What do you think of this year's anime so far?

What do you think of this year's anime so far?

slightly better than 2015

Danganronpa was kino.

Had the best comedy of all time.

Big - Order !!

Mostly mediocre.

Saved by puppets.

Not even close.

This year looks like it will be just as bad as 2015: only a few shows will really stand out but even those shows wind up being not as special as people would have you believe. As soon as 2017 comes around they will be forgotten.

Re:Zero is one small exception. It won't be forgotten for awhile.

>Re:Zero is one small exception. It won't be forgotten for awhile.
Because of the memes


Only liked Luluco and Tonkatsu DJ this year.

Not a single halfway decent thing aired or will air. The industry is fucking dead.

Was there anything else worth watching?


Year of cuck and gays

Shit, like every other year. Anime died as soon as it started.

It's already been a year?

Better than 2015 and had some really great shows.

Are you implying that the 2016 year had a fall season?

How do you feel about this ranking?


>Kiznaiver 7.75
Did we watch the same anime?

>Meme Psycho Shitty Fujoshit Rakugo Shinjuu - 7.75
>Floparara!! x2 Ketsu - 7
>Boku No Pico Academia - 7
>Mayoigay - 6.75
>FaguChika - 6.75
Brink bleach, you mentally retarded homosexual.

Still good.

>Bakuon above Rakugo and Mob Psycho.

Not gonna lie I'm a little triggered here.


Someone's mad they gave Reddit: Zero a low score.

Shit, just like every year since the dawn of time.

2013 is shit.


>Two most popular shows of the year
>Bottom of the list

>B-but guys, i'm not a hipster!

>Decent Show above Fujoshit and Ugly Fujoshit
Stay trigger, landwhale.

Yeah, that's why KonoSuba is near the top, because he's a totally a hipster.

Epic troll boys.
>FaguChika - 6.75

why do people like re0
How strong is your suppression of disbelief? Immediately at start of the 1st episode the mc acts so unnaturally im just wondering what the fuck am I missing.

Objectively, just like 2015. Both have a 8/10 show each (Lupin and 91 Days), and two 7/10 each (OPM, Death Parade, Rakugo and Joker Game)

Same reason why peopel like Konosuba.

Death Parade and Joker Game were objectively shit, though.

Winter was carried by DEEN, erased was okay and so was Ajin, grimgar was a nice change of pace for it's genre.

Hyped spring shows failed from the word go, aside from franchised shows like macross and jojo, the dark horses won out.

Summer shows started off promisingly but now it's over it actually feels the most disappointing with 2/3 of my favorites having a highschool setting and the third was new game.

Konosuba has a meeting with a god to explain the transition and reason to go into the world.
Re:0 skips that and the mc just behaves like its the most normal thing ever? Was there some explanation in the source material and im supposed to connect the dots or what?

Konosuba is comedy isekai with retards doing retarded things. Who cares about plot and other shit?
But In R:0 case you can't make judgement without watching at least 18 episodes


That's because you really like japanese humor.

>2013 is shit

3 good to exceptional shorts
>Buki yo Saraba

3 good one cour shows
>Silver Spoon
> Kyousougiga

2 good sports sequels
> Chihafuryu
> Ippo raising

2 very good and popular normalfag pandering shows

I don't think so.

He probably watch it because of cute garuuu and waifus.

SZS is japanese humour, konosuba is almost as western oriented as ONE's stuff.

Very! Exclamatory!

Yes, it has definitely been a lot.. Black

And you put this over 2011 and 2012?

>High School Fleet above Mob Psycho and Rakugo

>Rakugo not being wanked to high hell
Better than the majority of Cred Forums's taste, at least.

>3 good one cour shows
>>Silver Spoon
>> Kyousougiga
Silver spoon was worse than the manga, Kyousogiga was the biggest letdown in recent years, Uchoten was good and doesn't belong with that shit.
>normalfag pandering shows
Jesus fuck

>Under The Dog, Mayoiga, Haruchika, etc. higher than 2 of the most controversial yet not bad shows of 2016

This is why I can't take you seriously.

This season is shit so far. Possibly the worst season in years

>Silver spoon was worse than the manga
My manganigga

It barely even started.

I didn't think it was an unpopular opinion.
I mean, they cut a lot of good scenes and the anime really didn't offer notable animation or direction to make up for it.

>Implying the author isn't holding back an explanation as to why was Subaru brought to this world.

>Konosuba only explained why Kazuma was brought to a new world because of the comedy.

Seriously, how dumb can people get? Being a contrarian for the sake of fitting is autistic.

I recognize this list.

Those 2 shows are controversial because people fell in love with their premises, then struggled to accept that they failed to execute them well. Happens all the time with controversial popular anime like Attack on Titan and SAO, the premise is great, but the execution is boring and shitty, and people can't accept it.

Mayoiga and Haruchika in comparison are modest shows with plenty of enjoyable parts to balance out the flaws. It's much easier to enjoy them than the pure boredom of Re:Zero and Erased.

Most threads I see talk are about the anime and not manga.

I think Mayoiga was hilarious, but HaruChika was pretty damn boring compared to Erased and Re:Zero. At least those series had intense scenes and some interest in what will happen next. I suppose you just hate mystery storylines.

>In R:0 case you can't make judgement without watching at least 18 episodes
"You need to stick with it, Stockholm syndrome makes ANYTHING enjoyable!" is not a convincing argument for me to watch a show.

You can see R:0 is a piece of shit after watching just the first episode.

Well, every season I had one anime I really enjoyed so I guess it's okay. I'm really hyped for this season it looks good for me.

