No Alisha today

>No Alisha today
Next cour when?

I figure this is a good place to ask. I never noticed an episode 0. Should I watch it?

Sure, it's an anime exclusive Alisha suffering: the prologue

The one where the little grape loli dies?


>No Alisha
Welcome to 98% of the game.

I have that as episode 1. Fuck, what am I missing?

Nothing then, there were 13 episodes with the 0 one.

I'm tired already of all the Alisha shilling. The staff are acting like a bunch of angry waifufags rather than professionals

That's just it. I only have 12 episodes with last week's and the HS ones go from 0 to 12. I don't understand.

I wonder how much Alisha would even be in the next cour. I thought they were going to set up her story and Sorey's to continue separately, but it feels more like they put her on a bus.

I mean it's fine I guess, the first season really was all about her story, with a mostly proper conclusion. But she was the only character I really cared about.

Oh wait, I realized I could be less of a faggot and find episode summaries.

She's come a long way.

Finally figured it out. HS were faggots that released episode 0 as episode 1 and I was a faggot that missed episode 2.

That's because they only put any effort into her story. Really unprofessional when you think about it.

>Make a thread with Edna in the OP on Thursday and nobody bites.
>Make one with Rose on Friday same result.
>Try one with Lailah yesterday and still nothing
Alisha a fucking shit.

>no more Alisha sunday
Sleep well hime ;_;

Alisha a best, savior of Zestiria.

It was mostly just the last episode when Alisha's story was strongly prioritized over Sorey's, which was understandable since she is leaving.

Good, and now that she's gone S2 can get back to being the Sorey and Mikleo show it was supposed to be. Bitches ain't shit.

I'm talking about the fact that Sorey hasn't really been able to act like Sorey. The only time Sorey got any focus as a character was episode 6, every other tune they just focus on his duty but Sorey as a character has been out of focus.

In fact this last episode was pretty bad for him because a turning point in his story which set the stakes for him was erased. Because of that season 2 now has its work cut out for it.



They should have just done the berseria episodes a TV special like with zestiria. Those two episodes could give more time to focus on other characters and do the last episode better, possibly inverting the events to have both Alisha's and Sorey's part.

As someone who isn't familiar with the game, I didn't really know what Sorey's motivation was the entire time. It was some vague thing about investigating something about the Shepherd's duty, but all the thrust of the story came from Alisha. Until the very end, she was the one with all of the conflict and struggle, and Sorey was either in the same area or tagging along.

The balance of the story wasn't very good. I like Alisha and I think her princess-knight thing is much more interesting than happy-go-lucky Jesus, but I think they should've done a better job setting up parallel stories that sometimes intersect.

That wouldn't have helped, the problem is that Sorey hasn't been properly established as a character because all the conflicts in his story were removed in favor of Alisha, Berseria episodes have nothing to do with that.

The game is just one gigantic fetch quest. The characters aren't important. None of them.

Sorey's motivation was said multiple times though, help people in need and create a world where seraphs and humans can coexist.

He does seem to move somewhat aimlessly and not according to his objectives, but that's not different in the game.

Clever edit.

This person exemplifies the problem with the series the anime was just handled weirdly.

I mean his immediate goal, not his character motivation. I don't remember why he ends up in Marlind. He says he has something to do there so he tags along with Alisha, but I thought it wasn't specifically to cure the populace, but that's the only thing he ends up doing.

Then when they go to war, he says he'll go along but he can't get involved on either side if the war has already begun, and then he does so anyway. And the only reason he's doing that is to help Alisha.

The aimless wandering part is what makes his story so unfocused. He really does just go from place to place and then there's someone who needs helping so he helps them, but I keep asking "and then what?" I guess if that was part of the game, I can't really blame the anime, but if they fixed Alisha's story and gave her stuff to do, couldn't they have also fixed Sorey's meandering and given him something to tie a narrative down?

Actually it was only said twice the last time it was stated was episode 5 when he became shepherd, and that's also the only time that he's only acted because of that dream.

Ironically enough the game actually have him reasons to travel to the areas he does.

What are the reasons he goes to Marlind in the game? I know he gets blackmailed into going to war so that was never out of his own volition anyway.

If I had to guess going off what I know, I imagine that the game had some kind of MacGuffin quest involving acquiring Shepherd powers to justify a bunch of dungeons or temples in typical JRPG fashion, and the anime cut all of that because it was basically removed from the plot anyway.

I agree about the not taking sides, he started just purifying malevolence around and suddenly was directly interfering in the battle and even destroying enemy catapults. Maybe the idea was that he came to the conclusion that stopping people from fighting was really the only way.

I miss Lailah. Anime needs more of her.

Pretty sure no one cared about this garbage and if it wasn't for the fujo samefagging threads wouldn't even reach bump limit for days as it happened all the time

I think that might've been like an interesting character thing, but they did a really poor job.

