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I can't believe I'm going to watch this.

Looks good. I'm sure it will be an entertaining watch.


The movie has God Eater's director of photography so that explains the Ufotable-like lighting in many scenes.

It actually looks pretty good.
Mildly hyped

Aw yiss
Why don't you admit that it, Cred Forums? You want some of this self-insert, don't you?

I actually almost thought it was ufotable.


This somehow doesn't sound like Kajiura. Is she in this?


Then I'm getting worse. It took me like 3 episodes to realize it was her working in Erased

NOW I understand why some people hated Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was a kid. This is just as bad (and edgier).

Shit nigga this looks pretty gud. To me SAO ended at ep 10. Glad this continues from there.

Wow, Yuuki getting shoved off. Asuna moves fast.

>more A-1 shit
and it
actually looks good?

what the hell?

It's SAO dude, they actually put money into it.

A-1 projects can look pretty good depending on staff.

Story looks mediocre.

Looks pretty though, will probably watch it.

So what's the setting on this?

An Augmented Reality game where the hook is that your power level is tied directly to your player ranking

Kirito has trouble coping with fighting in meatspace

>live action

Yes, that is going to be a thing. There was an announcement for it a while back.

>Live-action TV series underway in Hollywood

You can see its a movie, its no doubt real 1080p or maybe even higher

Set between MR and Alicization. Apparently the Professor dude has developed Google Glass in this universe and (importantly) has also developed an ARMMORPG at the same time so as to take advantage of the tryhard-looking headset. And then somehow, the game becomes MORE THAN A GAME and the real world is in danger in some way, shape, or form.

Because it's AR, your capabilities depend quite a lot on your body's physical abilities. Hah.

Yes. Live-action, in English, and adapted by Hollywood. It's gonna be awful and hilarious.

>Because it's AR, your capabilities depend quite a lot on your body's physical abilities. Hah.
I wonder what sort of special abilities will be written in for Kirito to make up for his lack of physical ability.


CrossFit training montage

fair point

In related news, apparently they're making a crossover videogame for SAO and AW.

Oddly enough it's ALO Kirito, not SAO.

I'm not sure that's necessarily needed. What he says in the trailer is "my body feels so sluggish", which is what Asuna also said back in MR. It may not necessarily be that he's so terribly out of shape as much as that he's used to such incredibly high DEX stats in-game that his 3D body has no way of competing.

Last we saw, he was hitting the gym regularly (in Fairy Dance) and also has road biking as a hobby.

Honestly, QUALITY Code's production quality is more of an outlier than anything.

I really hope this isn't going to be the RPS that the Accel World games were.

>game where the hook is that your power level is tied directly to your player ranking

And I thought this hack of an author can't be more stupid than he already is.

>Yes. Live-action, in English, and adapted by Hollywood. It's gonna be awful and hilarious.
Nothing you said there particularly seems worse than the anime.

anyone play memory defrag? the game is great but the gacha already fucked me over and i want to quit

did you even watch ace attorney over the last few months?

in b4 Asuna is black and Klein is your wise-cracking Mexican buddy

I dropped that shit after episode 1. But at least in the recent past, A-1's quality depended on how much money they threw at it but generally were at least decent.

It will be made by the same developer as the SAO games right? It probably will be good.
I hope it will be a fighting game in the vein of AW but with some elements from SAO.

Which one is Accel World again

I miss KYH so much.

You act like SAO has anything to ruin in the first place. While shoe-horned diversity isn't enjoyable for anyone, the idea of the first VR game having more than just Japanese people playing it isn't exactly too far out there.

More like inb4 Agil is white.

Damn, they aren't even trying to be subtle with the advertisements.

There were only 10000 copies or so, and I want to say it was regionlocked.

Regardless, if Hollywood is doing it, it's probably not going to be set in Japan.

More like Agil is Japanese who grew up in LA and runs a shop in Japantown.

>Full Dive developed and used before AR
Yeah. This is bullshit. I don't see how anyone can buy it.

There's no action animation director staff position this time unlike the previous TV seasons. Strange but since this is a movie and SAO is a big title for A-1 this project still should attract some good animators to it.

I know the story's reasoning, I'm just saying the only reason it was like that in the first place was that Kawahara was probably not confident in writing about people who aren't Japanese.

If Hollywood is clever about it, it doesn't have to be "set" anywhere. It just has to have people of different backgrounds playing a VR game together. That's already what playing an MMO is like in real life.

Maybe they couldn't figure out how to inject data into your brain without being unconscious, otherwise the conscious data would easily override it or something.

>There were only 10000 copies or so
So even digital keys were artificially limited? It's like they hated money.

>It takes your actual physical abilities into account
Who's ready for a neet teenager to be able to defeat the equivalent of Bruce Lee

Looks good, though it's unlikely the movie is mastered in more than 1080p. Got more hi-res screencaps of the action?

Pokemon Go in its early days did more for getting nerds off their asses than the First Lady, the NFL, and the Department of Education ever did over the past few decades.

If a true ARMMORPG came out that required physical fitness, I don't think it would be unreasonable to see people seriously training to maximize their e-skills.

Well, from what I can gather, the original SAO had only one server. Who launches an MMO with a single server?



Great another generic bitch to be praised by Cred Forums

SAO was only 10000 physical copies distributed in Japan, there were no digital downloads.

