Zamasu's body would lose hakai button
no he wouldn't
>and would be stuck in a weakling's body.
that Black can go SSJ: Rose shows that you retain all your god ki when doing a body swap with the SDB

I thought that too. Zeno would know the difference though. He'd question the earring and the ki.

>purple hair
oh you :^)

did he?

ginyu's change technique might be exclusive to ginyu and can't be learned

>Zeno takes away a terrified black to be his unwilling playmate for all eternity

Ginyu didn't even know how to do a ki attack above his powerlevel or sense energy without a scouter.

forces black to have tea parties with him and play silly games

Yeah, that was the timeline Trunks 3 got the blueprints but never got back because Cell 3 (our Cell) killed him.

damn dende

Saitama is a gag character. And at least he was consistent. The only thing consistent about Goku is the fact that he's strong and has a black hole for a stomach. And if it weren't for the latter, I'd swear it wasn't even the same character

I still miss Lunch

>Chichi leans in for a kiss
>Goku starts fingering her

No kiss, it checks out.

me too, but I don't get paid until tuesday so I'm stuck on two meals a day

Thank you

Ranfan or Launch


panty dragon from GT

Looks like he tried atleast. Canon Goku didn't even know married couples kissed.


from the thumbnail I thought that was adult gohan going off to bury his younger self

Yeah I know.
But to be honest, Beerus authority as the god of destruction should be tied to his spirit or something right? So wouldn't he just obliterate him while he tried to beat him with pure power then go get the dragon balls to change his body back?

blue or blonde launch?

what's different

Yamcha and Gohan are going to use potara earrings and defeat Black.

>pink nipples
Asian women have brown nipples.

If that were true then the change technique would be a one time only thing.


Goku's casual outfit is cool too.

what the fuck is this cunt trying to say?

dende is a namekians.
They don't have sex, they barely understood why there were two different types of the same animals on the planet.

ginyu is a mutant like the rest of the ginyu force so yes it's a one time thing

>My dad still doesn't love me


woah goku sure acts like a retard in there!

He has been god for like 10years
He knows how to enjoy a good pair of titties by now

>i havent said anything
I laughed. Well played, toriyama.

I want to masturbate to this god, but I have mixed feelings. Isn't Vados and Whis almost the same being, but has just a different gender?

I mean, if it was tied to him then it would be tied directly to his biology correct?

Wouldn't a technique that is unique to his biology just STAY with his unique biology when his fucking spirit leaves to inhabit a NEW biology?

Meaning that it has to be a unique learnable technique that he devised or Ginyu is a being comprised entirely of ki.
Remember when everyone that the "solar flare" was unique to tien because of his third eye?

nope. go back to the episode where goku meets zeno. there's a whole bunch of these blue butlers running around, and they all have kinda similar personalities. they aren't native to any universe and so don't have counterparts in sister universes

I don't see a problem with that

There just brother and sister nothing more so it's perfectly okay user take out that power pole and extend it

Semen would probably be extremely delicious for her


that would make someone else the king though

how could he, when you are such a disapointment

Wait. So Black IS Zamasu?

>she tastes semen
>goes crazy for it as if it were cup noodles
>kidnaps you and keeps you around for your semen

Comparing original Goku to Super Goku is depressing.

>lord of lords btfo

a zamasu

new thread

i find it hilarious that some random is apparently better using goku's body than goku himself is.

he has like 8000 years experience on him re: god ki manipulation


but he was scrub that got dusted by a non-serious goku.

That was basically Turles

Thank you brothers!
Well im off

>So much salt, this is wonderful.
it really is

I can't find the source.
Anyone want to help a guy out with the name?

type of food

>vegetas kill streak on namek
>android 19 completely
>imperfect cell
>pui pui efortlessly
>golden frieza with no problems
>ginyu in tagomas body
>frost, magetta, cabba

he's probably constantly learning new things

>tfw dbs is garbage and they ruined goku

Only good new Dragon Ball is Saiyamn Saga Was Sick


Vid very related.

TFS sucks and so does every other dub on the planet.

I wouldn't be upset at all if he did the exact same speech for Black. In fact that would make it even better.

I know this might not be the thread to ask, but I figured it's worth a shot

So I want to get into dragon ball, but some outlets tell me that DBZ has 291 episodes, but when I added up all the episodes listed on IMDB I got like over 500, so which one is it?