I don't know, maybe if they wanted to completely destroy the terrible themes of Zestiria and bring it in line with Berseria, they would've done something like Sorey fighting an inexhaustible supply of hellions, until he realizes that the only way to stop the malevolence is to stop the war itself, so he gets more involved.

But as it is, it's more like he stops people from fighting because that's a generic bland good guy thing to do.

He got blackmailed into going to Marlind as well. Though he didn't mind that as much since Marlind really did need help and the council refused to send soldiers to help. Sorey's friendship with Alisha causes him a lot of trouble in the game.

In the game a lot of the dungeon crawling was due to Sorey's powers but some of it like the Marlind mansion was story related and help to make viewers understand the situation between Hyland and Marlind better.

Other fetch quests later on in the game were unnecessary and it seems were only fetch quests because the game didn't have time to integrate the information into the story.

Okay so Sorey also has no agency in the game?

If that's the case I guess the anime did try to fix him but just didn't go far enough.


The problem of agency with Sorey only happens when Rose joins but he does get it back in the last dugeon.

Sorey while on Marlind genuienly does give a shit about the people and goes out of his way to talk to them and help them. Game Sorey even hires mercenaries to help him protect Marlind from invaders. In fact even if the council hadn't blackmailed him to go, he still would have gone because of the promise her made to an old man. The anime didn't fix it at all.

The anime went pretty far with changing Alisha and Rose, and also changed stuff about shepherds and Sorey's abilities, but certainly not enough with the world building in general.

Everything seemed much more isolated than it should, with disconnected explanations as to why go anywhere, such as "let's follow that dragon, it might give some insight".

Different anime-only user here. Yeah, the worldbuilding is super weak. As far as I can tell, two nations are fighting over territory, but a random dragon can just fuck you and your city over at any time for no reason at all, so why even bother?

I don't really understand what Sorey is doing besides wandering around and purifying all the Hellions he can see. I mean, I guess that's cool, but that doesn't address the end goal at all. I guess it's clear that from this point, Alisha's gonna be working the political end to decrease war and decrease Malevolence that way, but Sorey's role in ultimately solving the Malevolence problem so far seems undefined.

Them removing Attak's story in Marlind was pretty stupid since it made it clear that the war was the reason for the malevolence spreading to the cities and causing sickness in the population.

>He thinks Alisha will be gone in S2
The het shipping of AlishaXSorey is now more popular than your fujo-ship. She's going to stay until the very end and have an anime-original scene where they confess to each other.

They're not fighting over territory the anime was shit at establishing this, they're fighting due to religious differences. Think Protestant v. Catholics. If an area is properly purified and the cause of malevolence is dealt with then there isn't a worry about dragon attacks, in fact seraphim can repel them as long as the area is purified.

Actually it isn't in fact it was never popular in the Nip Fandom at all. Take a look at Ufotable's website. The only Nips who ship or are a small number of Alishafags.

Sorey now has a target, he will work to defeat the lord of calamity, so in terms of tangible objectives the second season should be better.

First season was basically him becoming a shepherd and grinding (with Lailah and the rest always saying how he got strong multiple times while not really showing him doing anything besides the pacts) and following around very weak leads for an abstract objective of discovering what to do in the first place.

The only problem is that they didn't make Hedalf seem threatening.

>they're fighting due to religious differences
What? I don't even remember this being mentioned at all, though I may not have been paying enough attention.

It's from the game, you find out about it when Sorey is purifying Ladylake.

What I meant was that I don't remember it being mentioned in the anime. I've never played the game.

I know the reason for the war wasn't mentioned in the anime, the anime is shit at world building. Any kind of world building that came from Sorey's journey was removed.

They could have had Alisha giving a 2 minutes summary of what's happening in the world while they were in ladylake, but not even that.

But then if they did that you wouldn't get to see Alisha sad face for the 1000th time.

Seriously though Sorey's character and story rely heavily on world building but because he and the seraphim were put on the back burner, the world building suffered.

Deal with it faggot. The last episode was full on Alisha pandering and was the only episode in the series to break a 90% nico rating.

The world building problem wasn't because of Alisha focus though, considering she is the character more connected to that world and they could have easily done both at the same time. And there weren't such scenes you mentioned in ladylake.

They just thought it was not important for some reason, or assumed that mostly people who played or will play the game would watch it so they cared only for interactions and not background.

Ratings like that are normal for season finales. Even if they overall opinion for it isn't positive it's not abnormal for it to get a high rating. Even Nip Alishafags expect her to not come back.

Alisha is not really connected to the overall world just Hyland and the war or rather the idea of it. The actual reasons for the war and its effects have nothing to do with her character. In fact she's actually unconnected to those specific plot lines.

Yes, but I was talking along the lines started above of the reasons for the war itself that was never explained.

Lailah a shit

That's exactly what I'm taking about though she's unrelated to the reason for the war and there is also the fact that she just plain doesn't know about the cause and effect.

This. Homo archeologists are the real reason why this show exists.