Eve online has a single server.

>Eve online has a single server.
>Well, from what I can gather, the original SAO had only one server. Who launches an MMO with a single server?

Highly depends on what you mean "server". If you mean "hardware" server then no online game has that.

If you mean "gameplay" server then that highly depends on what kind of game you have.

Never played EVE but I imagine that the server could handle a total player population greater than 10000, no?

So who is this girl?

So what that kiss means?
One of them is dying from AIDS?
One of them is a guy in reality?
It's done for the self-insert Kirito amusement?

Absolutely. The record for concurrent players online sits just above 65,000. It's all a single shard with everyone in the same galaxy, unlike other mmos that split things up by continent or even region.

I like the drawing style but SAO girls look always the same to me, especially the important ones with long hair.

You would be pre ordering all of her figurines right now if she was in a show which pandered to you


Jumping between systems can move you between HW servers.
Also why there are problems with Jita but not other systems. Jita has dedicated server, but it is still not enough.

Picked the fuck up.

we're not talking from a hardware standpoint, at least i don't think. trying to run something like eve or even SAO from a single server tower would be impossible. we mean 'single server' as in 'everyone in the same playspace'

there were no other copies of aincrad hosted on other servers for people to play on, all 10000 players were in the same floating castle, just like in eve everyone except the chinese are in the same galaxy

I don't self-insert as Kirito. Even though SAO is objectively bad, it's honestly an entertaining watch.

>It's like they hated money.
profit wasn't kayaba's goal with SAO

>Who launches an MMO with a single server?
this wasn't a conventional MMO, that was never the intent even at the start

I will never understand how people can be entertained by something bad.

SAO is built almost exactly like Eve. While the majority of players all lived in one floor at the bottom (there's your jita 4-4 node with hundreds concurrently online daily) there was 75 floors that the rest of the survivors spread out over. travel between floors (systems) was handled by warp gates and specialized warp item crystals making "corridors" (cyno jumping). The only real difference would be the amount of computation required for all that vr shit.

makes you wonder how ALO handled new aincrad, what with being able to fly around outside of it instead of teleporting into each new floor's instance

It's still required to warp between floors, there's a barrier that prevents you from just flying into the next floor.

if you mean the big metal shutters closing off unreached floors, then they actually open once the previous floor boss has been conquered

I think the same about those that defend kyoani and their shows.

So who is that antagonist guy?
And why are the evil characters always male?


So what are the odds on the Vocaloid being corrupted?

Well, there's Administrator, and she's female.

I thought that was just for floors that haven't opened up yet. I may be wrong, but I think you can fly between opened floors.

I'm actually a bit unclear on how they get between Alfeim and ALO-Aincrad i.e. Midgar. Do they just fly there?

You would think these companies would learn by now with the VR devices after the first mishap

I assume VR ghosts will be involved.


Yep, definitely


Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied were things.

People had ironic circlejerks with Guilty Crown and Valvrave; depends on the masochism


>Guilty Crown and Valvrave
Better than everything airing this season

wait, i watched the first season and i completely forgot about it, now i came to know there's a second one, should i watch it? keep in mind it was my first "trapped in videogame" animu so i kinda liked the fantasy setting

GGO is better than the shitfest that was s1 2nd course.
Which isn't saying much

Second part of S2 was pretty good. First part was supposed to be good, but A1 kinda fucked up the adaptation, as usual.

SAO is one of those shows where either you love it or hate it, and if you liked the first season, then why not watch the second. Most people say it's better that the first one.

GGo is the best part of the entire series

>Live Action

Hello Avatar and Dragon Ball.

>Live action TV series underway in hollywood

I dont know how i feel about this.

huh. so the anime gets better than that fairies arc bullshit in the first season? Like the first cour of the first season was decent. Then it got bad and I forced myself to finish the first season. So you guys are saying some of the second season is the best bits?

Might have to actually check it out.

Alfheim is the worst part of SAO, so yeah, you could check S2. Keep in mind A1 fucked up big times the pacing of GGO.

>live action
>they will ruin every bit of reputation the SAO built up with normies for animaymays
>Kirito will be played by some 30 year old faggy dude with retarded """anime""" hair
>Klein will be a token nigger
>Asuna will be played by some 35 year old hag acting all retarded and not in character


thanks Cred Forumsnons might give it a try, also, i don't know about love or hate part, i liked it in the begining, but then i don't even remember exactly what happens later on
on a totally unrelated note, will we get a Log Horizon s3? i know second season was one big mess but i still want to see what happens next

SAO is pretty bad (even if its barely on ironic watchable) so forced diversity can't make it worse.



I only hope Philia will be there.

This movie looks really nice. Should I read the LNs or is this original

Suguha's tits are this shows only redeeming quality.


>game characters ever becoming canon
we have a higher chance of getting panty and stocking season 2

it hurts

Is this Alicization? Or some other shit?


First thing that came to my mind when I saw this

don't forget the official art

Will it be like the last "movie" and be 95% recap from the TV series with a few pool scenes thrown in every 10 minutes?

Watch the fucking video maybe

The PV for the first "movie" looked just as good. We all know how that turned out.


Swordo Arto Online you mean


Pretty sure they always advertised that special as as mostly recap with only new content at the end.

The ones that kept their mouth shut about a movie being half recap were Sunrise with Infinite Burst.

