All these translations

>All these translations
Is Violet Evergarden trying to appeal at gaijin audience?


Anime PV when? End of the year?

>English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese(?) and Taiwanese (?).
Foreign markets makes up around of 20% of the money made by anime. So it makes sense that Kyoto animation would try to expand there.

I hope it means I won't have to wait too long for my BDs.

Ich verstehe.

Only AMERICAN is the relevant language.

speak english dumb cuckold kraut.

>El projecto del anime es en las obras
Okay, they used google translate.


>il progetto anime รจ in lavorazione
Yeah no fucking shit they did
Or maybe they didn't, it's not grammatically wrong, it just sounds horribly formal and mechanical
People underestimate the importance of a localization, you can't just translate literally, it's gonna be awkward as fuck to read

>it's not grammatically wrong
In the case of the spanish one, it is, it doesn't even make sense.

I can see why
I'm Italian but judging from the English text, I bet they had a straight 1:1 translation from English and translated a figure of speech literally
For some reason the Italian version isn't literally translated while still being weird

>>El projecto del anime es en las obras
What did you expect when even you yourself don't know how to write in your own fucking language?

>No arabic, hebrew and african speak.
No black people in VE for racial representaion.

I hope this shit flops.

>no sandniggers, jews and niggers
How can kyoani be so based?

I bet you hate Pedro too.

It's a fantasy world based on europe they should've at least have black characters like western shows does.

Exactly, it's fantasy, please let us enjoy and escape from this mess

>no korean

My brotha ;_;

The cast of VE is too white and need some diversity.

Fine, how about adding some asians, slavs and mediterraneans?

Boycott Violet Evergarden for being too white.