Except Re: Zero and Erased's premise were a lot worse than the actual story.

Pretty much entirely bad. I think Fall might save it and I'll probably reassess my opinion once I've seen all the movies, but from what we've got so far this has been the worst year of the decade.

winter had genroku rakugo
spring to now has jojo
summer had mob psycho and 91 days

This year has been decent I guess but there was a lot of shit like big order, mayoiga, taboo tattoo and endride to wade through

I've never watched more airing shows. Tons of good stuff like Rakugo, Pandora, Ange Vierge, Amanchu, Sakamoto, Konosuba

>tons of good stuff like [bad shows]

>What do you think of this year's anime so far?

I don't remember watching anything worthy this year so far.

Just read some manga and played video games. Read some good books too.

And funposted on Cred Forums.

Stranger things was my favorite anime(not) of 2016.

Don't use a random number generator to make meme opinions, it's too obvious.

i wanna kill myself

>It won't be forgotten for awhile.

Like DanMachi right?

I bet you think Re:Zero is AOTY

It is.

This year had Berserk 2016, which is a large piece of shit. So this year sucks.

Koe no Katachi is.

Sekkou Boys
Shirayuki-hime S2

Flying Witch
Macross Delta
Re: Zero

91 Days
Mob Psycho
Shokugeki S2

Hibike S2
Natsume S5
Whatever else ends up being good

Best year in a long time.

Rakugo was a pretty good show, compared to everything else.

I can't remember a goddamn thing. Really, spring might as well have been 4 years ago.
I think after years and years of watching anime as it airs it all kind of blurs together.

See, this is a good list. Despite not having my hero macadamia but you probably throw them out of your head so we cool.

No idea. I just watch things mindlessly without thinking whether I enjoy most of them or not.

You forgot Galko, and you need to remove Macross Delta and Re:zero

too many LN adaptions

2016 will be the year anime was owned by syosetu

Reminder that Tanaka-kun is still AOTY

2016 TV LN adaptions
Winter: 7
Spring: 5
Summer: 3
Fall: 2

Worse than 2015 somehow.

Apart from Rakugo, Hibike and Gundam most of this list is actually bad.

The shit on your list isn't even worth watching.

This season could turn out to be the best of thise year. Time will tell. All i know is that the flips are going get flapped hard.

Things that are actually good:
Flying Witch
Mob Psycho

Meme watch:

I wonder why people just cant discuss things without using the words bad and good. Why not explain how its good, so people can give their opinion on why its not as good as you think it is. This thread just seems pointless and i am kinda tired of it. Its not even fun anymore to shit on tastes like that.

Wah wah someone called my show bad


I only liked Mob and rakugo this year but still its so senseless to just say your opinion is shit and not follow it up with some kind of argument.

>he liked Mob and Rakugo

Only ones i deemed good and could finish this year, JoJo was good too. Sakamoto was funny but nothing too amazing either.

It's senseless to just say they're good and not follow it up with some kind of argument.

He didnt question my picks, so i dont feel the need to explain why i deem them good. Would be a waste of time and effort to do so in this place.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT extremely underrated. absolutely beautiful animation and bretty gud brutal story. its my AOS

Terrible like every year since 1960

Literally Cancer.

Winter 2016 was a nice season. We had lots of nice shorts like Galko-chan, Sekkou Boys, Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko.
Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Pandora, Kono Suba, Rakugo, Durarara were all entertaining to watch and above avarage.
Grimgar was a fine written melodrama I liked to look at. People also liked Akagami a lot, though for me its characters were too idealized.

Spring was full of SoLs and disappointments. I expected more from Kabaneri, Sakamoto, Hero Academia, Memeyoiga, Kiznaiver. Shorts once again saved it for me Luluco, Tonkatsu DJ, Honobono Log. I also remember enjoying Tanaka-kun, new Sailor Moon Crystal, Joker Game, Con Revo, Shounen Maid (unexpectedly), Flying Witch. Kuma Mikos ending raised a little shitstorm. Jojo, new Macross and Re:ditt Zero started to air. In the middle of the season I got fed up with nearly all of the shows.

Summer felt much better that spring. 91 days, Mob, ReLIFE, New Game!, Saiki Kusuo, Amaama to Inazuma, serious Fate/lolli. DR3, although it was terribly written it was fun to follow week by week.

This season only started but already has a great potential to bring something good.
New Working weren't a disappointing so far at least.

Spring a best.


>macross shita

Stopped reading there

it was an ok year, kind of meh until summer came also there's still Fall with Drifters, that Meguca/Wixoss show and the yuri+nazis but it's not like I'm not ready to be disappointed like with ReZero

My top 3 are Planetarian, Mob and ReLife right now

This season was pretty shitty. The previous one was quite okay though.

Very nicely done rec thread. Sneaky and effective. You fooled everyone. Good job OP.

No masterpieces but a damn good year,
We had
(Some of these went to shit but we're enjoyable to watch)

Gundam Ibo
Re zero

And this season is chalked full of entertaining shows

I only followed winter closely, one of few seasons I've ever followed closely actually.

Saw 8 winter anime, 1 spring anime and 2 summer anime (but still haven't finished one)

I liked New Game and Flying Witch. Most of the winter shows were not something I'd recommend, but they were entertaining. Grimgar and Erased were maybe some of the best of winter, but also Dagashi, Dimension W, Konosuba and Rakugo had their qualities.

The only anime I've seen this year that I really dislike is Love Live Sunshine. Haruchika also had frustrating elements, but not as bad as Love Live, and PW was just... filler?

No masterpieces, and little that will be remembered in ten years, but okay content for watching seasonally. At least winter.