ソードアートオンライン you nigger.

Looks bland as hell.

>here we go again: the movie
I'll take it.

> implying I can read that
Do I look like a dirty wapanese to you?

>Implying it will gross more than Koe no Katachi's projected 2 billion.

This is going to have original content written by Kawahara so it should be better than SAO I and II since those were written back when he was still an amateur WN author. Production values look really good and OST is great.

Did you even watch the trailer, retard?
>A brand new original story

SAO as franchise is more successful than Katachi anyway, movie profits included

poor kyoanus cant catch a breath

It's going to gross more. It's already going to be put in more theaters than KnK and is way more popular too. I can see this making 3 billion yen and even more. Then you have the 1000 other theaters worldwide. This will be a massive success.

Monogatari is more popular than both combined and see how it did. Also SAO isn't that popular, Girls and Panzer is more popular.

Can't wait for more Kajiura

So I'm really wondering if I should watch SOA2. I really loved the first one, but the second part (after they got out of the tower) was the most horrible thing I've seen in anime.

Is SOA2 like SOA1.1 or is it more rubbish like SOA1.2?

>the only reason it was like that in the first place was that Kawahara was probably not confident in writing about people who aren't Japanese.
You could also reason that it would be problematic to shove a bunch of people who don't speak the same language onto Aincrad.
You could split them into different servers, but that opens you up to more attacks.

Kayaba just might not want to deal with foreign countries, and is content to just fucking with his native Japan.

In ALO you could just fly to whatever floor. I believe they mentioned doing this in a few novel side-stories.
And even in SAO, you could just WALK to the next floor through the dungeons connecting each floor. Orange Players couldn't enter towns, so they couldn't teleport between floors very efficiently, so to cross floors they had to walk.

Yuna, some singer that's apparently at the top of Ordinal Scale.

And D.I.L.

>so the anime gets better than that fairies arc bullshit in the first season?
It literally cannot get worst than Fairy Dance. So yes.

The Accel World movie was the same. Looked like all new content from the trailers.

40 minutes of recap
40 minutes of new story.

And the recap only covered what happened in Season 1, but the new story had a huge timeskip, so anyone who was following the anime had no idea what the fuck was going on anyways.

It's all rubbish, but it's fun rubbish.

GGO is ok but Mother's Rosario is genuinely good. Easily the best adapted arc so far.

I just like the flashy animation.

Not going to lie, he looks badass in this poster.

The animated MR arc is better than the LN MR arc, I feel, mostly because Asuna is a pretty cringey narrator.

The SAO getup does make me worried he's gonna Incarnate some shit or something.


Just for my reference; GGO is like SAO2.1 and MR is SAO2.2?

Mother's Rosario would've been good if they had the girl
>live in the game
by being a gaming addict, instead of some AIDS victim.

They nailed the Ufotable style without the obnoxious effects, holy shit.

Sorta. The second cour of SAO2 is split between a Caliber, and Mother's Rosario.
Caliber is just a 3 episode arc about Kirito and .co getting the Excaliber sword, so it's entirely skip-able, seeing as most people don't seem to like it as much, because of how seriously it takes itself.

But user. That's basically how Accel World works.

Accel World has a standard level system though.

Ordinal Scale is much sillier, as it has a system that scales you compared to all other players.
I think it's an interesting idea, but I can't see any implementation of this system being not retarded.

It's one thing to make an embellished expose of what happened in SAO, but it's another thing, I feel, to put together a sorted catalog of player profiles. That's just asking for some butthurt RL PVP.

Puffy nipples.

Considering Kirito was called The Black Swordsman in reference to the book the whole time, I'd have thought all the names were being replaced.

So healthy

I want an Eir Aoi OP

On top of that, the numbers on the side are page-numbers, probably indicating various pages where their names are referenced. So it's not just a list of player names, but a retelling of some of what they've been involved in.

I imagine Kirito's name was mentioned it the book separate of the "Black Swordsman" moniker. Maybe.

>kirito doesn't look like a gary stu for once
>original story so we can't know it's shit yet
i'm slightly optimistic

How do people even make mistakes like this?

You mean this isn't a Skies of Arcadia thread?

As franchise and worldwide SAO > shit und panzer, they are not even close.

budget (and not) Deen

worldwide it will probably it's more normal/shounenfag friendly

>I will never understand how people can be entertained by something bad.

Because there are all kinds of people thus all kinds of fans. Lots of people don't care much about the literary value of the plot as much as they care about the escapism. SAO does well at pandering to the escapism needs.

SAO does very well also because it has multiple self-insert plot arcs not just one. The main problems with past SAO fandom on Cred Forums was the obnoxious fans that denied SAO as being a gary stu pandering plot with realistic practical ways of leveling and gaining wealth.

kungfu movies, zombie movies
like 90% of summer movies

Kirito suddenly having to deal with his limits as a human seems interesting.
But who am I kidding? They'll just find a way for him to overclock his own system to surpass Eiji.

Eiji is not even the main rival to defeat, he is #2 in the ranking.

Inb4 the crackpot BMI engineer is #1.

maybe he'll have to outsmart him instead

Developers wearing labcoats. That should be a trend.

A lot of people dislike SAO, but I can never hate it, because it's one of the few romance series that has pure damsel-in-distress stuff.

It's not uncommon to see anime heroes save girls from a mustache-twirling villain, but it's becoming increasingly uncommon in a romantic context, which is a shame.

He's probably going to hit the gym.

Thanks for giving making me imagine a 100% swole Kirito.

Oh whoops, that "giving" shouldn't be there.

Is SAO the call of duty of anime?

>series never showed any use of AR
>everybody suddenly wears google glasses in the movie


why not we've already had the best version

Im betting on Yuna being #1 and surprise last boss.

you don't know how anime movies work do you?

>SAO the Movie will be shown in 1000+ theaters worldwide, of which ~150 will be in Japan

So 850 out of 1000+ total theaters in USA, China, Germany, some other Southeast Asian countries will get the movie near-simultaneously if not simultaneous release. Just imagine the profits Aniplex is predicting to greenlight such a wide release.

Has any non-Ghibli Japanese cartoon film ever garnered that much wide release?

Kimi no Na Wa. will be shown in 85 countries so that's another movie with wide distribution.

>killing the loli

>More like Agil is Japanese who grew up in LA and runs a shop in Japantown.
fund it

It is will be shown, however, only after such a tremendous response in Japan. SAO movie's worldwide release has been in the works since the start, before they even finished the storyboards, with no promises on quality.

I will watch if kirito-chan is in womens clothing in this movie

It's like that Index movie, a space elevator that had never been shown or mentioned before suddenly became a plot point.

Looking forward to it

fairy daughter onahole hmanga when

You mean the one or two shots of Silica looking like she's in danger? Nah, she shows up towards the end of the next arc, so they can't kill her yet.

SAO Live-action TV series...

Oh my god, I am shitting bricks, this is great, can't await the crap they will produce.
It will be absolutely horrible and everyone will hate it, maybe it will create even a inferno. Thank you Hollywood for being so retarded.

At least the animation looks good but not expecting much

I'm looking forward to this but the production values don't seem much higher than a typical SAO season on TV.

Also, like Endymion, there's a singing idol in this movie.

>maybe it will create even a inferno
What did you mean by this?

people watched suicide squad

Will the characters actually be Kirito, Asuna, etc? For all we know it might be just a rehash of the series but with new American characters set in America.

The lighting does look a lot better, but a lot of the animation is probably far from done at this stage. There's another four months to go before screening after all. SAO is a big title for A1-, I'm sure there will be good animators on board.

>SAO is a big title for A1-, I'm sure there will be good animators on board.
The OPs for Gun Gale/S2 looked superb, they must have spent a good chunk of the budget on those.

Both SAO seasons always had good animators working regularly as action animation supervisors, with Takahiro Shikama and Tetsuya Takeuchi taking on those roles in seasons 1 and 2 respectively.

Bad expression, my english is not very good if you didnt notice it before.
What I mean is people flame it, hate it that much that they send hatemails and death threats to producer of the live action series and all that.

Not really expecting that to happen though.

I can see the movie flopping hard. 1000+ screens means it needs to at least gross 10 billion yen to break even. SAO is popular but not that popular.

Worst case scenario, people ridicule it to Hell and back like Dragonball: Evolution, Reki encourages everyone to put it out of their minds, and it's never mentioned again. Technically that would be the best case scenario because Hollywood would have to rethink their ventures into anime/manga adaptations.

I've been saying that since the ever since the second half of the first season, but at this point it's like a trainwreck I know it's bad but I can't look away


>I can't believe I'm going to pirate and watch an anime movie of a popular franchise for free
The horror.

>The SAO getup does make me worried he's gonna Incarnate some shit or something.

But we gotta save that cross series link for alicization. Also AW S2 when? I hope we get at least 24 episodes for alice.

>they won't animate Progressive
>they won't animate a prequel series focusing on Kirito and Asuna getting to know each other and becoming a cute couple, which is what half of the fanbase really wants

gotta keep an ace up the sleeve for emergencies

DIL was pretty good. I think softest Administrator was better. Female villains in SAO tend to be real semen demons (more emphasis on demon though).

SAO:P manga has amazing art.

They'll probably animate Progressive eventually. I think I remember one of the manga volumes having words from Kawahara about wanting a adaptation. It'll probably be up to A-1 though.

>I think softest Administrator was better

Kirito quite literally thrust into that and filled her stomach up with his sword.

>singing idol in this movie.
Idols are not exactly new for SAO original stories

What will they do for the anime when they reach her?

Same goes for Eugeo literally being inside of her.

Long hair and magic lights should cover up enough of her.

That said, China's gonna outright ban every episode with her in it.

Either they will give her barbie doll anatomy or there will be lots of light beams. I think I prefer the former.

Well, Quinella is canonically by far the most attractive woman in the cast. Even Kirito gets depressed while carving her up just because she's so beautiful despite the burning hate he has of her.

She's also the most evil person in all of SAO. No one else comes even close to her level of brutality and sadism.

I expect a multi-cultural, diverse cast of characters instead of 100% nipponese because it's Hollywood/America

Chances of either Kirito or Asuna not being 100% white is very high

The most brutal, yes. I wouldn't call her the most sadistic, because it didn't seem like she was outright gaining pleasure from harming people, except Cardinal, who she had a personal grudge against.
Most other harm she did to people was out of self-preservation, and part way through she realized that nothing in her world was real, and so she stopped looking at the other fluctlights as people.

D.I.L was pretty sadistic though, and outright enjoyed the suffering of others.

I'm interested in seeing how her anime design will turn out.

>inb4 Asuna 2.0

Eh, the american Edgy McEdgelord is far more evil than she is.

It's like those breasts are staring right at me!

Quinella is the ruler of the Underworld server and High Minister of the Axiom Church. In an effort to obtain immortality, she fused herself with the Cardinal System of Underworld. After her success, she began corrupting the souls of the Underworld nobility by separating the nations and spreading ignorance and fear among the populace. After making the populace believe that she was a goddess, she created the Axiom Church and named herself the Highest Minister. Quinella brainwashed every rebel fighting against her government and the Champions of the Four Empires Unity Tournament. She also performs fatal experiments on innocent people in order to learn the secrets of the human units. After realizing the invasion of the Dark Territory was inevitable, Quinella confiscated every line of defenses from Human Empire in order to make the people more dependent on the Axiom Church. When faced with possible defeat by the Dark Territory, Quinella transforms thousands of people (including familiars of her own Integrity Knights) into swords and forms a Golem out of them, her victims conscious in their new form. She claims this action was for the safety of these people, but it's clear she shows no remorse for trapping these people in such a state. A narcissistic sociopath and a selfish woman, Quinella only wants to control everything in her reach, and enjoys nothing more then destroying and torturing the denizens of the Underworld.

I'm going to fap so hard to s o f t when they animate it. I don't even really like SAO all that much.


another glopping?

I wasn't arguing that she wasn't evil, just that she's never shown to take any joy out of the suffering she's cause.
She's by all means a narcissistic sociopath, who sees others as beneath her, doing everything for self-preservation alone, but I wouldn't call her a sadist. She was more indifferent to the suffering of others than anything. Chudlkin was a sadist, sure, but I don't think Quinella really was.

This doesn't absolve her from the atrocities that she committed; it just changes the motive.


Gabriel's backstory is the most comically edgy shit. He even beat out murderously racist PoH.

I hear PoH's backstory was sort of changed. Still the same murderously racist shit, just tweaked or something.

Oh, and apparently there's no confirmation that he dies at the end, so...

I think it depends on the version. I think Kirito is the only boy who penetrates her in the LN though.

>I think Kirito is the only boy who penetrates her in the LN though.
Yeah, he penetrates her with Eugeo, doesn't he?

Eugio doesn't get to, she manages to stop him at the last moment. Kirito doesn't fail.

It's the other way around, Eugeo only got to fuck her in the LN.

Yeah, Eugeo alone only manages to get one of Quinella's arms before breaking. But then Kirito goes all dual wielding with Eugeo's sword.

It's been a while since I read Volume 14 tho. Shit, that was a long ass fight.

She's a fucking cunt who I wouldn't hesitate to smother in her crib with no regrets.

Need to start somewhere before neuro linkers.

She's literally virtual Hitler, if Hitler was the hottest girl in history..

>you will never cum inside while strangling her

>live action
I can't even.

Well maybe he'll be an immortal tree sucking all the energies out of the surrounding area for all time wait-

What does that piece of garbage have to do with anything?

Was she always evil, or only became crazy from finding out that she and everyone else was nothing more then a computer program?

It was a process, I think.
Even as a child, she had some sociopath-like tendencies, such has going out to kill animals regularly, which allowed her to raise her levels more than others but beyond that, most of her actions weren't that unreasonable at the start. She governed using the Axiom Church, and proved her divinity through the power she gained.
When she became old, she learned how to control age and stuff, but she didn't start doing more (extremely) unethical stuff until she realized she was also losing her memories as a result of her soul aging. According to Cardinal/Lyceris, by this point she was still somewhat reasonable, in terms of government, as she had plans to reform the nobility and stuff like that, but things changed when she tried to copy the Cardinal System into her soul, and this caused her views to warp.
When even this eventually backfired, she decided to instead shut down most of her emotions, to minimize the amount of memories she accumulates.

I may be getting some of the timeline wrong, but ultimately she wasn't born evil, she became twisted over time and the various things she did to herself.

What are the chances the movie will tie in with the arc that comes after Alicization? I can see Underworld people coming to the real world as AR holograms.

I want to fuck Silica

>all that Asuna/Argo double-team trolling Kirito
Too good.

Meanwhile, only 3 more weeks until LN volume 4 comes out after a torturous year of waiting. Which means that we should be getting spoilers for volume 5 soon, no?

And speaking of which, is Kawahara taking a break and not releasing anything for October? Or am I just missing a stealth announcement for AW volume 21?
>February: Isolator
>April: SAO
>June: AW
>August: SAO
>October: ???
>December: presumably SAO:P

Just announce S3 already fuck.
Looks like he's taking a break for this month.

That said, Volume 1 of that "Clover's Regret" spin-off comes out in November.

Wait for the end-credits.

How long would Alicization last?

If I recall correctly Alicization is longer than Aincrad all the way to GGO, so probably 2 seasons.

S1 and 2 was volumes 1-8. Alicization takes up volumes 9-18.

60 episodes at least.

If Sugu chest is bigger, why she and Asuna cannonically have the same "chest size"?

So two seasons and maybe around 48 episodes total? Sounds about right, assuming the pacing isn't terrible.

Oh who am I kidding, it's A-1.

The only measurements for Suguha's chest size is from the web novel, where she was supposedly more modest.

However, her ALO avatar has some official measurements from a card, which puts her at a size of 85, which is a bit bigger than Asuna, but I honestly have no idea how these numbers work.

yeah that's bullshit alright.

Well, this card puts Asuna at quite a bit smaller than Leafa's avatar. Also, I assume Suguha in real life might be bigger anyways.

Or, ya know, Artists taking artistic liberties.
Also, apparently Leafa is canonically taller than Asuna?

>it's just a game or so I thought

Faggot who only watched the anime recently here. Any LN fags want to tell me if Kawahara is really dumb enough to reuse the retarded "die in game die in reallife" meme.

Ordinal Scale is a new script so LN fags dont know shit. I was wondering if there is risk of death in the movie and what causes it if it actually exists.

For once we know this:

Asuna height: 168
Asuna bust size (acording to wiki) :

"Her three sizes are 82-60-83[5] in the web serialization, while this has been changed to 80-59-82,[6] for her SAO avatar (and presumably her real body)."

Suguhas Height: Unknown

Suguhas bust size:

"Her three sizes are 82-62-81[4] in the web serialization, while this has been changed to 85-61-88,[5] for her ALO avatar."

I'm a few eqisodes in, what's wrong with mirai nikki?



>for her SAO avatar (and presumably her real body)
This has always bothered me. That avatar was created when she was 15. There are two years of growing out that she presumably did while laying there for 2 years. Was everyone's avatars locked into the physical appearance of their selves in 2022?

Remember Silica? That girl who's considered a loli?
Same age as Yuuki. Also only ONE year younger than Sinon and Suguha.

Yeah, the only logical explanation is that their growth was stunted, because reasons.

I keep on forgetting that Sinon is younger.

And honestly, Silica's just a midget. Liz and Asuna came out okay.

>Meanwhile, only 3 more weeks until LN volume 4 comes out
For you Anglophere plebians, perhaps.

What are the bracketed numbers?

>no Blood Type listed under specs
Is Japan finally waking up to the pseudoscientific scam?

>Any LN fags want to tell me if Kawahara is really dumb enough to reuse the retarded "die in game die in reallife" meme
It's called a theme. Every major story arc so far has the characters play video games with something IRL at stake.

What's volume 4 about?
And why hasn't Klein appeared yet? He isn't gonna catch up with the front line group at this point.

Hey directly copied it from the wiki, so those are reference numbers.

>There are two years of growing out that she presumably did while laying there for 2 years
Would lying in bed for two years, with only feeding tubes and the efforts of physiotherapists keeping you from wasting away, negatively affect growth?

How much stronger is Kirito in this arc?

In the movie, or Alicization?
Movie is original content, so no one knows.

In Alicization, he fluctuates between "Just about as strong as anyone else", and "So brain-dead he can't wipe his own ass".

>Kirito isnt godtier anymore
Wheres the real beater the solo frontlines beater

He becomes a literal demi-god at the end of the arc, though.


Long story short:
So in Volume 14, Kirito, Alice, Eugeo, Cardinal and Charlotte all end up fighting Quinella, who is basically a god within UnderWorld.
Kirito, Alice and Eugeo are pretty strong at this point, but not even close to Quinella.
Cardinal however is just as strong as Quinella, and Charlotte is a boss monsters, but Charlotte ends up killed by a Sword Golem. Cardinal ends up showing up late to the party, but because she is unable to "Kill People", she can't destroy the Sword Golem, which is made out of People.

In short, Cardinal dies, Eugeo becomes a sword to cut off Quinella's arm, but gets broken in half, Kirito goes nuts and uses Incarnate and Dual Wields Eugeo, to nearly kill Quinella, but loses an arm instead.
Ultimately Quinella is still alive, but THEN THE FUCKING BURNING CLOWN APPEARS OUT OF FUCK NO WHERE, and literally hugs Quinella to death.

Kirito ends up brain dead, because IRL reasons, and doesn't wake up until Volume 18.
When he finally wakes up though, he's become extremely high leveled, because him and his "party" killed Quinella so they got the EXP, even though they didn't kill her. That, coupled with "incarnate" makes him a virtual demi-god inside of UnderWorld. So he freezes an army of Koreans, turns PoH into a Tree, and kills a soul-eating American, through the power of love.

Has Kirito plowed his cousin yet, or has their relationship improved
He plows everyone in this Alternative Ending.

The plot becomes really incomprehensible.

People worship it because the yandere gets a good end

What the FUCK did i just read


mfw, Asuna make another girl fall for her

Who's this slut?
Is she from a game?

Kirito goes into a coma because of the evil NSA.

The surviving Law guys try to train up a peasant army in preparation for the Chaos invasion (Chaos are led by the literal God of Darkness who is also an evil NSA agent who eats souls like rape).

They get rekt, but Kirito's harem save them with GM accounts and deebeezeee powerlevels.

NSA connect UW to the internet and get 50,000 American players to connect (it was advertized to them as a beta test for a new AO-rated VRMMO where you're allowed to slaughter anything and everything you like, with blood and guts), they mass murder UW residents and think it's hilarious.

To defeat them the main characters get 2,000 Japanese VRMMO players to connect. Despite the difference in numbers the Japanese are superior and win because Asian gamer damashii.

Then PoH (who is also an evil NSA agent) unleashes a zerg rush of Korean and Chinese gamers who were recruited by being told this is the a Korean VRMMO that's in beta test but evil Japanese hackers broke into the server, turned off pain dampening and are torturing their countrymen.

Even when some Japs who speak Korean try to explain the situation to them they don't listen because hurr japanese

The other NSA guys are surprised this works, they thought it wouldn't be worth it because they didn't think Japan is more different from Korea/China than European countries are from each other (hur)

Koreans and Chinese overwhelm Japs because this is every Jap's worst nightmare.

Kirito wakes up (thanks to the literal POWER OF LOVE from his entire harem) and wipes them all out in one attack though.

(Also PoH's motivation is that he's Korean and he hates Japanese so when he got stuck in SAO he decided to set up Laughing Coffin and have them and the clearers kill each other for shits and giggles because Nips killing each other is hilarious.)

Later Kirito and Asuna become gods because of x10000000000 acceleration.

The UWers then travel to virtual planets with rocket dragons.

She's from SAO:Lost Song, a PS4/Vita game

Im drunk and this sounds fucking AWESOME

Ah that's why.
Only played HF

Speaking of SAO games, what is Hollow Realization about? I forgot they were making it until the other day when I saw that they added that brown elf NPC from Progressive to the game?

It's SAO again, a remake that came out of nowhere on the internet.

According to the wiki:
>In a world which echoes past events, Kirito receives a single message, but its deeper meaning remains a mystery.
>The game takes place after Lost Song in chronological order.

So I guess it takes place in the same timeline as LS.
I haven't played any of the games though.

why waste resources on some shitty AR concept spin-off movie when there're like 10 volumes of Alicization arc that really deserve an anime adaption too?

How do you plan on adapting the whole of Amoxicillin into a theatrical movie format?

>yuri baiting with a girl who's already been cummed in by some dude
Literally disgusting, I have no idea why author's think this is appealing.

There's no need to make a whole movie, why not follow the same format? 13 eps + 13 eps + recap movie + second season first half 13 eps + second half 13 eps. There's enough content in Alicization, imo it can be done.

They just want to throw in a movie before announcing Season 3.
The director originally said that he didn't want to work on an anime that he didn't know what the ending would be, so I guess they started working on Ordinal Scale to fill out the time until Alicization.

We will most likely get an S3 announcement right after the movie. Probably even during the end credits, like S2 was with Extra Edition.

I hope so, though it's kinda disappointing that after all the effort put into the realistic VR concept, now they decide to make a movie based on a fad tech like AR.

I don't know the details yet but, can you imagine people running around town pretending to shoot or stab each other? literally just fuck my shit up.

Why is Kawahara considered bad again?

>Also PoH's motivation is that he's Korean
This copy-pasta needs to be updated.
In the Light Novel he's now Half-Japanese. Apparently Volume 18 has this big backstory about him, and some details about why he hates Asians were tweaked.

Stop lying to yourself Cred Forums. You ACTUALLY like SAO and love to self insert as Kirito. Stop pretending you only like anime for intellectuals like myself.

>Cred Forums is one person

>He thinks he's not part of the hive-mind

>The director originally said that he didn't want to work on an anime that he didn't know what the ending would be, so I guess they started working on Ordinal Scale to fill out the time until Alicization.
What the shit? The web novel's ending has been out since forever.

I mean, I guess there was always a chance that Kawahara would change it, but in the end he barely did.

With AR it doesn't require pulling the player entirely into a coma and you would hope that this helps prevent the shenanigans with the previous two FDVR games. I mean, lots of people died in SAO and ALO was its own kind of shitshow. It makes sense for their universe. And then both technologies get combined in the end later.

>if only i'm were more used to AR battles
Sasuga kirito-kun

As I recall the director doesn't really like SAO, he just took the job because it's big money. He probably never read or even knew about the existence of the WN.

>millenial not!guts.jpg

Save up semen 2 years for glopping.

How many times can they get in danger playing video games?

Yeah he does look pretty bad ass.

I actually quite like how he's incorporating AR into the universe since it is a lot more useful in everyday life than full VR is. A world with such advanced VR but no AR doesn't really make sense.

Besides, AW is full of AR technologies, and how else are you gonna reconcile the technological timelines?

Sure, but you should at least see changes in your avatar if it kept up with your current physical form. By the time SAO ended, all the players should be spooky almost-skeletons.

Well, it's not like the NervGear has any way of knowing your body dimensions and appearance without running the calibration again. No army of the emaciated to see here.

I guess you can get in bed with Agil now.

I just looked it up and
>According to Skydance, its potential live-action series will follow "a brilliant young beta tester Kirito and his group of friends when they are trapped — alongside 10,000 other people — in a next-generation virtual reality online role-playing game. The game is a world unto itself: filled with sword fighting, monsters, magic and mystery, where the stakes are life and death. Kirito and an ensemble of diverse characters must fight their way through this hostile environment while making lives for themselves in the fantastical world that is Sword Art Online."


The elf NPCs in Progressive had magic.

SAO has magic. Just not in the way of "magical skills". Stuff like Crystals and the fact Aincrad float is explained by some in-lore technique, that's basically not-magic-but-it-totally-is.

Saying that Aincrad is "full of magic" is just another way to say it's fantastical.

>Her three sizes are 82-62-81
>85-61-88, for her ALO avatar

The bosses also use elemental skills, which are pretty much magic. And then there's the boss in The Day Before, which is straight-up a witch.

>Offensive magic generally do not exist in SAO
Kawahara pls. Elemental attacks are pretty freaking magic.

Kiss on the cheek aint no yurishit, cuckface

Proving once again race mixing is evil.

He should have added "for the players."

That is A-1 in a nutshell. They are only doing it for the gold like good yids.

Asuna my waifu

Yeah, he doesn't seem to care for SAO, beyond being a cash cow.
Most of his conversations in interviews seem like he's not all that interested in what's actually going on in SAO, and he talked quite a lot about Sinon's butt before S2, which probably should have been an indication that we would be seeing a lot more of Sinon butt than usual.

>implying i wont go to a theater in the US to watch the trainwreck.

Need more sugu.
The best girl deverse more screentime.

Thread reminder that .hack made all of this before it was cool, now disregard this post and carry on.

>Kirito and an ensemble of diverse characters must fight their way through this hostile environment while making lives for themselves in the fantastical world that is Sword Art Online."
>Kirito and an ensemble of diverse characters
>an ensemble of diverse characters
>diverse characters
There you have it.
Have fun with your cast of proud LGBTQ+ womyn of color.

>Have fun with your cast of proud LGBTQ+ womyn of color.
Isn't the original cast already entirely comprised of "womyn of color"?
Hell, AIDS-chan hits every box on the fucking checklist. She's a disabled, strong girl who don't need no man that gets shipped with Asuna.
Wouldn't it be considered even more racist if they cast non-Asian actors for them? I mean, just look at how much people flipped their shit at Scarlet Johansson Motoko.

lel any normies who don't watch anime will see there first harem

I'm not surprised if he is just doing for the cute girls and fan-service. Some directors actually have that mentality of taking on a show just because of that even if they don't really have much interest in the source material itself.

Hey, we could get an Edge of Tommorow.

Best girl animated when

Liz's slutmog is GOAT

Is Lizbeth the biggest one?

Nowadays you can see Riko/Lizbeth with the biggest rack

Why Asuna's Avatar is shorter than her real self?

Is safe to asume that Suguha's height is the same as her ALO avatar?

Can we expect Sugu to have 85 is bust size compared to the old "82" ?

So many important questions


>Why Asuna's Avatar is shorter than her real self?
Her avatar is like 2 years old.

Cred Forums sucks A-1 cock for breakfast

Give them some proper fucking clothes. Jesus

What else is new. Its fake posting anyway though so who cares

>they are still playing games
Just marry and become productive members of society already.
Japan needs your gallons of sperm for procreation.

Cause dumb anime fans don't mind being served shit if it has cute girls and the right names on the box. Anime has some of the lowest standards I've seen in any entertainment medium, it's like only the stupidest who cares shit bothers it's brain dead fandom

>white haired rory

The entire idea of isekai is as old as anime, SAO just made the vidya isekai popular to the mainstream.

More of the same shit

That's just the fan-service CGs. They do wear proper clothes.

I always dress up my avatars like sluts though.

And what about her ALO avatar?

She created that at 17.

Anyone ever notice how every modern male voice actor seems to be trying to sound like Matsuoka now. I swear they all sound virtually identical now and like one could just as easily fill in for the other and none would be the wiser

She converted her ALO avatar from her SAO account, which is why it looks like her, but with Blue Hair, because of racial traits.

Got any clips to help your case a little? Because im sure most of us have no idea who that is

Ok, that makes sense.

By the end of the day, we got any height confirmation for real life Suguha or Asuna besides that old WN info?

>discussing SAO
Things like that make me sick.

Let's be honest here, you just can't adapt Alicization. Let alone by A1. I'd be worried even with the best studio, the infodumps chapters would fuck any pacing.

>the infodumps chapters would fuck any pacing.
>what is Mahouka

>what is Mahouka


i like how kirito just tortured that guy without losing his shit and then was ready to cut the bastard in the parking lot

Remember the cave in GGO?

Just got to focus on the new butt of the season, which will be Eugeo's.

>SAO is literally the Transformers/Fast and furious of animu

SAO is the [food analogy] of anime and literature.

silica best girl

It's impossible to self insert as kirito for me for I am not a hard working, inventive, single father. But I admire his strengths and will to carry on even tho the women in his life can't take responsibility.

>In the Light Novel he's now Half-Japanese. Apparently Volume 18 has this big backstory about him, and some details about why he hates Asians were tweaked.
What if
Kawahara is gook hafu and while Kirito is his ideal self-insert, PoH is him


I wonder what percentage of japanese readers considers this racist and offensive.
They're probably very okay with this.

Boring as shit is a better description

What if someone was pregnant while online?

Why the hell would anyone user AR when you already have full-immersion VR.

This is stupid.

Watching the trailer again and wouldn't that be dangerous in real life? You can't just pretend you're in another reality while on the job or driving.

I love official art.



>we want the trap audience

How do dresses work.



ok sao quality aside i was really sad when yuuki died at the end

>that breast expansion doujin with Asuna and Yuuki

>design a character with a potentially good arc
>give her aids and kill her off in the end


jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with poor silica's spine


Is it a meme?

>that phone game image
>Heathcliff is in the backline of the party

I guess formations don't matter.

Who wanna fuck Kirito?